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The Sicilian Mama

The Sicilian Mama

By Stefania Hartley
Giving advice you haven't asked for, since 2017
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2. How to ARGUE with People LESS WISE THAN YOU

The Sicilian Mama

8. Why you should ARGUE for NO REASON
Sometimes we argue because we need to let off some steam, because we are tired and grumpy, or because we need a cuddle. It's very confusing for the people we argue with, if we pretend that we have any other reasons: they might try to fix those instead.
June 01, 2020
7. How to be a pleasant LOCKDOWN COMPANION
As well as staying at home and keeping healthy, one of the things we can for our communities and countries right now, is being pleasant lockdown companions to the people that are stuck at home with us. Listen on for some suggestions. :-)
May 01, 2020
6. A good WIFE is like the TAXMAN
How do we become better wives, husbands or partners by taking a leaf out of the taxman's book? 1. When in doubt, overestimate the person’s worth 2. If you’ve taken too much, give back ...
April 01, 2020
5. How to be a BETTER DRIVER
Did you know that the 'L' of the 'L plate' doesn't stand for 'learner driver' (nor for 'lady driver')? What's the purpose of big cars and how should they be driven?
March 01, 2020
Valentine is round the corner. Does a cheating partner deserve a Valentine gift too?  Of course! And here are some ideas. :-)
February 01, 2020
3. How to ARGUE with Your PARTNER
In this third episode, I'll give you advice on how to argue with your partner. Depending on you circumstances, you might also like to listen to episode two: How to argue with people less wise than you. ;-)
January 01, 2020
2. How to ARGUE with People LESS WISE THAN YOU
Arguing is a skill that requires practice. Here is how you argue with people less wise than you.
December 01, 2019
1. How to APOLOGISE When You're NOT in The WRONG
We Sicilian Mamas are never in the wrong. Still, sometimes, people think we are and they expect an apology. This is how you apologise when you’re not in the wrong.
November 19, 2019