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Such A Good Feeling with Steve Anderson

Such A Good Feeling with Steve Anderson

By Steve Anderson
"Such A Good Feeling" is an interview podcast series from Steve Anderson (Producer/Musical Director for Kylie, Westlife, Steps) featuring conversations with creatives and performers about their process and the magical moments in their lives that changed everything even though at the time it may not have seemed like it. There are some superb stories from across the spectrum detailing how these extraordinary people got their break and what skills they learned along the way to continue to be the best in the business.

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Jon Green (Songwriter/Producer)
Its such a pleasure to welcome one of my favourite songwriters in the world to the podcast this week. Jon Green is all about emotional connection , whether it be working in his current home of Nashville with Lady A and Maren Morris or on pop masterpieces including "Say Something" and "Lost Without You" with Kylie , "Wild Love"and "Us" with James Bay alongside his beautiful work with acts including Aquilo , Maisie Peters and Twinnie. Here he talks about his journey from studying at Paul McCartneys LIPA , getting incredible breaks early on including working with his friend Lucie Silvas and how his current studio is basically one big microphone ready to record whatever incredible ideas happen to be created within it including his own Reunion band project.  Find Jon here
August 08, 2022
Paul Dakeyne (Remixer/Producer)
Paul Dakeyne is a pioneer of remixing and megamixing and pretty much a huge reason why I have a career.  From his legendary creations for the DMC DJ Only mix albums from the late 80s onwards his masterpieces inspired a generation of producers to experiment in the studio and left them baffled as to how he could achieve the results with what was then limited technology culminating in his 'epics' series . He took me on as his apprentice around 1990 and I watched and learned everything I could as he worked on groundbreaking remixes of everything from Yazoo, Expose, Yello, The Jets , James Brown and Take That and later on his own projects including Tinman. His roots as a DJ and love of electronic music has formed the basis of an incredible 40 year career and he is still entertaining a captive audience with his streams on Twitch and work with music technology companies.  The kindness and belief he showed in me at such an early age is something I will treasure forever as much as I do our friendship. He is a true maverick whose influence on music creation is undeniable. 
July 25, 2022
Adetoun Ayoola and Katie Holmes Smith (Singers/The Vocal Code)
I absolutely loved this chat with my good friends and incredible singers Adetoun Ayoola and Katie Holmes Smith who collectively have performed background vocals for the biggest stars in the world including Adele, Kylie, Robbie Williams and Ed Sheeran. They started their incredibly successful venture The Vocal Code to try and find new talent to bring forward into the music industry and through a series of auditions have been responsible for putting some amazing talent into key roles with artists and nurturing them through the process. I’ve been lucky enough to be part of these auditions on the panel and the quality is second to none. They also have their own podcast Vocal Code Unlocked which is an incredible source of information from some of the best experts in the world. And more recently they have opened up a new section of the site exclusively aimed at finding virtual recording solutions for backing vocals delivering world class sessions. Hearing this two incredible women talk about how they got their breaks and choosing to share their experiences to help others is truly inspirational - enjoy! More on Vocal Code at More on Adetoun at More on Katie at
July 11, 2022
Hidden Gems (80s Edition) with Larry Flick and Lee Bennett
Another special edition of the podcast where I speak to pop aficionado's Larry Flick (Vero/Billboard/Sirius XM) and Lee Bennett (Teases And Dares Blog) about their choices of hidden gems , this time we are back to the 80s complete with espadrilles , white jackets and some truly amazing music! See if you can guess the songs before we reveal them and please hunt them down if you are unfamiliar - every one is a true diamond. More on Larry Lee's Blog
June 20, 2022
Pete Hammond (Producer/Remixer)
Having worked in studios after being in bands growing up, Pete Hammond found himself at the centre of The Hit Factory mixing and remixing hit after hit for Stock/Aitken/Waterman and developing his trademark sound that is still in demand for current artists and records. Here we talk about his journey from making reggae records , building studios and of course classics by Kylie, Rick Astley , Take That, Donna Summer , Mel & Kim and so many more as well as his epic remixes for Tracie Spencer, Velvet and Alphabeat and even the phenomenon that was , Roland Rat!  More on Pete here Spotify playlist
June 06, 2022
Jez Ashurst (Writer/Producer)
From an apprenticeship in bands and a studio making karaoke tracks (which came in very useful later) , writer and producer Jez Ashurst has been part of some of the finest moments in modern pop music including "Secret Love Song" (Little Mix) , "Favourite Ex" (Maisie Peters) and the Christmas classic "One More Sleep" (Leona Lewis). Alongside this he's worked with artists including Tom Walker (who was originally his student when he taught at music colleges), Tom Grennan, Gabrielle Aplin, Claire Richards and Ella Henderson. Here he talks about how he found himself at his first writing camp with Carole King and his time working on Biff Stannard's music team for the X Factor plus some incredible insights into the writing process and his continued love of being in rooms with talented people making records. More on Jez here
May 30, 2022
Red (Singer/Artist)
Without doubt one of the best singers the UK has ever produced, Nicole Simpson (aka Red) is a Scottish force of nature having grown up listening to divas including Whitney and Christina and trying to emulate them she's forged her career through social media platforms gaining an army of fans ready for her own music which she's released over the last couple of years. From two stints on the X Factor both learning processes in their own way, to uploading a YouTube video of her singing "Never Enough" from The Greatest Showman which not only got noticed by its original singer LOREN ALLRED but also provides her with an opportunity to travel the world singing it at some incredible weddings for some very lucky brides! Her original EP is out shortly and her collaboration with the exceptionally talented producer Rob Eckland "Together's As Good As Alone" from his "Beyond The Lights" EP (out now) gives her the opportunity to showcase everything she's learned on a truly epic Whitney style gospel ballad and arguably the best vocal you will hear this year. I couldn't be more proud of her and everything she's achieved , this is only the beginning too - hope you enjoy this wonderful chat and please check out her music in the links.
May 23, 2022
Fiona Bevan (Songwriter/Artist)
There are so many times I hear a song that I instantly fall in love with then find out it was written by Fiona Bevan. I describe her to people as 'magical' , her lyrics are poetry and her melodies are divine plus that truly angelic voice on her solo material is perfection. Here she talks about growing up in a house without pop music but finding inspiration in books and movies to forming a band and that moment  when she called her friend Ed Sheeran to try a co-write which ended up being "Little Things" covered by One Direction a year later and one of their biggest and best records. From then on it's been a fine balance of writing with and for other artists including Steps, Aurora, Billie Marten , Claire Richards, Natalie Imbruglia and Kylie alongside releasing her own superb EP's and albums culminating in the current project "Faultlines" and "Revelations" which see Fiona producing herself and with breathtaking results. You can probably tell I absolutely adore her and I know you will too after listening to this episode - please do check out her songs and original material too especially "We Carry On" by Peter Greenwald which encapsulates beauty in a way rarely captured in a piece of music.  Website Playlist
May 09, 2022
The Alias (Barry Stone and Julian Gingell) (Producers/Remixers)
After initially meeting during their apprenticeships at PWL with Stock/Aitken/Waterman working on so many classic records including for Kylie, Bananarama and Jason Donovan  , Barry and Jules went on to become one of the most successful producer/remixer/writer partnerships working with the best pop acts in the world including Steps (producing their latest 3 albums including "Scared Of The Dark", "Heartbreak In This City" and "Something In Your Eyes") , Little Mix , Sophie Ellis Bextor, The Saturdays, Rachel Stevens, Demi Lovato and Britney Spears firstly as Jewels & Stone and then The Alias . Here they talk about the inspirations and love of early electronic music plus how the partnership works in the studio and just how that "Pop Idol" theme came about with Cathy Dennis.  More here
May 02, 2022
Pete Bellotte (Writer/Producer)
From his beginnings working as an assistant for Giorgio Moroder to joining forces with him and Donna Summer to write and produce her biggest hits, Pete Bellotte is partly responsible for the soundtrack to so many peoples lives including "I Feel Love" , "Love To Love You Baby" and "Hot Stuff". Here he talks about his beginnings in a group which led him to moving to Germany where his life changed forever. Alongside the many albums with Donna he has written and produced for Elton John, Janet Jackson and the disco classic "Giving Up Giving In' by The Three Degrees. Such a privilege to spend time with him after us initially meeting up a while ago and just the most wonderful man with a love of music and the process of making it that is still as strong today as it ever was. More on Pete here More on Donna here More on Giorgio here
April 25, 2022
Hidden Gems (With Larry Flick and Lee Bennett)
Another special episode speaking with the brilliant Larry Flick (Billboard/Sirius XM/Vero) and Lee Bennett (Teases And Dares Blog) about some of our favourite hidden gems whether they be songs, albums or artists that may not have quite got the attention they deserved over the years we shine a light on them in the hope more people might discover the wonder within.  Episode playlist here More on Larry at Teases And Dares Blog
March 28, 2022
Hannah Robinson (Songwriter)
Hannah Robinson is responsible for writing some of the catchiest songs of all time and basically pop royalty so I was so delighted to catch up with her for the podcast. Initially a session singer answering adverts in the back of Melody Maker she soon started writing the songs alongside established producers including Richard X , Pascal Gabriel and Liam Howe. Her first hit was "Some Girls' for Rachel Stevens which propelled her to a wonderful career including work with Sophie Ellis Bextor, Kylie, Dannii , Louise Redknapp Geri Halliwell, Annie, Lana Del Rey, Zara Larsson and Bananarama leading right up to date for her incredible work with new artists Call Me Loop and G Friend. More on Hannah here
March 21, 2022
Paul Wright (Studio Engineer/Clinical Hypnotherapist)
Paul Wright is someone who literally knows all about good feelings as he is able to help people access them in his role as Clinical Hypnotherapist for PhobiaGone. But he started out as an engineer at Sarm West Studios working on classic albums including "Faith" by George Michael and "Welcome To The Pleasuredome" by Frankie Goes To Hollywood. He talks here about his first ever session when he was training on night reception when he ended up being part of the Band Aid recordings. Our history is very linked though as he was responsible for recording and engineering the majority of Brothers In Rhythm productions and remixes including "Confide In Me" by Kylie along with the album that it was part of, "Nobody Else" album with Take That (including "Never Forget") and our work with icons including Michael Jackson, Janet Jackson, Sting and David Bowie.  He talks here about how he got into studios , his constant passion to learn how things work which led him onto studying to see how neuroscience affects human behaviour and eventually a decision to change his career path completely and focus entirely on helping people overcome their fears and anxieties. He has helped so many people and discusses here how life changing one off therapy can be not only affordable but make the biggest differences to peoples lives, sometimes actually saving them in the instance of someone having a fear of needles and not being able to take serious tests. I can't recommend him or his practise highly enough and have so much gratitude for everything he brought to our team when we were at Sarm West. More on Paul here
March 14, 2022
Graham Stack (Producer/Writer/Musical Director)
Originally from a remix background (similar to myself) the superbly talented Graham Stack has worked with incredible artists including Tina Turner, Westlife, Girls Aloud, Rod Stewart , Dannii Minogue, Kylie , James Arthur , Steps and Take That. He has also been the Musical Director on huge TV shows including Britains Got Talent, America's Got Talent and The X Factor creating true TV Gold moments that have gone on to help create world class careers for the artists.  In this chat we talk about his beginnings as a musician, his introduction to the legendary Brian Rawling which led to him being part of his iconic production team and how he got to be one of the most trusted producers and musical directors in the world. He also speaks about his pride for producing the beautiful and important charity single "Bridge Over Troubled Water" by Artists for Grenfell , something that he completed within two days of being asked to do it. That kind of organisation, calm and execution is rare and it was such a joy hearing him talk about the moments that allowed him to do the job he so loves. More on Graham here
March 07, 2022
Stephen Lipson (Producer)
Not many producers have the diversity of repertoire to include Frankie Goes To Hollywood, Annie Lennox, S Club 7, Cher and Billie Eilish but there really is only one Stephen Lipson. He's responsible for some of my favourite records of all time and here we chat about how a chance meeting with a friend got him into building a studio and in turn a swift learning experience. From tales of working with Trevor Horn at Sarm Studios to the time Cher rocked up in full glam for her superb version of "Its A Mans World" and a Whitney Houston encounter that had a quintessentially British ending. I've always loved how honest he is about the work and his no nonsense attitude to recording in general and of course he really has made some of the finest records of my lifetime.  More on Steve here
March 06, 2022
Michael Rooney (Choreographer)
Descended from Hollywood royalty (his father Mickey Rooney who famously partnered with Judy Garland throughout his career) , the multi award winning choreographer Michael Rooney has been responsible for some of the most iconic moments in pop music ever including his work with Kylie (including videos for "Can't Get You Out Of My Head" and "Slow) as well as working on her groundbreaking "Showgirl" and "X" tours,  collaborating with Spike Jones for MTV award winning videos for Fatboy Slim (including "Weapon Of Choice") ,  and the truly fabulous video for Bjork's "Its Oh So Quiet" amongst many others. As if this wasn't enough and most exciting for me is his work with the Muppets , everyone knows I'm their biggest fan!  Here he talks through his introduction to dance by 'watching his father in the box (on television)" and then a baptism of fire with his first professional job under the legendary Debbie Allen dancing on the TV version of "Fame". Someone who he learned a lot from over those 4 years!  I've been lucky enough to work with Michael a lot and you'll understand why I adore him so much throughout this interview. He's hard working, meticulous and a brilliant creative but he also has the warmest heart and most beautiful human. I really hope you enjoy this unique look at the moments that made him. Follow Michael here More info
February 28, 2022
Andy Bradfield (Mix Engineer)
It's no secret that my favourite film of all time is "Moulin Rouge" so it was really lovely to speak to the incredibly talented Andy Bradfield,  the man that mixed not only that soundtrack but also "The Great Gatsby" and "Romeo And Juliet"  as well as countless classics by artists including Rufus Wainwright, Craig Armstrong, Sheridan Smith , The Spice Girls, Louise and Alanis Morissette.  Andy talks about his love for sound from an early age and his apprenticeships at legendary studios including Red Bus, Metropolis and Olympic starting as an assistant on a Queen album providing some lovely moments with Freddie Mercury including attending a party at his house! All of the led to him building his own mix room where he works now , most recently remixing some classic Marillion albums in Dolby Atmos and working with new bands often alongside his wife , the also brilliantly talented Avril Mackintosh.  There are some incredible stories from working with Baz Luhrman which anyone who is like me and adores him will absolutely cherish. More on Andy here
February 21, 2022
Judie Tzuke (Singer/Songwriter)
Currently part of the incredible Woman To Woman project with Beverley Craven, Julia Fordham and Rumer , Judie Tzuke is not only one of the finest writers the UK has ever produced but also has one of the most distinctive voices full of warmth and believability. Here she talks about her beginnings writing poems which turned into songs forming the basis of her albums initially signed to Elton John's label with whom she toured with - yes that famous US show where he dressed as Donald Duck. Her seminal classic "Stay With Me Til Dawn" sounds as beautiful today as it ever did with its signature string arrangement by legend Paul Buckmaster.  I have been lucky enough to write with her on songs I count to be my very best including "If (When You Go)" (recorded both by herself and with Beverley and Julia for the project) which has the loveliest story behind it and "Maybe This Christmas" with the truly breathtaking Harriet as well as writing classics with Lucie Silvas, Tom Baxter, Morcheeba and BT . She also talks about her battle with stage fright and how losing her voice on a show became the remedy for it as well as how surviving cancer and Covid have made her more fearless than ever. I've said it before, she's an angel, like a real life one. She's changed so many peoples lives, is always helping and nurturing new talent and continues to be one of my favourite writers and humans. I absolutely adore her and know you will too after listening to this.  More on Jude here  Woman To Woman Live Album
February 14, 2022
JC Stewart (Singer/Songwriter)
Self confessed 'sad boy' JC Stewart is one of the brightest and most brilliant singer/songwriters to have emerged in the last few years. Hailing from Northern Ireland his silky vocals , heartfelt songs and super catchy hooks have brought him much deserved success as a solo artist and also co-writing with luminaries including Lewis Capaldi, Tom O'Dell and Niall Horan. I caught up with him at his home studio where he was working on the next batch of songs and we chatted about his path to recent success , the dilemma facing most modern artists between artistry and content making and how his struggles with mental health influenced one of his finest songs "Loud" . Plus how Jennifer Aniston played a huge part in all of this. The one thing I forgot to talk about was the fact that when you visit his website, your cursor turns into a giraffe. One of the many reasons I have a lot of time for him. Try it out yourself here
January 31, 2022
Jim Elliot (Songwriter/Producer)
Jim Eliot is widely known for his understanding of how to create a certified pop banger including "All The Lovers" by Kylie, "Anything Can Happen" by Ellie Goulding and "Jealousy" by Will Young. Starting out with a love of synths and dance music he talks here about the small moments that made the biggest changes to his career as a songwriter/producer and lovely recollections of how some of these superb records were crafted including the time he had to remember a chorus idea on the walk home after his car broke down!  More in Jim here
January 24, 2022
Grace Davies (Singer/Songwriter)
Grace has been responsible for some of my favourite music over the last few years including her "i wonder if you wonder' EP which was #1 on my #BestOf2021 list. She talks here about learning to play by ear from a young age and how the dream didn't quite work out the way she planned after finishing second on "The X Factor" and being one of the first acts to be allowed to sing their own compositions. After working with some brilliant co-writers including Lauren Aquilina, Adam Argyle and Frances and the eventual demise of the label she was signed to she moved back home, taught herself how to produce , became an independent artist and finally delivered her definitive version of the much beloved song "Roots". She also talks about the challenges of being an independent artist especially in a content driven market but also the joy she has found being in control of her work and her unbound love of music. She's easily one of the smartest, most talented new artists around and it was so wonderful to catch up with her. More on Grace
January 17, 2022
Richard X (Producer)
From his beginnings as mash up king under the moniker Girls On Top , Richard X is now one of the most in demand producers working with artists including The Human League, Sugababes, Kelis, Annie and as a long time collaborator with Will Young. I caught up with him at his home studio to hear some of the magical moments that helped him along the way including tales of buying compilations in jumble sales and a love of 90s rave anthems! More on Richard here
January 10, 2022
Johnny Douglas (Producer/Writer)
On the 25th Anniversary of George Michael's classic "Older" album I catch up with the truly brilliant Johnny Douglas about the incredible story behind how he ended up producing tracks from that record and their collaborative partnership beyond it. Also amazing tales of an abandoned solo artist dreams leading to figuring out how to work a studio and producing/writing for so many superb artists including Kylie, Tina Turner, Tom Jones, Louise, Eternal , All Saints and Sugababes and as always some wonderful memories of working at Sarm West including how every Thursday night we would all huddle around the TV to watch TOTP usually with the artists that were featuring on it!. More on Johnny here And listen to his work here Follow the podcast and more links here
January 03, 2022
2021 Music Review with Larry Flick and Lee Bennet
The two people that encouraged me to do this podcast in the first place join me to share our Top 5 songs from 2021 and a few extras as well! With Larry Flick (Sirius XM/Billboard/Vero) Lee Bennet (Teases And Dares Blog) Listen to all the songs here
December 20, 2021
Jörgen Elofsson (Songwriter)
So wonderful to catch up with one of my favourite songwriters, the truly gifted Jörgen Elofsson, responsible for so many huge songs including "A Moment Like This" and "Stronger (What Doesn't Kill You)" for Kelly Clarkson, "Sometimes" and "You Drive Me Crazy" for Britney Spears , "Its The Way You Make Me Feel" for Steps , "My Love" for Westlife and so many more. He's worked with Celine Dion, Leona Lewis (including his beautiful song 'Homeless' which he talks about here) , Demi Lovato and was able to achieve the impossible coaxing Agnetha Fältskog back into the studio for the beautiful "A" album.  His passion for writing and music shines through in this conversation detailing some of his process and how finding the right connection to a song or lyric can come in so many different ways and often when least expected. It's a wonderful story from starting as a solo artist to finding a home at the legendary Cheiron studios alongside Max Martin and Denniz Pop at the height of the Swedish pop world domination.  More here Playlist
December 13, 2021
Jamie Hartman (Songwriter/Producer)
Jamie Hartman is a master craftsman. Part Sam Cooke , part Paul McCartney, in this episode he talks about his origins in Bens Brother, to taking advice from a close friend to let a treasured song be covered by Will Young ("All Time Love"), the incredible story behind how the groundbreaking Brit Award winning song "Human" got to Rag'n'Bone Man and how he managed to coax the legendary Carole King out of writing retirement for the title song of Jennifer Hudson's movie about Aretha Franklin.  Along with his work with Celeste, Calvin Harris, Lewis Capaldi and Guy Sebastian this episode is full of the most magical moments to inspire any songwriter or fan of music. Plus, he just the loveliest human too.! Enjoy. Playlist Instagram
December 06, 2021
Louise (Singer/Actress)
Without doubt one of the loveliest and hardest working pop stars around , I catch up with the truly beautiful Louise Redknapp to talk about the incredible moments that have shaped her career including that legendary time where she was approached in a club and asked if she could sing by the manager of what would end up being Eternal. Through her time at stage school , being in and out of that incredible band and onto a solo career at such a young age and how her initial training has helped with all of this plus given her the tools she needs to be able to play lead roles in shows including "9 To 5" and the dream role of Sally Bowles in 'Cabaret". She's one of my favourite singers with her gorgeous R&B tone beautifully represented on her most recent album "Heavy Love" which featured her co-writing a lot of the songs including the absolutely heartbreaking "Wrong" which I was lucky enough to producer for her.  Alongside all of this her appearance on shows like "Strictly" and her wonderful book "You've Got This" are just a few of the many reasons she is so loved by so many people.
November 29, 2021
Will Gregory (Goldfrapp/Moog Ensemble)
Wonderful to talk to the genius producer/musician and writer Will Gregory in the week leading up to the premiere of his Moog Ensemble piece based on principles by Archimedes with the BBC National Orchestra Of Wales. Along with Alison Goldfrapp he has created the most incredible albums ,each of which is its own soundtrack with a very different theme and always cinematic and beautifully produced.  He also talks about his work with Depeche Mode and how he started originally playing for Tears For Fears. As always in these interviews the sliding doors moments that lead to him leaving a message on Alison's voicemail are so inspirational to anyone listening. More on Goldfrapp here More on Will Gregory Moog Ensemble here
November 22, 2021
Biff Stannard (Producer/Songwriter)
Truly one of the most beautiful humans on the planet as well as being a remarkably gifted songwriter and producer , Biff Stannard talks to me about the magical moments that lead to him living his dream life within music including how he Mel B introduced herself at a studio he happened to be at for another meeting , jumped on his back and took him into a Spice Girls showcase. A week later he and the five girls were in a studio writing "Wannabe" and "Two Become One" , in the same day. Also his beautiful collaborative friendship with Kylie resulting in so many iconic songs including "Love At First Sight" and "Say Something". Plus how he learned from the experience of working with the legendary Tom Watkins and E17 to his collaborations with Will Young, Leona Lewis, Little Mix , Years & Years, Ellie Goulding and One Direction.   Biff often says he 'writes himself happy' and that translates throughout his work to the listener. Enjoy!
November 15, 2021
Richard Niles (Arranger/Producer/Author)
Richard Niles is not only brilliant but also enigmatic, hilarious, quirky and a musical encyclopaedia. His orchestral arrangements over the years for everyone including Trevor Horn, The Pet Shop Boys, Swing Out Sister, Ray Charles, Westlife, Take That , Kylie, and Paul McCartney have been shining examples of his unique style. He is also an acclaimed author of music history books including "The Invisible Artist" about legendary arrangers over the years and how they so often don't receive the credit they are due. Not only is he my friend by he has been my mentor for so many years having worked on so many projects together including "The Hurly Burly Show" where he truly flexed his burlesque skills to blistering effect! Here he talks about growing up around music , his influences and the moments that changed his life forever. More on Richard here. And listen to his incredible podcast Radio Richard on Apple Music and Spotify.
November 08, 2021
Simon Ellis (Producer/Songwriter/Musical Director)
Simon has the incredible accolade of being Musical Director for Britney Spears, The Spice Girls and Westlife alongside working with artists like S Club 7 (and co writing their huge hit "Don't Stop Moving" and the beautiful "Never Had A Dream Come True"). Here he talks about the magical moments that got him from a tiny studio down to London and working with the biggest pop stars around. He also talks about some incredible moments with Britney and being part of creating her truly epic "Circus" tour. More on Simon here
November 01, 2021
Emma Bull (Creative Director)
So wonderful to chat to the incredible Emma Bull who has worked with One Direction, Little Mix, Fleetwood Mac, Leona Lewis, Naill Horan, Ellie Goulding and Celine Dion to name but a few as a Creative Director. Her passion for putting emotion into her work is unrivalled and she shares some incredible stories about how she ended up in this job showing once again its all about those sliding doors moments that you never realise at the time will shape your whole life including how touring with monks gave her one of her biggest breaks. More about Emma here
October 25, 2021
Julian Mendelsohn (Producer/Mixer/Engineer)
Julian is responsible for recording and mixing some of the biggest songs of the 80s from acts like Go West, Pet Shop Boys, Liza Minelli and Level 42 as well as the huge hit "Sleeping Satellite" by Tasmin Archer. Here he talks about growing up in Australia and what brought him to the UK where he ended up working alongside Trevor Horn at the legendary Sarm Studios and some secrets behind the epic remixes and extended versions he produced way before computers were easily available including recording kitchen noises to add some 'bangs and crashes!". More on Julian here
October 18, 2021
Larry Flick (Broadcaster/Writer)
Larry Flick has lived the most incredible life from growing up in New York to being senior editor on Billboard magazine with a host of superstars only wanting to talk to him for interviews and continuing that on through his radio shows for Sirius XM and Studio 54 Radio. He was one of the first to interview Madonna and counted Donna Summer as a personal friend. His dance column in Billboard magazine was the bible for anyone on that scene in the 90s including myself and Dave Seaman who hung on his every word - turns out the fanboying was mutual but we never knew! In this conversation I talk to him about his inspirations, the twists and turns that gave him a stellar career and the incredible story around his first and only time at Studio 54 which turned out to be a lot more transformative than he could ever imagine. Sit back, relax and bask in this truly wonderful mans life, loves and stories.  Listen to his New Music Selections at And follow on Instagram
October 11, 2021
Harriet (Singer/Songwriter)
Championed by BBC Radio 2 and one of the best singer/songwriters I've ever worked with , the incredible Harriet talks here about how she found her extraordinary voice, the process of learning about crafting songs and those magical moments that led to her being on stage at The Royal Albert Hall. More on Harriet here and catch her on tour with "Piano Sessions".
October 04, 2021
Tom Meadows (Drummer)
Wonderful to catch up with the brilliant Tom Meadows who has worked as a drummer with Kylie, Leona Lewis, Westlife, Duffy, Girls Aloud and Christophe Willem amongst many others. Tom talks through the random childhood violin accident that resulted in his first drum kit and the moments where some seemingly risky choices paid off perfectly as well as recalling incredible moments on stage around the world. Most recently you will have seen him with Kylie on her epic performance for Global Citizen, the superb Radio 2 Acoustic show with Westlife and he is currently on tour with Marisha Wallace. More on Tom here
September 27, 2021
Siobhan Dillon (Singer/Actress/Salus Meditation)
Singer, actress and healer Siobhan Dillon has what I consider to be the voice of an actual angel. After getting her break as part of Andrew Lloyd Webber's "Maria" talent search competition she went on to star in "Ghost", "Miss Saigon" and "Cabaret" in the West End and alongside Glenn Close on the London and Broadway productions of "Sunset Boulevard" to exceptional reviews. Here she talks through her magical moments including the life changing event that made her refocus and finally commit to recording an album with proceeds going to her beloved Haven hospital as well her new life practising and teaching as part of her Salus Meditation company including playing sound bowls which can actually be heard in this episode!  More on Siobhan here Her album here More on Salus Meditation here
September 20, 2021
Terry Ronald (Novelist/Vocal Arranger/Songwriter)
In this episode I talk to the brilliant Terry Ronald about his career going from being a recording artist himself to working with artists including Dannii Minogue, Kylie and Girls Aloud onto hugely successful West End Shows (Rent,The Hurly Burly Show) and his life changing decision post his cancer recovery to write a novel "Becoming Nancy" which is now being adapted for stage by Jerry Mitchell (Hairspray/Pretty Woman). He's also co written autobiographies for stars including Dannii and most recently Sarah Harding (Sarah sadly passed away shortly after this was recorded) as well as co-writing Denise Van Outen's hugely successful one woman show "Some Girl I Used To Know". All this from a Dulwich boy who grew up on Disco and Bowie.! More on Terry here
September 12, 2021
Cliff Masterson (Arranger/Conductor)
In this conversation I chat to the multi talented Arranger/Producer/Writer Cliff Masterson about his esteemed career and what propelled him to working with artists including Emile Sande, Kylie , Lionel Richie,  Labrinth and writing a theme song for Disney amongst many other things. He and I have collaborated on so many projects and most recently put together the epic "80s Classical" show featuring original artists including Jimmy Somerville and Belinda Carlisle performing their biggest hits with a full symphony orchestra. More on Cliff here More on 80s Classical here
September 06, 2021
Nigel Lowis (Producer/Remixer/Songwriter)
A well overdue catch up with the brilliant Nigel Lowis who is responsible for some of the music that has soundtracked so many lives including the work he did with artists such as Dina Carroll, Eternal and Louise. He has an inherent love of disco and soul music stemming from growing up in London and here talks about that and the series of happy accidents that led to him being in a studio and learning as he went from there. Thankfully he got very good very quickly and went on to a hugely successful career winning countless awards and in this conversation he talks about how the standing joke of him working with Burt Bacharach as a reward for success from the label actually happened in the end! Nigel is a true diamond and continues to work with new artists today alongside his brilliant remixing and producing some truly great soul music. More on Nigel here
August 30, 2021
Mike Stevens (Musical Director)
As a musical director I love chatting to other MD's so this was such a wonderful opportunity to catch up with Mike who has worked as MD for Take That , Jeff Lynne's ELO, Gary Barlow,  Annie Lennox and by royal appointment for The Queens Diamond Jubilee concert but also works with so many other artists in the live arena as well as being an incredible producer for artists including Annie and Marc Almond. I caught up with him at his beautiful home studio to talk about his musical inspirations and how he started out in function bands leading up being signed as an artist himself and the incredible story of what happened the first time Jeff Lynne finally got back on stage after all those years and how much faith he had in Mike to make it happen. A true professional and one of the nicest guys you could ever meet. Enjoy. More on Mike here
August 23, 2021
Phil Harding (Producer/Remixer/Engineer)
A really lovely catch up with Phil Harding who engineered and mixed so many of the classic hits that came from Stock / Aitken / Waterman in the 80s and also produced classics for East 17 and Matt Bianco amongst many others. He has written two superb books about his time working in the industry and we talk about those magical moments when he first found himself in a studio and his passion for sound and technology. More on Phil here
August 16, 2021
Ricky Wilde (Songwriter/Producer)
Celebrating the release of Kim's "Pop Don't Stop" retrospective box set I talk to my brilliant friend,  the man , the legend , Mr Ricky Wilde. Such an honour to catch up with someone responsible for so many incredible songs and productions with his brilliant sister Kim including "You Came" which I often refer to as the perfect pop record. In this chat he talks about his inspirations and love of early punk and electronic music both elements of which are so evident in his work. Some incredible stories behind "Kids In America" and how the worldwide phenomenon of Kim's version of "You Keep Me Hanging On" very nearly didn't happen and how his life was changed by a wasp!. Ricky is without doubt one of the loveliest humans I know and such a pleasure to talk to. Hope you enjoy. More on Ricky here His superb podcast "Unsung Heroes"
August 08, 2021
Ian Masterson (Musical Director/Musical Producer)
A conversation with the legendary producer/remixer/writer and musical director Ian Masterson who has worked with everyone from Dannii Minogue,  Pet Shop Boys , Girls Aloud and Bananarama as well as being one of the Musical Producers on the biggest show on television, Strictly Come Dancing , working on music for countless TV shows and of course responsible for the epic Trouser Enthusiasts remixes from the 90s. Ian talks about his musical journey and twists and turns along the way that got him to where he is today including his first synth and his first experience at Sarm West Studios with Trevor Horn. More in Ian here
August 02, 2021
Claire Richards (Steps/Singer)
As one fifth of Steps , the incredible Claire Richards has had the most extraordinary career and talks here about her journey to get there and those small moments that contributed to her getting the breaks that led to her success both with Steps and as a solo artist including the nerves that go along with performing solo at Hyde Park for the very first time when she supported Celine Dion and how she maintains that truly breathtaking voice. More in Claire here
July 26, 2021
James Wiltshire (Freemasons/F9 Audio)
As one half of The Grammy nominated duo Freemasons , James remixed and worked with artists including Beyonce , Shakira and Kelly Rowland amongst many others, He then went onto create the world renowned F9 Audio which is a premium service providing tools, samples and musical parts that have the very highest production values available in the soundware industry across multiple genres and formats. Here he talks about the influences that have helped him along the way and the synths and technology that have led to his encyclopaedic knowledge of sounds and production skills including the wonderful story about how he got his very first Korg M1 synth. More about James here
July 19, 2021
Karen Poole (Songwriter/Artist)
So thrilled to chat to the incredible Ivor Novello and Brit Award nominated singer songwriter Karen Poole who on top of being one half of the brilliant Alisha's Attic with her sister Shelley is also responsible for some of the best pop songs of all time sung by artists including Will Young, Kylie, Sugababes, Becky Hill and Shapeshifters. Some great stories in here including being thrown in at the deep end for the first time with an artist and how that shaped her career. More on Karen here Karen Poole Song Playlist
July 12, 2021
Dave Seaman (DJ/Brother In Rhythm)
Welcome to the first ever episode of "Such A Good Feeling" and I felt there could only be one guest to help me kick it off and that's my partner in Brothers In Rhythm and legendary DJ/Writer/Producer Dave Seaman. We talk about his incredible career from winning a competition with DMC to go to New York which ended up in them employing him and eventually working as editor of Mixmag, A&R for Stress Records and writing/producing/remixing for everyone from Kylie Minogue to Michael Jackson. Find out more about Dave here And please like and follow "Such A Good Feeling" to make sure you don't miss out on the exciting episodes coming up!
July 05, 2021
Such A Good Feeling - Trailer
"Such A Good Feeling" is an interview podcast series from Steve Anderson (Producer/Musical Director for Kylie, Westlife, Steps) featuring conversations with creatives and performers about their process and the magical moments in their lives that changed everything even though at the time it may not have seemed like it. There are some superb stories from across the spectrum detailing how these extraordinary people got their break and what skills they learned along the way to continue to be the best in the business.
July 01, 2021