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Chronically Creative

Chronically Creative

By Stephen Fratello
How do you deal with your chronic illness? I'll let you know all the ways I deal with mine and assure you that you're not alone.
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The Holiday Episode
The holidays can be tough for people with chronic illnesses.  A word on that in this short and sweet episode. 
November 19, 2020
What Is Mast Cell Activation Syndrome?
I'll talk a little bit about what MCAS is and how I have experienced it in my life.  
November 13, 2020
A New Era and a Little About My Diagnosis
We have a new President, which is reason to hope and I'll talk a little about mast cell activation syndrome, depression and anxiety. 
November 11, 2020
An Intro to My Podcast
I'll be back blogging and in addition, a new podcast. We'll talk about the crazy things happening in the world and how it affects people like us with a chronic illness. We'll also talk about ways we can cope and stay centered by engaging in prayer, meditation and connecting with ourselves and others. Stay tuned!
October 12, 2020