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State of Unity Podcast

State of Unity Podcast

By State of Unity
Conversations with ordinary people doing extraordinary things. People from all backgrounds, industries, and walks of life share how they pushed fear aside to step into their calling, and the life they now live as a result.

State of Unity exists to help people connect, grow, inspire, and explore the world through the power of travel. Visit for upcoming experiences.
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Janelle Mills - Where is Away?

State of Unity Podcast

Megan Miller: Take Advantage of Your Time
From farmgirl to soloprenuer, Megan has the goal to help others become fluent speakers in new languages. From the streets of Madrid to the politics and inner workings of Washington, DC; from IT projects to translation projects, Megan has seen just how important it is to connect and communicate.
May 03, 2022
Jade Lee: From Uninspired to Inspired
What was supposed to be a six-month journey turned into a life-changing experience. Not only did Jade return from Everest basecamp with a husband, but an entirely new outlook on the corporate environment. She now helps teams around the globe learn to work together by using the comradery she learned on the mountain.
April 19, 2022
Jordan Whinnem: What’s Your StoryLine?
Jordan is not one to bow down to fear. She has au paired in Switzerland, road tripped across country, started businesses and a family. She currently travels full-time in a small camper outfitted with solar panels, seeking the perfect place to land with her husband, two girls, dog and cats after leaving a very profitable career to work for a company that spoke to her soul. StoryLine is on a mission to change corporate giving, which Jordan shares in detail.
April 05, 2022
Priyanka Surio: Third Culture Kids & Life as a Nomad
Priyanka Surio speaks 3 languages, is a published author, Certified Health Education Specialist and new to the world of traveling nomads. She shares how she’s adjusted to uprooting every month or two, what helps her feel at home and what determines the next destination. To purchase Third Culture Kids of the World: Exploring Sustainable Travel Mindsets Amazon: B&N: Instagram: pstravelstories Twitter: pstravelstories Facebook: Surio Priyanka Website:
March 29, 2022
Paul Kennedy - “To appreciate the culture, you must understand the food. To appreciate the food, you must understand the culture.”
Growing up in Northern Virginia, Paul went off to study hospitality management, followed by culinary arts. After his education he departed to New York City where he continued to establish himself in the restaurant world while homing in on his love of writing and photography. In 2018, with a backpack and some inspiration, Paul cashed in his proverbial chips and took off to see the world. The inspiration clearly worked because he never returned. His journey of uncertainty found it’s purpose of exploring what the world has to offer. IG: Paul Kennedy (@paul_b_kennedy) • Instagram photos and videos
March 15, 2022
Alexa Smith – The journey to Zero Waste
Alexa Smith is a zero-waste warrior. As an undergraduate at the University of Illinois studying environmental science and sustainability, she became heavily involved in all things environmentalism. She was fundamental in crafting the 2020 Illinois Climate Action Plan and has engaged in several community-focused organizations, including ProjectforLess, a group battling food waste and food insecurity. Alexa is an avid traveler, and while she has had the privilege of visiting nine countries, she would love to continue expanding her cultural appreciation and environmental impact around the world. IG: Zero.waste.lex Regeneration Podcast
March 01, 2022
Lynn Yap: Activ8 Youth & Lead with Purpose
Lynn Yap is the Managing Director of Actv8 Network, an organization that works with companies to increase the inclusion of women in senior leadership, technology and innovation roles. Lynn is also the author of The Altruistic Capitalist: How to Lead for Purpose and Profit, a book about leadership traits to create a positive impact on communities and the environment and sustainable profits for the business. On this episode, we dissect a little of each. IG: altruisticcapitalist
February 15, 2022
Rick Blane - Get Unstuck
Meet Rick Blane, host of Get Unstuck Podcast. Rick is a man whose sole purpose is to help people get unstuck and live happy and free. You can hear his authenticity as he shares simple ways to get in touch with your best self. VIA Survey
February 15, 2022
Vi Vi Thai - Living Through Alchemy
By having the awareness of alchemy, it is easier to understand where we are in life, to have higher perspective, let go of control, and go with the flow of life effortlessly rather than pushing against the current, so we can have more joy in life and enjoy it for the way it is. On this episode, Vi Vi shares what got her to this point and inspired her to write her story. VI VI THAI (
February 01, 2022
Josh Boone – The largest risk in life is not doing the thing you want to do | How to Live an Authentic Life
Josh discovered success at a young age, resulting in crippling attacks of imposters syndrome, stress, and social anxiety. Josh hit breaking point and set out on a journey of self-discovery and decompression. Along the way, he discovered how to be truly authentic and not take life too seriously.
January 25, 2022
Candy & The King - How to Live Your Dream (not someone else's)
Meet Candy and “The King” Jonty, a loveable South African couple who followed their hearts to travel the globe. They now help and inspire thousands of followers on Instagram and TikTok to live a self-inspired life by showing the fun, but also the hardships, of pursing your dreams. IG: @candy_and_the_king TikTok: @candy_and_the_king
January 18, 2022
Arjuna Ishaya: Mastering the Mind
What if you had the completely positive, supportive and free head – and heart – space Free of doubt, free of fear, free of overwhelm, anger and limitation, so you could live a rich, full, adventurous and truly Alive life? Listen as Arjuna shares easy-to-follow tips to help begin being more mindful, gentle, and thoughtful as you proceed through your day. IG: arjunaishaya FB: Arjuna Ishaya | Facebook
January 11, 2022
Joshua McLeod of Growability: Rhythm = Freedom
A master of many trades, Joshua juggles family, work, and volunteering. On this episode, he shares how simply observing other cultures allowed him to better understand, respect, and help. As a result, he’s established two nonprofits which he works on when he’s not busy managing the multiple companies who use his skills of creating rhythm in the workplace. Growability Podcast Show notes: 5 Types of people to build a community with: 1. Coaches 2. Cheerers 3. Comrades 4. Critics 5. Consultants (Teachers)
January 04, 2022
Our First Dispatch was a Success!
On this episode, Tony Selvaggio of ESmart Recycling and Cara recap the experience in Peru, where State of Unity travelers dispatched 10 laptops (courtesy of ESmart Recycling) to a local NGO called Añañau. Travelers shared breakfast with the kids of the NGO and heard from the founders. It was an incredible ending to a trip filled with adventure. To see full itinerary, check out the Peru experience at Benefiting NGO: ESmart Recycling takes tech equipment like computers, printers, etc. off the hands of companies who no longer need and refurbish or recycle. The refurbished items are donated to schools and organizations in need, and the rest is sold. For Tony’s full story, check out this episode.
October 12, 2021
Janelle Mills - Where is Away?
What is away? Is it a place? When you throw or wash something away, what – or where - does that mean? On today’s episode, we speak with Janelle Mills, a civil engineer focused on sustainability in West Africa. Janelle has an eye for deconstructing infrastructure to understand the why behind it, and then uses this understanding to help influence behavior toward more sustainable practices.
October 05, 2021
Katie Aune - Don't Quit Your Day Job
Katie has ran marathons across the Great Wall of China, through the Serengeti, and is planning to tackle Antarctica.  Through group travel experiences, she built up the courage to travel the former USSR on her own and continues to use every sweet PTO day to experience something new, making friends along the way. IG: katieaune
September 28, 2021
Melanie Armstrong – A life dedicated to more
From studying abroad in Brazil to the Czech Republic, Melanie laughed her way through cultural differences. After university she helped PwC develop an international program to dive deep into international problems, helping at the core and observing the cultural needs enough to ensure they’re truly setting them for success and not just branding a positive story.
September 21, 2021
Hong - Let Go & Trust
Hong is the coolest person I've ever met. She's lived in Bali, has an apartment in Taiwan, currently resides in Kenya, and as a profession, she leads expeditions in Antarctica. I met Hong the day I started the hike up Kilimanjaro. We couldn’t have spoken for more than 15 minutes, but instantly felt like we had been friends for years. When I returned from summit after 6 days, all the guides were talking about how fast she was. I have since learned she has a reputation for hiking massive mountains in half the allotted time. This episode is special in a few ways. It was recorded days after Hong had reached her goal of traveling to 100 countries, and days before I left my security in others to trust in my own path. IG: surf_theglobe
September 14, 2021
Natasha Nascimento - Do it Afraid
Natasha Nascimento is the founder of Redefining Refuge, an organization based in Tampa, FL dedicated to fighting for women and children who have been victims of sexual abuse. Natasha works hard to spread awareness and education, with the ultimate vision of ending the sex trade industry. listen in as we discuss how her South African roots and strong family morals helped shape who she is today. IG: redefiningrefuge
September 07, 2021
Carole The Explorer - Travel With Confidence
Carole has the goal to teach others, specifically women, to travel with confidence. Naturally, we felt she was the perfect fit since State of Unity so closely aligns with this goal. She currently resides on the island of Bali where she enjoys daily fresh produce and plans training courses to empower others.  IG: carole_the_explorer
August 31, 2021
Tony Selvaggio - Creating Opportunity
Tony Selvaggio of E-Smart Recycling came to the US on a work visa in 2010, eventually stumbling into a mind-blowing need he couldn’t believe existed in one of the richest and most developed countries in the world. “We have the story, we have the heart, but what about the process?” How to scale, analyze growth opportunities, and how you might be getting in the way of that growth.
August 24, 2021
Dima & Cara - What does it mean to be vulnerable?
What does being vulnerable mean to you? Is it good or bad? Can it be used to your advantage when it comes to marketing or climbing the corporate ladder? Is it possible to have genuine relationships without vulnerability?  Tune in as Dima & Cara dissect these questions and how they apply to life.
August 17, 2021
Katherine Vickers - Dancing with Confidence
When is the last time your feet touched the earth, with no barrier between? When did you learn to dance free? Katherine shares how Tanzania transformed her life for the better through a combination of planned and unplanned experiences.   Many of the places and experiences discussed on this episode are included in the State of Unity Zanzibar Experience.  Visit for details. Follow us: IG: state.of.unity
August 10, 2021
Dustin Portillo - What Persistence Looks Like
Dustin knew what he wanted to do by the time he was 4 years old – become a professional clown. No clowning around here (pun totally intended)! Learn what it takes to pursue a career more difficult to get into than the NFL and the multiple pivots required as times changed.
July 27, 2021
“Your Dream is My Dream” Reuben Bryant
Have you ever considered leveraging the resources that exist within your personal network? On today’s episode, Reuben Bryant shares how he created $2.8 million of equity moves in five years by doing just that. Learn the value of community and the importance of “keeping pace” even when you feel stuck. Reuben shares a few pointers for people interested in investing, but not sure where to start: 1. Remove the rose-colored glasses. 2. Speak up, ask questions, make conversation. 3. Create opportunities. How to connect with Reuben: Text “I’m ready!” to 813.300.5900 Rise Creative Village in Atlanta Follow us on IG @state.of.unity
July 20, 2021
Life as a Newlywed
Learn from newlyweds Audrey and Gunnar Zellman on what makes marriage work, how they’re learning to communicate in a loving way, and the previously unshared hilarious wedding mishap from their Hawaiian wedding. Gunnar shares how growing up with a prosthetic inspired his calling, and Audrey shares how he helped her uncover her passion. Follow Audrey & Gunnar on IG: @audreyataveda @gunnarzellman @state.of.unity
July 13, 2021
000 Dima & Cara - Life is Like This
On the inaugural episode, Dima and Cara reflect on growth, cultural norms, and pursuing dreams between laughter and introspective conversation. 
June 29, 2021
001 Life Abroad with Ryan Curtright
On today’s episode, we talk with Ryan Curtright of Come Kite with Us and  Seven years ago, Ryan, his wife, and their 2-year-old daughter left their careers, family, and home for life abroad.  Now settled in El Cuyo, Mexico, Ryan shares how they prepared for the change, what motivated it, and their vision for the future.     Support and/or connect with Ryan:
April 27, 2021