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The CX Podcast

The CX Podcast

By Steven Van Belleghem
Every month Steven shares his view on the latest customer experience, marketing and technology news in a short update. On a regular bases, you can also listen to (parts of) his keynote presentations and interviews with experts in the field of customer experience and technology.

Steven is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of marketing. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world.
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Steven calls with Leslie Cottenjé

The CX Podcast

CX Update #6: Time to Tik-Tok'ise your interfaces, create a customer culture and more!
Welcome to CX Update #6! In this episode you'll find out what I mean by the ‘Top Gun effect’ in customer experience. I also explain how companies can create a strong customer culture and why I believe it’s time to introduce the TikTokization of our interfaces. Time for a summer break now, see you in September!
June 30, 2022
Interview with Alexis Lebedoff: Country director Meta Belgium
I had a great talk with Alexis Lebedoff, the Country Director of Meta Belgium. Ten years after opening the Facebook offices in Belgium, it’s been a quite a ride with lots of exciting changes and challenges along the way. In this podcast episode Alexis tells me what he learned in that time and he talks about the huge impact of the Facebook-to-Meta transition and the company’s fascinating vision of the Metaverse.
June 28, 2022
CX Update #5: Customer experience in times of high inflation, How lululemon is re-thinking customer loyalty and more!
In episode 5 of my CX Update I’m dealing with a question that many people ask me: what should we do about our CX in times of inflation and budget cuts? In this video, I’m sharing my short-run and long-run solutions. I’m also talking about new ways of customer loyalty, with a great example by Lululemon, and I illustrate the difference between being a tech company and a company that uses tech to become more customer-centric. Enjoy!
May 31, 2022
CX Update #4: The power of moments, Web3 is NOT a pot of gold and the wait'o'graphers from Hilton
Welcome to episode 4 of my CX Update! This month I’m talking about Waitographers, which I believe is a fantastic CX example by the Hilton hotels. I’m also taking a critical look at Web3 and the Metaverse today and I’d like to share a great book on CX with you all: the Power of Moments. Hope you enjoy!
April 29, 2022
CX Update #3: customer benefits of web3, your influence horizon and more!
Thanks for tuning in to episode 3 of my CX Update video! I’m taking you all to Dubai this month, to illustrate the power of CX in between touchpoints, and how you can really make a difference there. I’m also discussing some of the endless opportunities of Web3 and I’m taking a closer look at companies that speak up about what’s going on in the world and try to make that a part of their customer journey.
April 01, 2022
Special episode with Tom Roelens: We start every day with a customer experience meeting
New podcast! I had a great talk with Tom Roelens, the General Manager and Senior Vice President of Operations Atlantis Dubai. With more than 25 years of experience in senior leadership roles in the international hospitality industry, Tom is an expert when it comes to creating ground-breaking customer experiences., Since 2020, Tom is at the head of Dubai’s most bold and innovative resorts, Atlantis Dubai. Listen to the full podcast episode.
March 29, 2022
CX Update #2: Creating positive change, the rise of immersive experiences and more!
Welcome to the second episode of CX Update, my new monthly overview of interesting, inspiring and extraordinary CX stories. In this month’s show I talk about how companies like Enjoy are exploring a new frontier in retail: the consumer’s home. I also share some great examples of organisations that use their CX to create a positive change in the world, and I take a look at some of the cool things that major brands are doing in the Metaverse. Enjoy!
February 25, 2022
Special episode with Ron Johnson: Commerce at home is the new frontier
What a pleasure to talk to Ron Johnson, Enjoy's CEO and co-founder whom I greatly admire. I've mentioned his extremely interesting retail concept - a mobile retail story - already in many of my keynotes. In this podcast, Ron and I discuss the ‘Commerce at Home’ trend and what makes the CX of Enjoy so unique. Instead of wanting you to visit their stores, brands bring the store to your doorstep. As Ron says, our home will become the center of shopping: “A decade from now, every premium brand will have some type of ‘Commerce at Home’ experience.”
February 21, 2022
CX Update #1: Removing barriers, difference between empathy and compassion and more!
Welcome to the first episode of my new monthly video: CX Update! In this new format, I’ll be sharing CX stories that strike or inspire me. I'm starting off with how removing barriers is essential to offer real innovation, why a mix of convenience and entertainment is the future of CX, the impact of employee shortages on the delivery model and the crucial difference between customer empathy and customer compassion. Hope you like it!
January 28, 2022
Steven's week 224: News about Sneakers for the Metaverse, Google and more!
In this episode of Steven’s Week: Nike’s virtual adventure continues with the acquisition of digital fashion startup RTKFT, US consumers like the idea of super-apps and Google is showing its strong AR ambitions. Thanks for watching!
December 17, 2021
Steven's week 223: News about AB InBev, future of the banks and more!
Welcome to Steven’s Week #223! What caught my eye this week? Beer giant AB InBev is experimenting with direct-to-consumer e-commerce, big brands are taking data collection in their own hands again and McKinsey urges banks to re-invent themselves.
December 10, 2021
Steven's week 222: News about Uber Health, DBS and more!
Hey guys! In this week’s episode: Uber partners up with healthcare startups for fast medication delivery while Didi, the Chinese answer to Uber, is pressed by the government because of data security concerns. And DBS bank wants to make banking invisible in our daily lives. Enjoy!
December 03, 2021
10 Customer Experience Trends for 2022, by Steven Van Belleghem
Which customer experience trends will shape 2022? What will CX look like in 2022? If you ask me, these 10 customer experience trends are going to be huge next year. From artificial serendipity to re-inventing customer loyalty, and from loving your frustrated customers to defining ethical boundaries, this is just a small taste of what we can expect in this video.
December 02, 2021
Steven's week 221: News about Amazon, Twitter and more!
Welcome to Steven’s Week #221! In this show: Apple is speeding up the development of its much-anticipating electric car, Amazon plans to open 260 cashierless grocery stores in the UK and Twitter is experimenting with livestream shopping. Enjoy & see you next week!
November 26, 2021
Steven's week 220: News about Nike, H&M and more!
Hi and welcome to my new Weekly! In this episode: Nike wants to sell digital fashion in a virtual world, Netflix rolled out its gaming platform, TikTok is heading to a mind-blowing 1.5 billion users in 2022 and H&M wants to become a smart fashion pioneer.
November 19, 2021
Steven's week 219: News about iOS privacy, Facebook and more!
Hey guys, in this week’s show I talk about how recent iOS privacy changes are having a big impact on the ad business (and Apple is taking full advantage), youngsters are massively turning their back on Facebook and Paypal’s Pinterest takeover is off the table.
October 29, 2021
Zalando versus SHEIN - by Steven Van Belleghem and Pascal Coppens
What does Chinese fashion retailer SHEIN have that Zalando, its European competitor, doesn't? And will that be enough for SHEIN to dominate the European fashion market? Today, China-expert Pascal Coppens and I dive into the topic of real-time fashion.
October 28, 2021
Steven's week 218: News about Walmart, Waze and more!
Welcome to my 218th weekly! In this edition: billion-dollar players are battling to win the last-mile delivery war, Walmart re-introduces conversational commerce, Amazon manipulates its algorithm to show own products first, and Waze wants you to have a stress-free commute. See you next week!
October 22, 2021
Disney versus Tencent - by Steven Van Belleghem and Pascal Coppens
Disney versus Tencent is one of the most exciting battles in the world of entertainment. Tencent is at an advantage because they are focusing on gaming, something that is currently hugely popular with Generation Z. But what else can we expect from these two giants? China-expert Pascal Coppens and I take a look at this epic rivalry.
October 21, 2021
Steven's week 217: News about Amazon, NFT and more!
Welcome to episode #217! In this week’s show: retailer Best Buy is making another move in the health-care sector with the acquisition of Current Health, Amazon takes customer data one step further with its own smart fridge, NFT’s reach a new milestone, and some personal podcast and book news I’m very excited about. Enjoy!
October 15, 2021
Facebook versus Bytedance - Steven Van Belleghem with Pascal's China Lens
Facebook versus ByteDance is one of the most exciting battles in the world of technology today. What can we expect from these two giants? China-expert Pascal Coppens and I take a look at this epic rivalry.
October 14, 2021
Tesla versus BYD - Steven Van Belleghem with Pascal's China Lens
Tesla versus BYD is one of the most fascinating battles in the electric vehicle market right now. It may look as if Tesla is outcompeting its Chinese rival, but don’t be fooled. BYD looks more than ready to take the throne in the coming years.
October 11, 2021
Steven's week 216: News about the Facebook outage, Netflix gaming and more!
Welcome! This week I talk about Facebook's outage and the dependency questions it raised, TikTok owner ByteDance is building an e-commerce platform and Netflix looks ready to enter the gaming world. Enjoy, and see you next week!
October 08, 2021
Steven's week 215: News about Amazon Astro, TikTok and more!
Hey everyone, welcome to Steven’s Week #215. On this week’s show: Amazon presents Astro the household robot, TikTok celebrates 1 billion users with a new set of tools and Jumbo supermarkets introduce slow and chat-friendly check-outs.
October 01, 2021
Booking versus Ctrip - Steven Van Belleghem with Pascal's China Lens
China expert Pascal Coppens and I discuss the battle of the travel apps. When we look at Ctrip, the biggest Chinese tourism app, we see that, which is the number 1 in the world, has a lot to learn from its Chinese competitor.
September 29, 2021
Steven's week 214: News about Apple, brand loyalty and more!
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! In this episode I talk about Time Magazine launching a very cool NFT project, Apple is developing a depression detector for iPhone and consumer brand loyalty is at a new low. Enjoy the show!
September 24, 2021
Apple versus Xiaomi - Steven Van Belleghem with Pascal's China Lens
How Xiaomi beat Apple: the Chinese company became the biggest smartphone manufacturer in the world, using a completely different strategy.
September 22, 2021
Amazon versus Alibaba - Steven Van Belleghem with Pascal's China Lens
Welcome to the very first episode where Pascal Coppens and I compare 8 international Chinese and Western technology giants. The main question in this series we want to answer is who had the best offer that we can't refuse? In this first episode, we're going to take a closer look at the two giants Amazon and Alibaba. In which Pascal and I will each share our own vision on the subject.
September 20, 2021
Steven's week 213: News about Epic Games, Fake news and more!
Hi everyone! Check out this week’s topics: a surprising court ruling in the Epic Games vs. Apple battle, China breaks up Alipay and ANT Group, and the fight against fake news on social media takes a blow.
September 17, 2021
Steven's week 212: news about PayPal, Amazon Care and more!
Hey everyone! Topics of this week’s show: PayPal is aiming at in-store payments, pharma and wellness retailer Walgreens is starting its own bank services, Amazon’s tele-healthcare line is getting personal, and Facebook and Ray-Ban launch the Ray-Ban Stories smart glasses together. Enjoy, and see you next week!
September 10, 2021
Steven's week 211: News about Tesla Bot, Amazon and more!
Welcome back everyone, ready for season 7 of my weekly? In episode #211, I talk about big brands experimenting with NFT’s to generate brand engagement, Elon Musk entering the AI robotics market with Tesla Bot and Amazon is now bigger than Walmart. Let’s go!
September 03, 2021
Interview with Steven van Belleghem about customer centricity in internal processes
Is there such a thing as over-focusing on internal processes? In the 3rd and final part of my webinar on customer-centricity with Leslie Cottenjé, we take a look at the importance and the possible dangers of your company’s processes.
August 06, 2021
Interview with Steven van Belleghem about customer centricity in product innovation
Part 2 of my webinar series on customer-centricity dives into the aspect of product innovation. Innovation is no guarantee for success, so the big question is: how can we create products and services that are relevant to our customers?
July 23, 2021
Interview with Steven van Belleghem about customer centricity in customer service
How can you make your company more customer-centric? In 3 webinars, Leslie Cottenjé (Hello Customer) and I dive into the world of customer-centricity. First up: how your customer service can make the difference.
July 09, 2021
Steven's week 210: News about Lego, TikTok and more!
Welcome to the last weekly before my summer break! In this episode: Lego is working on bricks made out of recycled plastic bottles, TikTok follows WeChat by opening its doors to third-party integration, and Belfius bank and Proximus launch a digital bank together, which makes users think about the CO2 impact of their purchases. Have a great summer and see you in September!
June 25, 2021
Steven's week 209: News about Smart clothing, Amazon's 'Just Walk Out' and more!
Welcome to episode #209, everyone! This week I talk about smart data-collecting clothes and navigational shoes for blind people, and about Amazon opening its first full-size cashierless grocery store. Meanwhile, they are licencing their revolutionary Just Walk Out technology to other companies, which is a very cool perspective. See you next week!
June 18, 2021
Steven's week 208: News about Pinterest, Starlink and more!
In episode #208: Pinterest is looking to become a shopping platform, Starlink wants to enter the high-quality wifi market, research shows that people spend (a lot!) more when they buy via voice assistant. Enjoy, and see you next week!
June 11, 2021
Steven's week 207: News about Whatsapp, Amazon Sidewalk and more!
In this week’s update: Whatsapp is (finally!) making it easier for companies to talk to their customers, Amazon’s ambitious wifi-sharing network Sidewalk has a major image problem even before the launch, and traditional banks managed to boost their customers’ trust during the pandemic. Enjoy the show!
June 04, 2021
Steven's week 206: News about Netflix, Google AI tool and more!
Hey everyone! In this week’s show I talk about Netflix’ move to gaming, how the magic of serendipity is making a comeback, and a new Google AI tool will help us identify our skin condition. Enjoy!
May 28, 2021
Steven's week 205: News about Shein, Facebook Live Shopping and more!
Welcome to episode #205: Facebook Live Shopping is coming up, Chinese shopping app Shein most is the downloaded app in the US and Amazon wants to acquire MGM Studios. Enjoy the show, and don’t forget to subscribe!
May 21, 2021
Steven's week 204: News about Apple, Facebook and more!
Hey everyone! In this week’s update: iOS 14.5 users are massively disabling app tracking, Facebook pushes you to read before you share, and Gary Vaynerchuk ads a fascinating new level of engagement to NFTs.
May 14, 2021
Steven's week 203: News about Starlink satellites and Signal!
Hey everyone, two big topics this week! Elon Musk created an amazing customer experience strategy for his Starlink satellites. And a fantastic Signal campaign (almost) brilliantly exposed the impact of Facebook’s data collection, which raises an important privacy question for the coming years. Enjoy!
May 07, 2021
Steven's week 202: News about Shopify, Robot Dog experiment and more!
Welcome to a new show! Let’s have a look at Zoom’s Immersive View background, which makes online meetings feel (a bit) like the real thing. I also take about Amazon’s in-garage delivery, Shopify’s growth that show e-commerce is here to stay, and the backfiring Robot Dog experiment in New York. Take care!
April 30, 2021
Steven's week 201: News about Walmart, AR shopping and more!
Welcome back, guys! In this show we zoom in on the EU’s plans for a GDPR for artificial intelligence, Amazon wants to set up hair salons to experiment with AR shopping, Facebook is considering an Instagram for kids, the Clubhouse hype keeps going up and down and Walmart invests in self-driving delivery vehicles. Enjoy the show!
April 23, 2021
Steven's week 200: Special episode
Welcome to a special episode: #200 of Steven’s Week! For this special occasion, let’s look into the future and see what episode 400 could be like, shall we? What will I be talking about in the next 200 shows? Watch the XL video to find out!
April 02, 2021
Steven's week 199: News about Amazon Fresh, Zoom and more!
Welcome to Steven's Week #199! In this week's show: Amazon takes the online advertising market by storm, new Zappos CEO talks about the entertainment factor of e-commerce, Zoom reveals how it wants to keep growing after the pandemic and Amazon Fresh grocery stores are multiplying under the radar. Enjoy the show!
March 26, 2021
Steven's week 198: News about wearables, TikTok and more!
Welcome to a new show! This week: China changes the rules for e-commerce to protect the small players, TikTok takes personalized ads to the next level, wearables became part of our pandemic lifestyle and Facebook reaches out in its Australian media dispute. Enjoy!
March 19, 2021
Steven’s week 197: News about biometric payments, Instagram Lite and more!
Welcome to a new show! A self-learning AI tool by Facebook will check one billion Instagram pictures, Mastercard and Samsung take fingerprint payments to the next level, booming food delivery platforms aim to keep growing post-pandemic and Instagram launches Instagram Lite. Enjoy!
March 12, 2021
Steven’s week 196: News about Microsoft holographic 3D meetings, Volvo goes fully electric and more!
Welcome to episode #196! Twitter introduces premium followers and other innovative features, Microsoft announces holographic 3D meetings, Volvo sets an end date for traditional engines and Google phases out third-party tracking cookies. Enjoy!
March 05, 2021
Steven’s week 195: News about digital news subscriptions, doctors burnouts and more!
Lots to share this week! Newspapers are getting outplayed by their online versions, virtual healthcare is causing doctor burnouts, the Chinese Uber is coming to Europe, Shopify embodies the e-commerce boom of 2020 and Facebook and Google are starting a media war in Australia. Enjoy, everyone!
February 26, 2021
Steven’s week 194: News about Jaguar's electric future, Facebook smartwatch rumours and more!
In Steven’s Week #194 I take a look at Jaguar’s bold decision to become all-electric by 2025, another ban on facial recognition software in the US, Buzzfeed’s new virtual shopping mall concept and rumours about Facebook entering the smartwatch market. Enjoy!
February 19, 2021
Steven’s week 193: News about Facebook & Shopify deal, Google health tracking and more!
In this week’s update: Facebook takes another big step towards becoming the world’s number 1 shopping network with an interesting Shopify collaboration, Uber acquires alcohol delivery service Drizly and Google takes health tracking technology to a whole new level. Enjoy, everyone!
February 12, 2021
4 tips for informal moments in a remote world
Want to restore the informal relationships you had with your customers, before Zoom, Teams and Google Meet became the standard? You should! There are plenty of easy ways to give informal customer relations a boost in today's remote world. Check out my 4 tips!
February 10, 2021
Steven Van Belleghem x Jonathan Berte - CEO Robovision
Hi guys! In this episode I'm interviewing Jonathan Berte, CEO and founder of Robovision, specialized in AI and robotics. Enjoy!
February 08, 2021
Steven’s week 192: News about Jeff Bezos stepping down, biometric payments and more!
In this week’s episode I say goodbye to Jeff Bezos and take a look at Amazon’s biometric pay-with-your-hand innovation. I also talk about smart and trackable postage stamps and the growing privacy clash between Apple and Facebook. Enjoy!
February 05, 2021
10 most Frequently Asked Questions of customer experience
People have asked me thousands of questions about customer experience over the years. And I thought this would be a nice time to put the most popular ones together. So here you go: the 10 most frequently asked customer experience questions!
February 03, 2021
Steven's week 191: News about Google Routines, Birdwatch, influencer marketing & Twitch and more!
In Steven’s Week 191 we’re taking a look at Google Routines, the fantastic new Google Assistant functionality, Twitter introduces content moderation experiment Birdwatch to fight misinformation, Twitch success shows the huge potential of influencer marketing and Facebook is talking about a privacy ‘big shift’. Enjoy!
January 29, 2021
My 12 golden guidelines for CX
What should every company keep in mind, when trying to build the ultimate customer experience? Here are my 12 golden guidelines for creating a fantastic customer experience.
January 28, 2021
Steven’s week 190: News about Medical care at home by CVS, WhatsApp privacy controversy and more!
In Steven's Week #190, I talk about the new wearable medical alert system Symphony that brings health care services to patients’ homes, DoorDash is leading the booming US market of online restaurant marketplaces, Netflix hits 200 million users, privacy controversy delays WhatsApp update and some massive new investments in the world of self-driving cars.
January 22, 2021
Steven’s week 189: News about Apple Watch, record-breaking Super Bowl ads and more!
In this week’s show I talk about a dementia and Alzheimer’s warning system on your Apple Watch, Super Bowl ads reaching a new high, facial recognition technology for mask-wearers and 60% of American adults don’t trust news on social media. Enjoy!
January 15, 2021
Steven Van Belleghem x Duncan Wardle
In conversation with Duncan Wardle, former head of innovation at the Walt Disney Company. 
January 11, 2021
Steven’s week 188: News about police using tracing app data, Google ethics and more!
Happy 2021 everyone! In my first Weekly of the year, I talk about the Singapore government breaking its promise and allowing police to use data from the COVID19 tracing app, Google employees want to start an ethical union, and the Chinese TikTok alternative is booming!
January 08, 2021
Special guest appearance: Matthew Brennan
Matthew is a speaker and writer focusing on Chinese mobile technology and innovation. In particular, he’s known for analysis of social e-commerce and WeChat, China’s famous super app. Enjoy our conversation!
January 04, 2021
Steven’s week 187: News about Apple privacy nutrition score, Google outage and more!
Welcome to my last Weekly of 2020! In this episode I talk about Apple promising more app data transparency, we caught a glimpse of what a world without Google would look like, Disney+ has already reached its 2024 user target and Starbucks is adapting to a new takeaway-focused world with new stores and AI innovation. Enjoy and see you in 2021!
December 18, 2020
Steven’s week 186: News about TikTok ban in India, Warner Brothers streaming and more!
Hey everyone! In this week’s update: the TikTok ban in India means Snapchat and Instagram are booming, Warner Brothers' movies will go to cinemas and streaming at the same time, Japan will use AI to get its birth rate up and Singapore allows digital companies to start banking activities. Enjoy!
December 11, 2020
8 CX Trends for 2021, by Steven Van Belleghem
Which customer experience trends will shape 2021? If you ask me, these 8 trends are going to be huge next year. From customers’ mental wellbeing to the scaling of local businesses, and from zero thinking to the added value of entertainment, this is a small taste of what we can expect. Enjoy and let me know what you think!
December 07, 2020
Steven’s week 185: News about DeepMind scientific breakthrough, Facebook buys Kustomer and more!
Welcome everyone! In this week's episode: Google’s DeepMind AI reaches a breakthrough as it can determine 3D shapes of proteins, Facebook acquires customer service platform Kustomer, digital channels represent more than half of US ad spendings and Facebook rebrands Libra cryptocurrency to Diem. Enjoy the show!
December 04, 2020
Steven’s week 184: News about Bring Back Friday at Ikea, virtual healthcare and more!
Hey everyone! This week, I share interesting stories about Ikea’s wonderful Bring Back Friday action, virtual healthcare appointments which seem to be here to stay, and an amazingly realistic AI news anchor on South Korean tv. Hope you like it!
November 27, 2020
Steven’s week 183: News about Google Pay's major make-over, social commerce booming and more!
Hi everyone! This week I discuss Google Pay's major make-over, how social commerce has skyrocketed in 2020, why Spotify acquires podcast company Megaphone and how the Netflix series The Queen’s Gambit is causing a major chess revival.
November 20, 2020
Steven’s week 182: News about Apple Watch data, China watching big tech and more!
This week I’m talking about how Apple Watch is proving to be an excellent tool for medical recovery follow-ups, China is keeping a close eye on the growth of its big tech companies, Singles Day sales reached € 48 billion in just 30 minutes and JBC brings a digital Sinterklaas to Belgian kids. Enjoy & see you next week!
November 13, 2020
Steven’s week 181: News about... fake news, Pokémon Go, Burger King supports McDonald's and more!
Hey guys! In this week’s show: social media working overtime to counter fake election news, Pokémon Go is still alive and kicking in 2020, Burger King campaign wants people to support McDonald's, the Facebook ad ban is not affecting the company’s financial results at all, and my first thriller ETERNAL is out!
November 06, 2020
Steven’s week 180: News about Shopify & TikTok collaboration, Instacart spectacular growth and more!
Hey everyone! This week I talk about the Shopify & TikTok partnership that marks a new step in social commerce, Instacart’s growth embodies a new high in online groceries and the Alibaba spin-off Ant Financial Services achieves the largest IPO ever! Stay safe and see you next week.
October 30, 2020
Steven’s week 179 : News about Tesla’s full self-driving car, early Amazon Prime Day and more!
Hey everyone! In this episode: B2B is embracing online sales, the new date for Amazon Prime Day is changing the entire US holiday season, Tesla rolls out driverless car software and plant-based meat experienced a massive breakthrough during the pandemic. Enjoy!
October 23, 2020
Steven’s week 178: News about Apple’s new HomePod Mini, Disney Plus streaming and more!
Hey everyone! In this week’s show: does Apple’s new HomePod Mini have what it takes to compete with Alexa? MediaMarkt brings online live shopping to Europe, Disney is skipping movie theaters to take new movies directly to Disney Plus and YouTube is showing some strong retail ambition. Enjoy!
October 16, 2020
Steven’s week 177: News about: Apple Store, Big Tech monopolies and more!
Hey folks, welcome to a new show! In this week’s episode: growing App Store revenues show a new level of digital usage, big tech monopolies are under pressure in the US and executives agree that a customer centric purpose is more crucial than ever. Enjoy the update!
October 09, 2020
Steven’s week 176: News about growth of Twitch, Amazon's new payment system and much more
Hey everyone! In this week’s episode: Twitch gaming livestreams experiences a huge boost in usage, Ring’s home security drone, Target is hiring 130.000 extra people for the holiday season online sales and Amazon launches a hand reading payment system! See you next week!
October 02, 2020
In-depth interview about my book "The Offer You Can't Refuse" with Francesca Vanthielen
Driven by technological innovations, customers’ expectations have completely transformed over the last decade. In my new book The Offer You Can’t Refuse, I try to illustrate how companies in all sectors – from HR to the healthcare industry and even governments – can take their customer service one step further and play an active role in their customers’ life journeys.
September 29, 2020
Steven’s week 175: News about Disney+’s experiment, Amazon Care and more
Welcome everyone! Disney+’s Mulan experiment is a massive success, Walmart is still in the TikTok race, Amazon may go public with its healthcare service, the big tech companies tackle discrimination on social networks, a cheaper Tesla is coming up and Microsoft wants to introduce a mental health monitor in Teams app. Enjoy!
September 25, 2020
Steven’s week 174: News about Singapore contact tracing, Facebook Campus and Ray-Ban smart glasses
Hey everyone, welcome to Steven’s Week #174! Singapore is looking at Bluetooth technology to improve COVID contact tracing, Oracle and TikTok finally close data storage deal, citizenM introduces ‘Netflix for hotels’, Apple wants to become our personal healthcare assistant, while Facebook gets nostalgic with Facebook Campus and partners up with Ray-Ban for their first smart glasses. Enjoy!
September 18, 2020
Steven’s week 173: News about Wonder Lab, Apple's new keyboard and China blocks TikTok sell-off
Welcome everyone! In this week’s show: Walmart creates spectacular virtual toy store Wonder Lab, Apple is saying goodbye to the traditional computer keyboard, Amazon launches Alexa for Residential to help out in maintenance issues, China blocks the TikTok sell-off and can management books have a soundtrack? I sure think so! 😉
September 11, 2020
Steven’s week 172: News about TikTok acquisition, Facebook Horizon and more!
Welcome back everyone! In my first episode after the summer break, I talk about Walmart entering the TikTok acquisition race, the Toyota-backed company SkyDrive testing a flying car, Zoom’s unbelievable financial results, Netflix will start offering first episodes for free, and Facebook will publicly test its VR platform Horizon. Enjoy!
September 04, 2020
Steven’s week 171: News about Google fact-check labels, Facebook ad boycott and more!
Hey everyone, welcome to the last show before my summer break! In this week’s update: Google introduces a fact-check label for images, some big brands are launching a Facebook ad boycott and Google’s ad revenues drop for the first time in its entire history. See you in September!
June 26, 2020
Steven’s week 170: News about Facebook payment service, Tencent city in China and more.
Hello again! In this week’s show: an exciting telco-finance blend by Belfius and Proximus, WhatsApp payment services, Fitbit launches a ‘ready for work’ check, Instagram has become a main news source, Tencent is building a car-free city, the Boston Dynamics Spot robot is on sale and marketing will become even more digital post-pandemic. Enjoy!
June 19, 2020
Steven calls with Jon Bird
In this episode Steven talks to Jon Bird. Jon Bird is CEO of leading marketing communications agency VMLY&R in Australia and New Zealand, and is also a global advisor to VMLY&R's retail and commerce practice.
June 14, 2020
Steven’s week 169: News about IBM's decision about facial recognition, booming bots and more.
Hey everyone! Find out why IBM will no longer allow governments to us its facial recognition technology, learn how corona has given last mile delivery robots a tremendous boost and discover why AliExpress is counting on an army 100,000 influencers to recover from the crisis. Stay safe and see you soon!
June 12, 2020
Steven’s week 168: News about Amazon growth, online bank services, Nuro pharma deliveries and digital healthcare boost
Hi everyone! In this week’s show: Amazon is now the fourth-largest delivery service in the Sates, UK banks failed to get their digital services on point during the crisis, Nuro driverless cars are doing medical deliveries and the digital healthcare market is booming worldwide. Take care!
June 05, 2020
Steven’s week 167: News about Twitter fact-checks Trump and Tencent cloud investment
Hey everyone, welcome to a new update! This week, we saw how Twitter is finally standing up against the misinformation in Donald Trump’s tweets and Tencent announced an enormous investment in cloud services to compete with the big UC companies. See you soon!
May 29, 2020
Steven’s week 166: News about Facebook Shops, Apple’s AR glasses and more!
Welcome to a new update! Facebook enters the e-commerce market with Facebook Shops, TikTok appoints former Disney+ CEO, Apple’s AR smart glasses prototype leaked and Walmart successfully transformed its logistic process during the pandemic. Enjoy!
May 22, 2020
KEYNOTE Domino's Pizza transformed their strategy to become the fastest and the easiest place to order pizza
Domino's pizza outperformed companies like apple, facebook and google on the Stock market. It is crazy. Because domino's pizza did NOT change the world. They have been making pizza for decades and probably will remain making pizza for the decades to come. So, what happened.  Well, they transformed their strategy. A number of very simple consumer insights and a very clear ambition changed the company.  Listen to this video and see what happens if you make it TOO easy to order pizza! 
May 18, 2020
Steven's week 165: News about Twitter, Google Sidewalk Labs and Amazon's grocery service!
Welcome everyone! In this week’s show: Twitter employees can decide to work from home ‘forever’, Google is shutting down smart city project Sidewalk Labs and Amazon is finally handling its grocery service waiting list. See you next week!
May 15, 2020
KEYNOTE You cannot go far enough in giving autonomy to your client facing teams members
There is a lot of talk about empowerment. Well, the truth is, most companies don't go far enough. It's about trust. Trusting your people to do the right thing for the customer. I believe that you cannot go far enough in giving authority to your client facing people. In this short clip from one of my keynote, I give several examples of companies that are succeeding in this.
May 11, 2020
Steven's week 164: News about Twitter, Shopify & TikTok
Welcome everyone! Remote working might be here to stay, Twitter wants us to revise strong language, Shopify launches its own Shop app and TikTok reaches a staggering 2 billion downloads. Enjoy the video & stay safe!
May 08, 2020
KEYNOTE Customer Experience in B2B markets
How we could reinvent B2B customer experience? By reverse engineering the customer’s needs back to today and creating specialized AI technologies to meet them.
May 04, 2020
Steven's week 163: News about Zoom, YouTube, podcasts and much more!
Hey everyone, welcome to my new update! On this week’s show: online doctor consultations are booming and Zoom user numbers keep on mounting, YouTube is planning a virtual film festival and the big tech companies are showing impressive growth results, while podcasts are clearly missing their commuting listeners. Stay safe & see you next week!
April 30, 2020
KEYNOTE Strategies to compete in a tech platform dominated world
Amazon’s dominance has created a devil’s dilemma for their competitors: should they attack the giant, work together or focus on their own customer relations? Watch the full video from one of my keynotes to find out more.  Steven Van Belleghem is a global keynote speaker, talking about the future of customer experience.
April 27, 2020
Steven's week 162: News about Lego, Netflix, Facebook and Alibaba
Welcome everyone! Lego is helping health care workers, while Netflix releases astonishing subscriber figures. Meanwhile Facebook enters the Indian telecom market, Alibaba announced a massive cloud infrastructure investment and consumers expect brands to change their communication tone. Stay safe, and see you next week!
April 24, 2020
Steven calls with Phillippe Rogge
In this episode Steven talks to Phillippe Rogge. CEO Microsoft East and Central Europe
April 20, 2020
Steven's week 161: News about Amazon, Airbnb and, Apple and Google
Welcome to a new show! Amazon can’t keep up with increased demand, while Airbnb and are struggling, and rivals Apple and Google join forces to develop a tracking app. Enjoy, and stay safe!
April 17, 2020
Steven calls with Tom Debruyne
In this episode Steven talks to Tom Debruyne Founder SUE Behavioural Design & Behavioural Design
April 13, 2020
Steven's week 160: News about Bpost, Zoom, Amazon Prime Day, Disney Plus and the One World home concert
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! Bpost sent 1,5 million virtual postcards, Zoom user numbers are going through the roof, Amazon Prime Day postponed, the One World home concert is going to be the biggest online event ever and Disney Plus gains 20 million subscribers in 4 weeks! Stay safe!
April 10, 2020
KEYNOTE The world needs trusted gatekeepers / keynote at Obama event Amsterdam
Tech companies have always been focussed on world domination. Now, they are facing a new challenge: becoming a trusted gatekeeper.   Watch the full video from this keynote to find out more!  This is a short insight from Steven Van Belleghem. Steven Van Belleghem is an international keynote speaker and author.
April 06, 2020
Steven's week 159: a new corona-themed episode of Steven’s Week!
Welcome to a new corona-themed episode of Steven’s Week! Grocery delivery services like Instacart are booming, Decathlon is donating its full-face snorkeling masks to hospitals and virtual Zoom backdrops have become a new ad platform. Stay safe, and see you next week!
April 03, 2020
KEYNOTE Easy years of digital are behind us, next challenges are more complex
The past 10 years were really exciting, many cool new interfaces changed the daily life of all of us. But when I look ahead, I feel the next  10 years bring more complex challenges than the past 10 years.  In this short keynote, I give examples from the world of mobility, healthcare and other industries. Giving concrete examples of Starbucks and Amazon to illustrate my point.  This is a short part of a keynote presentation by Steven Van Belleghem. Steven Van Belleghem gives keynotes about the future of customer experience.  Check out for more information.
March 30, 2020
Steven's week 158: positive stories from companies around the world!
Welcome to a new COVID-19 edition, focusing only on good news! More and more companies are producing disinfecting gels, Coca-Cola is using ad budget to support communities in need, JBC shares online TikTok advice, kids are sharing free personalized post cards and smart restaurant deliveries are booming! See you & stay safe everyone!
March 27, 2020
Steven Talks: Interview with the management team of Centraal Beheer
I had the pleasure of interviewing the management team of Dutch insurance company Centraal Beheer. They are an excellent example of an organisation that is completely reinventing its customer experience. They are evolving from selling products to becoming a services company. I love their approach of becoming a partner in their customers’ lives. Their objective is to become a partner in life and they have some excellent consumer cases that illustrate the efficiency of their strategy.
March 27, 2020
Steven calls with prof. Filip Caeldries
In this episode Steven talks to professor Filip Caeldries. Professor of Strategy and Organization. TIAS School for Business and Society – Tilburg University (NL)
March 23, 2020
Steven's week 157: Companies across the globe are helping people during the COVID-19 crisis!
Companies across the globe are helping people during the COVID-19 crisis! Big news media have taken down paywalls for corona coverage, Materialise released a 3D-print design for a hands-free door handle, Apple Card payments are suspended, LVHM is producing hand sanitizers instead of perfume, Microsoft offers Teams for free, Alibaba donates 500.000 mouth masks and Amazon wants to hire 100.000 people to manage extra demand. Stay safe everyone!
March 20, 2020
Steven's week 156! News about Amazon Go, CVS pharmacies and much more
Welcome to a new show! Amazon Go is licensing its cachierless technology to other retailers, CVS pharmacies start offering a free prescription delivery service and Amazon is working on a secret ‘Gesundheit’ project to cure the common cold. Stay safe everyone, and see you next week!
March 13, 2020
Steven's week 155: News about Alibaba and the coronavirus, LinkedIn Stories, Amazon Go & much more!
Hi everyone! In this week's show: Alexa answers medication questions, LinkedIn introduces stories, Alibaba’s AI helps to diagnose the coronavirus, Amazon Go is trying out a full-size grocery store and Google’s self-driving car project raises a staggering $ 2.2 billion VC.
March 06, 2020
Steven's week 154: News about an Apple tool, Boring Company, China & the coronavirus and LendingClub
Welcome to a new Weekly! Apple’s Quick Look tool lets you shop directly in AR, the first Boring Company tunnel is almost complete, the richest man on earth is investing $ 10 billion in the planet, AI is helping China get a grip on the coronavirus and fintech company LendingClub acquires a traditional bank. See you in 2 weeks!
February 21, 2020
Steven's week 153: News about the Coronavirus, the US, SpaceX and a reunion in VR!
Welcome everyone! In this week’s show: the Coronavirus crisis is giving high-tech innovation in China a boost, the US may be looking to buy Nokia or Ericsson in order to compete in the 5G race, SpaceX is suggesting a Starlink spin-off and a controversial mother-daughter reunion in VR is raising ethical questions. Enjoy the episode!
February 14, 2020
Steven's week 152: News about Amazon Prime, Grab, Disney Plus, Unilever, Spotify and Alexa voice.
Welcome everyone! Amazon Prime’s growth reaches 150 million subscribers, tech giant Grab acquires Bento Invest, Disney Plus hits 29 million users, Unilever launches personal Ben and Jerry’s deliveries, Spotify boosts podcasts with The Ringer purchase and brands can create their own Alexa voice. Hope you like it!
February 07, 2020
Steven's week 151: News about the battle against the coronavirus, Apple, Pinterest and P&G!
Hi there! In this week’s show: local 5G networks help fight the coronavirus, Apple announced its highest quarterly revenue ever, Pinterest launches an AR tool to try on your pins and Procter & Gamble wants to create its own tv series to get P&G brands on streaming platforms. Enjoy!
January 31, 2020
Steven's week 150: News about Tesla Model 3, Fitbit and GM Cruise
Hi everyone, and welcome! Tesla Model 3 is crushing its (German) competitors, Fitbit data may predict flu outbreaks and GM Cruise introduces a whole new self-driving car concept. Enjoy the episode and see you next week!
January 24, 2020
Steven's week 149: News about Facebook AR glasses ambition, DNA testers 23andME, Walmart and Amazon
Welcome to a new episode! Facebook reveals its AR glasses ambition, DNA testers 23andME are disrupting the healthcare sector, Walmart introduces inventory robots and Amazon is going Dutch. Enjoy!
January 17, 2020
Steven's week 148: News about SpaceX Starlink satellites, Alexa, Samsung, Instagram and Amazon
Happy New Year from Las Vegas! In the first show of 2020: 60 new SpaceX Starlink satellites launched, new Alexa and car manufacturer partnerships coming up (including Lamborghini!), Samsung presents its revolutionary AI fridge, Instagram’s active user growth is dropping and offline Amazon stores are opening in India. See you next week!
January 10, 2020
Steven's Week 147: news about PewDiePie, Lyft, Apple, Amazon and Disney+
Welcome to my last Weekly of the 2010’s! In this episode: YouTube-star PewDiePie takes a break, Lyft is entering the car rental market, Apple offers free DNA test to its employees, Amazon says goodbye to FedEx, but teams up with Apple and Google to make smart home tech more compatible and Disney+ can’t threat Netflix (yet). See you in 2020!
December 20, 2019
Steven's week 146: News about Netflix, Tesla, Walmart and Pirate Bay
Hey everyone! In this week’s show: Netflix calls the shots in Golden Globe nominations, Tesla shows its Cybertruck trailer, Walmart is testing autonomous grocery delivery and Pirate Bay enters the streaming market. Enjoy and see you next week!
December 13, 2019
Steven's week 144: News about Didi, Virtual Reality, Netflix, Alexa and Amazon
Welcome! There is a portable Amazon Echo for the Indian market now coming up, Black Friday and Cyber Monday are breaking records, but Singles Day is still number 1 by far, and Daimler is pilot-testing self-driving Mercedes taxis in California. Enjoy the episode!
December 06, 2019
Steven's week 144: News about Didi, Virtual Reality, Netflix, Alexa and Amazon
Welcome to a new show! This week I’m talking about Chinese car service Didi introducing in-car 5G hotspots, a VR headset experiment on cows, how Netflix is trying to join the Oscars race, and the important merge of Alexa and Amazon’s AWS cloud platform. Enjoy!
November 29, 2019
Steven's week 143: News about Amazon Go, Google Assistant, SoftBank and TikTok
Hi everyone! Amazon Go stores will be growing to supermarket size, Google Assistant is experimenting with a personalised news feed, SoftBank is planning a merge of Japanese messaging app Line and Yahoo Japan, and TikTok is moving into social commerce by introducing in-app sales.
November 22, 2019
Steven's week 142: News about Alibaba, Apple Card, Instagram, Amazon and Disney+
Welcome to a new show! This week: Alibaba smashes the Singles Day sales record, Apple Card accused of discriminating women, Instagram is copying TikTok, Amazon wants to open a physical grocery store, Disney+ is an instant hit and Instagram starts hiding likes. Enjoy!
November 15, 2019
Steven's week 141: News about Google, Twitter, Uber and Alipay
Welcome to a new episode everyone! This week, I discuss Google’s acquisition of Fitbit, Twitter’s ban of political ads, Uber’s future plans and how mobile payments in China just got easier for tourists. Enjoy!
November 08, 2019
Steven calls with Tony Chocolonely
In this episode he talks to Tony Chocolonely
November 04, 2019
Steven's week 140: News about OpenAI, Mark Zuckerberg, Netflix, Google & Libra
A new episode of my weekly video: Mark Zuckerberg gave a speech about the possibility of free speech on Facebook, London opened the world’s first AI bar, the streaming wars are pushing Netflix to raise more money, OpenAI’s robot hand solves a Rubik's Cube one-handed, Google creates a quantum computer and Mark Zuckerberg's Libra Testimony got pretty intense. Enjoy the show & see you in two weeks!
October 25, 2019
Steven’s week 139: News about Facebook, Fortnite, Oracle and Google
Hey everyone! In this week’s show: Facebook’s Libra project loses support, Chinese people trust robots more than their bosses, Fortnite blacks out (but not really) and Google introduces Pixel 4 with a cool radar chip user interface.
October 18, 2019
Steven calls with Herman Toch
In this episode he talks to Herman Toch
October 14, 2019
Steven’s week 138: News about John Hancock & Apple Watch, Tik Tok, Apple, Google and Waymo
In this episode of Steven’s week: life insurance provider John Hancock made a cool deal with Apple Watch to reward active people, Tik Tok puts safety first by banning all political ads, streaming business is becoming more aggressive, Apple will soon come out with an AR accessory for iPhones, Google looks set to re-enter social media and the autonomous vehicle company Waymo announced they’ll be 3D-mapping the city of Los Angeles. Enjoy the show!
October 11, 2019
Steven calls with Tien Tzuo
In this episode Steven talks to TIen Tzuo, CEO of Zuora.
October 07, 2019
Steven's week 137: News about Volkswagen, Amazon, Mark Zuckerburg vs. Tik Tok and Google Assistant
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! In this episode: Volkswagen introduces its car-boot delivery service We Deliver in the UK, Amazon wants to offer Go technology to third parties, Tik Tok is making Mark Zuckerberg nervous and Google Assistant is finally starting to handle its privacy issues. Enjoy the video!
October 04, 2019
Steven’s week 136: News about Walgreen, Apple, LinkedIn, Tesla, Facebook, Amazon Echo and Mark Zuckerberg’s new VR tool.
In this week’s update: Pharma retailer Walgreens launches drone delivery in the US, Apple opens up Siri to third-party developers, LinkedIn tops digital trust report once more, Tesla reveals million-mile battery, Facebook acquires mind-reading interface CTRL-Labs, Amazon Echo Show can identify objects and Mark Zuckerberg shows his new VR tool. Enjoy!
September 27, 2019
Titel: STEVENS WEEK 135: News about neobanks, Google's driverless car, voice assistance and Mercedes
Welcome everyone! In this week's show: neobanks are skyrocketing, Google’s driverless car Waymo is taking pole position in the US, the privacy issue of voice assistance keeps on concerning people and Mercedes is no longer investing in R&D of combusting engines. Enjoy and please check out my new (free!) e-book on my website.
September 20, 2019
Steven's week 134: News about Facebook, streaming music and Apple TV+ with Netflix
Hey guys, welcome to a new episode! Facebook announced extra AI investments in the fight against fake videos, streaming revenues are dominating the music industry more than ever before and Apple TV+ is ready to take on Netflix.
September 13, 2019
Steven's week 133: News about Didi robotaxi service, Nike, Disney+, Facebook and new iPhone
Here we go again, my first weekly after the summer break features the Didi robotaxi service in Shanghai, Nike’s new Huarache snekers which can be unlaced by asking Siri, Disney+ is looking to become a massive hit, Facebook is considering hiding likes and rumours about a new iPhone for less than € 400 are getting stronger.
September 06, 2019
Steven's week 132: News about Amazon, the Harry Potter AR game, Apple and Google's Sidewalk Labs
Welcome to the last update before the summer break! Amazon wants to use drones in a new surveillance system, the Harry Potter AR game is failing to meet expectations, Apple acquires self-driving startup and Google reveals very promising plans for the development of Sidewalk Labs in Toronto. Enjoy the summer, everyone!
June 29, 2019
Steven's week 131: News about Amazon, Uber Eats and McDonald's, Libra, YouTube and Alexa
Hey everyone! In this week's show: Facebook launches Libra cryptocurrency, Uber Eats and McDonalds partner up for drone deliveries, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is not the success they hoped for, deepfake technology is becoming extremely convincing, YouTube launches a cool AR tool for makeup testing and Alexa can predict heart attacks! Enjoy!
June 21, 2019
Steven's Week 130: News about Spotify, Wallmart, Amazon and insurance startup Lemonade
Welcome to a new update on marketing and technology! In this week’s episode: Spotify closes a podcast deal with the Obamas, Wallmart is testing in-home grocery deliveries, Amazon is launching a fashion app to find clothes online based on your photos, insurance startup Lemonade is coming to Europe and research shows that the patience of online consumers is limited to just three clicks.
June 14, 2019
Thinkers50 interview about Automation, AI and the Customer Experience
I did a podcast with Thinkers50. They were so kind to let me share it with you. Thanks for having me. 
June 07, 2019
Steven's week 129: News about Facebook's Libra, Amazon's Echo Show 5 and Amazon's iTunes
Welcome to a new update! While we’re getting more details about Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, many big banks are introducing their own form of cryptocurrency. Amazon launches the lower-priced Echo Show 5 and Apple waves goodbye to iTunes. Enjoy!
June 07, 2019
Customer experience in a world of AI platforms
A bonus-episode.
June 03, 2019
Steven's Week #128: News about Facebook, Amazone Alexa & 5G Technology
Welcome to a new episode! BBC reported that Facebook will launch their own cryptocurrency, Amazon talked about the future of Alexa and announced three important items they want to work on and 5G is moving rapidly in South Korea. Hope you enjoy!
May 31, 2019
Steven's Week #127: News about Amazon, Deliveroo, ByteDance & The Boring Company
Welcome to a new update! An interesting new investor for Deliveroo, there’s a new music streaming service by Chinese tech company ByteDance coming up, Amazon’s private labels aren’t effecting the sales of third party sellers on the platform and the Boring Company has some very exciting plans in Las Vegas. Hope you enjoy it!
May 24, 2019
Steven's Week #126: News about SpaceX, Uber, Google Assistant & 5G Technology
Welcome to a new show! In this week’s update: Uber’s recent stock market adventures, SpaceX’s launches the first satellites in the light of its Starlink mission, Google Assistant is entering a new phase and the 5G war between Donald Trump and China keeps on escalating.
May 17, 2019
Steven's Week #125: News about Tencent, Singapore fintech, Amazon & 5G Technology
Hello from China! In this week’s update: Singapore wants to introduce a virtual bank license to boost innovation in fin tech, Chinese tech giant Tencent is using AI to help diagnose and treat MS or Parkinson’s disease faster, the US urges the UK to boycott Huawei’s 5G services and Amazon Go agrees to accept cash payments in the States. Enjoy!
May 10, 2019
Steven calls with Rudy Moenaert
In the past weeks Steven called with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this last episode he talked with Rudy Moenaert, professor of strategic marketing.
May 07, 2019
Steven's Week 124: news about Alibaba, Marriott, Apple, Sainsbury's and Facebook
Welcome to a new Steven's Week! The topics of this week's episode are Alibaba doubling their volume for Tmall, Marriott starting with a home rental offering, Apple revealing their quarterly results, Sainsbury’s launching their first cashless store and Facebook announcing big plans at the F8 conference. Enjoy!
May 03, 2019
Steven calls with Thierry Geerts
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this episode he talks to Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google Belgium.
April 30, 2019
Steven's Week 123: News about Facebook, Google, Uber and JcPenney
Welcome back everyone! In this new episode: Facebook has confirmed it’s working on a digital voice assistant and released some impressive user and sales figures, Google’s smart city project Sidewalk Labs is being criticized for openly communicating about their data collection, we are seeing huge new investments in the development of driverless vehicles and Apple Pay is experiencing trouble in US retail.
April 26, 2019
Steven calls with Pascal Coppens
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this episode I talk to Pascal Coppens, China expert at Nexxworks.
April 23, 2019
Steven's week 122: News about Walmart and Google Assistant, Facebook and Burger King!
Welcome everyone! Walmart and Google Assistant partner up for voice shopping, Facebook wants to launch a specific news tab and Burger King and Nestlé are both experimenting with non-beef burgers: the Impossible Burger and the Awesome Burger. Enjoy the Easter Holiday!
April 05, 2019
Steven calls with Ken Hughes
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this episode I talk to keynote speaker Ken Hughes.
April 02, 2019
Steven's week 121: News about McDonalds, Apple and the success of cash-free stores in the US
 Welcome everyone! In this week's show: local governments in the US aren't very excited about the success of cash-free stores, McDonalds acquires a big data company for a more personalized experience and what can we expect from Apple TV Plus and the rest of Apple’s new services?
March 29, 2019
Steven calls with Tom De Ruyck
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... This is the second episode with Tom De Ruyck, managing partner of Insites Consulting.
March 26, 2019
Steven's week 120: News about Whatsapp, Instagram, Volvo and Nvidia!
Welcome everyone! In this week’s update: WhatsApp is preparing to launch a mobile payment service, Instagram is on its way to becoming a social shopping platform, Volvo announced a set of smart safety features and Nvidia’s AI software turns simplistic drawings into photorealistic landscapes.
March 22, 2019
Steven calls with Leslie Cottenjé
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... This is the first episode with Leslie Cottenjé, CEO of Hello Customer.
March 19, 2019
Steven's Week 119: News about Apple, Airbnb & Amazon
Welcome to a new update! In this week’s show: rumors say that Apple will launch an AR headset, Airbnb is acquiring the booking site HotelTonight and Amazon is looking for foreign developers to introduce Alexa in more non-English speaking countries. Enjoy!
March 15, 2019
Steven's Week 118: News about Target, BMW and Daimler, VW and Ford, Disney and Meituan!
Welcome! In this week’s show: retailer Target gives its brands a spot on their website, BMW and Daimler are working together to challenge companies like Uber, while Volkswagen and Ford join forces in their development of driverless cars, Asia is dominating the top 50 of innovative companies and Disney wants a bigger share of streaming service Hulu. See you after my one-week break!
March 01, 2019
Steven's week 117: News about P&G Apple, Amazon, Elon Musk and Google!
Welcome to another Steven’s Week! P&G is getting ready for a world without ads, Apple could be launching its own video streaming service, Amazon is investing $ 700 million in an electrical vehicle startup, Elon Musk won’t release the AI algorithm used to write a novel and Google might be starting a streaming service for video games. Hope you enjoy the update!
February 25, 2019
Steven's Week 116: News about Colruyt, Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Walmart!
Welcome! In this week’s episode: Colruyt and Google partner up for voice-assisted commerce, LinkedIn is about to launch live video streaming, Apple wants to introduce facial recognition to unlock cars and Walmart wants to create an advertising platform around its retail service. Enjoy!
February 15, 2019
Steven's Week 115: News about Ikea, Warby Parker, a new law in New Jersey and Fortnite!
In this episode of Steven’s week: Ikea is testing a new business model of furniture rentals, Warby Parker developed an app to try on new glasses, New Jersey is swimming against the tide by forcing retailers to accept cash payments, while Fortnite was throwing a virtual party which 10 million avatars attended. Enjoy the show!
February 08, 2019
Steven's week 114: News about Wallmart, Facebook, Volvo and Disney!
Welcome to a new show! Wallmart no longer needs Google to fight Amazon, Facebook keeps on growing but is criticized after paying kids for data access, Volvo will test its driverless concept car on Swedish roads and Disney’s streaming service is in for a though ride.
February 01, 2019
Steven's Week 113: Exciting news from Microsoft, Amazon and Google, Waymo, Boeing and Netflix!
Welcome to a new Stevens’s Week! Lots of exciting tech news: Microsoft will be using its AI assistant Cortana to support Amazon and Google, Waymo openly shares the flaws of its self-driving vehicle services, Amazon launches delivery robots while Boeing presents a flying car and Netflix announced it will invest even more in original content in 2019. Enjoy!
January 25, 2019
Steven's week 112: News about AT&T and Magic Leap, Caper, Bytedance challenges WeChat and Nike
Welcome to the new update! In this episode: AT&T and Magic Leap create business solutions with augmented reality together, half of the robots were fired in a Japanese robot hotel, Caper designed smart carts to take cashier-less stores to the next level, Chinese tech company ByteDance made a social app to challenge WeChat and Nike presented self-lacing smart sneakers just like in Back To The Future – finally!
January 18, 2019
Steven's week 111: News about Apple, Audi, Disney, AI algorithms and Amazon Go stores
Happy 2019 everyone! Welcome to the first show of the year, featuring Apple’s move to make iTunes available for Samsung, an Audi and Disney partnership that wants to bring VR into your car, AI algorithms that detect shared Netflix or Spotify accounts and Amazon Go stores keep on booming.
January 11, 2019
Steven’s week 110: News about Starbucks and Uber Eats, Snapchat, Elon Musk and Google Lens!
Welcome to the last episode of Steven’s Week this year! The topics: the movie screenplay about Snapchat is number one on the Hollywood blacklist, Starbucks is partnering up with Alibaba Group and Uber Eats, meeting apps are adding features to improve appearances, Elon Musk launched his boring company and Google Lens can now identify over one billion products.
December 21, 2018
10 predictions for customer experience in 2019
10 predictions for customer experience in 2019
December 14, 2018
Steven's week 109: News about Nvidia, Amazon, Taylor Swift and the new king of YouTube!
Welcome to a new update! In this episode: Nvidia created an entire racing game background using AI, Amazon takes cashier-free stores to airports, Taylor Swift uses face recognition for concert security, we watched about 60 billion hours of gaming footage in 2018 and a 7-year-old boy is the king of YouTube.
December 14, 2018
Steven's week 108: News about Microsoft, Ali Baba, Marriott's data leak and WhatsApp!
In this episode of Steven’s Week: Microsoft closed a huge HoloLens deal with the US army, Ali Baba seals a partnership with El Corte Inglés, Marriott’s data leak raises security questions, WhatsApp wants to start payment services in India and China wants all electric car users to share their data. Enjoy!
December 07, 2018
8 tech announcements of 2018
8 tech announcements of 2018 that define the future of customer experience
November 30, 2018
Steven's week 107: News about UPS, Amazon, Apple Pay, Spotify en WeChat!
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! In this episode: UPS wants to use AI to predict the weather and avoid delivery issues, Amazon launches developers’ tool RoboMaker, Apple Pay is coming to Belgium while Spotify is going to India, WeChat teams up with Japanese social platform Line and Amazon wants Alexa in our cars. Enjoy!
November 30, 2018
Steven's Week 106: news about AI, Snapchat, LinkedIn en YouTube!
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! In this week’s show: AI made it possible to create a master fingerprint, Snapchat keeps on looking for partners to develop cool new AR features, LinkedIn is testing its own version of Stories and YouTube broadcasts the full Lego movie for free on Black Friday!
November 23, 2018
Steven's week 105: News about Alibaba, Walmart, Starbucks and Snapchat!
Welcome to the new weekly, now also available through iTunes and Spotify! Big news from Alibaba, that will open its first European logistics hub in Belgium, Walmart is creating in-store AI labs, Starbucks is experimenting with mobile delivery in China and Snapchat moves into personalised e-commerce with emoji merchandise.
November 16, 2018
Steven’s week 104: News about Wallmart, Amazon, Tesla and Baidu!
Welcome to another Steven’s Week! Knight Rider is becoming reality thanks to Tesla’s ‘summon your car’ function, the Chinese Baidu smart speaker is doing spectacularly well, Walmart’s online sales is beating Amazon, but meanwhile Amazon is investing massively in its own deliveries and the Amazon Go cashierless stores are showing some impressive results.
November 09, 2018
Steven's week 103: News about Apple, Amazon Prime, Skydio, Snapchat, Uber and Walmart
Welcome to another Steven’s week! Apple will attack Netflix and Amazon Prime with its own streaming service, Skydio launched a drone you can control with your Apple Watch, teenagers are still crazy about Snapchat, Walmart is pushing same-day deliveries while Uber has plans to launch a drone delivery service, great financial results for Tesla and Amazon is experimenting with an offline pop-up store
October 26, 2018
Steven Talks with Simon Mainwaring
I had the chance to talk to Simon Mainwaring, about the social impact that successful brands could - and should - have on their customers and the rest of the world.
October 25, 2018
Steven talks with David Li
I had the pleasure of meeting David Li, he is the founder of the Shenzhen open innovation lab. He can describe the chinese innovation scene in a great way. We also talked about the situation in Europe and why Europe is not as innovative anymore. His answer was really insightful: Europe and the US have run out of problems to solve. Check out the entire conversation to learn more about innovation in China, and specifically what makes Shenzhen unique. A great insight in the Shenzhen open innovation lab.
October 25, 2018
Steven talks with Jeffrey Kang
I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Kang, he is the founder and CEO of IngDan, which is the largest IoT platform in the world. Jeffrey Kang has a impressive story. His vision, his ambition, his success is just incredible. I felt very honored to meet him and wanted to share some of his insights with you in this short interview.
October 25, 2018
Steven talks with Mickey McManus
Mickey McManus is brilliant. He is a research fellow at Autodesk and is creating the future of that company. I shared my ideas and concepts from my latest book, customers the day after tomorrow, and wanted to have Mickey's ideas on that. I LOVED this conversation. Hope you will as well.
October 25, 2018
Steven Talks with Davy Kestens
Davy Kestens is the founder/CEO of customer experience software company Sparkcentral. We've been working together for more than 5 years now. I really enjoyed to see the growth of his fantastic company. His vision on the future customer experience is really interesting. Enjoy our conversation.
October 25, 2018
Steven's Week 102: news about Rolls-Royce and Intell, MIT University, Uber, GM and Google
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! Rolls-Royce and Intell are close to building fully autonomous ships, MIT university in Boston is building an AI college, Uber is entering the stock market, China and Google’s talks about a censored search engine raises questions and General Motors is tracking the in-car listening behavior of their customers.
October 25, 2018