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The STANDARD H Podcast is a casual conversation about the lives of entrepreneurs and those growing companies. We discuss each guest's background in business as well as hobbies. Topics often include cars, watches, food & travel, and even architecture.
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Ep. 45 - Bradford Philen (Author)


Ep. 89 - Andrew Maness (The Motoring Journal)
Andrew Maness and I met through a mutual friend over the common interest of cars and watches, so it was only natural to host him on this show. Andrew is the founder and editor in chief of The Motoring Journal, an eclectic, quarterly magazine now in its second year of publication. As a snowboarder from Vermont, it turns out Andrew and I had even more in common than we thought as we reminisce over 90’s US Opens and how close he was to the action. We chat about his time in the northeast, and of course his history within the automotive space. There’s plenty of car and watch talk in this one so I hope you enjoy it! Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Andrew Maness @andrewmaness @themotoringjournal Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
August 09, 2022
Ep. 88 - Andy Green (OT Podcast Host)
Many of you perhaps listen to today’s guest’s show, as well. Andy Green is far more than the co-host of Australia’s OT Podcast, and with as many cookie jars he has his hand in, I was delighted to find out how close he keeps all of his worlds of interest. We discuss the country music scene and what makes it so popular, including Australia’s Yute scene which hosts models costing 200 & 300,000 dollars! Andy and I are both fans of the GTI, and he gives us a glimpse into his latest automotive purchase, and then takes us through his early days of watches, including the bridge from G Shocks to purchasing his first micro brand powered by an automatic movement. It was soon after that Andy was seated next to none other than Time & Tide’s Andrew McUtchen on a flight which opened the door to Andy’s journalism career. The OT Podcast was born from weekly conversations Andy had with his then co-worker and friend, Felix Scholz. Now co-hosts, the podcast is now a money-making show surrounding the world of watches. They’ve had some heavy hitters, and some smaller guests such as yours truly, which I’m certainly grateful for. Andy has managed to still maintain his day job working in Marketing for an electronics company, so needless to say, the man’s full of hustle. We discuss pizza fairly in-depth, as well as Andy’s switch to a plant-based diet. We wrap things up, naturally, with some more watch talk - both OT’s anOrdain Special Editions as well as the current state of the market. I hope you enjoy this episode with one of the nicest guys in the game. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Andy Green / OT The Podcast @andygreenlive @ot.podcast Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
July 26, 2022
Ep. 87 - Justin Hast (Watch Writer / Content Creator)
Justin Hast and I connected over Instagram - I know, big surprise isn’t it?! He and I would share the occasional DM but nothing too in-depth. I kindly asked if he’d be interested in being a guest and if you follow Justin, he responded exactly the way you’d think: with a ton of enthusiasm and appreciation…not unlike his approach to his content creation. And as two enthusiastic individuals, I can assure you this conversation jumps around like none before and I had an absolute blast. As a result, it ran longer than many, as well, which is nothing more than a testament to perhaps how much longer this chat could’ve been! We talk about Justin’s approach to story telling, his approach to watches, and well, really his approach to life. His optimism is infectious and I couldn’t wait to be reassured that it’s all honest and real - and Justin does not let us down! We talk golf and end up discussing a watch that’s due to arrive soon - a glimpse behind the curtain he typically doesn’t allow. In fact, we dig deep on watch ownership and what it’s like to “break up” with a watch. I was incredibly grateful to host Justin, and perhaps needless to say, I’m excited to share this one with you. I hope you enjoy it half as much as I did. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Justin Hast @justinhast Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
July 12, 2022
Ep. 86 - Sam (Seen Through Glass YouTube Channel)
Prior to the Pandemic, I came across what would soon become one of my favorite YouTube channels. I was brought in by this UK-based car vlog and its host, Sam, mainly due to his energy, enthusiasm, and really what felt like uninhibited honesty. Seen Through Glass gained my subscription very quickly when Sam launched his adventure called Drive the World - literally a trek around the world where he drives a Porsche 911T while documenting every step of the way. It was incredible. To say this conversation is heavy on the car talk would be a drastic understatement, and as I often say about many of these episodes, it could’ve gone on for much longer had we not had a time constraint. It was a ton of fun to hear all about Sam’s process, how he films, and what he finds to be the best way to produce content. He even opens up about something never really talked about that was lurking behind the scenes when filming Drive the World. Sam’s automotive influence came from an arguably unexpected source and another fun insight arrived when we began discussing watches and what role they’ve played in his life. Turns out, his father is someone famous in his own right within the world of horology, so stay tuned for that. When Sam posted a video asking for support for his trip to Mille Miglia, I couldn’t email him fast enough. After following Sam and his automotive journey for several years at this point, partnering with him has been somewhat of a long term goal of mine for STANDARD H. Well, he happened to see my outreach and after a couple of Zoom calls and a couple headaches provided by our friends at UPS, we got some product sorted and in Sam’s hands for his trip to Italy. His first of two videos documenting his trip just released this past Sunday, so be sure to give it a watch, and stay tuned for the second one due out this Sunday! Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Seen Through Glass @seenthroughglass Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
June 28, 2022
Ep. 85 - Brett King (Helmet Painter/Bespoke Design Studio)
Brett King and I met roughly 6 years ago through golf in a roundabout way. I used to manage the Scotty Cameron Gallery in Encinitas, California and Brett was a customer. Funny, I have met so many wonderful people working retail and many of my best friends to this day have come into my life the same way Brett did. After chatting about putters and accessories, I later found out Brett designed helmets for race car drivers - something that intrigued me given I was about a year into starting STANDARD H as a side hustle. We immediately clicked and much like STANDARD H, Brett’s path has taken some twists and turns. We start our conversation somewhat existentially, and Brett allows a glimpse into his art background and how he maintains his artistry within an industry that’s beginning to use more and more technology as opposed to his handmade approach to helmet graphics. Brett and I had actually recorded during the Pandemic, but we encountered some audio issues - twice, in fact - so it was only fair for me to make my way to his current home town of Las Vegas where we recorded. Making things even more fun, we got out for a round of golf earlier that afternoon with his awesome wife, Tiffany, and my buddy Jonathan. We had a blast and I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation, and I think you will, too. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Brett King Design @brettkingdesign Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
June 14, 2022
Ep. 84 - James Lamdin 2 (Car Talk with the Founder of Analog Shift)
I can’t stress how wonderful the world of watches has been and the people I’ve met through the hobby. Todays guest has become a great friend over the years and I love any opportunity I can get to hang out with him and at the very least: talk to him. James Lamdin is a big personality usually comprised of a big smile, fun energy and never short of an opinion and I absolutely adore this about him. We share a love for Aloha shirts, so it’s always great knowing I have a botanical brother from another mother on the east coast. The Watch Journey is something many of you are familiar with, but I’d like to explore people’s car journeys as well! A couple of months ago, I reached out to James and asked if he’d want to come back on the show and just talk about cars. He quickly replied with an emphatic yes and, well, here we are! Today’s episode is nothing more than a fun catch-up session with a wander through the list of cars James has owned as well as the ones he still garages today. And if you lived in the 80’s, be prepared for some significant standouts from television. I’m so thankful for his friendship, and if you haven’t heard episode # 8, check that out after this, as I’m confident you’ll enjoy it. For now, here’s the most recent conversation I’ve had with James which also includes his latest Doxa release. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast James Lamdin / Analog Shift @analogshift @jameslamdin Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 31, 2022
Ep. 83 - Max Busser (MB&F)
As a watch enthusiast, it's tough not to utterly admire what Max Busser has brought to the industry. Not just his products, but his approach to business and collaboration as a whole. He and I certainly share the mindset of such platitudes of "A rising tide lifts all ships" and knowing it "takes a village" so to speak. And it is his love of community that originally sparked my interest in his company, MB&F (Max Busser & Friends). There's some interesting background on him naming his company, as well. Max's professional journey is fascinating, and though he warned me that he tends to ramble, his talking really only exposed how much about him I didn't already know. He has a wonderful way of articulating why his company is the way it is, and so much so, he often answered questions before I even asked them! I'm proud to share this as I haven't heard Max speak this openly about his company, including the advantage of being scared and welcoming competition. I think you're really going to appreciate what he has to say. When we wrap things up bringing cars into the mix, Max shares his passion for hand-built cars. Though I guess I shouldn't have been surprised, it's also not every day one discusses the likes of TVR Griffiths & Wiesmans. This conversation was such a pleasure to take part in, and I couldn't be thankful for Max and his time. We actually chatted for about 15 minutes after ending the podcast portion where Max asked me questions about STANDARD H - clearly illustrating his openly caring nature. I may be biased, but I feel like the world needs more creative, outside-the-box, thought-provoking business owners who actually care about others and aren't so insular and selfish in their thinking. In other words, more people like Max. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Max Busser / MB&F @mbandf @maxbusser Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 17, 2022
Ep. 82 - Jonathan Segal (Architect & Car Collector)
Jonathan Segal is someone I’ve wanted to interview for years. When STANDARD H launched I had called his firm to see if they would mind me hosting an image of theirs on my website as the home served as an inspiration to the brand. They politely agreed and even though the website no longer hosts that image, this conversation will be present instead. Jonathan has designed some of the most recognizable buildings in and around San Diego. Primarily characterized as Brutalist architecture, his buildings’ façades clad in concrete often house people as well as businesses - labeled as “mixed use” - the approach has been quite popular over the last couple of decades. However, not many are as aesthetically pleasing to me as Jonathan’s creations. A funny thing about Jonathan is there may be several of you listening who already now of him for an entirely different reason, and that’s his incredible car collection. He has shown at the Quail, and has won several awards over the years. When we recorded this conversation, he had driven a ‘73 911 RS in chartreuse to work which looks incredible - so you’ll have to check out the Instagram post for photos. Needless to say we dive into architecture, his cars and even talk watches. I really love the analogy Jonathan comes up with comparing buildings to blue jeans, so I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did. STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Jonathan Segal Architect @jonathansegalfaia @jonathan.segal Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 03, 2022
Ep. 81 - Atom Moore (Horological Photographer)
Atom Moore and I met several years ago during my first visit to Analog Shift when they were still in their WeWork space. I didn’t realize we hadn’t seen one another since until we connected for this podcast. Strange how time flies. Atom and I are of a similar age, so naturally, we share a lot of the same memories of growing up as teenagers in the 90s. We both devoted a ton of time and energy to the early days of the mountain biking as well as shared an affinity for bands like Metallica. Today, Atom is a professional photographer, primarily acting as a freelancer for Watch brands and companies within the Watch industry. He’s gained quite the following and admiration due to his incredible macro photography of some of the most sought after time pieces many of us adore. I certainly encourage you to check out Atom’s work as he often partners with the likes of Vacheron, Grand Seiko, and a couple of former brands hosted right here in Autodromo and Brew Watches. However, alongside the stills of close-up content, Atom also shoots video and gives us a wonderful explanation why. This was a fun conversation as Atom takes us down the road of how he grew his appreciation for the medium of photography and walks us through his approach to some his more abstract horological art pieces. We wrap things up of course with some car talk and Atom shared stories of his latest acquisition featuring its own Instagram account so stay tuned for that. STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Atom Moore @atommoore Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
April 19, 2022
Ep. 80 - Ben Tarlow (Morton Street Partners)
Ben Tarlow has a history with vintage cars unlike most who’ve been on this podcast. He and I were introduced by friend of the show, Kyle Snarr, and we hit it off immediately. We were less than 5 minutes in, when I learned about Ben’s family business - one I’ve been familiar with, as well as a big fan of for decades! Ben decided to go in a different direction, professionally, however, and began his vintage car import business. Primarily dealing with Alfa Romeos in the greater New York area for several years, it wasn’t until the Pandemic that he formed Morton Street Partners alongside two friends. Located in NYC’s West Village, Ben and his partners have created something rather unique that blends cars, art and commerce like I’ve never seen before, and at the root of the operation lies inclusion and growing collector communities which I find to be really inspiring. This was a super fun, and fairly concise conversation, so I’m excited not only to share it with you, but also for the prospect of following up with the guys at MSP very soon. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Morton Street Partners @mortonstreetpartners Ben Tarlow @midcenturymotoring Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
April 05, 2022
Ep. 79 - Chris Powers (Trophy Brewing)
Back in the Fall, I made my way back to my home state of North Carolina which is where I met up with today’s guest, Chris Powers. Much in the way of previous guest, David Weiss, Chris and I realized we’d met before at the store I had been working at right after college. Today, Chris owns Trophy Brewing, one of my favorite Breweries in North Carolina. Having worked for large companies as well as some more local establishments, Chris took his expertise into a fairly casual conversation with a friend about starting their own thing, and well, they certainly made that happen. Trophy has grown somewhat exponentially since they started, and it was not only fun to learn a bit about the beer world of Raleigh, but also to get into the weeds of how to start such a business. Chris was incredibly open regarding sharing information about their 4-person partnership, the acquisitions of real estate and how Trophy plans to keep reaching the tastebuds of those in & around the Southeast. We also discuss their new distillery and later touch on Chris’s history with cars, being a dad, and automotive-inspired pizza? You’ll hear about it... Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Trophy Brewing @trophybrewing Chris Powers @powershour Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
March 22, 2022
Ep. 78 - Jonathan Ferrer (Brew Watches)
I first learned about Brew Watches through HODINKEE as many of you may have. Former podcast guest James Stacey always seems to know how to get my attention through his words and photos and his features of Jonathan Ferrer’s espresso machine-inspired chronograph was no exception. A chronograph that times an espresso shot, now that’s something you don’t see every day. And same goes for the TV set shape of the Brew Metric’s case. Definitely drawing from the 60’s & 70’s this $395 chronograph and it’s vintage radio-inspired color palette is also nothing if not attention-grabbing. And all of this coming the gentleman I’m speaking to as he sits in the driver seat of his 2019 Aston Martin V8 Vantage. Jonathan is my kind of guy. He’s an east coaster with a history of riding bikes, listening to the likes of Nirvana & early 2000’s pop punk, and he’s been the one man band behind Brew Watches…that is, up until a week before recording this podcast. I’m excited to share his story and certainly appreciate his candor when it comes to his approach to design and decision making. I think you’ll enjoy this one. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Jonathan Ferrer @brewwatches @johnferrer Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
March 08, 2022
Ep. 77 - Charles Stanley (Rotor Supply)
Charles Stanley is one of the more energetic, positive people I know. He and I first connected over Instagram to later meet in person for the first time, where else than Luftgekuhlt. Charles and I quickly bonded over our love of cars as well as cycling. We both used to race mountain bikes in the 90’s - he at a much higher level than I ever did, and we still chat about bikes and riding through our DMs and text which is always fun. What I love about doing these podcasts with friends is they inevitably unearth information I didn’t know previously. Such is the case when Charles began talking about his younger days rock climbing in the New River Gorge and then opening an outdoor store! His first car was a good one, and from a lineage standpoint, a perfect compliment to what he currently drives on the rallies he organizes called Targa Carolina. That car, a backdated 911 occupies several minutes, as Charles is effectively associated with his car and vice versa, so it was great to explore the car’s history and details. Charles and I, of course, get into some watch talk which opens the door to discuss his company, Rotor Supply. This episode almost couldn’t be more on par with what STANDARD H stands for, so this was incredibly fun. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Charles Stanley @cstanman @therotorsupply Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
February 22, 2022
Ep. 76 - Ken Jacobs (Wanna Buy a Watch)
Today’s guest is the founder of a company many of you watch fans have heard of time and again, and my history with Ken Jacobs spans the better part of 10 or so years. So this conversation was a fun version of memory lane to take a stroll down, which we do just that out of the gate. The recording of this episode also happened to fall on the day I took delivery of my 5513 Submariner - a watch I consider to be my grail Sub. Ken does not come from a watch background, in fact, he had an entirely different career prior to starting Wanna Buy a Watch. More on that in the chat, and it was fun to dive deep into his history with time pieces, and how he became one of the preeminent dealers of pre-owned and vintage watches selling to many of the watch collectors with whom you and I are surely quite familiar. Something that seems to run in the Wanna Buy A Watch Family is a sense of humor. The store is a warm embrace, and as we sat in the living room-like section in the front, a lot of laughing took place and Ken was nothing shy of a great host. Needless to say, we take some twists and turns, including some neon clock discussion. Ken offers a wonderful glimpse into his life and I can’t thank him enough for his candor. As a result I didn’t edit much at all out of this conversation - mainly because I feel it really gives you a sense of who Ken is and his delivery which I love. At the end of the day, he just wants to get great watches into the hands of great people, and I think that’s why we keep coming back. If you haven’t visited Ken and his team there on Melrose, I highly recommend it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Wanna Buy a Watch @wannabuyawatch Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
February 08, 2022
Ep. 75 - Ron Thurston (Retail Pride)
Today hosts Ron Thurston: a career retail professional who recently released his first book, Retail Pride. I know that we first connected via LinkedIn but I have no idea how that happened if I’m honest. Regardless I chalk it up to be under the umbrella of what’s meant to be will be as Ron and I have become fast friends. Ron’s retail knowledge actually began in his youth when he started learning the ins and outs of Leading with empathy from his grandfather who built grocery stores and later became the CEO of Safeway. Ron and I chat about the misconception that many retail workers are underachievers when in fact they’re the opposite, and how great leadership is most often orchestrated through personal connection as opposed to a relationship with what’s being sold. We later discuss Ron’s incredible journey with a litany of industry leading & industry changing brands and how they’re different, but that isn’t before we discuss his learning to drive manual in a truck and his attendance of Ford V8 conventions. He quite literally learned to drive stick on a STANDARD H! I thoroughly enjoyed learning about his experience, expertise, and sharing the idea that you don’t need to change just because the product does. This one’s for all you retail heads out there, and do stay tuned for Ron’s tour he embarks on very soon. Be sure to pick up Retail Pride wherever books are sold, and as always, thank you so much for listening. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Retail Pride @retailpride Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
January 11, 2022
Ep. 74.5 - Damon Asks Wesley (Bonus Episode)
Many moons ago, previous podcast guest Damon Jones asked if he could interview me for my own podcast. It was fun to discuss the why’s behind STANDARD H, and though this is a first for the podcast, I’m excited for you to hear more of the brand’s story. I hope you enjoy it and if you’d like more content like this, I’d love to know. I hope you all have a happy and safe new year and thank you so much for listening! STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast
December 31, 2021
Ep. 74 - James Thomas (Bicycle Ltd. / @bikefitjames)
Like many of you, I’ve ridden my bike more and more during the Pandemic as gyms were closed. Like many of you, my time spent on YouTube has also ramped up during the Pandemic, and it was in the early stages of lockdown, I came across Francis Cade’s channel - think of it somewhat like an automotive enthusiast channel but for cycling - and today’s guest has been featured countless times in Francis’s videos. James Thomas is the co-owner of Bicycle Limited - a boutique bike shop with a long history of being in the neighborhood, but it wasn’t until recently he was asked to join as the captain of the ship leading a charge in the complex process bike fitting. If you’re a cyclist, getting the right fit is essential, and James subscribes to the philosophy of “Fit First, Buy Later” when it comes to new bike purchases, and I’m here for it. Francis has graciously hosted James whose expertise and knowledge can be seen and learned worldwide thanks to the Internet. I was further drawn to James as I kept noticing his watches in the videos. He and I sat down for this conversation over Zoom to get a closer look into the growth of his career, the importance of feeling valued and certainly the evolution of Bicycle. As a former dive instructor, James has a tool watch proclivity and quite a bit of exposure to some extremely nice cars throughout his life, so I definitely recommend you stick around. I guess you could say he’s one of us. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast James Thomas / Bicycle Ltd. Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
December 21, 2021
Ep. 73 - Ryan Babenzien 2 (Jolie Skin Co.)
Ryan Babenzien is only the second person I've brought on for another go, and I guarantee you will think about your shower differently after this conversation. More importantly, you will think about water differently after hearing Ryan speak about his new venture, Jolie Skin Co. I was so excited to have Ryan back on the show, he’s become a good friend, and certainly serves as an inspiration to me. He and made time during my last trip to New York City not only to catch up, but record this shorter pod to spread the word that it’s high time you consider how you’re treating your body’s largest organ. STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Ryan Babenzien @jolieskinco @ryanbbabenzien Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
December 07, 2021
Ep. 72 - Ashley Reed
Ashley Reed has been a good friend of mine since I moved to California in 2007. In fact we moved within several weeks of one another. I moved from Raleigh whereas she moved from New York City and shared an apartment with former STANDARD H Podcast guest Jensen Reed, who happens to be her brother. We all became fast friends, and the past 14+ years have been an amazing ride for Ashley. She’s one of the smartest, most articulate people I know, she’s had one heck of a career working her way up through some of the largest players in their respective space. I’m talking about companies like the NBA, Major League Soccer, iHeart Media and then a little company called Amazon. She speaks multiple languages, has traveled all over the world, and most recently, Ashley launched her business focused on Transformational Teaching focused on High Performers. I love what she’s doing which a major component involves turning your needs into your wants to get better, feel better and be a better you. Check it out! Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Ashley Reed @ashleyreedofficial Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
November 23, 2021
Ep. 71 - Dan Quigley (Art & The Armoury New York)
His older friends know him as DQ, but Dan Quigley has deeply evolved from his tagging days of two-letter graffiti. I met him 3 years ago where he was working at the Duane street location of The Armoury, however, you will now find him managing the newest location uptown on Madison Avenue. We talk about Dan’s youth in what was a crime-ridden Brooklyn, creating art while his father was trying to stop it - though not Dan’s - he was actually proud of Dan’s. We get into some music chat by way of his experience playing bass and the bands he’ll always love. And of course we talk about what brought us together as friends, which is our mutual appreciation for the retail industry. We dip a toe into Dan’s relationship with depression and how he’s manifested a grateful life full of optimism, love and compassion (my words not his because this is how I see & know Dan) and also the wonderful second coming of his art career…because it’s far outstretched the characterization of “Hobby.” I absolutely love what he’s doing. In fact I recently purchased my first pieces from him and I can’t wait to receive it. This one was an absolute pleasure. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Dan Quigley @danquigley_art Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
November 09, 2021
Ep. 70 - Mark Greene (Cars Yeah Podcast)
Mark Greene and I have a ton in common. We have ties to San Diego - he was born here whereas I relocated here, we’re both Porsche fanatics, we both have sales and retail blood running through our veins, and we both host podcasts. In fact, Mark was kind enough to host me on his podcast, Cars Yeah, as his 1,899th guest. Clearly Mark’s been at the podcast game a lot longer than I have, so I certainly appreciate his professionalism, but it was his upbringing and his career that led me to want to return the favor. Mark shares how important family is as well as some really wonderful insights on how to keep one’s family together and at peace…something never really explored on this podcast before. We chat about guitars & music, how he scraped together the money to buy his first Schwinn bicycle, and of course we chat about Porsche - Mark has in fact owned 12 throughout his automotive journey. We wrap things up with what would be his ideal road trip, so stay tuned for that. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Cars Yeah Podcast / Mark Greene @carsyeah Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
October 26, 2021
Ep. 69 - Kelli Jones (NOSO Patches)
I meant to meet today’s guest during my trip to Denver for Outdoor Retailer in August, but sadly, I ran out of time. But the lack of that face to face meeting fortunately didn’t prevent us from connecting for this episode as one of her sales associates kindly made the introduction. Kelli Jones is the founder and owner of NOSO Patches, a Jackson Hole, Wyoming-based business comprised of adhesive patches that assist in the repair of rips and tears in your outerwear. What started out as simply a better-looking alternative to duct tape, NOSO has grown to a staff of 5 in-house and 15 outside sales reps while annually moving tens of thousands of units in just 5 short years. I was excited to hear her story, but I honestly wasn’t anticipating her absolutely infectious joyful nature. She’s a dirt bike rider, mountain biker, wake boarder, hiker, back country skier, and all around bad ass. I really hope to make it back to Jackson where we will certainly be sharing some whiskey. For now, it’s time to share Kelli’s stoke with all of you… Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast NOSO Patches / Kelli Jones @nosopatches Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
October 12, 2021
Ep. 68 - Brian De Groodt (Dispatch Custom Cycling Components)
Brian de Groodt is the founder of Colorado-based Dispatch Custom Cycling Components - a line of bike accessories primarily comprised of anodized headset caps. Those of you who are fans of the STANDARD H Cycle Squad will now know our headset stem caps were produced by Dispatch. I found Dispatch by way of its Instagram marketing strategy, which Brian and I discuss later in this chat. Needless to say the quality of the product is wonderful and I was stoked to partner with him. During my recent trip to Denver, I met up with Brian just before he left town to close the deal on a home purchase in none other than my home state of North Carolina. We discuss Brian’s affinity of the word “why”, his short-lived experience as a guitar player, how Dispatch got it’s start, the unique importance of personalizing your bike, and how it’s recent acquisition of financial partners are contributing towards the growth of this e-commerce-based business. I sincerely appreciate Brian’s insights and candor, and I’m confident you will, too. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Dispatch Custom Cycling Components Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
September 28, 2021
Ep. 67 - Jason Heaton (Writer/Author HODINKEE / Host Grey Nato Podcast)
Chances are good if you’re listening to this you also listen to The Grey Nato podcast which today’s guest co-hosts alongside friend and former guest, James Stacey. He’s also a longtime contributor for Hodinkee, a Gear Patrol alum, and officially the first Hodinkee editor to be featured on Talking Watches. Of course I’m talking about Mr. Jason Heaton. I’m such a fan of his pragmatic approach to life and all of the above only support my admiration. This conversation was a fun one. We of course talk watches and gear, but we delve into the reasons why we enjoy what we like, and even to my surprise, we take several minutes going deep on the manufacturing process of Oreo cookies. Yes, Oreo cookies. Jason truly is “more than meets the eye” and I was excited to get a peek behind the curtain of his book, “Depth Charge” a fiction novel released 4 months ago and available through his website & the Hodinkee shop. Needless to say, I was thrilled to have Jason on the show and we wrap things up with a tiny bit of travel advice and a shout out segment to his wife Gishani who is awesome in her own right. Link: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Jason Heaton @jasonheaton Grey Nato Podcast Episodes Here Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
September 14, 2021
Ep. 66 - Dan Mirth (Artifox Furniture and Accessories)
Everyone’s entrepreneurial journey is different, and to me, that’s what’s so fascinating about the experience. It’s also part of the reason I started this podcast because I knew no two stories would be alike. Taking this into account one might argue that Dan Mirth’s business started like many others in that he created products he wanted himself only to find out others were willing to buy them. However, this is also where his story differs. You see, Dan built a desk and then his wife Sarah found a product competition to submit it for…and they won second place. Then they submitted the design to another competition and in a week, they branded the business Artifox, built the brand’s website, even shot a video - all in a week! Oh, and then wound up being selected as one of the winners. If that isn’t efficiency at its finest I don’t know what is. I recall a Venn diagram where the three circles were comprised of Awesome Brand, Quality Product, and Cheap (or) Discounted, and the middle where the three intersect stated THIS DOESNT EXIST. Well, I’m here to tell you: Artifox is about as close as it comes to that brand existing. It’s tasteful, it’s cool, it’s very well-designed, it’s functional, it’s timeless, all while being affordable considering the industry in which it exists. We explore Dan’s beginnings including the Thanksgiving soccer matches that occur in his sister’s basement - you read that right - in her basement, and how Dan was meant to be an engineer but decided to apply his understanding of how things function and couple it with his creative outlet of design. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation getting to know Dan and hear what could be described as an ethics-based approach to running his business, who incidentally happens to be a cyclist, as well, but I’ll let him tell it… Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Artifox @theartifox Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
August 31, 2021
Ep. 65 - Matt DelVecchio (Duckfoot Brewing)
This week we’re talking beer! And it’s another example of me having the good fortune of sitting down with an awesome friend and having a conversation about their burgeoning business. Often the feedback from these episodes involves some version of, “I love these podcasts because I feel like I’m right there with you, drinking a beer with you guys.” Well, good news: Matt DelVecchio and I did just that as we discuss the origin story and the ins and outs of his company, Duckfoot Brewery which is based right here in San Diego. Matt starts by schooling us on the different scales that define beer and where Hazy IPA’s fall on those scales, and how a particular wedding gift changed his life. Matt is actually my former neighbor in the Leucadia area of Encinitas, California - I moved; he didn’t - and I’ve had the pleasure of literally tasting his success as his beer business has grown over the last 6 years. We talk about his New York beginnings, his move to San Diego to start the brewery, the creativity behind the brand and Matt makes a solid case for leaving your surfboard at home and taking a hand plane instead. We wrap things up with some insight into Matt’s participation in a Phish cover band and a heart-felt story about a family-owned Jeep Cherokee, which I was super excited to hear. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Duckfoot Brewing @duckfootbeer Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
August 17, 2021
Ep. 64 - Adrian Barker 2 (Bark & Jack)
I could easily talk to most guests on the podcast for far longer than these episodes allow, and no one sits in the category more than Adrian Barker, and that’s exactly why he is the first guest to be on the show for a second time. The first part of this episode was truly just us catching up and I wasn’t going to leave it in, but when editing our conversation, I felt there was a very honest sense of vulnerability that inspired me to include it in the post. Given the fact neither of us are natural self-promoters in this age of “Look at me”, I wanted to share it as I hope it will help others know they’re not alone in their hesitations. We have an incredible amount of overlap when it comes to the ways we view the world of business and as you’ll find in this episode, the ways we view the world on a personal level, as well. Happiness is something we all strive for, and Adrian and I discuss the process of finding it. We take it a step further by identifying how happiness relates to luxury watches, and things that are otherwise characterized as materialistic. I thoroughly enjoy getting to know Adrian more and more, and it’s fairly obvious given the amount of laughter in this episode, and it was really great to swap stories and experiences as we dive deeper into his Ecommerce business and his overall growth as a content creator. Adrian’s just as real as it gets, and this is exactly why I know we could’ve easily made this episode 3 hours. But a condensed round 2 will have to do for now. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Adrian Barker @barkandjack @iambarks Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
August 03, 2021
Ep. 63 - Noah Williams (Public Relations / Menswear Style Influencer)
I met today’s guest - how else these days but through Instagram - where my budding friendship with him came through a series of domino effects from this very podcast. Charlotte, NC-based Noah Williams is a marketer, videographer and influencer with over 100k followers, and deservedly so given his taste in style, let alone his palette for watches, whiskey & wine. We talk about small towns in North Carolina, feeling like an outsider, skateboarding, and how all of those things often lead to an interest in fashion. Noah tells the story of his early days growing his Instagram account and falling deeper and deeper into the world of watches. Now, Noah is one of several contributors to Crown & Caliber, and in turn, Hodinkee, and he’s also a bourbon fan with a new found interest in wine, so we chat about those avenues as well. And the conversation wouldn’t be complete if we didn’t share some automotive stories, and as a fellow GTI owner, we have fun with some car talk including a dicey speeding ticket Noah acquired in Texas. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Noah Williams @noahwilliamsstyle @noahwilliams_pr Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
July 20, 2021
Ep. 62 - Timothy Hogan (Photographer)
One of my favorite things about doing this podcast is every once in a while, a longtime friend agrees to be a guest and today’s one of those days. I’ve known Timothy Hogan for roughly 11 years, and I feel the level of comfort in recording this episode is abundantly clear. Tim is an incredibly talented photographer, woodworker and one of my favorite people to surf with though it doesn’t happen nearly as often as I’d like. We discuss his journey from growing up in Connecticut where he failed as a middle school saxophone player to leading the charge to relocate to California and convincing several friends to do the same…mainly in the name of surfing. As a result there’s some surf chat and it’s certainly safe to say, there’s a good amount of nerdy photography chat, as well as some good car talk: Volkswagen vans, specifically. We wrap up the episode discussing Tim’s parents including his mom who does CrossFit. It’s always great to spend some time with Tim, and I’m stoked to share a glimpse into his life and our friendship, so I hope you enjoy it. STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Timothy Hogan @timothyhogan Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
July 06, 2021
Ep. 61 - Wei Koh (Revolution / The Rake Magazines)
If you follow STANDARD H, chances are good you also follow Wei Koh. He’s the founder and creator of Revolution Magazine, a magazine exploring the world of watches, and The Rake, a traditional menswear magazine that’s one of only a handful of magazines I subscribe to. Wei has been very open in interviews, so I strived to ask questions I haven’t heard before. Never a disappointment, Wei does a beautiful job combining his signature self-deprecation alongside sincerity which is one of my favorite abilities of his. We talk about drinking, being a late bloomer, and his understanding of how certain people find success. I ask him how he recommends smaller brands reach a larger audience, and his answer is incredibly insightful. We also go into a bit of car talk and how his lack of interest to play golf is what got him into cycling. Watches, cars, and bikes - to say this man has taste would be a drastic understatement. Wei has served as an incredible inspiration to me not only through his business ethics but also by way of his unabashed embrace of being himself. He’s a trend setter and one hell of a writer. Though I had many more questions, Wei was incredibly generous with his time even as we went longer than he’d scheduled. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Wei Koh @wei_koh_revolution @therake Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
June 22, 2021
Ep. 60 - Tim Mosso (Watch Box)
I’ve been a big fan of today’s guest for several years, so I was certainly excited to chat with him. Tim Mosso is one of only a few people I watch online for reviews & news within the world of watches. I’ve always enjoyed his straight-forward delivery, his seemingly encyclopedic knowledge and it helps he and I have other interests in common such as automotive racing and cycling. We talk about how his military service prepared him for his current role as “The Watch Specialist” for Watchbox, and how his first 800 Watch-related videos were shot to differentiate his content from that of blogs such as HODINKEE. Needless to say Tim was onto something, and much, much more. I wanted to get to know the man under the Oakley’s and today you will, too. Tim sure has his hands in more horological cookie jars than one can even imagine, and we get into a healthy amount of car talk. I’m excited to have you hear him share it all. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Tim Mosso @tim_mosso Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 25, 2021
Ep. 59 - Davide Baroncini (Ghiaia Cashmere)
Today’s guest is a salesman who has sold everything from phone contracts to cashmere. Davide Baroncini is the owner of Ghiaia, a menswear label based in Pasadena, CA but as you can imagine, the road from Italy to California wasn’t a straight shot. And it was for this reason I was delighted to sit down with him to hear him share his story. Ghiaia is producing some of the best sweaters I’ve come across in recent memory and once you hear the labels for which Davide has worked, you’ll soon understand why...Brunello Cucinelli being the standout for sure. I truly enjoyed this conversation due to the absolute exposure of Davide’s passion. You can really hear how important clothing is, and not at all for superficial reasons, rather how it makes one feel and the emotional impact clothing has on and individual. He’s an Italian and a man of style as redundant as that may seem...and he has an affinity for cars and watches making Davide a prime suspect for this show. We’re becoming good friends so I’m super happy he was willing to take part and I hope you enjoy it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Ghiaia @ghiaiacashmere Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 11, 2021
Ep. 58 - Del Gregory (B500 Magazine)
Del Gregory is a UK-based creative who has certainly led a fascinating life of travel which has historically been driven by his work as a photographer. He began his professional career at the ripe age of 20 as a fashion photographer, but he then found a groove shooting architecture - luxury hotels and exotic locations mainly. As retirement was looming, Del decided to create a new type of magazine called B500, an online-only periodical featuring various cars and people from around the world. Impressive is the word that immediately comes to mind given he launched just before COVID-19 took the world by storm. Like many of us, Del is a one man band and his work now includes 7 issues of B500 - again, an incredibly impressive feat given the last year of our existence. We go into how he’s grown his audience while exploring how he defines B500’s success. We chat about his early days getting into the weeds of photography as well as the equipment he uses. Del even gives us a glimpse into his life being chauffeured in helicopters around islands in the Indian Ocean. What a life that must have been! All that and more in what was truly a fun conversation with Del! Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast B500 Magazine @b500magazine Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
April 27, 2021
Ep. 57 - Jarnard Sutton (Videographer)
Today’s guest is Jarnard Sutton. I actually met Jarnard as he was walking down the sidewalk in front of my house while I was checking my mail. It was one of the more random introductions I’ve had in recent memory. We chatted for roughly 10 minutes that day and I found out several things: he lives near me, he enjoys IPA’s and he’s a content creator. This was all the information I needed to realize we’d become friends. And it’s certainly been fun getting to know some of my friends even further through this podcast, and this conversation is definitely no exception. Jarnard talks about life in North Carolina as a black kid listening to rock music, and how he was led down the punk rock road by the most unpredictable source. Jarnard is definitely a hustler. He worked multiple jobs at once to make ends meet, and offers a glimpse into what stress can really do to a person. Meanwhile, as Jarnard was trying to break into radio, he created a podcast in the same way many DJ’s would. He created playlists through the platform that effectively served as his own radio station. His resilience is inspiring to say the least. All of this is what led to his start in the audio/video space for restaurants - a segment I love following along through his social media platforms. This episode is a little different by way of Jarnard turning the tables on me a little bit. It’s definitely more of a two-way discussion after learning Jarnard’s story. It was a fun exercise so I hope you enjoy it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Jarnard Sutton @thenardcast Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
April 13, 2021
Ep. 56 - Josh Shanks (Watchonista)
Today I welcome Watchonista’s Josh Shanks, and we begin in a way I certainly didn’t expect: we talk about the birth of snowboards. We then go into the car culture of Indiana, and then his career which was utterly unpredictable. Josh went from working retail at Apple thanks to an early Mac-specific blog he wrote to then take his technological prowess down the path of Private Equity and Hedge funds. Josh shares a vacation that would effectively change his life forever. You see, he had no idea the rabbit hole he was about to go down when he purchased a Rolex in place of the watch he broke on that trip to the Bahamas. And I’m fairly confident he wasn’t predicting he’d marry a woman from Switzerland that worked for Richemont and encourage him to also work in watches. But life sure does take some strange, serendipitous turns sometimes, and Josh’s story offers no exceptions. In his current role as Editor in Chief of Watchonista, Josh is looking to create Watch content that isn’t what you usually see and read, with an intense focus on the collector community which is a much smaller subset than most would think. Josh also weighs in on hype culture and how it’s affected the watch collecting community, and he even gives us a glimpse behind the curtain of those awesome-looking Oris gatherings in Vail, Colorado. All that and more in what was a really fun conversation, so please enjoy it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Josh Shanks @joshshanks Watchonista @watchonista Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
March 30, 2021
Ep. 55 - Eric Ku (10PastTen / Loupe This / @fumanku watches)
I was introduced to today’s guest probably like many of you, by way of Hodinkee’s Talking Watches. He captivated me by way of his diverse collection, and perhaps more importantly, the condition of said pieces. Extremely well known for his expertise in Rolex, Eric Ku is a watch dealer, the founder of 10PastTen, and in 2016, he co-founded LA Watchworks. Oh yeah, between those two ventures, Eric just so happened to acquire the Vintage Rolex Forum. What’s great is he took it over to satisfy one goal, and that’s to ensure it remains the incredible resource it always has been for those getting into vintage. Needless to say, Eric’s a wealth of knowledge and like many of us into watches, he’s also into iconic cars. More specifically, Eric is restoring an early model of perhaps the iconic sports car. Eric also shares a bit about his latest venture, Loupe This, so definitely stick around for that! Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Eric Ku @fumanku 10PastTen @10pastten Loupe This @loupethis Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry
March 16, 2021
Ep. 54 - Brian Davis (Wooden Sleepers Vintage Clothing)
I was actually familiar with today’s guest’s store prior to even knowing who owned it, and that man is Brian Davis. A close personal friend of previous STANDARD H Podcast guest, Jeremy Kirkland, Brian was among the many of us who were into punk and hardcore in high school only to find our career paths leading us to fashion. We discuss what it’s like working retail at an early age and the role of respect within the profession. He describes his work ethic and how he manifested that in even the most mundane of tasks. Brian founded his vintage apparel company Wooden Sleepers during the menswear blog era and is unofficially, yet almost absolutely, the first vintage menswear company that was offered online, direct to consumer. Brian is a native New Yorker who has an incredible point of view and a knack for finding “the good stuff” when it comes to sourcing, be it a vintage LL Bean sweater or dead stock Brooks Brothers oxfords. He explains why vintage was for him and why it’s worth its weight in gold. He later goes into how the brand began existing on its own enough to spark interest in private label goods being sold in Japan. We have a very meaningful walk down the path of authenticity and how it relates to brands on social media and we even discuss who serves the best slice of pizza in the City, so for you foodies out there, feel free to “at us” in the DM’s regarding what Brian refers to as the Rolex Submariner of pizza. I completely agree with his positioning on the matter. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Wooden Sleepers @woodensleepers Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
March 02, 2021
Ep. 53 - Yanto Barker (Le Col Cycling Apparel)
Throughout COVID-19 I’ve recorded several podcasts in advance knowing they’d be spread out - and among that group was my recording back in the Fall with today’s guest, Yanto Barker. Yanto started the U.K.-based cycling apparel and accessories brand Le Col and how the brand was created is absolutely fascinating. Born in Wales, the child of hippies and far from a life of means, Yanto was plucked by a local bike shop that quickly noticed his talent for riding bikes fast. This not only graced him with free product, but led him down the path that eventually found him traveling the world and riding with the likes of Sir Bradley Wiggins, the winner of the 2012 Tour de France. Yanto’s story is certainly inspirational, but as well as one comprised of self awareness and incredible clarity. Granted, hindsight is 20/20, however it isn’t often someone lets you cross that threshold in their personal story whereas Yanto graciously grants us that access. For me this conversation was a great experience navigating the waters of appreciation & humility, and Yanto shares what he defines as “real strength.” We then take a dive into marketing including Le Col’s digital strategy and the hows and whys it’s quintessential to their business. I think you’ll find his story to be uplifting and motivational to say the least. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Yanto Barker / Le Col @lecoluk Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
February 16, 2021
Ep. 52 - Chris Considine (CXC Simulations)
Chris Considine has had quite the automotive journey. He raced go karts as a kid while working his way up to the open wheel levels of the junior formulas, but that’s not all. He’s worked as a reporter at Le Mans alongside his automotive journalist father. But it was while working in Phoenix, Arizona as a tire technician where Chris built his first racing simulator. That first DIY project was the basis for which CXC Simulations was born and is now responsible for producing industry-leading simulations for professional driver’s & high net worth individuals world wide. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation with Chris as he exemplifies what it means to grow a small business by way of managing expectations, knowing where the holes are and hiring accordingly...all while creating an amazing product. These are the simple lessons that are far easier said than done, so it really is wonderful to see. CXC produces an unbelievable piece of kit. The engineering, the mechanics and even the levels of their customer service are incredible. Do yourself a favor and visit the website linked in the show notes to see for yourself. Chris and I talk real life cars and he shares why he chose a Golf R as his daily driver, so definitely stick around for that. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast CXC Simulations @cxcsimulations Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
February 02, 2021
Ep. 51 - Brett Weiner (Designer)
For those with drive, the STANDARD H Podcast is a loose conversation about the lives of entrepreneurs and those who’ve grown companies. Today’s guest has occupied a slot in the latter category. He also happens to be a friend of mine. His name is Brett Weiner, and we discuss his journey from working for his parents construction business at the age of 11 to designing one-off pieces for Nixon watches. Brett shares a common attribute of several guests hosted on this podcast, and that’s a distaste for school, which seems funny given he discovered a way from being a C-Student in college majoring in Economics to becoming a Double Major student with a 4.0 GPA. Brett also shares his foray into working for a division of Burton Snowboards, the importance of being hungry to reach your goals & objectives, and how it shouldn’t always be about the dollars at the end of the day. What I love about Brett is his selfless approach to his work. He thinks about the consumer. And he has a natural bias towards what’s best for the companies for which he’s worked, as opposed to designing what he himself likes, and I find his approach to be so admirable, especially as someone growing companies he doesn’t own. I always enjoy my conversations with Brett because they always exhibit a certain level of quality. We share a lot of the same interests such as surfing, snowboarding, and even cycling, and these are all covered, but there’s also a deeper element whenever we get together that I always leave wishing we had more time, and this episode is certainly no exception, so I hope you enjoy it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Brett Weiner @jw_brettski Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
January 19, 2021
Ep. 50 - Aaron Stinner (STINNER Bikes)
I hope all of you had a wonderful holiday season. If you haven’t already, please visit the website at as several new products have been released over the last month. I’m super excited for 2021 as there are several things to come, including a couple different lines of goods that have been in development for well over a year, so I can’t wait to share them with you. Along with my product enthusiasm comes my pleasure of hosting today’s guest, Aaron Stinner of @STINNERFRAMEWORKS. Aaron is a custom bike builder and fabricator based in Santa Barbara, California and specializes in steel and titanium bike frames. The thing about bikes is, to the lay person, they all look very similar. However, when you’re as talented as Aaron is, you’ll find the beauty is most certainly in the details. Great bike building using steel and titanium involves beautiful welds resembling that of a beautiful garment possessing impeccable stitching. This comparison goes further in that STINNER manufactures bikes similar to a made to measure program offered by a fashion house. Aaron and I discuss his upbringing; how his grandfather taught him to use a drill press at the ripe age of 4, and how he was organically growing his business while living in a friend’s walk-in closet. Aaron walks us through what it was like scaling his business only to back that down to hone in on making a better, higher-quality product. My favorite things about STINNER’s bike’s, aside from being beautiful, functional objects, are they’re being made by Aaron, by hand, and right here in California. My first job was in a bike shop, and though I’ve ridden for years, I’ve never had a bike built for me, so I was definitely excited to learn a bit more about the process. I think what really resonates whether you ride bikes or not, is Aaron’s attention to detail and his thoughtful approach to creating his products. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast STINNER Frameworks @stinnerframeworks Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
January 05, 2021
Ep. 49 - Christian James Hand (The Sessions IG Live)
The word that comes to mind when characterizing today’s guest, Christian James Hand is “passionate.” Christian is half of the duo that wrote the theme track to this podcast but that’s just an unbelievably tiny blip on the radar when considering Christian’s body of work. He’s effectively held every title imaginable within the music industry and as the host of The Sessions, Christian has certainly struck his stride. Now as a member of none other than John Mayer’s management company, The Session’s reach is growing further and further, and I’m here to tell you, if you care at all about music and you haven’t had the good fortune of tuning in, then you’re truly missing out. For the last several years, Christian orchestrated The Sessions as a traveling show amongst four different major cities where it breaks down some of music’s most famous songs in front of a 200-person audience. Clearly, during the times of COVID-19 this came to a screeching halt, so Christian took it to the Instagram airwaves. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation even as we ventured away from several of the roads I had planned to go down. Christian has spent time living in England, Libya, Botswana, Long Island, NY & Los Angeles. He describes what it’s like navigating the world with Aspergers, as well as shares how he started doing canyon drives in McLarens with Matt Farah. There’s a lot to unpack here, and I think you’ll enjoy it. I can’t stress enough, if you’re not tuning into @thesessioniglive on Instagram every weekday at 11am Pacific, you’re missing out on something very unique, special & musically inspiring. LINKS: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Christian James Hand @kingtrut @thesessioniglive Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
December 22, 2020
Ep. 48 - Jonathan Ward (Icon 4x4)
Jonathan Ward is best known as the man behind ICON 4x4. If you’re listening to this show, I’m sure you’ve seen his creations clad in matte paint on Instagram, or perhaps at SEMA over the years. At the end of the day, Jonathan considers himself to be a serial craftsman, but I’ll take it a step further and label him an artist. His creativity has led him down several paths alongside his automotive business including wood working, leather goods, and quite literally down paths all over the world while gaining inspiration and furthering his expertise. I’ve met Jonathan several times over the years and I’ve been a huge fan of his work even before meeting him, and I’ll happily add this chat shares information I’ve never heard him talk about on other podcasts or interviews. In an attempt to dodge the child actor conversation, we do chat a bit about his childhood and what growing up was like. He shares a short story that involves falling from 4 stories high, and we talk about the importance of realizing you can’t do it all alone, something I’ve been struggling with a lot lately with STANDARD H. We discuss music, creative flow, of course how TLC & ICON started and why designing within confines is important. Ever wonder why his logo is a lizard? That’s in here. And if you’re wondering what Jonathan’s thoughts are on the new 2021 Bronco, that’s also in here, not to mention the inspiring work he’s doing with his charity, GO Campaign...the list really does goes on. Jonathan and I share so many of the same views on business with respect to design and manufacturing, specifically, so I really hope you all enjoy this conversation as much as I did. As 2020 comes to a close, as I sat down, editing the episode, it truly felt like the mental road trip of an escape I needed, and I’m confident many of you will agree. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel ICON 4x4 @icon4x4 Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
December 08, 2020
Ep. 47 - Jensen Reed (Musician / Voice Over Artist)
As a listener of the STANDARD H Podcast, you may have heard me thank today’s guest at the end of every episode. Jensen Reed not only co-wrote the theme track to this show, he was one of the first people I met when I moved to Los Angeles. Coincidentally, we both moved to California within weeks of one another from the same town of Cary, North Carolina. It’s truly hard to believe it’s been nearly 14 years. We talk about how that all unfolded, while Jensen explains his path from being a solo musician to his successful career as a voice over artist. Though both professions involve microphones, the bridge that connected the two happened to be the sport of tennis. A major takeaway from this week’s episode is the incredible power of networking. We talk about music from the ‘80s & ‘90s, the albums his mom didn’t want him listening to, how he drove a Ranchero as his first car, as well as how he began making viral music videos with millions of views on Facebook. It’s always fun to sit down with someone who is such a close friend and this is no exception. You never know where life can take you, and for Jensen, life is taking him back east to Nashville, but I’ll let him tell it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Jensen Reed @jensenreed Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
November 24, 2020
Ep. 46 - Damon Jones (Engineered by Damon / Mad For Mid)
For those with drive, the STANDARD H Podcast is a conversation about the lives of entrepreneurs and those who’ve been instrumental in growing companies. It’s hard to believe this episode kicks off Season 4, and today’s guest is Damon Jones. Damon worked as an engineer for the likes of Aston Martin & McLaren and then as many of you may know, he served as the Vice President of Operations for Singer Vehicle Design. Needless to say, his resume is impressive but there’s more. He recently worked with Guntherwerks while launching his own company, Engineered by Damon. Though there is a significant amount of car talk, to simply label Damon a “car guy” would be a massive understatement. His interests go far beyond 4 wheels, however. He has a healthy attraction to midcentury architecture, photography, and well, all things beautiful, for that matter. There’s a lot in this one. We talk about the importance of story as it relates to products, as well as a deep dive on his Insta Famous Porsche GT4. We discuss his exclusive LEGO kit called Project Black Brick, one of the many extensions of his business, what he feels was his biggest risk to date, one purpose-driven trip to a tanning bed, and Damon even shares a story of how Lewis Hamilton missed out on getting a McLaren F1 for free. It’s a fun one, for sure. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel @standardh_cyclesquad Damon Jones @damon_jones @engineered_by_damon @mad_for_mid Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
November 10, 2020
Ep. 45 - Bradford Philen (Author)
This week actually concludes Season 3 of the STANDARD H Podcast, and I will be taking the next month off to focus on the new website as well as the release of several new products so I’m super excited about those. This episode is yet another special occasion where I interview a friend I’ve known for over 20 years. We met in high school, and though we don’t talk every week, or even every month, when we do, we pick up where we left off as if no times has passed. Bradford Philen is one of the people I think of when I think back on my high school days and the times always involve this mental playback of us laughing. He is a teacher in Manila, Philippines but is temporarily in Long Beach, California for the next few weeks so I was so happy to catch up with him via Zoom. He’s an incredibly bright, thoughtful, compassionate person with a great sense of humor, so it was a no brainer to have him on the show. He shares his experience from working for the Peace Corps in Africa, he’s lived in New York City, China, and now Manila as I mentioned. Brad’s life experience while traveling the world teaching and learning has shaped him into someone I consider to be one of the most cultured, open-minded friends I have and I couldn’t be more proud. I’m super excited for Brad as he’s written his third book entitled “When the Color Started” which is due to release on October 15th, so mark your calendars. It’s a collection of fictional short stories - each taking place in different locations and told through the eyes of different characters. I can’t wait to read it and perhaps after listening to our conversation, you’ll feel the same. Thank you so much for listening, and I'll catch you in Season 4! Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_cyclesquad @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Bradford Philen @bradford.philen Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
October 06, 2020
Ep. 44 - Chris Burkard (Photographer)
Chris Burkard has long since been one of my favorite photographers. His images transport you in a way not many can, and I believe a lot of it has to do with our shared interests of surfing and just being outdoors. The aspect of relatability is unquestionably a role when viewing his work. Chris has sold prints, yes, but he’s also created books; one of my favorites is “High Tide” which features stories behind his images and includes some fantastic photos of fellow North Carolinian Ben Bourgeois in the Caribbean. The book also hosts some cold water adventures, a subject which became Chris’s Ted Talk in 2015 entitled, “The joy of surfing in ice-cold water.” Burkard serves as an ambassador to Sony and sheds a little light on what it’s like being able to work with such a major company and how that partnership formed. He offers some great advice as well for those looking to create similar partnerships. This is a quick one, and I really enjoyed getting to know Chris and it was great he dedicated the time considering he just returned home to California from his 43rd trip to Iceland. I think you’ll find his story to be fascinating. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Chris Burkard @chrisburkard Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
September 22, 2020
Ep. 43 - Jeremy Kirkland (Blamo! Podcast)
Jeremy Kirkland has somewhat of a storied music and apparel industry past which in my opinion has served as perfect preparation for his current role as the host of Blamo! a podcast about the world of fashion and the people who shape it. It’s honestly one of the few podcasts where I listen to every episode. We talk about his growing up in St. Louis as the son of a musician as well as his early days as a musician himself in New York City. Jeremy started Blamo! with the use of a robust Rolodex and a goal to have fun. He now leads Blamo Media which is comprised of multiple podcasts hosting some of the most well known people, well, globally. Many of you listening to this are probably already familiar with Jeremy, so I was excited to offer us fans a behind the scenes look at Blamo! and several subjects he obviously doesn’t discuss during his own episodes. I think you‘ll all enjoy the story behind the man of one of the world’s largest menswear podcasts, and Jeremy even offers some information about a very special narration project he’s working on, so stay tuned for that. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Jeremy Kirkland @thekirkland Blamo! Podcast @blamopodcast Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
September 08, 2020
Ep. 42 - Kyle Snarr (Cantonment)
Kyle Snarr is one of the cofounders behind Cantonment, a new accessories line where Kerchiefs serve as their flagship product. We talk about his love of story telling and how his petrol head father shaped his film school application where he ended up alongside the Napoleon Dynamite crew. Years later, after much success in the marketing sphere building award-winning websites for the very car brands that influence STANDARD H, Kyle was plucked and became the head of marketing for Gear Patrol. Kyle and I are nothing if not birds of a feather as we both are product guys through and through. Cars, gadgets, knives, watches. We love it all and obsess over the details. Being a product guy is what led Kyle to launch Cantonment with two friends which started as a side project/hobby 4 years ago only to launch at the beginning of COVID-19. It’s times like these that allow creativity to shine and what I love about Cantonment is their team-driven approach to the business from day one and I think you’ll agree. We close out the show with why the Land Rover Defender is so drooled over and also what might make its way into Kyle’s dream garage. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_garage @standardh_shop @standardh_travel Kyle Snarr: @kyality Cantonment: @cantonmentco Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
August 25, 2020
Ep. 41 - Adrian Barker (Bark & Jack)
Adrian Barker is a content creator behind the brand Bark & Jack, a YouTube channel where he sips coffee and talks about watches. I took to his content a couple of years ago mainly due to his honesty and his candor, and as a result, I’ve been following his wonderfully curated Instagram page, as well. Since our recording, Adrian’s following has grown to 100,000 subscribers on YouTube, he has an online store which you can visit at and he’s also launched a Facebook group where conversations can further continue. Aside from watches, I was super excited to chat with Adrian mainly due to YouTube being such a unique business to delve into and he offers quite an in-depth explanation as to how everything operates. In this episode we really go down the rabbit hole of several subjects; all of which I knew would be great due to Adrians honesty and his openly candid personality. I ask him what he considers to be overrated, underrated and we talk all things business as it relates to what he’s been working on. We chat about getting over the hurdles of limiting beliefs, fighting against our own expectations, and how all of us actually could get more done in our day. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation and Adrian is certainly an inspiration when you hear him describe some of his low moments including his dealings with dyslexia. The first 4 minutes of this episode is comprised of what is usually reserved for getting audio levels and just general banter, really, but Adrian and I were chatting about customer service and taking part in what I feel is a topically relevant conversation so I left it in. Needless to say, Adrian and I hit the ground running, and we could’ve gone on all day I think, so I hope you’re able to settle in with your fresh cup of coffee or you’ve cracked a cold beer, because this was a fun one. I hope you enjoy it. LINKS: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Bark & Jack @barkandjack Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
August 11, 2020
Ep. 40 - Nick Manousos (Horological Society of NY)
A couple of years ago I found out about a watchmaking workshop being held here at my good friend and previous STANDARD H Podcast guest, Tim Jackson’s store. Because the class was so great, I thought I’d explore the company a bit further and in doing so, one thing led to another, and the following conversation ended up being among the results. Today’s guest is Nick Manousos who was recently named Executive Director of the Horological Society of New York. Offering classes and workshops, as well as an extensive library, HSNY has served as the go-to hub for everything from entry level time keeping knowledge to learning to actual assemble a watch by way of their on-site and traveling workshops. We talk about him growing up in the surf & skate community of Santa Cruz, California, his early days hacking into telephone systems, his contributions to Hodinkee, and of course his time at HSNY and all of the great work they’re doing for us watch lovers and horological history buffs. Whether you’re into watches or not, you should definitely visit HSNY’s museum-like office space, and certainly check out their lecture series. My conversation with Nick serves anyone who can identify with having a penchant for anything technical, so I hope you enjoy it. Due to COVID-19, the following is strangely the second consecutive episode featuring a Disclaimer: Several events mentioned in this interview including HSNY’s Gala as well as all classes were cancelled. Their Executive Director actually retired since our meetup in New York, which is why Nick has filled those shoes. Nick has also informed me that after their usual summer break, HSNY will start its lectures again in September, but they will all be online for the foreseeable future. LINKS: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Horological Society of NY @horologicalsocietyofny Nick Manousos @nmanousos Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
July 28, 2020
Ep. 39 - Brian Scotto (HOONIGAN)
When I first moved to LA I worked in marketing and PR for what was then a three-pronged business owned by Mike Ryan. Mike is a Hollywood Stunt Driver famous for doing stunts with semi trucks, but alongside his driving, he owned a business responsible for sourcing and placing cars in movies and television shows. At the time, Mike was also one of only two guys racing a semi at the esteemed Pike’s Peak International Hill Climb: the second oldest race in America behind the Indianapolis 500. It was 2007 when today’s guest Brian Scotto founded a magazine called 0-60. I was first in contact with Brian when he reached out about doing an article on Mike. 0-60 was based in New York City and I was going to be there the following week, so I suggested we meet for lunch and talk about it. The article went great and the magazine was awesome. 12 years later, Brian is now living in Long Beach, California and heads up [HOONIGAN], a multi-media company best known for its production of Gymkhana videos starring Ken Block acrobatically driving an arsenal of tire-shredding cars. Collectively the videos have amassed a viewership in excess of 550 million views. Given I’ve been a big fan of effectively everything he’s produced, I reached out to Brian about me now interviewing him, and he kindly obliged. His story is a fun one and we conduct some serious car talk as you can imagine. I thoroughly enjoy how he goes into what’s been easy for him as well as the challenges that opportunity can bring. We also get a back stage pass to what goes into making those incredibly viral videos. What I thoroughly enjoy, and frankly get inspired by, is other people’s passion. And it’s fair to say you can hear Brian’s passion in this conversation. He’s well on his way to building an empire, but at the end of the day, he’s as curious about what you have going on as he is about how he’ll attract millions of eyeballs on YouTube. I truly had a blast seeing him again, and I’m certainly excited to see what they have coming, so stay tuned to hear about it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast @standardh_shop @standardh_garage @standardh_travel Brian's Instagram @brianscotto [HOONIGAN] @thehoonigans Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
July 14, 2020
Ep. 38 - Adam McDermott (Linus Bikes)
12 years ago, I was still fresh from my move to Los Angeles when I started a fashion and lifestyle blog featuring mostly menswear, surfing, and really, just life in Southern California. One day, while strolling down Abbot Kinney in Venice Beach, I came across a row of about 5 bikes on the sidewalk, each hosting the name LINUS across the top tube in a timeless, San serif font. But these weren’t just any bikes. They weren’t mountain bikes, nor were they road bikes requiring a kit of spandex. Interestingly enough, they weren’t beach cruisers, either. They were (and still are) simple, really well-designed city bikes. Pre-dating the “Commuter” craze of the last decade, Linus bikes were often sold as single speed bikes, with swooped back handle bars, which made the riding position more upright and comfortable, and they came in colors far more interesting than just black or white. To this day, I get complimented on mine which I soon purchased after featuring Linus on my blog which is actually still in existence though all but ignored since 2013 and can be found at: When I would feature brands, I’d email a link to the post to those companies, so my first interaction with Linus’s founder, Adam McDermott, actually took place over email in 2011. Funny enough, he and I had never met until this interview. Adam was born in South Africa, though much of his childhood was spent in Malibu as apartheid provoked his mother to move them to California. Adam started Linus through motivations predicated on lifestyle changes and environmental impact, something certainly resonating even more so today. I stand by the notion that Linus makes the most comfortable bikes on the planet, and also serve as an incredible value-add given their price point, so I was excited to sit down with Adam. What I love most is this is really a story of someone wanting something that they couldn’t find and they decided to just figure out how to get it done. I think a ton of entrepreneurs can absolutely identify with this mentality - with the motivation to keep pushing until the mission is complete. Today, Linus is carried in over 200 stores worldwide and is bolstered by quite a large assortment of bikes and accessories. This past Christmas, I actually bought my wife a Linus which has been instrumental during the time of COVID-19, as we’ve been exploring much of San Diego as a way to switch up our exercise regimen. I guess I can’t say enough about the bikes really, so I’ll leave it to Adam to share even more. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Linus Bikes @linusbike Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
June 30, 2020
Ep. 37 - James Stacey (Writer/Author HODINKEE / Host Grey Nato Podcast)
For those with drive, the STANDARD H Podcast focuses on the lives and stories of those who have started or contributed in the growth of companies. This episode’s guest easily fulfills the latter category, and has done so in a major way. He’s a watch journalist, an automotive journalist, he cohosts one of my favorite podcasts, The Grey Nato, and he’s certainly no slouch in the photography department. Of course I’m talking about James Stacey. During what can only be described as HODINKEE's meteoric rise, James has contributed to some of my favorite HODINKEE segments, so I was looking forward to hearing a bit more about his background. As a writer, he discusses the importance of developing your own voice. We absolutely talk about his fascination for gold watches. And since he’s hosted a few episodes of Talking Watches, HODINKEE's flagship product, James offers us a backstage pass into what filming an episode entails. We go fairly deep on some car talk as well as photography including what gear he’s been using as well as how he typically captures watches. We wrap things up on a more personal note and James shares his weakness for female singers. James and I caught up several weeks ago making this episode a STANDARD H Podcast first by way of recording over Zoom. We each settled in with some bourbon so perhaps you’d like to do the same. This was a fun conversation, so I hope you enjoy it. LINKS: STANDARD H @standardh_ James Stacey @jestacey The Grey Nato @TheGreyNato HODINKEE @hodinkee Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
June 16, 2020
Ep. 36 - Wes Walz (Elite Finish Detailing)
Any car person loves a new car. The smell, the just makes you feel great. Today’s guest is Wes Walz, owner/operator of Elite Finish Detailing - a full service automotive detailing business supporting their tag line “Making First Impressions Last.” When it comes to cars, what beats that?! Prior to COVID, Wes and I sat down where I thought we’d chat about his upbringing and how he’s grown his business catering to some of the most lust-worthy cars on the road today. We quickly jump into car talk only to come to a screeching halt when he mentions his days of competitive horse jumping and rocking cowboy hats. The foray into detailing really sprung about due to a neighbor admiring the degree to which Wes cleaned his own car. Wes was working in the mortgage business when it crashed a little over a decade ago, so his then weekend side hustle quickly became a way to pay the rent. We discuss the value of relationships as well as a tiny yet very effective marketing tool he utilizes all the time. We of course delve into what services Elite Finish offers, as well as what questions are good to ask your local shop when vetting detailers in your area. Additionally, we chat about what not to do, and even some easy tips for you to take better care of your cars at home. This was a fun and truly informative conversation and I think many of you will appreciate the education. I know I did. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Elite Finish Detailing @EliteFinish Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
June 02, 2020
Ep. 35 - Elliot Aronow
Over the last 8 weeks or so, we’ve all been tested. These weeks have been labeled “strange times”, “uncertain times”, “unprecedented times” the list goes on...and that’s why I felt today would be a good time to release the following conversation I had with guest, Elliot Aronow. We discuss a topic that isn’t al that easy to talk about, and it can often feel like a buzz phrase, however, it certainly makes it no less important, and that’s Mental Health. I feel as though many of us experience pitfalls in life and they can certainly lead to deep depressions for some. Elliot knows all about this. As a self-described preppy punk with a childhood he labels as idyllic, Elliot became somewhat of a ring leader of “cool” in New York City in the early 2000’s. However, this was all ironically followed up by his darkest days which included starting businesses that ultimately failed. His latest business, Our Show (@ourshownyc) is a multi-pronged fork which involves one part brand consultancy, and other parts focusing on the mental health of men through its newsletter, workshops and group meetups now orchestrated through Zoom. I really enjoy Elliot’s ability to balance these heavy topics with his self-deprecating humor, allowing for a much more approachable glimpse into what can obviously be difficult topics to breach for most people. He’s an incredibly creative mind so it was especially interesting to talk about facing fears and how to over come them. [Please keep in mind none of this serves as medical advice, rather a very forthright and honest bit of story telling.] Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Our Show @ourshownyc Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 19, 2020
Ep. 34 - Paul Croughton (Editor in Chief Robb Report)
Today’s guest is Paul Croughton, the Editor in Chief of Robb Report magazine. I believe I first came across Robb Report some 25 years ago as a teenager in Raleigh, NC, dreaming of one day owning the finer things in life: expensive cars, yachts, beautiful real estate, and of course high end tailoring and accessories. I’ve never been one to obsess over these types of things for their superficial qualities, but rather their design, function, and their deliberate executions. As a sucker for details, I’ve long since been fascinated by items appreciated by people for whom money is no object. This is where my conversation with Paul comes in. Be it categorically filed under birds of a feather or some other such label, at the end of the day, Paul and I are really just geeks about product. However, as we initially journey through his upbringing and early experience, we chat rather retrospectively about house music and Blockbuster video, which then takes a turn into the motivations behind the customization of products. We of course end up discussing his role as the captain of a ship that caters to the psyche as it relates to buying the best of the very best. I thoroughly appreciate Paul’s insights on a multitude of levels and I think you will, too. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Robb Report Magazine @robbreport Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
May 05, 2020
Ep. 33 - Bradley Price (Autodromo Watches)
Today’s guest is Bradley Price, who has incidentally always been into cars. As the owner/operator of the watch brand Autodromo, he has found what I believe to be the only legitimate automotive-inspired line of time pieces. I say that bc they aren’t so on the nose, while at the same time representing automotive history in a very direct way. I had not met Bradley prior to our conversation, and it ticked all the boxes and then some. He couldn’t have been more gracious with his time and I thoroughly enjoyed hearing his story. We actually discussed a wide range of topics from Michael Jordan to Ivy League educations, and of course some car talk involving BMW 2002’s and the complete back story of his very cool Ferrari 208 Dino GT4. We discuss purpose built design as well as the proliferation of micro brands within the watch industry, a world Bradley describes analogous to trees competing for light. It’s a really open and honest dialogue that I think you watch nuts will enjoy. Bradley offers a very forthright glimpse into how he began Autodromo and a detailed description of how he began collaborating with the likes of his Ford Motor Company. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Autodromo @autodromo Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
April 21, 2020
Ep. 32 - Ryan Babenzien (Greats Shoes)
As previously stated, season 3 has been prerecorded so amidst these times of COVID-19, please note these conversations all took place prior to Social Distancing recommendations and mandates. Episode 32 hosts Ryan Babenzien, the founder of the very versatile shoe brand, Greats, which has experienced an impressive rise within the saturated market of footwear. We talk about growing up riding dirt bikes on Long Island, his 12-year stint living in Los Angeles, as well as his return to his native New York to create and organically grow one of the first digitally native brands. Having spawned from the desire to create a line of shoes representing some of the greatest silhouettes ever designed, there’s a lot we unpack including great insight as to what he’s experienced over the last 7 years and why Greats has been able to excel. I thoroughly enjoyed this conversation as it‘a the first episode that dives a bit deeper into the business side things. Ryan was incredibly gracious about the ins and outs of everything from start-up to sharing operations-based information of Greats and I can’t thank him enough for being open. We also have some fun chatting about cars and watches, of course, so stay tuned for that. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Greats @greats Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
April 07, 2020
Ep. 31 - Phil Toledano (Mister Enthusiast)
Welp, here we are: Season 3! For those with drive, the STANDARD H Podcast is a conversation about the lives of entrepreneurs, and those who’ve been instrumental in growing companies. Season 3 will host episodes every other week: a change in what has historically been a weekly podcast. The reason is due to the pre-recorded nature of my schedule and since we will all be home for the foreseeable future, I wanted to attempt to have these extend for a longer period of time than we will be socially distancing ourselves. Fingers crossed we get back to normal sooner than later, of course. Given the current climate, I wanted to start the season with someone who often offers so much levity by way of his lightning-quick wit and his overall happy-go-lucky energy he’s exuded via his social media platforms. Of course I’m talking about Phil Toledano or as you may know him on the socials as Mister Enthusiast. Phil is a New York City-based artist (read: aaahtist) who is an avid car and watch collector. Contrary to his personality, his conceptual art regularly takes a dive into some fairly dark exploratory realms. We discuss the ins and outs of a particular project of his called “Maybe” which also inspired a documentary called “The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano.” We get into some pretty deep dives of car talk and most certainly watch talk. It was a truly inspiring and a fun conversation to be a part of and I hope you all agree. I actually did something different for this one: prior to truly beginning each episode I get levels from each guest so the audio sounds ok. I left in our “lead-in” conversation only to give you a glimpse into what it’s like to hang out with Phil and to display just what a crack-up he really is. You’ll see what I mean... Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Phil Toledano "The Many Sad Fates of Mr. Toledano"  (Documentary of Phil's project entitled Maybe) Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
March 24, 2020
Ep. 30 - Scott Newkirk (Tabor Charlotte)
For the final episode of Season 2 of the STANDARD H Podcast, I sat down with Scott Newkirk who grew up in Mississippi only to find out he’d become a proud D Student and a desire for something more. After a bit of time spent freelancing with retail visual work, Scott left for New York City where he quickly immersed himself into the fashion world with the likes of Barney’s & Armani. He quickly created a name for himself as a stylist, and after two decades in the city, Scott decided to take a break. After a stint back home in Mississippi, he was asked to become the Creative Director if Tabor, a menswear boutique in Charlotte, North Carolina. I had found Tabor on Instagram and paid them a visit last Fall when I was home. I must say, their merchandise was fantastic given the conservative nature of North Carolina ...and that’s not to say the assortment is even all that loud, however the labels themselves are simply those you don’t see often, if ever anywhere else in the state. So I guess I should say I was, well, proud on a certain level and was quite pleased to see the progression. Scott is incredibly hospitable as is everyone else in the shop, and I really enjoyed chatting about the ins and outs of not only his career trajectory, but also their store breathing so much life into the menswear evolution in the South. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast TABOR @taborclt Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
March 10, 2020
Ep. 29 - David Weiss (@JDWDesign)
If you’re one of the many thousands on Instagram following this week’s guest David Weiss, then you’ll already know boat design is this guy’s wheelhouse. I use wheelhouse somewhat ironically given his affinity for car design, but that’s kind of where our conversation begins. David is a Raleigh, North Carolina-based yacht designer - something he borderline fell into while wrapping up his time at North Carolina State’s Design School. We talk about his upbringing as the oldest of four kids in a home schooled household, his time working as a valet in order to drive cool cars, and how he found himself designing house boats of the future. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @stabdardh_podcast David Weiss @jdwdesign Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
March 03, 2020
Ep. 28 - Bruce Liles (Liles Clothing Studio)
What I enjoy about fashion and moreover Style, is the ability to illustrate a sense of self expression without opening your mouth. From across the room you’re able to share your personality by way of wearing things a certain way and pairing things together. This sort of expression packaged as Style is embodied by this week’s guest, Bruce Liles. I actually interviewed Bruce for a class of mine in college and to this day, I can still say: I have met very few people in my life that toe the line of confidence yet demure quite like Bruce. As the son of a retail manager, Bruce dove head first into the style pool. He later followed in his footsteps, and for the last 25 years, Bruce has owned and operated one of only a few boutiques in North Carolina that truly offers fine menswear. His kind nature is evident in the way he speaks, and I really enjoyed sitting down with him again after all these years. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ @standardh_podcast Liles Clothing Studio @liles_clothing Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
February 25, 2020
Ep. 27 - Mike Weddington (Wakeboarding World Champion)
Mike Weddington has had one of the more unique life experiences, let alone professional ones. He’s the 1995 World Champion of Wakeboarding, and now as the co-owner of the Medical supply company Eastcoast Biologics, boy does he have some stories. We talk about his affinity for heavy metal, dropping out of high school, becoming World Champ where he was making good money only to follow that up with a brief time on a government assistance program. What you should know about Mike, and I find this among many entrepreneurs, there’s a common rebellious nature, yes, but there’s never a fear of doing the necessary work. I looked up to Mike as a teenager and today I’m super proud to call him a friend. This conversation certainly serves as a reminder that we all have friends and family members that have things going on behind the scenes that we are completely unaware of. And luckily for Mike, his innate will and determination has proven to benefit his thriving business. He is certainly the embodiment of goal-setting and achieving. This is a longer pod, but it goes fast, so hit cruise control on the steering wheel, or settle in with that beverage and enjoy yourself. It’s a ride. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Eastcoast Biologics Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
February 18, 2020
Ep. 26 - Kendra Leonard (Art of Style)
I’ve known Kendra Leonard for roughly 20 years. We met working at Banana Republic, and was immediately aware of her innate ability of being an astute, direct woman while also exuding an empathetic approach to leadership - something I think many more people can learn from. One thing you may realize is: Kendra has been through A LOT. She is one of the most resilient people I know and has never wavered from her every-ready smile an aptitude to remain positive an any situation....all reasons why I wanted to sit down with her. A little over 10 years ago, Kendra launched her brick and mortar business, The Art of Style, and we discuss her accordion-like journey of expanding and contracting her store count as well as the trials and tribulations of retail, in general. We chat about the importance of the human connection and how clothing can actually serve as motivation and how a customer demographic isn’t necessarily about a particular age or size. Kendra is in a really great place at the moment and continues to teach me this interaction is was to be aware of the distinction of commitment and attachment and how they are not the same thing. It may seem obvious, but I truly feel many of us very well associate the two as one. I really enjoyed this chat, so if you’re at all into fashion, clothes, the ins and outs of the business, or even self help for that matter, this may just be your cup of tea. I hope you enjoy it. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ The Art of Style @shopstheartofstyle Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
February 11, 2020
Ep. 25 - Aaron Levine (Cleer Audio)
Those of you who have listened to the podcast have heard me talk about Cleer Audio’s headphones. They’re incredibly comfortable and their sound quality punches way above their weight. Today’s guest is Aaron Levine - the Vice President of Marketing behind Cleer Audio, and it’s a real treat, not only due to his partnership in providing the headphones for the STANDARD H podcast, but because he allows for great insight into a company that has been steady building their brand in what can only be described as a saturated market. We dive deep into the what’s, how’s and why’s Cleer Audio does what they do, what sets them apart, and we end the show with what will possibly make its way into your living room. I really enjoyed Aaron’s candor and in-depth look at their consumer electronics business, and I think you will to. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Cleer Audio @cleersound
February 04, 2020
Ep. 24 - Jason Waters (Waters Atelier)
Jason Water isn’t who you think he is. Sitting across from a guy wearing a Misfits t-shirt, with two full sleeves of tattoos and Vans on, most would think of a touring musician or perhaps a bartender at the local dive. But not Jason. He’s the army of one behind Waters Atelier, a custom clothier here in San Diego offering everything from polos to golf in to the three-piece suit you may need for your wedding. With a background in skateboarding and punk rock, he and I share a lot of interests, so I was excited to chat with him. I was also selfishly interested to see what he does considering San Diego embodies flip flops and boardshorts. Much of our conversation was a trip down memory lane on a multitude of levels and I was excited to talk about the various modes of transportation he and I have enjoyed. From skateboards to Porsches and from city buses to motorcycles, Jason’s done a lot. This was definitely a fun one... Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ Waters Atelier @watersatelier Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
January 28, 2020
Ep. 23 - Shinoo Mapleton (Inokinetic & Black Shadow Motors)
Born in India and having grown up in Michigan, Shinoo Mapleton has had an exciting journey within the automotive industry. From sales and marketing to engineering and product development, Shinoo has worked with products dating back to the Pontiac Fiero and early days of 3M clear bra products. He now serves as co-founder and co-owner of InoKinetic & Black Shadow Motors which involves engineering, manufacturing and distributing after market parts for Lotus, while also orchestrating restorations of all makes and models. Shinoo’s a busy guy, but he still makes time for few special car-inspired projects such as a watch box for a STANDARD H favorite watch brand. A few weeks back, I took a drive up to the Black Shadow offices in Temecula, where Shinoo and I chatted about his story. We talk about everything from Led Zeppelin to Volkswagen GTI’s, a race car that he designed that got some heavy press, and the fact that new ideas often keep him up at night. This is a fun one for you car nuts. Links: STANDARD H @standardh_ InoKinetic Black Shadow Motors @blackshadowmotors Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent in Time @independentintime
January 21, 2020
Ep. 22 - Nick Roberts (Lawrence & Co. Public Relations)
Many of you know I’m somewhat of a fashion nerd. Having grown up in the South, clothes were a way to feel as though I could live like those in the big cities of New York and Los Angeles. It serves as escapism for a lot of people, and I think today’s guest would agree. Nick Roberts is the PR front behind some of the most celebrated brands in menswear as well as a little company called HODINKEE - formerly the world’s largest watch blog, but could very well be dubbed the worlds best watch-related lifestyle brand of today. I sat down with Nick to chat about growing up outside of Chicago reading Esquire & GQ, and what exactly a Public Relations company actually does. I was fascinated with Nick’s story and how he began his company, Lawrence & Co. because he has only been in operation for just over a year and has clients that can only be characterized as some of the most renowned menswear businesses in New York City and in some cases, arguably the world. A few takeaways from this chat are most certainly the fact that knowing what your passions are and planning ahead can be instrumental for ones career, as well as the human connection is still, in fact, paramount in today’s digital age. LINKS: STANDARD H @standardh_ Lawrence & Co. @nljroberts Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
January 14, 2020
Ep. 21 - Dan Brunn (DB Architecture)
Happy New Year! This week’s guest is Dan Brunn - owner and principal of DB Architecture. He’s an accomplished architect, yes, but he’s also a car lover, which began much earlier than I even expected. With that, we talk about his younger years growing up in Tel Aviv, and how he went from barely speaking English to communicating through drawing. We delve into punk rock as it relates to urban planning, as well as the similarities between cars and watches and how they relate to happiness. What I enjoy about Dan is his unabashed honesty about, well, everything: his experience, his process and his approach. When you talk to him, you quickly realize why he coined the phrase for his business, “empathetic design.” You’ll see what I mean... LINKS: @standardh_ @dbarchitecture @dbrunn009 Passion Fine Jewelry @passionfinejewelry Independent In Time @independentintime
January 07, 2020
Ep. 20 - Megan and Marshall Dostal (Further Products)
Marshall & Megan Dostal are certainly a dynamic duo. As owners and operators of Further Products, their story is one where they somewhat fell into their company.  Their soaps originated from byproducts of the biofuel Marshall was using to power his Mercedes several years ago. A connection with another particular professional gave rise to their signature scent - something I took note of when washing my hands in the bathroom of one of my favorite restaurants in Los Angeles, Osteria Mozza. Really, it was more or less a domino effect that created their company, including a move from New York City to LA nearly 20 years ago. My favorite takeaway is they are a tiny team doing big business. I love their story, as well as their products, but I'll let them tell it. Links: @standardh_ @furtherproducts @passionfinejewelry @independentintime
December 31, 2019
Ep. 19 - Cameron Weiss (Weiss Watch Company)
This week’s guest is master watchmaker Cameron Weiss - the man behind Weiss Watch Company based just outside of Los Angeles. His upbringing, education, and work experience have taken him all over the United States as well as to Europe, but he settled in California having launched his watch company to bring back a larger focus on American made watch brands. We go into how he got his start in the industry, what his end game is and how he’s gone from sourcing other manufacturers movements to now even providing parts for some of the largest watch groups in Switzerland!  Cameron and I actually first met a couple years ago at Luftegkuhlt - the air cooled Porsche-focused car event and have been loosely in touch ever since, so it was great to sit down for our chat. We really go into the behind the scenes of his business as well as a bit of car talk - both old and new. If you’re into watches, and want a unique perspective into what goes on surrounding the industry, I think you’re going to dig this one. And even if you aren’t, you might just learn something anyway. I know I did. LINKS: @standardh_ @weisswatchcompany @cameronmweiss @passionfinejewelry @independentintime
December 24, 2019
Ep. 18 - Jason McLeod (Chef)
Episode 18 brings us to Jason McLeod, the executive chef and part owner of Consortium Holdings - a restaurant group based here in San Diego. For the lack of a better description, I was introduced to Jason through our mutual friend Sarah through a series of comments exchanged on Instagram. At the time, Jason had recently opened Ironside - a seafood restaurant in the Little Italy neighborhood of downtown San Diego. We talk about him growing up in Canada, leaving home on a bus with $200 to his name, the influence of the Wu Tang Clan, and we even touch on what you at home my be doing wrong in the kitchen. And the new podcast he’s hosting! Jason has been on one heck of a ride that had him traveling all over the world working at the some of the finest restaurants, and over the better part of the last decade, he has taken a company from a few bars in downtown to 17 different bars and restaurant concepts in what have been dominating the food & beverage scene in the now greater-San Diego area. This was a fun one for me, especially since his restaurants are some of the ones my wife and I most often frequent. We actually recorded this at Morning Glory - his latest breakfast/brunch restaurant shortly after their last service of the day, so there’s a small bit of ambient noise in the background. I hope you enjoy it. Links: @standardh_ Follow Jason: @ironsidechef @jasonsshittychefdrivenpodcast @jasonsshittychefdrivendsnaps
December 17, 2019
Ep. 17 - Cat Varga (Brooklyn Vintage Company)
Cat Varga is a jeweler/creator and part owner of Brooklyn Vintage Company - a vintage store located in the Bushwick neighborhood of Brooklyn. Cat and I met through my best friend Chris several years ago and what I took from our conversation is Cat is a hustler. We talk about early days growing up in Queens, raised by two glamorous women, getting fired from her job selling chocolates; the topic of wabi sabi comes up again, and we discuss industry at large with regards to waste as well as the importance of products having a soul, as well as the contribution a “third place” can have in a community. We recorded this on one of their first weeks of being open, so there was a buzz in the air, and though I have opened quite a few new stores in my career, there was something special about being an on-looker to a friend’s new store opening. They have a very open storefront, so there’s a tiny bit of New York City traffic and occasional background conversation going on, but I really feel like it adds an additional element to the episode, so I hope you enjoy it. Links: @standardh_ @brooklynvintagecompany @catvarga
December 10, 2019
Ep. 16 - Derek Keller (Unlikely Professionals / 440 Gentleman Supply)
Welcome back and if this is your first foray, welcome to the STANDARD H Podcast. My first guest for season two is Derek Keller - the founder and creator of 440 Gentleman Supply, a handmade leather goods company based in my home town of Raleigh, NC, so I was really eager to share Derek’s journey with all of you. He is a very dear friend of mine, so it only felt right kicking off Season 2 with our conversation. We talk about his reason to hate Budweiser, using German military vehicles for marketing purposes, and why it’s important as a maker to make your vision as opposed to someone else’s vision. I love the tongue & cheek approach with which he and his wife Jessie approach their business and you simply won’t meet a more genuine person. And if you’re ever in Raleigh, please visit the new space called Unlikely Professionals. I describe it as a retail oasis for all that you need and nothing you don’t. STANDARD H: @standardh_ Follow Derek & his businesses: @440gentlemansupply @edgeofurge @unlikelyprofessionals Links: Horween District Leather Supply Root & Branch - RDU Airport Music: @jensenreed
December 03, 2019
Ep. 15 - Josh Herman (Josh Herman Ceramics)
This week is the last for season one of the STANDARD H Podcast, but stay tuned sooner than later for season two to kick off. With that said, we end season one with guest, Josh Herman,a ceramic artist based here in San Diego, California. We met while I was working at Allen Edmonds and conversation just seemed to flow within minutes of meeting Josh. He has somewhat of a dry wit that alludes to a level of self deprivation that I appreciate while at the same time carries a certain nonchalance in his delivery that’s somewhere between humility and confidence which I also enjoy. This one takes several turns. We discuss his immersion in athletics as a child to undergoing and studying several variations of therapy all while ceramics was coming and going for Josh. We talk about the idea of how less teaching may can make you a better creative, the ins and outs of scaling a business when you’re a one man band, and also the inner struggles with whether to go on or not with the business. Self reflection and self awareness are crucial elements to this episode and how finding your tribe is so important and taking yourself too seriously won’t make you Picasso, but your experience stands a better chance of doing just that. I think you'll enjoy it. Web Links: Josh Herman Ceramics Pitzer College Radical Therapy Hypnotherapy Hakomi Therapy Chef's Table (Netflix)
October 08, 2019
Ep. 14 - Jake Mueser (J. Mueser)
As a guy who has worked in apparel for roughly 20 years and certainly appreciates nice clothes and fine tailoring, there are several accounts I follow on Instagram posting men in suits - previous podcast guest Matt Hranek namely being one. Often I'd be scrolling my feed and photos of suits would stop me from going on. And a pattern began to form where I'd see the same name tagged in the photo: J.Mueser. The man behind that handle is this week's guest, Jake Mueser - a custom tailor in New York City outfitting some of the sharpest guys in the game. I had never met Jake before, but his work utterly intrigued me on a couple different levels. Not as many people are wearing suits these days. I used to joke while living in Los Angeles that there's only two people wearing suits in LA: lawyers and agents. And then there's the retail aspect. Competition is stiff with the likes of big names such as Ralph Lauren, Brooks Brothers and many others, frankly. But what I can tell you is Jake's work is different. It has its own style. We talk about skiing, punk rock, having realistic expectations makes for being a good customer, and how variety truly shapes life experience. What I really took away was when it comes to creating a bespoke suit, the art of collaboration really reigns supreme, and it's the relationship that is what connects the dots in the current digital age. I hope you enjoy all of the details discussed, because there sure are some gems in this one. Web Links:  J. Mueser Fashion Institute of Technology (FIT) Savile Row Tommy Nutter Fox Flannel Harris Tweed Mezzatorre Hotel
October 01, 2019
Ep. 13 - Clark Hipolito (Art Co.)
The first word that comes to mind when thinking of Clark Hipolito is "energy". I met Clark while running a clothing store in Raleigh North Carolina around 2003/2004, and I just remember him as one of the more positive energies I'd ever come across up to that point in my life. He was always the guy who gave you the hand shake followed by the bear hug and simply walked with an air of confidence, yes, but more importantly: positivity and enthusiasm. As the owner of The Art Company, he's an artist both of projects small and huge, both literally and figuratively. He's done small pieces for friends, he's painted standard polyurethane surfboards to look like they were made from wood...he's done murals on the sides of music venues while at the same time hand-picked to do a mural inside the Carolina Hurricanes arena when they first came to town. His road was paved, however, when a local restaurateur came calling which was piggybacked by a little show called Sex & the City. You can absolutely feel his energy when listening to him speak in this episode. His passion and ever-present drive to do what he loves is clear, and he's honestly one of a handful of people I try to see when I go back home to North Carolina. We talk about cars, watches, architecture, music, wine, and of course art and the ins and outs of how exactly Clark does what he does. We talk about the recession and how having the biggest house and owning too many things isn't really cracked up to what it's made out to be. He has an unabashed honesty, he's an active guy who talks with his hands, so the mic was on the move in this one, and his dog Phyllis makes an appearance or two, but this was a fun one, so I think you'll enjoy it. Web Links: The Art Company Wine on Main Triangle Wine Experience Chris Craft Boats Maxfield Parrish Lettuce Widespread Panic Primus 9th Wonder Anderson Paak Kendrick Lamar J Cole Rapsody Reynolds Wine North Carolina Museum of Art
September 24, 2019
Ep. 12 - Eric Wind (Wind Vintage)
The first episode of the STANDARD H Podcast explored a brick and mortar business within the independent watch and fine jewelry world. Today’s guest is also in the world of watches, primarily focused on servicing those interested in collecting vintage timepieces. Eric Wind, owner of Wind Vintage operates a website displaying many of his watches, however, I feel the sweet spot for Eric is his personal relationships with collectors. He’s been in the watch game for a while now, namely having cut his teeth as a writer and contributor to HODINKEE. I sat down with Eric while in New York City this past June to discuss everything from writing speeches for Angelina Jolie, to now selling watches that cost six figures. We talk about golf, as well as cars - namely Porsche and how they may just parallel the watch market and Vice versa. It seems many of you are watch fans here, and this conversation really gets into the nitty gritty of the process behind buying a vintage timepiece from one of the more reputable vintage watch dealers today. So if you’re in the hunt, this should give you a bit of behind the scenes insight. Web Links: Wind Vintage Christie’s Patek Philippe 5711 Rowing Blazers Omega Speedmaster Ultraman Saxon & Parole Fortuna Brasserie Ruhlmann 
September 17, 2019
Ep. 11 - Matt Hranek (WM Brown Project)
Matt Hranek’s bio is a lengthy one. To unfairly condense it, I could simply say he’s a photographer, author, producer, and recently launched the magazine, WM Brown. He’s somewhat of an epicurean polymath, cigar lover, wine enthusiast and arbiter of the timeless Barbour jacket. The list could certainly go on, but I’d really rather let him tell it. We talk about coffee, travel, and everything from 1960’s Volkswagen beetles to modern day Land Rovers. It was really a thrill to sit down to chat with Matt - someone many may consider to be larger than life. He’s always on the go, and he’s undeniably become one of the most influential lifestyle figures in today’s society, as we further ourselves into a digital age while still appreciating the past. This discussion felt like 15 minutes, so I think you’ll dig it. Web Links: WM Brown Magazine A Man & His Watch YOLO Journal Leica Hasselblad The Rake Sid Mashburn Jake Mueser (J.Mueser) Stephen Lewis (photographer) Baccarat Fox Brothers (Negroni Tweed)
September 10, 2019
Ep. 10 - Max Quintavalle (Italy to the Max)
I’ve known Max Quintavalle for roughly ten years. We met in Malibu while I was working at James Perse. He’s originally from Florence, Italy, and in 2012, he started Italy to the Max - his Italy-specific travel agency catering to high net worth individuals. We talk about What it’s actually like as a foreigner moving to the United States and what it’s like dealing with immigration while trying to start a business. The importance of personal connections and networking runs throughout the episode and how those two things ended up granting him his American Dream. He’s a man of many interests, and at 6‘ 4”, fitness is sure one of them. We discuss everything from what makes a good knife to how he fell in love with Ralph Lauren’s RRL denim. If you're looking to take a vacation to Italy, Max is your guy. Web Links: Italy to the Max STANDARD H Passion Fine Jewelry Spyderco Knives RRL from Ralph Lauren
September 03, 2019
Ep. 09 - Charles Harbison (Harbison Studio)
Charles Harbison has been a friend of mine for what's nearly been 20 years. We worked together at Banana Republic in Raleigh, North Carolina where we became fast friends. He later moved to New York to study fashion, worked as a designer at several well-respected companies such as Jack Spade and Michael Kors. He was plucked to design & launch womenswear for Billy Reid. He later left to create Harbison - his modern line of clothing and accessories known best for its color blocking, and oh yeah, being worn by the likes of one Beyonce. We talk about all of the ins and outs of starting a fashion label and what it’s like being an entrepreneur raising capital, having his lights shut off due to not being able to afford to pay his light bill, while at the same time being chosen to speak at the White House. Perpetually needing money to fuel the business would be an understatement and Charles has been through it all. If you are ever lucky enough to meet Charles, you will fast be electrified by his ear to ear grin that will no doubt be on his face, if not for his absolute enthusiasm for design, creativity and discovery. He and I grab a coffee and/or a meal at some point in my routine visits to Los Angeles, and I always depart utterly inspired. He's truly a special soul I feel so fortunate to call a friend, so I think you'll enjoy this one. Web Links: HARBISON North Carolina State University School of Textiles Parsons School of Design Stephen Burrows Just Kids (Book) Mondrian Josef Albers Brice Marden Le Corbusier Ikram Barnes Museum A Single Man (movie) Nocturnal Animals (House)
August 27, 2019
Ep. 08 - James Lamdin (Analog Shift)
It’s been 4 or 5 years since I met James Lamdin - founder & owner of Analog/Shift - a vintage watch dealer that started online, but is now stocking modern pieces and also works alongside shops such as Watches of Switzerland. Per usual, we first connected over Instagram, and have since met up in New York City when I’ve been in town. James was also a founding member of Red Bar Group - a Watch meetup in the NYC are that has grown to an astounding number of members and followers, all of which contribute to bolstering contributions to non-profits around their local area. James is clearly a Watch guy, but he’s also a car guy...and a car writer. He’s definitely no stranger to a good time, and our opening banter was meant for me to simply get levels for the recording, but instead I chose To leave it in as an added bonus of what can only be considered a glimpse into the personality that is James. Web Links: Analog/Shift Rolex 1675 GMT Red Bar Group Oris Diver 65 Red Bar Limited Edition  Autodromo Hodinkee Worn & Wound Watchonista Revolution
August 20, 2019
Ep. 07 - Noah Walker (Walker Workshop)
Noah Walker is one of only a handful of working architects that has captivated me over the last decade. And I can yet again thank social media for effectively making this episode happen.  Noah and his firm, Walker Workshop, popped up on my Instagram feed several years ago and I have been a fan ever since. His ability to combine warmth with minimalism is really what draws me to his work, and in times when trends tend to become status quo, Noah’s designs truly exemplify the intersection dream and reality.  Web Links: Noah Walker Tadao Ando Kengo Kuma Peter Zumthor LACMA Louis Kahn Salk Institute James Turrell Mark Rothko Oak Pass House Frank Gehry Glenn Murcutt 
August 13, 2019
Ep. 06 - Sean O'Connor
As I’ve gotten to know Sean O’Connor over the last few years, I can’t help but be more and more impressed by him and his accomplishments. As the founder owner & operator of Venice California-based Sean O'Connor Lighting, he has taken part in some of the most recognizable buildings in the Los Angeles area. His projects have stretched outside of the United States ranging from Europe all the way to Asia. He and his team’s talents have awarded them incredible recognition while being named among the top 3 lighting companies in the world. We talk about creativity, cars, surfing with sharks, living in a Frank Gehry duplex, and of course a bit of watch talk ensues. It was a fun chat, so I hope you agree.  Web Links: Sean O'Connor Lighting SCIARC Frank Gehry Barneys New York Peter Marino John Pawson Elle Decor Shawn Henderson Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Parsons Kansas State University Pennsylvania State University University of Colorado - Boulder
August 06, 2019
Ep. 05 - Eneuri Acosta (COO of HODINKEE)
Eneuri Acosta is the Chief Operating Officer of HODINKEE - the world’s largest watch blog that is now operating a print magazine and an incredibly robust online shop. He’s seemingly always smiling, and there is just an aura of optimism about him that is almost tactile. I was enthralled with his upbringing and how he found himself as the COO of a company I have been religiously paying attention to for the better part of a decade. He’s a watch lover and a car guy, so this was truly a blast to take part in, so I hope you enjoy it, as well.  Web Links: HODINKEE Gronefeld Watches Ramapo College General Motors Concours d'Elegance Porsche A. Lange & Shohne 1815 Chronograph Audemars Piguet Code 11:59 Grand Seiko SBGW252 Rolex Explorer Reference 1016 Omega Speedmaster Porsche 356 Zagato Nomad Hotel Food Bank of New York City Madame X Bar Carbone Italian Restaurant Sadelle's Brunch Maman Bakery
July 30, 2019
Ep. 04 - Aldo Rossi
Aldo Rossi founded his eponymous leather goods business in 2014 following a successful career as a photographer. We explore his upbringing in Paris, his time living in New York City, and his last 20 years living in the greater Los Angeles area of Topanga Canyon. We chat about assisting some of the most renowned photographers in the world and why he would begin producing products backed by the philosophy of buy less; buy better. Web Links: Aldo Rossi Bialetti Aldo Rossi (the Architect) Peter Lindbergh Bruce Weber Irving Penn  Richard Avedon Epi Leather Horween Leather
July 23, 2019
Ep. 03 - Michelle Sakazaki (Kazumi Wines)
Kazumi Wines founder/owner, Michelle Sakazaki, has been a friend for over 10 years. It was so much fun getting to know even more about her upbringing, her work history and how she went from designing clothes for Armani to starting a wine business. We go into what it's like having grown up in Japan to being a woman in a perceived man's world within the saturated wine industry. Web Links: Kazumi Wines The 90 Plus Wine Club Marangoni Fashion Institute Wine & Spirit Education Trust Peju Province Winery Coho Wines
July 16, 2019
Ep. 02 - Michael DiTullo (@D2Lo)
Michael DiTullo is more than just a designer. We talk about growing up on the east coast and following the desire to "design stuff for the future." Michael has worked for some of the most well-respected design agencies in the world, as well as heavy-hitting companies such as Nike. He's designed cars, watches, and even shoes for Michael Jordan, himself. We talk inspiration, what makes for good design, turning down a job at Nike only to accept one years later. This conversation is a great example of why having a dream mixed with passion and a healthy work ethic may just be the perfect recipe for success.  Website Links: Michael DiTullo Isaac Asimov Philip K. Dick Giorgetto Giugiaro Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) Pratt Institute College of Creative Studies (Detroit) Art Center (Pasadena) Rochester Institute of Technology Raymond Loewy Tinker Hatfield Icon 4x4 TAG Monaco
July 09, 2019
Ep. 01 - Tim Jackson (Passion Fine Jewelry / Independent in Time)
Tim Jackson is the owner of Passion Fine Jewelry, one of the most preeminent independent watch dealers in all of Southern California. We chat about what it's like growing up in England as well as migrate to a sleepy little beach town selling watches by brands that may only produce 10 watches per year. We talk about the retail space, its implications, and the watch industry as a whole. Why are some of these watches so expensive? Well, we talk about that. If you're a fan of shopping from independent stores, and especially if you're into independent watches, you definitely don't want to miss this.  Website Links: Passion Fine Jewelry Independent in Time Instagram Links for Tim: @passionfinejewelry @independentintime Links to the Watch Brands Mentioned: Habring2 Voutilainen Rexhep Rexhepi Roger Smith Sarpaneva Speake-Marin Lang & Heyne  A. Lange & Söhne Other: GIA Certification
June 25, 2019
This post introduces the STANDARD H Podcast, mentions the topics of future conversations, and simply welcomes those interested in following along. Thank you for listening! Shop: Follow: @standardh_ Music by Jensen Reed (@jensenreed)  and superbeautiful (@kingtrut).
June 24, 2019