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Stop Somewhere Podcast

Stop Somewhere Podcast

By Stop Somewhere Podcast
Create the space to feel comfortable being alone without being lonely, standing on our own two feet. Through meditations and inquiry into self care practices and solo hobbies, we delve deep into the coziness that we can find on our own time.
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The Wander Society: Role Playing in Real Life
Getting off the card game streak with a deep dive into “The Wander Society” by author Keri Smith, published by Penguin Books in 2016. Themes of transcendentalism, long walks, and carving shapes into trees. Follow us on Instagram @stopsomewherepod or email us at
May 31, 2021
Orchard: Solitary Game VS Solo Mode
This episode considers the difference between games designed as solitaire experiences with traditional multiplayer games that have solo modes. Orchard exemplifies the solo game as well as a great introductory and small footprint game. We end with a guided meditation in the spirit of the farmer of an orchard. You can find Side Room Games and the designer Mark Tuck at and Follow this podcast over on Instagram at StopSomewherePod
May 17, 2021
The Game: No, not that one
You just lost the other Game, didn’t you? This short episode introduces the goals of this podcast and the space I am looking to create for cozy board games, RPGs, and other solo hobbies. This episode explores the Game by Pandasaurus games as a gateway solo game and as an expression of the nature of time itself.
May 3, 2021