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Stories For Generations

Stories For Generations

By Stories For Generations

Everyday we experience and are influenced by the sounds around us, whether we realize it or not. The Stories For Generations Podcast will explore the impact of sound in media and in our daily lives. We will speak with innovative sound designers who work in media and other fields to help unmask the very purposeful design choices that make sound such an important, but usually under appreciated part of our daily lives.

Our guests will tell us a story from their lives that the sound designers at Stories For Generations will bring to life, highlighting the magic of sound in storytelling.
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Welcome to the Stories for Generations podcast, where we empower you to better understand and take advantage of the sound around you. In each 45 minute episode we will talk with sound designers and storytellers to help explain the impact of sound on your daily life and how they impact our memories and the perception of the world around us. At the end, our guest will tell a memorable story from their past that we will sound design and bring to life. Instagram: @StoriesForGenerations
August 09, 2021