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Mind's Eye Open

Mind's Eye Open

By stephanie harris
THIS IS NOT YOUR USUAL CONSCIOUSNESS PODCAST! Mind's Eye Open is a bi-weekly podcast where Stephanie Harris B.Msc shares fascinating content from her Quantum Healing Hypnosis practice. Stephanie recounts clients long-forgotten memories of extraordinary past-life experiences, miraculous healings, sacred universal wisdom, soul contracts & karma, and valuable updates and information about the consciousness shift taking place on our planet at this time. We explore past-lives as ET's on strange planets, lives as elements, soul realms, time in the womb and return to Source as Divine Energy.
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Standing Tree Guided Meditation/NLP for Grounding & Balancing
Grounding and balancing short NLP standing practice for beginners. This can be done anywhere, at any time you feel stressed or off balance. Listen to the recording a few times until you are comfortable with the process, then you can use it whenever or wherever you need. Great for when you are in crowded places or in times of stress. ​ This track includes nature sounds to help with the visualisation. ​ Duration: 11:45
February 21, 2021
Floating On A Cloud - Deep Sleep Guided Meditation
Sleep is one of our most powerful healing mechanisms, it is the very core of our wellness. Sleep may elude us for many reasons and this meditation will allow you to work with your mind so healing and rejuvenation can take place. Listen to this deep and powerful guided meditation as you lay down and prepare to sleep. There is no need to think about stopping the recording as it will fade and come to an end all on its own. You will awaken only after you have rested enough for you. Lovely floatiness! Deeply relaxing guided meditation, guaranteed to invite healing slumber, created by Stephanie Harris B.Msc at Mind's Eye Open. ​This track contains relaxing music to help you go deeper into the healing. For best results, use headphones while listening. ​Duration: 1:00:03
February 18, 2021
Guided Meditation - Cleansing & Purifying Your Energy Body
In this specially designed guided meditation, you'll be guided to call upon your angel helpers to totally clear out toxic energy and debris from all levels of your energy field. Additionally, you'll be able to program the deepest levels of your consciousness with your highest intentions to bring about the manifestations of your dearest most heartfelt plans and dreams. ​This tract contains relaxing music to help you go deeper into the healing. For best results, use headphones while listening. ​Duration: 20:10
February 18, 2021