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We Are Unlimited!

We Are Unlimited!

By Helen Flitcroft
Welcome to "We Are Unlimited! Creation Mastery for Inspired Leaders", hosted by success coach, Helen Flitcroft from Stellar Humans Coaching. Join the League Of Champions facebook group for free resources, knowledge and Q&A PLUS you can join these recording sessions live and ask your questions directly to our guests! Join Here: Free Gift For Mumpreneurs (because I love Mumpreneurs!) ---->
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Things That Are Wrong In The Coaching Industry AND What We're Doing About It.

We Are Unlimited!

Inspiring And Expanding Community Leadership With Young Adults. Interview with Emilie Kate.
What a show!  Listen to Emilie Kate from BestLife speak candidly about inspiring community leadership with young adults in Brisbane, Australia.  She talks openly of the journey towards personal awareness, unpacking her journey out of anxiety and living with purpose!  The interview wraps up with a moving story of young apprentice mechanic who took himself on, stepped up in his workplace and who now leads and inspires other young adults in his wider community. BestLife: Here On Purpose: Evolve & Entertain Global TV: #1 Social Media School for Entrepreneurs: P.S Want to learn the principles of creating a passionately successful life? Join the League Of Champions Facebook community for free training, education, inspiration and other incredible guest interviews such as this one. Go to
May 20, 2020
Meet Lindsay Kallen Weisner. 10 Steps To Finding Happy. Ending the stigma of youth suicide.
Here is the long-awaited pt 2 to the earlier interview with Lindsay Kallen Weisner where we discussed topics around the stigma attached to youth suicide.  Lindsay is launching a book to raise awareness, end the stigma and facilitate more open and honest communication on the subject. Listen and be inspired. See more: #10StepsEndTheStigma Get the book: Care about Youth Suicide and want to help Lindsay in her mission? To Donate Visit: Know someone who could help OR be helped by Lindsay? Reach out to her directly on facebook: xx Helen
February 11, 2020
Be inspired by Matthew Scott and his mission to house the homeless in Brisbane, Australia
 woot! Meet League Of Champions member, Matthew Scott. Matty is a much loved member in our community and is the founder of the non-profit, Housing The Homeless Queensland. It’s time you all knew about Matthew and his bold vision! If you feel inspired by his inspirational story and want help him to help the world’s homeless… Well here’s your chance. Matthew’s mission is to bring more smiles, community and opportunity to those experiencing homelessness. First in Australia and then on a global scale. Homelessness in Australia is on the rise and Matthew has a 2-step mission to reverse that trend significantly. The first step (currently in operation) is to create a fleet of portable bike-caravans that protect people from the harsh elements and provide them more location freedom. Have a look in the comments/show notes for some pictures of these! The organisation would love support to help build and distribute more of these portable shelters. Have you got any ideas for fund-raising? How could awareness of this project be increased? Would you or your business like to explore available sponsorship opportunities? Please leave a comment or private message if you can assist Matthew in his courageous any way! Get your thinking caps on people...comment and tag below! The second step in the Housing The Homeless mission will be to create more community and opportunity for the homeless by providing easy to construct and cheap shipping-container housing. There are already some exciting precedents for this “housing-first” model and it was discovered that housing homeless citizens is actually less costly and a far better investment for governments. One project reported the following: "Detox visits were reduced by 82 percent. Incarceration days and costs were reduced by 76 percent. 77 percent of those entering the program continued to be housed in the program after two years." Listen to this inspiring story of a passion project in creation. Of course there have been highs and lows as there will continue to be...we hope Matthew’s story inspires you to go out and create cool stuff in the world too. Stuff that your heart and soul is asking you to create! Matthew, myself and the League Of Champions community applaud you! We wish you and Housing The Homeless all the very best in your endeavours this year. X Helen P.s Time sensitive: There is a current raffle fund-raiser. For a $20 ticket you could win a latest model Thermomix! Ticket numbers are being kept low so the odds are decent. Of course all funds raised go towards building more caravans for homeless people. Be quick! (link in comments)
February 11, 2020
How To Talk About Youth Suicide with Linsday Kallen Weisner
Part 1 of an interview with Lindsay Kallen Weisner who is doing some cool stuff around removing the stigma from youth suicide. She will also be launching a book in March on how to create permanent satisfaction. I love this woman - if you can't tell! Our brains work the same way which makes for an interesting dynamic :) Part 2 we will record soon and we'll find out how we can help Lindsay get the word out about her project and mission. If you have any questions you'd like me to ask her in part 2, now is the time to let us know.  Comment or send us a voice message right here on Links:…/…/ref=mp_s_a_1_13… To pre-order the book: Facebook: Lindsay Kallen Weisner Twitter: @LindsaySKallen Instagram @psychshrinkmom @neuroticnourishment @10stepsfindinghappy Podcast:…/neurotic-nourishm…/id1464366670  Want to start moving from feeling stuck and stagnant to being on track, on fire and loving life? Check out our free coaching options;
January 8, 2020
You're Never Too Broken. With Daeyna Jackson
Daeyna Jackson came from the brink of suicide in Jamaica to creating a world-wide ministry inspiring women to turn their own mess into their super-power.  I can't think of anyone I'd rather kick of this "Inspire" segment with! It's 30 minutes of pure heart-swelling motivation with deep deep substance. In today's show we discuss; - How no one is ever too broken to turn their lives around. -What it takes to dig deep and step into power. -How to believe in yourself and be more of who you truly are.  Daeyna also shares some inspiring stories of other women who have completely changed the trajectory of their lives for the better - and of course a piece of music that she loves. ***Please share this episode with as many people as you can. If you know someone who needs to hear this message, share it with them directly ** To get yourself another dose of Daeyna; And here's that track that had us both crying in the show Thank-you, Daeyna! What a gift you are to the world. x Helen p.s If you'd like to watch the video version of this episode plus get the support, inspiration tools and resources to live your greatest life; join our free success coaching community , League Of Champions. We'll connect you with exactly what you need right now to get to the next level in life - for free! If you loved this episode as much as I did, leave a voice message for Daeyna right here on 
December 30, 2019
Mums Talk Sex with Pelvic Health Specialist, Emma Perks
Today we are talking relationships and sexual well being for Mums with the gorgeous soul that is Emma Perks from Tahi right here in New Plymouth!! - incrementally retreating from the world and the things we used to enjoy after growing and giving birth to children and how that impacts our emotional state - pain during sex - underwhelming orgasms - the holistic connection between emotions and body in relation to things functioning well 'down there'. - some terrific book and product recommendations to help move pelvic health in the right direction - a Christmas giveaway..first in, first served! What an eye opening conversation...we'll definitely have to have her back soon! Here are the show links: Get in touch with Emma via Tahi New Plymouth Join the League Of Champions Free Success Coaching Facebook Group More on Emma; Emma is a Pelvic Health & Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist and the founder of Full Circle Physiotherapy. Emma has been a physiotherapist for the past 15 years and collated a wealth of experience and knowledge within many fields including Women's Health, Chronic Pain, Sports Injuries, Orthopaedics and Musculoskeletal conditions. She has been focused primarily within pelvic health for the last 5 years .Like a lot of physio's, Emma found her passion for Pelvic Health after having her eldest child and realising that there was a massive hole within healthcare regarding the education and knowledge needed when treating prenatal, postnatal and perimenopausal women. Emma now has 2 children aged 5 and 3 and lives with her husband Simon in New Plymouth. It is Emma's passion to see that no woman should ever feel limited from achieving her full potential due to any pelvic heath issues they maybe experiencing. Full Circle Physiotherapy is based at Tahi in New Plymouth CBD working alongside other practitioners who all have a collaborative women's health and wellness focus.
December 20, 2019
Mums Talk Sex with Womb Healing Specialist, Sama Morningstar
In this powerful episode we reconnect to a space long neglected and abused...our womb! Sama takes us though a simple exercise to connect back to ourselves and the divine feminine.  She discusses how important it is to acknowledge and have a relationship with the (almost forgotten) energy centre which is our womb. We talk about our power in creation. We talk about Nitric Oxide - the pleasure gas (and how to get more of it). We have the fortunate opportunity to be in touch with the energy of Sama's ancestors...and so, so much more! Sama also drops an INCREDIBLE (time sensitive) opportunity for you if you know you have some healing to do..does this invitation call to your soul? I hope you enjoy the show! xx Helen P.S You'll find everything that you need to connect with Sama right here Join the League Of Champions free success coaching group and start winning your inner game
December 12, 2019
Mums Talk Sex! With special guest, Misty Johnson McIntyre
Alright, here's our first episode of Mum's Talk Sex! This is definitely going to be a worthwhile project!  To kick things off I interview the beautiful Misty Johnson McIntyre, sex therapist and relationship repair coach. I know I had some really profound aha moments while recording this 30 minute interview and I feel like we're only just scratching the surface of the tip of the iceberg! I know many Mums out there are going to really connect with what Misty shared with us today so please feel free to drop a voice message here on to carry on the conversation. Here are the links mentioned in the show: Book Recommendation: Come as you are- Emily Nagoski  Free call with Misty:  Facebook group: The Connected Couple  Relationship Repair Quickstart guide:  Join the free success coaching facebook group, League Of Champions,  for more conversations like this and to start winning your inner game Enjoy! x Helen More on Misty: Misty attended the University of Georgia and obtained Bachelor of Science degree in Child and Family Development. She then went on to receive her Master of Science degree in Marriage and Family Therapy on an academic scholarship from Valdosta State University where she graduated at the top of her class. She is currently a board Certified Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist and is a Sex Therapist (certification pending completion). She owns and operates a private practice outside of Atlanta in the US, as well as an online coaching practice so that she can extend her services to more people who are interested in healing and growing in their marriages, creating healthy relationships, and feeling deeply connected to self and others. She is married to her husband Ty. Together, they have a son, a baby on the way, and 2 Labrador retrievers.
December 6, 2019
Things That Are Wrong In The Coaching Industry AND What We're Doing About It.
Great coaches just want to help people. Great clients just want to be helped and are ready to do the work. It should be a match made in heaven so why is it so hard for good, ethical coaches to find paying clients and for clients of online programs to get the results they wanted? In my experience most coaches are taught to go looking for clients who can already put down $3-$10K on a group program and not to waste their time and skills on those without such financial capability? The premise being that if you don't have $10K expendable income then you're somehow defective?  Often the coach finds someone already crushing it and takes a nice piece of the credit when they crush a little harder with their help. Which is a great win-win don't get me wrong. But this isn't the only demographic who can benefit from what coaches can give. On the flip-side, it's so easy for coaches to blame clients for lack of results or lack of engagement (and therefor lack of results). This is something that I see happening in the industry a lot right now. (Of course there are some awesome providers out there providing an incredible service but many aren't and they don't seem to care a whole lot).  So when the coach is not taking a generous portion of accountability for client outcomes, he/or she doesn't question why or how they can do better next time (let alone apologise for not being able to help). So long as they're good enough marketers and salespeople to sell enough people into their programs to "prove" that their system works...then they're set. Yet so many caring, good-hearted coaches just want to coach and to be making a real difference in people's lives. Not be a marketer, not be a tech geek, not be a ballsy salesperson...and they're up against the people who are all these things. It's sad. For the past year I've been mulling over this ridiculous situation and have been neck-deep designing and testing a solution around how coaching is delivered. A model that puts client results at the very forefront and coaches very much on notice for the results they deliver.  So that's why I've been quiet here for the past 10 months....however all that is about to change! Listen to this latest episode of the We Are Unlimited Podcast to hear how myself and a bunch of other caring and ethical coaches are re-inventing how coaching is sold and delivered. Much love. Helen P.S If you're a Mumpreneur. Don't forget to grab your free mindset gift here . And come and join our free success coaching facebook community  'League Of Champions' here.
October 17, 2019
Ricki Brideoake is Unlimited!
Welcome Networking interview for the We Are Unlimited Facebook Group. The program The Fb Page The "I'm fucking getting shit done song" haha " To request to join the  We Are Unlimited Facebook Group. Apply Here
March 26, 2019
Episode 4
An open coaching session. The last in a series of 12 and following on from a process in session #11. Here we look at to what degree we are rejecting the NOW moment and then move on to closing down generational suffering patterns.  Feel free to reach out to me via the website if this session hits home.
February 7, 2019
JUICED! Interview: Christopher Duncan. Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Coach - Speaker - Author
 Episode #3 of the We Are Unlimited Podcast marks the first interview in the "JUICED!" Series.  JUICED! is a 15 minute blast of pure, concentrated business advice from 6 and 7 figure entrepreneurs. Just gold. No waffle. 15 minutes flat. (Or at least that's what we're aiming for!) I'm so honoured and excited to announce my first guest: CHRISTOPHER DUNCAN Multi-Million Dollar Entrepreneur - Coach - Speaker - Author - Christopher Duncan is a 3 x Best Selling Author, Coach, Entrepreneur and Investor.  He is CEO of FASTTRACK Business - an education company for entrepreneurs Co Founder of Fitness FASTTRACK - the 30 minute body revolution  Creator of The Emotional Clarity Method, The Magnetic Mind Process,  a Digital Marketing Certification and Amplify Speaker Training. He has been featured in the RISEUP movie along side Tony Robbins, The Dalai Lama and more.  He believes in FREEDOM, Human Potential and Education “Education unlocks the hidden potential in every human being”  By 17 years of age Chris had a successful Personal training business,  at 20 he was running a DJ company .. and at 22 he was broke, in debt  after a massive failed business.. He realised the one thing needed for  business success was SALES & Marketing, but not the kind you can  learn in a book… he become committed to figuring this out  Investing heavily in personal development and finding a great mentor, he  started a door-to-door company.. after 6 months his biggest week was  $250,000 .. Moving to Australia and starting a new company  Chris’s “education-first” sales and marketing approach quickly had  people asking him to help them with their business.. Chris built this  new company to $1 mil in turn over within 12 months Christopher now 31 years old has Built over 12 successful businesses, and has coached 1000’s of others to do the same.. He is known as someone who can get results fast..  Chris now runs several companies and travels the world inspired to show  others how they can grow business’s fast and achieve freedom using a  proven step by step formula. In this 30-minute interview, Chris drops 12+ golden bombs for business success and one MASSIVE time-sensitive opportunity. Get in on the Millionaire Mind 5 Day Challenge with the link below
January 15, 2019
Episode #2 Relationship 'Betrayal' and The 3 Vital C's for Change.
What you can do to turn your relationship around ASAP.
October 26, 2018
We Are Unlimited! Episode #1 My Origin Story.
Moving from consciously motivated to subconsciously liberated.
October 24, 2018