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American Rebirth

American Rebirth

By SteveBrant
We face multiple crises: climate, economic, political, and sociological. This podcast will explore how a rebirth of the Freedom to Create - which was key to the Founding Father’s success - can be achieved!
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America Needs A Moonshot Project
To achieve a Rebirth of America in this time of multiple, extreme crises, bold action is required... action that goes beyond the important work to save people from the “house on fire” reality that is America today. Launching a Moonshot Project to offer a transformed vision of what’s possible for America (and as a result for the world) is the Build Back Better objective we need today!
July 13, 2020
The Most Effective Approach To Planning For Personal & Societal Rebirth
Steve Brant outlines the three levels of effectiveness - creativity , design thinking, and human social system based - we must use to develop plans for personal & American rebirth that will succeed.
January 19, 2020
The Importance Of Life-Long Learning, Including From “The Crazy Ones”
Steve Brant speaks on the importance of seeing life as a learning adventure in which we are open to learning from both sources we know and sources we’ve never heard of before. Steve acknowledges Apple computer for once celebrating these “crazy ones” and John Elkington’s related, new Green Swans Prize project.
January 09, 2020
Imagining a Rebirth of America: The Personal Route Out Of Our Crisis
Steve Brant (one of the original HuffPost bloggers & a sustainable development pioneer inspired by Buckminster Fuller) begins to tell the story of his personal journey of rebirth ... which parallels the American Rebirth needed today. Steve also asks “What positive vision powers your future?”.
December 31, 2019