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Stevie Mckie - Scotland Ablaze

Stevie Mckie - Scotland Ablaze

By Stephen Mckie
Stephen has travelled the world preaching and teaching about the governmental realms of God and stirring up hunger in people for the more. Stephen is also the Second Year Principal of The Nest which is an online training school designed to help believers grow into full maturity in Christ. Stephen’s passion is to enable people to grow into the full stature of Christ and to help grow a community of people walk in all the power and authority that God wants to give us as New Covenant Sons.

To invite Stephen to your church or region contact him at
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In this session from the Arise Scotland weekly meetings in Glasgow, Stevie teaches on how we can and must learn to live and pray from the other side of the veil. This was something Rees Howells learned in the dark days of world war 2 and we must take on board if we are going to advance the kingdom of God in our day
August 25, 2020
Deeper into the Holy of Holies
In this session Stephen shares about how we can either stay at the outer courts or we can travel deeper in to the heart and depth of Christ where we will live out of union and oneness with Christ. We are invited to go beyond the outer courts and Holy place to the very Holy of Holies but are you willing to yield all to live beyond the medicocracy of our day and reach through into God Himself.
July 11, 2018
The Power of the Blood - Stephen Mckie
This was a teaching given by Stephen Mckie at the Wildfire Gathering in Glasgow. This was a powerful time of learning how to appropriate the blood so that we can walk in all that God has ordained for us!
October 30, 2017
The Good, acceptable or the Perfect?
In this message Stephen Mckie challenges us to go for the perfect plan rather than settle for the good or acceptable. There is a book in heaven with your name on it and in it is the perfect will of the father for your life. Will you choose to walk in the perfect or will you settle for the less! The choice is yours!!
September 25, 2017
Redig the Ancient Wells: Andrew Mckie
In the teaching Andrew Mckie shares from his wealth of experience about what clogs up the ancient wells and how to re-dig the wells so that refreshing, revival and reformation can flow! This teaching was given at the Gathering Place International Louisiana.
April 17, 2017
Isaiah 60 Scroll for Scotland - Ian Clayton (2015)
For 3 months before last years into the unknown conference with Ian Clayton, Ian had been engaging in a council meeting in heaven where heavens councils, including men of old from the Hebrides, were discussing Scotlands blueprint. In this session Ian talks about this and releases a word He received for Scotland based around Isaiah 60. This again was a powerful nation changing session. God has done amazing things these last few years in Scotland at the Ian Clayton conference in Troon so if your interested in coming this August 25th-27 please visit for details. Listen and enjoy
April 27, 2016
The Ancient Flame and Divine Union - Stephen Mckie
In this Podcast Stephen speaks about the ancient flame of God that we need to burn away all that hinders so we can walk in divine Union with Christ Himself. This was a very unique time with our friends in Pendle England as the Holy Spirit began to move in a powerful way.
January 13, 2016
The Rising Governmental Hubs
This teaching was given at the first session of the Ian Clayton (Into the unknown conference) in Troon August 2015. In this podcast Stephen Mckie preaches on the Governmental Hubs that God is raising up all across the earth.
October 19, 2015
God Given Faith - Andrew Mckie
Recently God spoke to my friend Justin Abraham and said that there is 3 things we need at this time (and all time really). The 3 things are wine, faith and the oracle. In this message Andrew McKie unpacks a genuinely heavy weight word all about God given Faith. This was a very significant night and the message was very powerful! Hope you enjoy!
June 29, 2015
The Bench of 3 and Beit Din
In this podcast Stephen Mckie teaches about the Bench of 3, the Beit Din and, at least in part, how it works in practice. This was recorded in Belfast with Pauline Burton and the guys at Celtic Wildfire
June 08, 2015
Living From the Altar - Abi Mackriell
In these past few years Abi Mackriell and the Scotland Ablaze group have been on an amazing journey that has led to this point where God is calling us to live from the Altar like never before. There is a call in the Spirit right now and in this podcast Abi Mackriell speaks about this call and how we need to surrender to the Altar to emerge into the new era that God has in store!
May 29, 2015
Beyond the Torn Veil - Stephen Mckie
When Jesus died on the cross the Veil of the temple was torn in two. The way was opened for all to go beyond the veil into the Holy of Hollies. Stephen teaches on the reality of this truth and how we can now, by faith, boldly access the throne of God! To know and experience this reality will change your life! This teaching was given in N Ireland at a conference hosted by Eric & Mary Hogg and the music at the end is by Julian Wiggins-Heaven Waits
April 07, 2015
Divine Union - Stephen Mckie
In this podcast Stephen teaches on Divine union and How the fire of God is coming to burn up all that hinders this Union with Christ. This teaching was given at a gathering in Magherafelt N. Ireland hosted by Mary and Eric Hogg.
March 23, 2015
Tabernacles - A New Era (Stephen McKie)
In this podcast Stephen McKie teaches on the feast of tabernacles and how it is the next event in Gods calendar. What we have experienced up until now is simply a down payment of what is to come, we have seen nothing yet! God is about to release such a magnitude of Glory that we will be changed from Glory to Glory and will become the mature Sons that all creation is waiting for! A New Era is upon us and its the new era of tabernacles!
February 28, 2015
The Heartbeat of God For This Generation
This is a revelation given to Isabel McKie who is one of the elder members of Scotland Ablaze and a true Seer. I call her the female Bob Jones (lol) Isabel shares a revelation she received from the Lord about entering into the heavenly realms. It is just 7 mins long approx and set to music. Hope you enjoy!
February 21, 2015
Apostolic Hubs (Houses of Habitation)
In these days God is establishing Apostolic Hubs all across the planet. In these Hubs God is teaching communities of people about how to engage with heavenly realities beyond the veil. These Hubs are like green houses where We will grow into maturity and will ultimately prepare us to walk in the fullness of all that God is and all that He has dreamed for us! We will become like Christ himself!
January 22, 2015
Moses, the Altar and Heavenly Government
God spoke to us recently (through Ian Clayton) about building an Altar under the mountain of God. Many of you might have listened to that podcast. Well this teaching by Stephen Mckie seeks to discover exactly what that means by asking simple questions like: what is an altar and what do we have to do to build it? God in these days is calling a people up (like the 70 elders) into the mountain of God so this teaching will help your understand what it is we need to do to cooperate with this heavenly invitation.
December 03, 2014
Hiddenness- Abi Mackriell
In this podcast Abi Mackriell takes us on a journey, the journey of discovery of the mysteries of God. We are being called in these days to embrace God as He is and not just as we understand Him to be. For He is beyond our understanding yet somehow we yearn to enter into the depths of all that He is even if that path is shrouded in unknowable mystery.
October 28, 2014
Manifest Sons (Stephen Mckie Canada)
This podcast was recorded in Canada with our friends Ecclesia of Burning ones. What is coming is more then revival its the fulfilment of Gods dream to have mature sons on the earth. We wont just have visitation we will experience habitation as we are transformed into the image of Christ who is our example of what a mature Son looks like.
October 04, 2014
Ian Clayton-Engaging the Presence of God (Scotland 2014)
In this podcast Ian Clayton teaches on the importance of pursuing God himself and not experience. If we just seek experience without knowing God we could easily be deceived and could easily go off course but if we seek God and his friendship first then we will go much farther and will be taken on the most incredible adventure anyone could ever imagine! Engaging with the Presence of God is the most important thing we will ever do! Listen and enjoy
September 30, 2014
The Scottish Referendum - Biblical Considerations with Yvonne Hall
Mostly everyone in the UK knows by now that Scotland is about to partake in a historic vote on whether we should remain part of the United Kingdom or whether we should become an independent nation. Politicians, business people and the general public alike are making political and economic arguments about why we should or shouldn't vote yes or no to independence but in this podcast Yvonne Hall makes that case that we as Gods people should transcend political and economic ideology and humbly en-devour to know the heart of God on the matter! Economic and political arguments could convince you one way or the other but Yvonne poses the questions - what would be best for Scotland Spiritually? What is best for Scotland's spiritual destiny? In our quest to move forward as a nation we must consider biblical and spiritual principles and apply them to our decision as we seek to do what is best for Scotland spiritually!
July 28, 2014
Fire & the Manifest Sons
This podcast is the 3rd in a serious of 3 about the manifest sons that we are becoming. Al creation is groaning for this and we are about to partake in it! God is about to send a fire that will utterly change us so much that we will be unrecognizable. The fire will literally change our DNA until we are burning with a purity that this world has never seen! Hope you enjoy and are challenged by this podcast from Canada.
July 13, 2014
The Blood & the Manifest Sons
All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the Sons of God on earth but the question we must ask is how are we going to become that which creation is longing for? The answer? The Blood of Christ is going to be a major part of changing us into the image of Christ! When we get a revelation of the Blood and actively appropriate it into our lives then we will be changed from Glory to Glory! We will become like Christ!!! Enjoy
June 23, 2014
What Will the Manifest Sons Look Like?
The Apostle Paul declared that All creation is groaning for the manifestation of the sons of God. So in this podcast Stephen Mckie seeks to answer a simple question and that is - What will the manifest Sons look like? If everything in creation is waiting for the mature sons to emerge and be revealed then surely we need an understanding from the Lord of what this will look like and how we can position ourselves to be part of this great outworking of Gods magnificent dream! This was recorded in Nashville USA. Hope you enjoy and are challenged!
June 13, 2014
Become the Voice: Stephen Mckie
William Branham once said that there would come a day when the spoken word ministry would be released once again on the earth! Many prophetic voices through many generations and epochs have proclaimed and ushered in new seasons of Gods agenda for mankind but we in these days are about to hear the voice of the Lord released in a way we have never heard before! His voice spoken through a yielded company of laid down lovers will shake not only the earth but the heavens also! The voice of the Lord will change everything!!!
May 14, 2014
You Shall Receive a New Name - Andrew Mckie
In the podcast Andrew Mckie shares on how all through scripture God changed peoples character and future destiny by giving them a new name. A new name represents a supernatural transformation where individuals or nations transition from one era into another. God has already changed our name but in the days to come He will change it/them again as we partake of the hidden manna. A new era is dawning and we will become something entirely new just like Jacob when he was renamed Israel. We are now sons of God but what we will be we do not even know!
May 04, 2014
Following Mystery - Abi Mackriell
This is a weighty message by Abi Mackriell shared at our monthly Spirit School in Saltcoats. Abi speaks about how we need to embrace mystery in our walk with the Lord, for He (Christ) is indeed the ultimate expression of Mystery and as Paul says, Christ is the Mystic secret of God. As we embrace mystery we ultimately embrace God Himself! This is one message you need to keep listening to because the weightiness of the message increases as the message continues! Listen and enjoy!
April 02, 2014
7 Spirits of God - Beyond Pentecost (Stephen Mckie)
In this engaging session, Stephen Mckie shares on the 7 Spirits of God and Mature Sons. He releases the truth that Pentecost was only 10% as a Feast. What we have seen in terms of power and glory in the Pentecostal era is merely the first fruits of what is yet to be released through the mature sons and daughters of God on the earth. We are about to experience, not just Pentecostal outpourings but the fullness of Tabernacles - Habitation!
March 03, 2014
Taking the hand of Beauty - Lorna McDougall
In this podcast our very own Scottish story teller Lorna McDougall takes you on a journey. A journey that invites you to lay aside all fear and self doubt and simply , like a child, take the hand of Beauty and let Him lead you into an adventure of love and realization of who you really are! This is a powerful message and one that I personally will listen to again and again!
March 01, 2014
Possessing The Land - The 12 foundation Stones
Dr Sharon Stone released a prophetic word recently saying that Scotland was the first nation in Europe to cross over the Jordan into the Promised Land. In this podcast Stephen Mckie releases revelation about what must happen now that we, as a nation, have crossed over. This revelation is based on the 12 stones that the Lord commanded Joshua to take from the Jordan and lay them down as a remembrance and I believe also a prophetic picture of what was to come in our day! This is unknown territory for Scotland and the nations and it’s vitally important that we do things according to the pattern that we (the ecclesia) receive from heaven! We must hear the voice that now speaks and adhere to what it says so we can move forward and possess the Land!!
February 02, 2014
Ian Clayton - How to frame up your world (Scotland 2013)
In this podcast Ian teaches on how to frame up your world by engaging in the kingdom of light and becoming the voice that shapes the physical world around you! Click on the play button and enjoy!
November 28, 2013
Ian Clayton - Beyond the Veil (Scotland 2013)
In this podcast from the 'Gods Government' conference - Scotland 2013, Ian teaches about the importance of living life from beyond the veil! We the church, for too long, have been trying to impact the world from an earthly position! However, the truth is we will only impact earth in a significant way when we learn to rise up higher and go beyond the Veil. Beyond the Veil is the high calling of this hour so listen and be challenged, can you hear the call?
October 29, 2013
Engaging the Heavenly Courts
This is a teaching Stephen Mckie gave in South Africa called, 'Engaging the Heavenly Courts'. In These days God is teaching his people how to engage the heavenly realms so that we as the church can see real change on the earth. Jesus said He would build His church (ecclesia) 
and the gates of hell would not be able to prevail against this. Well the Ecclesia (church) that Jesus said he would build was not exactly the church model that we have become accustomed too. The Ecclesia really means a people called out to legislate. We are actually supposed to be the government over cities, regions and ultimately Nations! So have a listen and you will learn how to engage the court system of heaven. A reformation has begun in Scotland and beyond and learning how the court system of heaven works is a huge part of it!!
July 22, 2013
Engaging Zion & the Councils of God
Powerful truth on the call to go literally into the heavenly Zion and how to engage with the Government there! This teaching was recorded in Toronto Canada! In these days God is calling us up higher into the heavenly Zion. The church (ecclesia) will function from heaven to earth and learn how to release Governmental rule!! It’s a new day and a new era! Are you ready to come up higher??
July 22, 2013
Prophetic cry to the church!! Who is willing to come under the Government of heaven?
This word was given at Oasis ministries UK with David and Carl Clarkson. In these days God is looking for a people who will let go of control and yield to the Government of God. This is a prophetic message to England and the church in general. Something new is being birthed, a new era is upon us. We are moving from visitation to habitation, from pentecost to tabernacles but the question is, who will move with the cloud? Who will be brave enough to yield to the call of God to leave the familiar and follow the unknown path. Who is willing to let the Holy Spirit come and take control and let Jesus build Apostolic houses where He Himself will come and dwell!! "He who has an ear, let him hear what the Spirit says to the churches"!
July 08, 2013
The Secret of the Stairs - Lorna McDougall
This podcast by our very own Lorna McDougall was inspired by an angel we call, 'the pen angel'. The pen angel's purpose was and is to encourage us to record and write down some of the visitations that we have been experiencing as a community of people here in Saltcoats (Scotland). So in this podcast Lorna shares a powerful experience she had about the journey to ascend the secret stairs!! Are you ready to let go of all hindrances so you can ascend into the secret places of His heart? There is a secret place, there is a hidden path, are you brave enough to go beyond the known and step into the unknown path? The choice is yours!!
July 02, 2013
The 7 Spirits of God & the manifestation of the Sons of God
In this episode Stephen declares that we are about to move from a Pentecostal era to the era of tabernacles. Pentecost is known as a first fruits feast. What we have all experienced in the Pentecostal era, no matter how incredible, is simply the for-taste of what is to come. We have seen nothing yet! Pentecost was just the down payment whereas tabernacles points to fullness. God in these days is about to clothe a company of radicals with the fullness of the 7 Spirits just like Jesus had. The bible says ' as He is so are we in the world'! Are we ready for the manifestation of the mature sons?? Let the new era begin!!!
March 13, 2013
Joels Army - The Radicals Are Coming!
Apostles of the dust, walking in humility but carry great authority! Can you hear their footsteps? Its the great army of hidden ones! Those who have been shaped in adversity and trained in obscurity! The rejected ones are coming forth with fire in their hearts and fire in their eyes! The earth trembles and satan cowers at the revealing of the sons of God, marching in great love and in great awe! This is Joels Army!!!!
December 17, 2012
The North Gate and Heavenly Trading ( Ian Clayton Scotland 2010)
In this powerful teaching Ian Clayton teaches us how to release heavenly judgement on the principalities that have stood in the gates of our nation. While in Scotland Ian had an encounter where he saw a Gate in the North of Scotland that used to be a gate of revival but had now been blocked. So we, along with Ian, engaged with heavens court and decreed judgment on every illegal power that stood in the gate and prevented all that God wanted to do in Scotland and beyond.
December 07, 2011