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Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood™ Guy!

Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood™ Guy!

By Steve Gamlin
The Motivational Firewood™ Radio Show with Steve Gamlin: a blend of Motivation, Positivity, Vision Board strategies, Acts of Kindness Ideas and 'Real Life' stories of how my life rose from the ashes of failure to success (even though my personal phoenix rides a pogo stick)...all wrapped up in a humorous delivery.
Basically, I'm sharing the lessons that life continues to teach me!
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Special Guest: Sejal Thakkar

Steve Gamlin, the Motivational Firewood™ Guy!

Special Guest: Raj Subrameyer!
Raj Subrameyer is a tech career strategist focusing on helping people to land their dream job and become successful leaders. He is passionate about guiding professionals to maximize their opportunities and discover their zone of genius. He also uses his decades of experience in the tech industry to research, speak and write about how we can embrace technology and become full-on digital citizens. He is a sought-after speaker at various conferences and has been featured in numerous podcasts and publications, including Entrepreneur, CEOWorld Magazine, Authority Magazine, Career Addict, Thrive Global, Addicted2Success and The Good Men Project. He is also the author of the new book - Skyrocket Your Career. His areas of expertise include career advancement, leadership, motivation, productivity and entrepreneurship. In his spare time, he loves traveling and enjoying craft beer. You can find more info about how he serves people through his website - Skyrocket Your Career Book - Website - Personal Website: Social Media Links- LinkedIn: Twitter: Facebook: Youtube Channel: Instagram : My Speaker Reel - My recorded talks - My publications -
October 1, 2021
Special Guest: Dr. Erik Reis (Make Sure Your BRAIN Listens to This One)!
Dr. Erik Reis is the Co-Founder of Health and Wellness at Nobody Studios, a venture studio based out of Orange County, California, focused on the radical ideation, innovation, and creation of people-first start-up companies. He's spent the last decade of his career studying, treating, and consulting individuals on how to maximize their bodies, brains, and in turn, their businesses. From the clinic to the board room, he's leveraged his deep understanding of neuroscience and behavioral psychology to help entrepreneurs maximize their businesses' impact and growth to success. He believes the brain is limitless, which is why his efforts at Nobody Studios are focused on maximizing human potential and improving access to global healthcare.  How can you learn more about the work Dr. Erik is doing?
September 8, 2021
Can't Start Without the Spark...Got Yours?
Do YOU have a spark in your life?
August 24, 2021
Where is Your Ride Taking You? (Roller Coaster vs. Merry Go Round)
Where is your RIDE taking you today? Right now, some people are thinking: "Oh no, NOT the roller coaster story, Steve!" And you know where they are when they are saying this? The merry-go-round, which follows the same, safe pattern every day, riding horses which will never buck you off. there anything wrong with the merry-go-round? Not at all...if that is where you truly want to be. I've ridden it before...a good chunk of my early life, actually. Yet I was MISERABLE. I secretly wished I had the guts to ride with the people I heard screaming on the roller coaster. So, I switched rides... Got questions? Let's have a conversation: Go to  and pick the date & time. 
July 23, 2021
Special Guest: Podcasting Expert Adam Hommey!
Special Guest: Podcasting Expert Adam Hommey!   Adam Hommey is a speaker, author, trainer, and consultant with nearly 20 years’ experience helping business creators, like you, WIN at the game of business and marketing so you can thrive from YOUR intersection of YOUR brilliance and YOUR passion while making a difference for your community, market, and audience. Adam is the author of Groundhog Day is an Event, Not a Business Strategy, and a contributing author to Journeys to Success: The Millennial Edition - both international Amazon best-sellers. He has spoken on stages around the country for many years and is a sought-after expert on podcasting for entrepreneurs. As creator of The R.E.A.C.H. System, Adam helps you exponentially reach more profitable customers! Whether you are new to podcasting...or have survived past the (cough cough) 'average' number of episodes and are cruising along, Adam's got some helpful advice to help move you forward, onward...and UPWARD! Here's how you can reach out to Adam to learn more: Website: Email: Phone: (888) 536-5596 x23 LinkedIn & Facebook: Adam Hommey Business Pages: and
July 2, 2021
Are You Finding the Checks?
No, not THOSE check!!!  ($$$) --- BIGGEST LESSON that I ever learned...while chopping wood. See those cracks? Those are 'checks'. When the wood has been given enough time to dry (very important part of the process), that is the log literally telling you: "HIT ME HERE!!" If you try to split fresh-cut logs, you will often wind up with a dull thud...while all the bones of your arms rattle...and the log giggles at you. The BEST Results are not life, in business, in relationships, in your health, in your faith, etc. Do the work daily, stack up 'potential' and let it season a bit...until conditions are just right. Or you may wind up working wayyyyy too hard, for little results. The Openings and Opportunities will begin to show themselves to you. Not sure how to find YOURS? Let's have a conversation. Go here to set it up!
May 27, 2021
What Comes After Your Decision?
What Comes After Your Decision? It's always great when you recognize something in your life that may not be perfect...yet. If you're ambitious enough, you'll make a decision. Some people stop there. proudly trumpeting: "I've decided that i want to improve my life!" Sadly, too many people run out of gas...right there. Great. Wonderful. Delightful. You made a decision. Good for you. The REAL WINNERS are the ones who decide to go NEXT LEVEL...and TAKE ACTION. They invest in themselves. They make a game-plan. They have a strategy...and they execute it. IS THIS YOU? Not sure?  Or are you remembering all the DECISIONS right now...but not that 'next' step? If that's the case (or even if it's not), let's get on a call: Enjoy this episode!  
May 25, 2021
Are Your Following...The Recipe?
I'm a guy who really needs to follow recipes. I've proven it in all areas of my life, ha ha. That's not to say I don't add little 'personal touches' here and there for flavor...but I am at my best when i take what other people have already created (with proven results) and using that as my foundation. How about YOU? In today's episode, I talk about why it is so important that I do *not* make Coconut Hockey Pucks! Want to have a conversation about how YOU can find your Best Recipes? "Hey Steve, Lets's Get On a Call!!
May 21, 2021
Blinders and Boundaries?
Blinders and Boundaries... Why do racehorses wear blinders? To keep them focused on what is ahead, versus what is to the side or behind them. Their sole job is to get to that finish line with nobody else blocking their view or distracting them. Same for us, if we know our goals and understand WHY we desire to achieve them...and choose to minimize distractions and rabbit holes on our way. A powerful lesson that I got to share with one of my Vision Board Coaching Clients! Want to learn more? Meet me here: 
May 13, 2021
Are You Climbing the Right Mountain...With Your Values Intact?
Do you realize how important that person in your mirror...truly is? As you make your way up the mountain toward whatever your goals may look like, feel like, sound like (even smell like)...are you surrounding yourself with the best people? Being guided by your own Values and Integrity which will serve you in the long run?  Do you know the difference between Real Sunshine and Fake Neon? When you're ready to have a conversation, meet me here: Want to learn more about Visualization and how 'seeing' the top of that mountain can help create your map?  
April 27, 2021
Keep Climbing, Keep Acclimating!
Keep Climbing, Keep Acclimating!  --- Imagine what a climber learns about how to handle every step up Mt. Everest (or any challenge), and how s/he acclimates to the conditions, the physical (mental and emotional) toll along the way. We grow tougher, smarter and more resilient as we grind out the journey. Imagine how that person would be horribly ill-prepared if a helicopter brought them to within 1000-feet of the summit, unaccustomed to the conditions, the difference in the air, the impact on the mind and body. So many people seek out 'cheat codes', ways to bypass too many steps...and suffer for it. --- Here's where I start, with my clients the Master Class Webinar at
March 3, 2021
A Gut-Punch...and a Smile?
Got GUT-PUNCHED recently...seriously, it was a big one. I was on a radio show, as a guest, sharing a story I've shared many times. I was talking about 'the moment' that led to me rising from the ashes of my radio career and the end of my first marriage, and a financial situation that was 'beyond bankruptcy'. It was at a golf driving range, in August 2003, on a hot and humid afternoon...smacking a bucket of golf balls to get out my frustrations about where I'd put my life. Then the skies opened up. Thunder and lightning, as I swung a metal club, barefoot in the wet grass...under power-lines. Everyone, except for me, ran from the storm. Today's episode runs through the feelings that popped up, with a NEW SURPRISE ENDING that I had not expected...when I was asked to 'SEE' it from a whole new angle.
February 22, 2021
Life: Are YOU Performing for the Whole Show?
Too many people choose snapshots from their lives to show who they really are. is a long-haul performance...and you need to play your part, every day.  Your Words and Actions tell us everything we need to know about you, so please act in accordance to the image you wish to portray. 
February 17, 2021
Do You 'LOVE" What You Do?
Odds don't. But, does that mean you should chuck your current life/career in the dumpster? Not at all... Here are my thoughts on something powerful that speaker Mark Sanborn shared recently: "Try to love what you do on the way to doing what you love."  So many people get hung up on 'finding their passion' these days, and often chasing that elusive dragon. But here's the thing: We can't ALL do something we love, full-time, forever...and live in a magic castle. In today's episode, I share my thoughts...and how I was able to help one of my Vision Board Coaching Clients 'SEE' an alternative that led her to, you may have guessed...add a little love to what she does for a living. 
February 12, 2021
Are the Gurus Trying to Make YOU Do a Triple-Lindy?
Are the Gurus Trying to Make YOU Do a Triple-Lindy?  I'm in the Personal Development industry...and it drives ME crazy. Throngs of audience members getting swept up in the "Change Your Life Today" hysteria! The thumping music, the lasers, the fog machines...and the special 'scarcity' of "this deal goes away after today". Honestly, it makes me want to barf.  In today's episode, I share MY THOUGHTS on a better way to build the life you wish to enjoy. As long as you're in the's cool. Get it? Got questions? Let's get on a call:
January 29, 2021
What the Pizza Taught Me About Being Successful...ish!" !
There's an old saying which states: "If at first you don't succeed, try try again." I recently learned that there is another verrrrrry important component to that phrase, which can really help you step it up, bring it home...and reach success with greater intention.
January 20, 2021
Special Guest Zach Babcock of Underdog Empowerment
Steve Gamlin: Special Guest Zach Babcock of Underdog Empowerment   In this episode, Zach and I discuss:   - why we need to Take Action and Make Things Happen  - the Power of Re-Purposing everything you create  - why Zach's twin boys love making Vision Boards  - the biggest 'gifts' from his 5 years in prison  - what he did when the world laughed at his dreams  - how his own podcast made him a magnet for success  - why having an Underdog mentality is a great place to start  - how Michael Jordan's mind & imagination gave him an edge  - why Luck will not happen if you don't show up  - how Consistency + Momentum = Confidence  - how my grandfather's lesson on Integrity still rings true  - the reason you WHO can be more important than your WHY  - how Zach found the guts to take the stage with heavy-hitters...and WON!  - why platforms like Clubhouse work for people who play to win  - why you should never lower your standards   Want to learn more about Zach Babcock?   Find him at
January 13, 2021
Special Guest: Rhonda Y. Williams (Creating Stress-Free Leadership)
Special Guest: Rhonda Y. Williams (Creating Stress-Free Leadership) It was such a joy to share this conversation with Rhonda.   Did 2020 cause stress in your life? Or your career? Are YOU a leader?  I bet you are...somewhere in your life. Here are some of the topics we touched upon: How great leaders can put the pins back into grenades What leaders can do to set the best examples in 2021 How to better define (and assess) 'Work/Life Balance' The ways that Clarity is the key to 'stepping up' Transparency, Authenticity and the importance of setting Boundaries The importance of NOT BEING PERFECT How Imposter Syndrome can cost you dearly Wearing a 'mask' can cause nightmares The greatness of 'getting better' when you walk through the door every day How Rhonda's FIRST transition into leadership left her in the dark Ways you can reduce your stress-level by asking more questions The importance of Self-Talk and how it supports your success The UCR Advantage (an Emotional Intelligence Exercise) You can learn more about Rhonda by visiting:
December 15, 2020
Special Guest: Emma-Jane Taylor (The Girl Going Nowhere?)
Special Guest: Emma-Jane Taylor (The Girl Going Nowhere?) When she was 15, Emma-Jane Taylor was labeled a delinquent and referred to as 'a girl going nowhere'. Years of abuse piled on, and took her life down some dark pathways...until she rediscovered something which brought her joy.  And she dedicated her life to creating a series of companies which inspire her...and help others! In this conversation, we discuss: * how (and why) she created her companies * the importance of building effective Teams and Systems * reacting and responding in a way that brings you to a better place * how 'The Girl Going Nowhere' got to speak at the House of Commons! * remembering to enjoy the simple things in life How to learn more about Emma-Jane and her story:
November 19, 2020
Special Guest Julie Rose!
Steve Gamlin: Special Guest Julie Rose  Julie Rose is the founder of Garden Forever Tarot. She is all about the energy that is all around us.   In this conversation, we discussed:  - why gardening is so important to her  - the way our energy is like a boomerang  - the dangers of 'being like everyone else'  - the power of paying compliments   - how making a dog's tail wag can improve your day  - how 2020 convinced many people to *not* want to 'go back to the way things used to be!
November 18, 2020
How Much Does It Cost to Make YOU Happy?
What is Your 'Happiness' Investment? As I was researching my new book, I stumbled across a reminder of how much it costs to make me happy...and WHY my wife Tina gladly keeps investing it, over and over. What makes YOU happy? Second part of that question: WHY does it make you happy? Are you making the investment on a regular basis?
November 13, 2020
To That Person In Your Mirror: "You Got This."
It's not easy.  I get it. For every candle on your birthday cake, there may be a voice or a memory (reminder from that year, as to WHY you are not more successful, more confident, more...whatever. And let's face it: 2020 has not made your journey any easier. Believe me...I live with the same pressures, plot-twists and put-downs (from my own head for much of my life). But here's the cool thing: there IS something very cool about you. It'll show up as a brick in your Wall of soon as you identify and recognize it. Then you pick another...and another. You can do this. In just a little over 5 minutes, I'll explain how.
November 12, 2020
Special Guest: Laura Nutt, Talking Authenticity, Vulnerability...and the 7 Months of Her Life That Nearly Killed Her.
What do you do when your life falls apart: Physically, Mentally, Emotionally and Spiritually? Laura Nutt was prepared for 'the end'...and then she was saved. Matter of fact, she was never supposed to be here in the first place. How do you come back from this? You look over your shoulder and use your experience to help others. When you are 'lost in your own life', things can get dark, but there is always a light to find when you recognize your ability to live your life Authentically, in a very Real way. We also discuss the importance of learning from your scars, the dangers of expecting 'instant' results and the (sadly) growing trend of 'Digital Botox'. We hope you find tremendous value in this conversation between Steve and Laura, and that it touches your heart in a very real way.
November 4, 2020
It's "Fall BACK" Time...How Will YOU Use that 60 Minutes?
When it's time to turn the clocks back one hour, it's an OPPORTUNITY for a do-over, to take 60 minutes of this year called 2020...and do something better with it. How could YOU make best use of this Do-Over? What could you do? What could you learn? What could you say? Who could you impact in a positive way?
October 30, 2020
Special Guest: Karen Lynn of 'Fulfilled and Fabulous After 50'!
Special Guest: Karen Lynn of 'Fulfilled and Fabulous After 50'!  It has been such a joy to observe, and cheer on, Karen's coaching career. She's now at a place where she won't be for long...literally and figuratively? Why do I say this? Because she is on the move, onward and upward...and north-, south-, east- and west-ward. She is the founder of Fulfilled and Fabulous After 50...and she is LIVING her message. In this conversation we discuss: The importance of knowing if something doesn't fit your soul How 'the old model' may no longer serve you The gift of 'sitting at home in a pandemic' How big the simple things really are Why is better to make mistakes in life The Life Lessons from a brick-oven pizza The benefits of 'finding people to scream with' We hope you enjoy this session, take notes and act upon them. To learn how Karen (and her programs) can impact YOUR life: Facebook Community LinkedIn YouTube Channel Instagram
October 19, 2020
Special Guest: Speaker, Author and Coach Jason Holzer!
Jason Holzer overcame tragedy at a young age to build a life of meaning, sharing his story and giving back. As a speaker, a best-selling author, a coach (and so much more), he has dedicated himself to empowering others and helping his clients and audiences to understand: * the importance of creating Win:Win relationships * seeing the light, and going all the way through that tunnel * how your mind's garden is impacted by what you allow to grow * why asking yourself he right questions is critical * how you can win or lose, no matter what the scoreboard says AND SO MUCH MORE! Here's where you can find out more about Jason: LinkedIn: 4dAthletes:
October 6, 2020
If You Are Not Willing to Contribute...Don't Complain.
“If you don’t contribute, don’t complain” (Frank Sonnenberg) Saw this quote earlier today on Facebook. It screamed at me. My first thoughts were about elections, when so many people say “You don’t have a right to complain if you don’t vote”. I believe there is truth in that. But it goes so much deeper. Every single day, there are people complaining about things over which they, as individuals, have no control. What they fail to realize, though, is that while they may not be able to have an effect on the issue globally, they can affect it locally. After all, if enough people care enough to take small actions, global shifts can happen. Who CAN make a difference? YOU can.
October 2, 2020
The Power of a Picture!
The Power of a Picture! Do you realize that September includes 'Save Your Photos' Month? That's right...and I am old enough to remember the days before digital cameras and hard-drives...when you had one shot to capture the moment, not 50 in 30 seconds, while wearing a filter that gave us dog ears. The closest we got was a sarcastic sibling who have us the 'two-fingered bunny-ear salute" behind our head when we weren't looking. Seriously, there is a POWER in pictures. They capture 'moments' in time, big-time. Today's show is dedicated to my Dad. I miss him so much...and I am so glad I took an extra minute to snap a very important photo that I now get to keep forever. What pictures mean the most to you?
September 11, 2020
Special Guest: Toni Navy (Pandemic Planning Superstar...and more!)
What do you do when you’re an entrepreneur or business professional in the midst of a pandemic, you’re feeling unfocused and disconnected and there’s no end in sight? My guest is an expert at guiding her clients with her 3 Cs, a very important A word...and we share a very important rule for successful Zoom calls... Toni Navy is a Business Strategist, Speaker and #1 Best Selling Author. She runs a high-impact leadership training and business operations consulting company. Currently, she is delivering Pandemic Consulting Services to companies under 1000 employees that need leadership training to help their staff lead high-performing virtual and onsite teams in the age of Covid-19. In addition, she is helping companies establish their flexible workforce programs to accommodate onsite and virtual teams through this pandemic and into our new normal. With over 20 years experience in roles such as VP of Operations, Human Resources Director, Management and Consultant; she has worked at large companies like HP and Apple Computer, HGST, as well as small companies like Cashedge and Chapman Properties. Mrs. Navy has also provided training and coaching to over 5,000 entrepreneurs and over 10,000 leaders and professionals throughout her career.
August 27, 2020
Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road?
Why Did the Turtle Cross the Road? Who can YOU help today? Was on my way home, down a winding back road, and saw this little dude trying to make its way across. We see people in need daily. Sometimes we stop...sometimes we don't. Sometimes we WANT to help...sometimes we won't. If you can, at least once per day (learned this from my grandfather), leave at least one situation better than you found it. In this case, checked for traffic behind me...there was none. Pulled over, ran back and helped this little sprinter the rest of the way. Had his feet running like mad in mid-air, then got camera shy when we reached the other side. Why do I like to help? Answer: It makes me feel better. BIGGEST REASON: I think of how badly I'd feel if I drove this road an hour later and saw it had been hit. Helping is simple. And it can make you, and the people whom you It's a game that's easy to win. And if you are not comfortable helping individuals (ex. people who are panhandling), I understand. Find out what local non-profits help them...and ask how you can help THEM. Might be as simple as a single canned food item. See how easy it can be to help someone get to a better, safer, healthier place in this world? Try might just *LOVE* the feeling. By the way, if you're not quite sure HOW...let's have a Conversation!! Schedule (totally FREE by the way):
August 17, 2020
WHY Do You Do What You Do...the Way You Do It?
WHY Do You Do What You Do...the Way You Do It? After a decade spent riding high (yet occasionally being a Crash Test Dummy) in the radio industry, I finally made a decision that changed my life forever...but I chose to swing a wrecking ball through it first. It's not always easy to dig deep to find our WHY, but it can be worth it.
August 10, 2020
How Do You Treat YOUR Fans?
How Do You Treat YOUR Fans? You have fans. Do you realize that? Whatever you do for a living...there is someone out there who admires you, cheers you on, and enjoys how YOU make THEM feel. So, the question: How do YOU treat these people? we've all seen examples of people who seem to have it all...yet treat people around them like if they forgot what it meant to be that fan in the stands.  How are YOU treating YOUR FANS?
August 6, 2020
Special Guest: Sejal Thakkar
What do you do, and what does it mean, when there is a new awareness of the impact of the words we use and actions we take? I’m not going to lie, 2020 has been a struggle for me in many ways. In this episode, I invited my friend Sejal, an attorney who specializes in workplace environment, bullying, harassment, unconscious bias and discuss how we can all be more aware. Sejal is known professionally as Chief Civility Officer and Legal Training Ninja.  She is an employment law practitioner with over fifteen years of employment law experience that includes advising clients, human resources personnel, and legal counsel regarding sound, standard employment practices.  She conducts investigations regarding harassment, discrimination, bullying, retaliation, misconduct and other topics. Her passion for training led her to create, TrainXtra, a proactive training practice where she brings the wealth of her employment law expertise in customized training to executives, managers and employees in an interactive, engaging environment.
August 5, 2020
Special Guest: Nate Peo
Steve Gamlin: Conversation With Nate Peo   The Power of Visualization...   Steve Gamlin and Nate Peo both learned about Visualization and the Law of Attraction from "The Secret" nearly 2 decades ago...and are both still using them to enhance the experiences (and results)  of their clients.    In addition to being a Residential construction professional, Nate Peo serves as VP of Purchasing and Construction for a successful California-based real estate company.    Nate holds an M.B.A. in Business Administration from Pepperdine University and a B.S. in Construction Management from the University of Nebraska.    In his personal life, he is a proud dad, loving husband and motivated fitness enthusiast.  Nate welcomes opportunities to step out of his comfort zone and emerge better for it.  In addition, Nate candidly invites listeners to do the same through his inspirational podcast, All-In, where he presents authentic experiences from his own life along with thought-provoking, yet practical advice.  A self-described “super connector,” he is passionate about bringing people together in mutually successful ways. We hope you enjoy our conversation!
August 3, 2020
If You're Feeling Lost, Play Marco Polo (With Summer)!
If You're Feeling Lost, Play Marco Polo (With Summer)! So much can go wrong...and cause us to give up. Today, it nearly DID. But, what if...the NEXT TIME something goes wrong, you KEPT ON TRYING, made adjustments on the fly, stayed in contact with the people you're trying to find in the Digital Forest? What if you kept playing "Instant Message Marco Polo" until you found the other person? A great big THANK YOU to KORE Women Podcast host Summer Watson for holding down the fort until I arrived...10 minutes into the show as I frantically rearranged my recording studio to switch from 'laptop, camera, lights and microphone' to 'phone/other lights' as I yelled (to myself, until I got connected) "I'm on my way!! I'm on my way!!" ;) You see, I had missed one simple (yet very important) message in her show instructions. We *could have* bailed. But she didn't...and she wouldn't let ME either. And if we had, I would have missed out on one of the most JOYFUL experiences of my week! A message from Summer, after the show: What a terrific interview!!! If anyone missed it, it can be watched at:
August 1, 2020
Special Guest: Debra Russell
What would you do...if you were ‘this’ close to realizing your professional dream. When you worked so hard, for so many years, from getting your foot in the door to your name in lights...and everything was taken away from you...and that door was closed, almost taking your life with it? That’s what today’s guest experienced. Hear how she not only survived, but once again thrived.  Special Guest Debra Russell shares her story of how she went from the height of Rock Bottom...almost instantly. The best part: SHE FOUGHT BACK and set herself on a path that continues to inspire her (and her clients) today. A bit of background:  Debra Russell ( is an elite Certified Business Coach, Keynote Speaker and Professional Development Trainer, and holds a Master level Certificate in Ericksonian Hypnosis and NLP.  With 18 years of experience as a business coach, she specializes in working with professionals in the Arts & Entertainment Industry, Professional Athletes and small business owners who are pursuing their passion as a business.
July 28, 2020
Who Are Your Heroes & Mentors (And Are They Aware)?
I believe there is NO SUCH THING as being 100% Self-Made... Who inspired you to be who you are today, where you are...and WHY? I believe we are all where we're at today because, for better or for worse, our lives have been affected by family, friends, coaches, co-workers, teachers, etc. So...who inspired or impacted YOUR life? In today's episode, I will share the person (and the MOMENT) where it all began.
June 24, 2020
How Does Visualization Work? The Story of a Little Dog, a Baby Giraffe...and a Lot of Action!
How Does Visualization Work?  The Story of a Little Dog, a Baby Giraffe...and a Lot of Action! When my beloved canine co-author Super Teddy recently crossed the Rainbow Bridge unexpectedly, we were crushed.   My speaking clients and hundreds of social media connections reached out with condolences.   Several days later, I became aware of an opportunity to quickly develop and execute a very special Visualized keep Super Teddy's legacy going...and growing. For those who think Visualization is simply 'wishing', and the Vision Boards are throwaway 'arts & crafts' is a story that shares the most basic nuts and bolts of the process...with a very happy ending. Rest in peace, Super Teddy. You are missed. 
June 12, 2020
Are You Leaving YOUR Tools...Rusting in the Rain?
Are YOU leaving your tools out, RUSTING in the Rain? That is such a WASTE. Whatever tools you have... Pick them up. Knock off the rust. Use them. Build something cool. Take care of them. Let them show you what you can do. Never, ever, ever...leave them rusting in the rain. As a speaker, Radio Show Host, Video Channel Creator and Voice-Over Artist, this is my workshop. Today I am building 2 very special videos to help some clients who are struggling. It wouldn't he happening at all...if I had left my tools out in the rain a few years back... What could YOU build today, with YOUR TOOLS?
May 8, 2020
I Just Got Schooled, in Life and a WOK!
I just got schooled in LIFE and a wok. Yes, really. We found a cool looking stir fry recipe, complete with video instruction, on YouTube. Step 1: gather and prep ingredients Step 2: turn on the heat...and wait Step 3: wait a little longer Step 4: when pan begins to smoke (yes, really)...add the scrambled eggs Step 5: let them sit for 45 seconds before stirring them up (wait) Step 6: remove eggs, add oil to prep next step Step 7: wait And so it goes with chicken, vegetables and rice...each cooked to its own level of perfection...before they are allowed back into the wok, TOGETHER, to become one single flavor-bursting experience. And so it goes in life, and in business... NEED SOME BETTER FLAVORS COMING OUT OF YOUR KITCHEN? LISTEN FOR THE REST OF THE STORY. You can also read it by clicking HERE. 
May 1, 2020
Special Guest: Bryan Payne of Doodlestones!
After reading an Upworthy article about a guy who was adding positive energy to the world "armed only with a Sharpie and some rocks", I knew I needed to interview him.  It was a joy to share Bryan's story and discover how his love for art and the world's hidden treasures has influenced his life's work. Thank you Bryan...and I hope your Mom loves the interview!
March 22, 2020
Personal Responsibility: The Experts Don't Owe You Anything Extra!
Personal Responsibility: The Experts Don't Owe You Anything Extra! After watching a Bar Rescue marathon on Sunday, and hearing people complain (on the show and in the aftermath of Yelp reviews) about the results...I came to the conclusion that we all need to exercise a bit more Personal responsibility (with a tip of the hat to Larry Winget who champions this approach). What are YOU achieving these days? Who inspired it? In what ways are you failing? Whose fault is it? Want to build a stronger VISION, with an Action Plan? Let's have a conversation. Visit me at 
March 1, 2020
Bob Marley MAKES Every Little Thing (Gonna Be All Right)!
This radio show was inspired by a Bob Marley quote which a friend shared on my Facebook page.  Creating 'good' in the world is actually pretty simple...and very important! Want to create more GOOD THINGS in your corner of the world? Let's have a conversation. Get started at
February 28, 2020
From the Road: What Do You Love Most About What You Do?
 From the Road: What Do You Love Most About What You Do? During a stop in Nashville, I had the opportunity to spend time with some very nice people. I liked them even more after I asked a very simple question. As it turns out, I have something in common with them. What do YOU love most about what YOU do every day? If you're not sure, let's have a conversation: go to Want to create  VISION for something better in your life? Visit
February 28, 2020
Gratitude...Are YOU Seeing (and Feeling) the Good Stuff?
Gratitude...Are YOU Seeing (and Feeling) the Good Stuff? One of the BEST THINGS you can do for yourself, every day, is to be aware, INTENTIONALLY, of things you are grateful for in your life. Is life perfect? No, it is not. But...when you acknowledge the GOOD things you have, or that you experience every day, you're building a muscle that can help you power through the bad things that the world may throw at you. Your focus, every day, can affect the paths you travel, who is on those paths, and the actions you take. Be grateful, even for the small stuff. Someday you may realize those were the biggest, most important things. Want to learn more about how Gratitude and Visualization can play a huge part of your life? Visit today, or set up a quick FREE conversation with me at
February 26, 2020
Are YOU Traveling the Extra Mile?
Are YOU Traveling the Extra Mile? So many people *say* they are...but don't have the tire-tracks to prove it.  Here are several examples of people who are crushing this metaphor...and why it is so important to do so to stand out from all the other traffic out there. 
February 25, 2020
Super Teddy Asks: "What Are Your Gifts?"
Super Teddy Asks: "What Are Your Gifts?" You were born with gifts. We all were. Do you know what yours are? Super Teddy and I hope so...because they can bring mroe good thigns your ay. In this quick radio show (in dog-time it is more than 7 minutes), we discuss the importance of knowing what they are...adn a cool way to find out, if you are not sure! Want to design a VISION for your life, with the best use of your gifts? Visit to learn about the Vision Board Mastery learning program! 
February 22, 2020
Are You Standing in Front of the Speakers?
Are You Standing in Front of the Speakers? Too many people these days are standing right where all the noise is happening, raising their voices to overpower it, instead of finding their own place to stand and be able to share their own voice, or engage in a conversation and be heard, rationally. Where are YOU standing, right now? Do you need to move a bit? We cannot always control the noise...but we can control how we react to it. Please make choices that benefit YOU...and the things (and people) which are most important to you. Want to learn about about creating a VISION of the perfect places for you to be? Visit 
February 22, 2020
SPECIAL GUEST: Mike Gacek, a Musician Making His Dreams Come True!
You've never seen his name on the Billboard charts or watched his videos on MTV (do they even play music anymore?)...but Mike Gacek is truly one of the most successful people I know.  How can I say this? Because Mike knows what success REALLY means, and he took time to share in this fun and reflective interview.   It is LOADED with nuggets of wisdom and actionable steps for you to make YOUR dreams a bigger part of your life, including: Learning your craft, practicing constantly! Building relationships! What 'success' is really all about!  As a fan of his for more than 25 years, since he first appeared on the 'Morin in the Morning Show' on WCGY in Boston (I was the Producer), I've been a fan!
February 19, 2020
SPECIAL GUEST: Ethan Jenkins (Doesn't) Take the Plunge...Takes a Hike Instead!
What do you do when your life has taken a turn that you think your only option is straight down?  If you are Ethan Jenkins, you take a hike instead.  This young man's got a pretty amazing story which led him from a 4th floor window ledge to the top of Mt. Katahdin at the end of the Appalachian Trail. Ethan's journey from addiction to redemption helped him find a better version of his life. Believe me...he's got some lessons that can help you. 
February 19, 2020
Dear God...I'm Sorry I Farted in Church When I Was 7!
Is there something in your past you've never apologized for? Have you denied its existence, even lying to cover it up? My thoughts on something I did, which mortally embarrassed my mom.  :)
February 19, 2020
SPECIAL GUEST: Kayla Smith (Sarro) "Country Dream Come True!"
What does it sound like when you spend your life making your dream happen, appreciating every victory and took to get there, while remaining humble every step of the way? If you put it to country music, it sounds like the journey of Kayla Smith (Sarro)...who recently got to live her dream on-stage with her hero! Kayla also offers her advice for people who want to GO FOR IT, with *their* dreams, How does Visualization *really* work? It's not 'wishing' or an Arts & Crafts project. It happens like *this*, the way I teach it with my Vision Board Mastery program. Kayla is one of my clients...and she ROCKED one of her dreams a couple years ago. Want to learn how YOU can do this too? Let's have a conversation. Start here:
February 17, 2020
SPECIAL GUEST: Lorianne Vaughan-Speaks on Being Bounced from her Career at Age 60, Building a Killer Team...and Helping the Homeless!
SPECIAL GUEST: Lorianne Vaughan-Speaks on Being Bounced from her Career at Age 60, Building a Killer Team...and Helping the Homeless!  After she got bounced from her full-time job at the age of 60, nobody would hire she hired HERSELF! In this conversation, we discuss how she not only picked herself up, but also created a business which does the same for others.  We also talk about how 'trying to do everything ourselves' an cause failure, or worse...and how important it can be to empower others to succeed! Episode length: 33:14
February 14, 2020
Does YOUR Business Plan Include Kindness? Will the Mechanic's Does!
Does YOUR Business Plan Include Kindness?  Will the Mechanic's Does!  When you go through the daily drill of conducting business, is kindness part of the plan? When a friend of mine was installing a remote starter in my wife's car, I met Will. Over the course of several hours, I learned several things: 1) he loves discovering and restoring cool treasures 2) he has jammed with rock stars 3) his heart is bigger than his shop! 
February 7, 2020
SPECIAL GUEST: The Incredible "G"...Never Grow Up, Toss the Toxic People and The Best Way to Start Your Day!
SPECIAL GUEST: The Incredible "G"...Never Grow Up,  Toss the Toxic People and The best Way to Start Your Day! My 3rd conversation with this amazing woman, who shines her light so beautifully. What is her most inspiring moment from Titanic? (HINT: It happens *before* the iceberg) How to be "in awe" of life. I adore her energy...and you will too. Why does she smile so often? Because she can...and she has learned how to "let go" of things which do not serve her.
February 4, 2020
Are YOU Going Into Vision Boarding BLINDLY?!??
Saturday morning I saw a post in a Vision Board Community from a person new to the craft, with a very simple question. It is one I hear often...and it can also be one of the most damaging things you can do to yourself on your Personal Development journey. Are YOU doing it? If so, start learning a way that can better serve you, at
January 27, 2020
Are YOU Making the Biggest Mistake When Setting Goals?
***Are YOU making the BIGGEST Mistake When Setting Your Goals?*** Writing down the same ones every year, yet not achieving them? What do YOU think is the BIGGEST MISTAKE, and the reason you are not succeeding? Hint: I've done this one myself...until I learned where 'The Real Work' needs to begin. Build it better:
January 16, 2020
Right People. Right Places. Best Results!
Are you putting yourself in the best places, including on Social Media, to get the Best Results in your life? If you're sick of drama and negativity, are you removing yourself from places that are attracting it? Are you Honoring Yourself by making some space (in life and in business) from people who create that type of drama/energy?
January 2, 2020
Kindness: What Can You Do?
Wherever you are...YOU can make a difference.  You just need the right Attitude and must take Action. Also, please remember who inspired you to be this way!  P.S. This event happened today, thanks to the life-lessons shared with me by my grandfather.
December 19, 2019
Are YOU 'Building Up' or 'Tearing Down'?
No matter what you do in this world, someone’s not going to like it! Earlier this week, I saw TWO examples of people leveling negative feedback to people in their lives, who were just trying to put themselves out there. Face it, no matter what you do in the world, someone’s going to attack you for it, or at least not be supportive.  We have made a FREE Vision Board Masterclass available (along with other helpful programs) at Want to have a chat to see how Steve can help?  Set up a FREE 15-minute conversation by visiting  Are YOU part of the Facebook Vision Board Mastery Facebook Group yet? Very cool community, and much of what is shared there helps to inspire future show topics.  See you all in the next episode!
October 24, 2019
Gratitude...and BBQ Sauce!
What are *you* grateful for each day? Sometimes the little stuff is what can keep you going most. Here's what happened after a friend called me with an unusual confession! Want to learn how to grow your Gratitude Muscles as part of the the 'Big Picture' of your life? Visit to learn how.
October 2, 2019
Are Your Business (and Life) Fired Up?
Are YOU putting in the work, every day, to keep your business going...and growing?Are you generating enough heat?Is your fire hot enough?Are you attracting the energy and support you need to grow?Keep shoveling, intelligently...and fire yourself up. want to learn how YOU can 'bring the heat' better than you are today? Visit
September 25, 2019
The Wonder...of 'Wonder'!
Kids have 'wonder' about pretty much everything. And that's a cool gift to have. As adults, many of us have lost ours. Today's radio Show shares the story of a sidewalk lunch, several years ago, that painted this picture for full-color. The 'Wonder' of wonder.  What could YOU be excited about, on your path today...and what amazing gift could you find in it?
September 13, 2019
SPECIAL GUEST: Dustin Metzler, founder of "The Pay It Forward Effect"!
One of our favorite topics is KINDNESS. Let it be random, private, public, solo or a whole bunch of people...but let it BE!I recently discovered an amazing movement called The Pay it Forward Effect and reached out to founder Dustin Metzler to learn more about what they are doing, their goal, and how YOU an be part of it all!
September 4, 2019
Who Is Cheering You On? Who are YOU Cheering On?
Every day, somewhere in the world, there are stadiums filled with people cheering on their favorite teams, singers and musicians, theater performances and more.   I’ve been there. The sound is thunderous.   In our everyday lives, at work, at home, when we're doing our best to juggle it all...the sound is not always thunderous. It can be disheartening sometimes. Who is cheering you on? Who are YOU cheering on? It's important.  In this episode, i share a lesson that my Dad taught me, back in Little League, which still echoes for me today!
August 13, 2019
"Is *THIS* a Good Goal for Me?"
This may be one of the toughest questions I’ve ever heard someone ask. We were in the second hour of one of my live Vision Board events, when attendees begin to search for pictures/visuals to represent the goals we’d been ‘digging to discover’ during the first hour. Some people know what they want. Some don’t. I could tell by this particular person’s face and body language that she was struggling with identifying goals for herself. That made me a little sad. CLICK HERE to read the full article!    We have made a FREE Masterclass available (along with other helpful programs) at Want to have a chat to see how Steve can help?  Set up a FREE 15-minute conversation by visiting  Are YOU part of the Facebook Vision Board Mastery Facebook Group yet? Very cool community, and much of what is shared there helps to inspire future show topics.  See you all in the next episode!
August 9, 2019
Vision Board Mastery: See It. Glue It. Do it!
There are many Vision Board trainings out there, and I am not here to bash any of them.    Do they all go into the depth of training that my Program (Vision Board Mastery) does?    From my own personal experience, no.    For those who prefer a simplified key to unlock the process of goal achievement through the assembly of a Vision Board, here it is:    1. SEE IT: Whatever your goal may be, identify it in such a way that you can ‘see it’ with your eyes closed. Dial it in. Focus.    2. GLUE IT: When you can see it in your head, take a snapshot. Or find one. Or draw one. Dig deep in your imagination and use the vast array of options out there to find (or create) the exact thing you see. HINT: the internet is a great start. So is your own camera, as well as your imagination. Keep these images where you can see them daily. Allow others to see them.    3. DO IT:  You can’t just sit there on the side of the road and expect the mountains on the horizon to get any closer. You need to be engaged in your life, taking intentional ACTIONS, every day, to get closer to them.   Could it take a while? YES!  Is it worth it? YES!  Consistent action WILL get you closer to pretty much anything: a smaller number on your scale, a better relationship, more positive emotions, a more rewarding career, etc.  What are YOU willing to do, today, to get closer to just ONE goal, hope or dream in your life? As I said at the opening, this 3-step process is super-simplified.  As my awesome clients and attendees will attest, I dig out the backhoe in my Vision Board Mastery live events and audio training program and go DEEP, DEEPER and DEEPEST to find the real gold. Want to learn more?  We have made a FREE Masterclass available (along with other helpful programs) at  Want to have a chat to see how Steve can help?  Set up a FREE 15-minute conversation by visiting  Are YOU part of the Vision Board Mastery Facebook Group yet?  It is a very cool community, and much of what is shared there helps to inspire future show topics.  See you all in the next episode!
August 7, 2019
The Power of Conversation (Pork Chops, Voodoo Dolls and Powerball)!
Wherever you find yourself today, you can enjoy a positive conversation. One of the gifts I received from Dad is the ‘gift of gab’. He could find himself in just about any given situation and strike up a conversation. I am most honored to be in possession of that gift. It rears its chatty head often, sometimes with very funny results. Last Sunday, while on a grocery store recon mission, it happened...  We have made a FREE Masterclass available (along with other helpful programs) at Want to have a chat to see how Steve can help?  Set up a FREE 15-minute conversation by visiting  Are YOU part of the Facebook Vision Board Mastery Facebook Group yet? Very cool community, and much of what is shared there helps to inspire future show topics.  See you all in the next episode!
July 31, 2019
Vision Boards (Radio Interview with Kevin Willett)
Back in 2016, I had the great joy of sharing this conversation with 'Friends of Kevin' Radio Show host Kevin Willett. Here we discuss Vision Boards, how to get started, mistakes to watch out for, and the importance of digging for your WHY.
July 29, 2019
Special Guest: Elaine Saunders of Dynamic Introductions!
With so many (cough cough) 'reality' shows like The Bachelor, The Bachelorette, 90-Day Fiance and so many others which attempt to help people find 'real love' is harder than ever to know what is actually real.  How do regular people like us stand a chance when all of these perfectly-proportioned people are striking out? In this episode, I enjoy a great conversation with Elaine Saunders, a Matchmaking Expert.  We share some real truths about the importance of who WE are as part of the relationship and dating cycle.  Will this be year that YOU want to discover your perfect partner?  Give this show a listen and get ready to be honest with yourself. This could be your best year ever! (original show recording Feb 2018)
February 9, 2018
Special Guest: Cassie from 'The Empowerment Plan'!
Some of my favorite 'Givers' in the world are regular everyday people who, when challenged, come up with an amazing idea to help inspire and care for others. When college student Veronika Scott received an unusual assignment from her professor, the wheels started turning. In this interview, Empowerment Plan team member Cassie shares their incredible journey, how they are helping to make a difference...and how YOU can be part of their future.
April 11, 2017
The Early Turtles (and Those Who Try Hardest) Get the Rock!
You don't always have to be the FIRST to get somewhere...but if you plan to be enjoying the sunshine, you'd better be making some effort! That's the lesson of this episode, taught to me by a handful of turtles I see daily on my way to the recording studio.
May 31, 2016
Kind Thought + Action = Fantastic Plastic Smile!
Fishing through the pockets of my jeans on laundry, I was reminded of a 'moment' which made me smile. You can create them too. It's easier than you may believe.
May 19, 2016
Special Guests: Ryan Ordway and Franz Haase of "A Day in This Life"!
I love meeting people. Let me make one quick correction: I love meeting *COOL* people, who love to share their talents and help others. Several months ago I got to meet Ryan and Franz...and knew I had to learn more about their mission through music. Enjoy!
February 24, 2016
One Bad Apple Actually Helped a Whole Bunch!
When my friend Dawn was the victim of a crime, she could have chosen to be negative.What she did blew my mind...and serves as an important lesson for us all.
February 9, 2016
2016: Vision Boards and Why Many Gurus Are Doing it Wrong! (interview on Friends of Kevin Radio)
During a recent appearance on the Friends of Kevin Radio Show, Steve shared his views on Vision Boards, all the mistakes he's made with them...and how many of the gurus and celebrities who promote them are missing an important step.
January 4, 2016
Two Best Friends...One-and-a-half rakes!
This past weekend I got to hang out with my best friend...and create a pretty cool new memory that we'll be laughing about down the line.Real friend ROCK!  And sometimes, they rake.
December 18, 2015
Special Guest: Speaker, Author and Hugely Successful Radio Host Joel Boggess!
As part of my path as a speaker and author, I get to meet some pretty cool people on the road. In December 2012, a very limited group of people got to travel to Scottsdale AZ to spend a day immersed in the wisdom and knowledge of Joe Calloway and Larry Winget.That's where I met Joel Boggess. It has been a joy to watch him take his career and run with it since then.This interview is a good, rich conversation about the message we have to share with the world and a behind-the-scenes look at OUR HEROES who continue to inspire us.
December 3, 2015
Pick Your Heroes Wisely...They Don't ALL Wear Capes!
After seeing how some peoples' 'heroes' (cough cough) actually behave, I had to shake my head and wonder...have you actually SEEN the definition?
October 27, 2015