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Still in Motion

Still in Motion

By Still in Motion Podcast
Jonathan Hsu and Kathryn Butler are photographers who specialize in capturing dance. They met at the Bates Dance Festival where they bonded over their mutual love of photography and desire to balance their craft with a freelance dance career. As they worked together, they found a rich dialogue about the unique challenge of photographing dance. Still In Motion is a continuation of these conversations. Join Jonathan and Kathryn as they navigate the complex world of performance and photography from both sides of the camera.
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36 - When to Outsource
Jonathan talks about using a retouch service for the first time, which leads Kathryn and Jonathan into a conversation about outsourcing different parts of their business and how it may affect their branding.
September 23, 2020
35 - Building your Business with Mallory Pettee
Kathryn and Jonathan chat with Mallory Pettee about the story behind her photography business, Maljpet Photo, and how she balances photography work and her career as a performer in NYC. They dig into the pros and cons of using multiple camera bodies and discuss how they have been staying inspired and creatively active during the Covid closure. 
September 16, 2020
34 - Sunrise vs Sunset
Kathryn talks about her big move, Jonathan eagerly awaits the arrival of his new gear, and they revisit the topic of shooting outside at sunrise vs. sunset. 
September 8, 2020
33 - Kathryn has Big News!
Kathryn shares some really exciting news, Jonathan talks about live streaming performances at work, and they debate on when to raise your ISO vs raising your flash power.
August 25, 2020
32 - The Perfect Customer
Kathryn and Jonathan talk about the value of a college degree in the arts, Kathryn gives some private lessons and Jonathan orders the new Canon R5!
August 2, 2020
31 - Building Your Own Studio with Jaqi Medlock
Jonathan and Kathryn sit down with dance photographer Jaqi Medlock to talk about her experiences as someone who still actively performs with other artists and companies while having a full time photography business focused around dance. And they get a look at Jaqi's new in home studio!
July 9, 2020
30 - #dancersofquarantine with Jordan Eagle
Jonathan and Kathryn chat with Jordan Eagle about her experience photographing dance competitions, creating her own business, and starting her #dancersofquarantine project on Instagram. 
June 28, 2020
29 - When is it Time to Upgrade?
Jonathan shares his new video project, Kathryn is happy to be back at work, and both discuss their needs for having a back-up camera but aren't sure what camera that should be! 
June 7, 2020
28 - Video in Live Performance with Lindsay LaPointe
Kathryn and Jonathan talk with videographer, dancer, teacher, and projection designer Lindsay LaPointe. They discuss Lindsay's journey to working at the Bates Dance Festival, her opinions on creating projection that works with, rather than overpowering, choreography, and how she balances the many hats of video work, dance performance, dance teaching, and family. 
June 6, 2020
27 - Portraits and Cruise Ships with Bjorn Bolinder
In this episode Kathryn and Jonathan talk with New York based photographer and performer Bjorn Bolinder. They talk about Bjorn's journey to NYC, performing and taking pictures on cruise ships, shooting with film, personal practices, and life in general as freelance artists invested in their work. Also make sure you check out Bjorn's incredible self portrait project "One-a-Day" at
May 25, 2020
26 - Finding your Files
Jonathan explains  his high-tech dance teaching set-up, Kathryn learned some new Photoshop tricks, and both discuss their experience with and love for the dance practice Contact Improvisation. 
May 10, 2020
25 - College Plus Clients with Hope Spears
Kathryn and Jonathan chat with Hope Spears about marketing, dance photo shoots, and how she started a photography business while still in college.
April 29, 2020
24 - Inspired at 3AM
Kathryn shares some speedlight discoveries, Jonathan gets creative with a jar of water, and both share updates on quarantine life during COVID19. 
April 26, 2020
23 - Dance Videography with Ellen Maynard
We brought our first guest on the podcast! Meet Ellen Maynard, a dancer and videographer based in Brooklyn, and listen as she shares challenges, funny stories, and advice as a freelance artist documenting dance in NYC and beyond.
April 20, 2020
22 - Returning to JPEG?
Kathryn and Jonathan discuss the future of online dance classes post-COVID 19, break down the differences between RAW and JPEG files, and touch base on how NYC and DC are handling self-quarantine. 
April 10, 2020
21 - Artists Online
Sorry about the delay in getting this out everyone! Kathryn and Jonathan talk about the initial response in the dance community to COVID-19 and how it has been affecting their own communities.
April 5, 2020
EP 19/20 Capture Critique
The audio from Kathryn and Jonathan’s Capture Critique video on IGTV! Kathryn shares images she took at Orange Grove Dance’s dress rehearsal and Jonathan shares photo shoot images he took before the show.
March 23, 2020
20 - The DC Adventure (part 2)
In the second half of their in-person episode, Kathryn and Jonathan talk about networking, the differences between speedlights and strobes, and what it means to be a "professional" artist. 
March 18, 2020
19 - The DC Adventure (part 1)
After a busy week of tech for Jonathan and some gear challenges for Kathryn, they reunited in DC for an exciting weekend of dance competitions, performances, photography, sightseeing, and, best of all, a late night podcast recording session! 
March 15, 2020
18 - The 479 Debate
Jonathan and Kathryn share their thoughts on teaching, Jonathan tricks Kathryn with a sneaky Capture Critique image, and Kathryn reports in after shooting an event with her new flash modifier.
February 26, 2020
17 - To Zoom or Not To Zoom
Following a busy week of rehearsals and dance competitions for Jonathan and Kathryn's first full week at her new job, they dig into the topic of zoom vs prime lenses and launch a new segment on the podcast called Capture Critique! 
February 19, 2020
16 - We upgraded our gear!
Kathryn and Jonathan share teaching stories, discuss the benefits of getting your flash off camera, and realize "spot metering" doesn't quite work the way they had hoped.  
February 12, 2020
15 - From Freelance to Fulltime
Kathryn reports back after her big show, Jonathan accepted a dance studio challenge, and the topic of focus points is once again brought to the table. Disclaimer: this episode has some audio quality issues. We apologize!
February 6, 2020
14 - Are We Cheating?
Kathryn and Jonathan cover a huge range of topics including the future of camera auto modes, when to use Lightroom presets, and the challenges of taking photos of incredible dancers. Kathryn has her last rehearsal before her show and Jonathan has a new project in the works!
January 31, 2020
13 - Arts and Crafts
Kathryn reports back about her most recent event photography gig, Jonathan got some new video lights, and both discuss different ways they keep their bodies healthy and ready for their long rehearsal days.
January 23, 2020
12 - Blue & Yellow Make Green
Kathryn shares white balance challenges from taking photos at the Bates Dance Festival winter intensive, Jonathan recounts some complex performance photo eye-swapping, and both strategize event photography tactics for carrying gear and using on-camera flash.
January 16, 2020
11 - Mashed Potatoes
Jonathan speeds up his workflow with a new keyboard, Kathryn rehashes her New Years Eve in Disney World, and both dig into how they use Instagram to promote their dance and photography work.
January 9, 2020
10 - No Heat
Jonathan and Kathryn reflect on 2019, share thoughts about collaborative choreography, and dig into the pros and cons of contracts in this last episode before the new year.
December 27, 2019
9 - Nutcracker Season
Kathryn reflects on her recent headshot session, Jonathan changes up his camera settings at The Nutcracker, and both question how working multiple jobs in different fields might change the dance economy. 
December 18, 2019
8 - Locked In
Kathryn and Jonathan chat about some historical dance images, camera body speculations, and, most importantly, how to take artsy photos of Christmas lights!
December 11, 2019
7 - Marketing and Mattresses
After a busy Thanksgiving holiday of shooting and editing, Kathryn and Jonathan dive into a complicated topic: how can choreographers better market their work? 
December 4, 2019
6 - All About Gear
Kathryn makes a focus mode discovery, Jonathan dreams of owning a mirrorless camera, and both break down the gear essentials they recommend for starting out shooting dance performances.
November 27, 2019
5 - Origin Story
An autobiographical episode where Jonathan and Kathryn go back in time to share their personal journeys to becoming dancers and photographers.
November 19, 2019
4 - Reunited at Last!
Kathryn and Jonathan are back together for the first time since the Bates Dance Festival! They chat about some exciting recent gigs, Jonathan's new night light, Kathryn's cropping workflow, and the big question: what type of performance is the most challenging to shoot.
November 18, 2019
3 - Undervaluing Your Art
Jonathan and Kathryn brainstorm about light challenges, work flow glitches, website settings, and the importance of being paid appropriately for the work you do. 
November 16, 2019
2 - What's Your Shooting Style?
Kathryn and Jonathan get in a heated debate about the pros and cons of shooting dance during a dress rehearsal or live performance. Jonathan discovers a new photoshoot set-up he is super excited about, Kathryn remembers her love of floor reflections, and both question the importance of developing a signature photoshoot style.
November 16, 2019
1 - We Made a Podcast!
Welcome to Still in Motion! In this episode, Kathryn and Jonathan introduce themselves, share how they meet, and discuss their goals for the podcast. 
November 16, 2019