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Startup or Start Over

Startup or Start Over

By Andrew Krowczyk

In today's ever accelerating business climate, it's as important as ever to step back and take a look at the inner workings of large corporations. With a focus on Innovation, Disruption, and Digital Transformation - the Startup or Start Over podcast aims to provide insights, tools, and resources for every level of employee to help in Reinventing the Enterprise.
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Data is the New Oil with Franco Patano
Data is the New Oil with Franco Patano
Data is often referred to as the “new oil” when referring to the digital economy.  Just like raw oil, raw data isn’t valuable in and of itself, but rather the value is created when it’s processed and refined.  When it comes to large Enterprises and Corporations, more often than not they are sitting on top of vast amounts of raw data from their business processes that is sitting there untapped and unrealized.  This is an advantage that most startups do not have…thus giving advantages to those that can unlock the data under their feet. In this podcast, I'm talking to Franco Patano, a Senior Solutions Architect from Databricks on the topic of untapped data. To find out more about Franco or connect with him, you can reach him via LinkedIn: or follow him on Twitter:  @fpatano
December 14, 2020
Grassroots Learning Community
Grassroots Learning Community
Very often companies have some sort of learning and continuing education program in place but it’s at a very high level and very broad for the organization. Sometimes I’ve found that starting a grassroots effort to bring together a smaller group within the organization has been an excellent way to both enhance your career options and be seen as a thought leader or change agent as well as to foster a culture of learning and sharing. In this podcast, I’m going to talk about the approach I’ve taken at 2 different companies using the same game plan to put things into motion. To download the deck that I mentioned in the episode, head over to the resources section of my website.
December 07, 2020
Investable Idea Success with Paul Szews
Investable Idea Success with Paul Szews
Very often there is no shortage of good ideas within an organization.  Employees at every level have great ideas for innovation, disruption, and digital transformation.  However, more often than not - these ideas die on the vine because of the lack of ability to “sell” the idea internally and clearly communicate why the organization should invest in the opportunity. In this podcast, I’m talking to Paul Szews about how to get an idea from concept to a positive investment outcome. To find out more about Paul, you can head over to his website at
November 09, 2020
Corporate Innovation with Cody Littlewood
Corporate Innovation with Cody Littlewood
In this episode I'm speaking with Cody Littlewood on the topic of corporate innovation. Cody is the founder and Chairman of Codelitt, a software design and engineering firm with a focus on digital strategy to help corporations innovate with the speed and efficiency of a startup. I think it was a fun and wide ranging conversation centered around how Enterprises and large organizations typically struggle with innovation or disruption and how they can start to change their overall way of thinking about software and technology. As noted in the podcast, you can find more resources on Codelitt's website by heading over to
October 26, 2020
What is this podcast about?
What is this podcast about?
Hi, and welcome to the Startup or Start Over podcast!  This is just a quick introduction to me and what this podcast is going to be about!  I'm starting to line up guests and will be kicking things off soon!
October 19, 2020
Startup or Start Over Trailer
October 12, 2020