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The Unbroken Truth

The Unbroken Truth

By Stephanie Hayden
My name is Stephanie Marie, and I am the former star of Sons of Guns on Discovery channel. I speak on abuse, trauma and getting on with our lives afterwards and I have a LOT of experience to go on. Mostly we discuss the recovery part but also the flags and situations that lead up to being in a "Stuck " position. Join me as we go over some of the basics as well as some of the hard to hear. This whole show is a trigger warning, so please be sure you are in a good mental place for the topics we discuss. Many of these shows are meant to be empowering but are touchy topics. LIKE AND SUBSCRIBE!
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I think my friend is being abused
TW for topic of abuse and language  You love your friends, and understandably want to help when you think they are in an abusive situation, however, you must do some ground work first before you end up in  a tricky or even dangerous situation. This episode will cover just a few of the signs of abuse and things you can do to be a place of safety for your friend. Any comments? Leave them here or email us at Thanks for listening! 
June 04, 2021
April 24th? We are not afraid.
A little PSA to those who think they can intimidate us into staying home and being afraid. For what? We live with the truth everyday that we are hunted. We learned how to fight back. Fear wasn't serving us. 
April 16, 2021
Blood doesn't mean love
Trigger warnings for abuse, CSA, and probably something else, please if you are sensitive to these topics I urge you to take caution.  I've been hearing a lot from younger people online that they have issues talking to their parents about abuse from family members because of the fear that they won't be believed. I remember that fear very well. I also remember it being a reality. Today we are talking about letting go of those family members that are still toxic towards you regarding your truth. We may have grown into well-functioning adults and feel that we can just "let it go" for the sake of the family as a whole, but that's not fair to you, and it's not healthy. This is really just my rant on the subject like all the others- I hope it resonates with you though, if not for your own purpose then maybe for the understanding of a loved one in the future. All my love
April 07, 2021
Healing children of the Unbroken.
TRIGGER WARNINGS ALL OVER THIS ONE! We are diving into the real responses of parents with PTSD and other mental disadvantages when in conflict or serious situations with their children. We get into a few side stories as well, as I tend to do, that directly relate to myself and how I have handled, or mishandled, situations in the past. I want to also remind anyone new that I am not a licensed anything. Just a parent whose been in a lot of difficult situations and has mental disadvantages herself. Thank you all for joining me, and if you want to continue the conversation or if you have any questions or thoughts, join me on Instagram or Facebook!  Facebook, Insta and YouTube at WalkUnbroken!  I'm on TIc Tok too but that's just kinda for fun!  HIT THAT SUBSCRIBE BUTTON FOR ME! 
March 22, 2021
Epi 3 Trauma Bonds. The ties that hold us.
TW-Abuse | Mature Language 18+  Episode 3 is a follow up to Epi 2s story of NYC, (only available on Podcast) in this episode my bestie and I talked about how Trauma Bonds with our parents and lovers have effected us in life, ways we recognized these bonds and the methods we used to "rewire" our brains after moving on from TOXIC trauma bonds. It is made clear that all TB are not bad, but more the actions of using these bonds against people, like children, are. I hope you enjoy and welcome any comments or feedback! To support the show please consider joining up on - Insta/Fb/TicTok/@Walk Unbroken Podcast  Spotify- The Unbroken Truth
January 25, 2021
Eps 2 "The Big Apple"
TW for Mild reference to Suicide | Abuse | Mature Subject matter | Language  Sometimes you just need to clear your mind of everything and get as far away as you can from the toxic people in your life, I just happen to do it by hopping a flight to NYC. Here's my story of how the Big Apple helped me open my eyes and find the will I needed to take the first steps to freedom.  This episode lets us gently continue the tale of my journey and how I got to where I am now, or maybe more WHY I got to it.  I felt it was important to dive into this little story for just a moment before we move into some of our other topics, I want you all to know how close to my heart this dream is, and I'm afraid this story will still fall short of showing that. I do hope you find some inspiration in it though, and enjoy. As always you can find more updates on, or on Facebook/Instagram/YouTube under Walk Unbroken! To get behind the scenes access or just help support the show and the creation of more content sign up at and pledge to one of our 3 donation tiers between $3-$25; be sure to message with a mailing address for exclusive mailings!  #Podcast #StephanieHayden #Unfiltered #Unapologetic #Unbroken #Hope #Dreams #Survivors #PTSD #CPTSD #Patreon #YouTube #Creator #Spotify #Healthy #DarkHumor #Inspiration #loveourself #Review #interviews #FollowUs #Support #LikeAndShare #WomenforWomen #Watchdog
January 15, 2021
Episode 1 "It's nice to meet you!"
Just a bit of a hello, and lets get this party started! Stick around for the 10 things you *probably didn't know about me* at the end of the show! #Podcast #StephanieHayden #Unfiltered #Unapologetic #Unbroken #Hope #Dreams #Survivors #PTSD #CPTSD #Patreon #YouTube #Creator #Spotify #Healthy #DarkHumor #Inspiration #loveourself #Review #interviews #FollowUs #Support #LikeAndShare #WomenforWomen #Watchdog
January 08, 2021
Our First podcast run!
(Show is Rated M because we will drop an F-bomb here and there) I dive right into your questions while sharing a few laughs and working out our "technical difficulties"!  This episode was also filmed, so you may hear a few references to that as well! If you'd like to check out that version it will be available soon on YouTube at Walk Unbroken! Be sure to like follow and subscribe on all your favorite platforms!  Love you all! ~Stephanie Marie Facebook@WalkUnbroken - Instagram@WalkUnbroken - TicTok@WalkUnbroken
October 23, 2020