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This Passionate Life with Stephanie Zito

This Passionate Life with Stephanie Zito

By Stephanie Zito
An inspirational look at how soul-led people turn their passions to profits,
tips on how to get there, and next level hacks to live your passions in your career and everyday.
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Resilience: the 3 R's to creating a life you love with guest Adam Markel

This Passionate Life with Stephanie Zito

Resilience: the 3 R's to creating a life you love with guest Adam Markel

This Passionate Life with Stephanie Zito

Becoming Iconic with Carlie Maree
Meet Carlie Maree.  -The Writer of world-changing words.  -Leader of life-changing online experiences.  -Personal mentor to a select few superstars. ... When you enter Carlie Maree's world... you enter the world of magic and infinite possibility. I swear being in her presence even online you just FEEL you can make all your dreams happen, too.  Follow this goddess to understand how EVERYTHING is available for you. Carlie Maree was once a divorced, single mom on government assistance.  Step by step, within a few short years, she's turned herself into an International Best Selling Author, Creatress of Soul Modes, and iconic coach on the verge of her Million Dollar Year in business.  In this episode, I ask all the questions.  We talk how to trust and surrender.  And she reveals how to have the confidence and tap into intuition to make your big, bold moves.  Carlie Maree is the queen of the big and the bold.  She's unstoppable.  Grab some of her energy and wisdom on this episode,  and find more of Carlie Maree at:  Her free 10 Day Slay Program:  And her Podcast: Genius Unleashed
March 24, 2021
4 Soul Modes for an abundant, prosperous life with Julia Poppleton
In this episode, I talk with Julia Poppleton, Kinesiologist and Intuitive Energy Worker about Soul modes, the 4 energetic states we flow in and out of as women. By learning about these parts of yourself and expressing them based on their desires, we can accelerate our growth and create the life we were destined to live. Julia is an intuitive kinesiologist and counsellor with a passion for facilitating growth and self-respect in her clients. She is a belief smasher and perception changer and assists her clients to find the ways to love and grow the hardest darkest parts of themselves and integrate them into the light. Find Julia at: Instagram: @feel_it_to_heal_it
March 9, 2021
Selfography: Selfies as an Act of Self Love with Paula Ivy
Little choices lead up to our big quantum leaps. In this epic interview with Paula Ivy, visual and vibrational storyteller, we explore how selfies are an an act of self love. We cover Paula's big leap to travel with her family around Australia in a caravan. She reveals how her ENERGY shifts through travel completely transformed her business. Paula reveals the one simple idea to help move closer, every day, toward those big dreams and goals. Paula Ivy is an epic human. She's helped me transform my own relationship with selfies, and through that, helped me deepen my own sense of true self love for all of me.  I can't wait for you to tune in!  About Paula Ivy:  Paula Ivy is a visual and vibrational storyteller. She helps women learn how to take epic self portraits and in doing so, they discover how to see and celebrate their own beauty.  How to fall in love with their body, spirit and being.  Selfies is the base beat of Paula’s work for helping women create & grow through the most epic transformations in their biz, relationships, wealth & life experience. Find Paula at @paulatheivy on FB & Instagram. Join her selfography30 program here:
March 2, 2021
Conscious Communication with Katie Bonanno, Master's Level Conscious Relationship Expert
In this episode, I dive into Conscious Communication in relationships with Katie Bonanno, Master's Level Conscious Relationship Expert.  Katie shares with us how to put your ego aside to feel heard, seen, and validated in your relationships.  She provides insight into how to connect with your partner on a deeper, more intimate level. And what if, great relationships with others really start with... knowing yourself first? About Katie: Katie is a master's level conscious relationship expert who helps millennial women heal feelings of anxiety and unworthiness to attract their soulmate, deepen their connections with loved ones, and become the next confident version of themselves. Katie uses her master’s degree in marriage and family therapy, systemic family theory, cognitive behavioral therapy, and quantum physics to help women pull out their unwanted patterns and beliefs and catapult them into healing. Having gone through her own struggles, Katie is empathetic and understanding of her client’s experiences. Katie’s work is grounded in tangible baby steps that are sustainable which enables her clients to work towards and achieve lasting positive changes and results. Find Katie here:  Podcast:   Join her free group: ... This episode is recorded inside @Activate: The Membership Group for Soul-Led Women. To access weekly classes and a library of courses to help you live your soul-led life, join here: 
February 19, 2021
Self Worth to Net Worth with Letitia Elizabeth
Meet this powerhouse, Letitia Elizabeth, Self Magic Money Mindset Mentor & Destroyer of Negativity! Turn Your Stories into Million-Dollar Messages.  Letitia's bringing the fire in this podcast episode to help you find the confidence to use your voice, shatter glass ceilings, and free yourself from stereotypes ands stigmas.  Gather this wisdom so you can have the courage to put the most sacred (and often vulnerable) pieces of your life story together into legacy-building, money-making assets that you can leverage to accelerate your businesses for years to come. This interview was recorded as a masterclass inside my membership Activate: The Monthly Membership for Soul-Led Women.  To get weekly classes that feed your intuition and Soul, join for only $11 for your first month and $33 monthly thereafter. Join at About Letitia: Letitia Elizabeth is an author, motivational speaker, and NY-Times featured mentor that women turn to when they need a blueprint for finding their voices, recoding limited mindsets, breaking through the glass ceiling as a woman of color, and turning their pain into purposeful stories that become world-changing messages. If she could wave a magic wand, she would help every woman who crossed her path to absolutely destroy the shackles of patriarchy mind and OWN their brilliance, using it to build multi-million dollar legacies.   Connect with Letitia: Letitia has two beautiful free meditations (a self respect and imposter syndrome healing meditation as well as a "find your chill" meditation for anxiety) for anyone who follows her on Instagram. Simply shoot her a DM for the MP3s. Note: Letitia references this resource of Womxn, Minority, and Non-binary Healers of the World. Access it here: 
February 5, 2021
Healing the Touch Crisis with Dawn Bennett
Dawn Bennett, author of The Touch Crisis, empowers individuals, small groups, and large audiences to embrace powerful new ways to transform themselves and community dynamics with her unique blend of empathy, humor, and just enough attitude to challenge social norms. She is committed to leading the tough conversations to help people understand the science, soul, and communication of healthy, consensual touch so they can create more felt-trust at home, build loyal communities, and multiply opportunities for impact and income. Get in touch with Dawn here:  Receive a 20 minute personal conversation with me at this link. Conversations on Touch: Explore touch more deeply at my upcoming class, Embrace Joyful Connection to Yourself, Others, and Community. and use discount code HealthyTouch
November 27, 2020
Radical Enlightenment with Kevin Russell
Kevin Russell is a clairvoyant intuitive and energy change agent who helps people remove the subconscious blockages, programs, and conditioning that keep us prisoner in life so we can reconnect more strongly with our energetic-core, inner-knowing, inner-child, and innate connection to the energy that is “greater than us” (God, Source, Spirit… whatever the preferred label). His new book, Radical Enlightenment: My Guy on the 9th Floor, was written after a profound enlightenment experience and is a handbook for leveling up consciousness, fulfillment, and connection to your higher-self. Best way to get in touch: “Considering that Kevin Russell discusses a topic as complex as achieving consciousness and enlightenment, I am in awe of the simplicity and clarity of the message in the book.” – ★★★★ Review
November 27, 2020
Making Decisions with Human Design, with Rachel Onojafe
Join me as I interview Rachel Onojafe, Life Coach and Cosmic Clues Creator. She walks us through making Quantum leaps in aligned decision-making by following your Human Design.  Rachel Onojafe discusses the concept of authority in Human Design and how we best use it to make decisions and find clarity.  Stop being confused and start being decisive! Rachel Onojafe is a Life Coach, believer in you and your dreams, a wellness warrior, animal lover, fearless founder, a new mom and the creatrix of the Cosmic Clues method. She works with womxn who are ready to embrace their dream and take action. Her signature offer is coaching to 'Discover Your Superpower' using Cosmic Clues to learn to know, love and be yourself.  Follow Rachel here: Instagram: @rachelonojafe   Join her free group: and dive into her free training on discovering your superpower:   ... If you'd like to join our sisterhood of amazing women supporting one another on our soul-led path, join the Activate Membership for Soul Led Women guided by myself, Stephanie Zito, for only $1 for your first month membership. Join at
November 27, 2020
Revealing your Purpose with Laura Mazzotta and the Akashic Records
Laura Mazzotta, the Akashic Therapist, took a quantum leap 3 years ago when she became seriously ill. The universe had been sending her messages to change her path for several years prior, but she hadn't listened. Through her quantum leap, she found the Akashic Records. Join me in this interview with Laura Mazzotta to understand the Akashic Records and how reading the Records can help us follow our soul path.  This interview was recorded within my membership group: Activate: The Membership Group for Soul Led Women, so you also get a peak into some spot on readings for some of the group members.   About Laura:  Laura Mazzotta, LCSW-R, is an expert therapist, Certified Akashic Records Practitioner and Reiki Healer with over 16 years of experience. Her mission is to teach The Akashic Records to as many people as possible, so they can activate deep healing and move toward ease, energy, and confidence. She is particularly passionate about guiding therapists, coaches & healers in the space of the Records, to gain clarity and decisiveness in their business and for clients. Laura knows true healing occurs much more powerfully when all components (physical, mental, energetic and spiritual) of a person’s issue are addressed. She’s here to guide her clients in all steps on that journey. Find Laura @: Join Laura's Free Facebook Group: Room for Healing Receive a free Mapping session here: ... If you'd like support and guidance on your soul-led path, join a sisterhood of women supporting one another in Stephanie Zito's membership group: Activate: The Membership Group for Soul-led Women. Listeners can join for your first month for only $1 with the link:
November 27, 2020
Courage to Catharsis with Heather Kesslak, Confidence Coach
Join Heather Kesslak, Confidence Coach in her quantum leap during Covid to 'waking up' to treating her body better, losing weight, ditching alcohol, and pivoting into a new chapter as a Confidence Coach.  Heather's Signature System to ditch overwhelm and find your center through her 3 R's is simple and effective.  Heather is such a special guest for me as she and I are childhood friends who reconnected... synchronistically. This always reminds me how the universe/source/God has our back and provides us the people we're meant to connect with when it's time.  About Heather: I am a Mom, Wife, Entrepreneur, Business Owner, Empath, and Pediatric Occupational Therapist.    I have been a family coach for almost 20 years, intimately working with beautiful humans who have children with special needs.  I have found that some of my most powerful successes were not just in how I affected my patients' lives, but also the changes that "my mom's" experienced through my guidance and encouragement.  I consider myself a beacon of light for people.  I strive to allow others to SEE their light.  The light that I see in them.  I connect with women quite powerfully when I am given the permission.  I can sense your struggle, your insecurity, your pain.  And not just because I am Empath, but because I myself have struggled and suffered for so long.  I've devoted my entire life to healing, striving, and now... I want to share.   I want women (and men if they choose to work with me) to feel their power, KNOW their power, and thrive in their power.  I want to help them move from Struggle-Peace.     5 free strategizing sessions!   Join my FREE Support Group! ... Want to deepen your intuition or sort out what the heck you are doing?  Join our Activate sisterhood of amazing women supporting one another on our soul-led path.  The Activate Membership for Soul Led Women guided by myself, Stephanie Zito, is only $1 for your first month membership with this promo link as a thank you for listening to This Passionate Life. Join at
November 27, 2020
Intro to Season 5: Quantum Leaps
Quantum Leaps:  Ever have an experience where you're just going down a certain path in life and then... boom... suddenly you find yourself on a different path. It's like time compresses... things happen faster, your beliefs shift, you just change and there's no way you're going back to the way it was. Quantum leaps are when synchronicities appear, when you make a big decision (or sometimes a big decision happens to you) and your life changes... forever... for the better. I'm fascinated with what it takes to have a quantum leap? What happens to those of us who have them? Does this happen to everyone? How can we get into a desired state to maybe even... LIVE in this field of magic and synchronicity? Join me in this season as I unravel with the help of some stellar guests the mindset and action that leads to quantum leaps, tools we can use to know ourselves better and follow our soul path and even get into that state of flow.  I've enjoyed these conversations and I hope you do to. In this Introductory episode I dive into my own experience with quantum leaps and some breakthrough leaps that altered my life forever.  If you'd like to join an amazing sisterhood of women supporting one another in taking the leap toward your best life and dive into weekly classes and a library of courses for your soul, join Activate: The Membership for Soul-led Women for only $1 with this special rate for This Passionate Life listeners. Join at
November 27, 2020
Quick Affirmation meditation to release anxiety.
Ground yourself. Release anxiety. In changing times, this short affirmation mediation helps you trust, helps you get grounded and release what you can’t control using the power of the root chakra. Find more meditations from Stephanie at
October 28, 2020
Guided Imagery Meditation for the New Moon (Planting Seeds)
The new moon is a beautiful time to renew, to refresh, and to plant seeds for the intentions you wish to grow. Manifest with this new moon meditation. This is a guided imagery meditation where you journey to a beautiful place. Infuse your intentions into 'seeds' you will plant and envision growing to fruition. Enjoy! Check in in two weeks with the Full Moon for what you've manifested!
October 17, 2020
Guided Meditation to Balance the Chakras
This is a special epidode (or interlude).  One of my favorite ways to get centered and clear in myself is to meditate. I have had a very special relationship with our chakra system and will be exploring this and more that helps us to move toward Quantum Growth over this next season. Please enjoy this Guided Journey to Balance the Chakras.  Namaste,  Stephanie
October 13, 2020
Welfare to Wealth with Mandy Perry
Mandy Perry shares with us the mindset it took to literally go from Welfare to Wealth. Mandy Perry is a mother of 2, and a world-renowned leader for real, raw, limitless success. She is widely known across the globe as "The queen of simple success” and embodies a type of deep authenticity that is hard to find. She’s quite unlike any other coach you will find as she shares all of her real life experiences openly so others can learn with her.  In 2017 she launched her business and went from a woman on welfare, with no business experience to a global, $1.4 million company in 3 years organically. Virtually unheard of in this space. Mandy is known for helping other driven humans make money online, showing them how to do it immediately without fancy complex systems or overhead. Everything from clients, digital programs to masterminds and events.  She has a powerful gift for helping people make money NOW, the fastest, funnest, easiest way possible, no matter where they are in the journey. She stands for raw, honest, vulnerable being, radical self responsibility and limitless enjoyment of life. She stands for making money now, letting it be easy and allowing yourself to enjoy the process.  She has led thousands of clients to pay off debt, buy their dream homes, hit 6 figure years, quit their 9-5's and consistently make more in a month than they used to in a year.. $20k, $30k, $40k months.  A true self-made woman, Mandy started from the bottom and worked through depression, suicide attempts, anxiety, poverty, and a long history of abuse. She is an unwavering force standing for everyone understanding their worth, and the value they bring to the world. She grew up in Massachusetts, was a Marine, and is now living with her children in FL.. but you can find her frolicking the world leaving a wake of success and joy behind her. Follow Mandy at:
July 3, 2020
Talking Race with Angie Jordan
“I was raised to fit in with white people.”  “My dad was a Black Panther.”  Angie Jordan dives in with me and shares her experience with racism, micro-aggression and navigating identity growing up the child of a white mom and black dad in a racially divided Louisiana.  I am grateful for this eye opening conversation and Angie’s brilliant ease in speaking her truth and owning exactly who she is as a black female entrepreneur in America.  Angie is a Life Coach and podcast mentor to entreprenuers and coaches who have BIG messages, and BIG visions and need to get that out into the world. You can find Angie at: and join her free facebook group for podcasting, Launch, Grow, Explode your Podcast at:
July 3, 2020
The TRUTH on living your passions with Angie Jordan
If there’s one person I can count on to tell her truth, it’s Angie Jordan, podcast coach turned business coach.  She is the definition of following your passions and not settling for anything less.  She drops some GOLD in this interview like, “It’s not about the actual circumstance, it’s about what you make it mean.”  “Have a preference! We get so far away from it because we are so busy appeasing everybody else.”  “I want those things I want to achieve more than care what someone thinks about me.”  This is episode 1 of 2 with Angie. We tackle passions and business... and Jack Canfield in this episode.  In episode 2:2, we dive into her experience with race as a black woman in America, raised by a white mom and black dad, who was a member of the Black Panthers, in a very racially split Louisiana. Angie Jordan is a Life Coach and podcast mentor to entrepreneurs and coaches who have BIG messages, and BIG visions and need to get that out into the world. Find Angie Jordan at: Join her free facebook group for podcasting, Launch, Grow, Explode your Podcast at:
July 3, 2020
Speaking your truth begins with being in your personal power.
In this new season on speaking your truth, we have to start at the beginning which is being really clear on what your truth is. Being clear on being in your personal power. How do we cultivate that? Let’s dive into that in this episode. If you’d like to do you more clarity, tap in to your intuition with a whole soul tribe of women, join my membership Activate: the Monthly membership for soul lead women. Join here:
July 3, 2020
If you were not afraid you would...
What would you do if you were not afraid? Success is rigged for the bold. Speaking your truth means stepping up and taking bold moves. Join a sisterhood of women gaining clarity, tuning into intuition and making bold moves to live their soul-led lives. Join us here:
July 3, 2020
Intro to the new Season: Speak your truth!
To do what you really want to do in the world, you need to speak your truth. You need to be in your truth! In this season, I explore what it means to get clarity on what your truth even is, what to do when you don’t want to hear what your truth has to say, and how to speak your truth bravely. Listening to interviews on going from welfare to millions, on following your passions no matter what, and on navigating racism and what it means to be an ally. Find more with me at
July 3, 2020
Listening to your soul guides
Have you ever had a nudge in a certain direction? Have you ever had a strong pull towards something and you weren’t sure why? Or you know you saw a sign that was meant for you? These are your guides talking to you. They are there to support you. If you are needing some guidance or direction in life right now, this episode will help you connect with your guides to give you direction on your path. In this episode, I share a couple stories about how my guides reached out to me. And some ways you can deep in your connection with your guides too. ** join us for inspiration in the FREE Super Soul Summit 5.20.20- 5.24.20 using the link here:
May 16, 2020
Tips for moms working from home when... everyone... is home during these unprecedented times.
My heart goes out to everyone affected by our current Covid-19 situation adapting to it every day. I hope you are staying well. As I work from home (mostly), I wanted to share a few tips to help you if you are also in a situation needing to work from home while your kids and even spouse maybe home as well. I hope these tips help bring you some strategies and ease. Much love, Stephanie
March 16, 2020
Why do successful people meditate? What do they get out of it?
Recently, I got really curious about how most successful coaches I know how daily rituals and daily meditation practices. I wanted to find out more, so I asked a group of successful coaches who are living their passions the question, why do you meditate? Here you will find out their answers. If you meditate or are thinking of starting, you’ll find this discussion pretty insightful. Want more? Join MISSION:MINDSET -15 days to your meditation habit. $33. Starts 3/22. Join at
March 14, 2020
But I just can’t meditate!
I break down simple ways you CAN practice mindfulness - everyday- in ways that work for you. Meditation doesn’t have to be super out of reach or for people who have a lot of time. In fact, meditating actually gives you more time because you worry less about the things you can’t control and you are more present in the moment. Check out these tips to make meditation simple and fun and reap the benefits! If you’d like help on your meditation journey, check out my new course Mission: Mindset at
March 11, 2020
Resilience: the 3 R's to creating a life you love with guest Adam Markel
What if you could truly wake up every day saying, "I love my life!" Maybe you already do! I met someone in my yoga class about  a year ago, who'd show up just about every week, front of the class, ready to practice. Something stood out about his and his beautiful wife I just couldn't quite put my finger on. But as I unpack this talk with guest Adam Markel, I can see that what I noticed was his love for life. And I noticed a person who had pivoted from a time and place that was stressful and, as he puts it, painful, to a life he truly loves.  Join me in this interview with guest Adam Markel, CEO of More Love Media, bestselling author, world class speaker, and business mentor as we dive into what happened for him to make a pivot in his life from successful, (but stressed out and unhappy) lawyer, to impactful CEO of his own company, More Love Media, guiding individuals and businesses to capitalize on change and magnify their impact. Adam unpacks the term 'resilience' for us and delivers the 3 R's of resilience to show up loving your life every day.  You can connect with Adam at to hear his podcast "The Conscious PIVOT", to find resources to become a world class speaker or to book Adam for a speaking engagement.  DOING THIS for 10 Seconds Can Change Your Life! Click here to watch Adam’s Inspiring TEDx Talk! ... About Adam: Adam Markel is a recognized expert in professional and personal reinvention. A highly sought-after keynote speaker, transformational leader and business mentor, he guides individuals and businesses to capitalize on change and magnify their impact. After building a multi-million dollar law firm, Adam became CEO of one of the largest business and personal development training companies in the world, overseeing more than $100 million in sales. His unique expertise is in combining practical business tactics with accelerated learning strategies to embrace change, encourage innovation and increase sales for people and organizations worldwide. Adam Markel inspires, empowers and guides people to achieve massive and lasting personal and professional growth, whether it be as a keynote speaker, facilitating corporate workshops or mentoring individual. ... Seeking to move from fear to taking action toward a life you love?  Download Stephanie's complimentary meditation to release fear at
March 9, 2020
Access your body's wisdom with the body scan meditation
Use this body scan to develop awareness of your body, what you are holding, and how to act vs react. The body scan helps us explore the wisdom of the body and what it has to tell us. We may get information on chronic patterns of tensions we can choose to release, emotions we are holding, or even information like needing to drink more water or choose certain foods. Choosing to do the body scan as a habit leads to greater awareness, release, and choices in line with your best and highest good.
March 8, 2020
The Masterpiece Mindset with Beth Vazquez, CEO of Recess and Results
What if you already have everything within you to succeed?  Be prepared to be inspired by Beth Vazquez, mom of 2 from birth and 1 bonus (her stepson), and CEO and creator of Recess & Results, providing entertaining exercise for kids and a praiseworthy paycheck for you.  Beth's faith based approach to success for entrepreneurs and, especially, mompreneurs is pure gold! Join us as we explore: how Beth took the leap of faith from her attractive corporate job to starting her own business, how to practice the power of mindset, what 'they don't' tell you about mompreneurship, how collaboration wins over competition, and how trusting and following God's plan helps Beth persevere, even on days when mompreneuring is... hard!  How to follow Beth:  If you'd like more information on becoming an owner at Recess and Results and receiving free recess equipment, check out: You can catch Beth's Masterpiece Mindset masterclass here: If you'd like to watch Beth on the TV show Elevator Pitch, check her out here => **2nd pitch Read in Entrepreneur Magazine about Beth's growth experience pitching her business on Elevator Pitch at => And, Follow Beth on Instagram @ Here's to your best life! Stephanie
February 28, 2020
Beat procrastination + ovewhelm with this Star Meditation Technique
I am sharing here a technique to prioritize what you are working on. It is a star meditation. It takes less than two minutes and helps you use your intuition to get out of overwhelm, procrastination, using an extra energy thinking about what to do instead of taking action. Let me know what you’re choosing to prioritize first and how it goes for you! Pls enjoy a complimentary meditation to release fear to go after your dreams at
February 21, 2020
Show up for YOU: through self-love + your intuition.
Whether you are in love, out of love, heart broken, love seeking, the baseline for receiving love from another clearly, without wanting or needing to fill a void, is SELF love. In this episode, I share a story of recent manifesting to share that it works! We dive into how to act from self-love and use your intuition to best serve your highest good.  You can book a 90 minute Intuitive Deep Dive Session with me in which we: Uncover your blocks,  use a method to clear your blocks, uncover your highest purpose and gain an action plan to take your next steps toward your goals.  This is a channeled session in which I work with your guides to help you gain clarity and aligned action.  I have 4 spots left at the special rate of $97 for 90 minutes  or  4 payments of $33. Book here: Follow me on facebook at: and check out meditations and more at
February 14, 2020
A humble thank you: and fuel to know YOU are supported and to keep going toward your dreams.
This one is simple. It’s a humble thank you for listening and for being a part of this experience with me. I want you to know you are supported on your path, you have guides supporting you, I am here for you!, there are groups out there to help you know you are exactly where you need to be. I am grateful for you!
February 13, 2020
Your Secret Success Weapon: Feng Shui with Gael Wood
Feng Shui is your secret weapon to success and better relationships.  Join me in this fascinating chat with Gael Wood, Feng Shui consultant, who helps people attract abundance and luck through the art and science of Feng Shui. Did you know your house or home office could have money leaks?  Gael walks us through what areas of the home support our fame or reputation, love, helpful people and travel, career, family and health and what to do to support each of these areas.   Feng Shui personally helped Gael save her current marriage, helped her sell two homes, and unblocked energy to bring a spotlight to her business and influx of income.   Gael shares how she balances being multipassionate, how she navigated divorce earlier in her life, how she built her own business while working full time with a family, and how she's learned to ask for help from others to support her as we don't need to do it all ourselves.  You can receive a complimentary gift from Gael: Clear the Chaos Decluttering Planner  and get in touch with Gael Wood with questions or to schedule your own Feng Shui consultation at .  And as a thank you, download my meditation to release fear so you can turn your passions to profits here:
February 5, 2020
Discipline! Say yes to YOU by putting faith into action.
Got goals? Check out 4 tips to make discipline your best friend including: setting your mindset and be your own inner loving mother (or father) from Marion Rose, creating rituals, know your why, go on a quest (like Jana Kingsford), and don’t go it alone- use the Buddy system! Check out what I learned from Russell Brand.... and let’s see how discipline can skyrocket your success!
February 3, 2020
Create a legacy business: Interview with Stacey Magovern, Multi-million dollar Entrepreneur
Want to create a legacy business that outlives you, that you can sell or pass on to your children?  Do you want to be able to give back even MORE through your business? Stacey Magovern, CEO + Founder of a multimillion dollar company, walks us throgh what it took to turn a great idea into profits.  She started her business as a way to fill a gap for her family and for off duty police officers. As a mom of two young boys, and wife to a police officer, she noticed a need for work for off -duty police officers, and a need for security for high way construction and private business.  Stacey took 2 years to build her company until one day, Fed Ex arrived at her doorstep with her first million dolalr contract.  She emphasizes that it took trusting herself, discipline, hand working when needed (early mornings or at night) to create a successful business.   Point Blank Safety Services is the bridge between corporate clients and law enforcement officers, providing year round work for off duty police officers. Because of her success, she was able to do what I hear many entrepreneurs desire, giving back in a bigger way by founding the non-profit Blue Family Fund, providing scholarships and financial aid to families of Law Enforcement Officers.  Here are some of the GOLD Nugget Tips from our conversation:  Don't expect overnight success, Be of service (always), Be willing to put the time in and believe in yourself To create a legacy company, you must put systems into place and be willing to trust others and outsource Know your strengths. To grow, you can't afford to NOT pay others to help you. You can help support Blue Family Fund where ALL proceeds go to scholarships and supporting families of fallen Law Enforcement Officers at : and, of course, grab a little break in your workday with some of Stacey's humor and infectious joy over at TikTok! As a thank you for listening, I'm offering a free downloadable meditation to release fear so you can turn your passions to profits. Grab it here at: 
February 1, 2020
Be your best cheerleader: How to keep going even when others don’t support your passion project.
You are excited about starting your new venture, your passion project, your side hustle! You tell your loved one and ... they give you the opposite reaction you expected or desired. They question you, they don’t believe it will work, they think it’s a waste of time or money. You might feel deflated or worse yet, think about quiting. In this episode, we look at your cheerleaders, your naysayers, and your clients, and how to keep going even when others around you don’t get or support what lights you up. When you are 80 years old, how do you want to look back on your life? The most important cheerleader for you is— you. Listen to your WHY - tune in on how to deal with criticism and to Keep. On. Going. Anyway. Like it? Pls leave a review! Sign up for a complimentary intuitive reading to find what’s blocking you and your highest purpose at
January 29, 2020
Motivation! 5 motivation styles: your ticket to keep going when you’re not feeling it.
One of the biggest determinations on following through on your big vision, your dreams, your goals, turning your passions to profits is your motivation. And knowing your exact motivation style helps crack the code on what actually works for you. Once you know what actually motivates you, you can use that to keep going even when you get a No in your business, or you feel tired, are you want to scroll down that Facebook rabbit hole. Tune in to find out your motivation style and how to reap ark and commit to your goals even when your in a slump. Find your motivation style at:
January 29, 2020
Set your gaze: A fresh take on New Years Resolutions from a yogi.
How are New Years resolutions working for you? In this episode, we dive into 3 methods even more effective than traditional resolutions to hit your goals. I share how my life transformed by setting a commitment to myself with the help of a coach, and how these tips will free you to reach your goals with ease.
January 25, 2020
FEAR! How to embrace fear and do the d@$n thing.
Fear is a shapeshifter. It shows up as procrastination and as excuses. Fear is also a friend trying to keep us safe. But ‘safe’ keeps us from sharing the best versions of ourselves with the world, of serving others, and doing things we are really passionate about. In this episode, I talk about staring down the barrel of a gun. And I offer a feminine approach to fear - so you can feel the fear- and do it anyway.
January 24, 2020
Manifesting: truths and myths and how to do it effectively
Have you ‘tried’ manifesting? It takes a little more than wishful thinking. In this episode check out how to manifest what’s in your highest good as I share some stories from my own life and tips to manifest successfully. (hint: don’t try so hard!)
January 23, 2020
November 21, 2019
November 21, 2019