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Stage Hoppers Discuss

Stage Hoppers Discuss

By Stage Hoppers
Podcast for discussing the past, present, and future of dance music with special guests and industry experts.
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Missing Person Report Filed at Bass Canyon, Griz Announces Launch of Astro Hippie | Ep. 11
What's up Stage Hoppers Welcome to the 11th episode of SHD, We will be going over dance music news and reviewing festivals and events that we have attended the last two weeks. Our news coverage will cover Insomniac's new Emerge Warehouse, a missing person report at Bass Canyon, Griz announcing the launch of Astro Hippie. LINEUP FOR INSOMNIAC’S NEW VENUE EMERGE WAREHOUSE On June 23 Insomniac announced their newest project Emerge Warehouse in Oakland, California. After nearly a year and a half with no traditional in-person events, Insomniac has been working hard to expand to new territories and take advantage of the market.  In October of 2020, Insomniac completed the acquisition of Club Glow with it coming iconic venues like Echostage and Soundcheck. Missing person report filed at Bass Canyon According to Officer Caleb Martin, she had misplaced her phone and "partied pretty hard, and lost her way trying to find her campsite on Sunday." Then her friends left her behind and went home, Martin added. Melnik's phone was twist number one. It was found by a Bass Canyon employee on the sound board barrier at the festival's Hilltop Stage along with her passport, social security card and car keys. In a series of Snapchat posts, Melnik later revealed that her belongings were left behind on purpose in the hopes that someone would steal her identity. She also claims to believe she was following the word of God: "I read something in the Bible saying, 'If you're gonna follow Jesus give away everything you have.' So I did...and I'm still alive and unharmed," Yesterday Griz announced the launch of Astro Hippie, his very own line of THC-rich cannabis products in Michigan. Can a DJ really make a successful line of marijuana products? Absolutely! Griz has been in the weed industry for several years and had an award-winning strain not too long ago. He is also doing the business with his brother and his THC line comes from a grower he “may or may not have bought kush from in college”.
August 31, 2021
Blue Tesla Exctasy Pill Causes Death, Promoters Around the US Requiring Vaccination, Raving Solo | Ep. 10
Blue Tesla ecstasy pill causes 1 death and 20 hospitalizations: A warning has been issued by Northumbria Police in the UK following one death and twenty hospitalizations over the weekend. Police were called in the early hours of Saturday morning in response to three men who were reported unwell in the club. A 21-year-old died in the hospital and two more remain in stable condition. All events at The Cause were canceled to protect against further harm. The police advise against substance use and urge anyone intending to do so to take extra care and caution. Christina Gray the director of public health states “We’re becoming increasingly concerned about reports of a potentially lethal batch of drugs circulating in the city.” Promoters around the US are requiring vaccination or proof of negative test to enter: Live Nation allows artists to set their own COVID protocols, including proof of vaccination. Live Nation will require employees to be vaccinated. “Our teams have worked together to put new processes in place so that artists doing shows with Live Nation in the U.S. can require all attendees and staff to be fully vaccinated or show a negative test result for entry, where permitted by law,” Insomniac’s next festival Beyond Wonderland will require vaccination or a negative test upon entree Insomniacs LA clubs Academy LA, and Exchange LA have not made any announcements regarding covid policy but other popular clubs in Los Angeles like Sound Nightclub are requiring vaccination or negative test. Raving Solo: Esme breaks down her experiences as a solo raver!  "Originally planned to go with a friend who I was going to EDC with later that year (Good bonding experience) → Leaves me after about 15 minutes after meeting some guy and I’m left to my own devices." "I wasn’t too mad about it because I decided to turn it into sort of a challenge for myself to make new friends. So that’s what I did!"
August 17, 2021
Special Guest Tyler Hardie, Founder of Raveraide | Ep.9
Today we are joined by Tyler Hardie, Founder of Raveraide. Raveraide is a hydration stick designed for ravers by ravers.  Tyler walks us through the inspiration behind Raveraide. During his first rave, a member of his rave fam collapsed and had a seizure due to dehydration after her hydration pack broke. With a background in supplement sales, Tyler began to develop a vision for a product that could help prevent medical incidents at festivals. 
August 03, 2021
Resorts World Las Vegas Smells Like Feet!?, 120BPM Ban, Swedish House Mafia is Back | Ep. 8
Esme visits the brand new Resorts World Las Vegas. She and her friends are met with a strange smell and unorganized staff. In order to limit the spread of COVID, gyms in South Korea have been told not to play music with +120 beats per minute (bpm) and treadmills to be limited to 3.7 mph (6km/h).  Health officials say the restriction will prevent fast breathing and sweating. Gym owners are asking whether there is any proof that bpm has an impact on spreading the virus. After 9 years of no new music and what feels like a void in all our hearts, Swedish House Mafia makes a huge return with a brand new track. In 2018 they announced they were reuniting to play shows in their hometown Stockholm, Sweden. They also headlined Ultra 2018 and Creamfields in 2019. However, they did not make new music due to creative conflicts. Sebastian Ingrosso describes the artistic challenge by saying “It was just like ‘what the fuck do we do? How do we come back? Do we just give them another version of what we’ve done before?’ I was like fuck that its depressing to go back. It’s disgusting to go back.”
July 21, 2021
Insomniac Lawsuit Featuring Heavily Medicated Judge, Live Nation Exploring NFTs | Ep. 7
Today we will be discussing festival and music news, news regarding a recent Insomniac lawsuit featuring a heavily medicated judge, and live nation exploring NFTS as a way to capture moments from concerts and festivals. Resorts World Las Vegas Resorts World Las Vegas, the $4.3B resort is the first to be built on the strip in the last decade. Resort World's pool complex will be the largest on the Strip with seven stunning pool experiences to choose from. Technology is a center point of the project with massive LED displays to service at the touch of your fingertips. Dayclub, The resort also features a Southeast Asian islands-inspired day club called Ayu. Complete with live music, refreshing cocktails, and positive vibes. It comes off as a more relaxed vibe compared to other day clubs on the Strip, you can expect groovy house music and plenty of sunshine to keep you relaxed. Nightlife, Zouk Nightclub opens Fall 2021 with state-of-the-art production. It will be one of the biggest and most technologically advanced nightclubs in the country. Insomniac Wins Appeal In Beyond Wonderland Lawsuit Despite Heavily-Medicated Arbitrator. In 2013 Insomniac was sued by their former partners Alper and Ballou for an event called How Sweet It Is music festival which was held in March. Now, what festival do we know that is now held in March by Insomniac? Beyond Wonderland. They accused Insomniac and Rotella of breach of contract and fiduciary duties and other claims in 2013 by organizing the Beyond Wonderland music festival. Arbitration of the case took place as a nine-day hearing in May and June 2017
May 25, 2021
Benjamin Van Brande: Coachella Stage Designer | Ep. 6
Benjamin Van Brande is a stage designer and drafter who has been taking over the biggest festivals across the country. Ben will be giving us a breakdown of his experiences as a stage designer for the 2019 Coachella's Sahara Tent and drafting the 2019 Ultra Miami Main Stage. Take a listen and learn about one of the most important parts of the current festival experience and let us know if you like to hear more about the topic!
May 11, 2021
Jauz's New Fan Ecosystem, Diplo Boxing, Porter Robinson's Nurture | Ep. 5
Jauz has launched his own micro economy based around his new cryptocurrency called $BTX. By buying BTX coins you will have access to exclusive events within the Jauz ecosystem and support upcoming artists on the BiteThis label. A new fan hierarchy and reward system has been introduced. Fans that want to be more active in a artist community will now have that opportunity.  Diplo to fight in next Triller celebrity fight. Porter Robinson releases new album Nurture.
April 27, 2021
Bassnectar Lawsuit, NFTs Effect on Music Industry | Ep. 4
We'll be discussing the court case details brought against Bassnectar, and his management.  NFTs are the hottest topic in the music industry and we will be breaking down what is an NFT and how it is changing the industry. 
April 13, 2021
How EDC Las Vegas in May Can Look Like
Stage Hoppers Discuss is a podcast for discussing the past, present, and future of dance music with special guests and industry experts.  In this episode, we'll be discussing what needs to be in place for EDC Las Vegas to happen in May and the festivals scheduled for fall 2021. 
March 30, 2021
EDC Las Vegas Expansion
Joining us is Fern from Fern Fest. if you have not already, be sure to check out his page on Instagram. This episode we’ll be covering EDC las vegas and how its recent expansion in 2019 has affected the experience and how the future of the festival could look like. This episode is a continuation of the first episode where Fern and I talked about ultra Miami and all the new regulations put on the festival. 
December 07, 2020
Ultra Miami New Regulations. Featuring Fern Fest
Special guest Fern Fest. (@Fernfest IG) Discussing new regulations put on Ultra Miami ahead of its return to the iconic Bayfront Park.
December 06, 2020