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By Stephen Gray
Hard-won insights and knowledge on spiritual awakening, psychedelics, cannabis, and the future of humanity. Inspirational interviews with visionaries and thought-leaders.
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Ayahuasca Awakenings: Interview with Rev Dr. Jessica Rochester

StephenGray Vision

Ayahuasca Awakenings: Interview with Rev Dr. Jessica Rochester
Jessica Rochester is an incredible font of wisdom, insight, and knowledge on many aspects of healing and spiritual awakening. Her bona fides are impeccable. She is an ordained Inter-Faith Minister with a Doctorate in Divinity. She trained with the legendary Stanislav Grof and among her numerous responsibilities is the director and primary ceremony leader of Céu do Montréal, the ayahuasca-using Santo Daime church she founded in 1997. Dr. Rochester has written an all-but-exhaustive two-volume book that gathers her long decades of experience into a highly accessible and practical guidebook on just about everything anyone needs to know and consider on healing pathways.  The book's title is: Ayahuasca Awakening: A Guide to Self-Discovery, Self-Mastery, and Self-Care. As implied by the subtitle and my comments above, the contents of the book extend far beyond discussions around ayahuasca. "Ayahuasca Awakening" actually refers mainly to the source of much of Dr. Rochesters's inspiration and understanding. She also has a delightfully positive and warm presence in this hour-long interview. Note: This interview is one of over two dozen with leading influencers in fields related to psychedelics and consciousness transformation. All of the interviews can be viewed on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel.  This interview with Jessica Rochester is here: And: Please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel. I'm far too old to care about career development fame and fortune 🙂. This is about sharing important and perhaps essential information and inspiration as the planet gets pulled ever more strongly into an extremely challenging period of transition. More subscribers means the channel is easier to find in searches. Another "And": For similar reasons and to be informed of new interviews, please consider subscribing to my newsletter. I use it sparingly and mostly to let people know about a new interview. Until I learn a simpler method, I believe you'll have to email me and ask to be signed up.
July 18, 2022
Psychedelics, Meditation, and Kriya Yoga
Keith Lowenstein MD is an authentic wisdom carrier with a great deal of beneficially guidance to share. He has over 40 years of experience teaching and practicing Kriya yoga, and 35 years of clinical experience in integrative medicine, psychiatry, and nutrition.    Perhaps even more important for our purposes here, he also has extensive experience in psychedelic healing modalities and has direct understanding of the potential of skillfully combining plant medicines with yoga and meditation. This is a challenging area of development that is certain to take an increasingly prominent role in healing and awakening work.   Arguably the most important component of Keith's journey toward wisdom and working in these ways was his studies under legendary "crazy wisdom" cannabis guru and Kriya yoga master Sri Mahant Swami Ganesh Anand Giri Saraswati, more popularly known as Ganesh Baba. Keith was Ganesh Baba's last main student, working closely with him for 5 years. In fact it was Baba who directed Keith to become a doctor.  Keith is the author of "Kriya Yoga for Self-Discovery." Note: As always these interviews, now over 2 dozen, are also available in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here: And: Please subscribe to the StephenGray Vision YouTube Channel. It's not for my career, my ego, or any other version of ambition except that the pro's tell me that more subscribers means they're easier to find in searches and therefor more people can find out about this essential information and inspiration for a world in crisis and transition.
June 29, 2022
Salvia: Misunderstood Healer - Christopher Solomon interview
Salvia divinorum has great potential as a gentle and kind yet direct healing medicine when used in carefully protected low-dose settings, preferably with a guide or at least a sitter. Christopher Solomon is a clear and articulate advocate—as well as a guide—for this misunderstood healer.  Most people who have encountered Salvia in unstructured contexts, such as with the "extracts" like the 5X, 10X, 20X etc, want nothing further to do with its often bizarre and sometimes frightening effects. But Christopher understands that in low doses, Salvia is almost like a different medicine altogether. It relaxes and nurtures. It works in a somatic fashion—directly with the felt body rather than through cerebral insights.  This unique member of the mint family has been badly misunderstood. When encountered with this knowledge in hand, Salvia divinorum has an important role to play in the healing and awakening journey. Note: Along with two dozen other interviews with leading influencers in psychedelics and the future of humanity, this interview is also available on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here: Subscribe to the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. You'll be notified immediately of new interviews. More subscribers also means more search engine exposure for this essential information and inspiration. Newsletter: To be notified of future interviews, please sign up for my newsletter. I use it sparingly, without ads or come-ons, and mostly to inform recipients of the most recent interview.
March 12, 2022
Ayahuasca and Tobacco: Culture-Shifting Insights from Jeremy Narby: - StephenGray Vision Interview
Jeremy Narby​ is a cultural treasure with decades long experience as an anthropologist with plant medicines in their traditional settings in South America. He's the author of several important books, including the iconic The Cosmic Serpent: DNA and the Origins of Knowledge. In this interview, Jeremy shares eye-opening, and highly relevant, knowledge on ayahuasca that even the experienced among us often don't know, like concerns about commonly-used admixtures: the importance for us Westerners of seeking out yellow (sky)) ayahuasca over black ayahuasca; the dangers of sorcery and of power corruption among ayahuasqueros, how the common DMT-heavy brews emphasize tripping over healing; the Banisteriopsis vine itself without a DMT-containing plant as the master teacher, and much more. The knowledge he shares on tobacco is almost more remarkable. This plant is badly misunderstood and misused, especially in the commercial tobacco industry. The Asháninka people of South America say tobacco is the number one plant teacher. It is used as a diagnostic tool and has multiple healing properties. The "real" tobaccos (up to 20 times more nicotine than industrial tobacco) are powerful and can be dangerous. This sacred medicine needs a proper hearing and Jeremy is perfectly positioned to help provide it. As always, these interviews (now nearly two dozen) with leading figures in psychedelics and consciousness transformation for a world in crisis are available in video form on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. Here's the direct link to the interview with Jeremy. 
February 08, 2022
Psychedelics: Shamanism to Science - Dr. Maya Shetreat MD Interview
Dr. Maya Shetreat is one of the "new" brilliant and compassionate visionaries and influence leaders in the psychedelic field. The depth and breadth of her healing, leadership, and educational work is remarkable. In this interview she talks about the necessity of establishing a strong relationship with the plant medicines, bringing scientific and traditional knowledge together, the urgent need for enlightened leadership in this field, concerns about medicalization and corporatization, the spiritual bypassing trap among psychonauts, her upcoming Summit, and much more. The interview will also be available in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. Direct link here: Note: To be informed about the next interview with leading figures in psychedelics and consciousness transformation, send me your email address on Facebook Messenger and I'll add you to my mailing list. I use it very sparingly, mainly for announcements like that, and I never share addresses or have advertising. 
January 07, 2022
Bill Richards Psychedelic Pioneer Interview
William A. (Bill) Richards is a psychologist in the Center for Psychedelic and Consciousness Research in Baltimore, USA. He's been at the forefront of psychedelic research for decades, for eg. implementing groundbreaking and headline-grabbing psilocybin studies at the iconic Johns Hopkins U. Bill is truly one of the great figures in this work, also author of the remarkable Sacred Knowledge: Psychedelics and Religious Experiences, and one of the kindest souls I've ever met. Bill truly walks the talk. In this 45 minute interview for StephenGray Vision, he talks about the roles and responsibilities of the guide/therapist; differences between psycholytic and psychedelic therapy; altered traits vs. altered states; how the medical and "Oregon" models (unregulated, ceremonial etc) need not exclude each other, and much more. Note: This interview can be heard on several audio platforms, including Spotify, and in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here:, where you can also find over 20 other interviews with leading figures in psychedelics and consciousness transformation like Chris Bache, Dennis McKenna, Martina Hoffmann, Jamie Wheal, etc. Please also consider sharing this information. It's not about marketing or career building, (too late for that anyway😉), it's about the urgent need for a deep and widespread consciousness transformation on our beloved and beleaguered planet. 
December 27, 2021
The Mystery Tradition of Miraculous Conception - with Marguerite Rigoglioso, Ph.D
Marguerite Rigoglioso has gone deep on this subject through extensive, often primary-source research. Strange and implausible as it may seem, there is a wealth of historical (and some contemporary) evidence pointing toward the reality of divine, virgin birth. This is not your conventional (ultimately anti-women, anti-sex, and yes, anti-life) dominator-male concocted Christian fairy tale of the pure virgin unsullied by human sexuality. It's actually about advanced spiritual practices, perhaps with the assistance of entheogenic plant medicines; female empowerment; and the rise of the sacred feminine as an essential balancing component for the urgently needed global consciousness transformation. Regardless of the inevitable skepticism many of us feel about this, you can't fault Marguerite on her rigorous research and her talent for articulating the argument. Listen for yourself and decide. As always, this interview is also accessible in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here: And . . . Check out the over 20 other interviews on and the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel with brilliant spokespeople on psychedelics and consciousness transformation. 
June 15, 2021
Coca for the People: A Necessary Reappraisal - with Wade Davis
Legendary anthropologist Wade Davis has an encyclopaedic knowledge of coca. The Inca called it The Divine Leaf of Immortality. It is central to life in tropical regions of South America. In this interview Wade makes an eloquent, passionate, and unimpeachable case that coca needs to be legalized and be welcomed into mainstream culture. As Wade says, "Of all these commonly used stimulants [coffee etc], without any doubt, the most benign, the most pleasant, the most effective, the most helpful, is coca."  Wade says that comparing coca to cocaine is like comparing potatoes to vodka, and that is only illegal because it has been caught up in the ongoing, ineffective, absurdly expensive, and incredibly violent drug wars. Not only is coca the superior plant for daily use, there is huge potential benefit for farmers in tropical South America. We have to give the campesinos a legal market for their product. Note: This interview was originally done for Casey McFarlane's Consciousness Continuum YouTube channel and is also accessible on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel.
May 20, 2021
Title: Psilocybin Mushrooms’ Sacred Healing Power: Interview with Tom Lane.
Tom Lane is a treasure chest of little known, valuable—and applicable—knowledge about psilocybin mushrooms. He studied and trained with masters in Mexico and now after decades of experience is ready to share secrets of how to best benefit from their use. Here he talks about: the importance of the feeling body; how to prepare for and take the mushrooms; how to learn to see emanations of energy for healing and divining; how to move gracefully through difficulties with an open, loving attitude; and much more. As with the other 20 or so (as of April 2021) interviews with leading visionaries, this one is also available in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here: P.S. Please consider subscribing to the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. It's not going to make me rich and famous (no ads etc), but it will help search engines find these interviews and get these important messages around to more people.
April 07, 2021
Psychedelic Guide Manual: Mark Haden Interview (re-edited)
Mark Haden is one the great advocates for the legal and effective use of psychedelics. Among his many accomplishments, he was chair of MAPS Canada for years. Here he talks about: the increasing importance of skilled guides; the 6 essential competencies; trauma resolution skills; what would disqualify a guide; red and green flags for screening clients; an effective protocol for before, during, and follow-up; the components of effective integration; and much more. Mark's excellent new book is "Manual for Psychedelic Guides," available at Amazon. Note: As with the other nearly 20 StephenGray Vision interviews, this interview with Mark Haden is also available on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here: 
March 24, 2021
MIT Scientist Transforms Life With Psychedelics
Chris Becker is a wonderful example of someone who did psychedelic therapy right and turned his life around. Chris had a traumatic childhood that led to alcohol addiction beginning in adolescence. Here he talks about the careful, extended process he undertook with a skilled guide; the dynamics of childhood trauma; essential qualities for psychedelic guides; the necessity of quality, ongoing integration, including regular spiritual practice like meditation and yoga; and how this kind of therapy could be more accessible and affordable. Note: As always these interviews are also available in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, along with about a dozen and a half other interviews with leading visionaries, particularly those involved with psychedelics. Here's the direct link to this interview with Chris Becker.
February 17, 2021
Indigenous Thinking to Save the World: Tyson Yunkaporta
Tyson Yunkaporta is a brilliant, visionary Australian aboriginal academic, researcher, author, and artist. In his remarkable—and essential for our times—book "Sand Talk: How Indigenous Thinking Can Save the World," he talks here with Stephen Gray about: the illusion that many repeated psychedelic journeys are necessary for healing and awakening; the unsustainability of the growth economy in large nations; the need for regional and local governance and small communities; the necessity of non-hierarchical, decentralized, ego-free relationships for innovation and problem-solving; the value of interactive story-making (yarning); how to enter timeless Ancestral Mind; listening to animate nature, even rocks; our crucial role as a custodial species; and much more. NB: As Always, these interviews with leading visionaries on consciousness transformation and the urgent need for an awakening humanity are also available on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. This interview with Tyson Yunkaporta can be found at this link:
February 04, 2021
Cannabis Meditation Guidance
Author/editor of "Cannabis and Spirituality" and ceremony leader Stephen Gray talks about how cannabis can deepen simple presence meditation; the Yogic principle of stopping the chatter of the mind;  a basic guide to meditating with cannabis; the central importance of breath; working with thoughts; dosage and strains; methods of intake; and more. NB: This half hour video is also accessible with video on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel here: And: There are more than a dozen interviews with leading visionaries and spokespeople in fields related to psychedelics here and on the StephenGray Vision YouTube Channel.
January 19, 2021
Chris Bache Inspirational Solstice Message (12 min.)
Chris Bache is one of our most important visionaries. He sees clearly where we have been as a species, where we are now, where we need to go, and where we can go if we bring our best to the work ahead. We are in an extraordinary new phase of collective transformation, a great unraveling as we engage our individual and collective shadows and submit ourselves to the transforming fire. This short message from our 2020 winter solstice event is essential for us to take to heart now if there is any hope of birthing the New Human and collectively manifesting a mature planetary civilization. NB: This stunning message is also accessible, along with more than a dozen other interviews and talks with great visionaries, on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel at this link.
January 14, 2021
Huachuma: The Sacred Cactus Whose Time Has Come - Laurel Sugden
We'll be hearing a lot more from Laurel Sugden in the years to come. She has been studying Huachuma, - aka, the San Pedro cactus, for years, both on the ground in Peru and in the academy. Laurel has now become a remarkable source of knowledge on most subjects related to the sacred cactus. In my interview with Laurel, she discusses such topics as: How Huachuma’s time has come as she “gathers the world under her wings” and helps humanity restore balance; the mysterious and sudden explosion of art and culture in northern Peru just as the cactus appears in the archeological record about 4,000 years ago; the many different species of Huachuma with diverse effects and Spirits; the vast difference between plants grown with love and those treated only as product; and much more. NB: As always, these inspirational interviews and talks are available on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. Here's the link for the interview with Laurel.
January 14, 2021
Healing Power of Mushrooms: Alex Dorr on StephenGray Vision
We're experiencing a dramatic revolution of understanding and application of all things fungi/mushrooms. Alex Dorr is on the leading edge of this revolution and has an encyclopedic knowledge. Here he talks about: a "heroic" psilocybin journey at age 18 that changed his life and set him on a lifetime commitment in service of the fungi; the extensive historical use of psilocybin mushrooms; some of the most important medicinal mushrooms; cutting edge developments using mushrooms/fungi for everything from leather to environmental clean-up to delicious natural foods like fungus bacon; and much more. NB: Also accessible on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel here:, along with 14 other interviews with leading visionaries such as Paul Stamets, Dennis McKenna, Wade Davis, and Françoise Bourzat.
December 30, 2020
On the "Great Transition": StephenGray Vision
The trajectory of the human enterprise has reached a nexus point. We are into the vortex of dramatic change. From here on it's transformation or disaster. Clear, awake visions and actions are essential.  Along with intelligent, compassionate activity, radical inner transformation has become increasingly important. We must make skilled use of all our available tools. That, I believe, is why the psychedelic medicines are beginning to take their place on the world stage. This 30 minute talk is also available with video on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. NOTE: Along with this, so far, one monologue, there are 13 interviews here and on the YouTube channel, all with remarkable visionary spokespeople on behalf of the medicines and the overarching vision for an awakening humanity. Please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel so the Google will help notify people of this essential information and inspiration. Please also consider getting on my mailing list. I use it sparingly, like twice monthly or less, and mainly to notify people of the latest interview. Do get on the mailing list, write me at
December 19, 2020
TeaFaerie on StephenGray Vision: From Breakdown to Breakthrough
The now legendary Tea Faerie has worked as a "trip sitter" about 25 times per year for 20 years at transformational festivals. She is compassionate, brilliant, and visionary. Here she talks about such illuminating subjects as: how she works with people in crisis in the psychedelic sanctuary to help them move from breakdown to breakthrough; what kinds of psychedelics are showing up at these events, PEBD (Post Ecstatic Bliss Disorder); quality post-event integration; the ego problem with self-declared "shamans"; how to discern reliable from problematic "advice" from the "spirits" of the medicines; and where the whole psychedelic and consciousness transformation process and movement could and probably should go in the years to come as we face threats to existence from climate change and spiritually disconnected human activity. Note: This episode is also available in video format on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. Please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel to give this important information a greater chance of being found in searches and reaching the people who can benefit from it and put it to good use. If you join my mailing list, you'll also receive notification of each new interview. I'm very conservative about inundating beleaguered inboxes and on average only send a newsletter twice a month, usually, at this point, to announce the latest interview. To get on the mailing list, email me at Survive and thrive with the winds of change blowing gently at your back - Stephen
December 03, 2020
Good Chemistry: Julie Holland interviewed on StephenGray Vision
Julie Holland, MD is a leading spokesperson on behalf of psychedelics and healing altogether. Here she talks about: how we are collectively suffering from a spiritual crisis, at least in part from disconnection and isolation; how psychedelics can help remake the connection; the therapeutic benefits of MDMA; how psychedelics can prepare us for death and how they can heal national and ethnic divisions; and much more. This interview is also accessible with video on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. NB: Please consider subscribing to the YouTube channel. The pro's tell me that more subscribers means the channel gets noticed more and thus more people are able to find this extremely valuable content from leading spokespeople and visionaries in the field of psychedelics and related work.  And: To quickly find out about new episodes, please also consider subscribing to my newsletter. Unlike many, I send newsletters rarely, typically once every 2 to 3 weeks and mostly to alert people to the latest interview. To subscribe, please email me at and ask to be subscribed.
November 18, 2020
Fantastic Fungi: Paul Stamets interview
Paul Stamets is one of the world's leading experts on all things fungi (mushrooms). Here he talks about important issues like: our disconnection from nature; the tragic loss of bio-diversity in our soils affecting life-supporting fungi; factory farming threatening all existence; the innate intelligence of fungal networks; how communities thrive because of the generosity of surplus and how psilocybin mushrooms inspire that generosity; the explosion of solid research on psilocybin mushrooms;  . . . and much more Note: This interview is also accessible with video on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. Note: Please consider subscribing to both this Anchor audio podcast and the above YouTube channel. I make no money on these and I'm much too old to care about fame :-) It's because more subscribers means more online notice and thus more people helped by hearing and watching this transformational information.
November 02, 2020
Cannabis and Yoga Together: Chris Kilham interview on StephenGray Vision
Chris Kilham is the Medicine Hunter. He knows more than most anyone about medicinal and sacramental plants. He also has 50 years of yoga experience and deep understanding of cannabis. Here he talks about: yoga as a wisdom current moving through human history; how cannabis added skillfully to yoga practice can deepen and empower awakening; how the two together help create new neurological pathways; the formless yet vast Spirit of cannabis; opening kundalini energy; the importance of dosage; and practice as the essential wellspring for spreading intelligence and compassion.
October 07, 2020
Wade Davis on Psychedelics, Shamanism, & Culture: StephenGray Vision Interview
Wade Davis is one of the world's leading voices on behalf of cultural- and bio-diversity. Here he shares such penetrating insights as: how psychedelics have catalyzed major cultural shifts; psychedelics as subversive agents of liberation; the war on drugs as a deliberate lie for political gain; the South American indigenous recognition that plants and animals are just people in another dimension; the unexpected ascendancy of ayahuasca as the global "superstar" psychedelic; the true role of the shaman and the dangers of the shamanic path; the de-animation of the world and the necessity of reciprocity and connection.   Note: Wade has a new book out (Sept. 15, 2020) called, Magdalena: Rivers of Dreams. Wade told me it's a love letter to Colombia in all its troubled glory. Note: The interview is also available with video on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here:
September 21, 2020
Psychedelic Feminism - For Everyone: StephenGray Vision Interviews Zoe Helene
Zoe Helene is a visionary and a pioneer. She coined the term "psychedelic feminism" and founded Cosmic Sister to support women of all ethnicities in the field of psychedelics. Here she talks about such timely topics as: the centrality of nature in spiritual awakening; the importance of ancestral healing; the confusing messages women still get about sexuality; cannabis as a powerful spiritual medicine and ally; what Psychedelic Feminism is and how lifting women lifts men; the necessity of suspending belief and surrendering to ayahuasca; why community is an essential component of integration after powerful medicine journeys; the value of humour in this work; and finally, some of the remarkable women she is supporting to speak at the 2020 Spirit Plant Medicine Conference on Oct. 23-25. This interview is also available on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel, here: I invite you to also check out the other interviews I've done with world leaders in psychedelics and consciousness transformation both here on Anchor and at the above YouTube channel. And . . . please check out my website: 
September 09, 2020
Mayan Wisdom: StephenGray Vision Interviews Nan Shuni Giron
Nan Shuni Giron is truly a force of nature. She is an internationally recognized Guatemalan shamanic plant healer; ceremonial leader known as Mayan Ajq’iij; Mayan calendar day keeper; spiritual guide; environmentalist – and a whole lot more.  Here she talks about the roots of Mayan spirituality, the necessity of direct connection to the wisdom voices of the ancestors, keeping the ancient fire ceremony alive, the frequent occurrence of what many would call miracles in the mushroom ceremonies she leads, and the necessity and potential for we of the human species to find our gentleness, to listen to the living intelligences of the animals and the plants, and to come back into balance with the Earth and with Spirit. Note: This interview is also available on the StephenGray Vision YouTube channel. Please also check out the website for more.
August 25, 2020
Birthing the New Global Vision: StephenGray Vision interviews Bruce Damer
Bruce Damer is an astrobiologist but more importantly for our purposes here, one of our truly great visionaries. Topics discussed include: Plant medicines are doorways into the numinous field;  Intention is generating a "meta-organism"—a "global body" is being born; A global shift as people recognize their trauma as "parts" that can be owned and healed, especially with the medicines; life's origins and our future as communities in collaboration, not an individual project; And, the need for  confidence and optimism in the stupendous brilliance of the collective consciousness field and shared intention.
August 10, 2020
Awakening to a New Reality: StephenGray Vision interviews Padrinho Paulo Roberto
Padrinho Paulo Roberto Silva e Souza is a deeply spiritual man who has experienced the light of divine reality and has influenced thousands as an educator, activist, and minister/ceremony leader in the Brazilian ayahuasca-using Santo Daime religion. Here he talks about topics such as: meeting the spirit of ayahuasca before he had ever heard of it during a journey with "Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds" overlooking Machu Picchu; the origins of the Santo Daime religion; his apprenticeship to lineage founder Padrinho Sebastião; the necessity of saving the Amazon for the whole world and what we can do to help; developing skills of adaptability in a fast-changing world; and the sacred use of cannabis, or Santa Maria as he calls it. Note: This interview is also available in video format on YouTube:
July 27, 2020
Psychedelics as Consciousness Medicine: StephenGray Vision interviews Françoise Bourzat
After 40 years on plant medicine pathways—often studying with Mazatec wisdom carriers in Oaxaca, Mexico—and 25 years teaching psychedelic therapists and guides, Françoise Bourzat has earned her wisdom. Here she discusses the need for well-trained practitioners; concerns about the neo-shamanic movement; the importance of understanding the cultural context of the plant medicines; how our own healing pays it both back and forward; bridging indigenous practice and western psychotherapy; and much more. Brilliant earned insights. (And, she's delightful.) Note: This interview is also available as a video on the YouTube channel StephenGray Vision:  This is the 4th StephenGray Vision interview with visionaries and wisdom carriers bringing us essential information and inspiration on how humanity can navigate increasingly turbulent waters by changing our consciousness to align with unconditional reality and "The Great Project of Being", in particular (though not solely) through the skillful and responsible use of psychedelics (entheogens.)  The first 3 in this series are also with brilliant spokespeople for this vision: Chris Bache, (author of the stunning LSD and the Mind of the Universe: Diamonds from Heaven); legendary psychedelic elder Dennis McKenna; and Michael Stuart Ani (author of The Ghost Dance: An Untold History of the Americas).
July 15, 2020
Secrets of the Sacred Mushroom: with Michael Stuart Ani
StephenGray Vision interviews Michael Stuart Ani. Michael is a truly remarkable character. He has spent much of his adult life with indigenous people in Central and South America where he has learned a number of the languages and has been instrumental in helping keep ancient knowledge alive. Michael has dedicated himself (and sometimes risked his life) to honour this mission because the knowledge that has been nearly lost but still carries living threads is essential for the survival of humanity as we enter ever more deeply into a crisis that calls out urgently for a radical re-understanding of our place in nature and the cosmos altogether. As an added "bonus," Michael is a lovely and wise soul with the gift of the silver-tongued raconteur.
June 23, 2020
Wisdom of a Psychedelic Elder: StephenGray Vision interviews Dennis McKenna
Dennis McKenna is truly one of the great elder spokespeople of the psychedelic, plant medicine world. From his youthful adventures through wild jungles of South America with his still-influential brother Terence McKenna to his continued commitment to educating and inspiring, Dennis is still going strong and clear.  In this interview he shares sharp insights on topics such as: the true function of the "plant teachers" and their role in global awakening; our proper place in nature and the cosmos; the limits of science; and the rebirth of mystery schools.
June 11, 2020
LSD and the Mind of the Universe: StephenGray Vision interviews Chris Bache.
Chris Bache is a brilliant visionary. Between 1979 and 1999 he undertook an extremely demanding journey of 73 high-dose private LSD sessions (with a sitter.) In every session 'he' broke out beyond the self into the vast intelligences of the universe. The "diamonds from heaven" Chris brought back and shares with us are absolutely paradigm-shattering and essential material for anyone who cares at all about the condition and fate of humanity. We're in for massive changes now, yet this is ultimately a hopeful and beautiful vision.
May 29, 2020