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Awakened Mind Podcast

Awakened Mind Podcast

By Steve F
Wellness, Awareness, Truth. Through my personal experience & journey of self discovery from working on Wall Street to Awakening this podcast is about human expansion, transformation and truth and will explore all things life, wellness, health, holistic healing, reversing disease, fulfillment and self realization. Through guests sharing it will shift perspective by exposing hidden truths and esoteric knowledge. It will thus free listeners from their fear, stress, anxiety & limiting beliefs of what's possible for themselves, their body, their life, how they feel and what they can achieve.
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Chat with Lawrence of on what is the Energy World & Energy Body and his ability to remove inter-dimensional energies & entities targeting, attacking n feeding on all of us 24/7
An enjoyable metaphysical chat with Lawrence of on what is the Energy World and Energy Body and the removal of inter-dimensional energies targeting, attacking and feeding on all of us 24/7, and even how to avoid the astral matrix of deception and control once we leave our bodies. Lawrence was born with certain innate psychic abilities being able to see entities and energy with his physical eyes and being able to sense the energy from people, items and locations. Lawrence is able to get rid of all the entities targeting and attacking individuals offering both remote (person not needed to be present for session) and online video sessions namely Soul Retrieval & Direct Interference Clearing; Soul Contract Erasure; Cord Cutting & Relationship Mending; Implant Erasure; Entity Erasure; Soul Restoration, Energy Body Restoration; Code Reset & Reconfiguration; Remote Sessions for Pets and Children; JAB Side Effect Restoration and Learn to Unlock Psychic Abilities & Self-Energy Clear. Lawrence works very hard at increasing his oscillation and keeping his energy clear and present and can work wonders by clearing these energetic parasite attacks vampiring humanity's soul energy and well being. Just goto and goto sessions and click and book Soul Retrieval & Direct Interference session to start and you will be on your way. Lawrence's You Tube channel Lawrence's website: #entityremoval #whathappenswhenwedie #matrix #illuminati
August 8, 2021
Celeste Solum, former U.S. FEMA employee on PCR Testing, mRNA injection(not a Vaxx), the NWO, WEF, the patenting & ownership of all Vaxxed GMO Humans and more.
Coming back from a long break.  This is a rough cut n paste of segments from our 2 group podcasts done with Celeste Solum.  This episode touches on PCR Testing, mRNA injection(not a Vaxx) & other important information regarding what's going on, the NWO, WEF, depopulation, global human sterilization, food control, synthetic food, chimera (human mouse) and the psychopathic elite's goal of patenting & owning of all Vaxxed GMO Humans and more. Enjoy. Celeste's website Celeste's You Tube Videos with Celeste in them #klausschwab #wef #luciferianagenda #jesuitorder #33rddegreescottishrite #freemasonry
April 23, 2021
Dr. Sherri Tenpenny shares her wisdom and views on the current state of affairs
Dr. Tenpenny website is
February 21, 2021
What Really Makes You Ill? Why EVERYTHING You Thought You Knew About Disease Is Wrong - Join Dawn Lester & David Parker in smashing the germ theory to bits and ending a century of medical fraud & lies
Today I'm honored to have Dawn Lester and David Parker on the show the authors of the incredible book “What Really Makes You Ill? – Why everything you thought you knew about disease is wrong.” Dawn and David are truly enlightened warriors out to level the playing field of knowledge and information the public receives and who believe the true purpose of education is to stimulate people to think for themselves. Their intention for writing is to inspire people to look beneath the often misleading 'veneer' on information that is promulgated by many “official” sources; so called authorities and scientific experts. Dawn and David are here to help us unlearn and un-indoctrinate ourselves by exposing the fraud and corruption played on the global public by big pharma and the medical establishment and its global minions who willingly sell lies and bury and obfuscate truth. in this episode, on top of learning everything we know about disease is wrong we will learn that germs, bacteria and viruses do NOT cause disease or illness and we will learn what actually does....gradual and accumulated poisoning, toxicity, acidosis of the blood and body terrain that needs to be cleaned up and removed from the body by what is termed "disease."   Poison intake and toxicity simultaneously lead to a compromised immune system and the needed environment where disease can morph and spawn within the body due to the acidic, toxic, low oxygen, low voltage, immune compromised condition of the blood and body....terrain thereof. Viruses and germs do not cause cancer or polio or any disease, they are the removal mechanism of the body to rid the body of toxicity and poison to get back to a need balance pH and voltage and immunity.  We create "viruses" as a result of needing to purge toxins and poison from the body.  It's a necessary built in detox system/function of the body.  Remove the toxicity and poison and restore the terrain of the blood and body to normal and you remove the disease in its entirety.   Dawn & David's websites and Dawn & David's Email: Buy "What Really Makes You Ill?" book Buy Dawn & David's "The Nature of Reality" book
February 10, 2021
Sir James Finney host extraordinaire of The Best A Man Can Get podcast expounds on the meaning, or lack thereof, of life and the art of calling bullshit on authority and incompetence.
James Finney and I have a most enjoyable chat full of candor about life, childhood, NHS, suicide, spirituality, the way out of the matrix and the un-expressed joy and drudgery of existence.   James' intelligence, wit and honesty is a real treat and it was a pleasure to connect with him in such an organic way.  Dig in as I'm sure all will be entertained and enthused and maybe even laugh a little.   James Finney is a most affable and talented broadcaster and I highly recommend following him on Facebook and his podcast The Best A Man (or Woman) Can Get on all normal channels like Spotify and Apple. Here are the links to find James' work and interviews.   Jame's Podcast on Spotify: Contact and Coaching: Facebook: Website:
January 31, 2021
Sean Stone - Filmmaker, Actor, Truth Seeker, Spiritual Activist. Is it going to be The Great Awakening or The NWO? Dive in to find out...
Today I have a very special guest. I’m honored to have Sean Stone with us today. Sean is a filmmaker, media host, author, actor, speaker, poet and above all, truth-seeker and spiritual activist.  Sean's father Oliver Stone is the writer and director of such ground breaking films as Wall Street, Platoon, JFK, Nixon, Scarface, Born on the 4th of July. Sean encompasses a unique combination of truth and spirituality and has seemingly climbed as far up the ladder of enlightenment as he has gone down the dark rabbit hole of the matrix of limitation and control. Sean's "Inner View's" interviews can be found on Vokalnow (these like his YT Enter The Buzzsaw interviews are fantastic) - Sean's website is - Sean's newer You Tube channel is titled "Sean Stone" - Sean's older Truth interviews can be found on "Enter The Buzzsaw" You Tube channel -
December 13, 2020
Dr. Mary Mansfield interviews me Steve Fierro on her podcast Mindful Empowerment. We talk everything reversing disease and self empowerment through nutrition and diet.
Dr. Mary Mansfield interviews me on her podcast Mindful Empowerment where she interviews Doctor's and natural healers on the cutting edge of reversing disease and wellness.  We talk everything reversing disease and self empowerment through nutrition and diet. Mary's YT channel is   Mindful Empowerment link to Spotify
December 6, 2020
Healing All Disease with Frequencies - John White founder and pioneer of the most affordable, effective & versatile Rife Machine on the planet shares his story and wisdom on Rife and helping humanity
My guest today is the incomparable John White who has, through his company, brought the most affordable, versatile and effective array and assortment of Rife Frequency Generators/machines to the global public.   Spooky2 Rife machines administer frequencies in a variety of ways to the user with one being Quantum Entanglement.  Einstein discovered quantum entanglement and termed it "Spooky at a distance" and hence John named the company Spooky2 in honor of Einstein's description of Quantum Entanglement. John White is a Rife researcher and inventor from New Zealand, now living in Nanjing, China. With a background in Electrical Engineering, Physics, and Computer Sciences, he has been researching and developing solutions to serious diseases since 2008. John specializes in Energy and Scalar Resonance Healing, Biofeedback and PEMF Therapy. With an insatiable desire for truth and knowledge, John has collaborated with other research groups to discover answers to health issues. John has done many videos that can be seen online.  some are in the name of SAMA, which stands for Spooky Ask Me Anything. John White's website Spooky2 website is Spooky2 you tube channel is Spooky2 free computer software that can be downloaded on any PC without having a Spooky2 Rife Generator so the user can have a free look at the free software to see what its about before they even buy Rife Frequency Generator. Spooky2 Generators Products page Medical Disclaimer:  For informational purposes only.  We are not doctors.  Always consult a doctor before doing anything.
November 29, 2020
What Happens When We "Die" ? - Bharati Corinna Glanert shares her wisdom and vast spiritual knowledge and insight into the mysteries of life on earth and what happens when we exit our bodies
Bharati Corinna Glanert is my guest today.  In this episode Bharati and I talk everything metaphysical mainly on the  topic of a souls experience as a human and what happens when we "die" including how our decisions here affect our lives and vibration/frequency and will thus affect our experience upon crossing over as well as how our beliefs here on earth while in a body can stay with us in death transition that could lead to being trapped on the reincarnation wheel in multiple incarnations until we figure it out and raise our vibration.. Bharati has a podcast called "Spiritbalance" and she is a meditation and mantra master, nutrition expert, lived and trained with yogis in India and has been having paranormal experiences since she was a young child.   Bharati runs a Darkness Retreat in Germany which Aubrey Marcus attended and loved and she has great live streams on FB and You Tube with the likes of Danilo and others that allow listeners to ask questions on anything metaphysical with great advice on meditating and living in the matrix as a spiritually awakened being. Thank you for listening. Bharati can be reached at the links below. Bharati's You Tube channel - E-Mail: Website Homepage: Podcast link to Spotify and is available on all common platforms as well -    Blog: Rawbalance: Spiritbalance Onlineshop:
November 22, 2020
Dr. Stephanie Seneff MIT Senior Research Scientist shares her expertise on glyphosate poisoning and its link to virtually all disease, autism and more
My guest today is the delightful and uber intelligent Dr. Stephanie Seneff, a Senior Research Scientist at the MIT Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.   Her recent research interests are in the role of nutritional deficiencies and toxic chemicals in disease with a focus on the mineral sulfur and the herbicide glyphosate. Dr Seneff has published over three dozen peer-reviewed-journal articles on these topics. Dr. Seneff has earned degrees from MIT in Biophysics and Electrical engineering in addition to a PhD in electrical engineering and computer science. Stephanie is currently writing a book "The Glyphosate Effect." which is her landmark work on the impact of glyphosate  on human health which will be released by Chelsea Green Publishing in 2021.   Coming in 2021,  The book  explains that glyphosate is a slow kill—it slowly robs you of your good  health over time, until you finally succumb to some incapacitating or  life-threatening disease. Like Covid-19. Glyphosate is an insidious chemical that is wreaking havoc on children and the global population and im thankful to have such a tireless warrior like Dr. Seneff on the front lines in attempting to educate the public on the truth about glyphosate, disease and autism. Pardon the internet delays.  Thank you for listening.   Dr. Stephanie Seneff's personal website is Stephanie's MIT work related website with many the many papers and articles she has published is Stephanie's email is Stephanie's wikipedia page is MMS expert Kerri Rivera's website My you tube channel is Disclaimer:  This podcast is for informational purposes only.  All the information is for  educational purposes only.   None of  this information is an alternative for professional medical advice.   None  of the information provided is intended to be used for  self-diagnosing or treating any ailments or health conditions.  
November 15, 2020
Dickie Longo is 83 years old, jogs everyday and is saving lives handing out running shoes one pair at a time. We all could learn from the way Dickie leads his life. Just Do It! No whining!
My guest today (on left in picture) is a most incredible and inspiring man.  83 year old Dickie Longo from Metairie Louisiana who has been running almost nonstop for 74 years straight shares his life story and how he got to running everyday when his mother left him and his brother for good at the age of 9 when his father returned home from WW2.  Dickie is writing a book on his life story which will be titled  "How Running Saves Lives" which will be out sometime next year. Dickie is a father of 3 boys, a grand and great-grandfather to 9 future runners and recently celebrated his 60th year wedding anniversary with his college sweetheart. Dickie selflessly hands out free running shoes to strangers where ever he goes in an effort to inspire as many people as possible with the power of running to revitalize, transform and heal their lives. Dickie's story of putting one running shoe in front of the other to lead an empowered and fulfilling life is truly a testament of his character and drive to better himself and help humanity at the same time. No he’s not related to Forrest Gump but he could out run him for sure. Enjoy this inspiring man and his formula for fulfillment and success.  If you have a way to get Dickie running shoes in Metairie LA please reach out to him. Dickie can be reached at his email and you can friend hi  on his Face Book page "Dickie Longo"
October 26, 2020
Learn to "Go Beyond Known" with founder Tima Mir. In this episode she talks to us about life, silent retreats, dark rooms, hitchhiking and discovering the Infinite All and Nothingness that we are
This is a most interesting life chat with Tima Mir, 33 years of age, from Babol Iran, creator of Go Beyond Known website and YT FB channels.  Tima was suffering in silence and decided to do something about it by quitting her job as a Sustainable Architect to travel and get away from it all.  This solo journey of hitchhiking where the wind brought her,  doing a Vipassana silent retreat in Thailand and spending 5.5 days in her own home made dark room  amongst much reading and meditation brought Tima to a deeper understanding of how her mind soul and body work and that her suffering and pain was self created through autonomous programs and thought rituals that we picked up from our early years and that we are slaves to until we can integrate and neutralize these negative limiting energy patterns. Tima has found inner peace and power and is passionate about helping others out of their darkness and uncontrollable patterns and programming. Tima's message is something everyone can benefit from and her videos are infectious and grabbing and fun to watch. Pardon the internet lag due to some connection issues. Tima's YT, FB, IG and Website are all "Go Beyond Known"   If you would like to contact her via email she can be reached at
October 14, 2020
Bharati Corinna Glanert of Spirit Balance Podcast Interviews me about health spirituality and my journey.
Interviewer Bharati Corinna Glanert has her own Podcast called Spirit Balance and website and she also has two you tube channels called Holovibes and Spiritbalance as well. Bharati runs a darkness retreat in Germany which Aubrey Marcus attended.  Bharati also joins forces with Danilo on YT Holovibes live to answer questions. You can also go to Thrive Tribe on FB to get a aggregator of all our connected and incredible podcasts on everything from quantum healing to my dog brandy podcast.  Enjoy.
September 2, 2020
Transcending The Matrix with Tony Sayers - Tony shares his wisdom and his physical emotional and energetic healing work of removing astral implants of all kinds.
My guest today is Tony Sayers founder and creator of TranscendingTimes.Org. Tony is an incredible soul who took action and left his 9 to 9 job to assist the world in healing and waking up to the global and astral matricies of domination and control that have infiltrated every aspect of society and affect all of us in dark ways we cannot imagine. In this segment we discuss reincarnation trap, soul harvesting, astral/energetic implant removal, false light, archons, 3D 4D, what happens when we die and more. Tony has written 5 books, namely, Are You Living Or Just Existing, The New Age Is The New Cage, Narcissistic Personality Disorder, 10 Life Hacks To Beat The Matrix, Artificial Intelligence, Energy Vampires, Plugged Into Porn and has co-authored a book entitled A breed Apart Tony offers online healing sessions covering chakra overlay removal, inner child healing, pranic healing, sexual cord removal, soul retrieval and entity inter-dimensional and astral/energetic implant removal which I personally have had done by Tony which was amazing. Tony's books and on-line healing sessions are available at his website and can be emailed at Tony's Bitchute channel Tony's You tube channel
August 18, 2020
You Will Change The World founder and creator Peter Anthony Wynn shares his success secrets and journey to becoming a high profile life coach and marketing sensation.
My guest today is Peter Anthony Wynn… a good friend and award winning entrepreneur that has been creating brands since he was 19 years old. An Italian American like myself and born and raised in Brooklyn NY, Peter Anthony is a straight talker who does not mince words… yet always comes from a place of love and compassion for others. Peter Anthony is a pioneer in marketing, digital course creation and personal development…. is a highly sought after speaker and life coach who is the founder and creator of you will change the world dot com…. a company that helps every day and top industry leaders with the likes of Les Brown expand and grow their transformative messages and brands exponentially. I have known Peter Anthony 17 years and have always marveled at his unwavering, relentless drive and stop at nothing attitude to help others achieve their dreams and reach their full potential. He is a wing man for humanity who has a heart of gold and is clearly on a mission to change the world and I’m happy to have him here with us today to share his story and insight. Peter Anthony's website
August 9, 2020
A Painted Journey - Artist Gregory Burns on his art of "going without knowing all the answers," living by faith, trust and moving through adversity & pain through self medicating with painting & sport
My guest today is Gregory Burns ( and Gregory Burns Art FB and IG pages) a man of incomparable accomplishment who stricken with polio at 5 years of age, was born and raised in California and moved to Taiwan at the age of 26 in 1984 and has lived in Asia ever since more recently living between California and Singapore when not traveling. Greg is an accomplished and acclaimed artist and despite having no motor function in his legs, has trekked, traveled and sailed around the world, climbed mountains, won multiple gold swimming medals in 3 Paralympic games and holds 5 world Paralympic records as a result, completed 3 Ironman competitions, is a public speaker and has done a Tedx talk, is an author, teacher and inspiration to all and a close friend of mine for 25 years. In this segment Greg takes us through his incredible adventures and journey of self discovery and accomplishment.  Greg has done art exhibitions all over the world and his vast art gallery can be seen at and on his FB and Instagram pages Gregory Burns Art  Greg's Vimeo Channel - watch his 1991 Documentary of The Return of Marco Polo boat journey produced by Greg
August 1, 2020
The Art Of Com Passing - Compassion as a Tool For Healing and Transformation - Founder Dan Svec takes us on his journey of pain, healing and expansion to higher consciousness.
My guest today is Dan Svec.  A most colorful and compassionate man that is the founder of The Art of Com Passing; a human technology of heart to heart communication and connection based in compassion that creates quantum healing and growth in people and relationships. Dan’s motto is Compassion is a biological necessity and he is on a mission to spark healing worldwide and become known as the first Rock Star of Compassion. Join us on this open conversation about healing through compassion, headaches and life. Dan Svec was heavily influenced by Dr. Gabor Mate and trained under Dr. Petra Rauferova.  Dan's courses on The Art of Com Passing can be found on FB and at his websites
July 28, 2020
Changing The World One Mind At A Time - Roy Coughlan is on a mission to balance the scales of injustice & help people out of their darkness through creating awareness of facts and providing solutions
Collapsing the Pyramid - My guest today is Roy Coughlan the creator of 4 podcasts with his latest and most critical podcast being The Awakening Podcast; which is about exposing worldwide corruption and deception in a way that affects real change and progress by focusing on facts and providing real solutions. The Awakening Podcast is an incredibly important show because it’s a vehicle to not only spread the word of truth, but to assist and perpetuate the global Awakening and rising of awareness currently occurring on this planet. Roy is on a mission to shift perspective and change the world and in my eyes is a hero because he is one of the many that care  yet one of the VERY few that have taken action and are doing something about it. Roy is writing a book titled The Awakening - New World Revolution which will be released shortly.  He can be found on FB and his most recent podcast The Awakening Podcast can be found on Spotify, iTunes along with his other podcasts The Learn Polish Podcast and his other 2 podcasts on Public Speaking and Meditation.
July 27, 2020
From Physically Abusive Relationships to Freedom and Empowerment - A young mother's journey of hitting rock bottom and coming back stronger.
My guest today is Amy Browne a very soulful and amazing young woman and mother of 3 that after having the courage to leave 2 consecutive physically abusive relationships at 29, she found the strength and means to exit with her children and rebuild herself and her life on her own from the ground up, ultimately starting a conscious parenting training series called The Wilding Kids Mentor Program. Amy is an inspiration to women and men around the world and an example of what taking responsibility for your life can do to transform it and the lives around you. Amy is the founder of the The Wilding Kids Mentor Training Series, a program for children and parents that takes both child and parent out of stress and chaos and into heart centered power and peace.    Today, with her kids ever present during the recording, we talk about personal pain, parent programing, personal development, conscious parenting, second chances, questioning everything, what sovereignty is and how the education system is a big part of today's problem. Amy Browne can be found on her FB page The Wilding Kids Mentor
July 25, 2020
From Fiction to Reality with Hartmut Schumacher - Enjoy this mind bending interview that delves deep into the complexities of being awake in this challenging world.
My guest today is Hartmut Schumacher a very soulful man that is on a mission to help the world by spreading suppressed knowledge on everything from healing and the mind body soul connection. Hartmut is the host of his new podcast called Go Your Own Path. It’s a podcast in which he wants to encourage people to see the world with a different perspective. Enjoy this candid conversation of awareness and curiosity into the seen and unseen forces of this earthly experience.
July 25, 2020
Dr. Thomas E. Levy - The cure for cancer & all disease you're NOT allowed to have. Mega-Dose Intravenous Liquid Vitamin C documented to rapidly reverse cancer, polio, sepsis & all disease for decades
Cancer and all disease is caused by toxicity and acidity of the blood and body that reduces immunity and allows disease to flourish.  Cancer and Disease cannot live and die immediately in an alkaline blood and body.  Disease could be called oxidative stress due to oxidation (loss of electrons) of the blood and body  Mega Dose Intravenous Vitamin C is alkaline and the planet's most powerful ANTI -OXIDANT (replenishes electrons) or you could say anti-disease.  Problem is humans are the only mammals that do NOT produce their own anti oxidant vitamin C and what you need to reverse cancer and all disease is your immune system, which can be restored with mega-dose vitamin C, cleansing, alkalinity and ANTI-OXIDANTS to reverse the oxidative stress and bring blood alkalinity back to its required this blood 7.35 pH are immune systems are functioning at 100%.  When blood pH drops below 7.35 our vitamin C carrying immune systems become compromised and disease can then spawn and flourish until the acidity and toxicity is taken away. My guest today is world renowned Doctor, Thomas E. Levy (, a retired board certified cardiologist and lawyer as well.. who is considered the leading mega dose vitamin C and magnesium expert in the world. Tirelessly researching and spreading the word for 25 years now of Vitamin C’s ability to reverse virtually all disease including cancer, heart disease lymes and even polio, Dr Levy selflessly continues to lecture at medical conferences and to groups of people around the world in an effort to educate and integrate this life saving knowledge to as many people as possible. Dr. Levy is the author of 12 ground breaking books including Curing the Incurable, Stop Americas #1 killer, Primal Panacea, Death by Calcium, Hidden Epidemic and his most recent book…which is titled…Magnesium: Reversing Disease. Documentation of Mega-dose Intravenous vitamin C's ability to reverse cancer, polio and all disease goes back over 70's years.  This reverse all non toxic modality has been suppressed by the government and it is not available in the U.S. and hospitals wont administer it even if you ask because IT WORKS.  Possible places to get it are Riordan Clinic, clinics outside the U.S. and you can buy Oral Liposomal Vitamin C at which can be very helpful in the fight against cancer and all disease.  MUST SEE: - 60 Minutes video of Adam Smith New Zealand Farmer written off for dead saved by knowledge of Dr. Levy.  Watch shocking Video of hospital stopping Intravenous Vitamin C so the patient would die as they previously told the family and vitamin C could not be the victor.  Thankfully they were stopped.   Follow up video after 60 minutes segment on mega dose liquid intravenous Vitamin C DISCLAIMER: This is not intended to be medical help.  Seek the advice of a professional health care practitioner always....if youre silly enough to trust and believe them.   Article on Dr. Fred Klenner and Vitamin C
July 22, 2020