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Stop Gun Bans

Stop Gun Bans

By Michael Zubick
Weekly podcast for, a gun rights organization founded in the wake of the Sandy Hook shooting. Each week we will discuss the latest in gun rights news, interview influential members of the gun community, and strive to bring you the best 2A related content around.Our mission is to rally likeminded patriots to action and turn those on the fence into active gun rights supporters. We will strive to be more effective and financially efficient than the associations that exist today
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Firearms Safety with John Petrolino

Stop Gun Bans

Firearms Safety with John Petrolino

Stop Gun Bans

Feat. SGB Group Moderator Stephen McKee, USMC, Metal Star, and more.
The interview the Facebook group has been waiting for! Michael interviews Stephen McKee, our moderator. Stephen is a father of 9, served in the Marines, and plays in Fate Hates Me, a Metal Band. Want to help launch Season 2 livestream?
September 16, 2020
SGB's Michael Zubick feat. John Crump
If you liked the show please share it with a friend: Michael talks with famous Ammoland writer, author, video/podcaster John Crump ( about a variety of topics from his latest book and proceeds to the various gun related topics you've come to expect from the show. Michael was featured on John Crump's Fireside Charts episode 121 and was thrilled at the opportunity to host Mr. Crump in kind.
September 11, 2020
Stop Gun Bans' Michael Zubick Feat. Yehuda Remer @ThePewPewJew
Michael interviews author and 2A social media legend Yehuda Remer, The Pew Pew Jew. Topics cover Yehuda's personal life, introduction to firearms, becoming an author, and a variety of things across the board. Yehuda can be found on Twitter @ThePewPewJew and
September 04, 2020
Stop Gun Bans' Michael Zubick featuring Jon from Sandhills Shooter
Michael interviews Jon from Sandhills Shooter; topics include who he is, how he got into shooting, what Sandhills Shooter is all about, and a little bit of current events. Also don't forget to tweet your answers to this weeks ShootBack question to @StopGunBans. Be sure to listen to the end to hear who next weeks guest is, you're almost sure to know who! Support the Podcast? Please tell a friend. Want to help the show out? It can be done through or CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick all contributions, be it by linking the show to others or financially, are appreciated tremendously. Check us out at Twitter @ StopGunBans and This weeks guest can be found at Facebook/SandhillsShooter Questions, comments about the show? Want to make an appearance? Email
August 28, 2020
Biden/Harris and SGB Moving Forward
Michael takes to the waves to discuss the nightmare that adding Kamala Harris to the DNC Ticket means then outlines the leading idea pending any legal hurdles for the future structure of the movement--from a state by state organization overseen by the national chapter as well as a college club format for pro gun students that will most certainly launch in the coming school year. Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Mthe Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
August 15, 2020
Zubick Solo Show - 3 weeks of recap.
Michael discusses brandishing, the riots, John Roberts, RBG, and gun rights in general. Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
August 06, 2020
Bosses Episode w / Co-Founder Marshall Terrin
Company Bosses and Lifelong Friends Michael Zubick and Marshall Terrin (USMC - Veteran.) Tackle various gun issues such as the couple in Illinois. Brandishing, the All Black Militia, as well the future of the company. There is also a surprise announcement regarding Merchandise you're going to want to hear, so tune in while it's hot!Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
July 11, 2020
Gun Issues Talk
No guest this week so Michael tackled the recent 9mm shortage, supreme court throwing out gun cases, CHAZ/CHOP and BAZ comparing their strategy to the roots of ISIL, and just tried to have fun .Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
June 26, 2020
Interview with Congressional Candidate Nichole Williams (Republican, TN 1)
Michael hosts candidate for Congress Nichole Williams, who is running a grassroots campaign with a strong ground game in TN 1. While SGB won't be endorsing anyone until after the primary, Williams is an exciting voice to have in the pro gun camp and this interview shows she certainly has a political future, win or lose her present race. The two had a pleasant conversation in which they discussed her 2A stance, 16th and 17th Amendments, and the idea of restoration of rights to certain felony convicts. Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
June 19, 2020
Firearms Safety with John Petrolino
NRA Certified Instructor, Author and Ammoland Writer John Petrolino joins me for this weeks show to talk about safety and his new book Decoding Firearms. We also talk a little bit about New Jersey's confusing firearms laws. Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
June 12, 2020
Social Media Activism With Tyler "The Good Gun" Capobres
This week @TheGoodGun_com joins us to talk about effective techniques of getting the word out over platforms such as Twitter and the like. It is our final chapter to a trilogy of episodes discussing entering the world of 2nd Amendment Activism and shows just how easy it really is to pick up a social media account and get started but still comes with the caveat that Washington DC itself is still not with the times and that in many cases nothing still beats a call or fax to your congressman, or an active demonstration. If you still, after learning all this dont have the time to manage your own blog or means of activism, let us do it for you by donating to us at and we can do more to work on your behalf to protect our rights! We are all in this together and even 5$ from your war chest goes a long way even in these difficult times of covid budgeting.
May 29, 2020
Battleground: New Jersey featuring CNJFO VP David "Rosey" Rosenthal
VP Rosenthal gives us the skinny about what is going on in New Jersey and even a basic mentality regarding the neighboring states. Its one of our longest podcasts but its clear that New Jersey deserves this exposure. Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
May 21, 2020
Could America Become a Gun Owners Nightmare? Feat. Vic the Honduran
Vic the Honduran joins us this week to discuss how regardless of a constitution guaranteeing arms or if governments are liberal or conservative, Honduras went from a gun owners paradise to a gun owning nightmare; unlike the long game America has been playing with new gun laws in 1934, 68, 86 and 94 but in just twenty short years for Honduras. Also confirmed that less guns didn't lower crime and speculate that sadly Canada will learn the same message. Support the Podcast? CashApp $Zubick17 or Venmo @Michael-Zubick
May 08, 2020
Gun Rights Activism 101 with Howie Morgan: How to Effectively Reach All Levels of Officials; VA 2021
This weeks episode features guest speaker Political Consultant Howie Morgan who has worked with Gov. Huckabee and his daughter Sarah Sanders, Secretary Perry, Senator Blackburn, and a plethora of other important politicos such as gun rights hero Sheriff Richard Mack. Howie and I give the secrets you need to be an effective activist. Brief coverage of Gov. Northam's planned 2021 2A infringements for Virginia.
May 01, 2020
An introduction to SGB and Information on HR 5717
Week 1 of Stop Gun Ban's new podcast. This is an introductory episode to who we are, what we are about, and what plans we have for the future of the show. Tonights topics covered HR 5717 and what you can and should do about it, along with the 3D Printing Revolution in Personal Gun Manufacturing.
April 25, 2020
April 24, 2020
April 24, 2020