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Dice Roll Zine Ramblecast

Dice Roll Zine Ramblecast

By Dice Roll Zine
Steve C's podcast about Old-School Gaming. Features opinions, reviews, game deep dives, Dice Roll Zine highlights, Dumbass Metalhead DM Tips, OSR shoutouts, and other random silliness. \m/
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DRZ Podcast Update: Vacation Hiatus & Something New
Buenos dias! My wife and I are taking a vacation in Cuba with the kids and I will catch-up with you all when I get back with more Old Scholol Essentials and some call ins and ... a new podcast feature? Take care! Guantanamera | Playing For Change | Song Around The World:
March 14, 2020
DRZ #23b OSE Referee Files Part 3 - Classes & Advancement
Re-released due to a distribution technical glitch. Part 3 Character Classes & Advancement of my ongoing series in which I delve into the Old School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome. The Borderlands Blog: Necrotic Gnome:
March 10, 2020
DRZ #23 OSE Referee Files Part 3 - Classes & Advancement
Part 3 Character Classes & Advancement of my ongoing series in which I delve into the Old School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome. The Borderlands Blog: Necrotic Gnome:
March 9, 2020
DRZ #22: OSE Referee Files Part 2
In this episode I delve deeper into the Old School Essentials Classic Fantasy Rules Tome (the Player Characters chapter) and come out the other side with some intriguing thoughts (in particular) about ability scores and alignment. Or maybe I just kinda talk out of my ass for like 35 minutes. Cheers! Steve C The Borderlands Blog: Hog Town Games Store: Necrotic Gnome:
March 2, 2020
Dice Roll Zine Ramblecast [Trailer]
Dice Roll Zine Ramblecast. Old-school gaming. F***ing METAL!!!
February 26, 2020
DRZ #21 OSE Referee Files Pt.1 & Call-in Catch-up!
Hi Folks! New feature called the "OSE Referee Files" where I read through and talk about the Old-School Essentials  games rules, hopefully to expand your love for the OSR play style and games. Also, I catch-up on some long-overdue call inns. Thanks!
February 22, 2020
DRZ Kickstarter Update #3
5 hours to go! Final rambling thoughts before the end of the KS campaign. And THANK YOU to everyone who supported DRZ #3 on KS!
February 18, 2020
DRZ Kickstarter Update #2
Dice Roll Zine #3 is funded! Woo hoo! I ramble about how happy and frightened I am. lol DRZ #3 on Kickstarter: The Borderlands Blog:
February 10, 2020
DRZ Kickstarter Update #1
Update: Dice Roll Zine issue #3 launched yesterday on Kickstarter's Zine Quest 2 campaign! My apologies for the crappy driving recording! DRZ #3 on Kickstarter: The Borderlands Blog:
February 5, 2020
DRZ Ramblecast #20: Catchup, Discovering Magic Items, 2 Minute Review, and Coo Roo Coo Coo!
In this episode I catch up on some stuff I forgot I did in 2019. I talk about detecting and discovering magic items in fantasy games. I do a 2 minute review of Hole in The Oak. I play  a call-in from Tim and wish Matt a Happy B-Day, and finally I play a stupid Bob & Doug "tune" I recorded. Hell yeah! My Blog:
February 2, 2020
DRZ #19: Maximizing Campaign Prep Time with Young Kids
I talk about the campaign prep method I use for my home game to maximize my limited fun time while raising young kids. Episode ends with a song tribute to Neil Peart. My Blog:
January 12, 2020
DRZ #18 The Worst House Rules & 2 Minute Review of Troika RPG
Hi all! A couple of wonderful callers speak up, then I spew some updates about what I've (not really) been up to with RPGs for the last year, then I talk about the worst house rules ever, and finally I do a 2 minute review of the Troika RPG in way less than 5 minutes. Woot! Enjoy! Steve C My Blog:
January 1, 2020
DRZ Ep 17: AD&D Forgotten Realms Box Set Retrospective
Hey folks! 2019 has been a long year, no podcasts. Reason: two young (but adorable!) kids and no time for anything but minimal gaming related stuff. Aaaaagh! Anyway, here is my long-ago promised retrospective rambling run-through of the 1987 AD&D Forgotten Realms Boxed Set. Be forewarned - it's a long episode. Cheers! Steve C Here is a link to a photo album for the boxed set: My Blog:
December 22, 2019
DRZ Ramblecast #16: Best of 2018 OSR, What's Up for DRZ 2019?
Happy New Year! In this episode I celebrate my picks for the best of the OSR in 2018 and blather about what I hope to do in 2019. Cheers! My Blog:
January 2, 2019
DRZ Ramblecast Episode #15: RPG Week, D&D Celebrities, Dumbass Metalhead DM Tips
Merry Christmas mofos! In this episode I give my RPG week in review, interview a D&D celebrity (ha ha!), and offer up a two-fer of dumbass DM tips! My Blog:
December 23, 2018
DRZ Ramblecast #14: My RPG Week, 2 Minute Review , Custom Clerics!
This episode details my RPG week, a review of a classic ICE book from 1985, and my thoughts about customizing the cleric class in your games. Enjoy!
December 15, 2018
DRZ Ramblecast #13: Nutshells, 2 Minute Review, Fave RPG book, and Zappa Rules!
Tonight I ramble about my RPG week in a nutshell, give a 2 Minute Review of the d30 Sandbox Companion, talk about my favourite RPG supplement of all time, and conclude with a tune by my hero Frank Zappa on the 25th anniversary of his passing ... enjoy!
December 8, 2018
Ramblecast #12 - Boxed Sets, Dice Roll Zine #2 & B/X Essentials
In this episode I blather about my favourite D&D boxed sets, the forthcoming issue #2 of my OSR Dice Roll Zine, I offer a Dumbass Metalhead DM Trick, and I give an OSR Metal Shout-Out to Gavin Norman's B/X Essentials.
November 17, 2018
RPG Wonder Women & My RPG Journey
Steve talks about his personal RPG Wonder Women, and describes his first RPG game and his journey from gamer dude to big-time fancy-ass podcaster extraordinaire (ahem).
July 27, 2018
Searching in the Dungeon & Dumbass Metalhead DM Tips
Steve talks about searching for stuff in the dungeon and starts a new segment of Dumbass Metalhead DM Tricks & Tips.
July 26, 2018
2 Minute Review: Campaign Notebook by Silverwing Armoury
Steve reviews the Campaign Notebook by Silverwing Armoury. Designed by Veronica Leonard. Visit for more details and purchase links. Plus a new feature to close out the podcast: 'OSR Metal Shoutouts!!!'
July 24, 2018
2 Minute Review: Extinguish the Sun Volume 1 (OSR zine)
Steve reviews the Apollyon Press OSR zine Extinguish the Sun Volume 1. Written by Chance Phillips, art by Michael M & Evlyn R, layout/design by David Shugars. Visit for more details & purchase links.
July 2, 2018
2 Minute Reviews: Table Fables I & II (RPG random tables)
Steve reviews the RPG books Table Fables I & II by Madeline Hale. Visit for more details & purchase links.
July 1, 2018
Dungeon Module Organization
How do you like your dungeon modules organized and formatted?
June 30, 2018
What are Your 3 Fave Adventure Modules?
Because I'm jealous I can't make it to NTRPG Con, I'm throwing this topic out there. Have fun at the con my OSR tribefolk!
June 28, 2018
Skills in OSR Games
Brief look at skills in D&D editions and how I use skills in my OSR games.
June 28, 2018
WotC, WFRP & Time
WotC's forthcoming D&D 5e releases and their OSR connection, are you interested? Is WFRP OSR and are you looking forward to 4e by Cubicle 7? And who the f*** has time for campaigns?!? Intro: Under the Northern Star - Amon Amarth Fin: Orion - Metallica
June 28, 2018
Referee Screens - Yea or Nay?
I have a GM screen fetish. But I actually don't use one at the table. How about you? I recorded this in my car on the way to work, so apologies for the shitty audio. I'm still figuring this Anchor stuff out!
June 28, 2018
Intro & Rolling Ability Scores
I ramble a lot in my first podcast. Nerves, eh. I think it's mostly about ability score generation in old-school D&D games!
May 12, 2018