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Real Stories

Real Stories

By Step Up: Equity Matters
Real Stories features conversations with leaders championing diversity, equity, and inclusion in their workplace and the world.
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Trace the Line Conversations - Voices for Inspiration
Join Trace the Line director Alejandro Miranda Cruz for a lunch hour event centered on transforming narratives and sparking dignity-centered dialogues. Featuring Zach Brandon, president of the Madison Chamber of Commerce, and Mark Fraire, director of Dane Arts, the event will conclude with a Q&A moderated by cinematographer Greg Hatton on arts activism, tools for community leaders, and how those themes intersect in the film Trace the Line.
July 15, 2021
Real Stories - Lisa Berry, Gautam Jayanthi & Adrianna Mena
Listen to how 3 members of our Step Up: Equity matters family began their journey in championing diversity, equity, and inclusion.
February 17, 2021
Real Stories - Alex Miranda Cruz of Bravebird
Listen to Tania Ibarra, Co-Founder of Step Up: Equity Matters in conversation with Bravebird's Alex Miranda Cruz about their pioneering of a new filmmaking wave called Cinema Dignité.  Historically, visual media such as film, television, and photography have collectively portrayed a distorted image of life. Bravebird's mission is to transform the way narratives depict diversity and gender on-screen. During this talk, we'll learn about their method that allows for diversity to run from the top-bottom and bottom-up, and about their upcoming feature film, Trace the Line.
February 05, 2021