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SLP78 Samourai Wallet - Welcome to the Dojo

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By Stephan Livera
A podcast about Bitcoin from a Crypto-Austrian perspective. Join Stephan as he interviews the sharpest economic and technical minds in Bitcoin to understand how money is changing and evolving.
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SLP89 Rockstar Dev - BTCPayServer, Tor crowdfunding, and Rockstarism
Rockstar Developer joins me to talk about his experiences in open source development, working on BTCPayServer, Tor crowdfunding, and his philosophy of Rockstarism.  We talk:  Open source vs closed source development BTCPayServer and the community BTCPayServer benefits Tor crowdfunding Rockstarism philosophy Experiences with hyperinflation Rockstar and BTCPayServer links: Twitter:  BTCPayServer:  Tor Crowdfunding project:  SLP BTCPayServer series link: SLP BTCPayServer series page: Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Follow me on twitter:  Show notes and website:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Rate and Review the podcast:  Email contact: 
July 15, 2019
SLP88 Conner Brown - Bitcoin is Money, not Payments
Conner Brown joins me in this episode to talk about his journey of learning about Bitcoin and why Bitcoin should be thought of as money, not payments. We talk about: How he came to learn about Bitcoin His journey coming from the Bcash world view to the Bitcoiner view  Common pitfalls in learning or reasoning about Bitcoin Dealing with Ripplecoin shills Conner Brown links: Twitter:  Article - Bitcoin has no intrinsic value:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Follow me on twitter:  Show notes and website:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Rate and Review the podcast:  Orange Coin Good and other Merchandise @ Layer One BTC Store:  Email contact:  Ministry of Nodes: Website:  Twitter:  Ketan (my co founder): 
July 14, 2019
SLP87 Per Bylund - The Problem of Production
Assistant Professor and Records-Johnston Professor of Free Enterprise at Oklahoma State University, at the OSU School of Entrepreneurship, and Fellow at the Mises Institute - Per Bylund joins me in this episode to talk about his book on the theory of the firm: What was wrong with the theory of the firm before Firms as islands of productivity Capital Theory What happens to firms over time Per Bylund links: Per Bylund Twitter:  The Problem of Production Book:  Per Bylund website:  Earlier episode with Per SLP38:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Follow me on twitter:  Show notes and website:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Rate and Review the podcast:  Merchandise @ Layer One BTC Store:  Email contact:  Ministry of Nodes: Website:  Twitter:  Ketan (my co founder): 
July 10, 2019
SLP86 PlanB - Frontrunning the Bitcoin Halvening?
SLP86 PlanB - Frontrunning the Bitcoin Halvening?  PlanB rejoins me in this anticipated follow up episode discussing his stock to flow data modelling of Bitcoin’s valuation. The first episode was hotly downloaded and discussed online, so this time we talk about whether the recent bullish price action is a reflection of speculators front running the May 2020 Bitcoin block subsidy halving. Don’t miss this episode! Response to the first episode Stock to flow multiple Front running the halving The 1% BTC, 99% Cash portfolio Bitcoin and commodities Future pathways for institutional investment PlanB links: Twitter:  Medium:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Ministry of Nodes: Website:  Twitter:  Ketan (my co founder):  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Show notes and subscribe to the podcast:  Rate and Review the podcast:  Email contact: 
July 5, 2019
SLP85 Sergej Kotliar - Building Bitcoin’s Circular Economy
Sergej Kotliar (CEO Bitrefill) rejoins me in this episode recorded at Bitcoin2019 Conference in San Francisco to talk about his views on the ‘store of value first’ narrative in Bitcoin. Is there a need to build a Bitcoin circular economy now? Sergej also offers some reflections on the situation with the bitcoin fee market, and provides an update on what’s happening at Bitrefill.  Topics: “SoV first” vs building the bitcoin circular economy  Bitcoin Twitter is not representative of Bitcoin Dealing with taxes and capital gains on bitcoin Being the best ‘bitcoin guy’ for your family and friends The fee market in bitcoin and how it may evolve over time Bitrefill services, particularly Lightning Network related Sergej Kotliar links: Twitter:  Bitrefill:  Bitrefill twitter:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Bloom Audio:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Show notes and subscribe to the podcast:  Rate and Review the podcast:  Email contact: 
July 2, 2019
SLP84 Stepan Snigirev - Quantum Computing Threat to Bitcoin and Next Generation Bitcoin Hardware Wallets
Stepan Snigirev, Quantum Physicist and CTO of CryptoAdvance joins me in this episode to talk about the Quantum threat to Bitcoin, and we also talk about Bitcoin Hardware Wallets. This interview was recorded in person in San Francisco just prior to the Bitcoin2019 conference.  Topics covered: What Bitcoin’s security relies on Why the Quantum Computing threat against Bitcoin is overblown How long until it might be a realistic consideration Challenges faced by Bitcoin Hardware wallets today What could be done better in future CoinJoining and Lightning on a Hardware wallet CryptoAdvance Stepan links: Twitter:  Crypto Advance:  Crypto Advance twitter:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Show notes and subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact: 
June 30, 2019
SLP83 Conner Fromknecht - Bitcoin Lightning Watchtowers in depth
 Conner Fromknecht Head of Cryptographic Engineering at Lightning Labs, joins me to go in depth on Bitcoin Lightning Watchtowers. Understand how Bitcoin’s Lightning Network keeps channel participants honest and how Watchtowers can help: How Lightning Network’s punishment model works without watchtowers Where watchtowers come in and how they work Why watchtowers can’t steal your bitcoins Scalability of watchtowers Privacy Funding and operation model LND v0.7 features Conner Fromknecht links: Twitter: Github:  Lightning Labs website (Developer Slack sign up link on this page):  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact: 
June 24, 2019
SLP82 Alena Vranova - Data privacy in a digital age
Alena Vranova, Head of Strategy at Casa joins me in this episode to talk about the challenges we’re all facing with keeping our data secure, as well as what Casa are doing.  We talk:  Privacy horrors around the world #MyDataMyLife campaign What individuals can do to protect their privacy How businesses can change their practices Casa and their approach to customer data Alena Vranova links: Twitter:  Casa:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact: 
June 21, 2019
SLP81 Dan Held - Why Bitcoin’s Security is Fine
Dan Held, Co-Founder of Interchange rejoins me in this episode to talk about the long term security of Bitcoin as it transitions to transaction fee (away from block subsidy). We discuss whether this will be a problem, or whether Bitcoin will be OK.  Basic statement of the concern The modelling behind why Dan believes Bitcoin’s security is fine The increasing ‘weight’ of a bitcoin transaction How bitcoin usage will evolve in the future Value of Bitcoin conference reflections e.g. is Proof of Work wasteful or environmentally destructive Dan Held Links: Dan Held Twitter: Bitcoin’s Security is Fine article:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact: 
June 20, 2019
SLP80 Richard Myers - Bitcoin Incentivised Mesh Networking with Lot49
Richard Myers of Gotenna and Global Mesh Labs joins me to talk about a new way to improve mesh networking with the use of bitcoin payments to provide incentive for message and packet routing. We talk: What the problem is with the current set up of the internet and current mesh networking What the Lot49 proposal is How it works Risks and challenges to be faced What happens next Richard Myers Links: Richard Myers twitter:  Global Mesh Labs twitter:  Global Mesh Labs site:  Lot49 Protocol Whitepaper: Global Mesh Labs Telegram: Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact (advertising queries or general feedback): 
June 17, 2019
SLP79 Misir Mahmudov - Bitcoin, Inequality & Morals
Misir Mahmudov (Bitcoin writer and working Operations at Adaptive Capital) joins me in this episode to talk: How he learned about Bitcoin and Austrian Economics Recommendations for listeners who want to learn more His thesis on the closure of the gold window and impacts on inequality Bitcoin and Morals The role of Satoshi Misir links: Twitter:  Medium:  Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact (advertising queries or general feedback): 
June 15, 2019
SLP78 Samourai Wallet - Welcome to the Dojo
A co-founder of the Bitcoin privacy focused wallet, Samourai Wallet, rejoins the show in this fantastic episode to talk about the many updates since last time on the show (SLP29): Getting funding from Cypherpunk Holdings Release of Dojo software - open sourcing Samourai Wallet server backend Collaboration with the nodl team for official Dojo Hardware Whirlpool (Coinjoin) mixing Other features and what to look out for - Stonewallx2, Stowaway, Ricochet Samourai Wallet Links: Samourai Wallet website: Samourai Wallet Twitter:  Samourai Wallet Telegram chat group: Sponsor links: Kraken:  Unchained Capital:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact: 
June 10, 2019
SLP77 Kalle Rosenbaum - Grokking Bitcoin: it’s not just for developers
Kalle Rosenbaum (author, developer and bitcoin consultant) joins me in this episode to discuss his new book, Grokking Bitcoin. We talk: The process of writing this book David Harding’s foreword Some cryptography basics Different Bitcoin transaction types How nodes communicate Bitcoin upgrades, and bitcoin forks Kalle Rosenbaum links: Twitter:  (40% DISCOUNT CODE: podsliv19) Grokking Bitcoin book:  Sponsor link: Kraken:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the podcast:  Email contact: 
June 7, 2019
SLP76 Vijay Boyapati - Bitcoin is not Paypal 2.0
Vijay Boyapati, Bitcoin economic commentator, joins me to talk about: Monetary stages of evolution Merchant adoption of Bitcoin to receive payment - is it 2013 all over again?  Facebook Crypto Horizontal “Crypto” vs Vertical Bitcoin businesses Why Bitcoin is not Paypal 2.0 Vijay links: Twitter:  Bitcoin ‘Horizontal vs vertical’ thread:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe to the Podcast:  Email for podcast advertising enquiries: 
June 3, 2019
SLP75 Giacomo Zucco - There is only one Bitcoin (Newbie episode)
Giacomo joins me again in this episode to explain for newbies why there is only one Bitcoin. We cover common points of confusion that newbies and outsiders to Bitcoin may not grasp: Forks of Bitcoin Semantics and word games Traps to avoid Giacomo link: Twitter:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Website:  Patreon:  Tallycoin for Bitcoin/Lightning donations: 
May 31, 2019
SLP74 Wiz - Bitcoiners vs Shitcoiners
Wiz, Bitcoin OG from Tokyo (and creator of the “Bitcoiner or Shitcoiner” browser extension) joins me in this episode to discuss his career, how to build your own ISP, and also, a new way to help mitigate social attacks on Bitcoin. We talk:  Importance of self sovereignty for Bitcoiners How to set up your own ISP VPNs Bitcoiner or Shitcoiner browser extension Wiz’s work with and setting up his projects, “Bitcoin Wizards”, and “Bitcoiner or Shitcoiner” How this can help mitigate social attacks Wiz links: Twitter:  (Coming soon) Bitcoin Wizards: Bitcoin Wizards twitter:  (Coming soon) Bitcoiner or Shitcoiner? Bitcoiner or Shitcoiner twitter:  Hive:  Bitcoin-Only website:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Patreon:  Tallycoin for Bitcoin/Lightning donations:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website: 
May 28, 2019
SLP73 Tamas Blummer - Rust-Bitcoin, Threats to Bitcoin & Bitcoin Data Science
Tamas Blummer, Bitcoin developer and entrepreneur with a long and respected background in Bitcoin joins me in this must-listen, wide ranging episode to talk about:  Rust-Bitcoin projects Threats to bitcoin: Soft fork threats and protocol ossification Incentivised re-orgs of Bitcoin’s blockchain Central Bank Digital Currencies and Negative Interest rates Bitcoin data science Liveliness measure Work with Adamant Capital Tamas Blummer links: Twitter:  Github:  Medium blogs by Tamas:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
May 23, 2019
SLP72 Eric Voskuil - Fractional or Full Reserve Banking? and Jurisdictional Arbitrage
Eric Voskuil (lead developer of libbitcoin and Cryptoeconomics author) joins me to talk about his views on Austrian economics, Murray Rothbard, Fractional vs Full Reserve Banking. We also chat about “Jurisdictional Arbitrage” from his Cryptoeconomics github pages.  Eric Voskuil links: Twitter:  Cryptoeconomics pages:  Libbitcoin:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
May 20, 2019
SLP71 Stephan Livera - Intro to Bitcoin Austrian thought
On listener request, I fly solo for this episode to give Bitcoin newbies and Bitcoin intermediate listeners an overview on 'Bitcoin Austrian' thought. Learn why students of the Austrian school of economics are well placed to understand Bitcoin: How money arises on the market as most saleable good Why Bitcoin isn't a scam 'Intrinsic value' Blockchains and social scalability Bitcoin and Austrian thinkers worth listening to and reading Make sure you share this episode with your friends who are struggling to understand Bitcoin!  Links:  Vijay Boyapati The Bullish Case for Bitcoin:  Nakamoto Institute Crash Course in Bitcoin Political Economy: Saifedean Ammous The Bitcoin Standard: Mises Institute: Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
May 15, 2019
SLP70 Matt Odell - Putting Bitcoin into practice for noobs
Matt Odell, Bitcoin podcast co-host of the Rabbit Hole Recap joins me in this fun episode to talk about ways Bitcoiners can put theory into practice. Along the way we chat:  Challenges in educating noobs Common pitfalls and scams Approaches to take going forward How to avoid scams to come in the future Matt Odell links:  Twitter:  TFTC podcast:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
May 6, 2019
SLP69 Saifedean Ammous - How governments could kill Bitcoin and Bitcoin scenarios
Saifedean Ammous, Bitcoin economist and author of seminal book, The Bitcoin Standard, joins me in this episode. We talk about some of his recent research: How governments could try to kill Bitcoin  Why fiat money hyperinflation is not that likely Why we can’t simply disregard gold Thoughts on stock to flow modelling Research Bulletins going forward Saifedean links: Twitter:  Patreon:  Research bulletin:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
April 29, 2019
SLP68 Joost Jager - Lightning Loop Out/In, and Lightning Network Criticisms
Joost Jager, Lightning Network Infrastructure Engineer at Lightning Labs, joins me in this episode to talk about Lightning Loop Out and In. We also discuss some of the recent criticisms of the Lightning Network by Peter Rizun. We talk:  How Lightning Loop helps you manage inbound liquidity, or pay with BTC on chain to get outgoing capacity on a lightning channel Practical uses of Lightning Loop technology Some of the technicals behind how Lightning Loop e.g. hodlinvoice Thoughts and responses to Peter Rizun's criticisms of the Lightning Network Joost Jager links: Twitter:  Loop Out post:  Lightning Labs:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
April 20, 2019
SLP67 Plan B (@100trillionUSD) - Modelling Bitcoin’s digital scarcity through stock-to-flow techniques
Plan B (@100trillionUSD), operator of a well known pseudonymous twitter account joins me for discussion on modelling the incredible value of Bitcoin. Don’t miss this discussion on data modelling, finance and investing in Bitcoin!  We talk: Influences in terms of Bitcoin Modelling Bitcoin’s digital scarcity Impact of the halving Challenges and problems with modelling Bitcoin Finance and Investing theory and practice applied to Bitcoin Plan B / @100trillionUSD Links:  Twitter:  Modeling Bitcoin’s Value with Scarcity - Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
April 15, 2019
SLP66 James O’Beirne - The truth about ‘power’ in Bitcoin
James O’Beirne, Bitcoin Core Engineer at Chaincode Labs joins me in this episode to talk about the real nature of ‘power’ and control within Bitcoin. It’s not as simple as it might first seem! We talk about:  Differing conceptions of ‘power’ in Bitcoin Peer to peer network governance Bitcoin Core development Assume utxo James O’Beirne links: Twitter:  Github:  Chaincode labs:  Discussed in episode:  2019 Draft Paper by Angela Walch: Deconstructing 'Decentralization': Exploring the Core Claim of Crypto Systems -  WBD089 - Angela Walch appearance on What Bitcoin Did podcast -  Assumeutxo:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
April 10, 2019
SLP65 Nik Bhatia: Bitcoin Lightning Reference Rate and Node Accrual Rate
Nik Bhatia CFA charter holder and Bitcoin-native financial theorist joins me for discussion on the Lightning Network Interest Rate (LNRR) - a concept on how Bitcoin Lightning Network participants can earn an interest through routing fees earned on the Lightning Network. We talk: Background on Lightning Network and LNRR Node Accrual Rate (NAR) How LNRR and NAR will change with coming Lightning technology Challenges to the concept as is How it will evolve over time Nik Bhatia links: Nik Bhatia twitter:  Nik Bhatia Medium page:  Article - The Lightning Network Reference Rate:  Also discussed: BitMEX Routing Fee Economics -  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
April 4, 2019
SLP64 Tuur Demeester - What is Bitcoin Worth? A Bitcoin Valuation Framework
Tuur Demeester, Bitcoin/Macro Investor and Writer, and Founding Partner of Adamant Capital joins us in a very important macro-economic and investment discussion on how to assess Bitcoin’s value through its past and into the future. Bitcoin Outlook and Phases Historical Bitcoin Valuation ideas New Bitcoin Valuation ideas  Bitcoin Full Reserve Banking Tuur and Adamant Capital Links:  Tuur Demeester Twitter:  Adamant Capital Research Sign up Link:  Adamant Capital website:  Adamant Capital article “A Primer on Bitcoin Investor Sentiment and Changes in Saving Behavior”:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
March 30, 2019
SLP63 LightningK0ala - Bitcoin and Lightning enabled online gaming
LightningK0ala joins us to talk about his new Bitcoin Lightning powered online gaming venture, Koala Studio. We talk:  How he got into Lightning development Experiences with Satoshi’s Place What he’s doing with Koala Studio Future opportunities with Bitcoin Lightning gaming Wishlist for Bitcoin Lightning development Lightning K0ala and Koala Studio links:  Lightning Koala twitter:  Koala Studio website:  Koala Studio twitter:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
March 28, 2019
SLP62 Rodolfo Novak - Keeping Bitcoin Cypherpunk
Rodolfo Novak, Founder of Coinkite joins me to discuss ways to keep Bitcoin in line with its true cypherpunk values:  Decentralizing Bitcoin’s communication networks Alternative methods of sending, receiving, verifying Bitcoin transactions Radio transmissions Coinkite and physical bitcoin products Rodolfo Novak links: Rodolfo Novak twitter:  Coinkite:  Coinkite twitter:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
March 27, 2019
SLP61 David Bailey - Refocusing on Bitcoin
David Bailey, CEO of BTC Media (yBitcoin, Bitcoin Magazine, Let’s Talk Bitcoin Network) joins me in this wide ranging conversation about Bitcoin over the years, and Bitcoin media:  Journey over the years Getting into Bitcoin media Problems with ‘enterprise blockchain’ The ‘path back to Bitcoin’ for some people/companies Bitcoin Magazine and the switch to Bitcoin focus Bitcoin 2019 Conference - San Francisco June 2019 David Bailey links: David Bailey twitter:  yBitcoin:  Bitcoin Magazine;  Let’s Talk Bitcoin:  Bitcoin 2019 Conference:  Sponsor link: Lolli - Earn Bitcoin When you Shop:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
March 23, 2019
SLP60 Askuwheteau & Ketominer of nodl - Plug and Play Bitcoin Lightning Nodes
Askuwheteau and Ketominer of the team join me to talk about the ‘plug and play’ Bitcoin Lightning full node hardware they are creating. We discuss:  Bitcoin full node philosophy Why they started a company How to set up a Nodl device Comparison with other plug and play node products Future features coming Askuwheteau, Ketominer & nodl links: Askuwheteau’s Twitter:  Ketominer’s Twitter: nodl Twitter:  nodl website:  nodl official store: Rise of the nodes medium post: article Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
March 19, 2019
SLP59 Christian Decker - Bitcoin Lightning Channel Factories
Dr Christian Decker of Blockstream, one of the world’s leading experts on Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, joins Stephan to talk in-depth about Bitcoin Lightning Channel Factories and Multi Party Channels. We talk about: Why Channel Factories might be desirable in the future Basic Overview Technical breakdown Risks Interaction with other Bitcoin/Lightning technology Technical Requirements Future Outlook on Lightning Network Christian Decker Links: Christian Decker Twitter:  Christian Decker Github:  Blockstream:  Scalable Funding of Bitcoin Micropamyne Channel Networks Paper:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website:  Patreon: 
March 14, 2019
SLP58 Chris Belcher - Defending Bitcoin Privacy
Chris Belcher, Bitcoin Privacy OG (JoinMarket, Electrum Personal Server) joins me in this must listen episode on Bitcoin Privacy fundamentals. Chris talks about multiple ways you can be deanonymised, as well as countermeasures available. We then talk more broadly about Bitcoin Privacy techniques.  How your Bitcoin privacy can be broken Different mechanisms and tools to defend your privacy in 2019 Chain analysis and what it relies on JoinMarket Electrum Personal Server Chris Belcher links: Chris Belcher Twitter:  Chris Belcher Reddit:  Bitcoin Privacy Wiki:  JoinMarket Wiki:  Electrum Personal Server:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Youtube:  Website:  Patreon: 
March 11, 2019
SLP57 Alex Adelman, Founder of Lolli - How Newbies Can Earn Bitcoin
Alex Adelman, CEO and Founder of Lolli joins me to talk about How Newbies Can Earn Bitcoin. We'll be discussing:  Psychology around bitcoin today  Earning vs buying  Privacy & security in a custodial world  Merchant & consumer adoption  Self sovereign, personal banking  Alex Adelman and Lolli Links:  Alex Adelman Twitter:  Lolli:  Lolli twitter:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Subscribe on YouTube:  Website:  Patreon: 
March 9, 2019
Max Keidun & Roman Snitko of Hodl Hodl Bitcoin Exchange & Baltic Honeybadger
Max Keidun and Roman Snitko (CEO and CTO of Hodl Hodl) join me to talk: Why they started Hodl Hodl, a P2P exchange How Hodl Hodl is different from the typical Bitcoin exchange Education of users Volume trends Prediction market announcement Baltic Honeybadger conference 2019 Max, Roman, Hodl Hodl & Baltic Honeybadger Links: Max Keidun:  Roman Snitko:  Hodl Hodl:  Hodl Hodl twitter:  Baltic Honeybadger 2019:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website: 
March 2, 2019
SLP55 Shinobi (Brian_Trollz)
Shinobi (aka Bitcoin Twitter character @Brian_Trollz) joins me in this episode to discuss a range of topics:  Problems with using Litecoin for paying with things Confidential Transactions and the different approaches The push for smaller blocks Different approaches to scaling Problems with sidechains and drivechains Shinobi / Brian Trollz links: Twitter:  BlockDigest YouTube: Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website: 
February 25, 2019
SLP54 Justin Camarena of Bitrefill - Bitcoin Lightning & Channel Management
Justin Camarena of Bitrefill joins me to talk about his journey with Bitcoin Lightning development and pioneering Bitcoin Lightning payments at Bitrefill. We discuss: Learning Lightning development Pioneering Lightning payment at Bitrefill in the #reckless early days Bitrefill Thor service Lightning Channel Management Thoughts on Lightning custodial wallets What Lightning Network can enable Justin Camarena Links: Justin’s Twitter:  Bitrefill:  Bitrefill Twitter:  Bitrefill Thor lightning service link: Other links mentioned: Turbo Channels:  Alex Bosworth Channel Management talk:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android:  Website: 
February 21, 2019
SLP53 Andreas M. Antonopoulos - On Bitcoin Maximalism
Andreas M. Antonopoulos (best-selling author, speaker and bitcoin  educator) joins me in this episode to talk about his views on Bitcoin  Maximalism as contrasted with a multicoin view. Andreas and I disagree  and present clashing visions. We also discuss other points such as  whether Bitcoin challenges central banking more specifically, or banking  generally. Andreas M. Antonopoulos links: Twitter:  Youtube:  Website:  Episode Sponsor BUIDL Bootcamp: Website: Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: Website: 
February 18, 2019
SLP52 Jack Dorsey & Elizabeth Stark - Bitcoin: Native Currency of the Internet
Jack Dorsey (CEO of Twitter & Square) & Elizabeth Stark (CEO of Lightning Labs) join me to talk about the vision of Bitcoin as native currency of the internet. Bitcoin's principles, resilience, and being 'of the internet' are what make it special. In this special episode we discuss: How Jack came to understand Bitcoin and view it as potentially the native currency of the internet Why everyone is so excited about the Lightning Network Lightning Torch Square and the Cash App Twitter & Bitcoin Future internet business models possible with Lightning Network Bitcoin as foundational to the internet and society Jack Dorsey Links: Twitter account: Square: Cash App: Elizabeth Stark Links: Twitter account: Lightning Labs: Lightning Labs Twitter account: Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android:  Patreon:  Tallycoin (BTC/LN donations):  Website: 
February 11, 2019
SLP51 Dr Guido Hülsmann - Austrian Monetary Economics & Bitcoin
Dr Guido Hülsmann, Senior Fellow of the Mises Institute, and Economics Professor at the University of Anger, France, joins me in this very special episode. We talk about government monetary intervention compared with a free market in money. We discuss many topics: The process of government monetary intervention and deterioration in quality of money Which kind of monetary intervention is worst? Interaction of reserve requirements with capital requirements How businesses and banking differ in a free market economy versus our fiat money economy The tendency towards one most saleable good or money, even within the cryptocurrency world Comments on 'stock to flow' ratio and hard money Dr Hülsmann's economics book recommendations for listeners Dr Guido Hülsmann links:  Website: Guido Hülsmann's The Ethics of Money Production:  Murray Rothbard’s What Has Government Done To Our Money?:  Hans-Hermann Hoppe How Is Fiat Money Possible?:  Ludwig von Mises Theory of Money and Credit:  Huerta de Soto Money, Bank Credit and Economic Cycles:  Philipp Bagus In Defense of Deflation - Stephan Livera Links:  Twitter:  Website:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: 
February 5, 2019
SLP50 Rui Gomes & João Almeida of OpenNode - Helping merchants take Bitcoin Lightning Payments
Rui Gomes & João Almeida (CTO, co-founder) of OpenNode join me in this episode to discuss why they turned down Roger Ver's $1.25M, as well as the vision of OpenNode in enabling Bitcoin & Lightning payments. Topics include:  Background on OpenNode Service structure and fees Rejecting Roger Ver's $1.25M offer and why Why OpenNode is Bitcoin-only Comparison of OpenNode with self-hosted BTCPayServer approach How users can set up Getting tech support Plans over the next year or so Growth markets for Bitcoin Lightning payment OpenNode Links: OpenNode invite link (affiliate link):  OpenNode website:  OpenNode twitter:  Rui Gomes Twitter:  João Almeida Twitter:  Stephan Links:  Twitter:  Website:  Subscribe on iTunes:  Subscribe on Android: 
February 2, 2019
SLP49 Marty Bent - Bitcoin content creation and curation, and 'mainstream' Economics
Marty Bent, host of the Tales From the Crypt podcast, and editor in chief of Marty's Bent joins me in this episode. We talk about Bitcoin content creation and curation, and also touch on the shifts in thinking from 'mainstream' economics required to understand Bitcoin.  Marty Bent links: Twitter: Marty's Bent Newsletter:  Tales from the Crypt Podcast:  TFTC21 Podcast twitter account: Stephan Livera links: Twitter: Website: BTC/LN donation:
January 24, 2019
SLP48 Nicolas Dorier and BTCPayServer - self hosted Bitcoin and Lightning payments
Nicolas Dorier, a Bitcoin developer, joins me in this episode to talk about the open source project he started, BTCPayServer. BTCPayServer allows you to start accepting Bitcoin payments with 0% fees & no third-party. It is built with security, privacy and censorship-resistance at its core.  We cover: Why Nicolas started BTCPayServer What BitPay did to drive Nicolas to start his own open source version Cost and ease of setting up BTCPayServer Hardware node products that can be configured with BTCPayServer built in Upcoming BTCPayServer features such as fiat exchange How you can get involved Nicolas Dorier & BTCPayServer links: Nicola Twitter:  BTCPayServer website:  BTCPayServer YouTube:  BTCPayServer Github:  BTCPayServer Twitter:  BTCPayServer Slack:  Stephan Livera links: Twitter:  Website:
January 20, 2019
SLP47 Giacomo Zucco - Custodial LN, Altcoins, Financialisation, Attacks on Bitcoin
Giacomo Zucco, well known Bitcoin advocate, Supremo of BHB Network, and bitcoin consultant/teacher joins me in this episode. We talk: His Bitcoin 'rage quit'! The recent trend of Lightning Network custodial wallets, and whether this is on net a good or bad thing Thoughts on altcoins - are some of them honest, good faith efforts? Might they be technologically interesting, but still not monetarily relevant? Bitcoin financialisation - Does Bitcoin need financialisation or does finance need Bitcoin? Attacks on Bitcoin that may come Giacomo links: Twitter:  Giacomo’s ‘rage quit’ thread:  The B:  BHB Network:  Stephan links:  Twitter:  Website:  Patreon:  Tallycoin (BTC/LN donations): 
January 15, 2019
SLP46 Sjors Provoost - Bitcoin Core Dev, Hardware Wallet Support, Fungibility
Sjors Provoost (Bitcoin Core developer) joins me to discuss a range of topics:  Bitcoin Core Development and Review  Working towards hardware wallet support in Bitcoin Core Sjors' article, "A Crime on Testnet" - with privacy & fungibility implications Sjors Links:  Sjors Twitter: “A Crime on Testnet”:  Episode Ad/Sponsor: BUIDL Bootcamp with Justin Moon Learn to code Bitcoin:
January 8, 2019
SLP45 Jeff Deist, President of the Mises Institute
Jeff Deist joins me to discuss Bitcoin and the application of Austrian economics in understanding Bitcoin. Topics:  Market selection of money The potential for a hard money standard to restrict govt spending Why Austrian Economists are split on Bitcoin Why credit would be much tighter under a hard money standard The deflation and 'hoarding' argument - dispelled The educational strategy pursued by the Mises Institute Jeff's recommended Austrian economics books for Bitcoiners Jeff Deist and Mises Institute links: Jeff's Twitter: Mises Institute: Mises Institute Twitter:
January 4, 2019
SLP44 Aleks Svetski, CEO of Amber - Blind Excesses, Crypto, Bitcoin
Aleks Svetski (CEO, co-founder of Amber) joins me in this fiery episode  to talk about the blind excesses of 'Crypto' over the last few years and  more: - Crazy excesses that we saw over the last few years - STO's - Security Token Offerings - "Crypto Traders" - "Crypto Hedge Fund Managers" - Bitcoin as asymmetric bet - Dollar Cost Averaging - Amber and the service offering Aleks and Amber links:  - Amber website: - Aleks Twitter: - Article "A world full of Blind Excess":  Stephan links: - Website: - Twitter:  - Patreon: - Tallycoin (BTC/Lightning donations):
January 3, 2019
SLP43 Jameson Lopp, Cypherpunk and CTO of Casa
Jameson Lopp, Cypherpunk & CTO of Casa, joins me in this episode to discuss a range of topics: What he's working on right now @ Casa "Who controls Bitcoin Core?", the article by Jameson 2018 Year in Review, thematically and by statistics Bitcoin storage and multi signature solutions Bitcoin helping enable individual sovereignty Grin & Beam  Maintaining privacy with a Bitcoin transaction Jameson Lopp links: Jameson's Twitter: "Who Controls Bitcoin Core?": Jameson's Bitcoin Resources page: Casa: Statoshi: Stephan Livera links:  Site: Twitter:
December 29, 2018
SLP42 Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream - Blockstream Satellite, Tim May, Bitcoin Privacy
Adam Back, CEO of Blockstream, Cypherpunk & Cryptographer, and inventor of hashcash (cited in Bitcoin's whitepaper) joins me in this episode. We talk about the new update to Blockstream satellite, Tim May and Bitcoin Privacy. Topics: - Blockstream satellite background - How Blockstream satellite works - Making Lightning payments to deliver encrypted messages via satellite - The need for censorship resistance - Tips on setting up Blockstream satellite - Thoughts on Tim May's recent passing - Pay 2 End Point - Confidential Transactions and associated tradeoffs - Quantum Computing and Quantum Resistant Crypto - Other privacy improvements coming to Bitcoin - Technical Fundamentals of Bitcoin Adam Back & Blockstream Links: Blockstream satellite page: Elements Project page: Adam’s website: Adam’s twitter: Stephan links: website: twitter:
December 17, 2018
SLP41 Dhruv Bansal of Unchained Capital - Bitcoin Dust in the Machine, and Bitcoin Financial Service
Dhruv Bansal, Chief Science Officer of Unchained Capital joins me to talk about some of his data science analytical work on Bitcoin's blockchain, and also how Unchained Capital are thinking about Bitcoin financial services. We discuss how Bitcoin enables entirely different delivery of financial products and services. One example of this is the new feature, Collaborative Custody. Topics: - Blockchain as heat engine - How much 'dust' there is and how much it costs to move - Bitcoin Financial Services - How Unchained Capital differentiates itself from other crypto lending businesses - Collaborative custody - Bear market blues - Future vision of Bitcoin financial services Dhruv & Unchained Capital Links: Bitcoin Data Science Part 3: Dust in the Engine: Dhruv’s twitter: Unchained Capital site: Stephan Links: Website: Twitter:
December 17, 2018
SLP40 Vijay Boyapati - Why Credit Deflation is More Likely Than Mass Inflation
Vijay Boyapati (Software Developer, Austrian Economist) joins me to discuss his 2010 article, "Why Credit Deflation Is More Likely Than Mass Inflation". Find out where economics commentators were getting it wrong immediately post the 2008 Global Financial Crisis, and ways to think about Bitcoin in the coming years. Vijay Links: Article discussed: Vijay's Twitter: Stephan Links: Website: Twitter: Patreon:
December 16, 2018
SLP39 Olaoluwa Osuntokun (Roasbeef), CTO of Lightning Labs
Laolu aka roasbeef, CTO of Lightning Labs joins me in this episode to talk about some of the latest developments with Bitcoin's Lightning Network: - Lightning Summit (Adelaide, Australia Nov 2018) - AMP - Splicing - Probing - Wumbology (large channels) - Neutrino - Wishlist for changes in Bitcoin Core - What products/services should be built on Lightning - What's coming up for Lightning Labs - Outlook for Lightning Network over the next year - How you can get involved Laolu links: Twitter: Github: Lightning Labs: LND Developer site: Stephan links: Website: Twitter:
December 11, 2018
SLP38 Per Bylund - The size of firms
Per Bylund (Assistant Professor at OSU and Fellow of Mises Institute) joins me to discuss how some firms today are larger than what they would be under a free market. The impact of regulation and ways to assess competition in a market are discussed. We also touch on the confusion about scarcity and 'post scarcity'. Per Bylund Links: Per’s Twitter: Per’s website: Per’s Books: Entrepreneur articles: Stephan Livera: Website: Twitter:
December 8, 2018
SLP37 Rene Pickhardt - Bitcoin Lightning Education & Lightning Summit
Rene Pickhardt, a Bitcoin/Lightning educator, and rising star in the world of Lightning joins me to talk about the Lightning Network. We discuss: - How he got into Lightning - Involvement in the Pirate party - The recent Lightning Summit in Australia - Upcoming Lightning tech - Routing Rene Pickhardt Links: Rene’s Youtube: Rene’s Twitter: Rene’s Github:
December 4, 2018
SLP36 Justin Moon - Teaching Bitcoin HODLers to code @ BUIDL Bootcamp
Justin Moon (Founder/Instructor, BUIDL Bootcamp), joins me in this episode to discuss how he came into Bitcoin recently and started doing presentations, Bitcoin application coding and now teaching Bitcoin development to students. We talk about non traditional paths to careers such as software development, and also talk through the structure of BUIDL Bootcamp. Justin links: BUIDL Bootcamp: Justin Moon Twitter: Justin Moon Youtube: Stephan: Website - Twitter - Patreon -
November 29, 2018
SLP35 Pierre Rochard - Lightning Power Excel Plugin, Lightning Residency
Pierre Rochard (Noded Podcast, Nakamoto Institute, Bitcoin Advisory) joins me in this episode to talk about his new Bitcoin Lightning "Power" Excel Plugin, which allows you to tinker with Lightning right inside MS Excel! We also talk about his recent experience at the Chaincode Lightning Residency, and various other topics on what kind of work is needed in Bitcoin & Lightning. Pierre Links: Pierre’s Lightning Power Users: Pierre Rochard Lightning Residency write ups: Noded Podcast: Nakamoto Institute: Stephan Livera podcast links: Website: Subscribe on Apple: Support on Patreon: Follow/Message me on Twitter:
November 24, 2018
SLP34 Dan Held - Bitcoin Heroes, Villains, Survival, and Capitulation
Dan Held (Co-Founder Picks & Shovels) has been writing influential articles and joins me in this episode to share his perspectives on being in Bitcoin for 6 years. We discuss what the real narrative was around Bitcoin in the early days, and how some Bitcoin Heroes turn and become Bitcoin Villains. We also discuss how to survive in Bitcoin, as well as broader investment discussion on what 'capitulation' looks like in a Bitcoin bear market.
November 17, 2018
SLP33 Kara Haas - Bitcoin & Crypto Audit and Accounting
Kara Haas, CPA joins me to discuss Bitcoin auditing and accounting. Especially in relation to Tether, there are many people confused about what an audit is, versus an attestation. And with the Bitmain IPO, some confusion on the correct accounting treatment for Bitcoin. As an accountant and auditor in the field, Kara is able to shed some light on this.
November 10, 2018
SLP32 Rigel (CoinsureNZ), Relaying Bitcoin transactions with TxTenna for censorship resistance
Rigel Walshe (aka CoinsureNZ) joins me to talk about his recent viral adventures in sending Bitcoin transactions without internet on the device itself. His recent stories lit up social media and showed real world usage of TxTenna, a collaboration between GoTenna (mesh networking) and Samourai Wallet (Bitcoin wallet project focused on privacy).
November 4, 2018
SLP31 Bitcoin & Crypto eating the world, with Patri Friedman
Patri Friedman, MD of Zarko Investment Group and a leader in the seasteading movement joins me to talk about how Bitcoin & Crypto will enable greatly freer markets around the world. We talk about Bitcoin maximalism, Crypto parallels with the dotcom bubble, jurisdictional competition, seasteading and start up cities, law as technology, and more. We also discuss David Friedman's thoughts on Bitcoin & Crypto, and what Patri's late grandfather, Milton Friedman, would have thought on Bitcoin.
October 31, 2018
SLP30 Bitcoin-backed loans and financial services, with Zac Prince of BlockFi
Zac Prince, Founder and CEO of BlockFi joins me in this episode to talk about the incredible benefits of Bitcoin as collateral for USD loans. We talk about the 'double whammy' of how it can be used to minimise capital gains taxes, and get an interest deduction on the use of funds. Bitcoin also makes it easier to provide global debt financing in countries where it has traditionally been difficult to operate USD lending.
October 29, 2018
SLP29 - Samourai Wallet, Bitcoin privacy software that Silicon Valley would never build
One of the pseudonymous founders of Samourai Wallet joins me in this exciting episode to talk about Bitcoin privacy techniques that are applied within the wallet and upcoming improvements to their Bitcoin wallet app. Anyone interested to learn more about how Samourai Wallet helps protect privacy will truly enjoy this episode.
October 25, 2018
SLP28 - Cyphernode Bitcoin API, with Francis Pouliot and Etienne Larrivee of Satoshi Portal
Francis Pouliot and Etienne Larrivee (CEO Satoshi Portal and Lead Developer Cyphernode), join me to talk about their newly released open source Bitcoin self-hosted API allowing you to more easily build Bitcoin services and applications. This enables businesses and users to reduce their reliance on commercial Bitcoin APIs, while still offering advanced features and utilities.
October 22, 2018
SLP27 - Turning Stranded Natural Gas Into Bitcoin Mining Hashes, with Steve Barbour of Upstream Data
Steve Barbour (Founder, Upstream Data) joins me to discuss how he is turning stranded natural gas into Bitcoin mining hashes. His HashGen product uses low value natural gas to improve the economics for Canadian Oil and Gas facilities, while powering Bitcoin mining ASICs. In this discussion we also talk about the 'bitcoin energy use is wasted' narrative, and how bitcoin mining was centralised in the past, but is now decentralising.
October 20, 2018
SLP26 - Building Bitcoin services to last, with Jeremy Welch of Casa
Jeremy Welch (Founder of Casa) joins me in this episode to talk about crafting a business around the concept of safely storing bitcoin. We talk about the ethos of Casa, designing services for a sovereign individual, securing top tier talent, and Casa products.
October 13, 2018
SLP25 - Taking Bitcoin Lightning Payment, and 'earner adoption', with Sergej Kotliar, CEO of Bitrefill
Sergej Kotliar, CEO of Bitrefill joins me to discuss taking bitcoin and lightning payments as an online merchant. We talked about the challenges and benefits of doing this, particularly in how lightning network simplifies the user experience and reduces errors. In the second part of the episode, we talk about 'earner adoption' - the idea that bitcoin's ecosystem can grow from people earning it.
October 2, 2018
SLP24 - Wasabi Bitcoin Wallet & Bitcoin Privacy, with Adam Ficsor (nopara73)
Adam Ficsor (nopara73), a Bitcoin privacy developer and CTO of zkSNACKs joins me to talk about his new wallet, Wasabi Wallet. We talk about: Privacy being for everyone Comparison with other privacy projects, such as Monero, or other Bitcoin mixing services ZeroLink framework How your Bitcoin Privacy can be broken How chain analysis works What Wasabi Wallet does to break chain analysis heuristics Upcoming Wasabi Wallet launch
September 27, 2018
SLP23 - Economic Eras of Bitcoin, and Lightning Development, with Rusty Russell of Blockstream
Rusty Russell, a well known and respected Bitcoin Lightning developer at Blockstream joins me in this episode. We talk about his article, The Three Economic Eras of Bitcoin, and discuss the Lightning Network for Bitcoin. Lastly, Rusty draws from his prior experience as a Linux kernel developer to contrast Linux development with Bitcoin and Lightning development practices and culture.
September 20, 2018
SLP22 - Unnecessary crypto-tokens and Bitcoin/Lightning development, with Udi Wertheimer
Udi Wertheimer (Bitcoin software developer) joins me to discuss the use of unnecessary crypto-tokens, why some people do it, the use of non-crypto tokens in gaming, unnecessary blockchains, #reckless lightning development, and what he is looking forward to in Bitcoin and Lightning.
September 17, 2018
SLP21 - Jimmy Song, Bitcoin Educator, Developer and Entrepreneur
Jimmy Song (Bitcoin Educator, Developer, and Entrepreneur) joins me in this episode to discuss his recent debate with Roger Ver, and in the second half we also discuss Blockchain skepticism. We separate the signal from the noise on 'enterprise blockchain' technology by discussing the true costs and difficulties involved, and then discuss some alternatives to 'enterprise blockchain'.
September 15, 2018
SLP20 - Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream
Samson Mow, CSO of Blockstream (leading provider of blockchain technologies) joins me in this episode to discuss a variety of topics: Bitmain IPO, mining centralisation Errors of cryptocurrency 'diversification' When it makes sense to use a blockchain, when it doesn't Why Blockstream builds mostly on bitcoin Blockstream products Cryptocurrency Data feed, and Liquid network Privacy Bitcoin Fee Market Samson's Hat sales and blog
September 9, 2018
SLP19 - The Bitcoin Ecosystem, with Vortex (Jeffrey)
Vortex (Jeffrey), a software developer and well known bitcoin YouTuber joins me in this episode to talk about the Bitcoin ecosystem. This interview is targeted for newbies to bitcoin, to help them understand the key components of the Bitcoin ecosystem. We also discuss: the Cryptocast network, the role of nodes in Bitcoin, Bitcoin development, his course Programming with Bitcoin, Fintech vs FinUI, and his outlook for the future.
September 8, 2018
SLP18 - Pioneering Bitcoin/Lightning Payments in Australia, with Daniel Alexiuc (CEO Living Room of Satoshi)
Daniel Alexiuc (CEO of Living Room of Satoshi) joins me in this episode to discuss how he is pioneering Bitcoin and Lightning Network payments in Australia, both on his website LROS, and also as a partner with Travel By Bit. We discuss: his viral video using LN to buy a coffee in Brisbane airport (May 2018), why blockchains aren't a good payment system, use of both C-Lightning by Blockstream and Lnd by Lightning Labs, crypto payment volumes increasing, use of BTCpay, and outlook for the future.
September 3, 2018
SLP17 - Bitmain, Bcash, Facebook Crypto rumours, and reframing scarcity with Vijay Boyapati
Vijay Boyapati (Software engineer, Austrian economist) and I discuss the coming Bitmain IPO, the economic errors behind BCash, rumours of Facebook entering Crypto, reframing scarcity, hard money in earlier times, and how Bitcoin might fare in a broader market crash.
September 1, 2018
SLP16 - Keeping Bitcoin Simple, with Beautyon (Akin Fernandez)
Akin (Beautyon_) and I discuss what led him to Bitcoin, his Bitcoin business Azteco, stances on Bitcoin and regulation, the importance of keeping Bitcoin simple, Open source software versus closed source software, and Samurai Bitcoin wallet.
August 29, 2018
SLP15 - Intellectual Property, Bitcoin, and Internet Censorship, with Stephan Kinsella
Stephan Kinsella, Intellectual Property lawyer, and libertarian advocate joins me in this episode to discuss: His story with bitcoin Money as Sui Generis Good The imprecise application of Lockean property theory Why you can't own bitcoin, but it probably doesn't make a big difference anyway The harmful effects of patents and copyright 'Internet Censorship' as it relates to property rights and ownership of private social media platforms
August 17, 2018
SLP14 - Lightning Hack Day, with Jeff Gallas of Fulmo
Jeff Gallas is the Founder of Fulmo and lead organizer of #LightningHackDay. We talk about the community of pioneers who are building lightning applications, and related hardware. We also talk about the upcoming Lightning Hack Day on September 1st.
August 17, 2018
SLP13 - Bitcoin as Ultimate Asset, with Fernando Ulrich, Austrian Economist
In this episode, we talk through emerging market currency crises, and his new 5 part article series on Bitcoin as Ultimate Asset. We contrast differing monetary views, why it doesn't make sense to spend bitcoin right now, Medium of Exchange vs Method of Payment, and fallacies of 'Medium of Exchange only' cryptocurrencies.
August 16, 2018
SLP12 - Bitcoin Mining and Energy, with Hass McCook
Hass McCook and I discuss the Bitcoin mining market and his recent research, "The Cost and Sustainability of Bitcoin". We cover key bitcoin mining metrics, bitcoin mining cost price ranges, the Bitcoin Price - Mining Hash Rate relationship, the evolution of bitcoin mining over the past 3 years, and compare Bitcoin mining costs vs Gold mining.
August 14, 2018
SLP11 - Bitcoin's Decentralised Governance, with Pierre Rochard
Pierre Rochard (co-founder Nakamoto Institute, co-host Noded podcast) and I talk through Bitcoin's Decentralised Governance. This is the process by which Bitcoin's rules are decided, implemented, and enforced without having a central authority. Some topics covered: The different parties involved Network Governance Bitcoin has no central authority Process of Research, Proposal, Implementation, Deployment, Enforcement Schelling Points
August 12, 2018
SLP10 - Visions of Bitcoin and Transaction Batching with Nic Carter and Hasu
Nic Carter and Hasu join me to discuss the multitude of changing visions of Bitcoin, and also a Transaction Batching analysis they performed. We discuss how the narratives and attitudes in Bitcoin have changed over time as different constraints surfaced. In the second half, we discuss bitcoin transaction batching, and more appropriate ways to think about the number of bitcoin transactions.
August 11, 2018
SLP9 - Lightning UX and Routing, with Bryan Vu
Bryan Vu, VP of Product at Lightning Labs joins me in this episode to sketch out a vision of what Lightning Network may evolve into. We discuss Lightning User Experience and Routing, and the benefits to users, merchants and exchanges.
August 11, 2018
SLP8 - Bitcoin Monetary Evolution, with Murad Mahmudov
Murad and I explore a range of economic thought about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies in a fascinating interview discussing the path to Bitcoin as 'monetary winner'. As a prolific writer and analyst in Bitcoin, Murad is very well read and articulate. We discuss: His articles, how Bitcoin is ushering in an era of unprecedented peace and prosperity, a framework for monetary Store of Value criteria, and more.
August 9, 2018
SLP7 - Earning Interest on Bitcoin's Lightning Network, with Nik Bhatia
In this episode with Nik Bhatia, we talk about the potential for forming capital markets on top of Bitcoin and the Lightning Network, by calculating an interest rate (LNRR - Lightning Network Reference Rate) based on the routing fees earned in staking BTC to Lightning Network payment channels.
August 4, 2018
SLP6 - Fiat Money as 'fad diet', with Bitstein
In this episode with Bitstein, we break down Paul Krugman's errors in his NYT "Transaction Costs and Tethers: Why I’m a Crypto Skeptic" column, as well as other topics: Mischaracterisation of what money's purpose is Krugman's 'nirvana fallacies' in money Why fiat money is an aberration and more akin to a 'fad diet' than bitcoin or gold are Why Everyone Is a Scammer and the Scammer heuristic Bitcoin Maximalism - is it descriptive or prescriptive? UNIX philosophy
August 3, 2018
SLP5 - Bitcoin in Beijing and common errors in 'Crypto', with Neil Woodfine
In this episode with Neil Woodfine, we talk about the changing face of Bitcoin education and common errors in reasoning about Bitcoin and 'token economics'. Some topics we touch on: Bitcoin in Beijing Bitcoin education in the early days vs Bitcoin/Crypto education now Incentives of unnecessary tokens Bitcoin is not 'backed by' stored energy Intolerance of bitcoin versus it merely being a superior money Skin in the game of Bitcoiners versus other projects such as Ethereum
August 2, 2018
SLP4 - Why Bitcoin and not the others, with JW Weatherman
In this collaboration episode with JW Weatherman, we talk about some of the reasons why Bitcoin is best, versus the altcoins. We also discuss some of the security flaws and problems with the design and execution of altcoins such as: Bcash, EOS, Ethereum, Ripple, Monero, Zcash
July 29, 2018
SLP3 - Bitcoin Investment Theses with Pierre Rochard
Pierre Rochard joins us in this incredible episode to discuss the case for investing in Bitcoin. Pierre shares insights and thoughts from his years of being in the Bitcoin space, and offers improved ways of thinking about Bitcoin investment.
July 29, 2018
SLP2 - How Bitcoin "mentally captures" people with Vijay Boyapati
In this episode with Vijay Boyapati, we discuss economics of Bitcoin. Most interesting is the concept that over time, more and more people are being 'mentally captured' by Bitcoin. Some other points discussed: Bitcoin progressing through stages of 'moneyness' Hype cycles of bitcoin HODL'ing as freeriding Confidence in Bitcoin
July 28, 2018
SLP1 - Bitcoin as Sound Money with Saifedean Ammous, Austrian Economist
Stephan interviews Saifedean Ammous, Austrian Economics Professor and author of The Bitcoin Standard. In this podcast episode we take a deep dive into the case for Bitcoin as sound money, and what is potentially the hardest money the world has ever seen.
July 23, 2018
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