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STICK TO SPORTS: A Sports Podcast (That Isn't)

STICK TO SPORTS: A Sports Podcast (That Isn't)

By Ricky J. Marc, J.D., M.S.
Ricky J. Marc (@RickyJMarc) discusses various political issues that may or may not have anything to do with sports. Maybe. We'll see how he feels. There's a lot going on.
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Episode 2: Quisqueya
George Floyd deserves justice, and nothing less than the complete imprisonment of everyone involved in his murder at the hands of the police will suffice. Watch Dave Chappelle's new special, 8.46, right here: Colin Kaepernick, despite leading the San Francisco 49ers to Super Bowl XLVII in just his second season, has been blackballed from the NFL since 2016 because he had the audacity to peacefully protest the very racist criminal justice system that murdered both George Floyd and Breonna Taylor. Support his organization, the Know Your Rights Camp, right here: Read more about The 1619 Project: Though Juneteenth is celebrated this week, Afro-Americans still remain under the oppressive yolk of white supremacy, and no one knows this better than the Haïtian people. Haïti is a long-suffering, rich, and resilient land that has paid dearly for her people’s audacity to overthrow their European colonizers beginning in 1791 and culminating in their independence in 1804. Book Recommendation: Howard Zinn’s A People’s History of the United States. Order here: Featured Sounds: Dave Chappelle - 8:46 | Jay-Z - The Story of OJ | Tabou Combo - Baissez-Bas | Sweet Micky - I Don’t Care | Feeling Band - Retounen | Frank Ocean - Pink + White. Register To Vote:
June 14, 2020
Episode 1: Dawn of Justice
The world is on fire, and host Ricky J. Marc finally has time to talk about it. Join us as we finally kick off the Stick To Sports series with a look into the failed American criminal justice system and how the backdrop of recent history contributes to that. Every vote counts. Register at #BlackLivesMatter Timestamps 00:39 - Stick To Sports: The Intro 04:40 - The Next Hashtag 06:58 - Deadly Police Humor 10:09 - Hollywood Sellouts 11:50 - The Ahmaud Abery Killing 14:48 - Settling For Uncle Joe 15:34 - Educator Jamaal Bowman On The ’94 Crime Bill 20:07 - Dr. Eddie Glaude On Dr. King’s Radicalism 24:55 - The Radical King (In His Own Words) 29:36 - Killmonger Had A Point 32:13 - Central Park Karen 35:47 - A History of Race Riots 41:23 - Malcolm X
June 05, 2020
Episode 0: Sneak Preview
We’re working on S01E01, we promise. We just want to make it just right for you. In the meantime, once you’re done running through the entire Light Skinned Opinions, 3 Yards Per Carry, and Five On The Floor library, come on back over here for a sneak preview of STICK TO SPORTS: A Sports Podcast (That Isn’t)! We'd leave a key under the mat for you, but that would be weird, and we don't know where our keys are. Oops. Be sure to follow our host Ricky J. Marc (@RickyJMarc) on Twitter! Us too: @StickToSports5R. Stay tuned!
March 20, 2020
Introducing: Stick To Sports w/Ricky J. Marc
Ricky J. Marc (@RickyJMarc) provides a brief introduction to the all-new STICK TO SPORTS: A Sports Podcast (That Isn't), in which he discusses that week's political affairs. Maybe. We'll see how he feels. Ask him. We don't know.
March 17, 2020