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Steel Mace Warrior Podcast

Steel Mace Warrior Podcast

By Steel Mace Warrior
The podcast is all about sharing the stories that led each warrior to the art of Steel Mace. While we gather knowledge from experts in this field and their journey's, I hope that it might help you discover the warrior within you.
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The Inner Benefits of Steel Mace Training
In this episode, I talk about the "Inner Benefits" of Steel Mace Training. We're always talking about what can be seen on the outside, but what about what happens on the inside when it comes to our practice? I also transcribe or voiceover my recent blog post titled "After 4 Years of Swinging Steel Mace this is what happened". I read it over to give you an idea of what type of personal benefits it gave me.
December 17, 2021
Combining All The Worlds with Steel Mace with Paulina Kairys
In this episode I finally got to meet Coach Paulina Kairys. For the longest time I watched Paulina on Instagram pondering what her warrior story was and I finally got to hear it through our conversation. We talk about her struggles with hyper flexibility, her taking a step back from mace to learn from other avenues and how she successfully combines different worlds of fitness modalities with Steel Mace.  Check out Coach Paulina at:
April 16, 2021
Martial Mace Artist Wisdom with Carina
In this episode I speak with Carina, a martial artist with over 30 years of experience. We talk about her warrior story, how she integrates/complements her martial arts with steel mace training and why training is more than just technique but also a set of principles.   I hope you enjoy this conversation as much as we did!   You can check out Carina at:
April 09, 2021
The Queen Awakens with Steel Mace Gypsy
In this episode we talk to Steel Mace Gypsy, Steel Mace Flow Educator and CFO. A great bonus episode to end March Woman Warrior Month!    She opens up with the SMW podcast to tell her true warrior story, how it all started for her and where she is now in her dream or awakening. We also dig into SMF Level 2 and how to crush your inner parasite.  Yeah, you're gonna have to listen to this podcast episode to figure out what we mean.   Last White Lion Sponsor Giveaway Challenge!  BONUS CHALLENGE INSIDE! Your gonna love this! Gypsy rocked it. Let's see you  kick ass.
March 30, 2021
Driving through the Snow Storm with Jaime Barber
Say hello to Jaime's first podcast episode and she came in right in time for Woman's Month. Let's explore her warrior story, how she got into steel mace, who she learned from and how this tool empowered her and her clients. A woman warrior you don't wanna miss!
March 26, 2021
Leggings for Steel Mace Junkie Power with Kristin O' Brien
Okay! Yes, the title is funky but the episode is not! This is a great episode for anyone looking to learn more about Kristin's story, where she finds her mace inspiration (hint hint: she calls it overlapping) and much more!  Don't miss it and make sure to check her out at:  Note she is also part of the Steel Mace Flow Education Team and you can check that out at:    NOTE: Don't forget to jump into this month's FREE GIVEAWAY by our sponsor White Lion Athletics! Win a FREE MACE and SMW PROGRAMS. All you gotta do is listen to all the podcast this month and jump into the secret challenges within the episodes. Tag @steelmacewarrior and @white_lion_athletics and boom! You enter to win mace goodies!
March 19, 2021
Steel Mace Valkyrie Returns
Steel Mace Valkyrie returns! We talk about what she has been up to, talk about where she is with her mace journey and her Viking shield wall. Also! Look out for ta challenge in the podcast episode to win a free steel mace from this months sponsor (White Lion Athletics) and program! Awesome giveaway/contest you don't wanna miss.
March 12, 2021
Dropping the R in Furry and Steel Mace Yoga with Erin Furry
In this episode I talk with Erin Furry about her beginnings and Steel Mace Yoga - what it is, how its used and what is to come for it! Lot's of VKNJA news as well if you dig Erik Melland and TACFIT. A must watch and listen if you love Steel Mace Training!   Checkout Erin Furry | Steel Mace Yoga at:​​​
February 26, 2021
The Lyons Playground with Lyonel Lumarque
The Steel Mace Warrior Podcast is back! And what an amazing guest to have for the first podcast of the new season. Who we talking about? Lyonel Lumarque! He is founder of LyonStrong in Miami, Florida. He swings mace but he also uses all sorts of other complementary fitness tools and enjoys getting clients back to their primal roots by simply playing like kids again. Find out more in this jam packed episode!
February 12, 2021
Slinging Steel with Frank Dimeo
In this episode, Frank Dimeo returns! If you've been listening to my podcast this is the third time I have had Frank. He is a great coach and friend from Sarasota, Florida in the mace community. Owner of The Cave Gym and founder of and now an author of several books on Amazon including Slinging Steel - The Story of MaceFit. We talk about COVID-19 and his creativity to keep his gym open and strong.
August 28, 2020
Strengthening your pelvis, gut and breathing with Sarah Smith
If you thought pelvic health was only for the ladies and kegels were the only thing to help, this episode is for you. Sarah is an expert in Pelvic, Gut and Breathing health and she shares with us an array of knowledge to strengthen each and every area. Of course! We also talk about Steel Mace, her experience with it and how to breath correctly based on some really amazing pelvic facts she shares with us.   Learn more about Sarah Smith Strength at: 
February 22, 2020
Steel Mace Reset and Tactical Training with Fred Mohr
In this episode of Steel Mace Warrior, we speak with Fred Mohr. Fred is a Firefighter, NASM personal trainer, Steel Mace Coach and host of Steel Mace Nation from the jersey area. We talk about his warrior story, his tactical and recovery perspective on Steel Mace and much more. This episode is ON FIRE for Valentines Day!
February 14, 2020
Falling Out and Into Steel Mace with Ian Thom
From video games to warrior, Ian Thom shares his journey with us. We talk about his Stephen King inspiration, crawling before walking, his own growth as a new Steel Mace Coach in the community and much much more.
January 10, 2020
The Tengu Element Cycle System with Pawel Widuto
Welcome to another Steel Mace Warrior Podcast! Join me and Pawel in this SPECIAL BONUS EPISODE as we discuss and dig deeper on his ELEMENT CYCLE SYSTEM and Movement Coach Certification which includes STEEL MACE.  If you've had questions about TENGU this is the episode to listen to! And if you've never heard of Pawel, he is a master movement and mace coach from Norway (Europe area).   I also wanted to provide this episode because Pawel Widuto is coming down to TEACH in America! And specifically to Yuma,AZ to certify individuals serious about gaining movement and mace knowledge.  Become a Level 1 Movement Coach with Tengu this September 28-29 at Evolution Health Solutions, Yuma,AZ.   To sign up for the workshop please visit:   Limited spots are available and the time is getting near. Get your tickets TODAY!
September 03, 2019
Living the Dream of Steel Mace with Ben Walker AKA Built by Ben
Today I introduce to you  Ben Walker also known as Built By Ben from the New York area.   He is a Steel Mace Flow Coach and part of the education team, also an Onnit Steel Mace Specialist and Strong Coach Mentor. A fantastic background in Theater and an overall awesome man with great Steel Mace knowledge. Honored to have this guest on the Steel Mace Warrior Podcast.   We talk about "the dream of society", theater, coaching (and strong coach) life and of course, MACE.
August 10, 2019
Agility, Grace and Strength with Jeffrey Ochs
STEEL MACE FLOW PODCAST SERIES.  Join me as i speak to Jeffrey Ochs from A2 Steel Fit in Ann Arbor, MI. He is a Strong Coach, Onnit Steel Mace Coach, Steel Mace Flow coach as well as an ACE CPT.  We talk about his journey with the steel mace, his background, dealing with depression and so much more! 
July 23, 2019
The Movement Artist & Picking Your Poison with Jim Romig & Matt Berbary
In this two-in-one episode we talk to Jim Romig and Matt Berbary (Our very first guest RETURNS) about Movement, Mace and upcoming events you don't want to miss. 
June 09, 2019
The Flowing Dutchman & the Creative Spark with Harbeats
Welcome to another Podcast by Steel Mace Warrior! In this episode we talk to Harbert also known as Functional Harbeats, Harbeats and the Flowing Dutchman (MACE SPECIALIST). As always, we ask about the story of the warrior, how he came to become obsessed with the mace, his travels to India to learn more about mace training and much more!
May 30, 2019
Primal Flow Therapy and the Wooden Mace with Dr. Joey Cadena
We've seen a big connection between injuries and using a mace to start to heal them. Today we meet Dr.Joey Cadena, owner of PhysioSports Institute in Texas and founder of Primal Flow (an american made solid maple training mace). We talk about his amazing journey in physical therapy, how he uses the mace as a physical therapist within his clinic and much more! 
April 25, 2019
Efficient Training with Damian Jaskiewicz
 Join us at we talk to Damian Jaskiewicz owner of a Tengu facility in Ireland called TENGU IRELAND. He brings us great knowledge about imbalances in our body and training efficiently overall. We also have a conversation about why coaches need to be like athletes and need a coach for themselves as well. 
April 05, 2019
Women Coaches in the industry, MaceFest & MaceFit
Today we have the first duo podcast and returning guests: Frank Dimeo and Valerie Pawlowski. We talk about women enthusiasts and coaches in the mace industry, go a little more into MaceFit and MaceFest (the first ever all mace event).
March 23, 2019
The Unconventional Athlete with Eric Doyle
Today we speak to Eric Doyle, owner of the Long Beach Kettlebell Club, founder of Unconventional Athlete and Kettlebell Sport 2x World Champion. We discuss his journey using unconventional tools such as the kettlebell, steel maces and bulgarian bags. From losing weight to being in a major accident to starting his gym Long Beach Kettlebell Club in Long Beach,CA. This is an episode you'd want to listen to.
February 12, 2019
Killing your ego & honoring yourself with Erik Esik Melland
 Join me as i have a chat with Erik Esik Melland - Former Onnit Steel Mace Master Coach, Viking Ninja CEO and Author of Viking Ninja Elements -Kill your ego, Challenge your discipline.  We speak about his journey with the steel mace, his new book "Viking Ninja Elements" and his latest fitness training system called Viking Ninja along with other thangs mace.  
January 22, 2019
Developing the entire warrior with Kim Fox
In this episode i talk to Kim Fox, She works full time in the Army, is a Kettlebell Champion and is also owner of Fox Fitness. We talk about what is success, setting goals, making sacrifices and developing the entire warrior.
November 23, 2018
Yoga with Mace and The Circus with Summer Hungtington
This episode is really a gem and i am so very glad it was the ending to season 1 of the Steel Mace Warrior Podcast. We talk about Summer's story, how she is inspired by the art all around her including her performing friends from the Circus and of course, we also talk about using clubs and maces with Yoga.
October 05, 2018
The Rediscovery of Lost Physical Culture with Valerie Pawlowski
Meet Valerie Pawloski, world champion in Kettlebell Sport & Team USA 3-Time Gold medalist. We talk about her story, the rediscovery of many lost fitness modalities, mace safety and strength training from a super woman's perspective.
September 27, 2018
From Highland Games to Empowered Mace with John Odden
Join us as we talk about John's story and as we gather some great mace knowledge. This episode is interesting because unlike other coaches John started training in the highland games before touching a mace! Don't know what that is? No worries we discuss that as well!
September 20, 2018
Strength Based Club and Mace with Frank Dimeo
In this episode of the Steel Mace Warrior Podcast i speak to founder of MaceFit and owner of The Cave, Frank Dimeo. We hear his story, speak about using Clubs and Maces TOGETHER to build incredible functional strength, we talk about the Mace Fit program and much more!
September 13, 2018
Putting time in the trenches with Coach Paul Gray
In this episode i have a mind blowing conversation with Coach Paul Gray from Firepower Gym and Co-Founder of the Art of Functional Movement. We talk about his story, how to prevent and get out of injuries and putting some time in the trenches. You will see what i mean!
August 30, 2018
The Indestructible WarClub & Striving to Become Stronger with Pake McNally
In this episode i speak with Pake McNally, found of Become Stronger. We talk about his Indestructable WarClub / Hand-Crafted Mace, his amazing story and why he started Become Stronger. Wonderful man who hand makes grungy imperfect but yet beautiful maces! Don't miss this one. It's a pretty amazing episode and you are going to want to get your hands on a warclub, hands down.
August 23, 2018
Feeling the Effects and Moving Numbers of the Mace with NewBreed MaceBell
Feeling the Effect and Moving Number of the Mace with NewBreed MaceBell - Episode #14 Finally a duo episode on the Steel Mace Warrior Podcast! We have Lily Orozco and Daniel Ramsay from NewBreed MaceBell. We talk about their individual stories, how they met and came together to start the NewBreed headquarters and programming. Let's just say they delivered! Don't miss these two inspirational coaches on episode 14.
August 16, 2018
Giving the mace time and staying true to yourself with Coach RT3
Giving the mace time and staying true to yourself with Coach RT3. In this episode i talk to Coach RT3 about his extraordinary story which includes personal transitional moments. From Thailand back to San Francisco. He shares his mace knowledge – when you need to set the mace down, give it time and staying true to yourself and what you believe in. Lot’s of golden nuggets inside this episode. Look out for them!
August 09, 2018
Life Through Movement and Exploring The Gray Areas with Kelly Manzone
Join me as i talk to the second WOMAN WARRIOR on the Steel Mace Warrior podcast named Kelly Manzone. She is a Wife, Mother, Fitness Professional and Unconventional Athlete that will be sharing her experience in kettlebell, mace and mobility. Specifically we talk about her story with coming back strong from a Colitis condition, exploring the fitness world rather than to stay black and white with training,how you can swing a mace better with stick mobility prep and so so much more. Can't wait for you to give it a listen, IT'S A MUST. Plus Kelly is kind, highly knowledgeable and plain out cute buff. Don't miss out.
August 02, 2018
Primal Mace Movement Encoded with Zack Yanyk
In this SMW episode we talk about why people seem to love the steel mace (our theory on it being encoded in our body) , the yin and yang concept to mace, some mace history and so much more! Zack is full of mace knowledge and he pours it out on this episode. If you are a mace warrior don't miss this one.
July 16, 2018
Life is an Art with Pawel Widuto
Join me as i talk with Pawel Widuto, Head Coach of House of Tengu and Co-Founder of Art of Functional Movement. In this episode you will learn more about Pawel and we talk about seeing the mace as one piece of the puzzle & his thoughts on it's main benefits, we also talk about the Art of Functional Movement elements (water, fire, air and earth) and how everything in life is an art (hint: even your mace). Make sure to give this episode a listen IF you are a true warrior!
June 30, 2018
Taking Action with Maces and Clubs with Don Giafardino
In this episode, i speak with Don Giafardino, the owner of Adex Clubs and Maces. We talk about his story which includes a shoulder injury he suffered with for years and how he took action with clubs and maces as an alternative to pills and surgery. And we talk about his awesome adjustable mace idea and the story of why he invented it in the first place. I love to put a face on the companies behind the warrior tools and this is it!
June 22, 2018
Viking Strength Foundations with Coach Vaughn
Let's get our Viking Strength Foundations down! In this episode i talk with Coach Vaughn from the Viking Valhalla Training Center in Palmdale, CA. Also known as Coach Vaughn on YouTube with over 3000 subscribers and anywhere between 7-9 K views on most of his Steel Mace videos, why wouldn't i have him on? He rocks educating people online and i wanted to personally learn more about him and what he is up to. We talk about the synergy between the Steel Mace and Kettle bells, his awesome e-book named Gada Swing (which is available right now, link below), working out bare foot and much more! Don't miss this one, your gonna love it.
June 15, 2018
Steel Mace Education with Tyler Valencia
In this episode, we are changing the mood by speaking with Tyler Valencia, President of The Kinesiology Institute for Performance Specialists (KIPS). KIPS provides a great online course and several workshops a year specifically about Steel Mace which i thought you would love to hear about if you are a personal trainer or coach! For all of the fitness enthusiasts and steel mace fans, we also talk about all sorts of other Mace related topics that i know you will enjoy. Got you covered too. Let's see what Tyler has to say about this amazing piece of equipment /fitness tool/ weapon. ALERT! The podcast episode order and # we're flipped. So you'll hear me say episode 6 but this is actually episode 7. There was a slight delay on the release of this podcast episode. Apologies for any confusion.
June 08, 2018
Flow Expression & Diving Deeper with Leo Savage
Join me as i talk with Leo Savage about flow as an expression and diving deeper with the Steel Mace.
May 15, 2018
Competition Mace and Unity with Rik Brown AKA Mr.Maceman
Join me as i talk to the famous (59 year old) Mr.Maceman. We talk about his story, "Traditional" competition style mace training, mace unity and several other steel mace training topics.
May 01, 2018
Wild Human Roots with Coach Seth Gibson
Listen along as we talk about Seth's Steel Mace story, using Steel Mace as physical therapy and going back to our wild human roots.
April 15, 2018
Element Flow with Serena Elizabeth AKA Steel Mace Gypsy
She is a warrior at Flow and she Flows so damn beautifully! In episode #3 we talk about "Element Flows" with special guest (and first woman warrior on SMW) Serena Elizabeth AKA Steel Mace Gypsy.
April 03, 2018
Steel Mace Strength and Medicine with Matt Berbary
Join me as i speak with CPPS Strength Coach & Steel Mace Coach Matt Berbary from Dat Strength about using the steel mace for strength and we can even use the steel mace as medicine for the mind, body and spirit.
February 27, 2018