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The #1 Stock and Crypto Podcast

The #1 Stock and Crypto Podcast

By Jim Stromberg
Every week Co-Founder Jim Stromberg (actively trading since 1996) give his insight, tips, and tricks into the world of stock trading. The podcast covers market forecasts, crypto and takes a deeper look into major companies like Tesla, Microsoft, Apple, Amazon, FB, etc. At the end of all podcasts, he will give you this week's trading tips which have an amazing track record so far.

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Green Week Ahead For Nasdaq? - The Stock & Crypto Podcast - Week 25 - 2022

The #1 Stock and Crypto Podcast

Volatile, but Green? Week 27/2022, The Stock & Crypto Podcast
There are some signs we might have a volatile but green week ahead of us, but if Nasdaq falls below 10.600 points there will be bloodshed. Last week's analysis of Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla came in close, while crypto still struggles. In this week's analysis, the week target for Apple is increased from $138 to $142, while Microsoft is predicted to end the week at $262. The trading tips keep yielding profit and 2 trading candidates have been found for this week as the bet is on pharma and oil.  Tune in to get all the details and the name and ticker of this week's trading tips.
July 04, 2022
Last Week Of Fun In The Markets? Stock & Crypto Podcast Week 26 - 2022
Is this the last week of fun in the markets before there will be more red ahead? This is one of the questions we try to answer in this week's podcast along with giving new analysis and trading tips for this week. Last week's trading tips gave a solid profit as markets got the predicted re-bounce. Among last week's trading tips was Mullen which gave almost 10% profit even running on stop-loss. For this week there are 2 new trading tips, but 2 of last week's trading tips are still open.  Tune in for more details and as usual, we wish you a good green trading week!
June 27, 2022
Green Week Ahead For Nasdaq? - The Stock & Crypto Podcast - Week 25 - 2022
Markets and stocks are getting oversold, and with no big fundamental news expected this week, everything is paved for a green week for Nasdaq. Despite a very red week last week the total trading tips for the week went green. This week seven trades will be open, and stakes are set higher in the anticipation of a green week with re-bounces. Mullen Automotive is one of the tips, but it might be a close call as explained in the podcast. Despite expecting a green week, the future forecast is still further down. How can you benefit from these markets? Tune in to find out Youtube URL:
June 20, 2022
Week 24 - 2021 - Nasdaq 8000 Next? - The Stock and Crypto Podcast
Is Nasdaq heading for 8.000 points? With only little support below and massive resistance above, the forecast is not very bright for the markets this week. The inflation continues to rise just as we predicted, and the FED will have to raise the interest rates this week, perhaps even more than what the market expects. In addition, the job market is starting to cool off, and recession is creeping closer by the minute. But our listeners know this as we told exactly what would happen more than a year ago. In this week's podcast, we look further into the future, trying to forecast the following significant events and moves and how they will affect the markets. Last week's trading tips did their trick, and Xpev raked a 7.17% profit. This week we have three new candidates who we think might be able to beat the market and yield some profit. Please tune in to find out which stocks we would place a bet on this week. 
June 13, 2022
Week 23 - 2022 - Roll The Dice - The Stock and Crypto Podcast
This week the markets will roll the dice and decide if we are heading for a bit longer upturn or if it is straight back to the red. The Tesla bet yielded a 15.15% profit, but will this week's trading tips do as good? All eyes are on the inflation report coming out on Friday, but we already know the answer and in this podcast, we tell you why inflation will just continue upwards. As usual, you get a quick analysis of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla Bitcoin, and DogeCoin. The charts indicate a small forthcoming rally for Bitcoin with very little resistance before $37.000. Tune in for all details. Link to youtube version: (will come)
June 06, 2022
Week 22 - 2022 - Another Green Week? - The Stock And Crypto Podcast
Everything indicates a new green trading week is coming up. Last week's trading tips gave some amazing profits, but what about this week's trading tips? The bigger question is when will markets again turn red? As usual, we try to give you the answers to these questions along with tips and tricks to improve your trading. Tune in to get this week's podcast to get all the details and hear which stocks we try to trade this week.
May 30, 2022
Week 21 - 2022 - No Pain, No Gain
The markets keep falling, but there are trades to be made. The game is to avoid the biggest losses. In this week's stock and crypto podcast, we try to tell you what the week will be like and give you some trading tips for the week. In addition, we do a quick analysis of AAPL, MSFT, Tesla, and DogeCoin to see how these match up with the current market situation. Don't miss the one podcast that told you about the Ukraine conflict, the inflation, the fall of the markets, and the rise of gold and oil long before it happened. 
May 23, 2022
Week 20/2022 - Oh Yes... The Game Is On!
After 6 straight weeks in the red for Nasdaq, there might be a break as everything indicates that we might be at a short-term bottom. As many stocks have been hammered, the potential upside is vast for many stocks. Which stocks to pick is one of the answers we try to give you in this podcast. Last week's trading tips went all green, and there is a fair chance this week's tips will do the same. Although markets now have a fair chance for a small break, the general indication is further down. How can you prepare, and what stocks may have a chance to do good if the high inflation eventually turns into stagflation and recession.  Tune in to get the answers!
May 16, 2022
Making Money In A Red Market
Last week's trading tips made money in a red market, and there should be a fair chance the same will happen this week as several stocks are set for a re-bounce. Timing the trade is crucial, and in this week's podcast, we give more insight into how to do it. Gold is a little weaker than expected, while oil continues up, and we see no reason why it should not continue upwards.  April's consumer price index numbers are coming on Wednesday, and several quarter results. Are we heading for even higher inflation numbers, or will they cool down? We do our best to predict the week ahead and give you insight into what we think the future will hold and where the buying opportunities are. At the very end of the podcast, you will find this week's trading tips, which, given a good entry-level should return some nice gains.
May 09, 2022
A Unique Buying Opportunity?
Markets are getting hammered, and the number of buy signals is at the lowest we have recorded in 2 years. Is this a unique buying opportunity? This week is yet another week where many quarter results are coming up. However, we emphasize sudden and brutal news from Ukraine as a possible trigger for heavy fall as the Russian victory day is approaching next week. Everything indicates a week with high volatility and a possible establishment of a short-term bottom. Last was the first week since week 3 when we had to record losses for the trading tips. Hopefully, this week's picks will bring us back on track. NB: Podcast is out every Monday before markets open. Be sure to subscribe to get it instantly! The Youtube videos include charts of the companies mentioned. YT version:
May 02, 2022
Finally A Green Week For The Stock Markets Coming Up This Week
In this week's podcast, Jim Stromberg finally predict a green week for the stock markets. In his opinion, the week will start heavy and give some unique buying opportunities as the markets slowly will crawl back and end green. Furthermore, this is a week when many of the major companies release their Quarter Results. What is it you should pay attention to in the reports? That is one of the many questions you can get answered in this week's podcast along with the trading tips for the week and the analysis of Tesla, Apple, Microsoft, Bitcoin, and Dogecoin. 
April 25, 2022
Getting Closer - Energy Stocks Is Still Hot - The Stock & Crypto Podcast (Week 16 - 2022)
The very low amount of buy signals and the high amount of sell signals indicate that we once again are getting close to a good buying opportunity, but this is also the state where markets get volatile and may fall very hard given the right circumstances. As usual, we tell you the things you should keep an eye on to be better prepared for unwanted market reactions and avoid the biggest losses.  We keep making a profit in the energy sector and also this week's trading tips hold a few of them.  This and much more in this week's stock and crypto podcast. Linkt to accumulated volume video: YT podcast version:
April 19, 2022
Will These Stocks Beat A Red Market? Week 15 - 2022
We believe, like last week, that this will be a red week for the markets. But if played correctly, red markets may be very profitable. Last week the Borr Drilling trade was closed with a 42% profit. This week we have 5 tips and Nivida is one of them. Summer and fall are coming fast, and today's decisions will be tomorrow's profit or loss. In this week's podcast, we take a quick look at what may wait further up the road and how to prepare for it. Gold is on the path to $2.500 and the 10-year treasury yield is 2.71. The Ukraine conflict will again escalate and that should push markets down.  This and much more in this week's podcast.
April 11, 2022
Week 14 - 2021 - Money Made And Lost (stock podcast)
Most stocks are getting overbought on the RSI, and this is usually the situation where money is made and lost in the same week. As always new analysis of Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Bitcoin, and DogeCoin. Last week's trading tips: Borr Drilling is so far up 25%, but will it be more? This and new trading tips are to be found in this week's podcast. Youtube version: Tune In For More
April 04, 2022
Week 13 - 2022 - Are We Heading For A Red Week?
Most stocks are now in the upper part of a falling trend, and normally this calls for a slight reaction back. Are we heading for a red week? We try to answer this and many other questions and as usual, you get the week's trading tips. Last week gave 39.90% profit in Cenntro [CENN] and Diffusion Pharmaceutical [DFFN] was closed with 63% profit. Will this weeks' tips be as good? You can watch a youtube version here: This week's trading tips, Cenntro [CENN], Zomedica [ZOM], Borr Drilling [BORR]  
March 28, 2022
Week 12 - 2022 - Trading In A Volatile Market - Tip: CENN (StockPodcast)
How to trade in a volatile market is one of the questions we try to answer as yet another trading week is here. The last 3 weeks' trading tip, Mullen [MULN], is now up more than 300% and the other two trading tips gave strong profit as well. We believe today's trading tip, Cenntro Electric [CENN] may be of the same caliber. Markets and the stocks are up in the upper part of their falling trends after the strong gains last week. Does this indicate more falls to come and what are the support and resistance levels? This and much more in this week's stock podcast.
March 21, 2022
Week 11 - 2022 - How Bad Can It Get?
As predicted last week became yet another red week. The question is: how bad can it get? In this week's stock podcast we give you our expectations for the week and as usual tell you how we think Apple, Microsoft, Tesla, Bitcoin, and DogeCoin will end the week. Last week's trading tips, Mullen, raked in yet another strong profit and we believe this week's tips may yield some green.  This episode is recorded outside in the mountains on the western coastline and this affects the sound quality.  We recommend watching the YouTube version here:
March 14, 2022
Week 10 - 2022 - Nasdaq below 13.000 points?
Is this the week Nasdaq will fall below 13.000 points and when will the downturn end? In last week's podcast, we were spot for the closing price on Friday, missing by only 13 points. Will this week's analysis be as correct, and what is this week's target? What about Tesla? Is now the time to get in? After being correct on gold, oil, inflation, and the Ukraine war a user asks what the next big trading opportunity is... the answer... Tune in to get all the answers and also this week's trading tips!
March 07, 2022
Stock Podcast - Week 9 - 2021 - Greed And Fear
Greed and fear are running the markets as profits are made and lost in just a matter of hours. In this week's stock podcast, podcast #100, we have a look at what to expect for the week ahead and give a deeper insight into the rationals of greed and fear. This week's trading tips is Mullen Automtive Inc [MULN]
February 28, 2022
Week 8 - 2022 - Getting Closer To The Market Re-bounce
Everything indicates yet another red week as the market continues in the downwards trend. However, most markets and stocks are again getting close to oversold levels, signaling a possible upcoming buying opportunity ahead. The question is the timing as the market may fall both harder and faster when being oversold. Last week's trading tips PI gave some nice profit and for this week we have found 2 new candidates. Tune in to get the full analysis and expectations for the week ahead.
February 21, 2022
Week 7 - 2021 - When You Hope That Bad Feeling Is Wrong
With no real support below the markets can take a huge fall this week and especially with the Ukraine crisis still looming. During the week more inflation-related numbers will come and there is no reason to believe these will be very optimistic. Most open trades were closed last week, but despite believing there is a red week ahead a trade will be tried in Impinj Inc (PI). Will the analysis of Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla be as accurate as last week? Tune in to get all details!
February 14, 2022
Week 6 - 2021 - Volatile Week That May Go Both Ways
Everything indicates a volatile week that may go both ways. There is a fair chance the markets will push upwards to 15.000 points, at the same time the weight of a negative trend also opens for further falls back to 13.000 points for Nasdaq. What will it be? Like last week this week will be full of earning reports and among these are Take-Two interactive Software, Disney, and Uber. More important is the consumer price index numbers on Thursday. Last week the trading tips went hot with good profits, but what about this week's trade? Tune in to get all details.
February 07, 2022
Week 5 - 2022 - A Week Of Bounce up's?
Stocks are moving up from oversold positions and everything indicates that it will continue this week. At the same time, it is earning season, and with major companies pushing their quarterly results over the week, there is room for plenty of surprises. In addition, there is the threat of further escalation in the Russia - Ukraine conflict. Last week's trading tips in SBUX are starting to yield, but we believe even more upside during the week. Another 3 positions will be opened, but will it be successful?  Tune in to get the full story and all the tips.
January 31, 2022
Week 4 - 2022 - A Week Of Surprises
Last week became the worst week in a long time for the US markets, and an oversold Nasdaq is now even more oversold. The exchange currently only holds 6% buy signals, and this will either be the week of extreme opportunities or pure fear as the tension rises around the Ukraine conflict. The week's trade will be in Starbucks with an estimated potential upside of 5-10%. Furthermore,  the bet is that Microsoft will outperform Apple this week, and will Tesla again hit the weekly target? Tune in to get the full story about these things and much more in this week's podcast.
January 24, 2022
Week 3 - Finally A Green Week Ahead As Netflix Is Set To Soar?
It looks like it will be a green week for the US markets this week. Netflix is oversold as quarter results are coming up, and there seems to be a good trading opportunity in Netflix right now. Last week's trading tips went all green, netting a nice profit. This week, one of the trading tips is Netflix, and the other could literally go up in smoke. BitCoin turning on high volume last week is usually the buy signal you want to see.  This and much more in this week's podcast.
January 17, 2022
Week 2 - 2022 - Tesla Further Down As Markets Continue To Struggle
As expected the major item tickets on the Nasdaq Exchange struggled last week. Everything indicates that this will be another hard week, but Wednesday will be the day that really determines the overall outcome. Why? Tune in to know. The Zomedica trading tips gave +14.60% profit last week whereas Naked Brand was cut with a -2.96% loss. For this week there are 3 new tips that might just beat the market. This and much more in this week's stock Podcast.
January 10, 2022
Week 1 - 2022 - Play The Losers
January is usually a good month as the "January Effect" hits the market, but that may very well not be the case this time. However, the parts of the January effect should come into play, and we bet that the 2021 losers will have a re-bounce in the very first part of January. Among these will be Naked Brand Group [NAKD] which is one of the trading tips for the week alongside a few other risky picks.  The chart indicates that Tesla might push to $1200, but what after that? Bitcoin balances on $45.000 and may drop another $5.000, however, we keep the $55.000 target and give you the reasons why. Tune in to get all the trading tips and ideas shared in this week's podcast.
January 03, 2022
Week 52 - 2021 - A Good Trading Week
Christmas week is historically usually always green, and most charts agree. Tesla managed to re-bounce to $1000 last week and continue a little more up before heading back down. Last week's trading tips gave 14% and 5% profit, but this week it will be a high-risk bet in BYSI trying to get in cheap in the morning.  As always much more in this last stock podcast for 2021.
December 27, 2021
Week 51 - 2021 - The Stocks To Trade In A Falling Market
The markets keep falling, but some stocks are up for a short-term grab. With good profit last week we go for 2 new possible bouncers this week. Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla all show negative forecasts, but there can be a reaction back to $1000 for the Tesla stock. This and much more are in the second last stock podcast for 2021. 
December 20, 2021
Week 50 - 2021 - Tesla Further Down As Markets Consolidate This Week
After a solid week last week, the general volatility decreases and indicates a more normal week. Fair chance the week ends green, but at the same time, this is the level where last week's bounce-up ends and things statistically either fall or move sideways to build up new momentum,. With no support below $1000, Tesla will face a make-it-or-break-it week. Our bet is we will see Tesla down to $880. DocuSign netted almost 20% profit in last week's trading tips, but we go even more speculative this week, looking for an opportunity in risky BABA and LCID. This and much more in this week's podcast, so make sure to tune in. 
December 13, 2021
Week 49 - 2021 - Yet Another Volatile Week Ahead. This Is How To Trade It
With only 9% buy signals on Nasdaq, there is a fair chance for a good start on the week, but the end might be very red again. Like last week everything indicates a very volatile week. Tesla has no real support under $1000 and is heading to our $880 target. Apple stock (AAPL) could go both ways as it sits on support right now, but you want to get the complete analysis.  Arbutus was sold from the high-risk portfolio last week with 78% profit. This week's trading tips are a bet on DocuSign...
December 06, 2021
Week 48 - 2021 - Volatile Week Ahead For The Markets
Everything indicates a volatile week ahead as the number of buy signals falls below 13% for Nasdaq. Volatile markets are the trader's dream, but only a few manage to utilize it with a wrong buy and selling approach. Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla might start the week on a good note, but further falls are expected. Bitcoin is on an upturn after turning up at the bottom of the trend and should now go to $75.000. DogeCoin at $0.21 seems to be an obvious pick. This and much more in this week's stock and crypto podcast. 
November 29, 2021
Week 47 - Short Trading Week And Some Heavy Plays
A short trading week is coming up with thanksgiving on Thursday and reduced trading on Friday. Nasdaq again over 16.000 points indicate a good start on the week, but will it last? Microsoft is way overbought and will Tesla do a double top @ $1.200. In this week's trading tips we do some penny picking while keeping the highly volatile Ocugen. We apologize for the bad sound quality in this week's podcast which was recorded on a small island on the west coast of Norway.  This and much more in this week's stock podcast!
November 22, 2021
Week 46 - 2021 - Second Red Week And Tesla Further Down
Will an international conflict involving Ukraine ignite a huge market sell-off? This is one of the many questions we try to answer in this week's podcast. Tesla fell last week as expected and ended some $17 below our$1050 target for the week. How will Tesla perform this week, and what are the support and resistance levels? Last week's trading tip, Ocugen, is still active, but we have added one trading tip for the week, which we think has a good risk/reward ratio if markets go red. This and much more in this week's stock podcast.
November 15, 2021
Week 45 - 2021 - Better Safe Than Sorry
Nasdaq is way overbought on RSI at levels we haven't seen since the last major fall. How long can it possibly last? Is Elon Musk a genius as he preps up to sell 10% of his Tesla shares? What are the support levels if things go wrong for the Microsoft, Tesla, and Apple share price? Bitcoin moving up from a horizontal movement indicates $75.000 next and even small Dogecoin indicates a run coming up. Ocugen was closed at 96% profit last week and Under Armour netted more than 14%. This and much more in this week's stock podcast. Tune in to get the market overview, the major analysis, and this weeks trading tips 
November 08, 2021
Week 44 - 2021 - While We Are Waiting
Major stocks are way overbought on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and this would never end well. But while waiting for the laws of gravity to hit the market may very well continue upwards. As usual, we give you the different support levels and key indicators to keep an eye on.  One of the 2 trading tips this week is Under Armour (UA). Tune in to hear why and at the same time get the latest predictions for Bitcoin and Dogecoin. 
November 01, 2021
Week 43 - 2021 - Be Prepared - Red Weeks May Be Upon Us
Stocks are topping in their charts and being overbought on the RSI. Are we headed for a major fall? In this week's podcast, we try as usual to determine the week ahead of us. What could be the major market drivers and what is it to look out for? As we said a million times in these podcasts inflation is over us and that will affect the stock markets no matter what. Has anything changed lately and do we still have the same view? We remain positive to crypto but advise about a possible sharp fall due to a lack of support between $60.000 and $55.000 for Bitcoin.  Tune in to know the answer to these questions and get an analysis of Tesla, Microsoft, Bitcoin, DogeCoin, and GameStop. 
October 25, 2021
Week 42 - 2021 - Slow Week Ahead And Here Are The Tips
Everything indicates a slow week ahead and that Apple will not be able to gain any traction. Tesla, Microsoft, and Bitcoin running into overbought. What will happen next? The trading in XEL is up almost 6% and Tesla up more than 50%. Is it time to cash in?  Tune in to get the answers. 
October 18, 2021
Week 41 - 2021 - Trading Opportunity In GameStop This Week, While Apple Establish A Falling Trend.
Bitcoin is overbought on RSI14 and a reaction back to $50.000 is likely. However, that will just be a natural correction down before further pushes toward $75.000. Apple Inc is establishing a falling trend and markets are balancing on a thin thread as everything indicates a huge fall soon. Will it be this week?. You need to pay attention to Wednesday's CPI numbers and the quarter season is here with all its trading opportunities. With oversold RSI and support below, we see a trading opportunity in GameStop for this week hunting a 10% potential profit gain. Tune in to get all the details.
October 11, 2021
Week 40 - 2021 - Bitcoin To $52.000 While Apple, Microsoft And Tesla Will Struggle.
There is a fair chance for a green week where the market will move sideways or even slightly up. But, 14.800 points is now a strong resistance level, and many of the major stocks including the Nasdaq index has formed a death cross signal. However, there is money to be made doing the right choices. Last week more or less all price targets for the stocks in the podcast were spot on, and even Bitcoin came in on expectations. For this week the target for Bitcoin is raised to $52.000 and there should be possible to do some profit on Dogecoin as well. Important work numbers are coming out this week along few other very interesting numbers to keep an eye on. Tune in to get the full overview and learn the trading tips for the week.
October 04, 2021
Week 39 - 2021 - Ride The Wave
If you bought on the dip it should now be time to ride the wave this week. As usual we give you 2 possible trading candidates for the week along with insight into the major tech stocks, crypto and how we believe the market will move for the week. We remain bullish to both BitCoin and DogeCoin, but we are not that optimistic about Apple and Microsoft. The amazing Tesla trade started at $560 is slowly coming to an end. This and much more in this weeks podcast. Tune in to get the full details.
September 27, 2021
Week 38 - 2021 - Buy The Dip
You should use the red days as an opportunity to get in cheaper. The trading tips are doing well and AMC was closed with a 22,16% profit. Is Bitcoin at $45.000 a buy or a sell? In the podcast portfolio, Ur-Energy (URG) has been closed with 95% profit. Where will markets go from here and what are the Nasdaq support levels? Tune in to get the answers.
September 20, 2021
Week 37 - 2021 - More Red To Come?
Nasdaq did not manage to keep momentum and is now falling back towards the support at 14.800 points. Bitcoin is oversold on RSI14 and technically a bounce back is indicated. Last week's stock tips, Moderna gave huge profit, while Square Inc was cut on stop-loss. What are this week's trades?
September 13, 2021
Week 36 - 2021 - More To Come From Crypto And These Are The Trading Tips For This Week.
A potential threat is building up in the Asian markets and this may be an early warning for when to reduce market exposure. Previous stock picks have done good, but how will this week's pick do? BitCoin, DogeCoin, and other cryptos will continue upwards. Microsoft and Apple will struggle and GameStop may fall hard. Tesla, however, will just continue upwards and the high-risk portfolio the same. Tune in to get the full details :slightly_smiling_face: This podcast is also available on YouTube!
September 06, 2021
Week 35 - 2021 - Small Cap Rally and Bitcoin to $55.000?
Will this be the week where small caps rally and Bitcoin are getting back to $55.000? Nvidia is up almost 12% so far and this week we put the trades on AMC and DFFN. The number of buy signals is increasing around the world, but when will there be too many?  Tune in to get the answers.
August 30, 2021
Week 34 - 2021 - Two Stocks To Trade This Week And New BitCoin Analysis
You probably regret not buying Bitcoin when we told you to some weeks ago when Bitcoin was  $30.000. Is it too late or is there more to come from Bitcoin and other cryptos? In this week's podcast, we tell you the new target for MSFT, TSLA, AAPL, GME and you get the 2 stock picks for the week. Last week's pick; Nvidia and Roku ended green while the high-risk portfolio fell by 1.7%.  How long will we hold on to the DogeCoins bought at 20 cents? As usual, we give you our opinion on the trading market this week. Tune in and you will know this and much more!
August 23, 2021
Week 33 - 2021 - Last Week Of BitCoin Rally And Nasdaq Above 15.000 Points
This week's podcast tells you how high Bitcoin will go before taking a minor correction and giving you a second buying opportunity. The super trade in DogeCoin is also getting ready to be closed after a 70% gain so far. But at what level will we sell?. We reveal this week's trading opportunities along with an analysis of companies like Tesla and Microsoft. Last week we were on the dollar with most weekly targets, but will we be able to do the same this week? What does it mean when there are only 22% buy signals at Nasdaq? Is this a buy or sell signal? Tune in, and you will know. 
August 16, 2021
Week 32 - 2021 - Inflation + Crypto. The Week Ahead.
Our tip about Cutera gave almost 15% profit, and Bitcoin surged well above $40.000. DogeCoin netted another 30%, and in this week's podcast, we let you know how we think crypto will perform this week. Today AMC will release quarterly results, but you should pay more attention to the price numbers that will start coming in from Wednesday? What can we expect, and how will the market react? Oil at $65 and falling as we expected, but how far down will it go? What are the 2 hot stock tips this week?
August 09, 2021
Week 31 - 2021 - Good Plays For Week 31 As BitCoin Moves Higher
Bitcoin is now up more than 30% since we told you it was a good buying opportunity. As mentioned in today's podcast we believe there is more to come. We still believe Tesla will go higher, and that the 22% gain so far, since we flipped from sell to buy, is just the beginning. The analysis for Apple and Microsoft came in on the target and you have to tune in to know how we believe they will perform this week. By end of the week, the July job numbers will come, but before that, a lot of companies will release their Q2 results. We tell you what to look out for and how we think the market will behave during the week. 
August 02, 2021
Week 30 - 2021 - Bitcoin To Pass $40.000 & Nasdaq Even Higher
Bitcoin as we expected is moving upwards and Nasdaq is getting close to 15.000 points. This week a lot of the major companies will release quarter results and this will affect the market. On Thursday new job numbers will get out, but all in all, everything is indicating a new strong week in the markets. GameStop chart indicates an easy 5-8% pick as GME again should pass the $200 mark.  This and much more in this week's podcast
July 26, 2021
Week 29 - 2021 - Major Tech Down & The Rest Up
As said in last week's podcast, this will be the week where the major tech stocks, like Apple and Microsoft, will correct down. However, we should see an upswing in most other stocks as money is not yet ready to flow out of the stock market. Don't expect too much from crypto that keeps struggling to break up from the support levels. Inflation is going above targets while the 10-year Treasury yield falls. What does the disruption mean and how will this end. This and much more in this week's podcast.
July 19, 2021
Week 28 - 2021 - Again A Green Week & Bitcoin Above $40.000
We remain positive also this week, but the reaction down in the major tech stocks is getting closer. We let you in on when and how we think that reaction will play out. GameStop heading for a green week and in the podcast you will find this week expected high and low as well as the end price on Friday for the Gamestop stock.  Are you ready for the Q2 results coming along with other fundamental data? Bitcoin to $40.000 and good gains in Tesla? Tune in to get the answers.
July 12, 2021
Week 27 - 2021 - Crypto Getting Back As Nasdaq Goes Higher
Bitcoin and the rest of the crypto are on a new upturn as Nasdaq will head even higher. If you're hoping for good gains in GameStop this week, you're wishing too much. There is nothing indicating that GME should go up, but everything indicates it will slowly fall back to lower levels. Tesla is hanging in thin air, but we believe hot air will push Tesla back above $700. Check out this week's podcast to get the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #GME,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BitCoin DogeCoin Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME, #OCGN
July 05, 2021
Week 26 - 2021 - More Gains To Come
Nasdaq is above 14.300 points and everything indicates we are pushing towards the promised rally. Tesla finally passed the $660 target and we believe there is more to come. Furthermore, we believe crypto will go up and that there are nice gains to be made both in Bitcoin and DogeCoin. Oil is traded at $74 and will it reach the target of $100? You will have to tune in to get the answer and learn about the podcast portfolio which we believe will do very well this week.
June 28, 2021
Week 25 - 2021 - A New Attempt To Break 14.200 Points?
Last week Nasdaq was ready to pop the 14.200 level and go into a rally, but it did not happen. What are the chances this will be the week? Our prediction for both Apple and Microsoft was on the dollar, but will we be able to do the same this week? And what about Bitcoin and DogeCoin? What are the levels you need to keep an eye on and why do we believe gold is an obvious buying opportunity now?
June 21, 2021
Week 24 - 2021 - Bitcoin Back To $50.000 & Nasdaq Rally
Is this the week we been waiting for? Charts indicate that we will see a short-term rally at Nasdaq as the 14.000 point limit is being broken and stocks are heading into overbought. Bitcoin is also posed to surge 20% and hit $50.000 this week. The market does no longer seems to care about inflation going up and P/E skyrocketing, but for how long and when is time to take profit?Is this the week we been waiting for? Charts indicate that we will see a short-term rally at Nasdaq as the 14.000 point limit is being broken and stocks are heading into overbought. Bitcoin is also posed to surge 20% and hit $50.000 this week. The market does no longer seems to care about inflation going up and P/E skyrocketing, but for how long and when is time to take profit? Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BitCoin DogeCoin Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
June 14, 2021
Week 23 - 2021 - Will Nasdaq Break 14.000 Points This Week?
The big question is: Will Nasdaq be able to break the 14.000 points limit this week and finally continue the long bull market? How will Thursday's inflation numbers affect the market? Also this week we are skeptical to crypto and believe more falls are ahead, but when will it turn and become a buying opportunity? Will the very good profits in the portfolio continue this week? We try to answer this and many more questions in our weekly podcast Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BitCoin DogeCoin Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
June 07, 2021
Week 22 - 2021 - Bitcoin Down And Tesla Up.
The major tech stocks struggle with the momentum and are not able to get back to an all-time high again. Bitcoin has no support under today's level and only needs a trigger to fall really hard. Tesla on the other hand continues up just as we expected. How far can Tesla go and how far can crypto fall? As we say in the podcast, it may be that the crypto falls soon are over... This and more in this week's podcast. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BitCoin DogeCoin Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
May 31, 2021
Week 21 - 2021 - More Falls Ahead?
For 3rd week in a row, we are negative to crypto and believe also the market will struggle by the end of the week. Tesla still indicates an upturn, but $560 is a critical level. The 10-year Treasury Yield remains stable, but this is the week where we can start to see some more rapid movements upwards. Gold continues towards our $2.000 target and we remain bullish. With several stocks and indexes testing the support of trend lines we may be heading towards a major fall any day soon. This and more in this week's podcast. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BitCoin DogeCoin Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
May 24, 2021
Week 20 - 2021 - Green Week For Nasdaq Ahead While Bitcoin will Fall Even More.
Volatile week for crypto last week as Bitcoin fell to our target of $45.000. However, things may get even worse this week for Bitcoin while we believe Nasdaq finally will have a green week after falling 4 weeks straight. This week we believe Tesla finally will move upwards while the major tech stocks will move sideways. This and more in this week's podcast. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BitCoin DogeCoin Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
May 17, 2021
Week 19 - 2021 - Bloody Week For Crypto Ahead?
Nasdaq continues to struggle with the 14.000 points level. Several stocks are moving up from a pivot bottom in the relative strength index, but with divergence in the volume. Will this be 4th week in a row with falls for Nasdaq? Both DogeCoin and BitCoin charts indicate a forthcoming reaction down and with little support below DogeCoin can easily fall back to the 30 cent level and BitCoin to $45.000. This and more in this week's podcast. 
May 10, 2021
Week 18 - 2021 - Bitcoin Towards $65.000 As Nasdaq Struggle Breaking 14.000 Point Mark.
Nasdaq is struggling to break the 14.000 point resistance, but this might very well be the week it does. Apple and Microsoft having a natural correction down while Tesla still remains within an upwards trend in the short picture. Oil prices remain stable and the same with gold, but is the 10-year treasury yield again on the move upwards? What about BitCoin? Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
May 03, 2021
Week 17 - 2021 - Nasdaq Heading Higher?
Bitcoin being very oversold on RSI14 indicates it will bounce back up from $49K to a minimum of $55K. Charts suggest that TSLA may be on the way to $800 and that markets still may head for a mini-rally pushing Nasdaq to 15.000 points. The portfolio had a nice week last week and remains unchanged for this week. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN,  #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
April 26, 2021
Week 16 - 2021 - The Week Of Changes
Nasdaq is pushing the 14K level and some of the major stocks like Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon are overbought. Are we heading for a major correction or will we head into a rally? What about Zomedica that just keeps falling and falling. Is now a buying opportunity? This and many more questions are answered in this week's podcast. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS,  #ZOM, #VCYE, #TME
April 19, 2021
Week 15 - 2021 - Volatile Week Ahead
Everything indicates a possible volatile week ahead of us before markets again turn upwards. A lot of new records are in reach for the major tech companies and Bitcoin remains strong on its way to $70.000. Oil still $59, but we believe it may fall to $55 this week. The 10-year interest yield remains unchanged, but possible conflicts building up in Ukraine can affect the market negatively. Tune in for the full insight! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS,  #OCGN, #VCYE, #TME
April 12, 2021
[Exclusive] - Jared Tendler - The Mental Coach
How many times have you wondered why you did not buy or sell when you knew it was the right thing to do?  Why did you not trust your gut feeling letting the good trade become red?  In this 50 minutes long special edition podcast, we talk with Jared Tendler, a mental coach that specializes in making people perform better by understanding how emotions affect your decision-making. Jared has coached some of the best golf players, E-gamers, and poker players around the world. Now he has focused on the stock market and is helping some of the top traders become even better. Tune in to get some of his tips and tricks!  Jared Tendler's webpage:
April 07, 2021
Week 14 - 2021 - Is A New Stock Market Rally Coming?
Stocks are reaching up from the bottom of their trends, and the charts indicate that it might be a new stock market rally up ahead if Nasdaq breaks 14.000 points. Bitcoin is still within a strong solid trend and should react fast once breaking USD 60.000. This, and the weekly update on buy signals around the world, is just some of the things in this week's podcast. Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS,  #OCGN, #VCYE, #TME
April 05, 2021
Week 13 - 2021 - Hedge fund dump 10 billion worth of stocks
Stocks for 10 billion worth were dumped at the end of last week in several big companies. New Hedge Fund squeezed to cover leveraged positions? Technically this created a buying opportunity in Tencent Music Entertainment (TME) and the stock was bought into the portfolio @ $18.85. Full analysis of the major stocks and Bitcoin and as usual an update on the trading portfolio. Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS,  #OCGN, #VCYE, #TME
March 29, 2021
Week 12 - 2021 - More To Come From The Pennies
Charts indicate more to come from the penny stocks this week, while the major tech stocks still will struggle. Companies like Apple, Amazon, and Tesla are now moving within falling trends. Where will the growth be this week and how many buy signals have our system identified? Is it less or more than the previous week? In this week's podcast, we also look into the long-term interest rate and how inflation is developing. The portfolio is still doing good, but what is the secret and reason behind the accumulation of stocks using the stop-loss strategy? Tune in to get the answers! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS, #ZOM, #OCGN, #VCYE
March 22, 2021
Week 11 - 2021 - Good Week For Penny Stocks & Bitcoin to $70.000?
How will money flow this week as stimulus checks are arriving? Will it go into the financial markets and boost the stock market that already is bouncing up from a natural correction? Why does it look like the golden days for the Amazon stock price is over, and will Tesla be able to get above $800? Why have the small pink sheet stock Velocity Energy Inc (#VCYE) been added to the portfolio and is Zomedica Pharmaceuticals sold after more than 40% gain in just a few days? Tune in to get the answers! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS, #ZOM, #OCGN, #VCYE
March 15, 2021
Week 10 - 2021 - Time For Rebounce?
Markets are still oversold and a reaction up is more and more likely. Will it be this week or next? Bitcoin is in a strong nice trend and heading towards $60.000. Apple is bouncing up from two bottoms at $120 and NIO has never been this long oversold on RSI. Why have Apple Inc, Ocugen Inc, and Zomedica Pharmaceuticals Corp been added to the podcast portfolio? What is an accumulation and why do it? Tune in! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #AAPL, #ABUS, #ZOM, #OCGN
March 08, 2021
Week 9 - 2021 - Oversold Market May Yield Good Returns This Week & Bitcoin to $60.000
Markets ended last week being oversold on the Relative Strength Index (RSI) and Friday's gains can be expected to continue during the week. The hammered penny stocks may jump back to previous levels and Bitcoin may return to an all-time high. Will the different support and resistance levels hold, and will the rule: buy red and sell green be proven right this week? Tesla broke the $800 dollar support last week. Is the game over and further fall to be expected? Tune in! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG,  #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS
March 01, 2021
Week 8 - 2021 - A Week Of Surprises - Bitcoin to $47.000
Is this a week that will give us a few surprises or will things return back to new steady gains for the major indexes? Do we see a trend change emerging for Apple, Tesla, and NIO, and why would Bitcoin go to $47.000. How much did the portfolio make this week? We take a quick look at ZOM and URG and try to explain why to buy on red days and sell on green days. Tune in! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #AMZN, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA, BTC-USD, #ZOM, #URG Podcast Portfolio: #URG, #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ABUS
February 22, 2021
Week 7 - 2021 - Bitcoin to $60.000 and Amazon breaking $3500?
In this week's podcast, we talk more about how to use the Relative Strength Index (RSI) which is a very good tool to time your enter and exit in stocks. The markets are still high and may continue to climb, but we should see some of the minor stocks fall. It looks like Apple can have a good week bouncing up from the bottom of a rising trend. Amazon looks even stronger, while Tesla still signals sideways movement. In general, a good week for the portfolio as oil hit $60 dollars.  Bitcoin is on the run and why do we think it can go to $60.0000 this week? Tune in! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMZN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #URG, #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN,  #ABUS
February 15, 2021
Week 6 - 2021 - BTCUSD and NIO to go higher
After being spot on last week about bitcoin a new target has been set for this week. Everything indicates that NIO will gain this week while markets are expected to be volatile. ZOM gave 93% profit last week but is out of podcast portfolio after being triggered by stop-loss. Has a new stock been added to the portfolio or is money placed in the bank? What do the technical analysis say about Tesla and Amazon? How will Microsoft do and is the potential from the golden star in the stock taken out? Tune in! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMZN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #ZOM, #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN,  #ABUS
February 08, 2021
Week 5 - 2021 - The volatile week.
A red week at the markets last week, so what can we expect from this week? Are the markets still overbought? Will Amazon turn up this week and finally break $3.300. Why is a divergence in volume an early indicator? Will BTC-USD continue up or down? Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMZN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #ZOM, #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN,  #ABUS
February 01, 2021
Week 4 - 2021 - Weekly update and a short history lesson about previous stock market falls
We were wrong about the market last week, so what about this week? Will we be wrong or right? Do you know what happened in 1987, 2000, and 2008? Are there any parallels to be seen in the current market? Why was ATOS sold from the portfolio after gaining 95%? Was the money re-invested into something else and why? This and analysis of the major companies to be found in this week's stock podcast. The tip of the week is to check out ZOM (heaven or hell @ very high risk) Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMZN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #ZOM, #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ATOS, #ABUS
January 25, 2021
Week 3 - 2021 - More Red Ahead
Several of the major stocks now have divergence in volume and price. This is often a sign of profit securing and restructuring among the major investors. Is this a sign that more red is coming this week as smaller investors may jump off the train? When will NIO turn and can Tesla fall to $600 as there is little support under today's level? How did the portfolio do as both ATOS and DFFN had a very good week last week? Tune in! #AAPL,  #AMZN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ATOS, #ABUS
January 18, 2021
Week 2 - 2021 - Looks Like A Red Week Ahead
Markets are overbought and indicating a red week ahead. How will Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla do? Will Tesla go for $1.000 and will Twitter tank completely? How did the stock podcast portfolio do as NIO gained more than 20% and the same for Diffusion Pharmaceutical? Why is XPEV being added to the portfolio and why does the author continue to reduce market exposure? Finally, but not least, will Bitcoin go to $50.000 this week? Tune in to get the answers to this and many other questions. The tip of the week is to check out XPEV! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMZN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD Podcast Portfolio: #MSFT, #XPEV, #NIO, #PGS, #DFFN, #ATOS, #ABUS
January 11, 2021
Week 1 - 2021 - Get A Good Trading Start On The New Year
In this first weekly stock podcast for 2021, we analyze some of the major stocks and finally let you have a look into Jim Stromberg's private portfolio. The forecast for Apple and Microsoft is great, but what about Amazon, Tesla, and NIO? Why did Jim add the small and unknown penny stock company ATOS to his portfolio and what does he think about Bitcoin? Be aware of trading alerts in the penny stock ATOS. It may be on a run for $1.40 Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMZN, #DFFN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA,  BTC-USD
January 04, 2021
Week 53 - The Final Week
Last week of 2020 and the last podcast this year. We believe NIO to rise and end the week at $53, but not sure this will be the best week for Microsoft. Tesla, however, could be on the way to $1.000. Most markets around the world have 50% or more buy signals except in Asia where the picture is different. Shenzen (China) holds only 18%, while a bit more normal in Toyko with 32% buy signals. This and much more in this weeks podcast. Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL,  #AMD, #AMZN, #BA, #FB, #DFFN,  #NIO,  #MSFT, #TSLA, #USO
December 28, 2020
Week 52 - Buy Nio And Is It Time For Amzon Stocks ?
In this podcast leading up to Christmas, we look at the major companies and what to expect. Like last week we remain very positive about Nio and also believe Amazon may be starting to move up again. This and much more to be found in this week's podcast! Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #ABUS,  #AMZN, #AMD,  #BA, #FB, #DFFN, #INO, #NIO,  #MSFT,  #TSLA, #USO
December 21, 2020
Week 51 - Where Do You Place Your Bets This Week?
What will happen if the head and shoulder formation in Apple kicks in? Why are oil-related stocks a good place to be right now? What will happen with EV stocks like Tesla, Nio, and Li this week? How did the author's own stock trade in DFFN go? Find this and more answers in this week's podcast. Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #ABUS, #ALTR,  #AMZN, #FB, #DFFN, #INO, #NIO, #LI, #MSFT, #SRNE,  #TSLA, #USO
December 14, 2020
Week 50 - When There Is Only Buy Signals
What happens when there are no sell signals? Is $600 the current top for the Tesla stock which is highly overbought on RSI? Why do we love cruise lines and airline industry stocks right now? What are Jim's own picks and how does he do his trades? Tune in for some of the secrets and analysis of the week. Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #AMZN,  #BA, #DFFN, #INO, #NCLH, #MSFT, #LI, #NCLH, #MSFT, #NIO, #SRNE,  #TSLA, #ZM
December 07, 2020
Week 49 - Oh No... This May Not End Well...
Did you know that NYSE has 66% buy signals right now? Is that good or bad? We try to answer this and so many other questions in our weekly podcast where we look at the market and some of the most interesting stocks. Do you have any idea what trailing stop-loss is and when to use it? Tune in for more info... Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #AMZN,  #DFFN, #IDEX, #INO, #MRNA, #MSFT, #NIO, #TSLA, #ZM
November 30, 2020
Week 48 - Tesla Fighting $500 And Markets Are Too High Again.
Tesla pushed upwards on S&P500 listing news last week. Will the stock continue upwards and why was breaking $450 so important? And what about the Apple, Microsoft, and Amazon. Will they finally start to move? We are bullish on oil and oil-related stocks and believe biotech will do good this week. Tune in to get the full story. Stocks analyzed this week: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #AMZN,  #BA, #DFFN, #INO, #MSFT, #NIO, #PLUG,  #TSLA, #USO
November 23, 2020
Week 47 - Here is where you will do your gains this week!
Boeing is set for more gains and $250 is within reach. NIO will react back, but this will just be a buying opportunity. Inovio bet paid off last week and more is expected! This and many more analyses in this week's podcast. #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #AMZN,  #BA, #DFFN, #FB, #MSFT, #NIO, #TSLA, #USO
November 16, 2020
Week 46 - Will Money Be Made Or Lost This Week?
Stocks moved up from oversold as expected last week, but what will happen this week? Will the moment keep up, or will we stocks slide back again? Most stocks show a sideways movement over the last 2-7 weeks. Is this indicating that the good days are over? What happens if the rectangle formations are broken up and what are the different support and resistance levels?  Stock analyzed this week:  #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMZN, #DFFN, #FB, #MSFT, #NIO,  #SNAP, #SRNE, #TSLA, #USO
November 09, 2020
Week 45 - Election Week
It is election week and what can we expect from the markets? Most stocks being oversold on RSI14 indicate short term reactions up. NIO, however, is overbought and in this podcast, I explain why that indicates a fall to $28-30. Tickers analyzed in this podcast: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD #AMZN, #DFFN, #FB,  #NIO, #MSFT, #MVIS #SRNE #TSLA
November 03, 2020
Week 44 - Looks Like A Green Week Ahead!
While nothing much happened in the markets last week we expect this week to show some green. As usual some in-depth analysis of the major companies like Apple, Microsoft, and Tesla. Will this be the week Tesla breaks $450? Well, the podcast author, Jim Stromberg, believes so and he is sharing the reasons why. Companies mentioned in this podcast: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMZN, #BA, #DFFN, #FB, #INO,, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA
October 26, 2020
Week 43 - A new boring week?
It looks like we will face another week of horizontal movements in the markets. NIO should take a reaction downwards from profit securing and open up for some new good buying opportunities around $24. This and much more in this week's podcast. Stock analyzed:   #AAPL,  #ABUS, #AMD, #AMZN, #BA, #DFFN, #FB, #INO, #NIO, #MSFT, #TSLA
October 19, 2020
Week 42 - is Air Going Out Of The Ballon?
Looking at the major companies they all show tendencies of a trend change, but still, more horizontal movements can be expected this week before things turn really red.  Lots of companies are mentioned in today's podcast and a short introduction into the world of Relative Strength Index (RSI) #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMZN, #AMD, #BA, #DFFN, #FB, #KODK, #MSFT,  #NCLH, #NIO, #SRNE, #ZNGA, QCOM
October 12, 2020
Week 41 - The Important Week
This week will be very important as so many stocks are testing the support levels and bottom of their trend. If trends are being broken it will be a clear signal about very red markets ahead. Tune in for more info. #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #AMZN, #BA, #DFFN, #FB, #LAKE, #SRNE, #TSLA, #USO, #ZN
October 05, 2020
Week 40 - Time To Squeeze The Lemon
Looks like it will be a green week for many of the tech companies, but biotech looks even more promising. #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMZN, #DFFN, #INO, #INWK, #KODK, #MVIS, #MSFT, #SRNE, #TSLA
September 28, 2020
Week 39 - The Week For Stock Picking
Expect a volatile week. Fill the watchlist with some good candidates and set your trigger levels. This is a good week to make money. Get Apple @ $98 and enjoy the biotechs. #AAPL, #AMD, #ABUS, #FB, #DFFN, , #INO, #MVIS, #MRNA, #KODK, #TSLA,
September 21, 2020
Week 38 - The Week of Trades
Will the market remains as volatile as last week and what about Tesla and Apple? Why will this week give so many good trading opportunities and will #INO do 40%? Companies analyzed: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #DFFN, #FB, #INO, #NIO, #MRNA, #TSLA, #RCL
September 14, 2020
Week 37 - The Volatile Ride
It seems like the week ahead will be volatile. Could this be the pre-warning about major corrections soon to take place? Furthermore, what to expect from the major tech stocks this week, and will cruise continue to gain? Tune in to get the answers. Stocks mentioned in this week's podcast:  #ABUS, #AMZN, #AMD, #AAPL, #DFFN #GEVO, #INO,  #NCLH, #NIO, #NVDA, #MSFT, #RCL,  #SRNE #TSLA, #USO
September 07, 2020
Week 36 - The Week for Biotech
After much focus on tech stocks, it now looks like it is time for more attention to the biotech stocks.  Here are the stocks mentioned in this week's podcast: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMD, #DFFN, #INO, #NCLH, #NIO,  #MSFT,  #RCL, #TSLA, #USO
August 30, 2020
Week 35 - The mother of all weeks.
Markets continue to move sideways, but the major companies do good and it looks like they will continue to do good. Listen to the analysis of: #AAPL, #ABUS, #AMZN, #AMD, #BA, #DFFN, #INO, #NCLH, #NIO, #MSFT, #RCL, #SRNE, #ZYNE, #USO
August 24, 2020
Week 34 - Way harder to make money these days, but NVAX looking good!
Major companies hold the exchanges up, but it is getting harder and harder to make good bets in the market right now.Stocks analyzed in this podcast: #NCLH, #RCL, #TSLA, #AMD, #ZYNE, #AMZN, #MSFT, #USO, #DFFN, #ABUS, #LAKE,  #NVAX
August 16, 2020
Week 33 - Have I done the right picks?
In this week’s podcast I will reveal a bit more about my personal portfolio and as usual analyze the most traded companies. Companies analyzed this week: #TSLA, #MSFT, #AMZN, #INO #NKLA, #DFFN, #AMZN, #FB, #RCL, #ZYNE, #ABUS
August 09, 2020
Week 32 - Green? Oh, it's so Hard to Believe...
Looks like there will be a red week ahead and that the major stocks will continue to slide down from their previous highs. A peek into The Eastman Kodak Company and some comments on how to start creating your own trading strategy. Stocks mentioned in this podcast: #AMZN, #TSLA, #MSFT, #ED, #MMP, #DFFN, #ABUS, #KODK, #INO.
August 02, 2020
Week 31 - Another Exciting Week Ahead!
Diffusion Pharmaceuticals started moving last week. But will it continue? Then there is Arbutus (ABUS) which was totally on fire the previous week. But what will happen now? More in-depth analysis on several other companies along with tips and tricks for your trading. #HTBX, #GNUS, #MSFT, #TSLA, #AMZN, #DFFN, #ABUS, #EQNR, #FB, #USO
July 26, 2020
Week 30 - Is This The Week When Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc Will Gain 300%?
Is this the week when Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc will gain 300%? Lets find out together! #DFFN, #INO, #TSLA, #RCL, #NCLH, #MSFT, #AMZN, #ZYNE, #MRNA, #ABUS
July 19, 2020
Week 29 - Stop-Loss Explained. Is There Still an Upside In Biotech?
Looking into some biotech companies and getting back to the good old stop-loss.  #NIO, #INO, #MSFT, #TSLA, #AAPL, #DFFN, #ABUS, #GNUS, #AMZN
July 12, 2020
Week 28 - Oh, I Was Wrong The Last Week...
My guesstimate of a red week last week was very off, but this week I am certain that Tesla will be worth a short. Lots of companies analyzed and some explanations about technical formations provided. Tune in! #TSLA, #BA, #NIO, #GNUS, #INO, #IMUX, #MSFT, #AAPL, #DFFN, #IDEX, #PRBV, #VMD, #CATB, #VTL and more!
July 05, 2020
Week 27 - The Red Evil
All signs tell there is a red week ahead, but can money still be made in the biotech sector? I also mention several companies with support and resistance levels and a guesstimate of this weeks outcome. Are you willing to take the risk? Full exposure! And can money be made in a swing trade in Boeing Airlines (BA)? #TSLA, #NKLA, #DFFN, #BA, #MVIS, #NCL, #AAPL, #FB
June 28, 2020
Week 26 - Tesla Below $940 And Biotech is up!
This week I am following up on companies from the previous week (and adding a few). Also I believe this is the week when biotech is going to do good! Stay tuned....
June 21, 2020
Week25 - More Red Ahead
Looks like another red week is ahead of us. Question is how to reduce the losses and play the market to your benefit. Insight into the following companies: #TSLA, #NKLA, #BA, #DFFN, #RCL, AAPL.
June 14, 2020
Week 24 - Will Cruise Lines Continue to Rise?
In this weeks podcast I focus on cruise lines and oil stocks, and look back at the previous recommendations. At the very end of the podcast I share some tips on how to find the right candidates for trading. #USO, #DFFN, #MSFT, #NFLX, #NCLH, #RCL, #GUSH
June 07, 2020
Week 23 - What Does This Week Hold For Tesla And Diffusion Pharmaceuticals?
A new week looking into the markets ahead of us and as usual, analysing few interesting companies. In this podcast, I present different ways of finding good trading candidates. #USO, #DFFN, #AAPL, #NFLX, #TSLA
June 01, 2020
Week 22 - When Will Gravity Hit?
When will gravity hit? Markets continue to be strong, but for how long? In this episode we will be looking back at the previous week and also into the week ahead of us. Again some technical analysis and a deeper look into how you use volume while trading.  #Moderna Inc, #Diffusion Pharmaceutical, #Netflix, #Tesla, #United States Oil Fund, #Microsoft.
May 24, 2020
Week 21 - Is This The Week When USO Will Hit $30?
In this weeks episode I focus on Relative Strength Index (RSI) - a good indicator every trader should learn to use.  Furthermore, I look into USO which indicates a possible run to the $30.  As usual, I look into the week ahead and give my views on several companies based on technical analysis. I dig a bit deeper into the previously mentioned candidate Diffusion Pharmaceuticals to see if it is really doing well? #MSFT, #NCLH, #RCL, #DFFN, #USO, #TSLA, #NFLX, #GUSH
May 17, 2020
Week 20 - Will Tesla Keep Rising And Reach a New All-Time High?
In this weeks episode I look back and give an update on last weeks analysis of Microsoft, Netflix, Norwegian Cruise Lines Holdings Ltd., Lakeland Industries, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc. and United States Oil. I also look into Tesla which might be heading for a new all-time-high, Boeing Company, Royal Caribbean Cruise Lines, and share a few thoughts about Bitcoin.
May 10, 2020
Week 19 - Is it a Red Week Ahead?
In this podcast it is all about the week ahead of us. A brief look back on the last weekend and deeper look into some possible buy candidates for the following week. Companies mentioned in this week's podcast: Netflix, Microsoft, Amazon, Diffusion Pharmaceuticals Inc, Norwegian Cruise Line, and Lakeland Industries.
May 03, 2020
Week 18 - The Waiting Game
Updates on what to expect from the week ahead. A look into United States Oil (USO), Mircosoft and Netflix from a technical point of view. 
April 26, 2020
Week 17 - Back to Normal?
Is markets returning back to normal and where will money flow this week?
April 19, 2020
Week 16 - Stock Picking Part II
In this episode we follow up more on how to pick the best stocks.
April 13, 2020
Week 15 - Stock Picking
What do you need to consider when you are picking your stocks.
April 05, 2020
Week 14 - The Flow of Money
In this episode I speak a bit about how money flows and what you should be looking for when picking your stocks.
March 29, 2020
Week 13 - Greed And Fear
A short description how greed and fear run decisions when stocktrading. 
March 23, 2020