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Open Mic Writing Podcast

Open Mic Writing Podcast

By Stories By JJ
Stories by JJ presents Open Mic! A podcast about the writing and publishing experience. Listen to Open Mic to learn about the writing craft, and hear some great Author Readings as JJ reflects on her own journey in self-publishing.
Open Mic welcomes readings from the audience too! Published or unpublished, send a voice message through the Anchor app or visit to upload a clip to be considered! Please be sure to mention where listeners can find out more if uploading through the Anchor app., recordings should be less than 2 minutes in length please.
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Breaking down Showing and Telling Plus an Author Reading with Dean Comyn!
If you're being told there's too much telling in your work, this one is for you! A discussion with examples on telling in writing, when it's appropriate and how a scene can transform when you re-write with showing instead.  J.J. updates on her work and her first experience with imposter syndrome as a new writer, and thriller author Dean Comyn shares a piece for Open Mic of his exciting new series Something in the Water, Book One Drowning, with Book 2 about to launch soon!  
January 13, 2022
Continuity in Writing Fiction & Author Readings from Skylar Nightingale & Marx Pyle
Keeping track of the fine details and maintaining the mood of your work can be tricky! In this episode we examine the editing principle of Continuity and how it relates to your work on the Macro and Micro Editing levels (a.k.a in Developmental and Line Editing). For our Author Reading section, Romance Author Skylar Nightingale shares a reading of her work from Still Sky. For urban fantasy fans,  I had Marx Pyle interviewed on the blog last month for his work Obsidian Monsters,  and will share an excerpt for you to enjoy!  
December 12, 2021
The Fear of Self-Publishing: No Editor? 6 Techniques to help you Self-Edit your work. Plus Author Readings with Jenn Lessmann & Dale E. Lehman
Following up my blog "Destroying Creatures," I focus on publishing without an editor and six techniques to help you edit your own work. Open Mic highlights our first two Open Mic guests, interviewed on Stories By, Jenn Lessmann on her Kindle Vella Cate the Curst, and Dale E. Lehman on The Belt, doing excerpts of their work! 
November 06, 2021