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The Ascent Podcast

The Ascent Podcast

By Steve Campbell
Documenting the audio journeys of remarkable people to create a better blueprint for success.
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007: Alida Miranda-Wolff, Founder of Ethos Talent

The Ascent Podcast

007: Alida Miranda-Wolff, Founder of Ethos Talent

The Ascent Podcast

009: Zach Suchin, Co-founder & CEO of Brand Knew
In this episode, I spoke with Zach Suchin, co-founder and CEO of an agency called Brand Knew. We discussed how Zach got his start in entrepreneurship at a young age, to his journey into co-founding a successful company that works with world renowned brands.
July 26, 2018
008: Larry Jordan, President & CTO of Wi-Tronix
In this episode, I chatted with Larry Jordan, a career techie with a passion for the IoT. We discussed Larry's career, starting in his father's workshop and eventually working for GM. Here's the full run-down: 01 - Meet Larry Jordan, President & CTO of Wi-Tronix 02 - Starting out really early with a passion for tech (2:34) 03 - The highs and lows of being an entrepreneur (4:14) 04 - The intersection of computers and big systems (5:17) 05 - Sheer data and information generated by the IoT (7:55) 06 - Value proposition of safety + efficiency (9:31) 07 - Embracing the IoT & having an inspector on every train (11:52) 08 - Being drawn to the unexpected niche industry of trains (13:45) 09 - How railroads linked the world together (15:57) 10 - Taking efficiency and safety to the passenger market (17:37) 11 - The future of AI and locomotives (19:10) 12 - Changes within job markets due to autonomous transport (21:29) 13 - Closing remarks and how to reach Larry (23:51)
April 19, 2018
007: Alida Miranda-Wolff, Founder of Ethos Talent
In episode 7, I caught up with Alida Miranda-Wolff, a career over-achiever, former venture capitalist, and recent founder. We discussed Alida's journey to date, which includes a LOT of activity over the past several years. Here's the full run-down: 1 - Where Alida Miranda-Wolff came from is a little tricky... (0:00) 2 - Attending The University of Chicago at age 16 (3:26) 3 - A car accident about as dramatic as you can imagine (7:02) 4 - Why not join a startup before starting one... (9:24) 5 - An undergrad opportunity at Hyde Park Angels (11:18) 6 - 6 Future of Innovation reports in 6 months (13:00) 7 - The impact of living and experiencing rapid change (14:47) 8 - Being the Director of Platform at Hyde Park Angels (19:08) 9 - HPA takes a people-first approach to investing (20:58) 10 - Bringing capital from the coasts to the midwest (22:25) 11 - Being 1 of only 24 Latina VCs in the country (24:23) 12 - A goal in making the world more beautiful (27:30) 13 - Living a life of purpose and
April 02, 2018
006: Shaun Black, 20+ year Serial Entrepreneur
In episode 6, I caught up with Shaun Black, a 20+ year entrepreneur with some serious ties to the produce and grocery store game. We discussed Shaun's journey to date, which includes many important business lessons from past failures. Here's the full run-down: 1 - Meet Shan Black, family man and no-nonsense entrepreneur (0:00) 2 - An official start to the entrepreneurial journey (3:16) 3 - Shaun's 3 most important lessons about business (5:28) 4 - When bad systems meet a bad culture in the grocery store biz (9:22) 5 - The real value the comes from experience (11:04) 6 - Getting creative in the produce business after 20 years (13:59) 7 - The acquisition of B2B produce business (16:19) 8 - You can't automate a customer you're not doing business with (17:49) 9 - The hidden 4th most important business lesson (20:22) 10 - How you can get ahold of Shaun (22:00)
March 19, 2018
005: Jessica Zweig, Founder & CEO of SimplyBe.
In episode 5, I sat down with Jessica Zweig - friend, personal branding expert, and agency CEO. We discussed Jessica's post-college life in Chicago, her struggles with being an actor, as well as what led her to start and grow a couple of really successful companies.
March 12, 2018
004: Caleb Campbell, 2008 NFL Draft Pick
In episode 4, I sat down with Caleb Campbell, NFL draft pick turned brand marketer and public speaker. We discussed Caleb's time at West Point, a fear of failure in the NFL, starting and growing a brand, and everything in between. Here's the full run-down: 1 - Tumbleweeds, tornadoes, and the NFL Draft 2 - Where performance meets acceptance (3:20) 3 - How a fear of failure exists at all levels (5:48) 4 - Bigger, stronger, faster... and still afraid (8:52) 5 - A favorite football moment - beating Air Force (10:47) 6 - Building a brand called Why I Stopped (12:58) 7 - The power of vulnerability and sharing your story (16:06) 8 - Looking to an event-driven future (18:08) 9 - Wrap up and how to get ahold of Caleb (21:20)
February 23, 2018
003: Nicolas Cole, Top-30 Inc. Columnist
In episode three of The Ascent podcast, I caught up with co-founder of Digital Press, Nicolas Cole. We talked about personal branding, gaming, writing, networking, going viral, and building a team.
February 09, 2018
002: James Blundo, Co-founder of Sparq Designs
In episode two, I sat down with longtime friend and co-founder of Sparq Designs, James Blundo. We talked about business passion, rapid change, extreme growth, and being an ambitious first mover flying under the radar.
November 30, 2017
001: Michael Yoder, Founder of Truth Work Media
I finally did it. I LAUNCHED A PODCAST! You can too, but more on that in just a second. In this first episode, I sat down with Michael Yoder to discuss trying crazy things, the art of flex scheduling, and the importance of sharing your story. Michael got his Masters degree in Ministry & Theological Studies, then realized he wasn’t being challenged enough in his field, so HE started a podcast, which eventually turned into a podcast business.
November 14, 2017