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By Steven Van Belleghem
Steven is a thought leader on the transformation of customer relations and the future of marketing. He is an expert in inspiring companies to become true customer-centric organizations in this high speed digital world. His talks inspire companies about the smart usage of technology in the customer relationship without forgetting the human side of business. His keynotes are mind stretchers for business leaders. A very energetic and pragmatic keynote speaker, Steven shares his vision in speeches and workshops around the world.
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Steven's week 132: News about Amazon, the Harry Potter AR game, Apple and Google's Sidewalk Labs
Welcome to the last update before the summer break! Amazon wants to use drones in a new surveillance system, the Harry Potter AR game is failing to meet expectations, Apple acquires self-driving startup and Google reveals very promising plans for the development of Sidewalk Labs in Toronto. Enjoy the summer, everyone!
June 29, 2019
Steven's week 131: News about Amazon, Uber Eats and McDonald's, Libra, YouTube and Alexa
Hey everyone! In this week's show: Facebook launches Libra cryptocurrency, Uber Eats and McDonalds partner up for drone deliveries, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods is not the success they hoped for, deepfake technology is becoming extremely convincing, YouTube launches a cool AR tool for makeup testing and Alexa can predict heart attacks! Enjoy!
June 21, 2019
Steven's Week 130: News about Spotify, Wallmart, Amazon and insurance startup Lemonade
Welcome to a new update on marketing and technology! In this week’s episode: Spotify closes a podcast deal with the Obamas, Wallmart is testing in-home grocery deliveries, Amazon is launching a fashion app to find clothes online based on your photos, insurance startup Lemonade is coming to Europe and research shows that the patience of online consumers is limited to just three clicks.
June 14, 2019
Thinkers50 interview about Automation, AI and the Customer Experience
I did a podcast with Thinkers50. They were so kind to let me share it with you. Thanks for having me. 
June 7, 2019
Steven's week 129: News about Facebook's Libra, Amazon's Echo Show 5 and Amazon's iTunes
Welcome to a new update! While we’re getting more details about Facebook’s cryptocurrency Libra, many big banks are introducing their own form of cryptocurrency. Amazon launches the lower-priced Echo Show 5 and Apple waves goodbye to iTunes. Enjoy!
June 7, 2019
Customer experience in a world of AI platforms
A bonus-episode.
June 3, 2019
Steven's Week #128: News about Facebook, Amazone Alexa & 5G Technology
Welcome to a new episode! BBC reported that Facebook will launch their own cryptocurrency, Amazon talked about the future of Alexa and announced three important items they want to work on and 5G is moving rapidly in South Korea. Hope you enjoy!
May 31, 2019
Steven's Week #127: News about Amazon, Deliveroo, ByteDance & The Boring Company
Welcome to a new update! An interesting new investor for Deliveroo, there’s a new music streaming service by Chinese tech company ByteDance coming up, Amazon’s private labels aren’t effecting the sales of third party sellers on the platform and the Boring Company has some very exciting plans in Las Vegas. Hope you enjoy it!
May 24, 2019
Steven's Week #126: News about SpaceX, Uber, Google Assistant & 5G Technology
Welcome to a new show! In this week’s update: Uber’s recent stock market adventures, SpaceX’s launches the first satellites in the light of its Starlink mission, Google Assistant is entering a new phase and the 5G war between Donald Trump and China keeps on escalating.
May 17, 2019
Steven's Week #125: News about Tencent, Singapore fintech, Amazon & 5G Technology
Hello from China! In this week’s update: Singapore wants to introduce a virtual bank license to boost innovation in fin tech, Chinese tech giant Tencent is using AI to help diagnose and treat MS or Parkinson’s disease faster, the US urges the UK to boycott Huawei’s 5G services and Amazon Go agrees to accept cash payments in the States. Enjoy!
May 10, 2019
Steven calls with Rudy Moenaert
In the past weeks Steven called with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this last episode he talked with Rudy Moenaert, professor of strategic marketing.
May 7, 2019
Steven's Week 124: news about Alibaba, Marriott, Apple, Sainsbury's and Facebook
Welcome to a new Steven's Week! The topics of this week's episode are Alibaba doubling their volume for Tmall, Marriott starting with a home rental offering, Apple revealing their quarterly results, Sainsbury’s launching their first cashless store and Facebook announcing big plans at the F8 conference. Enjoy!
May 3, 2019
Steven calls with Thierry Geerts
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this episode he talks to Thierry Geerts, CEO of Google Belgium.
April 30, 2019
Steven's Week 123: News about Facebook, Google, Uber and JcPenney
Welcome back everyone! In this new episode: Facebook has confirmed it’s working on a digital voice assistant and released some impressive user and sales figures, Google’s smart city project Sidewalk Labs is being criticized for openly communicating about their data collection, we are seeing huge new investments in the development of driverless vehicles and Apple Pay is experiencing trouble in US retail.
April 26, 2019
Steven calls with Pascal Coppens
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this episode I talk to Pascal Coppens, China expert at Nexxworks.
April 23, 2019
Steven's week 122: News about Walmart and Google Assistant, Facebook and Burger King!
Welcome everyone! Walmart and Google Assistant partner up for voice shopping, Facebook wants to launch a specific news tab and Burger King and Nestlé are both experimenting with non-beef burgers: the Impossible Burger and the Awesome Burger. Enjoy the Easter Holiday!
April 5, 2019
Steven calls with Ken Hughes
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... In this episode I talk to keynote speaker Ken Hughes.
April 2, 2019
Steven's week 121: News about McDonalds, Apple and the success of cash-free stores in the US
 Welcome everyone! In this week's show: local governments in the US aren't very excited about the success of cash-free stores, McDonalds acquires a big data company for a more personalized experience and what can we expect from Apple TV Plus and the rest of Apple’s new services?
March 29, 2019
Steven calls with Tom De Ruyck
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... This is the second episode with Tom De Ruyck, managing partner of Insites Consulting.
March 26, 2019
Steven's week 120: News about Whatsapp, Instagram, Volvo and Nvidia!
Welcome everyone! In this week’s update: WhatsApp is preparing to launch a mobile payment service, Instagram is on its way to becoming a social shopping platform, Volvo announced a set of smart safety features and Nvidia’s AI software turns simplistic drawings into photorealistic landscapes.
March 22, 2019
Steven calls with Leslie Cottenjé
In the coming weeks Steven will be calling with 6 people with a great interest in technology, data, ... This is the first episode with Leslie Cottenjé, CEO of Hello Customer.
March 19, 2019
Steven's Week 119: News about Apple, Airbnb & Amazon
Welcome to a new update! In this week’s show: rumors say that Apple will launch an AR headset, Airbnb is acquiring the booking site HotelTonight and Amazon is looking for foreign developers to introduce Alexa in more non-English speaking countries. Enjoy!
March 15, 2019
Steven's Week 118: News about Target, BMW and Daimler, VW and Ford, Disney and Meituan!
Welcome! In this week’s show: retailer Target gives its brands a spot on their website, BMW and Daimler are working together to challenge companies like Uber, while Volkswagen and Ford join forces in their development of driverless cars, Asia is dominating the top 50 of innovative companies and Disney wants a bigger share of streaming service Hulu. See you after my one-week break!
March 1, 2019
Steven's week 117: News about P&G Apple, Amazon, Elon Musk and Google!
Welcome to another Steven’s Week! P&G is getting ready for a world without ads, Apple could be launching its own video streaming service, Amazon is investing $ 700 million in an electrical vehicle startup, Elon Musk won’t release the AI algorithm used to write a novel and Google might be starting a streaming service for video games. Hope you enjoy the update!
February 25, 2019
Steven's Week 116: News about Colruyt, Google, LinkedIn, Apple and Walmart!
Welcome! In this week’s episode: Colruyt and Google partner up for voice-assisted commerce, LinkedIn is about to launch live video streaming, Apple wants to introduce facial recognition to unlock cars and Walmart wants to create an advertising platform around its retail service. Enjoy!
February 15, 2019
Steven's Week 115: News about Ikea, Warby Parker, a new law in New Jersey and Fortnite!
In this episode of Steven’s week: Ikea is testing a new business model of furniture rentals, Warby Parker developed an app to try on new glasses, New Jersey is swimming against the tide by forcing retailers to accept cash payments, while Fortnite was throwing a virtual party which 10 million avatars attended. Enjoy the show!
February 8, 2019
Steven's week 114: News about Wallmart, Facebook, Volvo and Disney!
Welcome to a new show! Wallmart no longer needs Google to fight Amazon, Facebook keeps on growing but is criticized after paying kids for data access, Volvo will test its driverless concept car on Swedish roads and Disney’s streaming service is in for a though ride.
February 1, 2019
Steven's Week 113: Exciting news from Microsoft, Amazon and Google, Waymo, Boeing and Netflix!
Welcome to a new Stevens’s Week! Lots of exciting tech news: Microsoft will be using its AI assistant Cortana to support Amazon and Google, Waymo openly shares the flaws of its self-driving vehicle services, Amazon launches delivery robots while Boeing presents a flying car and Netflix announced it will invest even more in original content in 2019. Enjoy!
January 25, 2019
Steven's week 112: News about AT&T and Magic Leap, Caper, Bytedance challenges WeChat and Nike
Welcome to the new update! In this episode: AT&T and Magic Leap create business solutions with augmented reality together, half of the robots were fired in a Japanese robot hotel, Caper designed smart carts to take cashier-less stores to the next level, Chinese tech company ByteDance made a social app to challenge WeChat and Nike presented self-lacing smart sneakers just like in Back To The Future – finally!
January 18, 2019
Steven's week 111: News about Apple, Audi, Disney, AI algorithms and Amazon Go stores
Happy 2019 everyone! Welcome to the first show of the year, featuring Apple’s move to make iTunes available for Samsung, an Audi and Disney partnership that wants to bring VR into your car, AI algorithms that detect shared Netflix or Spotify accounts and Amazon Go stores keep on booming.
January 11, 2019
Steven’s week 110: News about Starbucks and Uber Eats, Snapchat, Elon Musk and Google Lens!
Welcome to the last episode of Steven’s Week this year! The topics: the movie screenplay about Snapchat is number one on the Hollywood blacklist, Starbucks is partnering up with Alibaba Group and Uber Eats, meeting apps are adding features to improve appearances, Elon Musk launched his boring company and Google Lens can now identify over one billion products.
December 21, 2018
10 predictions for customer experience in 2019
10 predictions for customer experience in 2019
December 14, 2018
Steven's week 109: News about Nvidia, Amazon, Taylor Swift and the new king of YouTube!
Welcome to a new update! In this episode: Nvidia created an entire racing game background using AI, Amazon takes cashier-free stores to airports, Taylor Swift uses face recognition for concert security, we watched about 60 billion hours of gaming footage in 2018 and a 7-year-old boy is the king of YouTube.
December 14, 2018
Steven's week 108: News about Microsoft, Ali Baba, Marriott's data leak and WhatsApp!
In this episode of Steven’s Week: Microsoft closed a huge HoloLens deal with the US army, Ali Baba seals a partnership with El Corte Inglés, Marriott’s data leak raises security questions, WhatsApp wants to start payment services in India and China wants all electric car users to share their data. Enjoy!
December 7, 2018
8 tech announcements of 2018
8 tech announcements of 2018 that define the future of customer experience
November 30, 2018
Steven's week 107: News about UPS, Amazon, Apple Pay, Spotify en WeChat!
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! In this episode: UPS wants to use AI to predict the weather and avoid delivery issues, Amazon launches developers’ tool RoboMaker, Apple Pay is coming to Belgium while Spotify is going to India, WeChat teams up with Japanese social platform Line and Amazon wants Alexa in our cars. Enjoy!
November 30, 2018
Steven's Week 106: news about AI, Snapchat, LinkedIn en YouTube!
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! In this week’s show: AI made it possible to create a master fingerprint, Snapchat keeps on looking for partners to develop cool new AR features, LinkedIn is testing its own version of Stories and YouTube broadcasts the full Lego movie for free on Black Friday!
November 23, 2018
Steven's week 105: News about Alibaba, Walmart, Starbucks and Snapchat!
Welcome to the new weekly, now also available through iTunes and Spotify! Big news from Alibaba, that will open its first European logistics hub in Belgium, Walmart is creating in-store AI labs, Starbucks is experimenting with mobile delivery in China and Snapchat moves into personalised e-commerce with emoji merchandise.
November 16, 2018
Steven’s week 104: News about Wallmart, Amazon, Tesla and Baidu!
Welcome to another Steven’s Week! Knight Rider is becoming reality thanks to Tesla’s ‘summon your car’ function, the Chinese Baidu smart speaker is doing spectacularly well, Walmart’s online sales is beating Amazon, but meanwhile Amazon is investing massively in its own deliveries and the Amazon Go cashierless stores are showing some impressive results.
November 9, 2018
Steven's week 103: News about Apple, Amazon Prime, Skydio, Snapchat, Uber and Walmart
Welcome to another Steven’s week! Apple will attack Netflix and Amazon Prime with its own streaming service, Skydio launched a drone you can control with your Apple Watch, teenagers are still crazy about Snapchat, Walmart is pushing same-day deliveries while Uber has plans to launch a drone delivery service, great financial results for Tesla and Amazon is experimenting with an offline pop-up store
October 26, 2018
Steven Talks with Simon Mainwaring
I had the chance to talk to Simon Mainwaring, about the social impact that successful brands could - and should - have on their customers and the rest of the world.
October 25, 2018
Steven talks with David Li
I had the pleasure of meeting David Li, he is the founder of the Shenzhen open innovation lab. He can describe the chinese innovation scene in a great way. We also talked about the situation in Europe and why Europe is not as innovative anymore. His answer was really insightful: Europe and the US have run out of problems to solve. Check out the entire conversation to learn more about innovation in China, and specifically what makes Shenzhen unique. A great insight in the Shenzhen open innovation lab.
October 25, 2018
Steven talks with Jeffrey Kang
I had the pleasure of meeting Jeffrey Kang, he is the founder and CEO of IngDan, which is the largest IoT platform in the world. Jeffrey Kang has a impressive story. His vision, his ambition, his success is just incredible. I felt very honored to meet him and wanted to share some of his insights with you in this short interview.
October 25, 2018
Steven talks with Mickey McManus
Mickey McManus is brilliant. He is a research fellow at Autodesk and is creating the future of that company. I shared my ideas and concepts from my latest book, customers the day after tomorrow, and wanted to have Mickey's ideas on that. I LOVED this conversation. Hope you will as well.
October 25, 2018
Steven Talks with Davy Kestens
Davy Kestens is the founder/CEO of customer experience software company Sparkcentral. We've been working together for more than 5 years now. I really enjoyed to see the growth of his fantastic company. His vision on the future customer experience is really interesting. Enjoy our conversation.
October 25, 2018
Steven's Week 102: news about Rolls-Royce and Intell, MIT University, Uber, GM and Google
Welcome to a new Steven’s Week! Rolls-Royce and Intell are close to building fully autonomous ships, MIT university in Boston is building an AI college, Uber is entering the stock market, China and Google’s talks about a censored search engine raises questions and General Motors is tracking the in-car listening behavior of their customers.
October 25, 2018
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