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#StopDevaluation Podcast

#StopDevaluation Podcast

By Melodye Hilton
The #StopDevaluation Movement is for those who have the courage to go against the grain of a culture that loves to point fingers, pre-judge, and put people down. Instead, our goal is to confront prejudice and build bridges through listening, learning, sharing, and confirming the irrevocable value in every unique human being.
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EP012-B Race Consciousness Interview with Dr. Todd Mealy

#StopDevaluation Podcast

EP61 Dismantling Fear Corporately and Personally with Lynn Taylor of Taylor Protocols, Inc.
This interview is pure gold providing corporate strategies along with a personal path to overcome your deepest fears. The more aware we are of the levels of fear, the greater our ability to choose that which will unleash our contribution to the world and establish a path to personal peace.  Lynn Taylor is a leadership and business development expert and the president of Taylor Protocols, Inc. He is also the creator of  the Core Values Index™, the first assessment characterizing and quantifying the innate, unchanging human nature of a person used in thousands of companies around the world.   If you would like to learn about the Core Value Index you can visit
May 7, 2021
EP60 My Story Interview with Lynn Taylor, President of Taylor Protocols, Inc.
It easy to assume a successful leader with global influence started out life in privilege but that was not the case for Lynn Taylor. Through the many life challenges Lynn chose the arduous journey to health and now uses his intellect and skills to help people discover their contribution to society. Lynn is now a leadership and business development expert and the president of Taylor Protocols, Inc. He is also the creator of  the Core Values Index™, the first assessment characterizing and quantifying the innate, unchanging human nature of a person used in thousands of companies around the world.  If you would like to learn about the Core Value Index you can visit 
April 30, 2021
EP59 Cultural Revolution
The decade of the sixties and seventies—Melodye Hilton's generation—witnessed a Cultural Revolution that was, in many ways, won at society’s detriment. They were activists with a cause to liberate our and future generations from anything binding us to traditional morals, values, and responsibilities. Our mantra was “if it feels good, do it!” The emerging leaders of today's society are desperate for a cause worthy of their sacrifice. This time, the goal of change will not be revolution for revolution’s sake, but instead will be to improve, advance, and produce positive change. This new Cultural Revolution will confront division with inclusion, pre-judgment with curiosity and understanding, hatred with validation, and autocratic leadership with partnership. This justice-motivated revolution will be founded upon selflessness, forgiveness, and sacrifice for the good of all mankind leaving our world better place.
April 23, 2021
EP58 Melodye's Monologue: Everyday Heroes
I love the simplicity of an information exchange site’s definition of hero [1], “A hero is someone who puts others before himself or herself. A hero has good moral ethics, and is someone who does things for the sake of being good, and not just a means to an end, or a reward for good deeds, but it is someone who does good for the sake of doing good”  The Meriam-Webster online dictionary says, “a person admired for achievements and noble qualities, one who shows great courage.” "Some people want to believe they can be an instant hero in everyday life. A real hero is someone that stands by your side and appreciates you everyday!"[3] Melodye shares the everyday heroes in her life! I am sure you will look and find so individuals who truly saw your value and worth!  [1] Quora [3] José N. Harris (MI VIDA: A Story of Faith, Hope and Love)
April 16, 2021
EP57 Melodye's Monologue: How do we lead successfully in the middle of cultural chaos?
There is great power and responsibility associated with any form of leadership influence. We can no longer passively stick our head in the proverbial sand. NO, Instead, we must become a catalyst for positive change through our personal leadership reformation.    Recommended reading: Higher Living Leadership: Influence Societal Design as an Instrument of Justice by Dr. Melodye Hilton
April 9, 2021
EP56 My Story Interview with Christiana Thompson
Coming to the United States from a war-torn nation Christiana Thompson's story reveals the painful and abusive culture of her homeland as well as her own childhood sexual abuse.  She has seen and heard things that have not only broken her heart but has caused her to be an advocate for those traumatized. She now serves in a hospital as a Clinical Social Worker. Christiana has also established her own not-for-profit organization called "The Mending Place.   For more information on "The Mending Place"  Christiana Thompson, LMSW CEO/Founder of The Mending Peace Website: Email:
April 2, 2021
EP55 Sabotaging Opportunities with Rhonda Dickens, Therapist
When we lose our power it produces a violation. This trauma creates lies about our worth as we protect ourselves when opportunities are presented to us. Often we push away amazing opportunities to stay safe and therefore keep ourselves in crisis out of familiarity.  Rhonda Dickens, therapist, shares how desire will position us to gain freedom.
March 26, 2021
EP54 Do you want to change? with David Brooks, Counselor
David Brooks, The Cadillac Counselor, brings understanding on how we can make positive change in our lives.  Once we see the reality of our need for change we must be willing, open, and ready.
March 19, 2021
EP53 Why Anger with David Brooks, Counselor
What are the reasons of anger and how do we manage these highly charged emotions.
March 12, 2021
EP52 Managing Your Emotional Health with Rhonda Dickens, Therapist
What does emotional health look like? How do we come into emotional health and maintain it in difficult seasons?
March 5, 2021
EP51 - Boundaries in Relationships by David Brooks, Counselor
Everyone desires to find the right person but often settles for the 'right now' avatar. Digital dating and social media communities often present a persona that is not the real person.  How do we establish healthy boundaries in relationship and avoid emotional enmeshment. How can we made decisions out of wisdom rather than need-driven feelings? Counselor David Brooks shares great wisdom to guard against that which could bring emotional harm.
February 26, 2021
EP50 - Full Unmasking Prejudice Audio Book Chapter: Painful Stories of Prejudice
This entire chapter of real-life stories of prejudice from Dr. Melodye Hilton's audio book, Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry. First laying a foundation for these powerful and poignant stories.  Dr. Melodye bring an introduction sharing that all prejudice is destructive and toxic to our mind-brain. Negative thoughts are more forceful to establish unhealthy memory because they are accompanied by intense emotion, which establishes an automatic fear-based pattern of thought.  Maya Angelo said, "If we lose love and self-respect for each other, this is how we finally die."  She later said, "History, despite its wrenching pain, cannot be unlived, but if faced with courage, need not be lived again."  After the stories Dr. Melodye will close the chapter with today's choice is a place of power for all of us, as powerful people change what they can and choose peace in what they cannot.  This book can be purchased in Paperback, Digital Version, or Audio Book
February 19, 2021
EP49 My Story Interview with Dr. Sam Kojoglanian
Known as the Mender of Hearts, Dr. Sam Kojoglanian is an interventional cardiologist. Dr. Sam earned his Medical Doctor degree at the University of Southern California and inspires his patients to live healthier and fulfilled lives. To date, he’s had the distinction of being recognized as a five-year honoree of the Patients’ Choice Award and Most Compassionate Award — a recognition granted to only 1% of the 900,000 active physicians in America. He’s also been awarded the position of "Top 1%” of professionals in his line of work in the USA and was named “Ultimate Cardiologist” by the state assembly of California. While in the office Dr. Sam is known for healing and rehabilitating those with serious heart conditions, his reputation outside the office has become that of mending the soul.  Traveling to nations he provides medical care to the indigent, food and shelter to orphans, and cares for the brokenhearted. Thousands of lives have been touched both physically, emotionally, and spiritually. 
February 12, 2021
EP48 Challenging Personal Bias with Rhonda Dickens
Rhonda Dickens, psychotherapist, shares the reason for both conscious and subconscious bias. "The more you know, the more you don't know." What's the root?  Rhonda Dickens has also partnered with #StopDevaluation movement to write a free eBook download, "Freedom Time: A Guide to Finding Freedom and Validation after Trauma."  Go to to download this and other free eBooks. 
February 5, 2021
EP47 The Trap of Offense with Rhonda Dickens
Every person on the planet knows what it is like to be offended. How does offense affect us? How are we freed from its emotional trap of victimization, powerlessness, and its negative impact on all relationships.    Rhonda Dickens has also partnered with #StopDevaluation movement to write a free eBook download, "Freedom Time: A Guide to Finding Freedom and Validation after Trauma."  Go to to download.
January 29, 2021
EP46 Confronting Generational Competition with Dr. Melodye Hilton and Harold Williams
Harold Williams asks Dr. Melodye pointed questions about intimidation concerning a younger generation and the fear of them taking leadership roles from the Baby Boomer generation. You must realize that what you carry will never be wasted, you are irreplaceable, and you must never stop contributing.
January 22, 2021
EP45 Inclusion in the Marketplace with Harold Williams
Inclusion is more than external but an internal honoring and valuing the person, their skills, and their thoughts. Harold, VP in a large lending institution, shares how he provides an inclusive culture.
January 15, 2021
EP44 Leadership Principles of Justice and Validation with Dr. Melodye Hilton and Justin Murrell
A black male millennial, Justin Murrell, interviews Dr. Melodye, a white female baby boomer, about her core leadership principles.    It's not hard to enjoy generational, racial, and gender partnership when we focus on an exchange of life.
January 8, 2021
EP43 My Story Interview with Joy Renee Arnold
Gang raped at eight years old and years of blocked memories left Joy Renee Arnold angry, depressed, and suicidal. This along with 20 years of 15 pills a day, being institutionalized, and living in self-hatred screams a destroyed life; but Joy shares how she got to the other side and how her life is one of loving people authentically and genuinely. Powerful and poignant story!
January 1, 2021
EP042 Healing the Deep Wounds of Trauma: Marlaina Centeno
Marlaina Centeno has become a voice for those who have a story of trauma and pain. She authentic shares her story as well as steps that each person can make as they acknowledge the pain, find healthy ways to calm strong emotions, find a community, and discover what you need to feel safe. You can find Marlaina, founder and president of Wholehearted Women at
December 25, 2020
EP041 My Story with Annie Gichuru
It takes courage to stand out, be the first, and model the way for others. Annie Gichuru moved from a dominant black culture to a dominant white culture and was faced with being the only black person in the crowd. Annie brings solutions to self-limiting beliefs as a life coach and producer and host of Uplifting Studios TV in Australia.  She asserts, “You cannot be what you cannot see!” The narrative must shift from one of struggle to one of inspirational leadership.
December 18, 2020
EP040 My Story with William Wood
Growing up in a broken home, surrounded by alcohol and drugs, led William Wood to believe he was inadequate, incompetent, and his voice did not matter.  Finding community among the drug dealers in his preteen years lead him to a drug overdose and close to death until two individuals cared enough to invest in his value and potential.
December 11, 2020
EP039 My Story Interview with David “The Cadillac Counselor” Brooks
What a poignant story that reveals the why behind David Brooks destructive habits, actions, and criminality. David’s courageous choices which changed his life's trajectory in response to key influential leaders who challenged him asking, “What happened to you?”  He now dedicates his life through his experiences and expertise in health services, substances abuse, criminality, and trauma to journey with people caught in the hidden ‘whys’ behind their actions.  
December 4, 2020
EP038 Releasing Your Voice in the Midst of Crisis with Josie Saldana
Desiring to be a change-agent in her world, Josie Saldana shares the important of listening to others, helping those who have experienced trauma, and those struggling to discover and release their voice.  She shares a powerful Stanford University study on how empathy and listening help people heal physically as well as emotionally.  
November 27, 2020
EP037 My Story Interview with Aisha Oyarekhua
“Practicing law and doing justice are not always the same thing,” says Attorney Aisha Oyarekhua. Growing up in Nigeria in difficult situations has positioned Aisha to get close enough to see those who are suffering, understand the issues, and provide solutions. This amazing woman uses her career to fulfill her calling to be an instrument of justice to the marginalized.  You are never too powerless to act. Thank you Aisha for you embodying what Dr. Martin Luther King said, “Every step toward the goal of justice requires sacrifice, suffering, and struggle; the tireless exertions and passionate concern of dedicated individuals.”
November 20, 2020
EP036 My Story Interview with Candice Murrell
Can you imagine the pressure to choose your racial label?  Candice Murrell born to a Black father of the Christian faith and a White Jewish mother left her struggling with who she was and believing she could not ‘fit in.’  Life was not fair to Candice as she struggled constantly with the lie “I am not good enough.”
November 13, 2020
EP035 My Story Interview with Wilt Bernard
What can wound a heart, distort an identity, and bring shame and fear? It is not just what happens to us that shapes our beliefs but what has been withheld from us. Wilt Bernard shares his longing for a father-figure in his life and how his healing journey continues to be a work in progress. His life is now one who lives under the covering of the  “HAT “of  Humility, Accountability, and being Teachable.
November 6, 2020
EP034 My Story Interview with Desiree Fox
Desiree Fox generates such inspiration and wisdom in this powerful interview. Loss brought deep pain and she lived through a mother's broken heart as her children were confronted with blatant racism and discrimination. What a powerful example of taking the road less traveled empowering her to be a voice of validation and an instrument of justice.
October 30, 2020
EP033 My Story Interview with Donna Scott
It is so easy to judge a person’s actions when you are unaware of their suffering. Donna Scott shares the hidden pain of sexual, physical, and verbal abuse from the age of two through fifteen-years old. These and other events immersed her into the lies of shame and a self-destructive lifestyle. Hear how the hidden things were brought to the light and how a  healing journey began for this woman who has become a powerful generator of hope.
October 23, 2020
EP032 My Story Interview with Beatriz Zaldana
In this episode Beatriz Zaldana was thrust into an all-white English-speaking school and her only language was Spanish. The language barrier brought shame over her beautiful Salvadoran heritage. Hear how her story builds a platform for her to stand out and make a difference in her world.
October 16, 2020
EP031 My Story Interview with David Gonzalez
The old adage of “sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me” is false. Perverted actions and negative words will generate fear and cause shame especially within the mind of a child.  These hurtful lies promote a false adaptation of self in order to survive. David Gonzalez, growing up in Ecuador and later moving to the United States, shares his story of hiding his embarrassment through isolation and separation.
October 9, 2020
EP030 My Story Interview with Melody Seaton
In this episode Melody Seaton knows exactly how it feels to face fear-based emotions and their subsequent beliefs because of devaluing prejudice. However, her innate voice of who she was and what she could accomplish as an educator continued to propel her forward to bring courage to the “Melody’s” of this world to see beyond their experience and discover the valuable treasure they hold.
October 2, 2020
EP029 My Story Interview with Marissa Saunders
There are some stories that are so overwhelming that you question if it is possible to overcome. “How could someone survive such horrific injustice?” Marissa Saunders experienced horrific abuse from childhood, was sex-trafficked, went from one abusive relationship to the next, and suffered from extreme racism. Hear how her story unfolds one difficult healing step at a time leading her to a social justice career as a Cultural Awareness Consultant and a partnership with the Alternative to Violence Project.  This is an interview that will deeply touch your heart.
September 25, 2020
EP028-A Melodye's Monologue: I Cast My Vote For...
Every platform of influence must be used for the good of humankind and our nation. I am compelled to share with you who I am voting for.   I cannot remain silent!
September 21, 2020
EP028 My Story Interview with Andrea Hinson
In the episode Andrea Hinson shares the identity battle she faced living with prejudice from two very different worlds. She learned to show up differently trying to fit in until an educator saw and affirmed her potential. This powerful story is filled with so many poignant stories of the those treated as insignificant and drawing them into a validating community.
September 18, 2020
EP027 My Story Interview with Marcus Dygert
Marcus Dygert’s story reveals hardship from childhood throughout his young adult life more heartbreaking than most of us could ever imagine, yet he has overcome. Marcus not only became successful in business but now travels nationally and internationally valuing others and bringing hope.
September 11, 2020
EP026 My Story Interview with Ernest Crim
In today’s episode Ernest Crim shares his life experiences growing up on the south side of Chicago and how a hate crime became a defining moment motivating him to lift his voice and bring solutions to a generation. Ernest is a speaker, radio commentator, writer, activist and an award winning high school social science instructor.  Ernest hopes to use his life experiences to inspire others to fight injustice, educate and empower themselves, and resolve conflicts appropriately.
September 4, 2020
EP025 My Story Interview with Clyde Lewis
Clyde Lewis' life was riddled with domestic violence, poverty, and fear.  When labeled with a learning disability, the false belief of 'not being good enough' was sadly reinforced confirming to him that he would never succeed.  Hear how a group of lawyers and Jesuits helped to reshape his life in order to become a value-generator and identity builder. 
August 28, 2020
EP024 My Story Interview with Caroline Johnston
Caroline Johnston will share life experiences that distorted her perspective and the fears she faced  growing up in war-torn Northern Ireland.
August 21, 2020
EP023 My Story interview with Niquio Benjo Valcobero
On Today’s episode Niquio Benjo Valcobero shares his childhood hurts, disappointments, and fears but also the power of the one who saw his worth and his potential. This mentor placed a demand on the amazing gift he held and now Niquio is impacting and mentoring people globally.
August 14, 2020
EP022-B Freedom vs Tyranny
Melodye's Monologue speaks to the responsibility of every citizen to be a voice of justice. When individual freedoms are limited and voices are silenced, it results in the opposite of freedom. When every citizen is bound to an equal (or the appearance of an equal) outcome controlled by an elite power structure, the people become stripped of their own power and individual value.
August 12, 2020
EP022-A Freedom of Speech
Melodye remembers the day of when different views were championed and relationships were never divided because of extreme contrasts.  We can bring civility back to independent thought.  She brings powerful self-assessment questions to cross the divides through validation.
August 10, 2020
EP022: The Culture of Validation with Dr. Jason Ottley
Today's episode entitled "From Inequity to Equity" is from the founder of The Bond Educational Group, Dr. Jason Ottley.  This amazing pioneer works alongside teachers and administrators who serve all communities, but particularly communities of color. His passion, heart, and strategic solutions will both inspire and empower you.  To be a part of the solution we must first become aware, open our hearts to understand, and then be willing to respond appropriately.
August 7, 2020
EP021-B Why Riots and Violence
In the middle of the 'why' we must see 'what' and 'who' riots and violence harms.  Violence generates fear and its results are counterproductive. Hear Melodye's monologue to hear the importance of justice-power used for good and not for harm.
August 5, 2020
EP021-A What Defines You?
It's not what happens to us but IN us that directs the trajectory of our lives.  Melodye briefly shares how she believed lies about herself and how here identity was redefined.
August 3, 2020
EP021: My Story Interview with Jack Hoke
Who are our role models? Who do we want to emulate? When we search for human connecting and find that acceptance through someone who attitudes and behaviors are destructive, it becomes easy to justify their behaviors by following their example. In this episode we hear the MY STORY of Jack Hoke who gained his sense of worth in all the wrong places. From addictions, criminality, and dealing drugs Jack found a void inside that nothing could fill. His journey led him to AA and a new role model. Today Jack’s goal in life is to be a “hope dealer” and go to places others fear to tread. Update: Just three months after this interview Jack passed. A horribly sad loss.
July 31, 2020
EP020-D Is Power Evil?
Power has become a dirty word labeled by many as evil.  Melodye speaks into platforms of power and brings a balanced perspective.
July 30, 2020
EP020-C The War of Divided Hearts
A new series launched on the #StopDevaluation podcast channel entitled: Melodye's Monlogue.   If we disallow diversity of thought and speech we can destroy our nation from within. However, the more self-aware we are the better decisions we make and the healthier our conversations.  Melodye provides thought-provoking self-assessment questions to develop the art championing diverse thought.
July 28, 2020
EP020-B Emotional Health in Chaotic Times with Rhonda Lynn, Therapist
What a powerful interview with therapist, Rhonda Lynn.  She shares her story and how she found her calling to help both children and adults find healing from trauma.  You’ll learn about trans-generational trauma and PTSD and powerful steps of healing that you can apply to your life today, including physiological education, how to handle triggers of trauma, emotional regulations, and cognitive coping. In the middle of the complex challenges our world, there is great hope for healing.
July 27, 2020
EP020: My Story Interview with Denise DeCou
In this episode Denise DeCou shares her story of growing up multiracial and multicultural. This presented her with unique challenges, which she calls a “bag of burdens.” She also learned many life lessons positioning her to be a voice championing diversity, equality, and inclusion.
July 24, 2020
EP019-B Culture of Validation Interview with Fadzi Whande
The product of authentic inclusion is belonging! Fadzi Whande, a Global Diversity and Inclusion Specialist shares why race matters and how to bring solutions to the table promoting inclusion, healing, and positive change.  If you have a heart to be a difference-maker you will learn how to show up generating value in others. 
July 20, 2020
EPO19: The Culture of Validation with Denise DeCou
On today’s podcast the courageous  Denise DeCou has made it her life’s work and her personal practice to generate value and provide resources to bring awareness, understanding, and the practical how tos to kindly address the prejudices and assumptions that arise in everyday encounters. You will hear simple and practical steps to be a part of the solution. This episode is one you do not want to miss.
July 17, 2020
EP018-B My Story Interview with Will Ford
What story line are you going to be a part of? Will Ford’s powerful and poignant life story will astound you. Will  has traveled  the nation for twenty years  with a  kettle pot owned by his ancestors. This treasure was passed down to him along with the horror stories of slavery and his family’s suffering at the hands of their slave owners. Yet, this amazing man focuses on racial reconciliation and challenges all of humanity to bring  healing to  the divides for the sake of future generations. Get out the tissues, this is a story you must hear!
July 13, 2020
EP018: My Story interview with Josiah Centeno
Without connection we can spend our lives trying to fill the void inside of us,  often in harmful ways. On today’s episode Josiah Centeno shares his story, the lies that encompassed his thoughts, the fear that drove him, and the simple exchanges of life that brought healing.
July 10, 2020
EP017-B The Culture of Validation Interview with Louis Dickens
Gaining knowledge and the wisdom to apply that knowledge empowers us to compassionately be a voice of validation to those hurting from racial prejudice. If you desire to understand a race or a culture, then it is important to know the historical facts which support a collaborative voice of healing to our world. Louis Dickens reveals the painful black history and solutions for healing. If you are a white person and genuinely care, you must hear this interview. Louis and Dr. Melodye have partnered together and modeled diversity and inclusion on a deep heart level for twenty years.  Note: explicit adult description of black history and slavery
July 6, 2020
EP017: My Story Interview with Ahelya Vargas
Emotional manipulation along with verbal and  physical abuse has the power to scar the soul and render one powerless. The crippling fear to reach out for help silences the voice as confidence is lost in the sea of shame. Ahelya Vargas' moving story will touch your heart and reveal the power that unconditional love and safety carries to rescue the broken.
July 3, 2020
EP016-B My Story Interview with Kevin Ikeda
Kevin Ikeda, a successful and influential businessman, shares his story of failure and devaluation. His transparency and authenticity will touch your heart and his wisdom will bring hope to the vision you hold.
June 29, 2020
EPO16: My Story Interview with Eloise Grobbelaar
In today’s episode we will talk with Eloise Grobbelaar who speaks from her own struggles with self-worth when she says, “When you do not find validation in the right places, you will look for it, in all the wrong places.” Growing up in South Africa in the midst of the apartheid, and later moving to the UK with her husband, she found herself working with special needs children and, in the process, learned powerful principles that apply to every child, teenager, and adult.
June 26, 2020
EP015-B My Story Interview with Elizabeth Forbes
Elizabeth Forbes shares her story of loss, sexual assault, and the lies of self-devaluation. Her life was reshaped as individuals saw and communicated value to her leading her into her present vocation as a guidance counselor in Maryland's public school system. She now offers support and hope for those who have experienced trauma and are suffering with the lies she once believed. 
June 22, 2020
EPO15: My Story Interview with Sheila Katusiime
Shiela Katusiime, born and raised in Uganda, shares her open and authentic story of devaluation.  It wasn't until she was 32 years old that she was challenged to see her value.  She now has found her voice and contribution to the world as she invests in a young generation.
June 19, 2020
EP014-B My Story Interview with Brent Pedro
Brent Pedro (Trinidad and Tobago) shares his story of devaluation through bullying and all the lies that led to suicide attempts, but then the power of validation to shift his perspectives and become a value-generator in the lives of others.
June 15, 2020
EP014: The Authors Show Interview
Dr. Melodye Hilton, author of Unmasking Prejudice: Silencing the Internal Voice of Bigotry, was interviewed by Linda Thompson of The Author's show. This book was the inspiration to launch the #StopDevaluation movement. 
June 12, 2020
EP013-B Relabeling Our Story with Cognitive Therapist Jerome Joseph
Melodye Hilton shares her story of child sexual abuse as she interviews Cognitive Therapist, Jerome Joseph.  We often minimize, as Melodye did, or exaggerate our past experiences. The core of anxiety is an overestimation of danger and an underestimation of our ability at the same time; therefore, I cannot cope. Our labels shape our perspective as our behaviors follow. We interpret today's events based upon those labels.    We can attach positive labels to people and situations that can shift how we think, believe, and function.  Positive and healthy labeling has to be intentional as we consciously rehearse the new because internally we will have automatic labels based upon our experiences. The new ways of thinking will bring rewards.  It feels so good to move beyond the labels!   This interview will impact your life and help you to relate and connect to others in healthy ways.  How we label can help ourselves and others heal.
June 8, 2020
EPO13: My Story with Justin Murrell
Our past experiences want to define us screaming lies, "I will never be good enough." Justin shares, "I was in an at-risk structure but connected to some people who invested into me. They helped me change my life and now my journey is to do the same and recreate what has happened in my life through different parts of my city."  Justin's story reveals the ability to destroy the box society tried to put him in making a difference to those living in his former reality.  
June 5, 2020
EP012-B Race Consciousness Interview with Dr. Todd Mealy
Every leader, influencer, and societal architect that  has a heart to see our nations heal should listen and apply this knowledge in their sphere of influence. Dr. Todd Mealy is a history author holding his Ph.D from Penn State University. He is the Director of Equity and Instruction at The Bond Educational Group. Dr. Mealy is taking steps to launch the Equity Institute for Race Conscious Pedagogy, LLC to advance scholarship in race-centered learning while advocating for social justice. He has been an educator since 2001 and is an adjunct professor in the History Department of Dickinson College. You will learn from his knowledge but also from heart to #StopDevaluation
June 3, 2020
EPO12: My Story with Larry Putney
Larry's MY STORY reveals the painful experiences of his parent's divorce, bullying, and depression. Life events formed mindsets of devaluing self-worth and lack of self-confidence in this young man's mind. His story leads to confidence and maturity as a husband, business leader, and community influencer.
May 29, 2020
EP11: Validation & the Political Divides, Part Four interview with Peter Demarest
Science tells us that if we continue down the path of divisiveness and devaluation of one group or another ultimately it leads to the complete and utter destruction of all of us. The scientific fact reveals when we allow every form of prejudice, hatred and devaluation unchecked, it becomes self-destructive. This episode will discuss the topic of politics through the science of values-generation. Without the ability to intrinsically love there can be no healing. 
May 22, 2020
EP10: Prejudice, Evil, & Unjust Actions, Part Three interview with Peter Demarest
Is it possible to see a person’s intrinsic worth when their actions are bad, evil, or unjust.  Prejudice and subconscious biases influence our emotions, decisions and behaviors, is there a way for a person to transcend these biases and minimize their effect?
May 15, 2020
EPO9: Don't Let Biases Run the Show, Part Two interview with Peter Demarest
Devaluation always has negative impact while validation always brings health .  Today’s podcast we will learn about how our biases ‘run the show.’ We’ll learn the antidote to stopping something is to start something. We’ll learn the power of asking the right question, “What choice can I make and action can I take in this moment to create the greatest net value?” 
May 8, 2020
EP08: The Science of Value, Part One interview with Peter Demarest
Today’s podcast is the first in a four-part series of interviews with Peter Demarest, an expert in the science of Axiogenics, which is the mind-brain science of value generation. He has influenced my life greatly through his book, “Answering the Central Question: How Science reveals the keys to success in life, love, and leadership.”  Stephen R. Covey writes about Peter’s book saying, “…Based on the groundbreaking science of applied neuro-axiology, this book reveals the how-to principles for integrating your heart, mind, and brain to unleash your strengths and create a truly extraordinary life.” Today’s podcast will begin to reveal to you how valuable you are and how you can generate value through your courageous voice.
May 1, 2020
EP07: My Story with Jason Ottley
Jason's story reveals the lifelong struggle of not being validated.  He says, "It does no good to be represented culturally if your voice has no value, power, or privilege. You are nothing more than a cultural representation."  Don't miss this message of advocacy for voices that are not being heard. 
April 24, 2020
EPO6: My Story with Harold Williams
From childhood it seemed that Harold was marked as the one who would never fit in or be accepted. This carried into his twenties where leaders used their position, platform, and authority to control, manipulate, and abuse their power; offering a pseudo success. He shares how he "drank the Kool-Aid" and "sold his soul" to obtain success and connection.  This is an amazing story of healing, true success both personally and professionally, and the beautiful opportunities he has to model power used for good.
April 17, 2020
EP05: My Story with Rose Thomas
Rose experienced many instances of trauma, abusive relationships, and rape.  She believed herself to be ugly knowing she would never be loved. She hated herself as depression, anxiety, and self-harm were her outlets for her anger.  She later learned that it was not what happened to her but her thought patterns that were her greatest enemy.  Today, however, we see a "rose" who has bloomed into a beautiful value-generator reaching out to those who face trauma and disaster.
April 10, 2020
EP04: My Story with Justin Tucker
Rarely do you hear a story of drugs, gangs, violence, and fear and find a young man whose life exemplifies hope and purpose.  What led Justin Tucker to see his worth, his potential, and soften his heart for those hurting from the pain of their past?
April 3, 2020
EP03: My Story with Karley Daniel
As Karly shares her story she says, "You have to come to peace with your broken pieces." The majority of Karly's childhood was filled with the broken pieces of abandonment, neglect, and abuse.  How could she come to peace in the midst of such suffering? 
March 27, 2020
EP02: My Story with Annette Dickens
Growing up in North Carolina in the 60's and 70's, Annette shares her story of traumatizing racial prejudice. Can you imagine waking up to a burnt KKK cross with cards covering your lawn saying the "'KKK was out to get you?"
March 20, 2020
EP01: My Story with Fadzi Whande
Fadzi Whande, Global Diversity and Inclusion Strategist, shares her story of abuse of power and her process to discover the value she holds.  She is now a champion for many in her nation of Perth, Australia and around the world.
March 14, 2020
Trailer: #StopDevaluation
I'm excited to launch the #StopDevaluation podcast on March 14th--MY BIRTHDAY--and I am excited for you to join this movement. Because story is such a powerful unifier that we all have, we'll hear from many voices in episodes called MY STORY where I'll talk to amazing men and women who have overcome and chosen to write better chapters for future generations. We'll also hear from experts on the Science of validation,  practical ways to be validators in our every day lives, and so much more as this channel grows and evolves.
February 22, 2020