The Lock

The Lock

By The Lock
The Lock: A fantasy story with a hint of romance.

Lena lives an unremarkable life as a barista at an unassuming coffee shop in downtown Seattle. But when she witnesses a man fall to his death outside her shop one night, she's thrust into a world of danger, intrigue and literal monsters.

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More places to listen

22: The Village
Gabriel introduces Lena to some new friends at a unique village. Get a free book at
October 14, 2019
21: The Story
Lena and Gabriel swap stories and grow closer as a result. Read along on Wattpad:
September 16, 2019
20: The Collision
This is what it's like when worlds collide. Read along on Wattpad:
September 10, 2019
19: The Wait
Lena is forced to play the most important waiting game of her life. Get a free book at
August 6, 2019
18: The Snake
Lena has to deal with a traitor. Get a free book at
July 24, 2019
17: The Ride
Lena's hero takes her on a ride to find help ... but are his intentions as pure as he'd have her believe? Get a free book by signing up for my email list at
July 15, 2019
16: The Rain
Lena embarks on a search for the man she hopes can get her home ... if the weather cooperates. Get a free book at
July 8, 2019
15: The Return
Gabriel has to go back if he wants to help Dorothy. Get a free audiobook at (I get a commission if you sign up).
July 1, 2019
14: The Letter
Gabriel makes a shocking discovery about Dorothy. Want a free audiobook? Sign up for a free trial of Audible at (disclosure: I get a commission if you sign up!)
June 24, 2019
13: The Gardener
Gabriel meets someone new ... but are they a friend, or a foe? Remember, you can get a free book if you sign up for my email list at
June 10, 2019
12: The Law
Gabriel has an unfortunate run-in with the law. Visit for the latest news on my book releases.
June 3, 2019
11: The Ex
Gabriel meets his ex's new boyfriend. Get a free audiobook from Audible (I get a commission) at
May 21, 2019
10: The Apartment
Gabriel's living situation goes from bad to worse. Support this podcast by trying out Audible for free (I get a commission) at
April 22, 2019
9: The Vagrant
Gabriel tries to make a sale. Want a free audiobook? Sign up for a free trial of Audible at - doing so earns me a commission, so you can get a free audiobook and support this podcast at the same time.
April 16, 2019
8: The Prison
Lena's guide shows her the way home ... but is it all for nothing?
April 9, 2019
7: The Guide
Lena meets someone who may be able to get her home.
April 2, 2019
6: The Search
Lena searches for the stone castle so she can go back home to Seattle.
March 26, 2019
5: The Bait
Is Lena just bait for something horrific?
March 19, 2019
4: The Trek
Lena goes on a life-and-death hike up a mountain, uncertain of what awaits her at the top.
March 12, 2019
3. The Castle
Lena discovers an ancient castle that leads her to another world. Read along at
March 5, 2019
2: The Gate
Lena expects to discover a dead body, but ends up finding something even more shocking.
February 25, 2019
1: The Stranger
When Lena witnesses a man behaving oddly outside her coffee shop late at night, it shatters her view of reality forever.
February 18, 2019
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