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Earl Grey and Picard

Earl Grey and Picard

By Steven Lang
A podcast where two big Star Trek fans talk about the best Jean-Luc Picard episodes leading up to the new Picard series.
Also beer, lots of beer.
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Earl Grey and Picard - All Good Things...
Dan and Steven are back and coming to you from our respective apartments during a quarantine. Must be all Q's doing, up to one of his silly games. Anyway, for the final episode of our TNG run, we talk about All Good Things, the series finale of TNG. Is this the best Q episode? Why was there such a hiatus between episodes for us? Can Steven find flaws in the writers temporal causality paradox? Tune is to listen to our longest episode yet!
April 12, 2020
Earl Grey and Picard - Tapestry
Dan and Steven welcome a special guest in this episode, Dave! This episode we talk about the season 6 episode; Tapestry. Is this the best Q episode in the series? Was it really all a dream or did Q really help Picard? What new beers (if any) have we reviewed today? All this will be answered in this brand new episode.
December 22, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Chain of Command
Is this Patrick Stewart's finest performance on TNG? Why does Picard not wear any briefs under his one piece outfit? What sort of material did Patrick Stewart watch in preparation for this episode? All these questions are tackled in this episode of Earl Grey and Picard!
November 4, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - The Inner Light
Dan and Steven talk about the infamous Inner Light episode, the second to last episode of season 5. Is this the best Picard episode ever? Why was there never a sequel this episode? Did this forever change Picard? Just some of the questions we'll  be tackling in this week's episode. Also, new beers!
October 7, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Darmok
Dan and Steven talk about season 5's "Darmok" and why it's such a great Picard episode. They wonder how an alien race with such a strange way of communicating could ever design a starship and they try their hand at the Tamarian language themselves ... with mixed results. 
September 30, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Devil's Due
Dan and Steven talk about the often overlooked Devil's Due episode from TNG's fourth season. They may not agree on how awesome this episode is, but one thing they can agree on; Troi seducing Picard is so weird!!!
September 5, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Family
Dan and Steven talk about what makes TNG's  "Family" episode such a great Picard episode. They also get a little personal with their own family stories and talk about what a Picard show might be like if it took place underwater!
August 19, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Best of Both Worlds
In this episode, Dan and I will be talking about The Best of Both Worlds, the season finale of season 3. Is this really a Picard episode? Why are the Borg such a good villain? Do we like Commander Shelby? These will be discussed. Also, of course, fine Ontario Craft Beers. Spoiler alert, not all are good this time!  Have a listen!
August 2, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Encounter at Farpoint
 The introductory episode where Steven Lang and Dan MacLeod discuss the first great Jean-Luc Picard episode of Star Trek: The Next Generation, Encounter at Far Point. Also Earl Grey ... where the Earl Grey is the beer they bought that day and discuss what they think of it. Picard and Beer, what could be better?
July 15, 2019
Earl Grey and Picard - Measure of a Man
Episode 2 of Earl Grey and Picard where Steven and Dan talk about Picard's next best episode after Encounter at Farpoint, Measure of a Man. This is Picard at his best where he defends Data's basic rights against Maddox, the commander who wants to disassemble him to  make a race of Datas. Some fine  Ontario craft beer is also discussed.
July 15, 2019