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Green Army Online

Green Army Online

By Stewart Pepper
Welcome to Green Army Online, the podcast of Stubbington Green Runners.
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Ep.11 - Green Army Online
Hello! It’s good to have you here for Episode 11 of Green Army Online. Whether you are a seasoned listener, a member of Stubbington Green Runners, new to the podcast, or just here by accident – welcome! In this episode, we take a peek at some of what has happened, some of what will happen and talk about issues close to the heart of Stubbington Green Runners: · We find out from Sara McRitchie about supporting the work of Alice’s Arc in memory of Sophie Fairall · Ultra-running man Wesley Jones gives us an insight into the life and challenges out on the hills, fells and mountains for hours and hours · We re-live just one of the many highlights from a summer’s races: the club’s team entries to the South Downs Way Relay · Richard Mackay tells us about his ideas for The Green Runner · We discover how the preparation for the Stubbington 10k is going with Kev Ashman · We welcome LOADS of new members to the club, solve the puzzles from Episode 10 and, of course, pose some more to be going on with!
September 27, 2021
Ep.10 - Green Army Online
It’s Good Friday, the 2nd April 2021 and welcome to Episode 10 of Green Army Online! In this episode, since it’s that time of year, we focus on marathon running and speak to four of our club members about their experience of this intriguing event, each of them telling us their story: · The most modest of high-performing marathoners Mick Welland speaks of his marathon achievements over the years · Simon Bacon talks us through his 10-in-10 challenge: the whys, wheres and whens · We learn how Angela Price’s surprise 70thbirthday present led to a real achievement · And we discuss with George Howarth his apparent marathon habit · We also do a round-up of all the virtual events and the outcome of the recent club AGM · And we talk running and racing opportunities with lots of events now arriving in the diary · Of course, we hear the roll call of new members and we welcome each of them by name · And we get a couple of puzzles solved, only to be faced with some more!
April 02, 2021
Ep.9 - Green Army Online
It’s Monday 15th February and welcome to Episode 9 of Green Army Online! In this episode, which has something of a focus on women: · We speak to some of the club’s women runners and hear: What it’s like to train hard and perform to the highest standard – even GB representation How you combine your training for another sport with your running All about the current debate concerning XC race distances – there are views on both sides · It’s all about the Committee, the Quorum and the Zoom Capacity when we talk with our Chairman, Kev Ashman about the forthcoming AGM · There’s a taste of Virtual Quizzery · We catch up on the vast array of virtual running events going on this month in the club · We also do our usual ‘shout-out’ to the posse of new members who’ve joined us since the last episode · And we have answers to some old Christmas Puzzles and pose just a couple of new year mental challenges to be going on with
February 15, 2021
Ep.8 - Christmas - Green Army Online
It’s Christmas Eve and a very warm welcome to Episode 8 – the Christmas Episode - of Green Army Online. Since this is a special Christmas episode, we take time out to reflect a little with the help of the committee: · Looking back over 2020 and recalling key memories; · Talking Christmas and what plans there might be for the festive season; · Looking forward to the new year – how will 2021 shape up and what is it that we wish for?; · It’s an opportunity to remind ourselves of the many interesting chats in the past year on Green Army Online; · As usual, we’ll find out about new members and some virtual runs and races; · And it’s time to reveal answers to last time’s puzzles and pose a couple of Christmassy ones for you.
December 24, 2020
Ep.7 - Green Army Online
It’s Sunday 15th November and a very warm welcome to Episode 7 of Green Army Online! This time we have many interviews and we find out some interesting stuff, including: · How Lockdown 2 might or might not affect your training as Mike White explains the impact of the new lockdown; · What happened in the Stubbie Street Name Game and what can we expect from the new virtual events in the month of November – all helpfully explained by Andy Simpson, Men’s Team Captain; · How competition is hotting up between Stubbington Green Runners and Totton Running Club as Marcus Lee reveals the details of the virtual 5k event between the clubs; · The story of an amazing local girl from Stubbington, Sophie, who is sadly very unwell with a rare cancer and the 10k event organised by two of our club members, Debbie Adams and Tina Mackay, to help; · The story of the gruelling Atlantic Coast Challenge as told by Jon Warner; · How to win your age category at European Masters level with Mike Bell and Penny Forse; · The – not insignificant - roll call to welcome recently-joined club members; and · The answers to the puzzles from Episode 6, and, of course, some new ones!
November 15, 2020
Ep.6 - Green Army Online
It’s Tuesday 15th September and a very warm welcome to Episode 6 of Green Army Online. This time: · We take a moment to reminisce slightly about the COVID-19 Virtual Relay with the help of Rob Williams as he talks us through the making of the video; · We review wistfully the more recent South Downs Way Virtual Relay with the founder of the event Andy Simpson, including some teasing mention of new things which he and the committee have planned soon…; · We’re able to catch up with our three London Marathon club place holders to find out their marathon plans in the wake of the cancellations, postponements, virtual races and all that stuff; · ‘South Downs Way man’ John Blake tells of his recent adventure: the how, the why and the wow! · With the help of a rapidly-rehabilitating Julie Ashman, we thoughtfully discuss what happens to us as runners when we can’t run for some reason – be that injury or illness; · We’ve the answers to the puzzles which were set in Episode 5 and some new ones for you – of course; · And some exciting news about a glut of new members who are now proud to call themselves ‘Stubbies’.
September 15, 2020
Ep.5 - Green Army Online
It’s Monday 6thJuly and it’s Episode 5 of Green Army Online. This time: · As part of our regular look at what’s happening during these ‘COVID days’ we discuss the new brainchild of our men’s Team Captain Andy Simpson:  The South Downs Way Virtual Relay! · There’s the usual update from the Team Captains on the status of the COVID-19 relay as we approach the final couple of weeks; · We chat with the apparently unstoppable Jon Leigh and hear how he has been getting on since his terrible accident involving a motorcycle back in February; · Club member, endurance athlete and coach Nigel Whitcher tells us about how he was inspired to take up the Goggins 4 x 4 x 48 Challenge recently; · We hear that club training sessions are now coming out of Lockdown hibernation; · And we find out who has joined the club recently, we get to solve a couple of old riddles and exercise the grey matter over 3 short puzzles as well as hear contributions and comments from members of the club since the last episode.
July 06, 2020
Ep.4 - Green Army Online
It’s Monday 15th June and it’s the fourth episode of Green Army Online. This time: · We go travelling - virtually – to Thailand and Brunei to catch up with Stubbies who live and work there and who have been seen recently competing in the COVID-19 virtual relay; · Mike White is with us once again to explain the latest situation with Lockdown training, including the most recent updates from England Athletics and the club’s plans for group running and training; · We find out what’s been happening and what’s coming up next in the COVID-19 virtual relay; · We learn how far we’ve collectively run and logged on the FB group since the start of Lockdown. Last episode we were as far as Buenos Aries, you may recall. How far have we got now? · We ask ‘What does a Team Captain do?’ Lisa Donn and Andy Simpson explain that for us and also give us their thoughts on the club’s current situation and Lockdown; · And we find out who has joined the club recently and get to ponder a couple of new riddles for running.
June 15, 2020
Ep.3 - Green Army Online
It’s Monday 18th May and it’s the third episode of Green Army Online. Today, we: o Talk to Olympian Penny Forse – one of the best-known runners in the club with a wealth of talent, an impressive athletics history and a get-up-and-go which defies her years; o Get the latest on the progress of the COVID-19 relay from the team captains Lisa Donn and Andy Simpson; o Hear from our chairman, Kev Ashman all about life on the SGR committee, being Race Director for the Stubbington 10k, how to be a ‘Super Supporter’ and how Saturday nights are not what they used to be; o Hear comments from club members who’ve contacted the show after listening to Episode 2; o Get the solutions to the riddles in Episode 2 and ponder a couple of different ones; o and talk with one of the club’s newest and certainly the youngest member, Amelie Tanner, about running and lockdown life with virtual school.
May 18, 2020
Ep.2 - Green Army Online
It’s Monday 27th April and it’s the second episode of Green Army Online. Today: o We discuss training and motivation during the lockdown with our Club Coach, Mike White. o Our Team Captains update us on the status of the exciting COVID-19 relay! o We catch up with the happenings on the SGR virtual quiz and our lockdown club mileage tally since Episode 1. o Hear contributions by voice and in writing from members of the club who emailed in since Episode 1. o We have an extended interview with Euan McGrath on the anniversary of his very shocking heart attack where you’ll hear about what happened this time last year and his amazing recovery. o We look at Something Old and Something New and solve last episode’s riddles. o We also pose 2 more lockdown riddles for you to solve while you run or while you watch box-sets and home-school the kids.
April 27, 2020
Ep.1 - Green Army Online
It’s Easter Monday and it’s the very first episode of Green Army Online. Today: We tell you more about Green Army Online. Discuss the government restrictions during the partial lockdown. Talk about some of the effects of the partial lockdown and limitations on our running with a couple of our committee members. We hear comments from club members who’ve contacted the show. Discover ‘Something Old / Something New’. Look forward to what sort of things Green Army Online will be doing in the future. Pose a lockdown riddle or two for you to solve.
April 14, 2020
Welcome to 'Green Army Online' - a trailer for the forthcoming regular podcast of Stubbington Green Runners
This is the trailer for the new podcast series 'Green Army Online' and is for members of Stubbbington Green Runners who want to stay in touch.   With Green Army Online, you can: Listen to find out what's happening in the club; Interact with the show through email - send us your messages, shout-outs and audio clips; Take the podcast with you when you go running - it'll keep you entertained and informed; Hear interviews with club and committee members, contributions from listeners who email in and you can get involved with discussions and club chat on a wide variety of running-related topics concerning the club; During the Coronavirus, keep on track with your training and solitary running as the podcast aims to help us all through it - listening to the experiences of others, the advice and input from Club Coaches and Team Captains, shared stories from around the club, etc. We'll be on all the usual podcast platforms very soon so listen to this trailer, tell your friends in the club, share about it on social media and then watch out for the next episode!
March 31, 2020