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Let's Talk Children's Books

Let's Talk Children's Books

By Stephen Munzer
Writer and illustrator, Steve Münzer, talks about his love of children's books and stories. Whether you're a parent, a teacher, a librarian or just someone on a mission to get kids reading, these pocket-sized episodes aim to share thought-provoking ideas about fabulous fiction and other fascinating books.

A list of titles mentioned in these podcasts can be found on Steve's website at

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Master Storytellers

Let's Talk Children's Books

Agnes and the Birdman
Listen to the prologue of Agnes and the Birdman, read by singer, Robin Dick. The book is speculative historical fiction about a thirteen-year-old girl with grit and determination, who dreams big and helps the ageing Leonardo Da Vinci to build a flying machine. Many of the characters are real, including King Francis, Anne Boleyn, Leonardo and his young apprentice, Melzi.  You can see illustrations that I created for the book Here on Youtube Discover more about Agnes and read a sample on the Green Ginger Press Website.
February 19, 2021
Rosie Hedger - Book Translator
Dozens of books that we know and love started off in another language. In this, the final episode of Season 1, I chat with Rosie Hedger who translates from Norwegian into English. Rosie's translations have gone on to win awards and have featured on BBC4's Book at Bedtime. Tune in and listen to what she has to say about the process and how the magic happens. If you love children's literature, post a message and let me know which books you love to read and talk about.
August 16, 2020
Picture This
First impressions are pretty important, and it's certainly true with books. The illustrator's book design can often make all the difference in helping us decide whether or not to open the pages and start reading. This week I talk about some of my favourite book illustrators and the ones who have influenced the way we imagine our favourite book characters.
August 10, 2020
Rhymes and Reasons
This week I explore the tradition of telling children's tales in rhyme. From the Struwwelpeter to Hilaire Belloc, and a few in between. I even read one of my own, based on Hans Anderson's Ugly Duckling. Let me know which rhymes you grew up with and have stayed with you over the years. You can listen to these podcasts offline. Check out the choice of platforms on the page.
August 1, 2020
The Apprentice Witch
In this week's episode I met with author, James Nicol. We chatted about his  'Apprentice Witch' series of books, and James signed a copy that I'll be sending out to a lucky listener. Let me know, using the message button on this podcast site, who you think it should go to and why.  There's also a contact page on my website at
July 24, 2020
The Blue House Bookshop
In this week's podcast I talk to Karen Walker who owns and runs the Blue House Children's Bookshop in York. Karen gives some great insights into how to get kids reading and the kinds of books she loves. There are also details at the end of the episode about a great book give-away. Submit the name of a young reader that you would like to gift a book to. Tell me a little bit about them, which book you think they would like, and why.  I'll pick one out and get Karen to send it in the post. Send your submission via the podcast link or message me on the contact page at
July 17, 2020
Let's Talk Children's Books
Are you a parent? Maybe you're a teacher, a librarian, or a bookseller. Or perhaps you're just someone on a mission to get children reading more good books. Whatever your reason for tuning in, I hope you will join us each Friday evening for another episode of Let's Talk Children's Books. Tune in to or search on Spotify or itunes. You know you should!
July 15, 2020
A Good Laugh
Who doesn’t enjoy a good laugh? I know I do. In today’s episode I’ll be talking about funny books for children. I’ll be sharing what experts have to say on the matter. All of them are still at school so they know exactly what they’re talking about.
July 10, 2020
Master Storytellers
In this week’s episode I’ll be sharing some thoughts about people who have influenced me in the past. People with lots of experience telling tales and getting others to read good books.
July 2, 2020
The Night Seemed Long
In this episode I’ll be talking about where my love of children’s books came from and why I’m a big believer that everyone at some time owes it to themselves to discover the magic of children’s books. A list of all the books mentioned can be found at
June 29, 2020