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Episode 30: Interview with former-Dallas Maverick Dennis Smith Jr.

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By Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan
Welcome to the Mavs Step Back Podcast, where we discuss anything and everything related to the Dallas Mavericks: game coverage, breaking news, rumors, you name it! Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan are your hosts, and you can follow along with their Mavs conversations on Twitter: @dalton_trigg and @MattGalatzan. Pod is featured on S.I.’s Thanks for listening!

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Previous guests include: Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, Dennis Smith Jr., Justin Jackson, Will Cain, Tony Ronzone, George Galanopoulos, Mike Fisher and much more
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Welcome to the Mavs Step Back Podcast, where we discuss anything and everything related to the Dallas Mavericks: game coverage, breaking news, rumors, you name it! Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan are your hosts, and you can follow along with their Mavs conversations on Twitter: @dalton_trigg and @MattGalatzan. Pod is featured on S.I.’s Thanks for listening!

Featured on Sports Illustrated’s

Previous guests include: Mark Cuban, Donnie Nelson, Dennis Smith Jr., Justin Jackson, Will Cain, Tony Ronzone, George Galanopoulos, Mike Fisher and much more

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Episode 49: Mavs Basketball Talk with 'The Matrix' Shawn Marion
On this week's episode, Dalton Trigg and Matt Galatzan are joined by former-Dallas Maverick and NBA Champion, Shawn Marion, aka, 'The Matrix.' Before the guys talk basketball, Marion starts out by telling how retirement life has been treating him. From there, Marion and the guys discuss a wide variety of Mavs and NBA topics for nearly a half-hour, including: Mark Cuban creating a family atmosphere within the organization, the Mavs red-hot start to the season, Luka Doncic's MVP performances, Kristaps Porzingis still having another level he can get to, what the Mavs need to solidify their status as a legitimate championship contender, and much, much more! Thanks for listening!
December 6, 2019
Episode 48: Luka and the Mavs win BIG over LeBron and the Lakers in Los Angeles, 114-100
In this episode, Dalton and Matt recap the Mavs' thrilling 114-100 victory over the Lakers in Los Angeles, in what was, in the guys' opinions, the biggest win of the season. From Luka Doncic's third quarter magic, to Dwight Powell's best overall game of the season, to Justin Jackson Island filling up with each passing day, the guys cover all of it, plus look ahead to the Mavs' upcoming schedule as well. Thanks for listening!
December 2, 2019
Episode 47: Luka Doncic out-duels James Harden in Mavs 137-123 road win in Houston
In this episode, Dalton is joined by his brother and fellow MFFL, Colton Trigg, this week, as the Thanksgiving holiday vibes are already underway for the Trigg family. Dalton and Colton recap the Mavs' impressive 137-123 dismantling of the Rockets with Luka Doncic's 41 points leading the way. From there, the guys talk about some potential trades that would instantly thrust the Mavs into title contention, while also acknowledging that title contention with this current roster might not be out of the question if they keep playing the way they have been. This episode also includes a brief preview of the Mavs' upcoming home game against the Clippers on Tuesday night in what could be Luka's biggest defensive test yet with guys like Kawhi Leonard, Paul George and Patrick Beverley coming at him. Thanks for listening!
November 25, 2019
Episode 46: Exclusive interview with Mavs' GM Donnie Nelson
On this special edition of the Mavs Step Back Podcast, Mavs' GM Donnie Nelson drops in with Dalton and Matt to talk about a variety of Mavs topics, including: Luka Doncic's MVP leap in Year 2, Kristaps Porzingis still working his way back into form, constructing the roster this summer to fit what head coach Rick Carlisle does best, how the Mavs are constantly working the trade lines, and much more!
November 21, 2019
Episode 45: Luka Doncic obliterates the Warriors, plus Mavs and music talk with Six Six Drew
On this episode, Dalton and Matt talk about the Mavs 142-94 blowout win over the Warriors, as Luka Doncic continues to put up monster MVP-like numbers this season. The Mavs are now 9-5 on the season, and will look to go 4-0 on their current home-stand against the Cavs on Friday night. In the second half of this pod, the guys are joined by Andrew Bishop Jr., a.k.a., Six Six Drew, who is a hip-hop artist and part of the Mavs Step Back Pod family. Drew has created all the intros for the podcast, and in this episode, he talks about how he thinks Doncic is already heading to the Hall of Fame, plus gives us some insight into his new album called "Save My Soul," which features his track, "Luka Doncic." Thanks for listening!
November 21, 2019
Episode 44: Mavs fall to Knicks at home, 106-102 - What went wrong here?
In this "instant reaction" pod, Dalton and Matt recap the Dallas Mavericks' disheartening 106-102 loss to the New York Knicks on Friday night at American Airlines Center. Despite Luka Doncic's massive 38/14/10 triple double, there was no sugar-coating this one. It was simply a bad loss in the Mavs' eighth game of the season, and the guys believe that the issues at hand start with head coach Rick Carlisle and his inconsistent starting lineups and rotations. Come vent with us, MFFL. Thanks for listening!
November 9, 2019
Episode 43: Postgame Recap of Mavs' 107-106 win over the Magic
On this episode, the guys stay up late to recap the Mavs extremely close 107-106 win over the Magic that improved their record to 5-2 on the season. Dalton and Matt break down the positives and negatives of this early season. The discussion then moves on to just how great Luka Doncic has been so far, and then a brief look ahead to the New York Knicks game on Friday. Thanks for listening!
November 7, 2019
Episode 42: Jeff 'Skin' Wade talks Mavs Hot Start and a Beer Dedicated to Dirk
In this episode, Mavs analyst Jeff 'Skin' Wade joins the guys to talk about the team's quick start to the new season, and give his thoughts on why this team has a chance to be special. The guys then wrap the show by talking about the Dwight Powell/Maxi Kleber dynamic, before having a fun discussion on one of Skin's new adventures, Rollertown Beerworks, including a special beer that will honor a certain Maverick legend. Enjoy!
October 31, 2019
Episode 41: Dallas Mavericks Season Preview with Will Cain
On this special episode, Will Cain is back to talk with the guys about a number of different topics, including: this being the Dallas Mavericks first season without Dirk Nowitzki since 1998, Dallas sports' Mount Rushmore, Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis establishing their own culture, predictions for the Mavs 2019-2020 season, and much, much more! Thanks for listening!
October 23, 2019
Episode 40: Interview with Mavs' owner Mark Cuban
On this special episode of The Step Back, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban stopped by to hang out with Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) for a little while to discuss a variety of topics, including: the Mavs' hiring of former player Nick Van Exel, his initial thoughts on what he's seen from Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic so far during the preseason, how those two will be able to sustain the Mavs' culture going forward, and whether or not NCAA players potentially being paid for their likeliness is a good thing or not. As always, thanks for listening!
October 15, 2019
Episode 39: Mavs Preseason Analysis (SPOILER: KP IS GOOD) and NBA Playoff Predictions
In this episode, Dalton and Matt are joined by Mavs Moneyball Editor Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) to analyze the Mavs first two preseason games, discuss the debut of Kristaps Porzingis, and give their likes and dislikes from what they have seen so far. The guys then wrap things up by giving their way-too-early NBA playoff predictions. Thanks for listening! (and be sure to subscribe to The Step Back: A Mavs Podcast on YouTube for your chance to win tickets to any Mavs game of your choice this season!)
October 11, 2019
Episode 38: The underrated importance of Seth Curry and Delon Wright for the Mavs in 2019-2020
Dalton and Matt start off by recapping Mavs Media Day and the opening week of training camp. There is a renewed since of hope and confidence all around this Dallas Mavericks franchise, and the guys dig in to all the reasons for that. The next topic revolves around Luka Doncic, Kristaps Porzingis, and what those two must do statistically to be All-Stars this season. The episode wraps up with an in-depth discussion on the seemingly underrated importance of Seth Curry and Delon Wright for the Mavs this season. Curry is an elite three-point shooter, and Wright could potentially be an elite perimeter defender. The Mavs missed out on their 3-and-D target, Danny Green, this past offseason, but is it possible that they got two guys, who can do some of the same things as Green, for the price of one? All of our thought are here in Episode 38. Thanks for listening!
October 4, 2019
Episode 37: Mavs' Luka and KP in ESPN's Top 100 rankings, plus determining the 'real' height/age of players
On this episode, Dalton and Matt start off by giving their thoughts on where ESPN ranked Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis on its NBA Top 100 list, while also raising a red flag on a few non-Mavs players in the rankings as well. Two weeks ago, the guys talked about Sports Illustrated Top 100 list as well, so they compare the two lists as a whole to try to determine which is more accurate. From there, the conversation shifts to the NBA starting to crack down teams by requiring them to get the certified height measurements (with no shoes on) and ages of all players on the roster. We're so sorry, J.J. Barea. We still love you, though.
September 27, 2019
Episode 36: Differences between NBA and NFL trades, plus predicting the Mavs starting five for the season opener
In this week's episode, Dalton and Matt are joined by the grand poobah of himself, Mike Fisher, in their first live video podcast ever! Fish and the guys discuss the new migration to the Sports Illustrated/Maven platform, the fundamental differences between trades in the NFL and the NBA, and give their opinions on the Mavs starting lineup for next season. As always, thanks for listening, and be sure to subscribe to The Step Back on YouTube. Once we reach 1,000 YouTube subscribers, one lucky winner will receive two tickets to the Dallas Mavericks home game of his/her choice.
September 20, 2019
Episode 35: Luka and KP in Sports Illustrated's Top-100, plus Mavs team bonding in Miami
On this episode, Dalton and Matt are back from their one-week hiatus to discuss a variety of Dallas Mavericks topics, including: Six Six Drew's upcoming "Luka Doncic" single, Sports Illustrated's NBA Top-100 list (featuring Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis), the Mavs' team bonding and pre-camp training down in Miami, and much more! Thanks for listening!
September 13, 2019
Episode 34: Chicken Sandwiches Top-5, considering a Monta Ellis camp invite, and predicting the Mavs 3rd leading scorer
On this week's episode, Dalton (@dalton_trigg) and Matt (@MattGalatzan) discuss a very important topic that has taken our country by storm as of late... chicken sandwiches. Yes, the guys put together their top-5 lists of chicken sandwiches from chain restaurants to determine once and for all who reigns supreme. After that, they move on to actual basketball topics, starting with Luka Doncic looking great in the recently leaked footage from of him playing pickup games with a handful of current Mavs... but also an intriguing former Maverick, Monta Ellis. From there, the guys debate whether or not the Mavs should extend a training camp invite to Monta, or maybe even someone like Joe Johnson. The wraps up with Dalton and Matt predicting which player will end up being the Mavs third leading scorer this upcoming season. As always, thanks for listening!
August 30, 2019
Episode 33: Preseason interview with Mavs forward Justin Jackson
On this week's episode, Dalton (@dalton_trigg) and Matt (@MattGalatzan) had the pleasure of chopping it up with Dallas Mavericks forward Justin Jackson on a variety of different topics. These topics include: why Justin wears No. 44, gaining muscle and transforming his body this summer, his goals for the 2019-2020 Mavs season (Playoffs?), learning from Dirk Nowitzki in a short period of time, and much, much more. Before Justin joined the guys on this episode, Dalton and Matt revisit the Mavs schedule release so they can compare their predictions for the upcoming season. From there, they talk about how the Mavs will matchup with the star-studded Los Angeles teams, plus why it's dumb to complain about double teams in pickup basketball games. Thanks for listening!
August 23, 2019
Episode 32: Mavs schedule breakdown/predictions, plus a Step Back ticket giveaway for opening night
In the episode, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) flies solo for a "mini-pod" to break down and discuss the Mavs 2019-2020 season schedule month-by-month. Dalton gives his win/loss predictions for each month, totaling them up at the end to see where he believes the Mavs will sit in the standings when the dust settles in April. In a sense, it's very early for full season predictions, and health will play a big factor this season, but we know that at least one Step Back host is optimistic about the Mavs' chances this season. Dalton then goes on to talk about the Step Back's ticket giveaway for the Mavs opening night game against the Wizards, giving full details on how you can enter for your chance to win. Thanks for listening, MFFL!
August 15, 2019
Episode 31: Discussing Mavs 2019-2020 schedule leaks, plus Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis body transformations
In this week’s episode, Dalton (@dalton_trigg) and Matt (@MattGalatzan) use the NBA’s summer dead period to discuss a wide variety of topics, including Mavs players' offseason workout regimens and resulting physical changes for Kristaps Porzingis and Luka Doncic, both of whom have made tremendous strides in their conditioning in the last few months. The guys then dissect the early leaks of the Mavs regular season schedule for next season, before falling down an NBA rabbit hole centering around the New Orleans Pelicans, Zion Williamson’s health, and NBA Rookie of the Year runner up, Trae Young, who has made some changes of his own during his first NBA offseason. The podcast wraps up with the guys having an interesting debate about the Mavs and their potential involvement with the Memphis Grizzlies and veteran wing Andre Iguodala, who was, according to a report by our very own Mike Fisher, at the center of trade discussions between the two teams. Thanks for listening, MFFL!
August 9, 2019
Episode 30: Interview with former-Dallas Maverick Dennis Smith Jr.
In this weeks episode of the Step Back, Dalton (@dalton_trigg) and Matt (@MattGalatzan) welcome former Dallas Maverick point guard, Dennis Smith Jr. to the podcast, in his first on-air interview with a Dallas media entity since his trade to the New York. Dennis and the guys discuss Dennis’s adjustment to the New York lifestyle, what he thinks about his new team’s free agency moves this summer, his time in Dallas playing alongside Dirk, and his favorite in-game moments with the team. The guys then get into a deeper discussion with Dennis, focused on his mindset during and after the blockbuster trade that sent he, Wesley Matthews, and DeAndre Jordan to the Knicks, in return for Kristaps Porzingis near the trade deadline. They also get Dennis’ thoughts on a potential Christmas Day matchup with the Mavericks in Madison Square Garden next season. Things then wrap up with Smith’s thoughts on staying close with his former teammates, including his extremely tight relationship with current Maverick small forward, Dorian Finney-Smith, and why he thinks it is important to keep relationships like that alive in the League. Thanks for listening!
August 2, 2019
Episode 29: Mavs 538 projections, Luka's 2nd year leap and 2019-2020 season expectations with Kirk Henderson
Dalton (@dalton_trigg) and Matt (@MattGalatzan) had return-guest Kirk Henderson from Mavs Moneyball join them in this week's episode. The guys discuss the projections that seem to be really high on the Mavs, what Luka Doncic's 2nd year leap might look like, expectations for next season (and why some people are sleeping on the Mavs), and much more! Thanks for listening!
July 26, 2019
Episode 28: Interview with Texas Legend's Head Coach George Galanopoulos
On this week's episode, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) welcomed on new Texas Legend's Head Coach George Galanopoulos to talk about a variety of Dallas Mavericks / Legends topics, including: his journey through the coaching ranks (including his recent stint with the Mavs), G-League vs. NCAA for high school kids, Kostas Antetokounmpo's raw talent and continued development, how Josh Reaves (#ReavesHive) is already an NBA-level defender, and the special relationship that the Mavericks and Legends share. Thanks for listening!
July 19, 2019
Episode 27: Will Cain ranks Luka/KP duo, plus talks Russell Westbrook trade and much more!
On this episode, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGaltzan) are joined by Will Cain (@willcain), who is the host of The Will Cain Show on ESPN Radio, and can also be seen on ESPN's First Take from time to time as well. Cain and the guys discuss a variety of topics, from the Mavs not being aggressive enough in free agency, to ranking Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis with the other star duos in the NBA, to the landscape shift this summer with multiple all-stars switching teams, and whether that's good for the league or not. Oh yeah, and Russell Westbrook was traded for Chris Paul during this recording as well. All that and more! Thanks for listening!
July 12, 2019
Episode 26: Discussing Mavs free agency mishaps and (still) waiting on Danny Green
On this episode, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) talk about another disappointing Mavs free agency (so far) and how the team got to point of waiting multiple days for a decision from Danny Green, who is, in turn, waiting on Kawhi Leonard's decision. Will the Mavs be able to salvage this free agency by signing Danny Green and/or helping a team with a salary dump trade? The guys go over the options they have left, plus talk about some of the bright points so far as well (Seth Curry and BOBAN). Thanks for listening!
July 5, 2019
Episode 25: Mavs Free Agency Preview, plus a Kemba Walker 'Exclusive Exclusive' with Mike Fisher
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) are joined by Mike Fisher (@fishsports) this week for a full Dallas Mavericks free agency preview. During this episode, the guys discuss the Kemba Walker / Boston Celtics rumors, while Fish gets an encouraging 'Exclusive Exclusive' in the middle of the recording, leaving the door open on the possibility of the Mavs having a shot to sign Kemba when free agency begins. Beyond that, they guys also talk about a variety of other possibilities for the Mavs this summer, both through free agency and potential trades. Names such as Patrick Beverley, Bojan Bogdanovic, Malcom Brogdon, Clint Capella and Andre Drummond are discussed, plus others. Thanks for listening!
June 28, 2019
Episode 24: Mavs NBA Draft insight with Tony Ronzone, plus AD to Lakers reactions
On this episode, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) welcome a very special guest -- Dallas Mavericks' Director of Player Personnel, Tony Ronzone. Ronzone tells a fantastic story about how he got to where he's at now with the Mavs. From there, he talks with the guys about scouting Luka Doncic from a young age, having known Kristaps Porzingis and his family for a while now, and a brief scouting report on a few players Mavs' fans might want to keep an eye on during the NBA Draft on Thursday, June 20th with the 37th pick. After a great conversation with Ronzone, the guys then give their reactions to Anthony Davis being traded to the Lakers and how that could potentially impact the Mavs in free agency in a few weeks. Thanks for listenting!
June 18, 2019
Episode 23: Charlotte's Kemba conundrum and how it leaves the door open for Dallas
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) are back with... you guessed it... even more Kemba Walker talk, given some recent speculation from a Charlotte Observer writer who thinks the Hornets should pass on paying him the super max. This is a scenario the guys have discussed ever since it was announced that Kemba made All-NBA 3rd Team, and if it comes to pass, it leaves the door open for 'Kemba to Dallas' to become a reality. From there, the guys talk about a Mavs / D'Angelo Russell 'exclusive exclusive' from Mike Fisher, a three-way trade idea that would land Blake Griffin with the Mavs, salary dump ideas with the OKC Thunder and Dirk Nowitzki's celebrity baseball game. Oh yeah... and a special Anchor Voice Message from Hank Hill.
June 5, 2019
Episode 22: How the Mavs could get both Kemba Walker and Clint Capela, plus a free agency ‘Plan B’
In this week's episode, Dalton Trigg (@Dalton_Trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) discuss the idea of Capela to Dallas, and how he could fit with the Mavericks both schematically and financially, before diving into Dalton's idea for a Mavs 'Plan B' if the initial overtures towards the big fish come up empty. The guys then wrap up the show with a short preview and prediction segment for the NBA Finals, which began Thursday night in Toronto.
May 31, 2019
Episode 21: Powell's player option, trading Courtney Lee and spitballing a Whiteside deal
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) welcome back one of The Step Back's favorite guests, Mike Fisher (@fishsports), to talk about a number of different Dallas Mavericks topics, including: Dwight Powell's player option (and how the Yahoo report of him opting out earlier in the week was false), a "Exclusive, Exclusive!" in regards to what the Mavs hope to do with Courtney Lee, a hypothetical trade which would see the Mavs end up with both Kemba Walker and Hassan Whiteside, and another trade scenario that works on the court... but could end up intertwining Luka Doncic and the Kardashians (which none of us want). All that, plus more on this week's episode.
May 23, 2019
Episode 20: Live reactions to the NBA Draft Lottery, plus 2nd round draft talk with Richard Stayman
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) watch the NBA Draft Lottery live and give their reactions to the Dallas Mavericks yet again not being favored by the ping pong balls. Not only did the Mavs not keep their pick, but their division rivals (the New Orleans Pelicans and Memphis Grizzlies) received the No. 1 and No. 2 picks, respectively, which means Dallas now gets to face Zion Williamson 4 times per season. In the second half of this episode, the guys welcome on Richard Stayman (@MavsDraft) to discuss a ton of different names for the Mavs to target with the 37th pick in the second round of the NBA Draft in June. Thanks for listening!
May 15, 2019
Episode 19: Luka vs. Porzingis in the clutch, Kemba vs. Dame and more from our listener Q&A!
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) spend the majority of Episode 19 answering questions that listeners asked them on Twitter earlier in the week. Discussion topics range from Dragon Ball Z talk, the Dallas Mavericks most pressing need for the roster this offseason, Luka Doncic vs. Kristaps Porzingis in clutch time (who gets the last shot?), Kemba Walker vs. Damian Lillard by the numbers and much more! Enjoy, and as always, thanks for listening!
May 10, 2019
Episode 18: Discussing Kemba Walker's potential fit with the Dallas Mavericks
In this week's episode, Dalton (@dalton_trigg) and Matt (@MattGalatzan) talk about how the NBA has done a great job making the sport pretty much a year-round thing at this point. Then the guys talk about Mark Cuban revealing who will be representing the Mavs in the NBA Draft Lottery in a exclusive, followed by an extended back-and-forth on Kemba Walker's potential fit in Dallas (24-minute mark). Thanks for listening!
May 3, 2019
Episode 17: Jeff "Skin" Wade talks Mavs' life after the Dirk Nowitzki era, offseason expectations and Balcones whiskey
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) begin this week's episode by pondering some hypothetical draft night trade ideas for the Dallas Mavericks involving their NBA record-setting trade exception that was created in the Harrison Barnes trade to the Sacramento Kings. Names like Jrue Holiday, Steven Adams and Myles Turner come to mind there. The guys then give their Top-10 Mavs free agent lists before welcoming Jeff "Skin" Wade (@SkinWade) to the show to talk about life after the Dirk Nowitzki era, his offseason expectations and Balcones whiskey. Thanks for listening!
April 25, 2019
Episode 16: Mavs free agency plans and priorities with Mike Piellucci (Malcolm Brogdon, Khris Middleton, Tobias Harris and much more)
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) welcome Mike Pielluci to the show this week from Front Office Sports to talk about what the Dallas Mavericks should do with their large amount of cap space this summer, whether it be to spend it all on one big fish (pipe dream guys like Keven Durant, Kawhi Leonard, etc.) or on multiple 2nd tier free agents. Malcolm Brogdon, Khris Middleton and Tobias Harris are discussed in depth here. The guys also discuss Mark Cuban's recent comments on a Dwight Powell contract extension, as well as take a look at Nikola Vucevic's disappointing playoff performances so far and how that might affect the Mavs thinking on him this summer. Thanks for listening!
April 19, 2019
Episode 15: Coping with Dirk’s retirement, a Mavs season recap, final lottery standings & much more!
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) discuss the emotional last few days of Dirk Nowitzki's legendary career, reliving every moment. The guys also give a brief season review, picking their biggest/favorite Mavs storyline from the season. This week's episode concludes with a final look at the lottery standings with the regular season in the books, how tie-breakers work, plus a look ahead to the NBA Playoffs (Note: some games were still ongoing at the time of recording. A few Western Conference matchups ended up flip-flopping). Thanks for listening, MFFL!
April 11, 2019
Episode 14: Live from the Final Four with Edward Egros, Luka's historic rookie season coming to a close, & looking ahead to two Mavs/Grizz games over the weekend
In this episode of The Step Back, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) are joined by Edward Egros live from the Final Four that's getting ready to take place this weekend. They preview the matchups between Auburn/Virginia and Texas Tech/Michigan State, as well as discuss some potential Mavs' draft prospects to watch on the biggest college stage. Dalton and Matt finish off the episode by putting Luka Doncic's historic rookie season into perspective, discussing which current Mavs will still be Mavs next season, and hoping for the best (from an Organic Tanking perspective) in the Mavs' home-and-home series with the Memphis Grizzlies over the weekend. Thanks for listening!
April 5, 2019
Episode 13: Mavs/Heat recap, tankathon race update, and Mike Fisher discusses Mavs free agency and the Rick Carlisle/Lakers rumor
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) recap the Dallas Mavericks' 105-99 loss to the Miami Heat, a game that did not disappoint the large number of Slovenians that made the trip to see countrymen Luka Doncic and Goran Dragic square off against one another. The guys then take a look at where the Mavs stand in the tankathon 'race to the bottom' before having's Mike Fisher on the show to discuss 1) why D-Wade's legacy isn't as close to Dirk Nowtizki's as the national media would have you think, 2) the Mavs options for creating more cap space in free agency this summer, and 3) his exclusive with Mavs owner Mark Cuban on the Rick Carlisle / Los Angeles Lakers rumor. Thanks for listening!
March 29, 2019
Episode 12: Nick Neppach joins the guys to talk about Dirk passing Wilt, Final Four predictions and scouting Zion Williamson and others from a Mavs' perspective.
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) are joined by 105.3 The Fan's Nick Neppach (@NickNeppach) this week to discuss a variety of topics, including their reactions to Dirk Nowitzki passing Wilt Chamberlain for 6th on the NBA's all-time scoring list, confidence meter on Dirk coming back for a 22nd season, Final Four predictions, and players the Mavs should be keeping an eye on should they keep their lottery pick this season (Zion Williamson, R.J. Barrett, Cam Reddish and much more). Thanks for listening!
March 20, 2019
Episode 11: Luka Doncic playing hurt, Jalen Brunson's career night and 'would you rather' free agency talk revolving around Kemba Walker and others
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) start this week's episode off by discussing the Dallas Mavericks 112-105 home loss to the San Antonio Spurs, including whether or not Luka Doncic should have been playing at all and Jalen Brunson's career 34-point night. The guys then take a deep dive into Mavs free agency talk, addressing the Charlotte Observer's report that Kemba Walker is Dallas' top priority this summer and playing a game of  'would you rather' to determine where he should actually fall on the Mavs list. Thanks for listening!
March 13, 2019
Episode 10: Dirk poised to pass Wilt Chamberlain, a Mavs/Wizards recap, and Luka Doncic / Trae Young Rookie of the Year talk with Bobby Karalla
On this episode of The Step Back, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) talk about Dirk Nowitzki being only 56 points away from passing Wilt Chamberlain for 6th place on the NBA's all-time scoring list, and whether or not he could catch Michael Jordan if he decides to return next season. The guys also break down the Mavs' recent loss to the Washington Wizards before bringing on's Bobby Karalla (@bobbykaralla) to talk how Luka Doncic and Kristaps Porzingis will compliment each other next season, as well as getting to the bottom of why people are trying to make Trae Young seem like a legitimate Rookie of the Year candidate at this point. Thanks for listening, MFFL!
March 8, 2019
Episode 9: Recapping the Mavs home win over the Pacers, Zion and NBA Draft Lottery odds, pumping the brakes on Dirk's retirement, and Goran Dragic as a Maverick this summer?
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@Matt_Galatzan) are joined by Kirk Henderson (@KirkSeriousFace) in this episode, who is an editor at The guys tackle many current Mavs-related topics in this one, including a recap of the Dallas Mavericks 110-101 home win over the Indiana Pacers and Wesley Matthews, the current NBA Draft Lottery odds (and how the Mavs are due some good luck in that department), Goran Dragic as a potential Mavs target this summer, and why this might not be Dirk Nowitzki's final season after all. All that and more in Episode 9 of The Step Back.
March 1, 2019
Episode 8: NBA All-Star Weekend recap, our favorite personal Dirk Nowitzki stories, and a look ahead to the Mavs final stretch of the season.
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) recap all of the 2019 NBA All-Star Weekend events to see how well their predictions from the week before panned out. The guys then go on to share some really cool, personal stories involving Dirk Nowitzki that you won't want to miss, as well as look ahead to the Dallas Mavericks remaining 25 games of the season. Are the playoffs really out of the question?
February 21, 2019
Episode 7: The Dirk/D-Wade "charade," a full NBA All-Star Weekend preview, and Mavs free agency talk with Mike Fisher
Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) are back this week to talk about Dirk Nowitzki's final matchup with Dwyane Wade at the AAC (and the charades that came afterwards) as well as give listeners a full breakdown of NBA All-Star Weekend 2019 with predictions for the main events. Mavs insider Mike Fisher (@fishsports) also joins this episode to look ahead to Mavs free agency. Listen to why the Mavs should have their eyes on multiple "big fish" free agents.
February 15, 2019
Episode 6: Harrison Barnes traded to the Sacramento Kings mid-game vs. the Charlotte Hornets
The Dallas Mavericks got a much needed win vs. the Eastern Conference playoff hopeful Charlotte Hornets, and Luka Doncic notched himself yet another triple double, but all of that was quickly overlooked, as Harrison Barnes was traded to the Sacramento Kings for Justin Jackson and Zach Randolph... MID-GAME. And just when you thought things couldn't get any crazier after the Kristaps Porzingis trade. Our guys Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) hash it over in the latest edition of The Step Back.
February 7, 2019
Episode 5: Kristaps Porzingis traded to the Dallas Mavericks... no, seriously!
In this episode of The Step Back, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) give their immediate reactions to the news of Kristaps Porzingis being traded to the Dallas Mavericks (along with Tim Hardaway Jr., Courtney Lee and Trey Burke) for Dennis Smith Jr., Wes Matthews, DeAndre Jordan and two future first round picks. Believe it, MFFL. This really happened.
February 1, 2019
Episode 4: Mavs win in Dennis Smith Jr.'s return, Luka Doncic fatigued, and Kemba Walker to Dallas?
In this episode of The Step Back, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) recap the Mavs big home win over the Clippers in Dennis Smith Jr.'s return to action, including several big individual performances. The guys also discuss whether or not Luka Doncic recent "slump" is attributed to him possibly being fatigued, Dirk Nowitzki being invited to All-Star weekend to participate in the 3 point contest, trade talks with the Lakers, Knicks, Magic and Hornets, plus much more! Thanks for listening, MFFL!
January 24, 2019
Episode 3: Dallas Mavericks engaged in trade talks involving Dennis Smith Jr.
On this "emergency pod" edition of The Step Back, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) and Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) discuss the Adrian Wojnarowski report that the Dallas Mavericks are engaged in trade talks revolving around Dennis Smith Jr. Teams reportedly interested include the Orlando Magic and Phoenix Suns. Tune in to hear their immediate reactions, along with trade packages they would consider for DSJ.
January 15, 2019
Episode 2: A disheartening loss to the Lakers, Kevin Love trade talk & questions from our listeners!
In this edition of The Step Back, Dalton Trigg (@dalton_trigg) & Matt Galatzan (@MattGalatzan) discuss the Dallas Mavericks' borderline disastrous loss to the Los Angeles Lakers, whether it's too late in the season to fix all their problems, and Kevin Love as a Mavs trade possibility. The guys also answer a number of listeners' Mavs-related questions (always remember to message @StepBackMavs on Twitter if something's on your mind).
January 9, 2019
Episode 1: Mavs blowout win in Charlotte, trade talk, Luka as an All-Star & much more!
The first episode of The Step Back: A Mavs Podcast, where Dalton Trigg & Matt Galatzan discuss a number of topics, including: the inspiration behind the podcast, the Dallas Mavericks blowout win over the Hornets to start out 2019, a preview the upcoming back-to-back with the Celtics & 76ers over the weekend, Mavs trade talk, Luka Doncic potentially being the first 19-year-old to make the All-Star game, the Mavs attempting to trademark "The Matador," & finally, a look ahead to next week's stretch against the Lakers, Suns & Timberwolves. Thanks for listening, & be sure to subscribe, MFFL!
January 4, 2019
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