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Startup Mindsets

Startup Mindsets

By Dan Gonzales
Welcome to Startup Mindsets Podcast! Dan Gonzales and Earl Valencia will be your hosts. Week in and week out we will dive into how founders across technology and innovation leaders think about running their business and why innovation now is more important than ever. Discover your startup mindset today!

We hope you enjoy the show! :) -Dan and Earl

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Northstar: Enabling Employee Financial Wellness with Will Peng Founder/CEO

Startup Mindsets

Karissma Yve CEO/Founder of Gildform on Creating a Jewlery Startup, Meeting Richard Branson, and Finding Inspiration
Karissma Yve is a fascinating entrepreneur, combining her passion for jewelry and technology she created Gildform. Gildform is the all in one jewelry 3D  print on demand jewelry design technology and manufacturing platform  empowering creators to create jewelry products from concept to  creation. We hear about pearls of wisdom from going on a bike ride with Richard Branson in the Virgin Islands to her operating style as a CEO. She also speaks about bringing innovation to the jewelry industry and creating opportunities for jewelry creators and jewelry CAD designers to  monetize their passions Karissma's passionate about helping all jewelry creators transform their ideas into reality with clients like the Detroit Pistons. Karissma speaks about how she practices having a startup mindset by focusing on progress over perfection.  Thinking about all of the things that can get in your way of achieving your goal and asking what's going to stop you, 9 out of 10 times the answer is yourself.  Enjoy and don't forget to follow Gildform or find out how you can be a user. 
September 19, 2022
Ukrainian Founder Anna Stepura on Following your heart, business, and AI Sport
AI Sport was started by Anna Stepura in Ukraine about 1 year ago. They were accepted to Alchemist Accelerator and now are trying to get their startup off the ground. I was amazed by her mindset, courage, and perseverance to do all this despite her home country being at war. Make sure to check out and follow their mission.
September 14, 2022
Ethan Poetic's Inspirational Comeback Story
Ethan A. Poetic is one of the most inspirational people I've met. From a terrible life threatening car accident to successful regaining his strength again and now on the verge of publishing an autobiography, Ethan embodies the Startup Mindset. Ethan tells us how he went from "victim" to "VICTOR."
August 31, 2022
Creating the Creator and Business Marketplace with Madison Long CoFounder/CEO of Clutch
Madison Long founded Clutch in 2019 with her cofounder Simone May. Madison shares invaluable advice for new entrepreneurs. She says to embrace the chaos and uncertainty.  Sign up for Clutch and Transform the future of work by empowering the next generation of entrepreneurs to launch, market, and grow their side-hustles. Clutch is a side-hustle marketplace that  connects the next generation of creators to small businesses looking for  affordable digital marketing services. Gen-Z (18-24-year-old) creators  have a natural aptitude for social media and graphic design. Still,  these companies don't have a central place to seek them out. We bridge  that gap while empowering students financially. If you want to hit your  target audience, hire your target audience.
August 22, 2022
Serendipity Meets Tech Clyx CEO - Alyx Van Der Vorm
Clyx was founded by Alyx while she was at Harvard during the pandemic. She saw that it was hard to hang out with friends because it felt like "having to machine gun text" everyone. Alyx also recalls a moment scrolling on social media thinking why isn't my social life as good as some peers? Their motto STOP SCROLLING START LIVING has catalyzed serendipitous meetups in Miami, Harvard, and Yale University as young people have taken part in the movement.  Alyx tells Dan how the team is making this a reality and how she manages the tasks getting Clyx off the ground. Find all your friends’ plans in one place by making sure to follow Clyx on social and download the app to try them out.
July 18, 2022
Founding Freefuse - Mike Liu on Lessons Along The Way From PhD to SASS Startup
Mike Liu started freefuse off an idea when a good friend called him about a breakup. Mike wanted to help his friend’s music career and started creating software to do so. Today we learn about how his time at UC Riverside and Texas A&M shaped his career path. Register to use FreeFuse and tell them Startup Mindsets sent you.  Connect with Mike on Linkedin
July 12, 2022
Rami Essaid CEO of Finmark on Being a Serial Entrepreneur, and Financial Modelling for Startups/SMBs
Happy 4th of July folks! Today's podcast features Rami Essaid, founder of Finmark.  Rami had a goal of helping founders have a better sense of what their company's future financial picture looks like.  Finmark integrates with your accounting software and CRMs to give a better understanding of current expenses and allows for accurate forecasts of growth.  Rami details pitching 120 investors before getting Finmark's first check and eventually raising a seed round with Bessemer Venture Partners and Draper Associates. We also hear about early entrepreneurship tales like selling shoe polish as a kid and creating a startup with friends.  If you're a founder tired of managing your financial projections with spreadsheets, sign up for Finmark. 
July 05, 2022
Being a Lawyer and Entrepreneur- Brian Potts: Partner at Perkins Coie, Founder of Goods Unite Us & Creator of Legal Keyboard
Brian Potts, partner at and named top 100 lawyers in America at Perkins & Coie, shares what it's like launching multiple products like his own keyboard for lawyers, an ETF called $DEMZ traded on the Nasdaq, writing a book called The Jobless Lawyers Handbook, and accelerating growth for his own startup, Goods Unite Us.  I stumbled upon Brian's work on Linkedin when I saw a post he wrote about having 200 job rejections out of law school to becoming a partner at the law firm that once rejected him. I had to reach out to find out the full scoop. As we all know getting rejected from jobs is all too common. In the podcast, Brian details what advice he has for people trying to leap over career hurdles and how he's able to achieve so much in multiple aspects of entrepreneurship.  Be sure to check out his book: The Jobless Lawyers Handbook Download Goods Unite Us to know where brands donate politically and the $DEMZ ETF on your brokerage.  Also feel free to DM Brian about career advice in the legal profession. On Twitter he's @brianhpotts Shoutout to Incued for being our sponsor: Experience Data Driven Investor Relations for your VC/PE portfolio
June 24, 2022
Thoughts on the Economy, Startups, and Podcast
We chose to vent on this episode from a personal standpoint. So much is changing we noticed with the economy that affect startups and entrepreneurs. We used this opportunity to do a solo pod to get some motivation out there and to be cognizant of what's going on in the world.  Introducing our new startup partner, Incued. If you're at a VC firm and want better investor relations, look no further. Learn more  The only complete Investor Relations CRM from deal sourcing to portfolio management.
June 16, 2022
Mental Health is Wealth: Tamar Blue Founder of Mental Happy YC'18
Mental Health is talked about more nowadays than ever and we wanted to know why. We have the pleasure of bringing on Tamar Blue Founder/CEO of Mental Happy joins us and guest host Brandon Warren on the podcast today. Tamar talks about what led her to create Mental Happy and what truly taking care of your emotional wellness looks like using Mental Happy's platform. We hear how support groups are a solution to people's mental struggles and why they are worth exploring.  If you're interested in trying Mental Happy, they have a 14 day free trial and can be found: Tamar also tells us how she prioritizes her mental health with the demanding role of CEO of a startup, why the demand for mental health care has risen recently, being part of YCombinator, and where she wants to take the company in the future.   Become an investor in Mental Happy for as low as $500 via
May 24, 2022
Invest in Startups via Wefunder with VP of Fundraising Jonny Price
Welcome back to another amazing episode of Startup Mindsets! Hope your year has been great so far! - Dan Investing in startups was traditinally reserved for the rich or people with access to capital such as VCs. But enter Wefunder, founded by Nick Tomarello in 2013 in an apartment in Noe Valley.  Today we sit down with Jonny Price VP of Fundraising at Wefunder and learn what it's like helping startups raise Community Rounds, persevering internally at Wefunder despite growth challenges. We also learn more about how the public can invest as low as $100 in startups on the platform. Notable companies who've raised on Wefunder include Mercury, Checkr, and Zenefits to name a few.  If you're a startup thinking about a community round, DM Startup Mindsets and we can consult you for free. 
May 02, 2022
Northstar: Enabling Employee Financial Wellness with Will Peng Founder/CEO
Our guest today is Will Peng born in Taiwan and immigrating to the U.S. he went to Princeton University. It was at his first job out of college that he realized it was hard to understand compensation packages from his employer on top of his personal challenges around student debt. Will's worked at Red Swan Ventures an early investor in Oscar, Warby Parker, Coinbase prior to creating Northstar.  Since 2016 Will has made it his mission by founding Northstar to guide people in their financial journeys.  Everyone deserves the best financial advice to make the best decisions for themselves. Employers who use Northstar give their employees access to certified financial planners. There's this unique intersection of financial advice and compensation/benefits from work.  We talk about landing top clients like Zoom, Snap, Serviceitan, and Nerdwallet to his first customer in the early days. Will also sheds light on what it was like founding the company doing uncomfortable sales calls and how design and sales are closely related. 
April 28, 2022
Selling Your Startup for an Exit MicroAcquire CEO Andrew Gazdecki
Serial entrepreneur Andrew Gazdecki joins Startup Mindsets to unpack his story of founding startups and leading them to several exits.  Andrew Gazdecki provides an enlightening conversation on how he as a student at Chico State created a majority bootstrapped startup, Bizness Apps, to hit 5 million in revenue and eventually selling it in offer from a private equity firm.  We go over, MicroAcquire's startup marketplace, how he build supply and demand, and when bootstrapping makes sense as a founder.  From selling beanie babies on Ebay to his successful stints creating startups, Andrew's story is proof that hardwork, timing, and doing what you love lead to noteworthy places.   We learn about his new mission of empowering startup founders to achieve liquidity by selling their startups on MicroAcquire's marketplace.  Andrew Gazdecki is a four-time startup founder with three-time exits, former CRO, and founder of MicroAcquire. Gazdecki has been featured in The New York Times, Forbes, Wall Street Journal, Inc. Magazine, and Entrepreneur Magazine, as well as prominent industry blogs such as Mashable, TechCrunch, and VentureBeat.
April 25, 2022
Ukraine Startup Feature: Alyona Mysko CEO of FuelFinance
Meet Alyona Mysko, CEO of Fuelfinance as she details her experience running a startup while leading her company in the middle of a war. It was humbling to speak to someone going through such a challenging time, we were lost for words trying to fully comprehend the tragedy in Ukraine.  Alyona describes working from a bomb shelter and managing a team while trying to move the needle forward as a founder. Alyona talks about the importance of following a mission during a crisis and what's being done to look out for the team as they navigate Russia's attack.  If you're a startup exec and want the value a CFO can bring without having to hire one, check out Fuelfinance's product as they were also feature #1 on ProductHunt.  Head to Spend with Ukraine to support Ukraine founders and businesses.  Follow us on Instagram @startupmindsetspod
April 18, 2022
Neurodivergent/Autistic Entrepreneur & Investor Greg Shepard Founder of BOSS Capital on Pushing Passed Internal & External Barriers
Meet Greg Shepard, he's been featured on TedX talks and university lectures worldwide. Founder of BOSS Capital Partners, a boutique investment firm focused on Series Seed through Series B technology businesses. We uncover his mindset which is unique because he is neurodivergent. Not being able to land a job led him to become an entrepreneur, finding out he could make money from an early age, he chose entrepreneurship. This included selling a snake and doing interesting things.  He's also former CTO at Pepperjam. Greg's been able to achieve some wild feats like being the heaviest person to base jump, meeting Obama, dead-lifting 500lbs on his 50th birthday, running a marathon with asthma and we learn what made all this possible. Every year he does an annual challenge which are pretty gnarly.  Greg is a 20 year startup veteran and  serial entrepreneur with 14 liquidity events under his belt in BioTech, TransitTech, AdTech and MarTech industries, two of which were sold as  part of a $925M transaction that won 4 private equity awards for  transactions between $250M-$1B Greg recommends starting with the end in mind so you'll be able to back into your goals. 
April 14, 2022
From Hip Hop Artist to Attorney: Jim Narvios
For this week’s episode, I bring on my cousin, Jim Narvios founder and attorney at Narvios Law Firm. Find out what inspired the leap from performing on stage as Rocko Stedy to fighting for clients’ cases in court. Be sure to follow @filipinoattorney to keep up with Jim’s journey or hit up Narvios Law Firm. We discover that motivation can come from failure and that your distinct creativity sometimes means you have to make your own company, corporation, and in Jim's case own law firm. 
April 11, 2022
Information Security as a Service: Girish Redekar CEO of Sprinto (Backed by Accel)
Meet Girish Redekar, he founded Sprinto to ensure software companies meet information security compliance requirements like GDPR, HIPPA, SOC2 without having to hire a consultant. Sprinto’s software does most of the work. We find out how security can be a sales asset in that it can allow deals to be approved faster and enhance a product's overall performance.   We hear about Sprinto raising from Accel, Blume Ventures, and Elevation Capital as well valuable tips for startups like going from months to days to get something done or enhance a product. Girish talks about how his mindset towards business changed once he became a founder, learning that startups actually grow the size of the economic pie. 
April 07, 2022
Quitting Google to Be a Content Creator & Entrepreneur Stefanie Pinsley: Roadmap to Rise
My guest today is Stefanie Pinsley, now known for her TikToks around marketing and entrepreneur mindset hacks. She's scaled her following on TikTok to 70k. Stef left Google to be a content creator (TikToker) and entrepreneur mindset coach.  Currently Stef is an personal branding coach for her own company Roadmap to Rise and you can check it here. We have thought filled discussion on the content creator lifestyle, building a personal brand, being a coach, and most importantly finding happiness and fulfillment in her career. Follow Stef @stef.pinsley on TikTok and Instagram. We learn that the value of your self worth doesn't come from what school you went to or what company you work for but instead how you align your passion with your purpose. We also touch on the emotional cycle of change and what you can do to make great content. Be sure to follow us on social @startupmindsetspod and subscribe to stay up to date!
March 29, 2022
Creating a More Diverse Venture/Tech Ecosystem Senofer Mendoza GP at Mendoza Ventures
On International Women's Day, 3/8, we welcome Senofer Mendoza to the podcast! Senofer and Adrian Mendoza started Mendoza Ventures to address the funding gap in the pre-seed investment stage for underrepresented founders. Senofer founded the first LatinX venture capital firm on the East Coast in 2016 and has since been leading the charge for investing in more diverse founders ever since! She is a former enterprise sales executive selling into large brands including Marriott, Fairmont, and Starwood. On today's show we catch up on market trends and have a thought based discussion on why there is a lack of real diversity in the tech industry and why women and minorities don't receive funding as easily.  *What you can do to invest in women without being a VC  * That the ideal pie chart for diversity looks like the census Pitch Mendoza Ventures
March 23, 2022
Changing How Companies Sort & Understand Their Data with Ahmed CEO/Founder of Narrator YC S'19
Ahmed Elsamidisi founded when he experienced the problem of not knowing how to answer/taking too long to answer data queries at WeWork as a Data Engineer. He realized that he had to be the one to solve this problem after talking to companies who might be solving this but weren't. In the episode we discuss Ahmed's "Ah ha" moment💡, Getting into YCombinator, Living with your co-founders in the same house, funny stories while pitching venture capitalists and customers, and much more! We welcome guest host, Jovanni Lara, to go more in depth about the product and his experience trying to make sense of data.  Narrator  powers self-service analytics across all your data. It allows anyone to  get answers in minutes instead of weeks, using the same data as your  data team. Narrator helps your data team build a full customer 360 that covers every interaction customers have with your business (opened  emails, paid invoices, new support tickets, etc...), Anyone can answer quick questions and self-serve requests across all  your data without needing SQL and then integrate that data with your  existing tools (spreadsheets, BI, and SaaS tools like email providers). Provide the foundation for a comprehensive self-service experience for your company by going to
March 09, 2022
Freddie Van Huynh's Story of Creating & Scaling Absolute Internship
Freddie Van Huynh has an incredible story, you've got to hear about. Born in Sweden as the son of Cambodian immigrants Freddie had a unique upbringing. Combining his love for travel and providing others opportunities led him to found Absolute Internship.  Fred has been to 50+ countries, speaks 7 languages,and practices Jiu Jitsu regularly.   He details his experience founding Absolute Internship, an international internship program for university students looking to intern abroad.  Not being able to take out salary until year 4 of founding the company, Freddie talks about living cheaply and often eating $2 pasta while chasing his dream. The journey wasn't easy, however, today Absolute Internship is one of the world's top international internship providers in the world having served 2,000+ students in more than 10 countries.  (26:50) NOTHING GROWS IN YOUR COMFORT ZONE Get 30% Startup & Small Business Accounting with our partner BENCH Accounting Here.
March 04, 2022
Building The Twilio For Fintech: Solid CEO Arjun Thyagarajan
Arjun founded Solid in 2019 with the idea that they could enable every company to offer their own suite of fintech services. With every company thinking about how to create their own experiences powered by fintech, Arjun and team saw an opportunity to build the layer that powers this.  On today's show, we discuss (5:29) Fintech as a service, the value of companies owning the fintech experience for its customers (14:19)  Transitioning from seed to series A (18:09) Valuing investor feedback Solid offers a fully integrated & compliant suite of FinTech services. Integrate in minutes to build never-before-seen experiences.
February 25, 2022
Arnaud Henneville Wedholm Author of How Hard Can It Be: Lessons From Trying to Take Down Facebook
How Hard Can It Be author, Arnaud Henneville Wedholm, joins startup mindsets to talk about his new book, How Hard Can It Be, Lessons From Trying to Take Down Facebook. Inspired from his efforts to build a startup that would be better than Facebook. Arnaud tells his story on how his startup, InternalDesk, became a "Broken Unicorn." We hear about what it's like to struggle as an entrepreneur and why success comes from trying and failing. InternalDesk was created to incentivize people to complete challenges to better themselves. Noteworthy Discussion Points The Social Media "Like" is the modern day tiger.  Why we should seek failure so we can prepare for it more. Overcoming fear and mental blocks  Why motivation comes from within and relating to purpose. Learn more about Arnaud and purchase his book: or at Amazon & Barnes & Noble.
February 23, 2022
David Ongchoco: Founder, Investor, Operator
Earl met David when he was in high school in the Philippines starting YouthHack, an international nonprofit helping students learn how to code in the Philippines. We discover the success a simple cold email to Huffington Post could have where he ended up becoming a contributing writer in college. David’s also been a part of Dorm Room Fund, First Round Capital’s fund for university entrepreneurs, Growth and Analytics at Amplitude and a recent investor and now operator at Rutter building the e-commerce API layer.
January 31, 2022
Rene Morkos: CEO/Founder of ALICE Technologies & Professor at Stanford
For this episode, we bring on Rene Morkos founder of ALICE an AI construction simulation and optimization software.  The value Alice brings to construction planners is how they are able to simulate over a million ways to build a building.  We talk in depth about Rene attaining a PhD in construction management at Stanford, creating Alice from his thesis, and life as a professor at Stanford. Meaningfully we found out what kept Rene pushing forward often spending 20 hour days working on getting a PhD and after hearing 300 rejections from potential investors. Today, Alice is backed by Lightspeed Venture Partners and Merus Capital to name a few. Lastly we learn that Rene's startup mindset is pushing the boundaries and finding out when his breaking point would be.  Leave us a review and share us on social!
January 25, 2022
Creating the Kayak for Cars, TopMarq's Founder: Quinn Osha
Selling and buying a car tends to be a hassle nowadays especially when you're trying to get the best bargain. Enter TopMarq a new way to compare the top car websites (Carvana, Carmax etc.) while listing or shopping. CEO of TopMarq, Quinn Osha, joins us on today's podcast to talk about what he's building as a solo founder.  Quinn takes us through his experience graduating CalTech and learning how to code on his own, where he gets the ability to tackle new obstacles in business such as learning marketing for the first time, raising funding, and championing progress over perfection. 
January 20, 2022
Revolutionizing Personal Fitness: Matt Spettel CEO/Founder of CoPilot
Matt Spettel cofounded CoPilot while he was in undergrad at Carnegie Mellon. In this episode, we hear how it was balancing college and running a startup, how Matt met his cofounder Gabe, overcoming age bias, and building the company to what it is today.  We learn about his route to entrepreneurship as a kid who would make his own video games and sell them at school to pretending to be a personal trainer. Fresh off a 6M Series A Round led by Hyde Park Venture Partners with Maven Ventures and TenOneTen Ventures participating. Give CoPilot a try!
January 12, 2022
Product Management for Startups: Karthik Suresh CoFounder of Ignition
Karthik Suresh joins us for this episode of Startup Mindsets. Having a career that's varied from being an engineer on Wall Street writing code for algorithmic trading he wanted to pursue a profession that meant more than making money. This lead to an eventual career in product management having worked for Facebook as a product manager before leaving to start Ignition. Listen to learn how early stage product management differs from large corporations and why having more flexibility plays to your advantage as an entrepreneur.  Ignition makes launching a product easier by bringing different times together.  Go check Ignition out on Product Hunt and see how they can benefit your next launch!  Startup Mindsets is now a Partner!!! Use our referral link for 30% off your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
January 08, 2022
Ferret: Matt Heisie Head of Product
The global risk management market is 17 billion and expected to grow exponentially by 2027. runs a background check that ensures business is done with the right people to deter being taken advantage of. We hear about his experience at UCLA Anderson and how what's learned in the classroom gets applied directly into the startup the next day then brought back to class to make an ultimate feedback loop.  Matt tells stories of when deals have gone wrong and what Ferret can do to prevent this from happening.
December 28, 2021
From Nanny to CEO of WEVE Acceleration: Frances Simowitz
Frances Simowitz is CEO of Weve Acceleration formerly Numa New York. In on today's episode we learn about New York City's vibrant entrepreneurial scene. Moreover, we learn about Frances switching career goals from wanting to be an opera singer to a bona fide leader in bolstering the startup New York scene for international companies looking for a presence in the US.  Their New York office leverages New York’s thriving innovation ecosystem  to deliver immersive educational programming for startups and  multinational corporations. They offer virtual and in person startup acceleration programs to support US market entry of early and growth-stage international companies. (18:20) Mindset is the limiting factor (24:00) Proving doubters wrong (32:00) Advice to 20 year old self (35:00) Frances' Startup Mindset Startup Mindsets is now partners with Bench Accounting!!! Use our referral link for 30% off your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
December 14, 2021
Creating Texas Entrepreneurial Network with Hall T. Martin
Hall Martin a long time angel investor and creator of Texas Entrepreneurial Network aka Ten Capital joins Startup Mindsets to tell us about his experiences being alongside new ideas and startups for decades. Today TEN Capital helps startups and  growth companies everywhere raise venture funding.  To date TEN Capital has helped entrepreneurs who have raised over $644M.   Shortcuts 22:30 Being a Professor at University of Texas, Austin 25:50 Is Entrepreneurship born or made? 27:00 Trying to be innovative in corporations 29:00 It's the "WHY" that gets you through 31:00 Startup Team Skills 34:50 Picking out the white spaces and having a technology roadmap  Startup Mindsets is now a Partner!!! Use our referral link for 30% your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
December 13, 2021
Jurny's Journey: Luca Zambello Founder/CEO
What's up Startup Mindsets Fam! Hope you had a great Thanksgiving, in the spirit of hospitality we have Luca Zambello, Founder of Jurny on the show today. Jurny is a hospitality tech company offering SaaS-based management solutions for the modern traveler. We discuss what it was like during Jurny's most difficult months in operation during covid and how they made it through.  Luca discusses growing up in Italy and moving to attend UCLA, what inspired him to start Jurny, and how he build the company without coding himself. Jurny's raised over 10M USD with notable VCs such as Mucker Capital. Be sure to try them out the next time you're looking for a vacation!!! Startup Mindsets is now a Partner!!! Use our referral link for 30% your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
November 29, 2021
Startup Dermatology in Germany: Dr. Alice Martin, Founder of Dermanosatic
Dr. Alice Martin is the founder of Dermanostic and a physician in Germany.  Alice tells her story of changing her mindset to become an entrepreneur as she says, “Physicians don't take many risks” because risk in healthcare can mean death while risk is a common ingredient when founding a startup.  We hear about their experiences filming TikToks, recruiting a software engineer, and their mission to digitize dermatology. If you're in Germany, be sure to download their app on the Apple Store.   Startup Mindsets is partnering with Bench Accounting for startups!!! Use our referral link for 30% off your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
November 23, 2021
Coverr Founder/CEO Kobina Ansah
Our guest, Kobina Asah joins us from Ithaca, New York to talk about his startup, Coverr and how it provides independent contractors stability. Currently 50M+ Gig Economy workers  operate in the United States and represent one of the fastest growing  labor segments, yet have difficulty accessing business financing due to  their lack of standard underwriting criteria. COVERR evaluates  alternative and traditional factors to provide contractors with capital  to help stabilize earnings volatility or small emergencies (2:45) What is Coverr? (4:00) Inspiration to build Coverr. (7:00) Commentary on why the gig economy experienced growth. (15:50) First experiences with entrepreneurship Startup Mindsets is now a Partner!!! Use our referral code for 30% your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
November 17, 2021
Quitting Investment Banking to start a Data Driven Research Platform: James Giancotti, Founder of Oddup
After years of working at Goldman Sachs and JP Morgan in equity research, James Giancotti felt the desire to create a product that solved problems he experienced as a banker from a technology standpoint. Oddup is a data driven research platform that rates startups primarily in Asia. With headquarters in Hong Kong, we get to know more of the startup scene in China, ie what makes it so unique and according to James, the hardest working place for entrepreneurs. Startup Mindsets is now a Partner!!! Use our referral code for 30% your businesses' book keeping services for the first 3 months.
November 15, 2021
Raising Capital from Zoom: Richard White CEO of Fathom YC'21
Richard White has over a decade of entrepreneurship founding UserVoice and Fathom. He takes us through his journey from selling PlayStation cheat codes as a kid to being part of the first YCombinator batch in Cambridge in 2005 to the latest with Fathom in YC 2021. We talk fundraising from Zoom Apps Fund and what it’s like couch surfing while creating a tech company. Stop taking notes on Zoom with, try them on the Zoom Apps Store today!
October 21, 2021
Hacking International Shipping w/ Shelvie Fernan
Fly and Fetch is a startup changing the way people travel and send goods. Based out of Edmonton, Shelvie tells us how she created the company and how things are doing. We also hear about Draper University’s survival week and how coming to Silicon Valley has affected growth. Learn more about how you can get free flights at
September 28, 2021
Investor Relations For Dummies: Founder of Incued, Josh Furstoss
Startups and Entrepreneurship are at an all time high during the pandemic leaving first time startup founders with the challenge of figuring out what to do. Incued, helps founders with guided business planning. Josh joins us to detail the company’s plans and his journey being a founder.
September 23, 2021
Running Social Media in the Entertainment Industry with Rayson Esquejo
Rayson Esquejo has ran social media marketing campaigns for multiple films including Jobs (2013) Side Effects (2013) and most recently for TFC and Wood Works. Taking a new technology and incorporating it into business strategy is easier said than done. We hear about Rayson's advice for keeping up with market trends and using social media for its advantages.  Most recently, Rayson worked with Jay Leno to create TikToks for an upcoming film.  This episode dives into over a decade of social media use to drive engagement in the entertainment industry. 
August 13, 2021
Reflections from season 3
For this episode, we decided to talk about our impression of Startup Mindsets' last couple guests. We talk about what we found noteworthy, unique, and valuable spanning from executive coaches, franchise owners, to startup founders the diversity in thought is truly amazing.  Read our blog and follow us on social. 
July 29, 2021
Changing the Aesthetics of Angel Investing
Eli Velasquez is on a mission to create a more diverse pie chart of investors of color. We hear about over a decade of being an angel investor, lessons learned, advice to new angels. More about Investors of Color on More about Angel Capital Association at
July 06, 2021
LastBit YC'20 CEO/Founder Prashanth B.
Catalyzed from not being able to pay for tuition in Switzerland because he recently immigrated from India, Prashanth set out create a solution to Send/Receive Euros instantly via Bitcoin Send/Receive Bitcoin on-chain or on Lightning We also discuss the Berkeley Skydeck Accelerator and virtual Y Combinator experience.  Check them out at Sign up for our newsletter featuring new insights on startups/entrepreneurship at
July 02, 2021
Startup Lessons from Alluxo Founder, Safa Mahzari
Safa Mahzari, founder of financial reporting software, Alluxo, joins us on this episode.  We learn the importance of creating a process and pointing back to the process instead of to the individual.
June 15, 2021
Executive Coach and Author: Meredith Whipple Callahan
Meredith Whipple Callahan joins us on this episode to discuss what catalyzed becoming a 2x author and her journey as a religious studies major at Yale to a career as a consultant for Bain & Co. and now an executive coach at Evolution.  We talk about how religion intersects with business and the power of saying "YES" to fear.   Purchase The Intentional Life on Amazon. 
May 01, 2021
Owning a Chick-Fil-A with Craig Stokes
Welcome to episode 31! Our guest, Craig Stokes, is the owner/operator of Chick Fil A in Canoga Park. But it didn't always start that way, we hear Craig's inspiring career journey from starting at KFC to spending more than a decade in the Air Force, and recently as a TV personality.  As we all know, Chick Fil A's hospitality is on a different level. We talk about overcoming overwhelming odds to becoming a franchisee with 70k applications and being 1 of 100 selected.  We also dive into: Why every moment is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, being willing to take the first steps, It's not about who you know, it's about who knows you. You have the power to create the opportunities you've been waiting for. Check out our blog at
April 14, 2021
Curology’s Head of Talent: Derrick Gellidon
A lot is said about tech companies and their products, funding, etc. but none of that matters if you can't surround the team with great employees. Derrick Gellidon has over a decade of recruiting experience working for the Golden State Warriors, Google, Instacart, Lyft, and now heads talent at Curology. In our conversation, we understand what hiring looks like from 0 to 100, to 100 to 1000+ and how the recruiting landscape has changed over recent years. 
March 25, 2021
Building The Future of Work - Rajiv Ayyangar, Founder of Tandem
Remote work and the future of work are hot topics nowadays as distributed workforces took shape during the pandemic. Tandem is a virtual office for remote teams that powers collaboration. We have an exciting conversation with Rajiv Ayyangar, Founder/CEO about how their product reimagines working in an office virtually, product thinking, Y Combinator, and closing a mega seed round led by Andreessen Horowitz. We also play a fun game of this or that.  Try using Tandem out at Subscribe to our blog! If you enjoyed, leave us a review on Apple and share! 
March 12, 2021
Music Tech w Founder of Piinky
Becoming a one-hit-wonder is difficult, let alone a music sensation. Piinky, a startup based in London is aiming to put artists in control with their software which gives a birds-eye view and streamlines the publishing process. We hang out with Piinky CEO Adeseye to unpack the business of the music industry, what artists are doing to get noticed, and entrepreneurship.  Subscribe to our blog to get a weekly dose of up and coming startups and the people behind them, Learn more at
March 09, 2021
Sales Connoisseur: Whitney Sales, Partner at Acceleprise Ventures
Sales are like oxygen for early-stage startups. They can't succeed without it. Whitney has 10+ years of startup experience and founded the sales method.  She joins us to breakdown the sales method, what mindset to have when selling, and her career journey from graduating UC San Diego to having a rockstar career in sales. We also talk about how Acceleprise is accelerating women founders and leading the charge in bringing diversity into the venture-backed ecosystem.  Check out Follow us on Instagram and join our email list!
March 03, 2021
Power of Place: Bluedot Founder/CEO Emil Davityan
After meeting Emil at a bar in San Francisco 4 years ago when Bluedot was a bit smaller, we caught up with him to hear how Bluedot is powering the location services industry, with brands like Dunkin Donuts, McDonald's, and other restaurants utilizing location to deliver on point frictionless service. We also cover how the company started in Australia, founder amnesia, pitching hundreds of VCs to securing 20 million in funding, getting out of a survival mindset to a growth mind, and humility's real value.  Learn more about Bluedot at Stay in the loop with our newsletter at
February 26, 2021
Building Startups without being an Engineer with Mohara
Welcome back to another edition of Startup Mindsets. Today, we talk about how nontechnical founders can leverage Mohara in creating a minimum viable product and core technology to launch their business. Many startup ideas are great but lack the ability to develop core technology. That's where Mohara comes in and acts as a product team for early stage startups. We sat down with Rich and Benji to discuss how they solve this need for entrepreneurs across many different geographies. With offices in the United Kingdom, South Africa, Colombia, and Bangkok early-stage startups with Mohara's help are being created.  Get in touch at Proud to announce Startup Mindsets is sponsored by Bourkehood, an R&D tax incentive company. Get tax credits for your startup today, at
February 24, 2021
Sports Betting Innovation w/Dan Healy CEO/Founder of PickUp
The Online Gambling market is growing with 6 new states in 2020 granting approval. With sports becoming a completely digital experience due to the pandemic we talk about how PickUP enables fans to play the headlines.  We hang out with CEO Dan Healy and pick his brain on entrepreneurship, fundraising, and the day to day of running a startup.  He tells us about the startup he founded, Pickup, and how they are enabling fans to play the headlines. We hear an important lesson of getting into different environments and being open minded.  Check them out at
January 30, 2021
Entrépreneurship with Elodie de Marchi Head of Growth at Kaiko
The word entrepreneur has French origins and it means to start something. Today, Elodie de Marchi, Head of Growth at Kaiko joins us from Paris to talk about entrepreneurship and her career journey. We talk about   Leaving VM Ware, a 30,000 employee company to join Kaiko a scrappy startup with 16 employees  Why direction is vital in entrepreneurial environments  Her work in Corporate Venture Capital and Silicon Valley Bank  The contrast between France's startup scene and SV  Check out them out at Keep up with all things Startup Mindsets on
January 26, 2021
Getting Up to Speed
What's up, everyone! Apologies for the brief hiatus but we are back! Hope you had a happy holiday! Let's get back into the grind. In this new style episode, we talk about recent tech IPOs: Affirm, Roblox, and Bumble, our book progress, and new things we are working on! -Dan Subscribe and leave a review on Apple!
January 21, 2021
Biology and Entrepreneurship with Anil, CEO of Mekonos
In this episode, we talk to Anil Narasimha the CEO/Founder of Mekonos.  Mekonos is an innovative biotech startup building solution that enable  and accelerate precision medicine, synthetic biology & fundamental  science. We learn what it's like starting and running a biotech company from starting in a lab to becoming a product with real-life applications. 
December 11, 2020
FidoCure Founder Christina Lopes YC'18
One in every two dogs and one in every three cats die from cancer. This statistic is alarming. Christina Lopes, the CEO/Founder of Fidocure, breaks down their mission of being the first precision medicine for pets. We learn about her inspiring career journey, the YCombinator experience, fundraising, the value of the humanities, and what FidoCure is actively doing to combat this issue. 
December 04, 2020
Do the Difficult: Amit Garg - Managing Partner of Tau Ventures
We talk to a venture capitalist, startup founder, and a world-class operator on this episode. Amit shares his inspiring career journey. We discuss investing virtually compared to in-person, what it is like raising money for a startup, venture fund, and non-profit, and the career journey of being an early employee of Google, confounding Health IQ, working at Norwest Ventures, Samsung Next, and how Tau Ventures is leading the charge in applied AI early-stage deals. 
December 01, 2020
Wearing Different Hats - Kelly Lei of Delivering Happiness
Workplace happiness is in question a lot nowadays with high turnover rates and more and more employees disagreeing with management. In this episode, we catch up with our good friend Kelly Lei who helps employees find their belonging. Believing that we don't have just one purpose in life, Kelly's current purpose is to grow people and businesses into their full potential by helping people to create, invest, spend and give resources in alignment with their values.  If companies focused on ensuring workplace happiness and alignment, turnover rates would be lower and a happy workforce equals growth.
November 20, 2020
Chief Innovation Officer of San Jose - Jordan Sun
Innovation is a ubiquitous characteristic of startups and organizations in the tech world. In this episode, we talk to Jordan Sun, the Chief Innovation Officer of San Jose, California. We discuss what fits the innovation mold of the city and recent success in closing the digital divide. Moreover, we discover Maslow's hierarchy of needs, crisis response vs consensus-driven approach, and his time in the Army as a tech scout. 
November 10, 2020
Plentina x Techstars
You can’t do it alone. Entrepreneurship can be isolating especially in the beginning. Today, we learn about Earl’s time in Techstar’s Western Union accelerator. We discuss virtual vs. in person work and learn about the value that having a tribe behind you provides. #startupmindsets
October 13, 2020
South East Asian Startup Scene w/Madhu Iyer of
Madhu Iyer is presently a partner at RocketshipVC, a 140M fund that invests in global founders. In this episode, we talk about the South East Asian tech ecosystem, what it's like building a tech unicorn, GoJek, and growing Intuit's Quickbooks platform to 300 million USD.  #startupmindsets
October 10, 2020
The Entrepreneur Bug with Line CEO, Akshay K.
We talk about the "Entrepreneurship Bug" and learn about Akshay's humbling journey growing up in India to flipping "WWE" wrestling cards. Today, Akshay is the Founder/CEO of Line, a rising startup which provides access interest-free line of  funds without credit-history, paychecks or credit scores. Power bank  accounts, bills, money transfers and more.   Find out more about Line at
September 24, 2020
ScienceVest General Partner, Ramphis Castro
Join us as we look at startup fundraising vs venture fundraising with the help of Ramphis Castro, Founding GP of ScienceVest.  Learn about why and how ScienceVest is solving the problem of access to capital for science fiction based founders. 
September 21, 2020
AI/ML at AWS: Tingwei Huang
Being an entrepreneur versus working a nine to five is always a huge topic for discussion. Tingwei Huang is an intrapreneur who's worked on developing innovation within Intel and Amazon most recently. We discuss her time at Intel Capital and how Amazon inculcates a "Day One" mindset within the corporation. 
September 14, 2020
Sustainability w/Maia Tekle of Dispatch Goods
In this episode, we get to know an up and coming startup attempting to disrupt the containers restaurants and consumers use for food.  Dispatch Goods allows for on-demand restaurant food pickup in reusable containers! Maia Tekle, COO of Dispatch Goods, joins Startup Mindsets to share the work she is doing with Dispatch Goods in making the environment more sustainable.   Sign up for Dispatch Goods and join the movement toward sustainability today! 
August 07, 2020
Harvard Business School, Senior Lecturer, Euvin Naidoo
Euvin Naidoo joins us for an action packed discussion about agility’s role in the startup and venture ecosystem. We dive deep into the factor risk plays in any venture and how corporations are reacting to the COVID-19 crisis while best serving the customer. Euvin is a senior lecturer at the Harvard Business School, where he works at the intersection of risk management, performance control, governance, and agile execution.
July 20, 2020
Performance Marketing with Ping Rivero of Cognity Labs
Welcome to season 2 of Startup Mindsets. In this episode, we dive more into marketing with Ping Rivero of LendingHome. We talk about startup mindsets in different countries and his switch from software engineering to performance marketing. We cover best practices marketers are applying and how anyone can start marketing. Press Play!
July 19, 2020
Hustle feat. Cube Wealth's Bez Bajrami
On this special July 4th episode of Startup Mindsets, we talk about the reality of being an entrepreneur through the lens of Cube Wealth, a subscription service focusing on helping the retail investor invest. We learn about the determination and mentality that gets a business up and running.  Learn more at We also discuss the digitalization of consumer behavior, the value of a dollar, Covid19's impact on the stock market and much more! You don't want to miss this one! Press Play! 
July 05, 2020
Taking Spotify From 25M to 75M users: Patrick Moran
Patrick Moran has shared driving marketing success for well-known media tech companies you know today such as Spotify and Netflix. Taking their user base from around the 20 million range to near 75 million users. From growing up in the Philippines to his stints with startups in the valley, marketing has been a great portion of his work for a decade. Tune in and learn what mindset propels global growth marketing. 
June 21, 2020
SMP #8: Hardware is hard with Founder/President of Sutro, Ravi Kurani
In this episode, Ravi breaks down where he learned about "grit" in his entrepreneur journey. From UC Riverside to India to San Francisco using engineering and technology to solve problems around water became his mission. Tune in as we talk about Sutro's inspiration, humble beginnings, and more.  Make your pool safer at
June 15, 2020
SMP #7: The Utlity Mindset w/John Morada VP at Agile Stacks
In this episode, John Morada talks about the "Engineering Mindset" and where his entrepreneurial journey started. We learn about his time as a Vice President at Agile Stacks and what it is like wearing multiple hats from marketing, sales, and engineering in an early-stage startup. Press Play! #startupmindsets
May 29, 2020
Ron Ro: Founder of Awair
Ron Ro is the Founder/CEO of Awair, a startup that focuses on providing healthy buildings and spaces.  Throughout this episode, we cover Awair's Inception, growth, trials, and tribulations and how inspiration from his dad's "kimchee dream" catalyzed Ron's Startup Mindset and Inspiration." Today, Awair is a 20 plus team with their products in office buildings and homes across the country.  Find Awair's smart home devices at and become an air quality expert today. 
May 26, 2020
SMP #5: Ishan Gupta, Serial EdTech Entreprenuer/Global Head of Student Ops at Udacity
Episode 5 features Ishan Gupta, a serial entrepreneur with a lasting Silicon Valley imprint. From graduating from Stanford Graduate School of Business to being Facebook’s first hire on the ground in India. He also founded Edukart and sold the startup to Paytm prior to becoming Udacity's Global Head of Student Operations. Throughout his founder journey, mindset and motivation came from wanting to give people "access" to quality education and information. We touch on: - How to pick a board member and how to strategically build a team.  - Raising venture capital and navigating fundraising from seed to series A.  How running a startup in India compares to the U.S.
May 21, 2020
Earl Valencia, Fintech Founder/Co-Host
Get to know the hosts of The Startup Mindsets, Earl and Dan.  -Learn about our motivation to create this podcast and write The Startup Mindsets.  - What mindset is needed to build a strong startup In this episode, Earl Valencia breaks down his entrepreneurial and corporate journey. From founding the Philippine's first startup incubator, earning an MBA from Stanford GSB, working at Bridgewater & Associates, to digital innovation at Charles Schwab. Currently, Earl is Chief Business Officer at Plentina, a fin-tech startup, with their first market being the Philippines. He breaks down what composes his startup mindset and how the regular person can go from having an idea and turn it into a mission-driven identity. 
May 18, 2020
Coins PH Founding Team: Beryl Chavez
What's up, everyone! In Episode 4 of The Startup Mindsets, we explore entrepreneurship in Asia with Beryl Chavez, Partner at Alpha Omega Capital Partners & Consultant at UBX Philippines. Beryl shares her insights on working at, the Philippine's largest startup exit to date - Career and entrepreneurship trajectory as former CEO of CapChainX - How trying to innovate within large corporations differs from startups - How CoVid19 is affecting startup creation and deals in the Southeast Asia landscape
May 14, 2020
SMP #3: Leezel Tanglao Senior Editor/Membership & Innovation at Huffington Post
Leezel Tanglao brings a unique twist to the Startup Mindset's perspectives and shares how her journey in journalism is driven by impact and community. She's worked for HuffPost in New York City and various news outlets in Southern California. In this episode, we learn how going back to the core of who you are guides the way for growth and clarity. 
May 13, 2020
CEO/Founder of Wonsulting, Jonathan Javier
Jonathan drops by to give his Jwow or Jonathan Words of Wisdom! This week's episode includes:  How Wonsulting is helping turn underdogs into winners.  Coming from a non-traditional background does not mean you can't break into tech or start a company.  How to surround yourself with the right people to fuel your career aspirations. 
May 06, 2020
Jojo Flores Co-Founder of Plug and Play Tech Center
Startup Mindsets welcomes you into a discussion with the Co-Founder of Plug and Play, Jojo Flores.  In this episode, we discuss: -How a start in the water bottle industry created Silicon Valley's most active VC.  -Plug and Play's origin story and a tiny rug store on University Avenue, Leasing Google their first office -The Sales Startup Mindset  -What's needed to prosper as a Startup and VC in an economic downturn - -The southeast Asian venture scene - Philippine-based startup growth
April 09, 2020