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Informing Choices Mini-Pod

Informing Choices Mini-Pod

By Steve Wells
While thoughts turn toward the future as the pandemic and its implications continue to roll forward, Informing Choices are introducing the Informing Choices Mini-Pod. This is a podcast series designed to provide insight to how we enable a very human future. by exploring "the future of" different topics.

Podcast host Steve Wells talks to experts across domains such as coaching, communications, change management, education and training, health and wellbeing, sustainability, and societal shifts plus others to explore guests' perspectives on the future.
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The Future of Sustainable Urban Agriculture with Diana Davidson
Agriculture is responsible for 9% of all Greenhouse Gas emissions in the UK, according to Farm Carbon Toolkit. These emissions are the result of livestock rearing and natural processes, crop fertilisation using chemical fertilisers, materials used to build and maintain farms, energy use of farm buildings and vehicles, transport and distribution during and after growing, soil based emissions from disturbing soils, and waste produced as a result of farming processes. So how might the urbanisation of agriculture change this landscape in the future? To talk about these issues within the broad theme of The Future of Sustainable Urban Agriculture, I am joined by Diana Davidson, who helps enterprise develop performance for the zero carbon emissions economy, to the podcast. You can learn more about Diana and her work on LinkedIn , on Twitter , and on her website.  Image Source:
January 7, 2021
The Future of Internet Entrepreneurship with Suraj Sodha
Two things seem destined to play an increasingly significant role in life, society, and business into the future; entrepreneurship and the Internet. Both will be critical as society navigates a new landscape post pandemic and post Brexit. But how do these issues come together? And together, how might they impact the future?  To talk about The Future of Internet Entrepreneurship, I am delighted to welcome Internet entrepreneur and international speaker Suraj Sodha to the podcast. You can learn more about Suraj and his work on LinkedIn  and his website.  Image Source: Gerd Altmann 
December 21, 2020
The Future of the Way we Work with Rob Caldera
The future of work is one of those subjects that has been covered regularly by futurists and organisational development specialists over the years. But the pandemic has brought many developments into where and how we work into sharp focus; increasing automation, home and remote working versus office based, for example.   In this episode, I talk to change leader Rob Caldera about The Future of the Way we Work.  You can learn more about Rob and his work on LinkedIn, his website and follow him on Twitter.    Image Source: Alexas_Fotos
December 14, 2020
The Future of Wellbeing with Tayyaba Jordan
The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us a broadening perspective on health, wellness, and wellbeing. The usual levels of stress and anxiety have been exacerbated as we collectively try to deal with the health, economic, and social fall-out from the pandemic. So is workplace wellbeing enough of a priority in our increasing uncertain and complex world? To talk about this theme and the wider future of wellbeing, I am joined by Executive Health and Wellness Coach Tayyaba Jordan. You can learn more about Tayyaba on LinkedIn, on her website, or by email at
December 7, 2020
The Future of Education with Santiago Figueroa Diaz
For some years now, education systems around the world have come under increasing scrutiny about how the system develops children and students fit for a future world of work. Sir Ken Robinson was a keen advocate of refocusing learning in schools. To talk about this theme and the wider future of education, I am delighted to welcome educator Santiago Figueroa Diaz to the podcast. You can learn more about Santiago by connecting with him on LinkedIn, by email on and via his website  Image Source: Comfreak
December 3, 2020
The Future of Public Speaking with Chris Murphy
As our world becomes more digital and automated, a number of currently uniquely human characteristics, skills, and capabilities become increasingly important. They differentiate us from increasingly intelligent machines. Social interaction and specifically public speaking is one such skill.  So in this episode of the Informing Choices Mini-Pod we talk about the future of public speaking with The Speaking Mentor, Chris Murphy by addressing:   How speaking as a skill evolved through the pandemic. How digital interactions have impacted speaking. How public speaking might evolve in the future and the role that new technology might play. The implications for mentoring and training emerging and experienced speakers in the future.  You can learn more about Chris and his work on and on LinkedIn.  Image Source: Michelle Koebke
November 26, 2020
The Future of PR with Islay O'Hara
As our world changes, so does the way we consume information which of course has an impact on how we communicate. Technology will play an ever greater role in both consumption and creation of communication. So in this episode we talk about the future of PR with public relations and strategic communications consultant Islay O’Hara. You can learn more about Islay and her work on, LinkedIn and Twitter.  Image credit: Gerd Altmann
November 20, 2020
The Future of Women in Life Society and Business with Alex Whittington
With gender equality increasingly prominent on the social agenda, in this episode we explore just a few of the issues and drivers that are enabling a change in the role of women in life, society, and business.  Alex Whittington is a futurist, educator, researcher, and writer with an interest in strategic social foresight. In this Informing Choices Mini-Pod episode, we talk about how the role of women is evolving, how changes have been accelerated through the pandemic, how technology may impact the role of women in the future, and the potential influence of Kamala Harris’s election as Vice-President Elect of the United States.  Learn more about Alex and her work on LinkedIn and Twitter.  Image credit: Lars Nissen
November 18, 2020
The Future of Change with Jennifer Bryan
Jennifer Bryan is a change management consultant, speaker, and author who has led change programs in a number of major companies. In this podcast, we caught up to chat about the future of human-centric change in light of the current Covid19 pandemic, and what her experience tells us about the future of change leadership.  Learn more about Jennifer and her practice at and on LinkedIn.   Image credit: Gerd Altmann 
November 16, 2020
The Future of Coaching with Marie Wright
Marie Wright is a professional executive, life, and career coach experienced in coaching at all levels, working with clients on a one-to-one basis, either privately or within organisations. In this podcast, we caught up to chat about the future of coaching in light of the current disruption caused by the coronavirus pandemic.  Learn more about Marie and her practice at and on LinkedIn.   Image credit: Gerd Altmann
November 10, 2020
Introduction to the Informing Choices Mini-pod
Exponential change is our new reality. The pace, scale, reach, and the potential impacts of the underlying drivers of change are extraordinary and represent both challenge and opportunity to individuals and organisations of all shapes and sizes. So I am introducing the concept and example content for a series of interview based short podcasts on different aspects of the future. Look out for the first episode coming soon! Image Credit: Gordon Johnson
November 5, 2020