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Sunday Night Motivation

Sunday Night Motivation

By Start A Little Fire
Welcome to Sunday Night Motivation. I’m Gillian and I am the founder of the Start A Little Fire blog, and this podcast is a series of short episodes with some hints and tips into how you can start a little fire in your own life. I hope you enjoy!
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Episode 29 - How Do I Get Motivated?

Sunday Night Motivation

Episode 29 - How Do I Get Motivated?
I’ve been talking about motivation a lot this month over on the blog, as it’s something I’ve been struggling with lately! So in this episode, I’m sharing some of my thoughts about how we view motivation, what affects it, and how we can get motivated again. Head over to @startalittlefire for more hints and tips.
May 15, 2022
Episode 28 - Valentines Special….and why self love doesn’t mean bubble baths and candles
In this episode, I’m looking at self love…and what it really means! Whether you’re single or attached, the relationship we have with ourselves will impact on how happy we feel. I’m asking why this is so important, and why we should all be showing ourselves some care AND accountability this Valentines Day.
February 13, 2022
Episode 27 - Time For An End Of Year Review
This is traditionally a time for setting New Years Resolutions. But before we move forward into a new year, it can be really helpful to reflect back on the last 12 months, to help us make sense of where we go next. Sharing some thoughts in this episode on how an ‘end of year review’ can help us with this. For more hints and tips, follow me @startalittlefire or check out the blog Wishing you all a happy and healthy new year, and thank you for listening!
December 30, 2021
Episode 26 - Tips For Finding More Comfort And Joy This December
As we are fast approaching the festive season, I’m sure lots of us will be hoping to catch up on the festivities that we might have missed out on last year. But it can also be a time of busyness and stress, so I’m sharing a few tips to help keep us feeling more comfort and joy over the next few weeks! Sharing more on Instagram this month @startalittlefire
December 05, 2021
Episode 25 - How Can We Support Ourselves Through Times of Change?
Change can be challenging, but learning skills of resilience can make the process a little easier. Sharing some tips in this episode for how we can support ourselves through change. For more hints and tips, head over to the blog at
November 28, 2021
Episode 24 - How Can We Make Change Work For Us?
Exploring the theme of change this month, as it can be a tricky but necessary element of self development. Even if we know a change is positive, we can still resist it, or feel stuck. Sharing some ideas in this episode to help. For more, follow me on Instagram @startalittlefire
November 14, 2021
Episode 23 - How To Embrace New Challenges
How do you feel about challenges? Nervous. Maybe a bit excited? In this episode, I’m sharing some tips on how you can embrace challenges and stretch that comfort zone. It’s easier than you might think! For more ideas on personal growth, follow the blog at
October 31, 2021
Bonus Episode - Last Quarter Goal Setting and Accountability
Sharing some tips in this episode for goal setting and accountability as we head into the last Quarter of 2021. If things didn’t go to plan this year, there’s still time to tie up those loose ends, or make a head start on your vision for next year. For more hints and tips, follow me on Instagram @startalittlefire
October 17, 2021
Episode 22 - How To Keep The Holiday Vibes Going
This week I’m sharing some ideas of how you can create some small ways to keep those Summer holiday feels going, if you’re starting to feel the day-today is become a bit too routine. Also check out Episode 3 - Top Tips for Getting Back Into A Healthy Routine if you need some added motivation and reset.
October 03, 2021
Episode 21 - The Savvy Girls Guide To Giving Good Energy
Every now and then I like to write some advice for my younger self, with some of the lessons I’ve learned over the years. This is one of those! Hints and tips of how to be aware of how our energy influences the outcomes we get, and how to bring better energy into our everyday interactions. *Also a big thank you to you, the listeners, as we reached the 500 downloads mark this week! *
August 22, 2021
Episode 20 - Energy Zappers And How To Deal With Them
How’s your energy levels? Often we don’t think too much about our energy until we feel depleted. And it can get zapped by people, situations…and ourselves. Talking about some common energy zappers today, along with some ideas of how to counteract them. For more hints and tips on self development, head over to or come and say hello on Instagram @startalittlefire
August 15, 2021
Episode 19 - How To Avoid Summer Burnout
Summer brings the promise of warm days, well earned time off and getting together with our nearest and dearest. But how can we avoid becoming burned out with too much pressure to do everything? Sharing some tips in this episode to protect your time and energy, so that you can enjoy some fun in the sun and recharge those batteries! For more, head over to the blog at
July 25, 2021
Episode 18 - How To Get Happy This Summer
New month, new theme…and it’s Joyous July! Often we overlook the importance of happiness, and we get hung up on the to-do lists. But we need balance and downtime, to recharge and connect. Sharing some tips on how to be more intentional with your happiness this Summer. For more hints and tips, follow the blog at
July 04, 2021
Bonus Episode - How To Do A Mid Year Review
This year hasn’t been easy, and the idea of doing a mid year review might seem pointless. But taking some time now to take stock of where you are, and think about what you want for the next six months, can help to keep you on track. For more hints and tips, check out the blog at
June 27, 2021
Episode 17 - 9 Questions To Ask When It’s Difficult To Focus
How much time do you spend thinking about a problem? And how much time do you spend on the solution? In this episode, I’m sharing some tips on how you can work through the process of seeking solutions, by changing your focus. Follow me on the blog at for more.
June 13, 2021
Episode 16 - How Focussed Are You?
I’m introducing this month’s theme of ‘focus’ in this episode. Focus is a key element of positive psychology and I’ll be taking a look at why it affects our experiences, and what happens when we focus on the wrong things. Follow the blog this month for more tips on how you can shift your focus to feel more productive and fulfilled, at
June 06, 2021
Episode 15 - What Is It Costing You To Remain Where You Are?
Following on with the theme of ‘living with purpose’ this week by asking what it costs us when we don’t have purpose. Get your free mini guide on ‘How To Live Life With Purpose’ with this months newsletter for more ideas, journal prompts and actions. See to get your copy now.
May 23, 2021
Episode 14 - Are You Living Your Life With Purpose?
The theme over on the blog this month is ‘living with purpose’. Do you feel that you have purpose, and what does that actually look like? And I’ve created a free mini guide with this months newsletter called ‘How To Live Life With Purpose’ if this is something you want to explore more. Sign up to the newsletter at to receive your free copy.
May 09, 2021
Episode 13 - Do You Struggle With Taking Action? Let’s Find Out Why
In this episode, I’m continuing with the theme of action and am talking about some of the things that can hold us back, and what we can do to overcome that feeling of being stuck. For more hints and tips, read the blog at and follow me on Instagram @startalittlefire
May 02, 2021
Episode 12 - 5 Tips To Help You Take Action
Taking action seems like the most obvious part of self development and personal growth, but it can also be the most difficult. How do I get started? How can I stay motivated? In this episode, I’m sharing more tips to help you take action towards your goals. Follow me at for more self development ideas and resources.
April 18, 2021
Episode 11 - Top Tips For Building A Growth Mindset
This week, I’m looking at ways in which we can build a growth mindset, with hints and tips that can help you to build those growth muscles! And in other news, I’ve launched my newsletter this week, so if you’d like to keep up to date with my latest projects, info and FREE downloadable resources - head over to my website to sign up and receive the latest copy - - or follow me on Instagram @startalittlefire
March 21, 2021
Episode 10 - Mindset Matters: Is It Really As Easy As ‘Think Positive’?
The theme for this month is mindset, and I’ll be starting off by looking at whether our mindset can really be changed by ‘thinking positive’. How do you feel when someone tells you to ‘think positive’? But also, are we stuck with the mindset we were born with, or do other factors come into play?
March 07, 2021
Episode 9 - How To Build Stronger Connections
In this episode, I am continuing with the theme of connection and am sharing some tips on building stronger connections, with others, ourselves and our community. I’ll also be looking at the one key theme that can help.
February 21, 2021
Episode 8 - How Does Connection Contribute To Our Personal Growth?
We have lots of different connections in our lives...connecting with others, the world around us, and connecting with ourselves. But how does this affect our personal growth, and what happens without good connections in our life?
February 07, 2021
Episode 7 - Goals and Intentions, and why I’m taking the New Year pressure off
Happy New Year! If you’re already feeling swamped with the ‘New Year, New You’ pitches....take a break and consider a much kinder start to 2021.
January 09, 2021
Episode 6 - How are we standing in our own way?
In this episode, I’m following on from last time in looking at some of the roadblocks that can stand in our way of achieving goals or seizing opportunities. Today I’m looking at some of the things that can cloud our thoughts and feelings, and how we can start to identify and stop this from standing in our way.
December 06, 2020
Episode 5 - What are the roadblocks standing in your way of success?
In this episode, I’m starting to look at some of the roadblocks that may be standing in the way of us reaching our goals. One element of this is considering the part that other people play in this...would you say that the people around you are your cheerleading squad, or could they be holding you back?
November 29, 2020
Episode 4 - Tips for goal setting and a guided ‘Goal Visualisation’ exercise
This week, we’re looking at goal setting. I’ve got some tips to help you to get clarity, get started and keep on track. Plus, I’ve recorded a guided ‘Goal Visualisation’ exercise for you to listen along to, that can help you to get super clear on a specific goal and some of the action steps that you can take to get there (time stamped at 07:03 if you want to catch again later!).
November 22, 2020
Episode 3 - Top tips for getting back into a healthy routine.
If you are struggling with getting into a healthy routine, I’ve got some hints and tips that may help to keep you motivated!
November 15, 2020
Episode 2 - Dealing with the Sunday Night Dreads
Have you ever spent your Sunday worrying about what you’ve got coming up this week? Or struggled to get a decent nights sleep after a weekend or holiday? Well, you’re in good company. In this episode, I’ll be talking about Sunday Night Dread - what is it, why does it happen and importantly, what can we do about it?
November 08, 2020
Episode 1
Welcome to Sunday Night Motivation. This little trailer episode gives you a brief introduction into what you can expect from the series coming up, and a little bit about me.
November 04, 2020