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#WorldwithoutWalls podcast

#WorldwithoutWalls podcast

By Stopthewall Campaign
World Without Walls is a podcast that discusses the material and symbolic fortification of borders and state violence from Palestine to the rest of the world. The podcast is a space to also lift our heads, see beyond the walls, and perceive the struggles of the others and make linkages and connections of resistance to see a world without walls.
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From Palestine to South Korea: Surveillance and Exclusion

#WorldwithoutWalls podcast

From Palestine to South Korea: Surveillance and Exclusion
Jungwoo Kim from the People's Health Institute in South Korea is our guest in this episode.  He helps us to dismantle false narratives about South Korea and Israel that present both as model states in dealing with the pandemic. South Korea was praised for its testing programs and Israel for the speed of vaccination. We discuss with Jungwoo South Korea’s entrenched surveillance of marginalized groups that aggravated during the pandemic and the pitfalls of the country's highly privatized health care sector. This lets us draw connections with Palestinians under Israeli apartheid.  Our co-hosts are Manal Shqair from the Stop the Wall Campaign and Susana Barria from the People's Health Movement.
March 04, 2021
#MedicalApartheid from South Africa to Palestine
In this episode we talk with Mark Heywood, a long standing anti-apartheid and public health activist and co-editor of Maverick Citizen, a social justice segment of South Africa’s most widely read online news source, the Daily Maverick, and Shatha Odeh from the Union of Health Work Committees in Palestine. We discuss how the reality of the pandemic plays out in South Africa amidst legacies of apartheid and continued policies of inequality and in Palestine under Israel's ongoing regime of apartheid. Our guests highlight also the popular efforts to resist the pandemic and  injustice. Our host is Chandni Desai from the Liberation Pedagogy podcast. (The episode was recorded on Monday, February 08 2021).
February 18, 2021
COVID-19 Colonialism from Palestine to Brazil
In this episode Chandni Desai (Liberation Pedagogy Podcast) and Manal Shqair (Stop the Wall) welcome our guest Pedro Villardi from Brazil. Pedro Villardi is currently the Coordinator of the Working Group of Intellectual Property (GTPI) and project coordinator at the Brazilian AIDS Interdisciplinary Association (ABIA). He helps us make the connections between the COVID-19 colonialism that Palestinians face under Israeli apartheid and the reality in Brazil. He further shares insights on policies of denial of access to vaccines and cures and the underlying injustices that are exposed in times of this global health crisis.
February 11, 2021