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Bridge It.

Bridge It.

By Stevland Bridge SVB
Hello! We are Stevland Bridge, or just simply call us SVB! This podcast will be the place for you to hear topics such as Leadership, Business Development, and People Development.
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#Bridge 95: How HR Practitioners Can Be Proactive About Employees' Mental Health
As we enter the month of Mental Health Awareness, this is the perfect time to talk about an issue that certainly has to be included in every organization’s top priorities during COVID-19: employee mental health. As stated by Deloitte, working in isolation, managing work alongside caring responsibilities, and an overwhelming sense of uncertainty have contributed to why 50% of employees have reported their worsened states of mental health ever since COVID-19 occurs. This week, we are going to discuss employees’ mental health during COVID-19, as well as proactive actions that HR companies should pursue in order to help their employees’ mental health struggles.
May 05, 2021
#Bridge 94: How to Manage Your Employer Branding Through COVID-19 Crisis
With some heavy news cycles and uncertain times all around, you are probably feeling a little lost wondering how to manage your employer brand during this challenging time. A lot of things are changing, there are notable shifts in candidate behaviour, media consumption and the use of social platforms that require brands to reconsider how they relate to their users. This week's podcast discusses employer branding during COVID-19 crisis: its definition, benefits, and things to consider when managing employer branding during COVID-19
April 28, 2021
#Bridge 93: SMEs as The Backbone of Indonesia's Economy: An HR View
With Indonesia being one of the world's largest economies, the role of its small and medium enterprises has only become more essential for the government. Not only do they create jobs, but SMEs also alleviate poverty as they account for 97 percent of domestic employment. This week, we are going to decide the extent to which Indonesian SMEs have become the backbone of Indonesia’s overall economy - this includes identifying HR-related issues that they often encounter as well as how to manage them properly.
April 21, 2021
#Bridge 92: Talent Development Programs That Attract Millennials
Millennials are a huge part of our current workplace, yet it was found that there is a significant proportion of them who are not fully engaged while working. Well, how to solve this? Talent development is how! It is an organisation’s way to create a high-performing workplace that consists of motivated and engaged employees. This week, we are going to discuss how to implement talent development programs that will attract millennials.
April 14, 2021
#Bridge 91: Social Media Recruiting: How It Attracts Top Talent
In the past decade, recruitment has grown exponentially as in order for businesses to stand out in the competitive landscape and attract top talents, it is pivotal to have recruiting strategies in place, one of which is social media recruiting. This week, we are going to provide an in-depth insight into recruiting using social media: its benefits, barriers, and ways of improvement.
April 07, 2021
#Bridge 90: Why You Should Enforce Workforce Diversity
As time goes on, workplace diversity and inclusion programs have become top priorities for HR practitioners in terms of managing employee recruitment and customer branding strategies. Well, why is this the case? Is it solely to elevate a company’s reputation and inclusion? This week, we are going to discuss workplace diversity from various perspectives.
March 31, 2021
#Bridge 89: Unpaid Internship: An Insight and Views
Should companies pay their interns? There is currently a growing debate regarding whether an intern should receive monetary benefits, as it was argued that an unpaid internship ends up being exploitative to the interns. This week's topic covers an unpaid internship from its definition, underlying reasons, and considerations an intern should pay attention to when choosing an internship opportunity. 
March 24, 2021
#Bridge 88: Conflict in the Workplace: Desirable or to be Avoided?
"We must avoid conflict at all costs" - do you agree? Workplace conflict has been frequently encountered in organizations, and in this era of globalization, it seems that conflict in a workplace does not always result in a negative outcome. This week's discussion covers the most common types of workplace conflict, its triggers, and most importantly, whether they are as damaging as they seem. 
March 17, 2021
#Bridge 87: HRBP: Significantly Critical for Companies
Currently, the need for companies is increasing and there are more challenges to survive. As HR practitioners, we need to have a more advanced approach in supporting ongoing business processes. In this episode, we will discuss how to be an HRBP that can help organization to survive.
March 10, 2021
#Bridge 86: Autonomous Leadership and Ways to Encourage Autonomy in the Workplace
Are you currently in a company that is still groping and testing which systems are suitable and profitable to be applied in virtual working? Virtual working has its own managerial challenges due to limitations and business demands that must continue to run. Well, maybe it's time for you to look at autonomous leadership which will really help the work process.
March 03, 2021
#Bridge 85: HR Could be the Key of Successful Mergers and Acquisition
The acquisition of PT Fritolay by PT Indofood became a hot topic of discussion in the community because of the consequences that made lays doritos and cheetos stop being marketed. then actually how does the acquisition process occur? How often is HR involved when a company plans to acquire another organization? How often is HR asked to provide insights when a company is about to be sold?
February 24, 2021
#Bridge 84: Enhance your skills to prepare career during the COVID-19 Pandemic
The existence of COVID-19 has decreased the job market in the world. Consequently, the competition for work is getting tighter. Therefore, we must prepare ourselves more thoroughly so that we can be chosen by the company, namely by increasing our abilities and professionalism.
February 17, 2021
#Bridge 83: Combination of People and Technology: Growing SMEs to Have a Bigger Impact
SMEs have tremendous potential in relation to employment and their contribution to the Indonesian economy. However, a lot of SMEs face problems, especially in management and how to survive, especially in this uncertain condition
February 11, 2021
#Bridge 82: HR Management for SME: Creating optimal productivity in minimum resources
SMEs make a big contribution to the Indonesian economy and absorb a lot of workforces. however, they still lack financial support and business management so that they can continue to gain maximum productivity. The most basic thing is regarding employee management, SMEs are still not able to maintain and prosper properly
February 03, 2021
#Bridge 81: HR view about pivoting career and how to manage it
Pivoting careers are currently mostly done either by employees themselves or from the company. Apart from that, there are many pros and cons of career pivoting and how is career pivoting in the eyes of HR?
January 27, 2021
#Bridge 80: Strategic Learning for Thriving in HR Exponential Trends
HR trends change as demands to meet business and market needs, accommodating human desires to become good business partners in a company. These trends make it possible for the company to survive in all conditions. what trends are meant? lets check it out
January 20, 2021
#Bridge 79: The Future is Now: Upgrade Your Employee in a Virtual Training Environment
During the Covid-19 pandemic, we were all forced to do all activities at home, including work. In a company, under any circumstances, the business must continue to run and the company must keep its employees productive and if necessary, the company also needs to improve the skills of its employees.
January 13, 2021
#Bridge 78: Discuss about UU Cipta Kerja: HR Regulation Adjustment
UU Cipta Kerja No 11 Tahun 2020 was entered to force on November 2th, 2020. UU Cipta Kerja regulates many aspects regarding jobs, companies, and employees. therefore, as HR practitioners we must know what is regulated in the new labor regulations and then adapt them to the conditions of our organization.
January 06, 2021
#Bridge 77: The Importance of Organizational Awareness and How to Raise it
Organization awareness is a basic thing that every individual in the organization needs to have. Organization awareness helps a person know the state of the organization and what it needs. Organization awareness is also sometimes referred to as an intuition to better understand the condition of an organization
December 30, 2020
#Bridge 76: Is it something good to reshuffle staff or BoD in the middle of a leadership period?
The issue of the ministerial reshuffle is being discussed a lot by the public because it significantly affects the performance of the government. And it turns out that the reshuffle issue is nothing new in the government. What about other organizations such as other companies or corporations? Is the reshuffle issue a common thing then is this the solution to the problems that arise?
December 24, 2020
#Bridge 75: Accepted as HR without Related Background and Experience with Alvin Tanthio
Are you passionate and interested in HR career options? Your value is Investing in human resources development that allows the company to continuously drive productivity and profits? But looking at your background and experience you feel discouraged, don't feel that because learning HR knowledge can be anytime and anywhere. And if you get the right approach to learning, it is possible for you to get started as an HR practitioner.
December 18, 2020
#Bridge 74: How to Effectively Learn HR to get into HR Careers
Human resource is one of the most needed fields and it is also the most attractive for now. To be able to start a career in HR successfully, we need to understand and have skills in that field. It's not impossible to get into HR without having a degree. Before you start applying for management positions, approach your future career from a different perspective. In this episode, we will discuss how to advance your career with a nationally recognized HR qualification.
December 16, 2020
#Bridge 73: Avoid Fast Solution, Solve Problem Properly and Correctly
In some moment, people in organization or company rushing in choosing a solution to solve the problem. It may happened because there are biases in understanding the problem. Maybe some people do not clarify and understand the problem properly. This will create negative impact to the organization or company. In solving the problem, we should choose correct solution. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to solve the problem properly and correctly. 
December 10, 2020
#Bridge 72: How to Create a Better Workplace
Some people in an organization might feel exhausted, stressed, and worried about their works so they don't have time to pay attention to themselves and maybe they experience reduced time in personal and family time. All of these problems impact negatively to the mental health which lead to the performance at work. A mistreatment to our employees or colleagues that happened in an organization will directly impact the workplace environment. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to create a better workplace environment with the aim to make employee motivated and having higher productivity. 
December 02, 2020
#Bridge 71: Recruiting in the era of COVID-19
As we know, the COVID-19 affecting the business operation all over the world including recruitment process. Since the change of recruitment process are happening, it is also impacting the job market because the talent need adjustment with the current condition. Thus, the way company handle the recruitment, hire, and manage the employee also change. In this episode, we will discuss about ways for employeer to have better recruitment process and job seeker to get the job in the era of COVID-19.
November 26, 2020
#Bridge 70: 7 Ways HR Can Build a Fairer, Data-Informed Culture
Currently, data and analytics are two important factors needed in Human Resource Management. Data and analytics is needed to make the right decision. In fact, data can create biases when it affects judgment in creating a decision which lead to the issue of fairness. However, data may also lead to fairer decision making by reducing subjective way of thinking. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to build a fairer data-informed culture for HR.
November 18, 2020
Bridge #69: What It Takes to Lead in the Era of Exponential Change
Not only in 2020, the world has changed rapidly especially in terms of technology. Because of the exponential change, it might makes some leaders feel struggled. Leaders feel struggled since there are many challenges came. Leaders need to adjust their characteristics and plan of their business rapidly to compete with competitors. Therefore, the world need new form of leaders that can adjust rapidly and navigate this unprecedented kind of change. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to lead in the era of exponential change. 
November 11, 2020
Bridge #68: Managing Yourself for Extreme Productivity
As we experience that extreme productivity makes people feel overwhelmed, it also can create enjoyment based on how people manage themselves for extreme productivity. Thus, it is important to know and understand self-management for extreme productivity. There are ways to manage yourself for extreme productivity to be less overwhelmed and feel more enjoyed. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to manage yourself for extreme productivity.
November 04, 2020
Bridge #67: How to Develop your Leadership Skills
As we know, people have different style of leadership which lead to different characteristics on employee. In fact, great leadership can make people more professional. Meanwhile the poor leadership can make people look incompetent. However, there are ways to develop your leadership style. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to develop your leadership style to be more professional.
October 28, 2020
Bridge #66: How to Foster Psychological Safety in Virtual Meetings
This pandemic season force companies to working from home which lead to the virtual meetings via application. However, this virtual meetings may feel insecure to raise questions, concerns, and ideas. There are ways to cope with insecurities in virtual meetings. In this episode, we will discuss about ways to foster psychological safety in virtual meetings. 
October 21, 2020
Bridge #65: 5 Strategies to Support Your Employees through a Crisis
The Covid-19 pandemic has separated people from their workplaces, coworkers, and familiar daily routines. It has added tension in many situations, contributing to a decrease in morale, and broken cohesion of the team, both of which may result in dampened work results. That's why it is important to support your employees through crisis. In this episode, we will discuss about 5 strategies to support your employees through a crisis. 
October 14, 2020
Bridge #64: How to Defeat Busy Culture
In this pandemic, busy culture is always increasing. It is fair to believe that the more busy we are, the greater the impact we will be able to make. However, in fact the busy culture undermines efficiency and takes us away from our families and create coworkers' deeper relationships. As the human being, it is important to understand ways to defeat busy culture. In this episode, we will discuss about strategies to defeat busy culture.
October 07, 2020
Bridge #63: Strategies for Better Group Decision Making
There will be major problems occurred in businesses, which may require another thought in solving the problem. Thus, people likely bring it into the group. It will help to solve the problem with better outcomes. However, group decision making will create more bias and lead to the groupthink which is not necessarily effective. Somehow, group decision can be effective if the group create the right process for it. In this episode, we will discuss about strategies for better decision making.
September 30, 2020
Bridge #62: How to Make Rational Decisions in the Face of Uncertainty
Currently, the COVID 19 continuous to grow everyday. As the scientists still don't fully understand the virus, watching the country's economy continuous to decline, and facing the risk of economic downturn, the future seems completely unpredictable. It may be hard for us to make rational decisions. We may afraid to act or we may act based on intuition instead of logic and facts. In this episode, we will discuss about steps on how to make rational decisions in the face of uncertainty. 
September 23, 2020
Bridge #61: How to (Actually) Save Time When You're Working Remotely
Currently, in Indonesia there are 3,000 new cases of COVID-19 every day, many of us are forced to change the way we work again. But actually, with this different way of working, there's an advantage behind it, the reduced time spent commuting to the office. But in fact, based on the survey held by HBR,  people stated that during this pandemic additional time was often spent on unproductive work and unsatisfactory recreational activities. In this episode, we will discuss how to save your time when working remotely.
September 16, 2020
Bridge #60 : HR Jobs of the Future
The Coronavirus has drastically reshaped the economy and the labor force. Since its rapid spread around the globe, we have experienced titanic shifts in how we work, where we work, and the technologies we use to stay connected. Such massive change is escalating the importance of HR’s role within organizations. They have a tremendous opportunity, and responsibility, to provide workers with guidance on the skills and capabilities they will need to be successful over the next decade as new roles continue to emerge. In this episode, we will discuss potential HR jobs in the future. 
September 09, 2020
Bridge #59 Part 4 : How to Lead Someone More Powerful than You with Ayok Nugroho (Director, Quaker Indonesia & Head of Operations GMD ASIA at PepsiCo)
The word 'leading' in the context of management has the connotation of someone being at the front. But actually everyone has the right to lead from any position. Because leading is not only about providing direction but also about communicating thoughts, suggestions, and even feedback to others. But in fact, there are still many out there who have difficulty being able to lead. Especially in the world of supply chain like the one faced by Ayok, where employment is dominated by old forces who are more experienced and senior in their fields. In this special episode, we will discuss tips & tricks to be an effective leader for everyone. 
September 02, 2020
Bridge #59 Part 3 : How to Lead Someone More Powerful than You with Ayok Nugroho (Director, Quaker Indonesia & Head of Operations GMD ASIA at PepsiCo)
The word 'leading' in the context of management has the connotation of someone being at the front. But actually everyone has the right to lead from any position. Because leading is not only about providing direction but also about communicating thoughts, suggestions, and even feedback to others. But in fact, there are still many out there who have difficulty being able to lead. Especially in the world of supply chain like the one faced by Ayok, where employment is dominated by old forces who are more experienced and senior in their fields. In this special episode, we will discuss how to build credibility & make people trust you. 
September 02, 2020
Bridge #59 Part 2 : How to Lead Someone More Powerful than You with Ayok Nugroho (Director, Quaker Indonesia & Head of Operations GMD ASIA at PepsiCo)
The word 'leading' in the context of management has the connotation of someone being at the front. But actually everyone has the right to lead from any position. Because leading is not only about providing direction but also about communicating thoughts, suggestions, and even feedback to others. But in fact, there are still many out there who have difficulty being able to lead. Especially in the world of supply chain like the one faced by Ayok, where employment is dominated by old forces who are more experienced and senior in their fields. In this special episode, we will discuss leadership as the key essential factor in managing the team. 
September 02, 2020
Bridge #59 Part 1 : How to Lead Someone More Powerful than You with Ayok Nugroho (Director, Quaker Indonesia & Head of Operations GMD ASIA at PepsiCo)
The word 'leading' in the context of management has the connotation of someone being at the front. But actually everyone has the right to lead from any position. Because leading is not only about providing direction but also about communicating thoughts, suggestions, and even feedback to others. But in fact there are still many out there who have difficulty being able to lead. Especially in the world of supply chain like the one faced by Ayok, where employment is dominated by old forces who are more experienced and senior in their fields. In this special episode, we will discuss how to be a young leader in supply chain world. 
September 02, 2020
Bridge #58 : Thinking of Skipping Vacation? Please don’t!
Many of us have canceled our summer vacation plans because of the pandemic and you may think about skipping the holidays altogether. But some research shows that performance decreases when we work for long periods of time without resting. On top of that, the benefits of taking a vacation are clear: It results in increased productivity, reduced stress, and better overall mental health. In this episode, we will discuss tips that can be implemented to reap the maximum benefits of a vacation!
August 26, 2020
Bridge #57: How to Conquer Your To-Do Lists
The coronavirus pandemic has forced many of us into constant and relentless triage of tasks and assignments from work. On the home front, we continue to navigate a myriad of challenges: trying to stay productive, caring for our loved ones, and doing our best to stay healthy. In this kind of circumstance, we are advised to determine the priorities that need to be done every day. In this episode, we will discuss how to conquer your to-do lists.
August 19, 2020
Bridge #56: How to (Actually) Change Someone's Mind
If you’re a leader, it’s likely that not everyone who works with you will agree with the decisions you make — and that’s okay. Leadership involves making unpopular decisions while navigating complex relationships with colleagues, partners, and clients. But often, you will need to get buy-in from these parties, and therefore you will need to convince them to change their mind. In this episode, we will discuss how to change someone's mind that actually works!
August 12, 2020
Bridge #55: How to Manage an Underperformer Employee Remotely
With the current condition where COVID-19 is increasingly widespread, even in Indonesia it has reached more than 100 thousand people and offices are re-implementing the work system from home. As the manager of a remote team, you can’t afford to ignore underperformance from remote workers, even though they’re temporarily working at home and not meeting you in person. In this episode, we will discuss how to manage an underperformer employee remotely.
August 05, 2020
Bridge #54: How to Create a Workplace that Inspires Passion
Passion provides powerful motivation for learning, but in reality, there are only a few people who can show their passion at work. Even though this can help them to be able to improve performance and ultimately lead them to a better profession such as promotions for higher positions or get the type of job they want. In this episode, we will discuss how to create a workplace that inspires passion for everyone inside it.
July 29, 2020
Bridge #53: What is Agile and How to Implement it
In the business world both for employers and employees, if we want to respond towards a sudden and dramatic change in the market, we must be able to move and change to follow the current changes or trends with agile methods. But it is undeniable that there are many companies out there who misinterpret how to apply the agile system to their business or work. In this episode, we will discuss what is agile and how to implement it inside the workforce.
July 22, 2020
Bridge #52: How to Practice Mindfulness in Your Work Daily Routine
Many people know what it's like when we have arranged a plan of activities in the morning and suddenly we find ourselves on the way to go home from work in the afternoon. Eight to ten hours have passed, but only a few of the priorities can be completed. Research said, people spend almost 47% of their waking hours thinking about something other than what they’re doing. In other words, many of us operate on autopilot. In this episode, we will discuss how to practice mindfulness, so you will reap the best experience in your work day.
July 15, 2020
Bridge #51: Time's up for Toxic Workplace
Millions of people face abusive supervisors and bullies at work. These employees are targets of ridicule, threats, or demeaning comments by their manager or co-workers on a daily basis, which results in decreased satisfaction, productivity, and commitment to the job as well as the organization at large. In this episode, we will discuss how to face a toxic workplace and strategy that can be implemented to solve this issue.
July 08, 2020
Bridge #50: Delivering an Effective Performance Review
A performance review is a formal assessment in which managers evaluate an employee's work performance, offer feedback, and set goals for future performance. When done right, performance reviews can help employees understand what they’re doing well, how they can improve, how their work aligns with larger company goals, and what is expected of them in their given role. On the other end, managers may more easily recognize high performing employees, communicate expectations, encourage growth and development. In this episode, we will discuss how to deliver an effective performance review that actually works. 
July 01, 2020
Bridge #49: Engaging Employees during the Coronavirus Pandemic with Crisis Management Method
Dealing with the impact of COVID-19 is overwhelming for everyone involved, both employers and employees. No matter how challenging, we must listen, respond, and act on our employees’ concerns and anxieties with empathy. There are 5 stages that your organization might be experiencing. The goal is to understand where you are so you can identify issues or roadblocks you’re likely facing and what you should consider to continue moving your business forward. In this episode, we will discuss about the crisis management method that can be implemented in the organization.
June 24, 2020
Bridge #48: 6 Stages of Behavior Change
With government trying to get the economy back on track during pandemic, companies, one by one are starting to resume their ‘normal’ activities. Now, they have to apply new health-related regulations to be followed in their workplaces. With this new regulations, changes of employee’s behavior is also expected. In this episode, we will discuss about the 6 stages of behavior change, and how can it help to implement new regulation in the workplace. Let's listen to #feelthebridge!
June 17, 2020
Bridge #47: Communicating Government's Fund Program
News about UU TAPERA recently has been the ‘talk of the town’ for workforce in Indonesia. This mandatory program will require each participant to pay a monthly deposit equals 3% of their monthly salary. Meaning it will add another deduction item in their paycheck. In this episode, we will discuss how, as an HR, we can properly communicate government’s mandatory fund program to employee. Let's listen to #feelthebridge!
June 10, 2020
Bridge #46: Leaders & Humility in facing New Challenges
Humility, or to put it simply, being humble, is one of the trait in leaders considered stand out in this era full of changes. Due to current unique challenges & circumstances, leaders need to foster collaboration and close teamwork (more than ever) to move forward. In this episode, we will talk about the Humility trait in leaders and how it will help to face new challenges. Let's Listen to #feelthebridge! 
June 04, 2020
Bridge #45: The Possibilities of Unlimited Leave
Might sound too good to be true, but actually several companies are already implementing the benefit of unlimited leave, even in Indonesia. Surprisingly, in some of these companies employees are showing more responsible behaviour, and even increased productivity. In this episode, we will discuss about the possibilities of implementing this benefit. What are the possible challenges, what should be prepared, and how can we utilize this in the current situation. Let's listen to #feelthebridge!
May 27, 2020
Bridge #44: What is the “New Normal” After the Pandemic?
We have seen how the pandemic brought changes into our daily lives. In the post-pandemic scenario, some countries have started to introduce the “New Normal” way of adjusting their people with the rules and regulation to minimise the risk of COVID-19 exposure. It is without a doubt that every aspect of our lives, including our workforce and the business world, would be impacted. In this episode, we discussed what will be the new normal after the pandemic. Let's listen to #feelthebridge!
May 20, 2020
Bridge #43: Importance of Growth Mindset when Dealing with Challenge
Why do some people thrive when faced with a challenge, but others don’t?  Carol Dweck, a professor of psychology from Stanford University, identified two core mindsets that influence our take on challenge: growth mindset and fixed mindset. In times of challenge, like the one we currently face, growth mindset is essential to be able to adapt and grow.  We discussed how growth mindset can help during challenging times and how to develop it. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
May 13, 2020
Bridge #42: A Bridge Review: Will this be the Next Solution for Companies' Learning & Development?
This week’s episode is special as we want to introduce a new series within our podcast: #ABridgeReview. In this newest series, we would discuss the newest and innovative HR tools. Learning & Development (L&D) is an important part of human resources. Its function is managing and developing talent to fulfil the company needs. We reviewed and explored one of HR tool in L&D. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
May 06, 2020
Bridge #41: Redefining Employement in Gig Economy
The concept of gig economy is a job market based on "on-demand" services that are more flexible and project-based. Compared to full-time and more committed traditional employment, gig workers are usually freelancers or part-time employees. The number of gig workers is predicted to continue to rise in the coming years. But what does gig economy mean to employment in the future? Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
April 29, 2020
Bridge #40: How to Stay Connected and Productive during the Pandemic?
The COVID-19 pandemic has pushed the shift into remote working to facilitate #physicaldistancing. For most employees, this might be their first time working from home (WFH) and it is crucial for companies to help them during the transition. While WFH might sound convenient, there are concerns raised on how to make employees stay connected and productive during their remote working. In this #BridgeIt episode, we discussed what can companies do to ensure employees stay connected and productive? Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
April 22, 2020
Bridge #39: The Rise of Modern Workplace Culture
When you think about a typical workspace, what do you have in mind? A lot of our ideas of workplace have shifted. In a modern workplace culture, office is not merely a place for work, sometimes also living. Open office, comfy chairs and sometimes quirky perks like table tennis or gaming area become the new normal. The designs and perks are provided to increase employee well-being and productivity. But how do the ideas carry out in reality? Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
April 15, 2020
Bridge #38: Why Emotional Intelligence Matters in Leadership
Being a leader is understandably a complex job that requires a complex set of skills. Other than technical knowledge, there are other skills needed to manage not only themselves but also others. Emotional intelligence is described as one of the top skills needed for leaders. But what is emotional intelligence, and why is it important? Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
April 08, 2020
Bridge #37: Rethinking Paternity Leave: Take It or Leave It?
More countries and companies began to take the step to regulate paternity leave. This regulation represents the move towards shared parental responsibilities that fully supported by both the government and the workplace. However, reports stated that less male workers make use of this policy. What about in Indonesia? And do fathers truly need paternity leave? In this #BridgeIt episode, we discussed why fewer people are taking paternity leave and how it can benefit both families and companies. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
April 01, 2020
Bridge #36: Will AI Replace Human in Recruitment?
The rapid development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has made its way to the HR area. The use of AI, for example, has now been applied to recruitment process in various stages, even as early as sourcing candidates. Why is the use of AI becoming more common? In this #BridgeIt episode, we are going to discuss more the benefit and the downside of using AI in recruitment and what it means for human recruiters. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge !
March 25, 2020
Bridge #35: Communicating in Time of Crisis and Change
The devastating news of COVID-19 brought great attention to world leaders, especially on how they are dealing with the information and crisis caused by the virus. Handling crisis and changes is not a skill that only relevant to world leaders. It is a communication skill that every leader should have, including leaders in business settings. Communication is a crucial step to inform individuals in the company that directly affected by crisis or change. In this #BridgeIt episode we discussed more about the importance and the steps of communicating in time of crisis and change. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge!
March 18, 2020
Bridge #34: Commuting to Work: Making Trips More Enjoyable
Commuting is an issue that almost every worker can relate. Traffics, unexpected delays, and recently, floods are making journey to work exhausting and stressful. Long duration of commuting found to have negative effects on various aspect, including health and productivity. But what can we do to make our commuting experience better? In this episode, we will discuss the effects on long commuting and how to reduce its disadvantageous effects. Let’s listen to #feelthebridge!
March 11, 2020
Bridge #33: Curriculum Vitae: An Important Thing for Recruiting Employees
Hiring people. This aspect become an important part of business continuation. When companies make right selections of candidates, hopefully it will become important parts for companies in the future. Hiring people also cannot be separated by checking CVs that come when hiring session is opened. In this podcast, we will talk about what things should be checked In a CV. This session not only addressed for recruiter but also for those of you that looking forward in recruiting aspect. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge !
March 04, 2020
Bridge #32: The Power of Appreciation and Recognition and How We Implement It
When we talk about corporate culture, we may find recognition and appreciation as important parts of culture. According to Harvard Business Review, Recognition talks about giving positive feedback based on result and also performance while Appreciation emphasizes about acknowledging a person’s inherent value as human being. In this episode, we will discuss more about importance of both recognition and appreciation and how we may implement it. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge !
February 26, 2020
Bridge #31: Happier Employees and Its Significance for Your Business
When we talk about happiness, it may also come for business environment. It means many different aspect need to come together to create good office atmosphere, including employer happiness. In this podcast, SVB take collaboration opportunity with Mba Ivena, HR practitioner from IT Consultant and Mas Gatot from Manufacture to enrich our discussion, we will discuss more about how happiness feeling could give significant impact for company. Let’s listen to #FeeltheBridge !
February 19, 2020
Bridge #30: Causes of Workplace Burnout and How to Overcome It?
World Health Organization (WHO) recently categorized burnout as an official health condition. Institution emphasizes that burnout is specifically work-related and characterized by 1.A Sense of exhaustion or depletion 2. Mental distance from or negativity or cynicism about work 3. Decreased effectiveness work. In a systematic review of studies, burnout was found to be a significant predictor of numerous health problems including Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, fatigue. According to gallop study, employees that suffers from burnout are 2.6 times more actively seeking new job and 63% are more likely to take sick day. In this topic, we will discuss more about causes of workplace burnout and how we should overcome it in better ways.
February 12, 2020
Bridge #29: Productivity and Efficiency: Are those related to Working Hours?
In November 2019, Microsoft Japan has tested new working-hour in environment called “Work-Life Choice Challenge Summer 2019”. Reportedly, the company has implemented 4-days work-per-week in August and surprisingly has risen work productivity until 39,9%. In early January 2020, Finland’s Prime Minister, Sanna Marin has proposed to implement four-day week in the future. Comparing with Indonesia’s policy regarding work-hour “Undang-Undang No.13 Tahun 2003 “, simply emphasized about 40 hours for work a week. Those includes 7 hours to work in a day for 6 day and 8 hours to work in a day for 5 days. In this topic, we will discuss about is there any correlation between productivity efficiency with length of work hours and explore more perspective related this issue from fresh graduate and experienced interviewees.
February 05, 2020
Bridge #28: New Year New Resolution? Be Humble to Evaluate Your Solution Periodically
Last episode of this series podcast will talk about how we as an individual would like to evaluate every step that we have taken for our New Year resolution periodically. According to U.S. News and World Report, the failure rate for New Year’s resolutions about 80 percent and most of that lost by mid-February. We would like to know more about how important evaluating our resolution is it.
January 29, 2020
Bridge #27 - New Year New Resolution? Learn to Walk Your Talk
After we discuss about how important a vision to start new year in last episode, this podcast will talk about our process to achieve that long goal in a year. According to Personal and Psychology bulletin (2016), they have recruited 242 Amazon Mechanical Turk workers and recorded their New Year’s Resolution. They found 34,4% from survey had talked related to work issue for resolution, second highest result after health issue resolution. In this podcast, we will talk about how we can build our commitment in short term and long term for our resolution and implement it. Let’s walk our talk together to know more about implementation of our resolution.. Let’s #FeelTheBridge to walk our talk together in this year. Visit our website: contact us:
January 22, 2020
Bridge #26 - New Year New Resolution? Let’s Begin with The End in Mind
“New Year means New Resolution and New Improvement”. People always believe that New Year is the most important moment to improve their life from many aspects such as health; family; work-related and also another thing that concern for them. On this first serial podcast, Stevland Bridge will bring “New Year New Resolution?” grand theme to be discussed on next 3 episodes. Focusing on ‘Let’s Begin with The End in Mind’ Habit from 7 Habits of Highly Effective People written by Stephen Covey, we believe that New Year’s moment need to be maximized as precious moment for better growth and improvement. This will become an important aspect in performance management. Let’s #FeelTheBridge to walk our talk together in this year. Visit our website: contact us:
January 15, 2020
Bridge #25 - Ways to Build Employer Branding
When you don't have a strong company brand, top talent doesn't realize what makes the company great. But what exactly is employer branding? And how can the company continue to look positive in the eyes of prospective employees? This discussion talks about everything you need to know to build the best employer brand #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
December 19, 2019
Bridge #24 - How to Retain Best Talent in Your Organization
The best workers do the best and the most work. But many organizations are confused about how to keep them #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
December 12, 2019
Bridge #23 - E-Learning is an Optional Solution to employee Training and Development
Organizations who recognize their employees as the most valuable assets invest in employee training and development. The concept of e-learning is becoming ubiquitous, the multitude of benefits it offers is hard to resist hence companies are continuous enhancing their workforce #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
December 04, 2019
Bridge #22 - Empower your Workforce in the Future: Engagement Trend
Why engagement and empowered employee at work is important. is it associated with stronger job performance, job satisfaction, and commitment to the organization #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
November 27, 2019
Bridge #21 - How to Transform your Organizational Culture
We talk about workplace transformation. But what does it actually mean? we’ll gives some tips and tricks to help you understand transformation and how you can foster it across your organization #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
November 21, 2019
Bridge #20 Founders Talk: The Adoption of E-Learning with Afiq CEO of Pintaar
Afiq Rasyid Muhammad, our special guest will share about the adoption of E-Learning. How to accept technology and use for additional option of learning and development nowadays #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
November 14, 2019
Bridge #19 - How to optimize workplace conversations for better business success
Effective communication in workplace environments isn’t always easy, this episode will unpack how to optimize workplace conversations for better business success #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
November 06, 2019
Bridge #18 - Diversity and Inclusion in Today's Workforce
Companies are currently prioritising diversity as a way to improve their culture,. And yet despite their best intentions, many businesses struggle to meet their own diversity goals or the expectations of the public #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
October 30, 2019
Bridge #17 - What You Need to Know About Performance Management?
Do you know why performance management essential for your business?  Let’s learn about what it is and how to design your performance management #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
October 23, 2019
Bridge #16 Founders Talk: How to Dream Big and Be Realistic with Engel Bertus Pangalo CEO of Bert's Solution
Engel Bertus Pangalo, our special guest will share about business and life. How to catch his dream and be realistic to face business problem. We explore the readiness that support business opportunities #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
October 16, 2019
Bridge#15 - Is It Possible to Let Everyone Work From Home?
Employee around the world yearn for freedom and flexibility, it have a very different view of how and where work should occur. Remote work has plenty of benefits, but migrating full-timers to more time at home. How an organization should allow work from home? #FeelTheBridge
October 09, 2019
Bridge #14 - Fresh Graduate Readiness to Workforce
Only 25% fresh graduate are ready for work in indonesia? Let's check the fact by knowing fresh graduate readiness directly from HR expert and the Freshie. Learn how to consolidate both side #FeelTheBridge. visit our website: contact us:
October 02, 2019
Bridge #13 - Bridge It Mystery Ball with Drata CEO of
Listen to our very first Bridge It Mystery ball with Drata and feel how funny ((or not funny)) we are!  #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
August 28, 2019
Bridge #12 Founders Talk: Overcoming Failures with Drata CEO of
Every business has it ups and downs. Drata will share his experience in Business, the ups and downs, his journey, his leadership experience and sharing about Life. Feel how much is experiences and failures has shaped him into a better person  #FeelTheBridge visit our website: contact us:
August 28, 2019
Bridge #11 Founder Talks: Business, Life, and Perspective with Dimas Danang
Welcome to our first Founder Talks series!  Dimas Danang, our special guest will share about how he handled his business, perspective about business and talking about life! We are exploring the other side of Danang here. Enjoy!  visit our website: contact us:
August 07, 2019
Bridge #10 - Organizational Culture
This episode will discuss what is culture in organization, the importance of it and how to develop that! visit our website: contact us:
July 31, 2019
Bridge #9 - Developing Coaching Skills
It's a fresh day to know new things! Develop your knowledge about coaching with do's and dont's while coaching!  visit our website: contact us:
July 24, 2019
Bridge #8 - Embracing 100% of People with Rahmat Fajri
See how Rahmat Fajri empowered his team as he has experience as President leadership organization in Indonesia and how it helps him to think critically in the workplace! visit our website: contact us:
July 17, 2019
Bridge #7 - What You Might Don't Know About HR
This episode will reveal things that HR do that some people might don't know yet! Curious enough? Sip your coffee or tea and enjoy our podcast! visit our website: contact us:
July 10, 2019
Bridge # 6 - The Art of Listening
“More than anything, People want to be heard and understood"...  Listening may be easy to understand, but it is hard to really doing it. We may think that all this time we have being a good listener, but to be a good listeners it requires more than we know.   visit our website: contact us:
July 03, 2019
Bridge #5 - Why People Left
Why People Left? In this episode we are revealing why people left their companies or organization, and unique stories why people left their organization. Do you have a unique stories about why you left your company? Don't hestitate to contact us for a discussion! visit our website: contact us:
June 26, 2019
Bridge #4 - Recruit The Right People
Recruiting the right people will give so much advantages for our business, create a positive environment and create a good culture in organization or company. However, it could be tricky when it comes recruiting the right people! Listen to this episode to know the importance of recruit the right people and tips and tricks to recruit the right people. Good Luck! visit our website: contact us:
June 19, 2019
Bridge #3 - 70, 20, 10 Learning Way
Learn one of the famous and efficient learning method: 70, 20, 10! This is a unique and effective learning method for practicing new skills. Curious enough? Listen to our podcast and learn the efficiency!  Don’t forget to visit our website
June 12, 2019
Bridge #2 - Developing Business Mindset
Hello again! In this episode we are talking about the easiest way to develop business mindset and the importance of having it! Don't worry, it is light and such an easy steps to do! Enjoy as much as we love making it!
May 29, 2019
Bridge #1 - Millennials and Bridging The Gap Between Generation
Millennials. The most frequent topic being talk lately, and here we present you 'Millennials and Bridging The Gap Between Generation' proudly present by Ebin, Ambi and Alfi! In this episode we will hear a perspective from three different generation, Facts of Millennials, The Dark Side of Millennials and Message for Millennials generation out there! Enjoy!
May 27, 2019
Get to know us!
Hello! Welcome to the very first Podcast of Bridge it. Let us introduce our team; Ebin, Ambi and Alfi! Let's see how we are going to do with this podcast.  And yes, we know that the first podcast recording has always been awkward. Enjoy listening!
May 24, 2019