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Stepping Out - Talking For Walking

Stepping Out - Talking For Walking

By Kaz Pritchard
Kaz Pritchard, a sport walker, health and fitness coach, mother of twins, therapist and nature sponge, introduces this podcast for walking. She takes people from different walks of life, through their story, to include why they walk, where they walk and how it benefits them both mentally and physically. A chatty and friendly podcast linking life stories to well being and fitness.
Instagram: stepping_out_with_kaz
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20. Counselling in Nature with Simon Heath

Stepping Out - Talking For Walking

32. Living and Walking in Staffordshire with Greg Wilson
I have a new episode – hooray. I have been pretty busy lately, studying and working and all the other things that fall onto my plate on a daily basis – but it’s all good! How are you? I hope things have got a bit more back to normal (whatever that is) in the last few months. It’s been a real rollercoaster hasn’t it and I thought I’d got away with it, but Covid has just caught up with me after going to a party last week – it was well worth it though, it was a right 70s dance off, loved it and thankfully, I am not suffering too much from it, so best case scenario. So let me tell you about today’s guest Greg Wilson. Greg is a pal of mine and I talked to him all about his life from army, to civvy street, to finding a new life back in the area where he lived as a child in Mow Cop. We talk about kayaking, his giving up drinking, his heart attack and how he appreciates his life with his dog in his local landscape. So, get some shoes on, plug your headphones in and let’s get walking.
April 17, 2022
31. Be you in 2022 with Kaz
A series of ramblings from Kaz to ease her mashed up brain into 2022. Hear about some new on-line sport walk courses coming your way as well as news on where Kaz's meditations will be in 2022.  Also her thoughts on cross training....all with a backdrop of music and some outdoor sounds too.  Enjoy!
January 18, 2022
30. Hey Babe....Take A Walk on The Beach Side
When we're away, we can often relax a bit too much, so this episode is recorded in Weston-Super-Mare on the south coast of the UK, where Kaz spent a few days away with her family.  She walked every morning to stave off the timber monkeys and to keep her fitness up for the South Coast Challenge a week later.  A relaxed walk to hopefully inspire you to do the same.  Happy Holidays!
September 01, 2021
29. Comedy and Planet (Hitch)hiking with Rachel Wheeley
Rachel Wheeley is Head of Communications and Institutional Events at at St George’s University, a speaker, a host, a writer, a gigging comedian and a podcaster! Phew! And all of that whilst being a Mum of 3 and in her own words is delighted to just be out of the house. So we talk all about what she does when she IS out of the house in her various roles, and why she loves walking and generally about having her fingers in lots of different pies. Oh and if you are interested in how to level up a human and/or The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, this one is for you. So, get on some kind of footwear, grab your phone and headphones and I’ll take you through her story. Enjoy! Buy Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy (use your local book shop if you can)  Sponsor me here:
August 13, 2021
28. Preparing for an Ultra - Part 4 - Apps to use & Equipment to take
FOOTPATH - A footprint as a logo - For planning and finding you way OS MAPS - For finding you way - excellent terrain details STRAVA - For recording your progress and to link to your friends MAP MY WALK - For mapping your route and loading routes to it PLAN MY ROUTE - does what it says on the tin LDWA - Long Distance Walkers Association list of routes WHAT 3 WORDS - So you can tell someone exactly where you are, if something happens to you RELIVE - To record your route and be able to set it to music and see if from above on a map (for fun) BIRD NERD - To identify birds you hear on your travels LEAF SNAP - To identify plants and trees PLANK WORKOUT - For cross training INTERVAL TIMER - For timing hill repeats or sections on a route you want to use for improving performance.
July 20, 2021
27. Forest Bathing, Writing and Designing with Julia Plevin
Today, I spoke to the thoughtful and creative forest bathing facilitator, consultant, designer and author, Julia Plevin. She wrote the wonderfully  entitled book; The Healing Magic of Forest Bathing: Finding Calm, Creativity, and Connection in the Natural World. She also founded the Forest Bathing Club and takes groups of people into nature to find and share their connection to that nature in her part of the world, Oregon in the US. Julia sees herself as someone here to create a more beautiful world where all beings are able to thrive and live in harmony with nature. We talk about growing up in a culture, which valued achievement over personal and planetary wellbeing, how she moved into a more creative space and a totally different place to live and amongst other things, what happens in her forest bathing groups, a practice stemming from Japan called Shinrin Yoku. I’m sure you’ll agree when you hear our chat that Julia has a beautiful soul and an interesting and refreshing outlook on life, so enjoy your time outside today if you can, plug in some headphones and off we go.
June 25, 2021
26. Preparing for an Ultra - Part 3 - Merchandise, Nutrition & Hydration
One of a set of casts, to talk through how I prepare for a long walking event.  Get involved! CHIA CHARGE BARS - PRECISION HYDRATION SACHETS -
June 23, 2021
25. Preparing for an Ultra - Part 2 - walk in all weathers, tarmac, routes and a training plan
One of a set of casts, to talk through how I prepare for a long walking event.  Get involved!
June 23, 2021
24. Preparing for an Ultra Part I - Intro, speed, diet, sleep and consistency
One of a set of casts to talk through how I prepare for a long walking event. Get involved!
June 21, 2021
23. Meditation on the Move - Freedom
This episode is designed for you to listen to in the first section of your walk to ground you and walk with freedom.  It will hopefully relax you, help you find an intention and allow you to reach an enjoyable pace for your walk ahead.
June 09, 2021
22. Nordic Walking and Personal Training with Karen Lem
My guest on Stepping Out for this episode is the versatile and influencial Karen Lem.  Karen is a Nordic Walking Coach, Pilates Instructor, Personal Trainer and Massage Therapist.  We talk about Nordic Walking and her work with WALX, an holistic exercise organisation.  We also talk about pilates, the challenges of exercising in middle age and also, her love of food, Italy, opera, ballet and her wonderful 'who would you walk with' guest. Enjoy Karen's story and enjoy your walk. Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong 'A Lovely Day' HELP WITH VACCINATING THE WORLD
May 28, 2021
21. Meditation on the Move - Appreciation
This episode is designed for you to listen to in the first section of your walk to ground you and walk with appreciation.  It will hopefully relax you, help you find an intention and allow you to reach an enjoyable pace for your walk ahead.
May 21, 2021
20. Counselling in Nature with Simon Heath
Simon is a Counsellor and Ecotherapist and all round lovely chap with an excellent beard to boot. Ecotherapy is an umbrella term for traditional counselling that takes place in the natural world. Simon will explain all about that, but let’s just say, it’s remarkable what it can do for everyone on so many levels, as its effective immersion in nature affords us a real visceral connection or re-connection to self and with that, a sense of freedom. As well as having his own private practice, he also works in Devon Counselling College as a tutor and today we talk about mental health, the value of therapy and how walking can help us move forward and gives us choices on where we want to go. The Sport Walk Show:  The counsellor directory:
May 14, 2021
19. Landscape Photographing, Desert Wandering & Writing with Guy Tal
Today’s guest is the thoughtful, talented and philosophical Guy Tal. A bit about Guy – he was born in Israel and after re-creating himself in different places, doing different things, he decided to settle in Torrey, Utah in the US of A. He’s been a soldier, a university teacher, a software developer, a technology manager, amongst other things, before settling into the life of a full time artistic photographer, writer, speaker and desert wanderer. He has 2 books out there: More than a rock - A deeper look at the creativity, art, expression, craft, and philosophy of landscape photography. The landscape photographer’s guide to Photoshop And his latest book coming out this year is called 'Another Day Not Wasted' (love that title) – and this is a reflection book about the years after his unfulfilling career and his deeper insights into life as an independent artist, his thoughts about photography as a form of art and as a means to a richer and more rewarding life, and his intimate relationship with nature and with his beloved desert—The Colorado Plateau. He’s all about the expression and philosophy behind a photograph, mainly of rock formations, trees and plants, captured perfectly and he brings into life his vision for each shot. His pictures are truly beautiful and they’re all proof of that brilliant nature out there. We talk about his photography of course and his writing, but also about his long distance hiking and backpacking to get where he needs to be. So, grab some form of footwear and some headphones and off we’ll go! VACCINAID link here: 
May 08, 2021
18. Body Building, Writing and Studying of Self and Soul with Glenn Berkenkamp
Today’s episode and this one is with a super chilled man called Glenn Berkenkamp. Glenn is an ex-body builder, author, speaker and he also carries out workshops in his corner of the USA, in which he facilitates a space where people can come and recharge, realign and re-connect with what truly matters. He writes many things, but he has 2 books out there to buy, one called ‘Mastery, Living the Highest you’ and his most recent book called ‘Walking with Glenn Berkenkamp – 35 Wellness Walks to Expand Awareness, Increase Vitality, and Reduce Stress. We talk all about his life as a body builder and how his story developed from there after not being big enough to compete to a high enough level. We also allow you to grab some live walking prompts for your walk today. Thank you for listening in your 26 countries across the world - Big love X Please make sure that you leave a review for Glenn's book if you read it here To donate to my 10 Event Walking Challenge - go to this link - Every little helps - thank you Tell me about your story via
April 22, 2021
17. The Walking Englishman with Mike Brockhurst
Today's episode is with Mike Brockhurst a.k.a The Walking Englishman. He’s a right good Yorkshireman and he created and developed a site called The Walking Englishman and on there he has mapped 100s of walks for you and I to do across the UK for free and not only that, he has also put all the GPX files on there, which if you love exploring new routes are little nuggets of digital wizardry. We’ll talk about those and why and how he created them, along with his story about himself and his motivation to create those routes. So strap yourself into some appropriate footwear, plug your headphones in and off we go! - The independent free resource website for walking and hiking  Twitter @WalkingEnglish1
April 16, 2021
16. Coaching, Adventuring and Loving Fungi with Amanda Dudman
This episode is with the articulate and absorbing Amanda Dudman. Amanda is a business coach, consultant and mentor and has a plethora of experience under her belt. Amongst other things, we talk about her coaching, resilience and her amazing treks all over the world. It was a really interesting chat and was lovely to take that tour, especially right now, when we’ve stepped out of traveling for a while. So, go on, shove some shoes on, find your path and enjoy Amanda’s story.
April 01, 2021
15. Burnout, Adrenal Fatigue and Re-connecting with Yourself with Heather Waring
This episode is with happy Heather Waring. Heather is a coach, mentor and author of the book 'How Walking Saved my Life' after a turn around in her own life in 2014.  We talk about when burnout and adrenal fatigue made it impossible for her to carry on the way she was and how she made it her mission to affect the lives of one million women with her walking experiences and coaching style. She did this by coaching them into finding their true selves by way of walking. She has a lovely story to tell from adversity to one of contentment, peace and happiness and how walking can help improve mental health and prevent negative self-talk. So, take yourself off for a walk and listen to Heather’s story.  Twitter - LinkedIn - Instagram - "" ""
March 25, 2021
14. Singing, Trekking & Stripey Leg Warmers with Tony Hadley
This episode is with singer, songwriter and presenter Tony Hadley. Tony was born on 2nd June 1960 and he with his band, Spandau Ballet, had 8 top 10 UK albums and after his final split from Spandau Ballet in 2017, he has gone on to have success with his band The Tony Hadley Band. We talk all about how he got into singing, his time in Spandau Ballet, Band Aid and Live Aid in 1985 and his time in the jungle in I’m a Celebrity Get me Out of Here and also about his charity treks for Action Medical Research. We also plonked ourselves into Saturday Swap Shop mode and overall it was a very interesting and fun chinwag. So, pop your shoes on, go for a walk and enjoy Tony's story.
March 17, 2021
13. Slow Ways Development and Exploring with Dan Raven-Ellison
My guest today on Stepping Out is Dan Raven-Ellison, who has become a bit of a hero to me over the last few months, as I have been following his story and work. He is a geographer and Explorer and has worked with National Geographic and Friends of the Earth and he is well qualified to talk about all things pathways, as not only that, he is a former Geography teacher and walked across the UK’s 69 cities and 15 National Parks in 2014. He decided to start a project and that is to map pathways as directly as possible between dwellings. During lockdown, 700 volunteers from across the country collaborated to produce a first draft of the Slow Ways network, creating a stunning Slow Ways map in the process. This incredible effort has led to the creation of 7,500 routes that collectively stretch for over 2500 towns and villages. He is really out there in terms of countryside and urban environmental protection and access and has been spreading the word on the likes of the BBC, the guardian and throughout schools and councils, so you can imagine my delight, when Dan agreed to talk to me about his projects. We talk all about Slow Ways, his pathway mapping project, London as a national park city, his children’s books and of course how he feels when he walks.  Volunteer to walk the paths:  Twitter: @DanRavenEllison  Instagram: @DanRavenEllison 1 minute movie and crowdfunding:
February 26, 2021
12. Post-war Childhood and Walking Engineering with Terry Sadler
My guest on today's episode is my driven and diverse Dad. I wanted to chat to him, because I think he's had an interesting life, being a post-war baby and coming from an under-privileged background, living in a council flat, to travelling all over the world for work, running his own business and managing to retire at 51. We talk about his childhood in London and his interest in all things practical. The lovely thing about this, of course, is that I now have a permanent record of his life to keep, so all the information isn't lost, like with his Dad and family, as he talks about. Enjoy! Please do complete this petition, if you think it's as important as I do. Thank you
February 20, 2021
11. Bootcamp, Zumba & Moving in Middle Age with Nikki Pistak
This episode's podcast guest is the naturally neon and slightly nutty Nikki Pistak. I  really wanted to talk to Nikki, because she was the very first spin instructors that I ever had and so inadvertently influenced me to become one. After I had my two big babies all at once in 2010 and became a  sort of floppy and quite frankly weak huskbag of a human with no muscles, what a lovely image! I thought it would be a good idea to get back to the gym, to hopefully get some strength back and gain some me time. Whilst there, I heard Nikki taking a class and the rest unfurled  perfectly. Nikki has an incredible amount of energy, and is such a bubbly and fun character that you can't help but feel inspired by her. We spoke about her growing up in Canada, why she came to the UK, her family life and her fitness businesses. We also talked about middle age, hormones, the effect that exercise has on her and her clients and how we all need to just get out there and start to move, whatever that looks like for you. I know you're gonna feel her bounce delightfully into your ears as you listen to her story and if you're feeling a bit on the low side, this one will really motivate and perk you up. So, take some time, go for a  walk and enjoy the show!
February 13, 2021
10. Walking into Alchemy with Amelia Marriette
This episode is with the amazing Amelia Marriette. Amelia sent me her non-fiction book to read called Walking into Alchemy - The Transformative Power of nature and I have to say, I've not been able to put it down since. Amongst her many roles, Amelia has worked for the MOD, been a museum curator, scholar of Shakespeare, playrite, lecturer, blogger, radio presenter and of course author. Amelia talks us through her story about her journey from frustration, depression and being broke to one of moving to finding love, living in Austria and walking in nature. She describes her book as a love story, a nature story and a book about art, culture and the wider world. It is also well and truly about the benefits of walking as a way to improve mental health and wellbeing, so as you can imagine, I couldn't wait to talk to her, as it really is a beautiful and inspiring book. So go for a walk, take some time for you and listen to the chapters on Amelia's life. - Outdoor clothing store
January 30, 2021
9. Ukulele Show Girl and a Different Life with Tricity Vogue
In this episode I chat with Tricity Vogue (aka Heather Tyrell).  I mainly know Tricity as my ukulele teacher, however there are many other strings to her instrument and she is a self-proclaimed vixen of cheeky jazz. Time Out describes her shows as "Cabaret to run down side streets for, just get there early” Her website describes her shows as 'Charming, offbeat musical cabaret from a vintage songstress with a repertoire of surprising tunes and a colourful history of romantic misadventure.  Performer Tricity Vogue has cut a swathe through the UK cabaret scene with hit Edinburgh Fringe shows from 2010 to 2014, and a host of London cabaret productions under her belt. She was nominated for a London Cabaret Award in 2012 and 2013, her solo show "Calamitous Liaisons", incidentally having the same name as an album of hers, had a sell out West End run in October 2013, and her 2014 Edinburgh Fringe show "Songs For Swinging Ukuleles" was selected as Edinburgh Discovery for Chelsea Theatre's Not Television Festival in August 2014.   Tricity regularly appears on variety bills across the UK and Europe, teaches ukulele lessons, (that's to me) and provides sparkling musical entertainment at weddings, parties and events, both solo and with her All Girl Swing Band. "Tricity Vogue presents her own blend of slink and sass - Think Peggy Lee after a few too many cocktails".  She is also a writer, musical creator and script editor and an all-round very lovely, accommodating and friendly person. The no-show side of Tricity sees her living in the Leicestershire countryside with her husband and new puppy, Lulu, where she takes advantage of the many walks it has to offer and we talk about her love of walking in both London and where she lives. We could have covered a lot more in our chat, as she is a kaleidoscope of talent, stories and anecdotes, but I hope you enjoy this snapshot of her life. So get your shoes on, go for a walk and listen to the fascinating tales of Tricity Vogue,  show girl, as well as lover of nature and the quirks of life. - Tricity's musical - buy Tricity's music here   Protection and development of pathways across Britain:
January 24, 2021
8. Walking Saved My Life with Steve Garrill
Today I spoke to the splendid Steve Garrill, lover of walking and best selling author of The North West Way – a route stretching 200 miles from Preston to Carlisle.   He talks me through his life as a teacher and D of E expedition leader and his survival and recovery from a near fatal accident.  His life is one of inspiration and he will surely inspire YOU to get your shoes on and go for a walk, so go on, do that then and hear all about his story and of course how he feels when he walks. Factfulness: Ten Reasons We're Wrong About The World - And Why Things Are Better Than You Think The Irrational Ape: Why Flawed Logic Puts us all at Risk and How Critical Thinking Can Save the World Bill Bryson Series of books Ikigai Duke of Edinburgh regional offices
January 17, 2021
7. Going Ultra Light - Gear On The Trails
Today, I talk through what gear you need to get going on the trails for walking with a brisk pace and therefore going ultra light. I'll take a bottom to top approach, starting with footwear and working up to your head, describing what I or any other sport walker wears for training and ultra events. If you're thinking 'Woah! What? That all sounds seriously pro' don't worry, it's not advice just for people who want to compete or complete mega distances, it's for anyone who would like to walk for fitness and enjoyment without cumbersome gear slowing you down....the events may naturally come later. So, if you're ready to hit the trails in perhaps a different way to heavy hiking or Sunday strolling, this episode will help you prepare for walking faster, for longer and more efficiently. Enjoy! SPORT WALK VIDEO GEAR SWAPS ENERGY BALL RECIPE:
January 01, 2021
6. Mr. Sport Walk aka Roger Burlinson
Today, I spoke to the King of Sport Walk, Roger Burlinson who started the community, SPORT WALK, both on Facebook and YouTube, with ace videos on all things Sport Walking. His passion for walking is palpable and he talks to me about how he got into sport walking, events, how to get into sport walking, his day job of being a producer, director and film maker of lifestyle sports and how walking affects him mentally and physically.   Here is the YouTube channel and other social media handles
December 18, 2020
5. Kids Talk About Walking
We all know how important it is for kids to exercise, especially in this era of tech addiction. I asked children of different ages, to talk about how far they walk to school, where they walk and how it makes them feel and this was the result. They talk about walking with their family and why it's good for us and they also tell us who they'd like to walk with either fictional or real. I'm sure you'll agree, they have it all sewn up and I love it! 10 IDEAS ON HOW TO ENCOURAGE YOUR KIDS TO WALK: WALKING TREASURE & SPY TRAILS:
December 11, 2020
4. Working, Kids & Walking with Denise Cadd
This chat is with the delightful Denise Cadd. Denise is a school friend of mine and an all round lovely lady. I particularly love her laugh, her sheer determination and her staying power. We spoke about her struggle with rheumatoid arthritis and other feet issues and how walking with her mum has become such an important part of her life. She also shares her love of singing and entering walking challenges, whilst bringing up 3 children. Her rock of a husband was one of our topics, along with balancing a full time job as a CFO with down time and therefore her mental health. We also talked a bit about being at school and her time in the Air Training Corp, as well as, of course hot chocolate chat about who she'd like to walk with the most. If you stick around right to the end, you'll hear a crazy clip of us singing and playing the ukelele. We were videoing it at the time and during the percussion part of the song, the phone fell over and it caused hysteria for some reason, as we filmed the sky and tried to get some semblance of a performance back. Anyway, it always makes me giggle, so I've stuck it on the end to make you smile too. It was a real pleasure to chat to Denise and I hope you enjoy her story. Here is a link to a useful PTSD page
December 04, 2020
3. Stained Glass & Trail Walking with Laura Hobson
I interviewed the lovely Laura Hobson. Laura is a friend of mine and she is also my trail buddy, so I thought, who better to interview, than her?? What I love about Laura, is her appreciation of nature and she absorbs it in a way that I can really understand. Sport walking with her dog, Henry, she loves to photograph the beautiful landscape as she goes. I talked to Laura about her super interesting jobs as a stained glass window restorer AND fitness instructor and her take on mental health in today's crazy world. We spoke about a really inspirational lady called Anne Lister, as well as Laura's current exercise project called MAF. So, stay tuned right to the end and you'll hear about all of that as well as why she walks, where she walks and how it affects her mentally and physically. Apologies to Roger Burlinson, whose name I pronounced incorrectly. Here is the link to the Anne Lister podcast, I mention in the outro: MAF RUNNING PLAN: ASHRIDGE WOODS:
November 29, 2020
2. Discovering Walking with Tess Barfield
Today, I spoke to Tess Barfield. We met at stunning Tring park in Hertfordshire, one of my fave places to walk and where her and I sometimes meet for a good old catch up. We spoke all about her growing up in Tring, being one of six siblings and how she got into open swimming, a growing activity and sport in this country. She also talked about running, sibling competetiveness and the challenges of having a vegan daughter, along with her goals for the future. You'll notice she had a very shushy coat on, whilst walking up the first hill, but this does subside after about 6 minutes, so apologies and please let me off the nylon friction noises. And don't forget to stay tuned for post hot chocolate chat about who Tess would most like to walk with. Enjoy!
November 24, 2020
1. The Delights Of Nature with Dharshini Rajaratnan
Today, I spoke to the divine Dharshini Rajaratnan. She has such a great voice and her kind spirit seems to jump out, as soon as she opens her mouth. I'll let HER tell you her story about growing up in Sri Lanka, but just to say, that every time I hear something about it, I'm sort of left with my mouth gaping open, whilst my mind wanders there. We also talked about the role of a busy mother these days and how to fit in peaceful 'you' time and what she does to relax and unwind. And of course, I asked her why she walks, where she walks and how it affects her boh mentally and physically. This is where we met for our walk
November 22, 2020
Intro to Kaz and Stepping Out
Kaz talks a bit about herself and why she decided to start the podcast. Also, how walking is great for the soul and her interest in how our environment impacts us, both mentally and physically. Do get in touch with your ideas, feedback and offers to talk to Kaz at
November 13, 2020
Trailer - What is this podcast about?
Hi there – you’ve landed on this podcast either through a recommendation, thank you very much that person or quite by chance. Maybe you searched for a walking podcast or maybe the universe knew that you needed some more conversation in your life. Either way, you’ve come to the right place. Stepping Out – Talking for Walking, pretty much does what it says on the tin….a talking podcast designed for when you decide to step out for a walk.  But not necessarily, I mean you may fancy a run or a bit of gardening  or perhaps you just want to lie on your sofa. Whatever you’re doing, I, Kaz Pritchard will be your host. I chat with people from different backgrounds, jobs and interests and find out how walking or other activities benefit them both mentally and physically. We’ll also find out who they would walk with given the chance , where they’d go and what they’d talk about. So, I invite you to pick a cast, plug your headphones in and we’ll get going. Thanks for listening and I hope you enjoy what you hear. If you or someone else you know would like to be on the show or have any feedback or requests, don’t hesitate to contact me on  See you soon.
November 12, 2020