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More Than Deep

More Than Deep

By The Authentic Stephanie Sterling
Go deep with The Authentic Stephanie Sterling as she opens up about herself, her life's journey, her brand, and her book "Fatherless Success." She will discuss real life obstacles, have special guests from all facets of life, discuss entrepreneurship, relationships, and other topics that capture the heart, mind, and spirit.
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My battles growing up
Here I am letting you in on some more of my life.  There are many things that I had to battle, mostly emotional.  Life is not easy and trust me it does not get easier.  We have to find healthy ways to deal with obstacles in order to overcome.  Sit back, relax, and listen to my life as I open up to you.
May 4, 2021
Special Guest Interview: Pete Lee
Pete Lee is the proud owner of The Cigar Experience located in Greenville, SC.  The business is local and family owned. Bringing nothing but the best to the cigar industry, and this is definitely a place you want to visit if you are ever in town.  He also has a 2nd location located in downtown Greenville called The Cigar Experience Lounge; they have a full bar, food, and an amazing rooftop that you must check out.  Before I met Pete and his family almost 2 years ago, I did not know anything about the cigar industry.  Thanks to them I was introduced to a new world that I have grown to fall in love with on so many levels.  Be sure to follow them social media: Instagram @the.cigar.experience Facebook @The Cigar Experience Downtown and @The Cigar Experience Website
April 20, 2021
Special Guest Interview: Elizabeth Avello
Elizabeth Avello aka Lizzy Avello is an artist, songwriter, and a multifaceted entrepreneur.  I have known her for years.  She is her own boss and shows us how we can make strides in the world.  Her music is amazing!  It gives me a laid back hip-hop vibe.  Be sure to check her out on Apple Music as well as on social media @Lizzy Avello.  Visit her website
April 6, 2021
In this episode I will be opening up about my major heartbreaks and disappointments that impacted me the most.  A part of life is going through situations that allow us to grow.  Unfortunately the most painful situations allow us to grow the most.  Although we cannot see the lesson while we are in it, we should definitely reflect later once we have our emotions under control.  Heartbreaks have allowed me to grow continuously and become the woman that I am today.  Sit back and enjoy this episode!
March 23, 2021
Special Guest Interview: Kenny Moore
Kenny Moore is a Personal Trainer and Motivational Speaker.  He is here to change the fitness industry through Kenny's One-on-One Personal Training by helping people on all fitness levels.  From his passion of helping people he began his movement of P.U.S.H. Pray Until Something Happens is a way for him to uplift people on any walk of life.  Not only is he amazing in his field but he is also a dear friend who is loyal and a great supporter of all my endeavors.  Looking for daily inspiration, he is definitely the one to assist! Check him out on his social media platforms: Website- Instagram- krock_kennysoneonone_training Facebook- Kenny Moore
March 9, 2021
Alot Like You
In this episode I discuss how I am human like everyone else. Yes I have goals, relationships that didn't go as planned, and even career changes along the way. The only difference between some of us is whether we remain determined when faced with adversity. I hope you enjoy as I open up about my take on life and the obstacles.
February 23, 2021
Special Guest: Toccara Samuels
I had the pleasure of interviewing entrepreneur and licensed esthetician Toccara Samuels. She is the owner of Exceptional Creations. Exceptional Creations with Toccara was Established in 2 years ago by Toccara L. Samuel. It is an all natural product line that is a reminder that we are all beautifully and Exceptionally Created by God with a purpose. All products are formulated by Toccara and are all natural, safe for the entire family and gender neutral as well. Be sure to follow her on Instagram @toccara1981 and @ec_withtoccara and Facebook
February 9, 2021
In this episode I discuss my journey as an entrepreneur. Although this is the beginning for me, I plan on reaching many heights along the way.
January 26, 2021
Special Guest: Michael Thompson
Michael allowed me to interview him because he grew up without a father. I like to hear a male's perspective because we hear people talking about the women with 'daddy issues' too often. He opens up and shares his story which is very heart touching. Today he is a Proud and Amazing father who feels that this is his greatest accomplishment. You don't want to miss it!
January 12, 2021
Special Guest: Vandavid Vernon
Owner and Founder of Vernon Veteran Services Inc. is Vandavid Vernon. He is a dear friend of mine and an entrepreneur. His non-profit provides direct personal and referral services to Veterans. For more info visit on FB: @Vernon Veteran Services Inc. and IG: @vvs_inc_
December 29, 2020
My point of view on life
On this episode I am opening up to my audience. This one is very deep because I go into some things that the world does not know about me. I am giving complete transparency.
December 15, 2020
Welcome to my world
An introduction of the podcast
December 1, 2020