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By Vivek Dutta Mishra
The podcast is all about story telling. Here we will tell the stories from around the world, talk to story tellers, editors, publishers, news, views and reviews.
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TMP03 — Drupadi Swyamber Part 02 — Arjuna-Karna Battle
About the Episode Draupadi Swyamvara was immediately followed by a violent battle started by those Kings who felt angered that a Brahman won the Swyamvara. They wanted to throw Draupadi in fire and destroy Drupad and his sons. To defend his would be wife and her family, rose Arjuna and his brother Bhimasen.  This episode covers that epic battle which is generally ignored by most recitation, lest truth may damage the reputation of a great warrior. For the details of the authentic references used in this episode please head to our blog page on The Mahabharata Project website. About the Series Episodes in The Mahabharata Project 1. TMP01 ---The Endless Journey --- Begining and the milestones 2. TMP02---Draupadi's Swyamvara Part 1 --- Did Draupadi forbid Karna from Participation?  3. TMP03---Draupadi's Swaymvara Part 2 --- Arjuna Karna Battle
August 11, 2020
TMP02 — Draupadi's Swyamber Part 01 — Did Draupadi forbid Karna from Participation in her Swyamber?
About the Episode Did Draupadi really forbid Karna from participating in the swaymber? What does documentary evidence suggest? What does cross referencing suggest? What is the reason behind this story? Other Formats in which this story is available Hindi Podcast Our blog contains the transcript of this episode along with all authentic references used in this episode. You can check it out at The Mahabharata Project Website  The Other Episodes 1. TMP01 ---The Endless Journey --- Begining and the milestones 2. TMP02---Draupadi's Swyamvara Part 1 --- Did Draupadi forbid Karna from Participation? 3. TMP03---Draupadi's Swaymvara Part 2 --- Arjuna Karna Battle
July 26, 2020
TMP01 : The endless journey — the beginning and the milestones
The Mahabharata Project  Welcome to Storian's Mahabharat Project. In this series we shall be discussing about Mabharata — The greatest epic ever written in the entire world. We start with the origin of Mahabharata, its compilation and go on to discuss various different sections of Mahabharata in an attempt to weed out interpolation spread through fictions, and TVShows. We shall try to bring out the authentic incidents as defined by ancient texts and narrations. Episode01  The Origin Story Mahabharata — The Origin      Story Here we discuss the Origin of the grand epic Mahabharata, its origin, its compilations, narrations and reasons of interpolations. We further discuss the the evolution of the critical edition and conclude by recommending the most trusted sources of Mahabharata. In the links sections, we are including the references of trusted sources of Mahabharat and our channel details. English Podcast: English Youtube: Hindi Postcast: Hindi Youtube Official Website:  Other Episodes 1. TMP01 ---The Endless Journey --- Begining and the milestones  
July 11, 2020
Narayanastra Lessons for Covid19
Here is a story from Mahabharat where Krishna provides an unconventional solution for tackling the celetial weapon Naraynastra. Interstingly after 5000 years we have the very same solution for tackling the pandamic Covid19. What is the relationship. Find out here. If you like the story, you may want to checkout my Epic Fiction Novel — The Accursed God!  Checkout the details at #mahabharat #covid19 #narayanastra #indian-epic
March 30, 2020
Introduction to Strorian (English)
Hi, Welcome to The Storian The episode introduces Storian which is a platform for  Stories Story Summaries Reviews Talk Shows with Authors, Editors and other Story Tellers Discussion on Indian Epics and Bursting the myths
March 20, 2020
Hare And The Tortorise Race - Full Story (English)
It is a kids story with a great lesson for the grown up. An extended verion of the Kids story Hare and Tortoise rece explores what happened after the tortoise won the race because of Rabbits foolishness. The story has four parts each with a wonderful lesson, not just for kids but for working professionals.
March 19, 2020