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Entrepreneurship & Pride

Entrepreneurship & Pride
In this episode of Business as Unusual I am breaking down some misconceptions about the first couple of months and even years of being an entrepreneur. Sometimes we give up too early in the entrepreneur journey simply because we have too much pride and are not willing to do what it takes to get the bills paid. This is my tough love talk on that.
March 7, 2018
Relationships & Entrepreneurship
Today I invited my husband Jeff on the show to discuss relationships and entrepreneurship. How do you make them work? What advice we can give both the entrepreneur and the partner to build and maintain a strong relationship all while building a business. I have been an entrepreneur for 8 years and am not shy about stating that my success is largly due to the support of my husband. Today you can learn even more about how we make it all work.
February 27, 2018
Social Media Weekend Update Feb 24
Get news about Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Snapchat. Show notes at
February 24, 2018
Instantly Improve Your Videos
Three tips to instantly improve your video • Sponsor today is • Breaking down three things to improve your video • Lavalier lapel microphone • Rode video mic • The Blue Yeti USB microphone is awesome • How to improve your sound quality of your videos without spending any money • Improve your lighting • Improve your Lighting on your videos for free • Umbrella light kits for the win • Who doesn't like a good light ring • Don't shake, stabilize • Turn any old tripod into a phone holder • A great little on-the-go tripod • Smartphone video stabilizer of choice • Show notes and resources • Let me know what you think. 👊
February 13, 2018
Social Media Weekend Update
Social media Weekend Update is here for February 3rd • New Instagram story ads and Instagram now let's business Pages schedule posts • Instagram rolls out type mode to stories • Twitter launches sponsored moments • Snapchat releases some updates to iOS • Snap has launched a merchandise store in app • Three things to note about Facebook's fourth quarter earnings report • Check out the show notes at
February 3, 2018
Social Media Weekend Update
Social Media Weekend Update Jan 27, 2017 • show notes at
January 27, 2018
More Facebook Engagement Now
More Facebook Engagement with Eddie Garrison • real world examples • very short video • Live video • use ads when it makes sense • thumbstopping animation • be in front of the camera. • tips for going live on Facebook • engagement cycles • recap & bonus tips • bonus tips on stories • Show notes at
January 23, 2018
Social Media Weekend Update
Social Media Weekend Update for January 21, 2018 #socialmedianews • Facebook puts the trustworthiness of new sources in the hands of the users • Facebook further test stories on desktop • Facebook is changing how photos are displayed in the news feed • WhatsApp launches its business app • Instagram is testing a new type feature for stories • Google will make page speed a factor in mobile search ranking starting in July • Show notes at
January 21, 2018
"See First" For Facebook Pages
See first on Facebook pages. Is that the answer? Let's discuss. • 1. You better already have something awesome going on over on your page. • 2. It's very important to not post too much • 3. Quality over quantity always • 4. There are other notification options for pages to try • What makes you want to subscribe to a business page?
January 19, 2018
More Facebook Engagement Now
5 tips for getting more engagement on Facebook Pages • 5 tips for getting more engagement on Facebook Pages • 5 tips for getting more engagement on Facebook Pages
January 18, 2018
Action Items For Facebook
Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm • Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm • Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm • Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm • Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm • Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm • Action Items for Overcoming the New Facebook Algorithm
January 17, 2018
Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps N
Facebook apocalypse? Perhaps not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not... • Facebook Apocalypse? Perhaps Not...
January 15, 2018
Social Media Weekend Update
Social media Weekend Update. • Facebook testing out video thumbnail tool • Facebook is testing a city specific section of it's app • Facebook now allows you to tag pages and people in stories • Facebook makes deals for music on the platform • Instagram is now halting live video that possibly has copyrighted material in it • Snapchat stories in more places? • Snapchat considering new ad rules • Would you pay for Facebook video chat Hardware? • Facebook zero? • Here's what's coming up in the future. Notes: • I want to hear from you!
January 14, 2018
Gratitude As A Power Play
Gratitude as a power play
January 11, 2018
Social Media Weekend Update
Social Media Weekend Update January 6th • Facebook testing out a grid view for profiles • What needs fixing on Facebook? • Instagram test allowing users to auto post stories to WhatsApp • Instagram messenger updates • Show notes • Thanks!
January 6, 2018
Hiring A Social Media Pro
5 signs it is time to invest in a social media manager • Are you doing the bare minimum? • Are you over promoting on social media? • Are you using social media like it's 2012? • Are you not seeing the results from social media that you want? • Are your social-media efforts getting you into trouble? • Next steps. Where to go to hire a social media Pro. • Get a referral for a social media manager • Check out social media networks to find your next social media professional • Google it • Upwork or similar sites can help you find affordable social media managers • A quick note about hiring in house social media manager • What to consider when hiring your first social media manager • Budget • Expectations • Do you need in house or freelancer? • How important is personality when it comes to hiring a social media manager? • Location, location, location. • Knowledge of your industry • How well do they know social media? • Questions or comments? • Show notes at
January 2, 2018
My Sick Note🤒🤧😷
My sick note. 🤒🤧😷
December 23, 2017
Social Media Updates
Social media Weekend Update time • Instagram now allows you to follow hashtags • Archive and add to collections Instagram stories • Instagram rolls out rights manager • Facebook ads more WhatsApp Integrations • Facebook is testing out a new privacy option for comments • Facebook rolls out our story on pages • Facebook rolling out of snooze button to quiet down people pages and groups for • Create Facebook Stories on your desktop? • Show notes at • Thank you!
December 18, 2017
Facebook Holidays
Facebook during the holidays. Ad costs are up. Targeting is getting harder. Reach is down. What is going on!? Show notes at
December 14, 2017
Repurposing Your Content
How to transform one piece of content into many in less time #contentcreation • For every podcast episode there's a lot of content that's created. • My favorite visual creation tool that also saves me time. • Highlight or repurpose content with video #videomarketing • The tool that keeps your Evergreen content coming. • Transform high-performing content into e-books checklist and guides in a Flash • Why do all this extra work? • Grab the show notes at • Join me over in my Facebook group
December 12, 2017
Social Media Weekend Update
Social media weekend update for December 10th • Snapchat news #snapchat • Instagram news #instagram • Pinterest news #pinterest • Facebook launches messenger for kids • Very important news for Facebook business page admins. • Facebook now offers sound collection a collection of Music creators can use • Facebook ads support for live broadcasting in messenger • Facebook wants us to get to know each other better • Facebook testing out visual tagging • Sharing is caring. ❤👊 • Show notes at
December 10, 2017
Imposter Syndrome
Imposter syndrome • Knowledge is power and confidence will get you paid. • Always be learning • If you want to be the best you have to learn from the best. • How do you overcome imposter syndrome? notes at
December 7, 2017
Dealing With Burnout
Dealing with Burnout • Email overwhelm • Clean, organize and set expectations to get your inbox under control. • Clean, organize and set expectations to get your inbox under control. • Lack of inspiration and boredom • Is it time to move on? • What if you want to stay? • Take the leap. • Show notes at
December 5, 2017
Social Media Content Calendar
Social Media Content calendar • Didn't work for a week, but my client content didn't suffer. • Content calendars are not a new concept • Content calendar tools • I'm obsessed with Trello, here's why... • Step 1 to building a content calendar • Example of content themes for each day of the week. • You NEED a content roadmap • Lays put this content calender together! • Content calendar show notes: • Hit me up with your questions and comments.
November 28, 2017
Social Media Weekend Update
Social Media Weekend Update November 18 • Facebook launches a creators app • Facebook merges Stories with Messenger Day • Twitter changes rules for a verification check mark • Facebook testing out slideshows for covers • Facebook testing custom filters in stories • LinkedIn ads Legions Drive even more ROI from marketers • Twitter now allows 50 character display names • Show notes at
November 18, 2017
Rock Your Instagram 👊
Rock Your Instagram with Special Guest Nicole Mickle • from fun to business via Instagram • How Instagram took Nicole from 50k properties to 600k properties #realestate • Instagram does more than bring you sales. • stop with the old school marketing and the magic will happen • share your interest and attract your tribe. • Rock Your Instagram with Special Guest Nicole Mickle
November 16, 2017
Instagram Stories
Instagram stories for business and branding #instagram • The DL on stories #instagramstories • Instagram story mini case story #instagram • Example and formula for Instagram stories. • 10 Tips for creating #instagramstories • Pre-create graphics for stories • Meet and photo shoot • Have a plan • Show notes at • In closing...
November 14, 2017
Social Media Weekend Update
Social Media Weekend Update 11.11.17 • Twitter expands tweet count • Twitter has a $99 promo program. • Snapchat announce loss and redesign • Facebook messenger testing live chat plugin for websites. • Instagram now allows users to upload story files older than 24 hours • Facebook Marketplace takes on the rental market • LinkedIn rolls out Sales Navigator • Facebook slaps some hands • Tag an event in Facebook • Facebook makes it easier to manage posts on mobile. • Follow hashtags on Instagram • Get more organized on Pinterest • Show notes
November 11, 2017
Formula For Email Marketing Su
Formula for creating the perfect email marketing content. #emailmarketing • KISS for email marketing #emailmarketing • 4 step formula for the perfect email #emailmarketing • What color is important for your goals #emailmarketing • Fonts are super important in #emailmarketing • Okay a couple more words on images in your #emailmarketing • Mobile is a must #emailmarketing • 3 things people consider when you send them an email • 1. Do I know you #emailmarketing • 2. Timing id's everything #emailmarketing • 3. Subject lines #emailmarketing • Show notes at • Join my Facebook group at
November 9, 2017
Stock Video, Music And Photos
A comprehensive guide to stock video, music and photos • Whatbis royalty free mean? • Creative Commons and tongue twisters • Public domain, a marketers dream • Free Music Archive • Icompetech • Amazon royalty free music • Music For Makers • Free stock video • Pixabay has free video, photos and more. • Pexels has beautiful video clips • Where to find 4k video stock • Unsplash is the gold standard of free stock photos • ❤ Creative Market • Make sure you are unique with this tool • Show notes at • Thanks for listening! Hit me up with your questions & don't for get to review! ❤
November 7, 2017
Social Media Weekend Update
Social Media Weekend Update 11.4.17 • Instagram stories gets more prominence in newsfeed #instagram • Instagram stories stop motion • Periscope pays broadcasters more...kind of • Facebook thinks they know you better than you think • Facebook GIF polls officially on pages and profiles now. • Snap wants to compete with the big boys in the ad race • Facebook wants to see your dance moves • Facebook wants to show you breaking news • 365 + LinkedIn = ❤ • More tools for group admins on Facebook • Facebook account switching made easy. • YouTube comes to the big screen • More ways to give money on Facebook • Show notes at • Can I get a 5⭐ review?
November 4, 2017
Facebook Contests
The ins and outs of contest on Facebook • Do' s and don'ts of Facebook contests • What you can and should do in a Facebook contest • What you Can't do in Facebook contests • Woobox is my favorite contest tool. • Agrapulse offers free Facebook contest tools. • One more suggestion and my pick for best Facebook contest tool • Like and comment Facebook contests • The steaks are higher with a sweepstakes • Brackets to keep people engaged. • Practice K.I.S.S. when it comes to Facebook contests • Join my Facebook group • Show notes at
November 2, 2017
Facebook Live For REALTORS
Live broadcasting for REALTORS #realestatemarketing • Any accounts that you recommend to follow for real estate investors 😀 • Awesome REALTORS on Instagram and Facebook #realestatemarketing • How ...
October 31, 2017
Social Media Update 10.28.17
Social Media Saturday sponsor link #socialmedia • The big Anchor update - pros and cons #anchorradio • Facebook Gif polls are coming to personal profiles #facebook • ...
October 28, 2017
Wish I Knew When I Started
What wish I knew when first I started my social media marketing business • What wish I knew when first I started my social media marketing business • What wish I knew when first I started my social...
October 25, 2017
Facebook And The Explore Tab
Will Facebook move pages to explore tab?
October 24, 2017
Easy Video Editing Tools
Tools for Easy Video Creation and Editing #videomarketing • 3 things I consider when picking video tools #videomarketing • Free tool for Mac users. #videomarketing • Free video tool for PC users. #...
October 24, 2017
Social Media Update 10.21
Social Media Saturday Updates 10.21 • Facebook explore feed and a scary rumors giving page admins nightmares • Facebook Video quality goes up • Facebook live updates • Facebook and PayPal • The lov...
October 21, 2017
Build Your Email List
Strategies to build your email list #emailmarketing • Sometimes it's the simplest solutions that are most effective #emailmarketing • Fish bowls and email lists #emailmarketing • Social networks pl...
October 18, 2017
Free Tools For Email Marketing
Free tools for email marketing • Why you need an ESP (email service provider) #emailmarketing • Mailchimp is the gold standard of free ESPs #emailmarketing • Sumome - a great free tool to help gro...
October 18, 2017
Social Media Update 10.14.17
Social Media Saturday for 10.14.17 • Google buys 60db • Twitter looks to add a bookmark feature. #twitter • Design guidelines on Instagram Stories. • Snapchat gives more context to snaps. • Order f...
October 14, 2017
SMMW Changed My Business
How attending SMMW conference changed my life @smexaminer • I almost didn't go to #smmw17 • Overcoming anxiety at a huge event. • Paid off before I even left San Diego. #smmw17 • Check out the deta...
October 13, 2017
Social Media Advice For REALTO
5 Tips for REALTORS when utilizing social media. #realestate • 1. Go live on Facebook • 2. Invest in Facebook ads. • 3. Stop pushing only your listings out. #realestate #socialmedia • 4. Be an earl...
October 12, 2017
3 Email List Building Fails
3 ways to fail at email marketing • 1. Do NOT add your social media connections to your email list. #emailmarketing • 2. Do not add all the business cards to your email marketing list. #emailmarket...
October 11, 2017
Tips For Working From Home
8 thinks ever work from home professional needs to know. • Have a dedicated workspace. • Set boundaries • Get out and network • Socialize with like minded positive people. • Have a creative outlet ...
October 9, 2017
Social Media Update 10.7.17
Help Puerto Rico with music! • #JustDoIt ⚓️🦋 • Social Media Update 10.7.17 #smm • Facebook testing service provider search. #facebooknews • Facebook confirms integration between FB and IG Stories ...
October 7, 2017
Advice For A New Entrepreneur
My advice for new entrepreneur • October 2017 Entrepreneur Magazine • Participate
October 6, 2017
One Thing To Save Your Page
The one thing that will save your Facebook page • The one thing that will save your Facebook page
October 4, 2017
Overcoming Writer's Block
How to create content that doesn't suck • Figure out what people want with Answer the Public. • Hubspot's Blog Idea Generator • Create headlines that drive traffic and shares • BlogAbout by Impact ...
October 3, 2017
Finding Content Ideas
Where to find the best content to share on social media • we really do geek out on this stuff • Facebook groups are a goldmine for content • Instagram and Buzzsumo • give people what they want and...
October 3, 2017
Social Media Updates 9.30
Bye bye twitter! • Social Media Saturday Updates 9.30.17 • Twitter tests 280 characters • Facebook tests WhatsApp ads #whatsapp #facebookads • Face off movie spinoff? Nah just a new Facebook featur...
September 30, 2017
Sentient Future Branding Sessi
The Sentient Future Branding Session • The Sentient Future Branding Session • The Sentient Future Branding Session • The Sentient Future Branding Session • The Sentient Future Branding Session • Th...
September 28, 2017
Auditing Yourself Online
Auditing your brand online • Quick story about the importance of auditing your brand online. • Start with your website. • Go mobile or get left in the dark • Claim profiles and make updates • What ...
September 27, 2017
Instagram Tools
Tool Time Tuesday: Instagram Tools • Hashtag tools: For Display Purposes • Hashtag Tools: and Leetags • Scheduling Tools: Later & Buffer • Scheduling tools and Instagram TOS • User G...
September 26, 2017
Working With A VA
Everything you wanted to know about hiring a VA (Virtual Assistant) • finding a VS and tools my VS uses • how to be a good client to a VA • learn more about Laura at
September 25, 2017
Entrepreneurship Is...
So you want to be an entrepreneur... #entrepreneurship • True entrepreneurs don't care about Cartier and Cristal. #entrepreneur
September 24, 2017
Social Media Saturday Updates
Social Media Saturday Updates 9.23.17 • Facebook Integrates WhatsApp • Instagram Live Video Masks • Mute unruly Facebook Group Members • Choose any frame on Facebook video covers. • Instagram adds ...
September 23, 2017
Midweek Social Media Update
Midweek social media rollout #socialmedia • Facebook integrates further with Instagram • Facebook ads targeting offline activities #Facebookads • Facebook groups tab #f...
September 20, 2017
Tools For YouTubers
Tool Time Tuesday! • A tool for YouTube Tags and Keywords • Tools for YouTube Thumbnails • What YouTube tools do you use?
September 19, 2017
Tim Time Brainstorm Session
The Tim Time session is here. Come hang out with us. • Tim Time Session • Tim Time Session • Tim Time Session • Tim Time Session • Tim Time Session • Tim Time Session
September 18, 2017
Social Media Update 9.16.17
Social Media Saturday Updates 9.16 • No more power editor in Facebook • Twitter team feature in iOS and Android • Take a break feature on Facebook • Search with images in Facebook • Private profile...
September 16, 2017
Fortune Is In The Follow Up
Special treat on my sick day 2 • The Fortune is in the Follow up • The Fortune is in the Follow up • The Fortune is in the Follow up • The Fortune is in the Follow up • The Fortune is in the Follow...
September 13, 2017
September 11.
Fear. • Hate. • Never forget • Am I the only one?
September 11, 2017
Q And A for 9.10.17
Twitter night mode • Clarification on Twitter night mode • Facebook groups are alright with me 😉 • Tablet question. Thanks • 💯 work can be done from a tablet with the right tools • Alexa skills f...
September 11, 2017
Social Media Saturday 9.9.17
Social Media Saturday Updates - 9.9.17 • Instagram stories to push to Facebook stories? • Instagram 1 week stories • Facebook wants to connect to more people • Facebook gets even more colorful • Ro...
September 9, 2017
Growing My Facebook Page
Facebook slowness • Facebook slowness pt. 2 • Facebook slowness part 3 • Are you struggling to grow a Facebook page? • Get offline to grow your Facebook page • Using email to grow your Facebook Pag...
September 7, 2017
Hiring A VA
Let's chat about hiring VA • How I found me VA • Tools my VA and I use • Final notes on using a virtual assistant
September 7, 2017
Afraid To Fail
Are you afraid to fail? • Failure is a good thing. Expect to fail. Be a force.
September 7, 2017
Tools For Lean Entrepreneurs
Tool Time Tuesday! • Accounting and invoicing for the bootstrapping entrepreneur • Calendar management & scheduling tool • Communication and meeting tool • A tool to keep you organized • Thank you!
September 5, 2017
Avoiding Social Media Meltdown
Social Meltdown • Reason 1 people feel overwhelmed by social media • 2nd reason people feel overwhelmed on social media • How to create constant content for Anchor? • Another way to come up with An...
September 3, 2017
You Are A Diamond
💎 You are a diamond💎
September 3, 2017
Social Media Saturday 9.2.17
It's social media Saturday time! • Facebook watch is giving you more reasons to ditch cable. • Easier to find what's trending on Facebook Live via mobile. • Goodbye Facebook ads... well kind of • I...
September 2, 2017
Poly Podcasting
Should you have more than one station on Anchor? • Poly-podcastung with Dr. Dan • Two stations or one? • 1 station or 2 on anchor? ⚓ • 1 or 2 channels on anchor (part 2) • My reason for 1 account •...
August 31, 2017
When To Post To Facebook
There is no right time to post to Facebook
August 27, 2017
Social Media Saturday Updates
Saturday Social Media Round-up • Facebook 360 Photos • Facebook wants you to use stories. • Dedicated safety check in Facebook • Facebook adds source logos to articles. • YouTube updates • 6 sec. V...
August 26, 2017
Facebook 360 Gets An Update
Breaking Facebook news/updates
August 24, 2017
Secrets Of A SMM
Secrets of a Social Media Manager. • How to manage your own social media (Replay from a Facebook Live) • How to manage your own social media (Replay from a Facebook Live) • How to manage your own s...
August 24, 2017
Facebook Video Orientation
Facebook live tip of the day #facebooklive • FB Live portrait only? • setting landscape vs. vertical in #facebooklive • should you go live in vertical or horizontal? #facebooklive
August 23, 2017
Tools & Tips Tuesday
Tools & Tips Tuesday • 1). Grammarly is my new favorite tool. • 2). the best tool for anchor users with no website. • Thank You ❤
August 22, 2017
Facebook Live: Lights & Angles
Facebook live lighting & angles #facebooklive • 💡 lighting tips for video #facebooklive • How you look on camera... #facebooklive • more tips on Facebook Live to come or go to
August 21, 2017
8 Tips Before A Live Broadcast
Sunday Funday! Special Facebook Live series! • 8 things to do before you go live on Facebook • 1). Pre-promotion • 2). Check your lighting #facebooklive • 3). check your camera angl...
August 20, 2017
Social Media Saturday News
Social Media Saturday • LinkedIn is getting into the video scene. (about time) / • LinkedIn rolls out Active Status for Messenging. • Facebook Ad Updates. • Facebook, Faceboo...
August 19, 2017
Increase Your Facebook Reach
get your Facebook reach up. #facebookmarketing • So what's your reach on Facebook? • The #1 thing you can do to get more organic reach on Facebook. • want to go viral? you need this... • when to bo...
August 17, 2017
What's Holding You Back?
what is holding you back from doing things? • 100% guarantee no one shows up unless you do it. • I'm afraid of what people think. • it is not my job to make you feel comfortable in the way I look. ...
August 16, 2017
Graphic Design Tools
Tools & Tips Tuesday - graphic design tools you need. #entrepreneur • 1. Canva • Stencil • 3. PicMonkey • 4. Wordswag • What is your favorite tool to create graphics?
August 15, 2017
Coming Up With New Content
I have a day job, is this just an excuse for not making more content? • How to come up with new and ongoing content for anchor (or other mediums)
August 13, 2017
Social Media Saturday Update
Facebook Launches Watch. learn more at • Bye Bye Groups App • Marketplace now on desktop • Big news from • anchor for the win • what do you think about these updates?
August 12, 2017
Time Spent On Competition Is..
throwback Thursday • Time Spent on Competition is a Waste of Time (Part 1) • Time Spent on Competition is a Waste of Time (Part 2)
August 10, 2017
Love Your Neighbor
Focusing on completion is a waste of time for most entrepreneurs.
August 10, 2017
Social Media Content Plan
Not sure what to post to your social networks? Coming up blank for content ideas? I have a simple launch plan for you.
August 9, 2017
Tools To Grow Your Business
Tools to grow your business • A tool that turns your blog post into video • tips to make this tool even better. • the fortune is in the follow up. • thank you!
August 8, 2017
Who Are You Going To Be Today
You were born for greatness.
August 7, 2017
Get More Referral Business
After creating a successful business built mostly on solid relationships and referrals, I am happy to share some of the keys to my success with referrals.
August 7, 2017
Social Media Saturday Updates
Let's geek out over the latest news, strategies and tools in social media marketing.
August 5, 2017
In a world full of people who expect instant gratification, finding success with social media marketing can be tough. But there is a way to break through and find that success.
August 5, 2017
Why Autheticity Wins
In a time when filters, gloss and shiny reflections of our brands & ourselves run rampid, authenticity may be the golden ticket to social media success.
August 4, 2017
Being Extraordinary
be extraordinary in your business. my first anchor broadcast!
August 3, 2017

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The easiest way to make a podcast, ever.

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