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The Bankable Idea

The Bankable Idea

By Stepchange Africa
We’ve searched and traveled all over Africa to find some of the most unusual and brilliant business opportunities. Join us each week as we question, debate and find some humour and hope in these projects.

A production of Stepchange Africa.
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Bamboo & Bikes
In this episode, we talk about business opportunities in bamboo and peddle bikes. Two less sexy industries but both have upsides in terms of earnings and social impact.
April 02, 2021
The $180 Billion Opportunity
According to Google, the ‘e-opportunity’ in Africa is 180 billion USD. Let’s find out what’s real and what’s PR.
January 11, 2021
The Boozy Opportunity
There’s a craft beer craze around the world but why not in Africa? Listen to learn more about this multi-billion dollar opportunity.
October 07, 2020
The Fintech Challenge
In this episode, we explore the fast growing Fintech sector in Kenya. The Government of Kenya has the sector in its sights, could this hurt or enable the sector to flourish? Listen to find out.
August 21, 2020
The Green City
This week we discuss Africa’s first green city, the Green City Kigali. It’s an ambitious, out of the box project and a first of its kind. But is it worth the price tag? Listen to learn more.
August 07, 2020
The Cable Car
In the first episode of The Bankable Idea, a production of Stepchange Africa, we talk cable cars and the proposed Kampala City Cable Car project and its 200million dollar price tag. Is it worth it or is it another vanity project. Listen and find out.
July 09, 2020