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By START Munich
Does establishing your own startup freak you out? Want to push this fear away? Us too!

It’s us, Manuel, Mihkel, Sophie and Timo, joined by guests, talking about entrepreneurship, startups and things to help us think, do, and be better. We try to answer the more significant questions along the journey: what do we need to establish high-performing startups? And what have other successful people done about it?

We’d love for you to join us.
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#1 Sebastian Völkl, co-founder Campuskraft: Skipping college & becoming a founder


#22 David Meiborg | Partner at First Momentum Ventures: Enter The VC World
Have you ever thought of founding your own VC? How might Germany be more attractive than Silicon Valley for gaining traction? David Meiborg is a partner at First Momentum Ventures, a Karlsruhe-based VC fund with a remarkable origin story. As an early-stage investment fund, they support rising startups and provide them access to a broad industry network with an authentic community. Find out more in the episode!
May 26, 2022
#21 Felix Krauth & Nimar Blume | CEO and CTO @ Sento: from University to Seed Funding
Sento is a rising startup in the B2B SaaS Business who just moved into great new offices after their recent impressive Seed Funding. In our interview with them, CEO Felix Krauth and CTO Nimar Blume tell us about their journey from broad ideation, about assembling the team and securing first funding onto their current growths stage. Strongest recommendation for everyone who wants to found in the Munich ecosystem.
May 13, 2022
#Bonus Noel Zeh | Managing Partner at Alstin Capital: From curbstone to Maximiliansstreet
We talked about how he made business with gangster rappers like Bushido, what it is like to invest the money of one of Germany’s wealthiest families and what Alstin looks for in a startup. A big thank you to Noel and Alstin for supporting START Munich!
February 07, 2022
#20 Victoria Hauzeneder | Founders real-talk, leaving successful StartUps to found again
Victoria has started her first company directly after university, since then has been working for two successful scale-ups demodesk and and is currently about to start her next business. We talked about her insights from scale-ups, how to evaluate ideas and find the perfect team and the Munich entrepreneurial ecosystem.
January 07, 2022
#19 André Petry | Co-Founder @ Tacto: 400 interviews for guaranteed success
In this episode, André showed us some quite interesting ways to run a startup. What helped their mission was to first assemble the team, and then start working on the product. By being in close contact with their customers, the team was able to shape their solution for their special needs. And lastly, one shouldn’t be too focused on “nailing” the product perfectly at first, but to get feedback, iterate, and grow together.
December 08, 2021
#18 Paul Günther & Thomas Kirchner | Co-Founders @ ProGlove: An insatiable passion for building products
ProGlove builds efficient wearable barcode scanners, which improve logistic processes for more than 500 renowned organizations from industries like manufacturing, logistics, and aerospace. For that, the company has also been awarded as a Tech Pioneer by the World Economic Forum. In this episode, we‘ll be talking about their challenges in business and on a personal level. But we‘ll also get an understanding of their values and their decision-making process when tackling life in general.
November 17, 2021
#16 Helmut Schönenberger | CEO & Co-Founder @ UnternehmerTUM: The Munich startup ecosystem
Welcome to the START Podcast! In this episode, our guest is Helmut Schönenberger, co-founder and CEO of UnternehmerTUM. We're talking about the early days of UTUM, its development to one of the largest entrepreneurial ecosystems in Europe and Mr. Schönenberger's personal journey along the way, current developments and all the reasons, why you should start pursuing your own project right now.
October 19, 2021
#15 Veronika Schweighart | Co-Founder & COO @ Climedo Health: Empowering healthcare professionals with smart software solutions
Climedo's mission is to bring the best treatment to every patient by empowering healthcare professionals with smart software solutions. Together with Europe's leading hospitals, Climedo has developed a cloud-based platform for cutting-edge clinical validation of medical devices and pharmaceutical products. By digitally connecting all stakeholders, Climedo allows for increased performance, better cost-efficiencies and accelerated medical innovation. Website: Career options:
October 06, 2021
#14 Gregor Gimmy | CEO @ 27pilots: Establishing successful Venture Client competencies
27pilots helps companies to benefit strategically from startups through a breakthrough corporate venturing tool: The Venture Client model. We're talking with the CEO and founder, Gregor Gimmy, to get some insights on his personal journey, as well as the development of the startup. Website:
September 22, 2021
#13 Laura Schütz | co-founder @ Stella Medical: Humanising surgical navigation
Stella Medical is a Munich-based startup, offering a user-friendly, small-size navigation system for spine stabilisation surgeries and was awarded with the TUM IDEAward 2020. We're talking with one of the founders, Laura Schütz, to get some insights on her personal journey, as well as the development of the startup. Website:
September 08, 2021
#12 Nicolas Remerscheid | co-president @ Artificial Intelligence Valley in Bavaria
Please welcome our next guest - Nicolas Remerschied, the founding member of the TUM AI initiative. This student group aims to bring students and artificial intelligence together to solve real-world problems. Nicolas reveals how they managed to get access to Elon Musk’s GPT3 program and also gives advice to students, who want to pursue the artificial intelligence track. Stay tuned! - GPT3 Makeathon Website with all workshops, GPT3 Info, etc.: - LinkedIn: - Instagram:
August 26, 2021
#11 Ana Garcia | strategy @ TUM hyperloop: The next generation of transportation
From undefeated student project to state funded research project. The START podcast is starting out its second season strong with strategy member and spokesperson of the TUM Hyperloop project: Ana Garcia! We'll get to know more about the project and technology behind it, her personal motivation to contribute to the project, its entrepreneurial journey from founding until today and the future challenges the team is tackling.
August 11, 2021
Welcome to Season II of venturemic!
Guess who's back! It's time for another season of entrepreneurial insights all around the Munich ecosystem by the podcast of START Munich! In this "episode zero", we're introducing the second season of the START podcast, what START and the podcast are all about, who'll be the team behind the magic and a sneak peak to our first episode next week! We will publish an episode every second Wednesday at 10:00 am CET, so stay tuned for next Wednesday, 10:00 am CET! Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
August 06, 2021
#10 Eleonore Eisath, co-founder beworm: Bioagents vs. plastic
In this episode, we chat with Eleonore, co-founder of the biotech startup beworm, about taking risks and working on solving hard problems, why she dislikes the shiny veneer that most startups are wrapped in, and how she’s building a company that is working on some of the greatest challenges of our time. Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
March 29, 2021
#9 Yannik Schrade, founder shiftscreen: Hitting the App Store charts
In this episode, we chat with Yannik, a fellow STARTie who has built 2 awesome apps: shiftscreen & flexwidgets, both of which have been topping the iOS productivity app charts since last year. He shared with us his journey of quitting law to study informatics at TUM, how he navigates through his day as a developer and a student, and how he creates solutions for his problems which eventually serve others as well. Show Notes: Yannik's instagram: Yannik's apps: &  shiftscreenapp on The Wall Street Journal: Flex Widgets on 9to5Mac: Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
March 08, 2021
#8 Julian Madrzak, co-founder remberg: A passion for building products and the importance of mentorship
Julian Madrzak co-founded remberg, the Asset-Relationship-Management System enabling the service of machines in a digital way by empowering an efficient collaboration between manufacturers, service partners and operators. Working for Celonis in New York, and being a fellow member of START Munich, he shared his passion for creating something from scratch, and his experience of blitzscaling remberg to become one of the fastest growing startups in Germany. We also got his thoughts about mentorship, and creating a so-called "challenger network" by being consciously aware of the people and energy he surrounds himself with. Show notes: 1. Check out remberg: 2. Video about the "square hole": Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
February 15, 2021
#7 Lukas Rose, co-founder Speech: How to network better and do well with others
In this episode, we chat with Lukas, a fellow STARTie and co-founder of Speech about communication & networking, talking about things that matter, and exchanging opinions regarding them to better understand the world around us. He also gave a sneak peek to his startup - Speech, an audio-only communication app that aims to revolutionize how we communicate with our friends and colleagues around the globe. Sounds interesting? Have a listen! :) Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
February 01, 2021
#6 Anirudh B Rao, Founder DigiVet: Experimenting your way through life
In this episode, our guest Abi shares with us his experience of studying and working across three different continents. From social media to food to pets, Abi committed himself to experimentation. For his current project helping vets digitize the customer interface, he is looking for support. Interested? Have a listen!   Show Notes:  Berlin is the only capital city in Europe that is a drag on its country’s economy - veterinary startups to explore:   Airvet inc.  - TeleVet - Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
January 20, 2021
#5 Marie Griesmar, co-founder rrreefs: Rebuilding the world underwater - brick by brick
In this episode, we chat with Marie, co-founder of an NGO: rrreefs about coral reefs, their essence for marine life, and how  her team is working on a modular system to rehabilitate marine life. Being an artist by training, she shares with us the intimate connection she has with the world underwater, and how it helps her to draw inspiration for herself and her work. Show notes: rrreefs' Crowdfunding: Library Lab Series on Marie's project: Book: The World Is Blue: How Our Fate and the Ocean's Are One by Sylvia A. Earle Send us your thoughts -  Follow START Munich on LinkedIn:  Follow START Munich on Instagram:
December 16, 2020
#4 Paul Ferdinand Schlag: Making things concrete: what does success really mean to me?
After returning from MIT, Paul, our guest for this episode, felt like a failure when he could not get into a similarly prestigious master's program. Being a CDTM and TUM graduate meant little to the people closest to him and, as he discovered, himself too. In this episode, you will hear why you may lose when you follow your passion, how you can overcome vague fears, and you'll learn about a simple thought that makes Paul hopeful every day. Show notes: 1) Paul's master's thesis on Entrepreneurship within Refugee Communities: "In the end, I'm a businessman." A theory on refugee entrepreneurship in adverse conditions. 2) Book: Haben oder Sein: Die seelischen Grundlagen einer neuen Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
December 15, 2020
#3 Awais Shafique, co-founder The making of an entrepreneur
In this episode, we chat with Awais, co-founder & CPO about reasons and motives for becoming an entrepreneur, aligning self-acceptance with self-improvement, and the finish line for an entrepreneur. Awais’ CDTM talk (54:15 - 1:08:20): Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
November 30, 2020
#2 Raúl Berganza Gómez, President PushQuantum: Starting the quantum revolution
In this episode, we chat with Raúl, Founding Member & President PushQuantum about quantum technology, the future of quantum tech in Munich & how to launch a course at the Technical University of Munich. Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
November 16, 2020
#1 Sebastian Völkl, co-founder Campuskraft: Skipping college & becoming a founder
In this episode, we chat with Sebastian Völkl, co-founder Campuskraft about relevance of universities, self-learning & how students in Germany can find jobs through his company. Links 1) Start working with Campuskraft 2) Are you ready to live to 100? Lynda Gratton's interview with McKinsey 3) Disciplined Entrepreneurship - Bill Aulet 4) How to Get Startup Ideas - Paul Graham  Send us your thoughts - Follow START Munich on LinkedIn: Follow START Munich on Instagram:
October 23, 2020
Coming Soon: venturemic
Coming October 23rd, venturemic goes live with its first guest. But before that, we thought we shall introduce ourselves and the reasons for starting the podcast. Send us your thoughts -
October 19, 2020