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Starting Up, Starting Out

Starting Up, Starting Out

By Black and Good
In this podcast, our hosts will talk about their experiences when they were starting up and starting out in their entrepreneurial journeys.
Shownotes are on the Black and Good website. Join the conversation in the comments section of each post;
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Episode Three: Develop your Idea
In Episode 3 we will discuss how to develop your business idea. Developing your business idea can be daunting - how do you turn something conceptual and subjective into something concrete and tangible? How do you research you idea? How do you find out if you business is even needed?:  These are some of the questions we will be deep diving into this week. Stay Tuned! Check out the full show notes here:
September 14, 2020
Episode Two: Identify the Gap
In this second episode of the podcast, we discuss how to identify gaps in the market - both in your immediate surroundings and structural gaps. For entrepreneurs, gaps are essentially opportunities disguised as voids, niches that need to be filled but have not yet been seen. So in order to transform these gaps into opportunities, entrepreneurs need to know how to identify gaps with which they can work. Check out the full show notes here: #WeBlackandGood
September 2, 2020
Bonus Episode: Routes to Power
In this bonus episode, Jess Agboola and Milambo Makani unpack the intricate topic of power and the routes that can be taken towards it. What is power? How do you acquire power? Is power good or evil? How did we gain power? These are questions Jess and Milambo will be philosophising on before kicking off the official season of Starting Up and Starting Out. This bonus episode aims to provide a loose framework for listeners to assess what forms of power are available to them and reflect on how they might leverage it to obtain results and shape their futures. Check out the full show notes here:
August 17, 2020
Episode One: Meet Jessica Agboola and Milambo Makani
Get to know the Starting Up and Starting Out podcast hosts Jess and Milambo. In this episode, Jess Agboola and Milambo Makani interview each other and reveal who they are and what they are about by sharing stories from their own business origin story. For more information about them, you can head to
August 4, 2020
Starting Up Starting Out - Trailer
Starting Up Starting Out is a fortnightly podcast that focuses on the things you should consider before you start your business. So many entrepreneurs are building their businesses on flawed foundations because they didn't take the time to plan effectively, research properly and map out the journey before the started.  Every other Monday, we'll tackle a new topic.
May 2, 2020