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Shakti Unleashed

Shakti Unleashed

By stephanie berk
Shakti Unleashed is a podcast activating you to truly remember and reclaim the truth of who you are. It's a podcast initiating you into the wild depths of your truest nature - before the world came in and told you who to be.

This is a podcast for the soul ready to fully unleash and step into your raw, wild and authentic AF nature.

Every week, you will be taken on a journey into the wild and mysterious realms of feminine embodiment, spirituality, sacred sensuality, intimacy and more. We keep it real AF over here, so if you're ready to feel activated and inspired, let's dive in love.
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#6: Menstrual Magick Part 2: Rituals, Manifestation and Blood Magick
Continuing on from last week's episode, this week we dive even deeper into the realms of menstrual magick, specifically discussing how you can create rituals & manifest by working with your menstruation. Trust me when I say this is the core foundation to truly unlocking your feminine gifts as the muse & oracle within. Intro / Outro Music: Steffan Ki Subscribe to my newsletter and receive a FREE Menstrual Magick eBook
June 25, 2022
#5: Menstrual Magick Part 1: Unveiling the Truth about Your Menstrual Cycles
In this episode I dive deep, deep, deeeeeeep into the realms of menstrual Magick. Yes, you heard me right. Your pussy as a woman is the gateway. It holds the codes to unlocking your deepest powers as a women, and to truly begin activating this I truly believe it begins with connecting to our menstrual cycles as women. Dive in to this super activating and juicy episode to tune into the wild mysteries of your menstrual cycle including the history of this all, how to sync with your cycle and just bio-hack your life so that you are living in tune with the feminine frequencies of your female bodied soul. Ps...then stay tuned for part 2 where I take a notch deeper and "witchier" and unveil the mysteries and rituals of menstruation. Intro / Outro Music by Steffan Ki Connect with me on IG Subscribe to my Newsletter and receive a FREE Menstrual Magick eBook
June 18, 2022
#4: Spiritual Awakenings, Dark Night of the Soul and Allowing Pain to to be the Access Point
In this episode I share my personal "spiritual awakening" journey that begun in 2016, what some may call "the dark night of the soul." It is through my own personal journey in this game of life we all subscribe to play, that I have come to realize and truly live by this mantra that "Pain is the Portal. Pain is the gateway. It is the access point to accelerate us and open us into our evolution and who we are meant to be if we allow it. May this story inspire you wherever you may be on your journey to as a reminder that you are exactly where you need to be, and that the truth will unveil itself beyond the frustrations, difficulties, pains and struggles. Intro / Outro by Steffan Ki Connect with me on IG Connect with me on my Website + Subscribe to my fun AF Newsletter
June 18, 2022
#3: Overcoming Shyness, People Pleasing and Owning Your Sacred No's
This episode is inspired by a quote I read in Don Miguel Ruiz's book "The Mastery of Love" in which it stated: "Shyness is the fear of expressing yourself. You may believe you don't know how to dance or how to sing, but this is just repression of the normal human instinct to express love." How powerful is that statement? Let it sink in for a moment, and then dive right into this episode where I share my thoughts and personal journey overcoming shyness and people pleasing. May this inspire you to own the truth of who you are and to be able to express and honor your sacred No's, your boundaries and needs in a loving way. Intro / Outro by Steffan Ki Subscribe to my Newsletter for fun AF story shares + exclusive discounts only offered here Connect with me on IG
June 11, 2022
In this episode, I share a very personal story in my life that is hands down the pivotal moments catalyzing me into the woman I am today.  The details of this story has never been shared publicly yet before - unless we are friends, or you've read my co-author book "Divine Union." This is a story sharing how I went from always people pleasing, downplaying my truth, and having an extremely blocked throat chakra and how I overcame this all by choosing to listen to my intuition (even when it made zero sense to the outside world - especially family). May this inspire you to activate your voice, your truth and to always listen to any intuitive messages that come your way. Intro / Outro Music by: Steffan Ki Invitation to connect with me me also on: My Website + Newsletter for fun AF stories / exclusive discounts shared only here My IG Page
June 11, 2022
#1: Who What & Why Shakti?
Officially launching this podcast with the story behind why "Shakti Unleashed" came to me as the purrrfect name for this podcast... Shakti is THE life force primordial energy that sits in us all. She is the ultimate creatrix of Life Itself, and when activated, she is a full feminine force. Tune in to this episode to understand the foundations of the wild mysteries and where we'll be journeying together in this Shakti Unleashed Podcast. So excited love. Intro / Outro Music by: Steffan Ki Connect with me on IG Connect + Subscribe to my fun AF newsletter for juicy shares + exclusive discounts
June 11, 2022