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Lutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin

Lutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin

By Rev. Christopher Gillespie
St. John Evangelical Lutheran Church & School (Sherman Center) is in Random Lake, Wisconsin and is served by Rev. Christopher R. Gillespie. St. John Lutheran is God's place for Christians to gather around our Lord's Word and be edified by His gifts. We are a congregation of the Lutheran Church—Missouri Synod (LCMS). We unconditionally subscribe the Unaltered Augsburg Confession. St. John Lutheran School has been approved for accreditation through the accreditation process of the National Lutheran School Accreditation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod.
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"Full of Grace and Truth" Christmas Day 2020 - John 1:1-18

Lutheran Preaching and Teaching from St. John Random Lake, Wisconsin

Jesus Is the Bread from Heaven—The Congregation at Prayer for February 4, 2021
Text: John 6:22-44
March 4, 2021
“Don’t shoot the messenger” - Lent Midweek 2 2021
3. March 2021 Lent Midweek 2 - Zechariah 2 Chron 24:17-22; Matt 23:29-36 Too often, though, people do shoot the messenger. They react with anger and malice towards the bearer of bad news. That was the case with Zechariah. He was merely the messenger, bringing God’s word to His people. If people didn’t like what Zechariah had to say, they should have been mad with God, not with Zechariah. But sometimes people do shoot the messenger.
March 4, 2021
People Crave Meat—The Congregation at Prayer for March 1, 2021
Text: Numbers 11:4-6, 10, 13, 18-23, 31-34
March 1, 2021
"Anything that is not Jesus is not God, and therefore cannot give you true life" Reminiscere 2021
The new god, science, attempts to downplay or even eliminate both the pains and pleasures of this life. Its seductive promises cause you to hold out for some “pie in the sky” future that will free you from all pain and sorrow. Instead of seeing life's trials as something to struggle with and overcome, and in the process become stronger, the life-denying god encourages you to hate this life and look forward to a better life that's out there, just on the other side of the next scientific breakthrough or technological innovation. But how can this be true? Science has given you so much that improves your life! Except it doesn't and hasn’t because it's not Christ. Jesus is your strength and faith. He is the life-affirming God because Jesus is Life itself, and anything that is not Jesus is not God, and therefore cannot give you true life.
March 1, 2021
"Samson is an odd choice for a martyr" - Lent Midweek 1 - February 24, 2021
Samson is a reminder to us of the faults and flaws shared by all the Lord’s servants. No one is perfect and righteous and holy on their own, and it does us no good to compare Samson with Abraham or Moses or David. They are all equally sinful. And they all equally depend on the grace of God.
February 25, 2021
"Baptism, temptation, and cross all go together" Invocavit 2021
Baptism, temptation, and cross all go together. This is the way of Jesus and His way is your way. He’s the course set by God the Father. You follow the Son by His Word, led by the Holy Spirit. You are given new life in Baptism. You bear the cross as you are attacked day and night by the flesh, the devil, and this world. And finally, when your last our comes you’ll die just like everyone has always done, except you’ll see the resurrection to eternal life on the last day. There is no other way, or truth, or life that will do.
February 21, 2021
The Fall into Sin—The Congregation at Prayer for February 21, 2021
Text: Genesis 3:1-21; Hebrews 4:14–16
February 20, 2021
"Jesus’ blood cries out for forgiveness" - Ash Wednesday 2021
We are all dying. That’s the message of the ashes and the cross this day. One day those words will be spoken over your dead body, “Earth to earth, ashes to ashes, dust to dust,” as your body is lowered into the ground from which it was made. You were not made to die, of course. Death is not natural. Death is a result of sin and all the brokenness that it brings. Adam and Eve brought death into the world through their rebellion against God, and they passed that sin, that death, that rebellion on to their children. We see the fruits of this sin crystal clear tonight as Cain murders his brother Abel.
February 18, 2021
The Passover—The Congregation at Prayer for February 17, 2021
Text: Exodus 12:1-14, 17
February 17, 2021
Bible Study: Hebrews—Chapter 8:1ff - Wednesday, February 10, 2021
Join us each Wednesday as we study the Book of Hebrews.
February 11, 2021
"The Word will continue to be sown and the Spirit will work faith" Sexagesima 2021
7. February 2021 Sexagesima Luke 8:4-15 Today’s Gospel is a lovely parable about a sower and His seed. Jesus explains the power of God’s Word to save and likens it to the seed scattered on good ground, who receive His Word, keep it, and it bears fruit in them. But as parables go, there’s always something not quite right or flat out wrong. And that’s precisely the point where the Holy Spirit would captivate our attention.
February 7, 2021
Bible Study: Gospel of St. John - Chapter 18:28ff - February 7, 2021
The Trial by Pilate (intro)
February 7, 2021
"The Word of Jesus that set Jane free" - Funeral of D. Jane Tews - February 5, 2021
05. February 2021 Funeral of Darlyne Jane Tews John 8:31-32 In Name of the + Jesus. Amen. My brothers and sisters in Christ—family, godchildren, friends—grace, mercy, and peace are yours in Christ Jesus our Lord. Amen. Our text for today is Jane’s confirmation verse: “If you abide in My word, you are My disciples indeed. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free.” (John 8:31-32)
February 5, 2021
Bible Study: Hebrews
 Chapter 7:11ff - Wednesday, February 3, 2021
Join us each Wednesday as we study the Book of Hebrews.
February 4, 2021
Septuagesima - The Sunday of the Vineyard - January 31, 2021
Old Testament: Ex. 17:1-7; Epistle: 1 Cor. 9:24-10:5; Gospel: Matt. 20:1-16
January 31, 2021
Bible Study: Hebrews
 Chapter 7:1-10 - January 27, 2021
Join us each Wednesday as we study the Book of Hebrews.
January 28, 2021
"You don’t need another Transfiguration... You have Jesus in His Word" - Transfiguration 2021
As you look to Christ in faith, you are looking upon God Himself. As you listen to Him as He preaches and teaches, you are hearing the voice of God. As you were joined to His flesh by Holy Baptism, you are now God’s own child. As you are nourished and sustained by the gift of Christ’s body and blood, you are given to share in His forgiveness and thus His life and salvation. God is indeed with you, not in fear and terror, not in majesty and might, but in the flesh of crucified Jesus, and this “Jesus only.”
January 24, 2021
Bible Study: Gospel of St. John - Chapter 18:13-27 - January 24, 2021
Study Notes:
January 24, 2021
Israel Crosses the Jordan – The Congregation at Prayer for January 21, 2021
Text: Joshua 1:1-2, 10-11; 3:1-17
January 21, 2021
Bible Study: Hebrews
 Chapter 6:13ff - January 20, 2021
Join us each Wednesday as we study the Book of Hebrews.
January 21, 2021
The Red Sea – The Congregation at Prayer for January 20, 2021
Text: Exodus 13:17—14:31
January 20, 2021
Noah and the Flood – The Congregation at Prayer for January 19, 2021
Text: Genesis 8:1a, 15-22; 9:1-17
January 19, 2021
Noah and the Flood - The Congregation at Prayer for January 18, 2021
Text: Gen. 6:5, 13, 17-19; 7:11-12, 16-17, 21-23 The Confession of St. Peter – Mark 8:27-35
January 18, 2021
"Return to God’s Word and the ordering embedded in creation" Epiphany 2 2021
Disorder, chaos, and decay are all around. The answer is not to rely on petty tyrants, click-baiting press, pop philosophers, or others to provide you grounding, a sense of reality, and a lens by which to understand the world. And one after another, they will always fail you. Turn to Christ in His Word and receive from Him the institutions He has set up. Support devoted and faithful government. Reject the treasonous and ungodly ruler. Be ever attentive to your family and friends. Remain steadfast in the congregation He has given to you. Hold fast to Him and never let go and Jesus will see you through this present darkness.
January 17, 2021
Bible Study: Gospel of St. John - Chapter 18:1-11 - January 17, 2021
Study Notes:
January 17, 2021